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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. >> hello. everyone. we're live in new york fresh all the gop debate, the sprint for the first finish line is on. >> i'm john berman live in des moines. so what happens now? this is is site of the iowa caucuses just three days from now. this was the site of a republican debate last night, and that was just a short distance from an event starring donald trump who was not at the debate. this is not the site of where donald trump is today. oh, no. while the rest of the republican field is stomping across iowa,
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donald trump is campaigning in new hampshire. he is, i believe, still in the middle of a town hall there. jim acosta is with him. jim? >> reporter: good morning, john. that's right. you could say donald trump is taking a bit of a victory lap out here in new hampshire this morning after skipping last night's fox news debate. he's essentially saying it was the right call, at one point telling the crowd here when people go after you, you have to be tough. he feels pretty good about what happened last night. he even mentioned that ted cruz seemed to have a rough night if you look at the front page of the register, the headline makes it clear, rough night for cruz. donald trump seized that moment here. >> cruz is in second place. he got really pummelled last night. actually, i'm glad i wasn't there. he got pummelled. wow. and they didn't even mention that he was born in canada.
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>> reporter: now, we know that donald trump skipped last night's debate because of this dust up with fox news. he did not -- his campaign didn't like the statement that fox news put out while donald trump was toying with the idea of skipping the debate. it seems all the sud than donald trump has a new media vendetta. he's been going after the publisher of the union leader. that is the newspaper of record here in new hampshire. the publisher called him just a few moments ago, a bad guy, and a loser. noting that the newspaper endorsed chris christie up here. so donald trump, it seems every step of the way as a new target in the media to go after. that's going to be a sneak preview of coming attractions. we'll be hearing that after the iowa caucuses. but they feel very good j john and kate, about skipping that debate last night. donald trump all but saying here that he feels like they taught fox news the lesson. >> all right. jim acosta for us in new
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hampshire with donald trump. the fact that donald trump is in new hampshire, perhaps, a sign of how confident he feels about things in iowa. let's bring in margaret hoover. you heard donald trump say ted cruz got pummelled last night on the debate stage. the cover of the des moines register today says a rough night for ted cruz. i'm holding it up. you can see it right there. do you agree? >> i do. last night was the circular firing squad of the republican party that i think really represents the don'ts offiester year. that debate would have been a great debate in 2012. it would have been a great debate eight months ago, but it almost is irrelevant now in the era of trump. the fact is they're going after each other, and donald trump is still leading in the polls. he was the winner of that debate last night, not going, ended up allowing everybody else to focus
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on the guy who is trailing him, and now even more than he was before last night. >> cruz tried to make fun of that debate last night. he had a few prescripted jokes. one was about taking incoming fire from all directions, including the moderators. let's play that. >> chris, i would note that the last four questions have been rand, please attack today, chris, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. >> it is a debate. >> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> all right. well, obviously he didn't leave the stage, but that joke did not go over too well. is this a case of be careful what you wish for in he's been wishing for a race without
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trump, and now he got it. >> yes. several of the candidates like ted think i've got to take advantage of this moment. it was overly scripted. there wasn't any kind of ease or spontaneity to it. the jokes were bad. i think the best performance was on the first question by cruz. s the funny, and it worked. beyond that, i think he had a rough night. i seldom agree with papers, but i agree with that one. he didn't take advantage of his moment. trump is dominating the whole conversation. >> in the absence of donald trump, there was a remarkable q long exchange between many of the candidates on the issue of immigration. there was a whole jeb bush and marco rubio back and forth, and then, of course, there was the ted cruz marco rubio back and forth. i want to play, first, what ted cruz said about marco rubio.
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>> john adams famously things, facts are stubborn things. facts are simple. when that battle was waged, rubio stood and supported amnesty. >> all right. marco rubio, though, ready for that line of attack. he went right after cruz on the issue of character. let's listen to that. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. and rand touched upon it. he's the most conservative guy and everyone else have a rhino. the truth is throughout this campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> this is really interesting. you heard not just in those two candidates but from all the candidates right there. did anyone come out of that on top? is anyone more right than anyone else? it seemed to me that they're all right to a certain extent. >> look, what i loved about that exchange is that it showed the varying degrees of positions on immigration reform. that the republican party actually has.
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nobody knows that now because everybody thinks just what donald trump says, get out, build a wall, let them back in through a beautiful door that says trump over the top. but marco did well in his response. he got applause from the crowd. he threaded the needle. jeb stood up for being for his policies which is reforming immigration in a way that leads to a pathway for citizenship. no apologies. that's the kind of refreshing honesty i wish we'd had. none of that matters now. >> but cruz is right when he says rubio stood up with schumer and the gang of eight to try to get a bill passed. is any discussion about this, even if marco rubio fights back, somewhat effectively to a draw, is any discussion about this for ted cruz a winner? >> i think ted cruz comes out of this conversation about immigration with the most clear position, which is he didn't support that bill in the senate, the gang of eight bill.
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and he's not going to support any bill unless we fix our borders first. that's where he is very clearly. yes, they had the clips they were able to run. i think what happened in the exchange is jeb bush made marco bleed in this topic. marco was stunned that jeb hit him so hard. i think it's hard for marco to both explain what he did literally just months ago and what he's saying now. i think it's particularly strong for jeb to be able to say marco, i supported your bill because you called me and asked me to support it, and i'm still supporting it and now you're not. that was a real moment for jeb bush. now, i don't think it's going to help him with base conservative voters. i'm not saying it's going to change the race, but it was a moment where jeb bush shined. >> it would have been a moment four years or two years ago in a past reality. >> it might have been a moment eight months ago, but it's not. i started the show by asking what now. what now? we had that debate last night. no other big events before the
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caucuses here. are there any intervening moments that can change the outcome between now and monday night or do you think this is pretty much set in stone? >> i think there's a 50% chance that trump not only wins in iowa but he really wins the table. i think that's the honest answer. that's how this looks. the only way that changes, it's not going to be because trump does something. he's already done things we thought maybe would hobble him. it's going to be him losing here in a surprise comeback from cruz or someone else, and then the race would be open. if he wins in iowa, we should all be candid. he could run the table. >> margaret, i don't want to put you in a box, but you are establishmenty. >> wait a minute. i need to scoot over. >> look, you pay us here to be who we are and to be honest. the truth is, that's what this is looking like here. iowans wait until the last minute to decide. very large portions, maybe up to 40% wait to decide who they're
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going to support in the caucuses. anything can happen, but it didn't like anything is going to stop trump in the next few days. >> do either of you think that donald trump should skip the debate next week in new hampshire. >> no. there's no reason for him to. >> no, absolutely not. he has clearly a real issue with megyn kelly. but the other debates he's done great on. >> all right. guys, margaret, matt, great to have you here. appreciate it. kate, back to you. >> thanks, john. coming up for us, right now marco rubio is holding a town hall in iowa after a big night for him. what does that big night mean for that big monday night? coming up, we'll look at his chances there and down the road. plus bill and hillary clinton out in force today on the trail in iowa as she and bernie sanders agree to more debates and are locked in a tight race in iowa. i'll speak with her chief strategist about whether they see an opening now in new hampshire and what bill's role
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>> it was once unthinkable many said, but hillary clinton and sanders are locked in a tight race. in about an hour, the first of many democratic campaign rallies kicks off in iowa as those two race the win over voters, sanders has 'leased a new ad appearing to attack clinton for his ties to wall street. >> goldman sachs just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put 7 million out of work and millions out of their hopes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign krik contributions and speaking fees. >> we have a chief strategist for clinton's campaign. it's great to see you.
8:16 am
you might have noticed any missing of name of clinton clont, but it's clear that's one of the things sanders has been hitting on her. he's not going negative, but he's kind of going negative. >> i think he's going negative. i think he's probably running the most negative campaign of any democratic presidential candidate. >> you think so? >> i do in a presidential primary season. i think he's been more personal in his attacks and increasing it on the struump recently. even in a hard fought campaign in 20 08, i don't think we had the range of negativity on either side, and i was on obama's side then, that we've had now. feelings always get riled up and everybody thinks the other side is doing it. he helped her out on the e-mail thing and said i don't care about hillary clinton's past. >> he's going out and raising issues about her personally, her
8:17 am
character, and other democrats as well. democrats, by the way, who enacted the toughest rules on wall street in the banking system in seven decades. he's running a campaign where at this point, i think he's feeling the burn a little bit, he's getting more scrutiny. in the last three weeks he's been attacking and dismissing everybody who seems to not be aligned with him, including people like planned parenthood and people have been fighting for women's health to the human rights campaign. people who have been fighting for lgbt quality for america in decades. it seems once you're not with him, you become a focal point of his attacks. i think it's been negative and unfortunate. >> on that note, this isn't him going negative, but maybe he was feeling the pressure. he got heated yesterday when someone asked him about a fear that they'd heard from the clinton campaign that he was going to be bussing in students to the iowa caucuses. he went off on that. saying that was absolutely
8:18 am
ridiculous. do you have a fear that bernie sanders and his campaign will be bussing in students? >> no, and i don't believe anybody else in reality thinks that. i think people believe these caucuses have generated more turnout. we expect a high turn out. we expect it to be higher than the usual numbers in these caucuses in the 100,000 to 120,000 range. we think it's going to serve us well. >> let's look at the comparison. you know these numbers. in 2008, it was just under 220,000. what do you think this time? >> i think it will be, you know, in the last contested one before that was in 2004, and it was about 120,000. you know, i don't think it will be quite halfway there, but
8:19 am
somewhere in the mid 100,000 range. it's hard to project. caucuses are not like primaries. you have to know where to show up. they're much harder to predict. >> first-time caucus goers, if you look at the most recent polls, first-time caucus goers, if more of them show up, it's going to help bernie sanders. >> we've looked at the data in a lot of interesting ways. first-time caucus goers doesn't mean it's the first time you're eligible to participate. if you're luking aboooking at t people -- there are people who have been eligible and haven't gone and we know their intensity and desire to go and caucus for hillary clinton is high right now. we feel pretty good about that in the progression we're on about the turnout numbers we're seeing and that this will be close, but we think we're going to prevail. >> okay.
8:20 am
let's have some fun since i know you would love to weigh in on last night. if fact that donald trump did not show up to the debate. genius or crazy? >> i don't think it's either. but i don't think -- you know, i think it didn't hurt him, because the rest of the republicans didn't play their hands right. they tried to overplay their hands about trump. he was not going to show up. they still didn't make their conversation about voters. they are having a debate about a narrow group of people with a set of policies that are out of touch with most of america. i think a couple of the candidates who have been called so-called establishment candidates on their side, even though i think their establishment is out of touch with america right now, i think rubio did well on several issues and kasich. >> the person they attacked last night is hillary clinton. i want to listen to rand paul. he's said it before but he said out last night when he took on bill clinton's past and why it's relevant to this campaign.
8:21 am
>> i don't blame hillary clinton for this. i don't think she's responsible for his behavior. but i do think that her position as promoting women's rights and fairness to women in the workplace, that if what bill clinton did, any ceo in our country did with an intern, with a 21-year-old intern in their office, they would be fired. they would never be hired again. [ applause ] >> rand paul says it, they say she co-not be the champion for women's advocates with this in her background. >> there is not a single person on that stage who could hold a candle to hillary clinton on who has done more for women, children in this country. >> you're not concerned about this? >> every one of them wants to deprive women of fundamental
8:22 am
health care if they get it blue planned parenthood. not one of them wants that to exist anymore. they are constantly dising women. hillary clinton went to china and stood up and said human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights. human rights once and for all for the entire world to hear. she's been as secretary of state, the most vocal person going around the world talking about women, the abuses they face, the discrimination they face in developed world and enslavement, around the rest of the world. that's why you've had people appreciate efforts she's made around the world. others have talked -- >> i'm hearing joel say we're ready for the attacks in a general? you just listed everything there.
8:23 am
>> we're ready for any one of those. >> great to see you. we'll see you in iowa. >> programming note for all of you, as we look ahead to the big caucuses, bernie sanders and marco rubio and ted cruz will be with jake tapper on sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> that was a great interview. three days to go. the candidates, they are on the stump as we speak. marco rubio speaking right now here in iowa. what will he do? what will he say that can change this race? ted cruz called him both charming and smooth. the insults are flying. plus, a debate coach joins us to tell us who he thinks won last night. and those other guys love over charging you for it. not t-mobile! now you can binge watch without watching your data. it's binge on - only from t-mobile. get unlimited streaming on netflix, hbo now, hulu, and more.
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all right.
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i'm john berman live in des moines. the other gentleman on the screen is senator marco rubio. he's in iowa, about two hours from here in. . marco rub marco rubio running third in the polls here. he wants to pick up as many votes as possible, nipping at the heels of cruz. he went hard after cruz last night at the debate in des moines. >> the 21st century was better. it was a new american century. this is what we can do together, and that's why i'm asking you to caucus for my monday night and that's why i look forward to answering your questions. thank you. thank you. all right. i cannot see you. all right. here we go. this bearded gentleman here, that beard keeps getting longer. it's our victory beard. it's our playoff beard.
8:29 am
where's the other mike? and this gentleman here. did you shave today. if you'll find them so everyone can hear your question. don't forget the people in the front too. >> hello. in about sometime next week, the nation is going to forget about iowa, but do you like corn and what's your plan for oil independence? >> first of all, i'm not going to forget about iowa. we're going to come back in september and win it in the general election too. [ applause ] >> first of all -- >> there's rubio taking questions from voters in iowa. the first question about iowa. very self-aware voters here. voters wanting to know what they'll do with iowa and the issue of ethanol. ethanol subsidy is something i believe rubio is more supportive of than ted cruz. that's a dividing line that rubio will make clear as he speaks to the crowd in the next
8:30 am
few minutes. another issue rubio might have to address is immigration and his position over the last few years working with the gang of eight on a bill which would provide legal status to many immigrants in this country. amnesty is what come others call it. cnn is at this event in burlington. you know, marco rubio is on stage emerging from the debate last night. once again, he was drawn into an extended back and forth on an issue that many people think is his achilles heal, immigration. >> reporter: clearly, this debate last night he had a harder time explaining his position on immigration than he did in other debates. he shifted his positions rather dramatically since 2013 when he did cut that gang of eight immigration bill, and now he says we can't deal with this on a comprehensive basis.
8:31 am
we need to deal with it on a piece by piece basis, and then you can deal with people here illegally. one thing he doesn't talk about on the campaign trail is the fact that he's still open to seeing a lot of immigrants eventually getting citizenship. he takes a harder line on amnesty, and jeb bush called him out on that last night in a rare moment in which jeb sort of had the upper hand in these debates. clearly this is an issue going forward for him. rubio did take that fight back to cruz who, himself, has shifted his position on immigration since 2013. it's a major issue in this debate, a lot of candidates are having a hard time explaining themselves to voters who have their own hard line views on this issue. particularly in some of the more conservative parts of the state. >> they have three days to explain the issues. thank you so much.
8:32 am
we saw marco rubio standing in iowa. one candidate not in iowa as we sit here, donald trump who just finished up an event in new hampshire. how will that play here in we have a correspondent here with us. born in nebraska, worked at the des moines register for years. you know iowa. you know iowans. will they be offended by the fact that not only did donald trump skip the iowa debate last night but this morning he's not here? >> i think there were iowa voters who were hoping to size up donald trump and cruz last night. i've been keeping in contact with a woman for about three or four months i met. she's trying to decide between the two. yesterday she said she was disappointed he didn't show up in fact he's coming back here, but middling the debate may have been a good national strategy. in terms of iowa, i'm not sure. >> it's about an iowa strategy
8:33 am
right now. donald trump in the end at the new hampshire event today goes i'm so glad i made this ridiculous trip. he was there, he's coming back here. >> i think it was the fact that he's there, he was flying back to new york city with his family. new hampshire is closer to new york, obviously. donald trump is the only candidate that i can remember in the five caucus cycles that i've covered who made news in a good way out of the fact that he spent one night in an iowa hotel. it would be almost disqualifying for other people. people are drawn to his celebrity. i'm looking at his crowds over the weekend to see if he's drawing any other people or if he's just drawing people who are there for the show or people who are actually going to support him on monday night. >> can we pull the voters, and the answer is, but even if he gets a small sliver of the people who have come out to see him for the past month, that's enough to win the iowa caucuses. >> huckabee in 20008, 40,000 people.
8:34 am
that's all it takes. >> three days we'll know. jeff, great to have you with us. the candidates did not hold back in going after ted cruz last night. now donald trump says his rival got pummelled. the communications director for ted cruz joins us live coming up.
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the republican front runner, donald trump at a rally down the street, and there was a new candidate at center stage last night and who was also the center of some of the toughest attacks of the evening. his name? ted cruz. according to iowa's newspaper of record, the des moines register, he had one rough night. joining me now is a former
8:39 am
communications director for ted cruz and a former executive director for the congressional black caucus. great to see both of you. amanda, that's not the newspaper headline that cruz or his supporters wanted to be waking up to in iowa. what went on last night? >> with donald trump not being there, everyone was focusing their attacks on cruz. i would say overall, this debate was really lackluster. i think the it's hard to pick a winner or loser other than fox. i think they were so dependent on donald trump or hoping he would show up at the last minute. so it made things kind of awkward all night. the questions that were asked got the same kind of answers. we rehashed the fight of the gang of eight bill. no new ground was plowed. i'm trying to see what anybody got out of it. the i think the field is still frozen. donald trump is off away from everyone else. cruz is two, rubio is at his
8:40 am
heals, and everyone else is floating around. it wasn't my favorite debate for cruz, but it doesn't matter much. the debate was inconsequential. >> amanda calls it lackluster. i was looking at your tweets throughout the night last night, and you seemed to suggest that it was one of the better gop debates? >> from a policy stand point, i would have to disagree with amanda. i do not see eye to eye with her on this. i think this was the first time because donald trump's personality which is the only thing that was missing yesterday, allowed us to see real policy battle. i think one of the scarier points to amanda's point earlier about the gang of eight bill and the rounds that folks went on that, the issue here is we saw candidates who were trying to out anti-immigrant each other. these folks are running to be commander in chief of the free world. it was scare yes to me to see
8:41 am
that type of posturing. how can i continue to grow the sentiment in i think if it weren't for some of the questions on islamaphobe ya, and what it means to be a successful immigrant in this country, even if your path isn't what it should have been, i think without those questions it would have been very terrible. prejudicial, bigoted, and oall f that. i think those things are similar to when donald trump is on the stage. >> let me ask about this. cruz, we're talking about immigration and they hammer odded on that last night. it looks like rubio and rand teamed up on cruz last night, a one, two punch. >> he can't have it both ways. but what is particularly insulting is that he is the king of saying oh, you're for amnesty. everybody is except cruz, but it's a falseness.
8:42 am
that's an authenticity problem. everybody he knows is not as perfect for him because we're all for amnesty. >> now you want to trump trump on immigration. we're not going to beat hillary clinton with someone who is willing to say or do anything to win an election. >> immigration, especially against rubio has been one of cruz's enduring attacks going at marco rubio. after last night, and they did seem to land a couple punches there, do you think cruz can continue to afford his line of attack on immigration against rubio? >> sure. anybody that followed this debate, and listen, this debate over immigration is very important to gop primary voters. i think people have followed this and understand that ted cruz had an amendment strategy to expose the fact that the gang of eight bill contained a path to citizenship. marco rubio was denied that along the way. while these moments in the debate is difficult to explain, i think people have pretty well figured out who are voting on
8:43 am
this issue, where ted cruz has been and where marco rubio has been. it's a net negative for rubio to bring up. while they engaged in this, the base fact is that rubio was for the gang of eight which contained a pathway to citizenship, and cruz was against it and helped lead the fight to stop it when the house voted it down. that's where it ends up. this wasn't new ground. this was a replay. i would have preferred to see more of a debate over president obama's amnesty. they didn't pursue new angles they could have. >> angela, let me ask you quick on the democratic side. we were just talking about the race in iowa between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, and joel told me that he thinks bernie sanders is running the most regular nnegative campaign democratic primary ever.
8:44 am
do you agree? >> no. i think he's stayed above the fray and tried not to be negative. i think whether it's from nobody cares about your e-mails to be complimentary after every debate i've seen, i don't think that's true. i do think as of recently, of course, iowa caucuses are on monday. i don't know what folks are expecting. i think recently he's started hitting hard and ways that are unfair as it relates to wall street, retainers or payment arrangements, speaking fees for -- and even political contributions for hillary clinton. i think she is the former senator of new york. i don't know what he expects. there's going to be a relationship there. and i think if bernie sanders were a little more honest here, i worked on the hill. you can't take speaking fees, senator, and she's no longer in office, so she can. i think we need to be honest. you are taking speaking fees and they are very, very high. one of the things i wanted to just briefly go back to and
8:45 am
mention. >> real quickly. >> with the authenticity factor for cruz. i think the strategy with paul and rubio was brilliant. >> amanda and angela, i'm sorry i have to leave it there and without a response. >> i disagree. >> next time. >> there you go. >> we'll talk about it on twitter. >> thanks, guys. coming up, three days until the iowa caucuses. the final sprint. who has the best strategy to pull off the first win of the election season or is this all about turnout? pretty much. we'll be right back. toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come.
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john berman live in >> john berman live in des moines, iowa. it's like saying whichever baseball team scores the most runs will win. it is something we say in political coverage. here to discuss who has the best turnout operation and best ground game, cnn political reporter sarah murphy and editor in chief of the iowa
8:50 am
republican -- craig robinson. in 2012 when 21,000 voters showed up. 121,000. not exactly a lot. in 2008118,000 voters showed up to caucus. i think mike huckabee got about 40,000, which is a high water mark for any republican candidate ever. you are of iowa and here watching. who has the best ground game? >> i don't know if anyone has a top notch ground game. there is plenty of excitement out there. ted cruz has a lot of ground game. he has a lot of volunteers knocking on a lot of doors and making phone calls. i think that matters. i think the trump campaign is better organized than people think. it's a little unorthodoxed maybe so to speak. he knows all the tricks and the things to look for. i think that kind of experience
8:51 am
really matters. then, you know, from there i think it really tail offs. i was talking to a ben carson person last night. they still think they have the ground troops to really make a showing on monday night. >> i have heard people saying we have the best. trump has something out there. you have been with him more than any reporter out there. what is it looking like, what does the trump operation look like when you see it in person? >> it almost feels like it would be an extraordinary operational failure if he didn't win the iowa caucuses at this point, right? if you look at his rallies, he is drawing thousands of people in towns where you would be happy to fill a room with 50. where if you get a couple of hundred, that is a huge boon for any other campaign. when you talk to voters, they have been contacted by the campaigns. now, getting e-mailed regularly, phone calls from real humans. not just robo-calls. which makes a difference. >> no, it is.
8:52 am
there's nothing like real human contact. dwoept hear a lot about trump campaigners going door knocking and door to door. people know when the caucus is, making sure they know they can register the night of, that they can switch their party affiliations. we're seeing more of that effort. the trump campaign is very tight-lipped about this. i think there are a lot of unanswered questions. versus a lot of these campaigns who have kids, they're using these people that have deep roots in these communities to activate their own networks. maybe they're not political networks. i don't know what to expect on monday night, but i think there's a lot more there than people think. >> way over. i'm looking like 150. >> 150. >> let me tell you one campaign
8:53 am
that would be happy with 150. the donald j. trump campaign. greg, sarah marie, thank you. appreciate it. >> all right. it was my last hands to woo voters before the iowa caucuses. the debate here. who got pummelled? who prevailed? a prominent republican debate coach joins us live.
8:54 am
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new this morning with donald trump absent from the debate stage last night, what did the rest of the field do with that golden opportunity to finally take center stage? let's bring in brett, a renowned debate coach who has worked with a number of republican campaigns, especially in the past. it's great to see you once
8:57 am
again. you say ted cruz had his worst debate last night, and one of the reasons that you are pointing to is him attacking the moderators. you really took on chris wallace at one point and said he was even going to walk off the stage trying to make a joke. why do you think that fell flat because that tactic has worked in the past? >> it works in the past like the media is too liberal, but for ted cruz it was all about whining about the rules. you know, that just never comes off very well. ted cruz had the opportunity last night with the stage all to himself to make the case that he should win the iowa caucuses, and instead he came off as a whiner who couldn't even handle rand paul and marco rubio their exchanges. >> you also think that marco rubio, really stood out. especially in his moments when making a move for evangelical voters. i'm going to play a bit just for our viewers. >> let me be clear about one
8:58 am
thing. there's only one savior, and it's not me. it's jesus christ who came down to earth and died for our sins. the bible commands us to let our light shine on the world. for over 200 years america's light has been shining on the world, and the world has never been the same again. because in the end my goal is not to live on this earth for 80 years, but to live an eternity with my creator. i always allow my faith to influence everything i do. >> that was clearly a theme throughout the night for him. >> is trying to compete for some of the same voters that ted cruz and to a certain extent donald trump are competing for. the evangelicals in iowans. it was an over attempt by marco rubio to wear his faith on his sleeve, to send a message. hey, i am just as good on your issues. i am just as committed to my faith as either of those two might be. he made that play very strongly last night.
8:59 am
>> i think it's right to go after his brand. trump is most vulnerable when you undercut the brand that he cares about the people of iowa, that he is committed to them rather than himself. i think taking on the brand is where the candidates needed to be. no one did that last night. >> he needed to show through that debate that he was the guy to undercut trump and to actually show that he cared about iowa voters. >> it's great to see you, as always. brett o'donnell for us. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> of course. thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> kate, coming out here on
9:00 am
monday, i will be here on tv every waking minute between now and -- >> forever. >> perhaps even more than that. legal view with ashleigh banfield starts right now. >> hello. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." fest up a heads up. in just a few minutes, president obama live at the white house with a formal announcement of his program aimed at closing the wage gap based on gender, race, and ethnicity. we'll, of course, bring you that live programming the minute it's up and running when the president walks out on to the stage. they're moving it as we speak so the president cannot be far behind. it's scheduled for about ten minutes from now, but we are always sort of nimble with these schedules. especially when it comes to the white house. instead right now men and women, elbowing t


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