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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 29, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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with them and there must have been locals too there that simply wanted normal lives. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. the news continues next on cnn. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin live from des moines iowa just over my shoulder the absolutely gorgeous capital here in des moines. beautiful blue skies. a tad blustery but it's getting hot hot hot here in the state. the state officially launching the election season to decide the next president of the united states. iowa's first in the nation caucuses happen in just 72 hours from now. and iowans are feeling the full court candidate press. look at all these boxes. they are out and about both on the republican and democratic side. they're scouring the state hoping to earn caucusgoer's
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support. once again, donald trump is proving to be the singular no show in iowa. of the main contenders, he's the only one not here. trump instead in new hampshire. boasting about his move to skip the republican debate in des moines is the right thing. he raised $6 million for veterans. >> number one, we have february 1st. i think we're going to do really well in iowa. we're leading in the iowa polls now. leading pretty good. and cruz is in second place. he got really pumped last night. actually, i'm glad wasn't there because i guess he got pummeled, wow and, you know, they didn't even mention that he was born in canada. >> trump is due back in iowa tomorrow. let me turn to our executive editor of cnn politics mark pressen who is joining me now.
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to that pummeling note he mentioned, is it really fair -- granted, a lot of people agree it was not a great night for ted cruz but is it fair for the guy who didn't even show up at the debate to say the guy got pummeled? >> who uses that type of language in a presidential race? >> we could have said that five months ago. >> they didn't even say he was a canadian citizen. look, this is a campaign we have never seen in our lifetime. donald trump is doing things we would never ever think a candidate could do. but he's right, cruz had a terrible night. it was because of the other candidates on stage who decided to turn their fire on trump. in fact two of them, rand paul and marco rubio who served with him in the senate, had this to say about him. >> what is particularly insulting, though, is that he is the king of saying, oh, you're for amnesty. everybody's for amnesty except for ted cruz. but it's a falseness.
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that's an authenticity problem. that everybody he knows is not as perfect as him because we're all for amnesty. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is, you know, a rhino. the truth is ted throughout this campaign u be campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything to get votes. you worked for bush's campaign. in the committee you said i want to bring people out of the shadows. now you want to trump trump on immigration. >> here we go, the reason why that is significant is because you have marco rubio on one side, cruz on the other side. from different political sides and they came together. >> a lot of people are talking about rubio. about how he really shown last night. and we know it's all about getting that evangelical vote. he was try to steal those voters away from ted cruz. >> what's interesting is we
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haven't highlighted it enough in the media is marco rubio talks often about his faith when he's on the campaign trail. it doesn't get picked up by us but we talked about his faith often and we saw that last night. >> as rubio and cruz sort of fumbled over what they do or don't support when it comes to immigration specifically, chris christie jumped in, winning some of the biggest cheers of the night by saying, you know what, it's okay to change your mind. >> i feel like i need a washington to english dictionary convertor, right. i mean, heard what they both said. i saw it on the video. the fact is this is what makes a difference when you're a governor. you can change your mind. ted could change his mind. it's perfectly legal to change your mind. when you're governor, you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that's the difference. stop the washington bull and let's get things done. >> so let's follow through on who supported what when it comes
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to immigration. with me now republican strategist and cnn political commentator margaret hoover and david yapson, director of the paul simon public policy institute at southern illinois university. and formerly with the des moines register. you're back from a phenomenal maternity leave. want to say. welcome back. so david, to you first. on immigration and the fact that, you know, the moderators did show some videos highlighting how one person said one thing back in the day and how they've evolved or flip-flopped, whatever word you want to use. who is closest to telling the truth on immigration? >> i couldn't do a truth watch on that. they really do confuse the issue. they both have been on different sides of this. so they're both trying to drive to each other's negatives. it's a hot issue with republicans. it's not the only driving issue but it is an important issue. >> what did you think on it? >> well, in the room played differently. and in the room people who
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watched it say that was marco's weakest moment. on television i thought he threaded the needle well. he said we're not going to deport 11 million people. but there's foregive the term a centrist way handling this that is humane and consistent with the principles that made this country great. >> i want to stay on marco rubio. let me pull my prop. because everybody's been showing the cover of the de mine register today and talking about yes, rough night for ted cruz. who else is in the picture. marco rubio. yes, the paper has endorsed him. to me, it was a strong night for him. and my question though is when you think about marco rubio, listen, he's not going to win iowa. you think ahead to south carolina when a lot of those, you know, primary state republican voters, they're not going to -- they don't typically
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show up. he's losing to trump. >> what rubio has said all along. i think the plan high in the sky before trump was three, two, one. third place in iowa, second place in new hampshire, first place in south carolina. from multiple people in the party that rubio's on the rise. he did himself good last night. most iowans have not made up their mind. the decision, many of then, the last day of the caucus. there still is an opening for marco maybe third or maybe even better. >> he's sort of a default candidate for a lot of people. i heard people say rubio's good or okay or i want to know more. don't underestimate the power of what happened at the caucus site itself. >> explain that. >> this isn't the primary where you go in and cast the vote. you meet with your neighbors. you talk politics. if i think you know something
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about politics and you say you like candidate a, maybe i'll join with you. that neighbor to neighbor thing is very powerful. that's where i think rubio comes in. kind of the default candidate who everybody in the party can see as something they like. tea party people, pro-life people, moderates in the party. >> but you've seen -- >> he is coming up. >> we're in the final crucial three days. you've seen the numbers how trump and cruz are neck and neck. what does camp rubio need to do to change that in the final stretch? >> they're doing it. remember, polls are a lousy predictor of what happens on caucus night. lots of margin of error. so rubio's doing what he has to do. moving around. getting some buzz going. i think margaret's right. he did hold his own stylistically on that immigration debate. that's important, how he handled himself. yeah, he's moving up.
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>> final thought from you. >> sprint to the finish now. i mean, everybody will tell you here in iowa, nobody's ever seen anything like this. even as we talk about the nuances and immigration, it doesn't matter. this is a donald trump year. he has changed the table and is running it. >> 30 years at the paper here, ever see anything like this? >> obama campaign on the democratic side. you know, there's something that happens. two candidates get into it the way cruz and trump have gotten into it on immigration. the third candidate could be the real winner and that could be rubio. >> david yepsen and margaret hoover, thank you. this weekend, ted cruz marco rubio bernie sanders they will all be on "state of the union" right here on cnn. if iowa is not bellwether for the eventually nominees, is the nation's first prize overrated? also ahead, the ratings are in. trump predicted the debate would be a disaster.
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find out exactly how many people tuned in to his event compared to the debate with the rest of the candidates. also ahead, hillary clinton releasing an ad featuring attorney general, former attorney general eric holder. critics say she's fearmongering with this. decide for yourself. this is how banks used to see me. ever since i had a pretty bad accident three years ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit.
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and we're back. you're watching cnn. brook baldwin live in des moines, iowa. with the exception of donald trump who is in new hampshire at the moment, republicans and democrats are busy crisscrossing this state today with only three days remaining before the nation's first presidential contest of this election year. they are busy, busy, holding rallies and town halls. even though the road to the white house begins in iowa history shows since the 1970s only three republicans and five democrats who won here have actually gone on to win their respective party's domination. the question we're asking today is iowa overrated. joined now by political reporter may wesson and in new york republican pollster kelly ann conway. she's also the president and ceo of the polling company and does analytics for one of ted cruz's
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superpacs. maev, i'm just going to turn to you, why does iowa matter? >> it's the first in the nation contest obviously and a lot of people in the party would like to change that. but this goes back to even the '70s when someone like jimmy carter came to iowa. little known georgia governor who was able to work his way around the state and really reshape the presidential contest. and so it's a place where people can come without huge advertising dollars. >> levels of playing field. >> really stand out by going to these tiny towns, you know, sometimes with just 20 people in the room and that's why people like rick santorum mike huckabee have been able to win in these last contests because they really worked it and people over time got to know them and then they pulled off the surprise on caucus night. >> and then ultimately they didn't win the party's nomination. then barack obama, obviously was a different story for him in
11:16 am
'08. if the caucuses aren't the best indicator, then why continue the tradition? >> because in politics inertia is the most powerful force until taken over by friction. these conversations happen almost constantly. let's change it and why are iowa and new hampshire so dominant. next week, we'll talk a little about iowa and then it will fade to you. we have four contests, two ux ka caucuses, just in the month of february. there are candidates for whom iowa makes this difference. it puts them on the map because the shoe leather and the showing up is how you win iowa. i do suspect the way you started this segment is the way everybody who does not win on monday night will come out on tuesday. they will say well it doesn't really matter because i want to
11:17 am
be the nominee and iowa has a bad record of picking the nominee. >> i think to maeve's point, if you had someone like donald trump who just rolls in and chunks a bunch of money down for ads, it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. quote, iowa looks nothing like the rest of america. as a result, the winners mor s often than not. you're supposed to recognize the fraud of cruz and how trump is playing you. you're not doing your job. your bull manure detector is broken. you're smiling but is there any truth? >> the people you meet out in these towns really do reflect, you know, what people are
11:18 am
thinking in the heartland. so to that ek stent it is important. someone like ted cruz has really connected with evangelicals here. at the same time, donald trump has up-ended every piece of this race here in iowa by coming in. it's really just all conventional wisdom might not matter and the vetting might not matter of the other candidates because donald trump may just blow it out. >> in three days, what could be the biggest surprise? >> that donald trump does not win. he's been leading every single poll nationwide. with most states with the exception of one or two polls. like the entire time, six months. if he doesn't win, it doesn't mean the polls are wrong it means exactly what maeve just said that voters have a funny way of repeating history or making it. they're poised to make history because i think the
11:19 am
establishment candidates are actually getting nowhere in iowa. they'll start going new hampshire. the other big story, if trump does win iowa, by how much. because it's not winner take all. four or five people at least will walk out with delegates in their pockets. >> and to everyone's point, you know, here in iowa you can change your point. this is not checking a box. this is a coming in, listening and change your mind. maeve weston and kelly ann, thank you. liked the inertia quote by the way. coming up next -- >> you can have it. >> thank you. did donald trump steal the show without showing up to that republican debate right? the ratings are in. we'll see what the debate numbers look like without the front r-runner on the stage. also ahead, was it an inside job? we have to talk about this today. reports of a major development involving that russian airliner suspected of being bombed out of the sky over egypt.
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focus now turning to an airline mechanic. that's straight ahead.
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a card game is always different when there's no trump but it appears that's not the case for the seventh republican primary face-off. it did not feature trump. the trumpless debate clocked 12 million viewers. that's the second lowest viewership of the debates thus far this season. far more than the 2 million-plus people who watched coverage of trump's competing event. with me the man who watched all the numbers with us at cnn. host of "cnn reliable sources" john stelter.
11:25 am
a great to have both of you on. brian, i can imagine your eagerness getting the numbers. how did it stack up against previous debates? >> it is a fascinating case. donald trump knows he's a ratings magnet. we can show how much this is comparing to prior debates. you can see here december 15th our debate in las vegas from about a month and a half ago, 18 million. there was a more recent debate. it was on fox business. you can see in the middle of the screen, it had 11 million. so the message today from the fox news side is we beat the ratings from two weeks ago. the debate on fox business was on a harder to find channel and it wasn't nearly as much drama and anticipation. this debate was hyped like no debate had been before. i think when we see there were only 12.5 million viewers, it
11:26 am
means that some of trump's fans definitely did not watch fox. instead, they went to find trump on cnn or msnbc or online or on c-span so there was clearly some impact. i think trump did do some damage from fox's ratings. ted cruz, marco rubio, they were still in front a big audience last night. they had a great opportunity to speck speak to 10 million voters. the question is did they squander it or not. >> jill, do you think it was a risk worth taking for trump seeing those numbers? >> i absolutely do lly do. i don't see how he could have avoided it because fox made a little box they couldn't get out of. once those nasty comments were made about mr. trump, not by a columnist, not somebody like bill o'reilly who's paid to give his opinion, but by the public relations department. once that was made, then
11:27 am
mr. trump had a perfect excuse to get out of the debate. whether or not he was afraid of megyn kelly, didn't know. kind of doubt that. i find her to be a very tough interviewer. so i think mr. trump actually ended up on top once again. and, you know, perception really does, to use a phrase, trump reality. and if in the minds of viewers, mr. trump comes off as the person who has shown a powerful leader as i think he did then regardless of whether you like him or not, he won the day. >> there was a risk though with -- >> if there is a check in the win column for trump, does he dare try something like this again? >> well, wow. go ahead, brian. >> brian, i'm going to give this one to you. >> well, this time next week, there's a debate on abc.
11:28 am
if trump doesn't go to that debate, everybody's going to say the same thing. you are afraid to debate. i think he has no choice. he'll have to go to next week's debate. you raise an interesting question down the road. can he continue to do this if he gets upset with the television network? can he threaten to take himself away? i do think it's possible. unfortunately i think the campaign manager went a little too far setting expectations this week. he said on morning joe i think without trump this debate might only get 1 million or 2 million viewers. that was obviously an overstatement. so although he does have some ratings pull, it's not 100%. >> i would agree with that. >> jill, last question to you. go ahead. and then i've got one more. >> i agree with that because you know, first off, the abc debate is logically going to be viewed by more people because the networks have a bigger draw then the cable networks do.
11:29 am
in fact, a lot of my students aren't even subscribed to cable television. so the only way they're going to -- >> say it ain't so, jill. >> we'll get them hooked up for you. actually, in this season, cable is doing better than broadcast for the first time and fox news does live stream its debates. people are able to find them at least. >> well, that's the key. >> good for you, brian. >> it's going to be done through unconventional ways. and it still will work for them if they -- and it ended up on social media for example so there you go. >> those young people have cell phones. >> even if trump wasn't on the stage, he still dominated twitter. people were still talking about him. it almost didn't matter he didn't show u because he still won the night. >> incredible. brian stelter and jill olmstead, let me leave it, thank you so much. and make sure you tell your young people that there's cell phones and a little thing called and cnn go and they can
11:30 am
find us wherever even if they don't have cable, no excuse. thanks to both of you. really appreciate it. coming up next, bernie sanders and hillary clinton holding competing rallies as the candidates sprint to the finish. hear what one viewer just asked hillary clinton. that caught her off-guard. plus, he's feeling the burn. comedian tommy chong throwing his support behind senator sanders. why he said bernie sanders should be the next president. tommy chong joins me live next. y and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin live in iowa. statehouse just over my shoulder, absolutely gorgeous. we're three days away from the first in the nation caucus. this is an especially high stakes day of campaigning for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. both have launched their fair share of ads in iowa. now clinton is rolling out a radio ad in south carolina featuring former attorney general eric holder. here's a piece of it. >> i served with hillary clinton in the president's cabinet. i've known her for almost 25 years. she's fought her whole life for children. to protect civil rights. voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountable. >> let's talk about that with our cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zelleni. beginning with that ad, we know -- you know when you look
11:36 am
at the polls that she does well when it comes to african-american voters. bernie sanders has had a tougher time. do you think this is her attempt to shore up that fire wall? >> no doubt about it. they are trying to do everything to prepare in the -- in case of a bernie sanders win here. >> the long game situation. >> they don't want anyone to be kind of up for grabs. eight years ago, barack obama was struggling as well. hillary clinton is different. she has a longer relationship with african-american voters, no question. they did not think it would be this close. you can tell it in the sound of her voice. as she's asking voters to please caucus for me. eight years ago, she thought she had this won and she didn't. they are doing everything they can to get those people out to vote. >> you mentioned the presidentp with we know being he hasn't officially endorsed anyone yet. but he is hitting harder at some of the republicans, at some of the rhetoric.
11:37 am
here he was speaking. >> right. >> we're not going to build progress with a bunch of phony tough talk and bluster over the top claims. that just play into isil's hands. we're not going to strengthen our leadership around the world by allowing politicians to insult muslims or pit groups of americans against each other. that's not who we are. that's not keeping america safe. >> the president has said he wanted to remain relevant in this final year for him in the oval office and is commenting on the race. do you think that's his attempt to stay germane? >> also that is his rebuttal to last night's debate. he does not want independent voters to think everything's on the wrong track here. he wants to remind people he's the biggest surrogate democrats have. he wants to remind voters of the progress he's made. the question is if this democratic fight continues to
11:38 am
the convention or the spring, will he become more involved? >> i want you to watch this. we're turning around some sound from hillary clinton from an event happening just a bit ago. >> about three years ago on my birthday, i was 55, my daughter called and said they had found a mass in her forehead. and we found out that it needed to be removed. she at that time was at the age where she could be on my insurance from my workplace one more year. don't think that that wasn't amazing for us. so she was on my insurance through the surgery, the radiation, the chemo, which the whole thing took about a year. and then once again she is
11:39 am
without insurance. and we had some of those prescription drugs that cost everything that you would have for the month. but she then was able to use medicaid for a year. and just recently she -- then i quit my job. i was 55. too young to retire. i needed health insurance. but i also wanted to stay home with my daughter. and so i looked to the market place and got myself some affordable care insurance. and so obamacare has helped us twice then. and recently my daughter got married in september. she was a beautiful bride. her husband had health insurance through his work.
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but it was a skyrocketed price. they couldn't afford it. so then she went on the marketplace to find herself some health insurance. i have pre-existing conditions but the marketplace never asked me. my daughter had brain cancer and she was never asked do you have any pre-existing conditions. so it was a great gift to our family. >> thank you so much. thank you. i want everybody to everybody what's really at stake in this election. people can't wait. your daughter called and says she has a mass in her forehead. you can't wait. you quit your job to take care of your sick daughter. something i think a lot of us can relate to. you can't wait. we now have a system where you can go into the marketplace and
11:41 am
as joe said, you don't get asked you have a preexiting condition. just asked what kind of policy you want and how much help will you need paying for it. this is a truly big difference in this campaign. and it's one that i want you to think hard about between now and monday night. >> so what she's saying but not saying from this raleigh that you just raced back from is the bernie sanders health care plan would blow this to bits. >> right, she is saying as great as it might sound to liberals to have universal health care coverage for all she said at this country at this moment it would not happen. secretary clinton is using real people who are asking these questions to make the point now is not the most to blow up the affordable care act.
11:42 am
bernie sanders says look, we should dream big, it is time for universal health care coverage. i think this is an effective closing argument in the end here, closing days. she's pragmatic, experienced. that was a moment at the rally -- the room was silent. it was the university not far from here. senator sanders also has supporters. you think, you know what, it's time to blow up the status quo here. so that's why it's so fascinating in the final hours before the votes finally begin. >> we're about to talk to a sanders supporter. these are moments they which will resonate. jeff, thank you. now to this, this comedian known for his fondness for smoking marijuana, is coming out with a video supporting bernie sanders, talking about tommy chong, one half of the pot smoking duo
11:43 am
cheech and chong. first, chong's new video explaining why bernie is his pick for the white house. >> so the question is which one of these plants are ready for harvest. some are obviously too immature. they need a couple more growth cycles. and yet others are done, finished. but there's one candidate that stands head and shoulders above them all. who has weathered many storms and is totally ready to be the commander in chief. or commander in kush as i like to say. oh, and yes, bernie does support that other form of legalization that i care so deeply about. legalization of the supermedicine marijuana. >> here he is joining me now. the man himself comedian tommy chong who by the way is preparing to sell his own line of marijuana products. nice to have you on the show. >> well, thanks, nice to be
11:44 am
here. >> all right, so bernie is -- bernie sanders is your man. what was it that really said, all right, i'm supporting bernie sanders, i'm putting this video together? >> bernie obviously is the most qualified of both parties. you know, he's got the experience. he's got the heart. he's got the brains. he's got the age. you know, a lot people knock him because he's older than the rest. but he's at the age where the only thing that matters is the people that he cares so dearly about. as far as him wrecking health care, forget it. he will improve on obamacare. he will improve on everything that deals with the middle class. his whole thing is take care of the people of america.
11:45 am
he's like an accountant. he wants to come in and take care of the buook of america. there's so much money being wasted and not being collected in taxes that could go to help the working class. so personal ybernie's my man. >> some of it is about his stance on decriminalization -- >> not necessarily. >> i know it's more than that. talk to me about that. but also it's about immigration for you. >> is what? >> it's about immigration as well. >> the republicans, you know, especially the front-runner, you know, he's got so many cockamamy
11:46 am
racist attitudes, it's scary. bernie is donald trump with brains. he's like a donald trump with soul. you know, that recognizes that there are other people than rich white people, you know, and that's why i like bernie. >> bernie is like a donald trump with brains. what do they have in common? >> he commands a big crowd. people come to hear him. donald trump is telling the truth to a small minority of americans. racist americans mostly, you know. bernie is telling the truth to people like young people or people turned on.
11:47 am
people that are not afraid, you know. has everything that trump does, except he has the heart and soul. >> hey, have a great show tonight. have a great show in alberta, tommy chong. >> thank you, thank you. coming up next, there is a lot of talk today about the winners and losers of the debate and rand paul scored major major points on that stage. we're going after specifically hillary clinton. we'll talk to his campaign manager next. with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. senator rand paul is getting plenty of praise today for his debate performance. he's even being called one of the winners as he and other president candidates faced off without having to share the stage with trump. paul seized upon the moment and pounced on fellow senator ted cruz. he also drew strong applaud
11:52 am
after weighing in on democratic front-runner hillary clinton and her husband's past indiscretion. >> he can't have it both ways. what is particularly insulting is that he is the king of saying oh, you're for amnesty, everybody's for amnesty except for ted cruz. but it's a falseness. that's an authenticity problem. everybody he knows is not as perfect as him because we're all for amnesty. i don't blame hillary clinton at all for this it i don't think she's responsible for his behavior. but i do think her position as promoting women's rights and fairness to women in the workplace, that if what bill clinton did, any ceo in our country did with an internal with a 22-year-old, 21-year-old intern in their office, they would be fired, they would never be hired again. >> let's talk about that moment and that candidate. joining me here in des moines, rand paul's campaign manager.
11:53 am
just beginning with that, do you think senator paul's personal attacks on the clintons, did you think they're sticking? >> well, i don't know if they're personal attacks but i think they have resonated. >> talking about indiscretions. >> well, it was strongly considered the strongest debate performance. we've seen a surge of vol teunts and momentum. >> this is something he's done for a while. i'm curious do you think he feels it's chipping away at her? >> absolutely. when she wants to talk about women's rights and yet she takes -- the clinton foundation takes millions of dollars from countries that treat women like cattle. she's shifting. she talks less about some of those issues. that she wanted to be part of her standard stump. so she's definitely been thrown off her game and she's struggling. >> with regard to the debate and how it was referred to as the
11:54 am
elephant not in the room. mr. trump. has he never entered this race, how do you think your candidate would be doing today? >> well, i think everybody would agree that trump transformed the race. there was a "washington post" that had rand paul first place nationally with primary voters. the reality is he changed the dynamic of the race. but nobody has voted yet. we feel good we're putting together that coalition so we can make a big impact on women. >> how do you take the momentum from last night? obviously translated into caucusgoers saying yes to your guy. what one moment are you hoping for in these final 72 hours that really could change play for him? >> sure. votes are going to be counted on monday night. we wanted to -- we think we can surprise people with a strong finish so we can move on heading into new hampshire.
11:55 am
>> what do you expect him to do? >> he's barn storming the state. he's all around. he's speaking today for example a series of events. at iowa university, we were at drake university. ron paul's going to be coming and holding big rallies. there's a lot of energy. right now at our office we've got 150 volunteers from all across iowa. some from even across the country. who come in because they believe in this message and they're excited. >> okay, a few days to go. chip englander, thank you very much. rand paul's campaign manager here in iowa. just ahead, ted cruz. doubling down on his promise to carpet bomb isis. but not everything he said is entirely accurate. we'll talk to a lieutenant general and fact-check that. also ahead, my colleague brianna keilar cornering donald trump on an issue he repeatedly ducked. you will watch the exchange, judge for yourself coming up. ♪ melodic, calm music.
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top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in des moines iowa. beautiful blue skies. it's a cold friday but the stakes are high, it is heating up ahead of the first in the nation caucuses. election season absolutely under way. both republicans and democrats hoping to earn caucusgoer's support in these final days. that is except for donald trump by the way. one of the main contenders. the only one not here in the state of iowa. he is in new hampshire at the moment. boasting about how he has moved to skip the republican debate and how that was quote/unquote the right thing and that his competing event raised $6 million for veterans. let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta
12:01 pm
who is in new hampshire following trump today and he really went after his prime rival in iowa. what did he say? >> that's right, brook. you know, we are in new hampshire. that does say a lot about the confidence level inside the trump campaign. when you see that map we've been putting up that shows all the other candidates canvassing the state of iowa and here's trump new hampshirep in. it shows they're pretty confident about their changes on caucus night. trump was basically saying he won that gop debate last night by not showing up. allowing moderators to basically hammer each other all night, essentially leaving donald trump unscathed and he went right after ted cruz, saying ted cruz was pummeled during the fox news debate, you know, made light of the fact there was some pretty rough and tough estimates.
12:02 pm
there was that front page of the des moines register that said rough night for ted cruz. let's play a little bit. >> i think we're going to do really well in iowa. we're leading in the iowa polls now and leading pretty good. cruz is in second place. pummel pummeled, wow. they didn't even mention he was born in canada. >> there you go. one more dig at ted cruz's place of birth being in canada. the other thing we should point out the trump campaign released its schedule for the next few days. there are only 72 hours before the iowa caucuses. we're going to see a side we have not seen a whole lot of which is basically he's going to be doing multiple rallies per day. he sometimes does two a day. we'll see two or so a day
12:03 pm
between now and when the caucusgoers start going to these caucus sites. donald trump likes to talk about high energy and low energy candidates. we were going to see just how donald trump stacks up when it comes to energy on the campaign trail. i think the only way this back first on donald trump is that because cruz was seemingly hurt somewhat by his performance last my, does that give rubio an opening and i think the last thing trump wants that the point is to have a fight between donald trump and marco rubio heading into these early contests. that might give the establishment an opportunity to coalesce around marco rubio which might not be the scenario donald trump had in mind. >> everybody's talking about cruz but it's the other guy in the picture marco rubio we will be talking about as well. donald trump may have dodged questions from the debate
12:04 pm
moderators but he could not avoid cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keilar. she tried again and again to pin donald trump down on the topic of late-term abortion. watch. >> not just ted cruz but also those who support him have been hammering you when it compaes t your previous views on late-term abortion -- >> by the way, he's very weak on illegal immigration -- >> you said to my colleague just recently dana bash, you said i don't want to talk about that when you were asked about your previous support for late term abortion -- >> you know why, because everybody -- it is false, i am pro-life. everybody knows i'm pro-life. you know, ted cruz also took a commercial -- wait a minute, ted cruz took' commercial that i ripped down an old lady's house. he said ripped down. they said he destroyed because of imminent domain. which by the way is very important because you wouldn't have roads -- >> but can you explain this?
12:05 pm
you said presley -- >> wait a minute, the house was never ripped down. ultimately i said let's not do it. >> let me ask you this question now -- >> wait, why are you -- brianna -- >> this my question now -- >> brianna, he did a big commercial. he said i ripped down a person's house. >> what does this have to do with this issue of late-term abortion? >> excuse me, it has a lot to do with it because he's very dishonest in what he's doing. he said i ripped down a house of an elderly lady. and i didn't rip it down. and he never apologized. >> and you said that certainly -- >> no, but he never apologized. >> was this you bailing on this debate so you didn't have to talk about things like this issue that you clearly don't want to address? >> not at all. i'm doing an interview with you. i'm doing interviews with bill o'reilly. >> but you're answering questions -- >> i'm answering every question. you've been here a lot longer than you were supposed to be. >> susan page, washington bureau chief, "usa today" and ron brownstein here as well, cnn
12:06 pm
political analyst, editorial director of "the national journal." welcome to all of you. as we watch the exchange with brianna, listen, she's a friend, i say good for her for really pushing. looking at you, you know, he kept saying to her over and over, listen, i've done the most interviews than any candidates. that may be true. when it comes to, you know, dodging certain questions, that exchange went on if you clock it about 2 1/2 minutes. i heard imminent domain, discussion of tearing down a home. i don't know if you heard an answer there. is that his strategy? >> yes, he's available and not available, right. he's available, he does interviews. good for him. that doesn't necessarily mean he answers the question. if you looked at the debate last night, you saw those brutal video montages for both cruz and rubio that really called them to account on changing positions on immigration. i'm sure that i don't think that's the reason he didn't do the debate. i think when they saw that they were probably glad they weren't there to see the same thing. > we were both at that same press conference in marshall
12:07 pm
town. there were questions specifically about social issues. where trump said i'm not going to answer that at this time. he would not come out and take a position. look, front-runners often find r reasons not to debate. in trump's case, there's a lot going on. you have a guy who believe he's ahead in iowa. certainly is ahead in new hampshire. and didn't see a lot of incentive to give his opponents a chance to rock the boat. >> the fact is he wasn't at the debate. doesn't give us issues and material and substance to fact-check a day later. he doesn't have to be fact-checked today. >> to be honest fact checks haven't hurt him yet. he's not been hurt by someone pointing out that he said something that wasn't true. what i think was -- ron was saying is right on though that he was not at the debate, he hasn't had to face that video montage yet you used to see on meet the press. that was killer showing him clearly flip-flopping and showing things that were completely different. we haven't seen him try to get out of that. that would have been something
12:08 pm
much harder to do. he's a winner by not being there. >> -- and stated, he wanted to turn himself in. if i remind you that bac duong -- his charges include assault with a deadly weapon and shooting at an inhabited dwelling. he has been in custody since december 2015. he was ineligible for bail due to an immigration hold and it is a santa anna police department case. our number one priority throughout this event has been safety of our community. we have dedicated all available resources to this search and investigation to bring all three inmates back into custody.
12:09 pm
we will continue with those same efforts using available resources to capture the additional two escapees who are outstanding. >> okay, so quickly what you just missed as we've been talking the better part of the week other than politics these three inmates, one of whom was convicted of murder by the way. the three of them escaped. they tied their body sheets together and essentially repelled from the fourth floor of the jail. the news is the inmates surrendered. that's good news for law enforcement. that's the update from santa ana, california. where we were? >> ted cruz is making the argument. saying particularly to social conservatives you can't trust donald trump. one of the things most striking about this race is how well
12:10 pm
donald trump is doing unexpectedly with evangelical christians. his appeal to blue color republicans is crossing that religious boundary. a big reason why. probably the single biggest reason why he is ahead here in iowa. >> but marco rubio did say last night, when he was asked about being -- we do have it, being asked about being on the cover of time magazine being the savior, this was his response. >> the truth is, ted, throughout this campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. you worked for george w. bush's campaign. you helped design george w. bush's immigration policy. and then when you got to the senate, you did an interview with cbs news where you said on the issue of people here illegally we can reach a compromise. in the committee, you said, i want to bring people out of the shadows. now you want to trump trump. >> he told the people of florida if you elect me, i will lead the
12:11 pm
fight against amnesty. when i ran in texas, i told the people of texas, if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. we both made the identical promises. but when we came to washington, we made a different choice. >> "time" magazine once called you the republican savior. rush limbaugh and others said you likely will be president some day. if you look at the recent average of polls in your home state in florida, you're in third. trailing donald trump by 24 points. if the people who know you best have you there, why should the rest of the country elect you? >> let me be clear about one thing. there's only one savior and it's not me, it's jesus christ who came down to earth and died for our sins. >> that's what i wanted to play. i think what hasn't gotten as much maybe media pickup. when you cover marco rubio on the trail, he talks a lot about his faith and especially here in iowa where ted cruz has resonated among the all important evangelical voting
12:12 pm
bloc. >> not just in that exchange but three or four times he mentioned his faith. he referred to it. we should remember the last time around in the republican caucuses, 57% of republicans who attended caucuses identified themselves as an evangelical christian. that's what got santorum the victory. that's what cruz hopes they'll give him a victory monday night. i think i agree on one of the strikes things is the success trump has had with a group that surely would find his lifestyle -- >> 2 corinthians, pummeled by that as well. >> when asked who was his favorite philosopher and he said jesus christ, you know, you have to wonder as the caucuses are coming up if people are making -- changing their minds in the evangelical community, if maybe marco rubio is jumping
12:13 pm
into that consideration between cruz and trump. >> he is trying to appeal across the full spectrum of the republican coalition. he's basically singling to evangelicals last night. that is a crowded lane. the lane more open for him is the more secular managerial. it's a door he does not want to walk through even though it is the lane i think is the clearest for him to advance as the counterpoint to both cruz and trump. doesn't want to go down that road. >> let's do this for the next couple of days, shall we? we're not missing a beat. we're here in iowa of course through the caucuses monday night. do not miss cnn's state of the union sunday morning. jake tapper will interview cruz, rubio and bernie sanders just one day before the all important iowa caucuses. sunday only here on cnn. coming up next, is donald trump's political strategy comparable to, say, an episode of celebrity apprentice? someone who knows a thing or two about politic, trump and his former show, former apprentice
12:14 pm
runner up and former congressional candidate clay aiken joins me next. also, the breaking news. one of the three inmates who escaped from that california maximum security jail now in custody surrendering the orange county sheriff's department says he turned himself in to police about 20 minutes ago. the other two are m.i.a. you're watching cnn special live coverage of what's happening here in iowa and beyond. we'll be right back. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea.
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"w"well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever do you?" "breakfast noogie!" (laughs) "how do i check my credit score?"
12:18 pm
"credit karma, it's free." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." you're watching cnn. we're live here in des moines, iowa. i'm brooke baldwin. here's some number for you. $6 million for 22 different veteran groups. that was the final tally of donald trump's rival political event turned fund-raiser in iowa. he started out by pretty much doing a roll call of his billionaire buddies who pitched
12:19 pm
in for the cause. >> he's giving ike and betty pearlmutter $1 million. j.j.cafaro from florida and from cleveland, a man would made a lot of money in cleveland, does a good job, a fantastic man, $50,000, j.j., thank you. when he gives 1 million, that's like 10 cents but for him, very important. phil, just saying a couple of wo words. >> this is a man who likes to talk about money no surprise there. my next guess knows that showmanship show better than most. he is mr. clay aiken. ran for congress, also was on "celebrity apprentice." a trip down memory lane. and a clip from the show first. >> clay, i love simon cowell, he's a friend of mine, who's
12:20 pm
tougher, him or me? >> it's tough, you know, i think simon has a certain degree of knowledge on the music business but his knowledge of music business compared to your knowledge of the business world business is much more minimal so there's a certain degree of nervousness we get around you because there's kind of that level of respect. >> all right you gave the right answer. >> okay, clay, i'm just going to ask you, just be real with me. do you feel like with this trump event last night and the reading off of the names and the money that was raised and the outstrategizing and one-liners and stunts, are we watching a real-life episode of "celebrity apprentice" here? >> it sounded like when we were on "apprentice" and we were naming off the celebrities who gave -- who donated to our charities while we were raising money too. so i noticed that myself. and i thought it was pretty interesting. he mentioned that he gave $1 million. i thought that was a little bit i don't know self-serving.
12:21 pm
it was funny that he didn't leave himself out. >> what was that experience like for you? as you're watching this pretty successful bid by mr. trump. what about what you saw firsthand and the showmanship and the brains behind the whole operation that's really working for him now? >> the truth is is he's a very nice guy in person. i don't think you become as successful in business as he has without knowing how to, a, get along with people and, b, get your way in some way, and he's become successful in business and sort of in that reality world. he knows how to play the room. i think even last night was a strategic move on his part because he knew if he wasn't there then people were going to attack ted cruise and that's who he wanted to attack the most, that's who he needed to bring down notch, so in a way, it was strategy to get out the way so
12:22 pm
he wouldn't be the target and ted cruz would be the target. he's smart and he knows how to strategize. >> let me ask you about the dems. i know you have compared hillary clinton to' leaky boat. do you still feel that way? explain that analogy for me. >> i do. i think at types we've seen a lot of trouble coming out of the clinton camp and the clinton campaign. we've seen her struggle with this e-mail server issue, the fbi investigation issue. for me, i was rooting for vice president biden to get into the race because i thought he was a straight talker like the republicans have been sort of touting on their end. i do think clinton is a person who is qualified, ready to be the commander in chief. i think in a race between her and donald trump, for example, you'd end up finding yourself with someone you didn't necessarily think was qualified but who you knew was going to say what they felt in donald
12:23 pm
trump versus someone who's qualified in hillary clinton. a lot of people in the country don't necessarily thinks she says what she needs but says what she has to in order to get elected. i do want a democratic administration next time. >> no, i know you do. i remember we talked about your love for the vice president. with regard to the president, i know during your unsuccessful congressional campaign, you distanced yourself from prm president obama. when you watch hillary clinton on stage, she's like bear hugging the president. i'm curious what you make of that. >> first of all, it would be a misnomer to say i distanced myself from the president. ran in a distract that was incredibly gerrymandered and incredibly red. when you're running in a district where you have a lot of people who are not in the say party as you are, you have to look for opportunities for common ground. what i did was certainly not distance myself from obama. i said all along i supported
12:24 pm
obamacare. initiatives that the current administration has. i looked for places where i might agree with folks who didn't agree with him. education policy was one of them. nsa surveillance was another one. i certainly in my district was running against very red electorate. and for clintclinton, you've go appeal to a democratic base. and as i saw during my primary, which wasn't that easy. you have to appeal to folks who are in support of the party because those are the ones who vote in the primary. hillary is bear hugging the president because that's what folks who vote in the primary want. >> clay aiken, thank you. he mentioned the e-mails of hillary clinton. we've got some breaking news involving that. a state decision now not to release some 22 e-mail chains
12:25 pm
because they contain top secret information. we'll have that for you on the other side of this commercial break.
12:26 pm
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12:29 pm
all right, breaking news here. the state department says it will not release 37 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails. cnn correspondent jinl shom scis going to report on this and i have ron brownstein, editorial director at "the national journal." jim sciutto, first to you, which e-mails are these? >> here's what we know. the state department announcing that it will not release 37 pages of clinton e-mails. these were seven e-mail chains they say that add up to 37 pages. because those e-mails contain what state department says is a category of top secret information.
12:30 pm
now, to be clear, the state department says these e-mails were not marked as classified when they were sent. this information not marked as classified when it was sent. but let me add another qualifier here because this is confusing stuff. whether that information was indeed classified at the point they were sent is something the state department says will look at independently. in effect, another investigation to see when that determination is made. we've been following this for months now, this question. some of the information can be determined after the fact to be classified. doesn't relate to all these e-mails that have been sent and released. but some could be determined to be classified after they were shared. regardless, the key headline here, 37 pages of these e-mails, seven e-mail chains do contain information that the intelligence community says is not a lower level of classification but a top secret classification. this is a very high
12:31 pm
classification in the intelligence community. one final note i will say brooke is this, this is all the result of a failed request releasing these e-mails kept on hillary clinton's private server while she was secretary of state. all those documents, some 50,000 pages, were meant to have been released by tonight. they've been coming out every couple of weeks. this was meant to be the deadline but because of these e-mails and this determination that contain top secret information, they won't meet that deadline. some e-mails won't be released because they have discovered this after going through them. it means the story continues to keep alive here. something the state department says it's going to continue to investigate. >> so on that point ron brownstein, turning to you, it keeps coming. more in iowa. what's happening in three days, the caucuses. how does she get past that?
12:32 pm
>> you hope you begin to rebu t rebuild. this does not breach her final line of defense where she says i did not receive anything that was marked classified at the time. the fact it was so sensitive it cannot be released even in redacted form has to compound the questions about the judgment in going down this route in the first place and the shadow is real. it's affected her. it's not necessarily decisive in her ability to win the nomination of the presidency but does have a real cost. >> apparently now in mere minutes the hillary clinton campaign has responded and they oppose blocking of the release of the e-mails so there you have it. >> this is not the argument you want to be in heading into iowa and new hampshire where you face a very difficult challenge on both fronts. >> ron brown steen, thank you. let's talk more politics here in des moines. cnn's been fact checking the republican candidate's claims including several points senator cruz made at that republican debate. one in particular. help made this comment about the 1990 gulf war and the use of carpet bombing-style attacks.
12:33 pm
>> you know, you claim it is tough talk to discuss carpet bombing. it is not a tough talk. it is a different fundamental strategy than what we've seen from barack obama. carpet bombing is what we did in the first persian gulf war. 1,100 air attacks a day. saturation bombing that utterly destroyed the enemy. >> here's the truth to that. it's entirely false. here to explain why, lieutenant general mark hurtling, a veteran. why is that wrong, what really happened? >> in desert storm, brooke, you're talking about an air campaign that was geared against the fourth largest army in the world with a lot of targets at the time. the iraqi army was the fourth largest in the world with tank divisions and infantry divisions and they also had a huge amount of infrastructure in baghdad.
12:34 pm
it was not carpet bombing then either. it was precision bombing against those divisions and against the infrastructure in baghdad. the same kind of targets don't exist in such large scale now. so trying to compare what's going on against isis against what happened in desert storm is like campaigning apples with tennis rackets, they're two different campaigns. >> when you talk about precision strikes versus carpet bombing, we heard from former secretary of defense gates who said carpet bombing doesn't work because it kills too many innocent people. >> that's true too. the fact of the matter is even in desert storm when there were those 1,100 air strikes a day and i was there and experienced some of that, they were precision weapons for the most part as well. the air force was using what's called dumb bombs at the time but they were very -- even on that occasion they were you'd precisely on specific targets. when you talk about an air campaign like this, the target
12:35 pm
packa packages, the things you're attempting to strike, are very specific in the age of modern warfare. there is a thing you could do in terms of carpet bombing. the russians are doing some of that in syria. it's generating quite a few enemies for them. this is not the kind of aerial campaign we like to use anymore because we like to be more precise. it's first of all less expensive but it's also -- it doesn't create as many enemies when you're killing n ing innocent civilians. it's also usually not a war crime. >> lieutenant general, thank you for the fact check, sir. >> thank you, brooke. coming up next, trump's comments on cruz's canadian birthplace. also, marco rubio touts his deep religious beliefs on the debate stage.
12:36 pm
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all right, so we have even more news on these hillary clinton e-mails. specifically what we're hearing now from the state department that they will be withholding these initial e-mails, deemed top secret, these 37 panel page e-mails. we're now hearing, additional from the state department, 18 e-mails, eight different e-mail chains between specifically hillary clinton and president obama are being withheld. whether or not those are classified e-mails, that's not been confirmed yet. so again this between hillary
12:41 pm
clinton and barack obama. how does this affect hillary clinton as we're sitting here in des moines, iowa, three days before the iowa caucuses. gloria, to you first, i mean, this just keeps coming at the hillary clinton camp. how do they move past this? >> what they've done is saying, look, we want every e-mail to be released. we believe nothing should be classified. they've called this overclassification run amok. they believe the state department wants to classify too much. that was the first shoe to drop today. the second shoe is the question of hillary clinton e-mailing the president of the united states and the state department has said, you know, the president needs to feel that he can receive and respond to e-mails
12:42 pm
in a free and unvarnished way and that they're withholding it i think largely because it was a communication with the president of the united states not necessarily that it's classified. but just that they'd like to keep it private. however, all this nuance -- >> is this the biggest development in this whole e-mail story? >> well, i think these two choose together. really, really feed the republican line that hillary clinton shouldn't have done this, that she has something to hide, that that's the reason she established her own private server, that she went around the law and i think you're going to be hearing more and more of this. you know, republicans haven't stopped talking about the e-mails. bernie sanders may not want to. we'll see how he reacts to this. but i think that this just fans the flames here once again. and no matter what the nuance is
12:43 pm
about whether things are overclassified or whether it was a communication with the president, it doesn't matter. it's more of the same. and it's right before the iowa caucus. >> i'm reminded of course of the bernie sanders line about enough about these damn e-mails and i'm wondering if he's going to be changing his tune in the final stretch here in iowa. michael let me bring you in and just ask you here about donald trump slamming the debate performance of his closest rival in iowa, ted cruz, even though trump didn't even show up at that debate. at a rally today, he even went there and mentioned canada again. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen. but he's an anchor baby. no, he's an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor
12:44 pm
babies. they just waited a long time. >> he responded with the statement, the only anchor here is the one being dragged behind the ss new york values causing trump's campaign to stall out as voters learn about his affinity for hillary clinton and his previous stated support for supporting abortion. >> i happen to think that last night was a net clust for him by not showing up. by not being on that stage, he put ted cruz in a tradition where everyone else focused on cruz and yet trump received mostly favorable press. he left all the dirty work behind to those republican
12:45 pm
opponents. >> let me add to that calculus. when you look at the optics, they're like standing behind him at this podium, which is where you normally see people when they're endorsing a candidate, gloria, what do you make of that? >> can you spell evangelical? because donald trump in order to stay ahead of ted cruz needs to get some evangelical support that he wants desperately. while these two folks did not endoers him, obviously, they're participating in the iowa caulks. just having huckabee and santorum two former winners of the iowa caucuses, who appeal to evangelical voter s on the stag with him is a very good picture for donald trump to have, just like jerry falwell was and, you
12:46 pm
know, evangelicals are the base of ted cruz's support. i went to a cruz rally in iowa the other day. it was kind of like going to church, right, that's what his rallies have become. and anything that trump can peel away from him among those voters is going to be good for trump. >> you mentioned church. that also makes me think of marco rubio, michael smerconish. i know the rubio camp talks about three, two, one, in terms of finishes here, new hampshire and carolina. what's the headline? >> i think rubio adjudicated himself fine. i don't think there was really much blood drawn in that skirmish between he and cruz on which is more for amnesty. and i think that probably most folks who are watching that last night said yeah, i can see rubio in third position and then in second position except john kasich is still closing in new hampshire. so that's who he has to be worried about. >> yeah, and by the way, the
12:47 pm
rubio people are low balling everything. you know, you say to them is there a chance you can come in second in iowa, do better than you think, and they're low balling it because they want a lower expectation so that anything he does looks terrific. >> uh-huh, gloria borger, michael smerconish, thank you very much. next, more on our breaking news involving those hillary clinton e-mails. state department decision not to release e-mails, some seven e-mail chains because they contain top secret information. also learning about exchanges between president obama and hillary clinton. we'll be right back. ahh... yeah! ahh...
12:48 pm
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as bernie sanders' momentum builds, it is possible he could become america's first jewish president but he could be the first modern president who is not especially religious. the vermont senator recently told "the washington post" he believes in god but doesn't participate in organized
12:52 pm
religion. contrast that with the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. she and her husband speaking now more and more openly about her united methodist faith. >> in the methodist church, the founder, john wesley, said that we live under a simple obligation to do all the good we can in whatever ways we can to all the people we can for as long as we can. she lived by that. >> joining me now, buzzfeed's senior political writer, mckay koppens, author of a book about the republican party. didn't to see you. >> hello. >> on faith and especially with hearing bill clinton talk about hillary clinton's faith, hillary clinton talking so openly about it, yes, we're in iowa where this pew poll found four out of five people identify as christians. is that what this is all about? >> i think if you go back -- i don't want to be too cynical but if you go back to every iowa
12:53 pm
caucus forever -- >> forever? >> you hear candidates talk a lot about their faith in the last days. and that crosses party lines. it's not just that most of the voters here identify as christian, you also have much higher percentages of church going and church going frequency in iowa than other states. so democrats and republicans have to show their faith on their sleeve a little bit more than they might in other states. >> do you think iowans see these candidates rolling into town, they're listening to them talking about their faith. are they hip to what's going on? >> that's the thing about iowa voters. they are very concediscerning. we talk about how they're very knowledgeable, pay attention and take the process seriously. that's true. they also know a charlatan when they see one. i think that's why you see on the republican side a lot of people in these last days accusing each other of
12:54 pm
authenticity or phoniness when it comes to christianity. >> on the republican side we've heard a number of them talk about it, especially last night on the stage, marco rubio. take a listen. >> let me clear about one thing. there's only one savior and it's not me. it's jesus christ who came down to earth and died for our sins. the bible commands us to let our light shine on the world. for over 200 years, america's light has been shining on the world and the world has never been the same again. my goal is not simply to live here for 80 years but to live in eternity with my creator. i will always allow my faith to influence everything that i do. >> and that wasn't the only moment on the stage last night from marco rubio to talk about his faith. a lot of the headlines are marco rubio trying to steal evangelical voters from ted cruz, but it is something that he talks about that doesn't get a lot of coverage from the media out on the trail that's important to him. >> i think there's a reason for that. i think it's a little too cynical to say things like what rubio said are just plays for the religious vote in iowa. he does talk about his faith
12:55 pm
quite a bit. he has a very interesting faith journey. he was baptized mormon when he was young. he's catholic now but attends an evangelical church with his wife and that's something voters think is interesting. it's something reporters don't always think is as interesting partly because we tend to be a secular bunch and also because it's not necessarily what political reporters cover. but i just -- i think that he is -- some of that is sincere and i think that voters will see that. >> it's a huge part of the story here in iowa, that is for sure. mckay coppins, good to see you about buzzfeed. coming up next here on cnn, see what happened when jake tapper went hunting with the trump family. do not miss this, we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. will donald trump voters turn out monday night after he didn't turn up at last night's
1:00 pm
debate? "the lead" live from iowa starts right now. the politics lead, down to the wire in iowa. trump says his big bet going awol on last night's debate will pay off with iowans, but with three days to go, did ted cruz already blow his chance to break through? the national lead, they got one. now police still need to track down two other dangerous inmates who escaped from that jail in california, as we're learning more details about how they got out and why a prison tutor