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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> it's noon in des moines, iowa. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. it's 4:00 p.m. in rio de janeiro, brazil. from wherever are you watching around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we're counting down to the first official votes of the 2016 presidential election. in only three days iowa. >> on the republican side there's a four-way split to the state. texas senator ted cruz and marco rubio, jeb bush, and new jersey governor chris christie. they got a combined 14 events in iowa today, and then there's donald trump. one day after skipping the final gop debate in iowa and holding his own rally, he has moved on
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to new hampshire. >> following the cruz campaign for us. from des moines. it starts in new hampshire. jim, the primary in new hampshire a week after february 9th, eight days after the iowa caucuses. what's the strategy there? >> it speaks confidence to have donald trump here in new hampshire just 72 hours before the iowa caucuses, but donald trump wanted to come here and take a victory lap of sorts he declared victory and said he won last night's fox news-gop debate by skipping it. he defended this tha position saying when people come after you, you have to be tough. he also went after ted cruz, noting some of the tough reviews for the texas senator. there was that front page of the register that said rough night for ted cruz. donald trump did not stop there. he ripped into cruz at one
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point. using a term that is offensive to many hispanics in talking about cruz's birth in canada. here's more of what trump had to say. cabbeda doesn't accept anchor babies. they just waited a long time. look, look, it is a problem for him, by the way. i think that's one of the reaso
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reasons. >> announcing althe campaign stops he has in iowa. he has two to three a day, essentially, until the voters are going to the sites on monday night. we have not seen donald trump do that many events in one day at a time, and so it will test his energy level. he likes to say he is a high energy not a low energy candidate.
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>> what's the focus there? >> right now, wolf, we're expected to see ted cruz over the next three days. really sound like a broken record. his campaign manager telling me tod today. >> on monday on caucus day, he will achieve the full hitting all 99 counties here in iowa. a big achievement that his campaign likes to tell. they like to say he is out there meeting with voters, but
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interesting, wolf, this sort of message, this closing argument they're making against donald trump. that was only started in the last few weeks. could turn out to be too little too late. we'll see come monday night. wolf. >> certainly will. thanks very much. the republican presidential candidate, senator rand paul is making his way around iowa today as well after making it back to the main stage on the republican debate last night. rand paul is with us right now. he is joining us from a diner out in iowa. senator paul, thanks very much for joining us. i want to play a clip for you. this is when the moderators, megyn kelly, were discussing the whole issue of immigration reform here in the united states with both senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz.
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>> you helped design george w. bush's immigration policy. >> as you heard, senator paul -- megyn kelly played some awkward clips for both rube wroe and cruz indicating inconsistencies in their positions on immigration. who do you think won that exchange? cruz or rubio? >> you know, i think both of them showed inconsistencies. you know, rubio has always been for citizenship and then he has
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backed away from it. cruz has been more for a form of amnesty, if you call legalization or giving legal status. cruz always was for it. now he claims to be, oh, he has never been for amnesty. i think he has been inconsistent on this issue. i think there's a point to be made that both of them have changed their positions, and this goes -- for ted cruz particular a a problem because he is arguing he is the only authentic one for amnesty, when in reality he was for a form of am nest where i. >> correct me if i'm wrong, senator paul, but you support some pathway to citizenship for these undocumented immigrants in the united states. legalization and eventually for some of them citizenship, right? >> that's what cruz used to support, and now says he never
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supported. >> we should be able to find work visas for those that want to stay and work for not criminals. autoapparently people lost trust in their government when we've done this in the past. government has promised to secure the border, but then 11 million more people have come, so frankly i think the american people are not going to support
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any immigration reform unless border security precedes any kind of path to legalization. >> what was it like debating on the stage primetime without donald trump there? >> oh, it was a pleasure. let me tell you. i think this should be the new norm. donald does his own little, you know, skit and acting thing that he does and that we have a serious debate among serious contenders. i think it was the best debate we've had because i think in reality he has done little to elevate the discourse, but he has done a lot to demean the discourse. >> what's your prediction for monday night? how well are you going to do? >> we're going to exceed all expectations. we think we have a chance to win. our phone callers -- we have 100 young men and women making phone calls, all volunteers. they've called a million voters in iowa. we're trying hard to get the youth turnout. if we get the kind of turnout we think we're going to get among
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the youth voters, we think we'll shock a lot of people. >> we'll see, and we'll wait and see together with you. senator rand paul, you're in a diner there in brooklyn, iowa. who knew there was a brooklyn, iowa, but found it. good luck out there. >> thank you. >> as we just mentioned, the rivalry between senators ted cruz and marco rubio and the inconsistencies on immigration. they were front and center thursday night's debate. will it hurt their chances in the iowa caucuses monday night as we move forward. plus, hillary clinton discusses iowa and the democratic debate and the potential for -- my interview with hillary clinton. that's coming up as well. let's get these dayquil liquid but these liquid gels are new.
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the debate over illegal immigration serm a hot button issue out there on the campaign trail, and it was a hot topic at last night's republican presidential debate. senator ted cruz came under fire from fellow senators marco rube wroe and rand paul over the
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question of amnesty. let's dig deep are into the whole immigration debate. he is an anchor corresponded for cnn in espaniol. mark preston is in des moines, iowa. waub carlos, you've been covering the story for a long time. the inconsistencies cited by megyn kelly, were those inconsistencies fair? >> they've been having, and we've seen that position now. either senator cruz and senator rubio and their strategist knows something for wrun else knows. this hard line hasn't helped candidates in the past. you can see john mccain. you can see mitt romney. they didn't do well with latinos with this hard position. >> how is it going to play for the iowa republican caucus
10:16 am
goers? >> well, there's no doubt the immigration is really one of the cornerstone issues of this republican presidential primary, but you know what, wolf, it's not as if anyone's views were not already known on that issue. what i really think was really critical and as you had rand paul on a short time ago, the fact that ted cruz had not one but two of his senate colleagues calling into question his integ, and these are two gentlemen that don't necessarily like each other. marco rubio and rand paul come from different wings of the republican party, and the fact that they both aimed all their fire on ted cruz certainly on this issue and others i think was very damaging to ted cruz. now, and the issue of illegal immigration in general, yes, it is going to be certainly an important issue in this primary, but at this point everybody clearly knows what the other's view is on the issue. >> it's interesting, juan carlos. both cruz and rubio, sons of cuban immigrants of the united states, they're hispanic. how are they seen by and large in the hispanic community?
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>> senator rubio probably better than than senator cruz. he has a story that a lot of people can relate to. senator cruz has not gotten that involved with the latino community. there are groups that are opposing them both, about the i see senator rubio with a more nuanced position where he can return, but senator cruz says he has not be, hasn't been, and never will be for any legalization, or whether he calls it amnesty, and he has cast off the hispanic vote. >> even in a general election, you think? >> in the general election. we know that iowa, new hampshire are not places where the latino vote will be definitive or decisive. for the general election it's going to be very hard for him to come back. i was mentioning.
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>> you heard a lot of the analysts, the pundits say that donald trump by not showing up at that debate actually won last night by having the separate event supporting veterans. how is it playing out there? >> well, you know, wolf, if you look on the front page of "the des moines register" it says it all. ted cruz has a rough night. donald trump certainly won the night because he stood on the stage, you know -- i was talking to my wife during it, wolf, and she said i feel like i'm watching a telethon. he raised $6 million for veterans. he stands on the stage. he commands all the oxygen in the room. he doesn't have one punch landed on him. he goes to new hampshire today for a rally, and then he comes back here to iowa. i was talking to a very smart republican strategist. certainly not a trump supporter. i said who do you think won last night? the gentleman said to me status quo, nothing has changed. in that case that's a win for donald trump. >> mark preston, thanks very much. juan carlos lopez, thanks to you as well. this weekend ted cruz, marco rubio, and bernie sanders, they'll all join jake tapper on
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state of the union. that airs sunday morning 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. last night jeb bush stepped into the polt. many even saying he won the night, but is it too little too late. his policy communications advisor, there he is, jeb bush. his advisor is standing by to join us live from des moines. michael steel. we'll talk with him when we come back. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class.
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>> jeb bush has three stops in iowa three days before the caucuses, and the first votes of this election campaign. governor bush took aim at senator marco rubio over efforts to pass immigration reform. >> when you led the charge with the gang of eight i supported it because you asked me to. i think it's important for people in elected office to try to forge consensus to solve
10:24 am
problems. there's never going to be a perfect bill, but -- [ applause ] >> but you didn't do that, and you asked people to support. you shouldn't cut and run. stick with it, and that's exactly what happened. he cut and run. that's a tragedy. now it's harder and harder to actually solve this problem. >> michael steel, an advisor for the jesh bush campaign, michael is joining us now live from des moines. michael, thanks for joining us. a lot of the pundits a lot of the analysts think your candidate, jeb bush, had a good night last night in that debate. he was almost they say liberated by donald trump's nonpresence there. what do you say about that? >> sflee has the best most complete -- jeb has been taking on donald trump at the reagan library, going back to the debate that you moderated in las vegas. while the rest of the guys have
10:25 am
been in the witness protection program, jeb bush has been taking on the elephant in the room. >> so why, according to the most recent polls, isn't he doing better? >> i think we're concentrated on the early states doing well in the early states. he is on the road here in iowa today. then it's on to new hampshire. we're going to do well in the early states, and win the nomination because he has the best record of anyone on the field to take the fight to hillary clinton and win. >> is he looking beyond iowa right now because we're showing our viewers the latest cnn poll of polls. he is not doing well in iowa. is he focussing in mostly on new hampshire? >> well, no. right now he is on the road here in iowa. as you said, he has three stops today. he is going to be here right through the caucuses, and then it's on to new hampshire. >> the olden days they used to say there were tree tickets out of iowa. do you buy that? >> well, i think we're going to see a number of different -- there's a number of different contests going on here. i think we're going to do better than expected, and then it's on to new hampshire and then south
10:26 am
carolina, and then the march 1 states. >> he tries to establish himself as the so-called establishment candidate fighting cruz, fighting donald trump. is that the way he sees it? >> absolutely not. i think that he has always been a disrupter, an innovator. he took on the interests in tallahassee, turned the state government of florida upside down, and that's what he intends to do in washington d.c. he is pushing for a strong message of conservative reform, a balanced budget amendment, a line item veto, term limits for members of congress, a lobbying ban for members of congress in the senate. this is a guy who has been a conservative reformer his entire career, and that's the record that he is sharing with voters right now, and that's what he wants to do in washington. >> how well does he have to do in iowa and then new hampshire to keep on going? >> i think that the -- he is having a great conversation with the voters here in iowa right now. he is going to have a great conversation, has been having that conversation with voters in
10:27 am
new hampshire, and we've got a team built for the long haul. >> is he going to be in iowa monday night to speak after we get the results of the caucuses? >> no. he will be here monday through the day, but then he is moving to new hampshire that evening. >> when he does make a statement, it will be in new hampshire. whatever the outcome of the iowa caucuses, right? >> i expect so, yes, sir. introo up next, live pictures, by the way, coming out of the democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton. she's at an event right now in des moines. she's just barely edging out senator bernie sanders according to most recent polls in iowa. we're going to take a closer look at that very tight race in iowa. the democrats final push towards the iowa caucuses. man (sternly): where do you think you're going?
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>> it's the final push in iowa
10:32 am
just three days out for the caucuses. bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they're in the midst of a whirl wind day in the so-called hiky state. sanders with four separate stops and clinton -- sanders earned say, while clinton has three, including a rally with her husband and their daughter chelsea. right now the democratic front runners are locked in a very, very tight race in iowa, and nbc-wall street journal poll, ameris poll shows hillary clinton with just a three-point lead over bernie sanders. that's certainly within the margin of error. that's almost unthinkable a month ago when hillary clinton held a 22 point lead in iowa. also happening right now, the first one of those many campaign events in iowa. we're following -- by the way, holding a rally at grandview university in des moines. she just got a little emotional by a story of a mother in the audience who told of her daughter's issues with health care. she at one point had tears apparently running down her face.
10:33 am
hillary clinton faces an even bigger battle in new hampshire where right now bernie sanders holds a nearly 20 point lead in the polls. hillary clinton has been stepping up her calls for bernie sanders to sign on to another debate after that february 9th primary. the sanders camp saying, first, they want hillary clinton on board with three additional debates in the spring. i had a chance to speak to the former secretary of state last night. we spoke about all of this, and i asked her whether she would agree to bernie sanders' request. >> well, first, i told you back in september i had been willing to do more debates. i like debating, and i think it was important that my supporters, leaders in new hampshire, said they wanted a debate. they offered a time. i agreed. and i am prepared to do that, and certainly with respect to future debates, we can start talking about scheduling those, but i look forward to debating the issues.
10:34 am
i think the voters of new hampshire and the country want us to keep debating the issues. i hope that we'll all three be here next week in new hampshire to talk about what our real plans are to deal with the economy and health care and rising prescription drug costs and so much else that people will talk to me about. >> so you are willing to commit to three specific dates for additional debates after new hampshire? >> oh, i have said, look, i am -- we have another one shortly after new hampshire, as i remember on the calendar. i have said we should start looking for dates and working to get those scheduled. i am perfectly fine with that. first thing is first. we have to agree that we're going to debate in new hampshire both the governor and i have agreed and we're waiting for the senator to decide to join us. >> i just want to be precise. after the democratic national committee sanctions debates, you are now ready to commit to three more debates.
10:35 am
is that right? >> well, i have been very public in saying i would like the dnc to work with all of the campaigns because that's what it did when it set up this schedule, and obviously we want to be supportive, but i am urging publicly that we do this debate next week in new hampshire, and then i have said i am more than happy for us to start scheduling additional debates as we go through the spring and april and may and try to get those on the calendar. >> okay. let's move on, talk a little bit about susan serandon who supports bernie sanders. i want you to listen to what she told bernie sanders supporters. >> i think it's patronizing to think that women vote for any woman that gets up there. >> are you confident that women voters out there are going to turn out for you in the way you need them? >> i am thrilled to have so much support from leading women in
10:36 am
our country, from elected women, from women activists, from organizations like planned parenthood, fighting for women's rights. i'm running to be president because i think i have the best combination of experience qualifications, plans, and ability to get the job done. i do think it's an asset to be running to be the first woman president, and i want everyone, women and men, in all parts of our country, to join me in making sure we build on the progress we've made and not let the republicans rip away the white house and set us back. >> bernie sanders is also criticizing you for attending a fundraiser in philadelphia at an investment firm last night while he was holding a rally speaking to caucus goers in iowa. does that make you look bad? >> oh, i don't think so. i was in iowa yesterday all week. i'm back in iowa right now. i'll be in iowa through the caucus. i went to philadelphia for two
10:37 am
things. some of my supporters, including my good friend john bon jovi had a fund riser for me, and i had a longstanding meeting scheduled to meet with 50 african-american faith leaders from across our nation, and it was a wonderful conversation. we ranged widely over everything from the terrible water crisis in flint to what we need to do for criminal justice reform, how we guarantee economic opportunity and good jobs with rising incomes, equal rights, and equal pay for women. it was just an absolutely stimulating and inspirational meeting, and here i am back in newton ready to go talk to hundreds of citizens who are still either making up their minds or learning more about what to do when they go caucus for me next monday. >> as you know, donald trump has planned a so-called special event to benefit veterans tonight at the same time the
10:38 am
republican presidential candidates are holding their debate. is that appropriate? do you think you should boycott that debate? >> you know, i am certainly not going to get in to the machinations of the republican primary process, other than to say i deeply regret the tone, rhetoric you are hearing. not only from mr. trump, but a number of the other candidates. the kinds of insulting remarks they're making about groups of people in our country, their strong opposition to the affordable care act, ping to defund planned parenthood, coming back to trickle down economics. you know, it's really a quite disturbing spectacle that we have going on. whether or not they are together when they debate and reinforce these positions, which i think would be so harmful to our
10:39 am
country is something that, you know, they have to decide among themselves, but i'm going to continue to point out the stakes in this election because ultimately it will come down to one democratic nominee and one republican who are fighting for the future of america and i strongly disagree with the direction that the republicans intend to take our country and that's why i'm fighting so hard to be that democratic nominee to be able to make the case that we want to build on the progress we've made, and where he sure don't want the republicans ripping it all apart. >> the pentagon nowak knowledging that some u.s. troops are inside libya, and they're also signalling that. >> for all practical purposes is a failed state with isis in control of big chunks there? >> well, i haven't been briefed
10:40 am
on the specifics of what the defense department is considering. there are certainly operations that special forces are conducting in a number of places throughout the middle east in support of local forces and local government authorities and also to try to help defeat isis and its affiliates. i can't comment specifically, wolf. there has been a great effort recently led by the united nations to try to get the two factions in libya to cooperate, and, yes, there is one part of libya that has been claimed by isis, and there's a great deal of concern among libyans and europeans as well as americans and others in the middle east about that, so i will -- i will hold my judgment about exactly what is being carried out until i have more information about it. stroo one final question, madam secretary, before i let you go,
10:41 am
you said it would be a great idea to appoint -- to nominate president obama to the u.s. supreme court. have you given more thought to that possibility? >> webb he is a brilliant writer wresh taught cst you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
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. brazil's president now admitting that the country is losing the battle against mosquitoes that are carrying a potentially devastating virus, the zika virus. now cases have spread to the united states and to europe as well. joining us now is dr. thomas frieden, the director of the centers for disease control and prevention, joining us from atlanta. doctor, thanks very much for joining us. as you know, president obama, everyone, has expressed a lot of concern about this outbreak. there are now 32 cases right here in the united states. are all of those from cases involving people who traveled to these affected areas in the americas? >> so far all of the confirmed cases have been among people who have traveled. as we step back for a minute, it's new, it's scary lsh. there are a lot of unauto knowns.
10:46 am
these are the same kind of virus that spreads the denghue virus and others. what that means is we're undoubtedly going to see lots of cases in areas that have a lot of those mosquitoes and don't have air conditioning, have crowding, places like brazil. in addition, we'll undoubtedly see travellers coming back with it. what's new is this apparent connection with a very serious fetal malformation called microcephaly. it's a terrible tragedy for the family. the real concern here is for pregnant women in areas where za ika is spreading and people who are thinking of traveling to those areas who are pregnant. >> so pregnant women should not travel, correct me if i'm wrong, to central america or south america, anywhere south of the united states right now? is that right? >> there are some countries that are not yet affected and several which because of their climates are not too likely to be
10:47 am
affected. anywhere you have seen denghue, you may see zika. on our website you can find the latest countries and territories affected. >> as you know, there's going to be summer olympic games coming up in brazil. should pregnant women avoid going to those summer-winter olympic games? >> they're still fairly far away. let's see how it goes the next few months. at cdc we've been working on issues like zika for many years. we have some laboratory tests that are now available that can confirm it in acute phase, and we were able to document that several of the infants who were affected did have the zika virus present but we're accelerating now 24-7 the kind of thing that usually takes months or wreerz to develop to try to get that done, and days to weeks. to strengthen mosquito control activity sdpz we've got a team in brazil today doing a study on the rare complication of the syndrome. that's a weakness or paralysis
10:48 am
that can happen after many different infections and may be happening in a very small proportion of people after the zika virus infection. again, that's only in areas where it's spreading, such as central and south america and the caribbean. parts of those areas. those mosquitoes that spread, do you expect those to show up in the united states? >> you need two things. first, a particular mosquito. second, conditions people live in conducive to the spread of that virus. what we've seen with other similar diseases like zika are there are parts which do have those mosquitos but because people lose air conditioning, less crowding, we haven't seen large outbreaks. there can be small clusters. for that reason, we're working with those areas to improve the tracking of human cases,
10:49 am
mosquito control activities. there's more that can be done. places like puerto rico that have lots of these mosquitos and where there may be spread of dengue and other viruss are going to have a larger problem than places like florida and texas. which they've had 5, 15, cases in recent year, nothing like the hundreds of thousands we've seen in south america. >> the biggest fear is for pregnant women right now, they should stay away from those areas where mosquitos are flourishing. thank you for joining us. coming up, we'll take you aboard a bus to isis central. passengers say they boarded knowing they may never come back. stay with us. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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the netherlands says it will have targeted air strikes in eastern syria. dutch officials stress the importance of interrupting supply lines. the key stop is isis, the syrian city isis calls its capital. it's still unbelievable it's a place that can be reached by bus from neighboring lebanon as our nick paton walsh reports. >> reporter: central beirut bus station. this is what travelers call a one-way ticket to death. the bus to raqqah, the syrian city isis call their capital. they've sold nine tickets in the 24-hour trip through the regime held capital damascus and onwards. nobody wants to show their face. apart from this man, their manager. he isn't actually going. he explains the rules.
10:55 am
>> translator: a woman that's not dressed right will be sent to islamic training. she of course needs a male relative to escort her. men need to leave their beers grow long in their national state with mustaches trimmed. trousers should not be tight and a certain height over shoes. isis realized when people travel they can't always look like that so it's okay. >> reporter: most who fill these seats seem sure somehow isis will let them in. yet won't say why. it is remarkable a bus still goes from beirut to raqqah but this is what it looks like on the return journey. absolutely empty. those getting on board do not epect to come back. tonight's cargo is on this final journey. a man who died of a heart attack we're told headed to his hometown for a family funeral. sadness at this loss here but also nervous last cigarettes. but because the trip ahead where fighter jets often fly low
10:56 am
buzzing the coach but because smoking and music are banned under isis medieval rules. nicotine fingers will be soaked in perfume. racy pictures deleted from phones. snipers on the way. their matter of fact world. >> translator: a plane might strike some distance from the bus. it's normal. that's when the passengers get afraid. >> reporter: tonight, a hurdle arises. they don't have the paperwork to take the body out of lebanon. we learn that the bus did leave 24 hours later. one man telling us raqqah used to be his heaven but isis the war poverty and even the trash have now made it hell. >> nick payton walsh is joining us live from beirut. what a story, nick. why do these people get on that bus? why do they want to go to
10:57 am
raqqah? >> you do get a feeling that you may not be hearing the entirety of what they know or how they know isis. they may have relatives there who arrange for their safe arrival. it takes a lot of guts frankly a lot of failed logic to get on a that bus and not know when you get to the other end you're going to get a safe arrival. most of the stories we heard suggest it's pretty much impossible to leave raqqah. we know isis exercise a strict series of permissions to leave that city. it's besieged under heavy coalition air strikes. we have an exception from a guy in the crowd who said if you have an urgent medical condition, you have 15 days to leave raqqah. stay out longer and isis will confiscate your property. we met one woman who claimed she'd been allowed to leave, go to the gulf and is now going back. apart from that very strict policy, and also fascinating
10:58 am
insight, wolf. we see in the u.s. and outside how isis sort of ten foot tall monster is able to inflict terror attacks around the world. here, they're quite clearly part of society. they let people, normal people come in and out it seems. and the part of what used to be syria's normal infrastructure. >> some of these people isis sympathizers or supporters? >> you kind of get the feeling as i said they probably know isis better than they're letting on to you we at the same time too there was fear, they didn't want to be filmed. you have to remember isis came to be able to control areas because of local sympathizing with them and there must have been locals too there that simply wanted normal lives. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. the news continues next on cnn.
10:59 am
top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin live from des moines iowa just over my shoulder the absolutely gorgeous capital here in des moines. beautiful blue skies. a tad blustery but it's getting hot hot hot here in the state. the state officially launching the election season to decide the next president of the united states. iowa's first in the nation caucuses happen in just 72 hours from now. and iowans are feeling the full court candidate press. look at all these boxes. they are out and about both on the republican and democratic side. they're scouring the state hoping to earn