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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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these stockpiles just a tiny fraction of munitions scattered across syria. this town was liberated nearly two months ago, but when isis fled, so did all of arab residents and the streets here are still completely deserted. kurdish fighters just told us one of the 3,000 inhabitants remains. the rest simply vanished leaving behind shuttered shops and empty schools. an ominous sign of the deep distrust that haunts every corner of this country. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, down to the wire. 72 hours before the first votes are cast. is donald trump unstoppable. breaking news. the state department just
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announcing it will not release 22 hillary clinton e-mails because they contain top secret information. our live report on the breaking news tonight. and the trump-fox news battle. was the network outfoxed? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight the war of words. 72 hours to go and then the first votes of 2016 will be cast. the campaign neck and neck between donald trump and ted cruz and it is getting even nastier. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby. he's an anchor baby in canada. >> ted cruz fighting back with a statement saying, the only anchor here is the one being dragged behind the ss new york values, causing donald trump's campaign to stall out as voters
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learn about his affinity for hillary clinton and his previous statements supporting abortion. it appears that trump rally raised $6 million for 22 veterans groups. his absence hung over his rivals on the debate stage all night. tonight, he's claiming victory. our kroercorrespondents are fan out across iowa as we countdown to the vote. i want to begin with sarah murray. is this any sign skipping the debate is going to stall trump's momentum in these final hours? >> erin, today donald trump seemed almost gleeful to skip this last gop debate in iowa. even voters don't think it's going to hurt him.
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>> what happened last night that was amazing because i wasn't treated right. i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great because i'm on the front page of every paper. >> reporter: today, donald trump showing no signs of regret after skipping last night's debate. >> he got really pummelled last night. he got pummelled. >> reporter: instead, piling on ted cruz. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: after the des moines register's front page declared the debate a rough night for cruz. trump's absence left a target on cruz's back. >> i would note the last four questions have been rand, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. >> it is a debate, sir.
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>> no, a debate is a policy issue. if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: but today cruz is shrugging off the critical coverage. >> at the end of the day i don't worry about the approval of disapproval of the media. >> reporter: with just three days until the caucuses, insisting he's put in the time to come out on top in iowa. >> i think every candidate who is running for president owes it to the men and women of iowa to show them the respect, to come in front of them and answer their questions about their record, and to ask for their vote. >> reporter: what do iowa voters think? >> i think he should have been at the debate. did it hurt him? i don't think so. >> reporter: several said trump should have debated, but most still predicted it wouldn't hurt him in iowa. >> it gave all the attention to cruz. he's kind of in that center podium. i don't know if he handled it as
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well as he could have. >> reporter: today trump cruz i trying to move out of this debate debacle. you're going to see him and donald trump here in iowa all week. >> thank you. now let's go to our national political reporter maive reston. so many of his supporters are fans. will they actually go and register and vote? how do the ground games of trump versus cruz stack up? >> well, it's been really fascinating here, erin, because we've been trying to get a better sense of trump's ground game over the past week. his campaign has not been talking about it. they're very tight lipped about the details, so that's the big question here is whether ted cruz, who has a very sophisticate ground game, if that will pay off for him in the end.
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donald trump obviously has some 5 million twitter followers. he's been tweeting out the app that he has for caucus finder on his website for people to find out where they should caucus. but we know that cruz has some very traditional ground game that's always mattered here. he's got 12,000 volunteers from across the state and another 1,000 that he's brought in. they have precinct captains in some 1500 precincts across the state. it's really this big question about whether donald trump's social media footprint and the phone calls that his campaign has been making can turn people out. i will say at trump rallies i did talk to a lot of voters who said they would already been on trump's website, found their caucus location, had figured things out, and were really passion na passionate and excited about turning out for him monday
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night. >> it's sort of the social media. will that trump 50 years of traditional politics in iowa? steve king and jeffrey lord are here. congressman king, let me start with you. the front page of the des moines register you just saw there in sarah's piece. you saw it today in iowa. it read rough night for cruz all the way across the top. only one headline. that was it. does trump has the momentum now as we have 72 hours to go? >> well, i don't know that he does, but seeing the des moines register, i actually saw it the first time right here this morning. it's not the first time i've been to an event and seen a headline. i thought ted cruz started out strong early. there was a spot in the middle not as great. he closed very strong,
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especially on the immigration issue and the ethanol issue. he wants to compete in the marketplace. he is pro-renewable fuels, rule of law, restore the border. >> you're okay with him changing his view on ethanol? it's not flip-flopping to you. it's evolution. >> we should remember that the governor's son and others collected hundreds of thousands of dollars, some say millions, and they've been pouring this negative misinformation out since november. so that is where this comes from. now, he has not flip-flopped on this. they have misrepresented the actual fact that he authored and introduced legislation to phase down the rfs. he's been with that position since march 27th, 2014. he's developed a policy that's good for the industry and he's done so with number one ethanol plant production fellow in iowa
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and probably in the country. >> we'll see if that pays off with voters. jeff, certainly donald trump out today declaring victory. they were plenty of critics who seem to think balance goes to trump in terms of the battle with fox news and whether this pays off, but you heard voters in sarah's piece. one said he should have been at the debate. so even if donald trump can say, look, millions of people watched me on tv, i won, fox lost. even if he can say that, is it possible that he lost? >> well, i think -- >> well, anything is possible. >> sorry, go ahead, jeff. >> as we get closer to this, i'm always reminded of the sports adage that the opera isn't over until the fat lady sings. the fat lady in this case are all those caucus goers.
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i would just suggest here -- we've got, i think, a three-way race here. we've got donald trump, senator cruz, and marco rubio. i think we're going to see some people getting close to ending their campaigns when monday night is over. >> ted cruz relies on you a lot. you're really important to him. he mentioned you several times. i think four or five times at the debate. here's a couple of the mentions. >> the endorsements that i am proud of are leading conservatives like iowa's own congressman steve king. there is a reason steve king, perhaps the feare efiercest deff farms in this state, is chairing my campaign. >> why are you such a lonely crusader on behalf of him? >> well, i can only hear just
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part of what you're saying, but here's what i can say. the people that show up on caucus on monday night, 2/3 of them are christian conservatives. that'll be the bulk of the cruz supporters. they have gone to caucus before. they don't have to be trained to go. that's the stability of the foundation of this. i know the caucus goers. they're pro-life. they're pro-marriage. they're pro-religious liberty. they're pro-second amendment. they're also free enterprise and strong national security. they like the consistency and stability of ted cruz himself, his history, his record, and his campaign. they don't know what donald trump is going to do next. that's the biggest question out there. when he pulled out of the debate, it was an insult to the iowans. we're going to find out on monday night whether that 39% of
4:12 pm
the undecided are going to feel that insult. >> he sees marco rubio as part of this. >> i would say -- >> go ahead. >> i would say this was certainly not an insult to iowans. this was donald trump showing you have to fight, you have to stand up and fight. that's an issue that's going to go long beyond iowa here. that's going to carry over into the november election in how the united states is run and whether we stand up for ourselves in the world. >> thank you both very much. next, rubio, you heard him there. is he on the rise? john king next on whether marco rubio has a path at this moment all the way to the nomination. the state department refusing to release e-mails from hillary clinton. why? because they are top secret. top secret e-mails. how will this effect the campaign in these final hours? sarah palin's daughter weighs in on this.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. this is a live picture of wilton, iowa. you see senator chuck grassley there speaking.
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he's introducing ted cruz with just 71 hours until the iowa caucuses. a top issue was immigration. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz -- >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. >> reporter: -- bringing new heat to old fights. >> marco made the choice to go in the direction of the big donors. >> reporter: the first term senators fighting. cruz slamming rubio for co-authoring a bipartisan bill. >> the facts are very simple. when that battle was waged, my friend, senator rubio, chose to stand with barack obama and henry reid and support amnesty. >> reporter: that legislation which ultimately failed did include a path to citizenship for many who came to the u.s.
4:18 pm
illegally. rubio trying to turn a vulnerability into a liability for cruz, charging that his rival has part of that effort once supported granting legal status to undocumented immigrants. >> you did an interview with cbs news where you said on the issue of people who are here illegally we can reach a compromise. then you said you want to bring people out of the shadows. >> reporter: cruz did offer an amendment to the bill that would grant legal status. >> the proponents point to this bill as their objective to provide a legal status for those who are here illegally to be out of the shadows. >> reporter: standing by his defense that it was all designed to be a poison pill to kill the legislation. >> i introduced a series of amendments designed to fix problems in the bill. it didn't mean i supported the rest of the bill. >> reporter: rand paul calling
4:19 pm
them both out. >> i don't think marco can have it both ways. i was there and i saw the debate. ted cruz said we'll take it off the bill and the bill will pass and i'm for the bill. >> reporter: senator cruz on the campaign trail today recalibrated and sharpened his attack on rubio's stance on immigration. they are out with a new ad tonight calling rubio the republican obama on immigration. all of this combined really does speak to the growing anxiety within the cruz campaign about a late surge from rubio here in iowa. marco rubio live about to hold a campaign rally. you're hearing about a rubio sun surge. the latest poll shows rubio in third place.
4:20 pm
rubio has 18% and 13%. talk is growing that rubio could be the one surging at just the right time. could he be the big surprise? you're there with the campaign. obviously they want to act like expectations are low, but do you think they think they could come in at number two, say, in iowa? >> well, campaign officials are telling me they'd be very happy with a third place finish, but they'll be even happier if ted cruz is not victorious in iowa. this fight is getting increasingly nasty. once in the view of the rubio campaign, if cruz falls off in iowa, does not win here, he may not win another state until super tuesday. then rubio can start to consolidate support and become that alternative to donald trump.
4:21 pm
after all, that is what we're talking about right now. who will emerge as the alternative to donald trump? the rubio campaign believes if they have a strong thursday place finish, they can take that into new hampshire. it almost seems certain they feel donald trump is going to win on monday night, which is why you're seeing ted cruz redirect those attacks against marco rubio to prevent him from getting to second place so he can solidify his second place finish here. a lot of late maneuvering here. the question is who will be that person to take on donald trump. we may not know right away, but this race could last for weeks on end. >> let's go to john king. this is an incredible moment to be an american and part of this process. ted cruz, marco rubio last night going to war on a lot of things,
4:22 pm
including their views on immigration. who was worse for the wear? >> that's a tough call, erin. we'll know when we see the entrance polls on monday night, but it's no question that this issue of immigration is a big deal. in iowa right now immigration is one of the biggest flash issues. what was at play there? if you talk to people back in the immigration reform debate, they remember marco rubio as an ally and ted cruz as an enemy. that's why they were powerful in the debate last night. you can sense the cruz campaign is a bit worried because they came back with that very aggressive attack ad debate. marco rubio is trying to get some of ted cruz's votes. jeb bush doesn't play much with evangelica evangelicals. marco rubio is trying to get a little slice of the evangelicals
4:23 pm
to go with the romney vote in iowa. >> the caucus night is coming. you've been on the ground. you've spent a lot of time in iowa in recent days and weeks. what are you going to be looking at? >> here's our 2016 map. we don't have any results yet, but we'll call this one 50 shades of red. you see all our different candidates. we want to look at where people are winning. i want to go back to 2012. in the eastern part of the state, see this darker red? pinkish is ron paul. the rest is mitt romney. this is where marco rubio and jeb bush are fighting it out for the establishment republican vote. if you see rubio winning in these places, he's doing what he needs to do. rick santorum surprised us on
4:24 pm
caucus night and caught up to mitt romney. that means he's getting those evangelicals. donald trump tries to get a little bit of everything. if you see trump's color popping up in the cities near cedar rapids and over by des moines and rural areas, that means he's on his way to a strong night. cruz, tea party, evangelicals. rubio, establishment, a little bit of evangelicals. trump's supporters across the board. >> trump just wants a little bit of everything. maybe the right way to say it is he just wants a little bit of everything. marco rubio, he's making this bet. maybe he could surge to number two in iowa. that could be a game changer for him. does a path exist for marco rubio still to be the nominee for the gop? >> yes, but it's not easy.
4:25 pm
a whole bunch of third place finishes won't get it either. private polling is showing marco rubio still going up. that's why cruz is hitting him. he does see he is closing the gap right now. we move on to new hampshire. we're looking at the 2012 map here. that's why it is filled in. mitt romney won the state with nearly 40%. in a new private polling i looked out with a huge sample you have trump and john kasich sneaking into second place. what rubio is hoping for is to get a big enough bounce out of iowa so he can get third place in new hampshire. you've got to win at some point. where do you go? for republicans, you go down to south carolina. newt gingrich won it last time. this republican race is going to gone on longer. jeb bush says he is staying in at least here. trump is way ahead here. then we would go out to nevada for the republicans.
4:26 pm
somewhere what he's hoping for is what george h.w. bush called big moe out of iowa. this will be a different conversation next tuesday night after iowa if rubio has a strong showing. as some drop out, where those numbers go. john king, thank you so much. don't miss a special hour edition of "inside politics" hosted by john king. that is sunday morning at 8:00 in the final day before the votes. next, the breaking news. a bombshell. hillary clinton's top secret e-mails. turns out the state department comes out tonight and says they're not going to release them. jane sanders and bill clinton worlds apart, but crucial to their spouses' campaigns. love your laxative. miralax.
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you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. breaking news tonight that could shake up the democratic race for president with just 72 hours to go until the first votes are cast in iowa. just hours ago the state department said nearly two dozen e-mails from hillary clinton's e-mail server as classified as top secret. that is the highest level of classification for government e-mails. there have been other e-mails that have come out that have been deemed on classified at some level. this is the first with the top
4:31 pm
secret. nearly two dozen of them. jim sciutto is out front. these are top secret. as i said, the highest possible level of government classification. this is obviously a significant headline. >> it is. and this is the first time that you've had that top secret classification. there have been other lower classifications that have been at issue before today. now it's top secret. now the state department says this was the intelligence community that upgraded these e-mails to the top secret classification. state department also says that they were not marked as such, but this is still the open question, erin. was the information retroactively made classified or was it already classified at the time those e-mails were sent? that is still an open question. state department says it is investigating that separately. it has not reached an answer on that, so that gets to that excuse you've heard from the
4:32 pm
clinton camp which is all this happened retroactively. >> which obviously would be crucial. state department officials, they have a whole branch looking into whether the information was classified at the time of transmission which would go to the heart of what she has said. she has no responsibility here. does she? >> fact is state department employees do. government employees do when you deal with classified information. you are told and instructed to treat it very carefully. we asked the state department today this very question. even if the information was not marked as such, would there be a positive responsibility to look out for it? the state department spokesman said yes. we as government employees are trained to treat this information carefully. if we see something even if it is not marked, that's in a
4:33 pm
category of information i think might be classified. we have an obligation to say that. the clinton campaign says she gets z ge ge ge ge gets zillons of e-mails. >> if it appeared low level to her, it would seem something was off or in their classification system. what would be the kinds of e-mail that would be in a top secret e-mail? >> when you typically have top secret, you're talking about things like a drone program for instance that is very secret or intercepted communications. this goes to what the intelligence communications community calls sources. doesn't necessarily means top secret information includes that stuff, but it could. the clinton administration has said one of these e-mails that has come up referred to a "new
4:34 pm
york times" article that was already in the public domain. do all of these fall into that category? that's still an unanswered question. >> thank you. i want to go straight to brianna keilar. this is coming just 72 hours before the iowa kcaucuses. how are they responding to this bombshell announcement? >> we've heard this is overclassification run amuck. of course they're saying she did nothing wrong, but there's a concern on the part of the campaign how this looks here just a few days before the iowa caucuses. the white house had to answer for this today. president obama has not endorsed a candidate, but he sees hillary clinton as really the best candidate to continue his work in the white house. press secretary john earnest today pointing out this department of justice inquiry
4:35 pm
into her e-mails, they're saying she's not the subject of this. she would have received e-mails, not just sent them, when it comes to her account. hillary clinton telling nbc news she did nothing wrong. >> anything could happen. indictments could happen. why shouldn't people, as they weigh the electability question, worry about this hanging over your head as you march forward? >> because the facts have remained the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. >> but that also is one of the issues that you heard jim describing right there. just because something was not marked classified doesn't mean that it was not indeed classified. it still could be a violation certainly. so this argument that you're hearing, erin, coming from the clinton campaign one of legality. on the ground talking to supporters or people who are still making up their mind here in iowa, they don't necessarily
4:36 pm
discern between legality and propriety. i've been hearing it's not just about whether hillary clinton would be indicted or not. it's about her trustworthinestr. it is something that is on the minds of voters in iowa and beyond. >> thank you very much. i want to go to our chief political analyst, gloria borger. you come out. you've got these e-mails that are now top secret. highest level of classification. that's a significant develop. maybe they weren't classified as that at the time, but the information within them could have been. why would she not have noticed that? you heard jim said the state department says it would be incumbent upon a state department employee to have that judgment. >> senator diane feinstein ranking member of the senate
4:37 pm
intelligence committee came out and defended her just a few moments ago and said none of these e-mail chains were talking about actually originated with hillary clinton. we have no idea. i spoke with a clinton adviser about whether she responded or whether it was labeled. stepping back a moment here, the political problem for hillary clinton right now is not within the democratic party and those primary voters. she has more than a 70% trust rating with democrats. okay? democrats trust her. they trust bernie sanders maybe a little bit more, but they trust hillary clinton an awful lot. her problem would be if she we were to become the nominee and she were to move into the general election mode and then you have those independent voters and those republican voters who don't trust her.
4:38 pm
so she would have to convince them that she is trustworthy. what she's trying to do right now through all her spokesmen is say i'm into the middle of a bureaucratic mess. at the very base of it is a mistake she made and that she's admitted she shouldn't have had a private e-mail server, period, for official state department business. >> you heard brianna say she's been talking to voters. is it legally okay versus what's the right thing to do? they don't care about that distinction. they want somebody who is going to do the right thing. donald trump has just weighed in to this. let me read the tweet to you. the new e-mail release is a disaster for hillary clinton. how can someone with such bad judgment be our next president? this is something that it sounds like voters on the ground share.
4:39 pm
>> part of it is clinton fatigue. the clintons have been around for decades. this is an issue that's kind of hung over their heads for an awfully long time and this doesn't really help at all. the campaign had a call this evening with surrogates giving them talking points about how to address this issue because they're clearly worried about it. if i were a republican candidate, i would do what donald trump is doing. i would say this is a matter of judgment. should she have had this private server? it's a question she's answered in the past and she's said she's made a mistake. she has to answer it for a very long time. out front next, jane sanders and bill clinton, they are out in full force until iowa. our special report on two very
4:40 pm
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all right. it's just three days before the iowa kcaucuses. it is not just the candidates. the spouses are getting in on the game as well. everyone recognizes the guy on the right. former president bill clinton. bernie sanders' spouse, his wife jane, is having a major effect on the campaign trail. >> i'm glad to be back. >> we're glad you're here. >> reporter: back this time as the spouse. president bill clinton joking to a packed hall of admirers this weekend that he can't predict if his wife will win. >> it's a weird time out there. >> reporter: just this month the campaign unleashed the former president on the trail solo for candidate clinton. he's goliath. she's not. at least not outwardly. jane sanders, down to earth wife
4:45 pm
of bernie sanders, admits the other spouse might have a leg up. >> i think he has a little more experience than me in this area. >> reporter: that may be purposeful downplay. she met her husband in 1981. >> i worked with him seven years before we got married. i've always been very interested in policy. >> reporter: she remains that trusted policy adviser and sounding board. >> jane and i have been married for 27 years. all right. i don't know how she did it. >> reporter: through those years and now her defense of him visible as black lives matter protesters took over a sanders campaign event this summer. jane sanders rushing to her husband to advise him. but perhaps her most potent power is helping sanders connect on a human level with people packing his events as she told cnn's gloria borger. >> am i grumpy?
4:46 pm
i suppose. >> he does doom and gloom speeches. you have to bring it back to the hope at the end. >> reporter: jane sanders doesn't carry bill clinton's star power or his baggage. a republican new hampshire lawmaker heckled hillary clinton about her husband's sexual history. >> you are very rude. i'm not ever going to call upon you. >> fascinating. out front next, donald trump who brings in viewers, did his rally win the night against fox news or not. okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time.
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outfront tonight, donald trump claiming victory over fox news talking about viewership tweeting, saying if i would have participated they would have had 12 million more viewers and would have broken the all-time record. no one will ever know that's the truth. more people would have watched. that's just a fact. the numbers are in. what do they say to someone like you who looks at this and knows this bettered than anybody.
4:51 pm
>> nobody the tv news industry expected trump to be able to double the ratings. no way this debate was going to get 25 million viewers. but no doubt it would have had a bigger audience. it only had 12.5 million. trump has raised the bar. it's very interesting to see all the spinning today about these numbers. you know who has been quiet about it? trump. the only thing he said was that one tweet. still there's signs of bitterness. >> feels like the academy awards. >> donald trump declaring victory after taking a big gamble, taking on fox news, skipping its debate. >> i did something that was very risky, and i think it turned out great. i'm on the front page of every paper. i'm getting more publicity. >> trump did the unthinkable. tangling with the gop's favorite news source. after a network spokesperson sarcastically suggested the leaders of iran and russia would
4:52 pm
treat him unfairly if he was president. he was ticking off fox by retweeting a tweet from megyn kelly. and this is the bimbo that's going to be asking questions? >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> trump was negotiating with fox up until game time. >> but i said give $5 million. make a donation of $5 million to the vets and i'll come and do your debate. and they were really unable psychologically to do that. and i said that's okay. we went out and raised $6 million. >> but fox is disputing trump's claims the network pleaded with him. >> on the phone apologized? is that what the phone call -- >> fox could not have been nicer. >> you got an apology? >> yes. >> when fox news chief roger ailes heard that, the network said it acknowledged his concerns about the satirical observation but did not apologize.
4:53 pm
the whole fight now becoming a proxy for how tough trump would be as president. but his campaign did set expectations too high. >> i think we'll have a much better viewership than what you'll see on the fox news debate tomorrow night. >> it attracted 12.5 million viewers. that's low by trump debate ratings standards but still higher than the gop debate two weeks ago and higher than the most recent democratic debate. c span which covered trump's rally in full doesn't get ratings but other channels covering the counterprogramming were not nearly as high rated as the debate was. that's a reason fox can feel victorious, too. >> there are signs there may be a tenuous truce between these two sides. there's still some bitterness. in the past, they've put it behind because there are mutually beneficial reasons for trump and fox to get along. he does need to reach out to their conservative viewers. >> thank you, brian. now the executive editor for cnn politics. trump versus fox.
4:54 pm
who won? your verdict. >> what a showdown. can you have two winners when you have one game? in this case, i think you can. let's look at fox news. they stood by their aircnchor mn kelly and did not back down when he said they wanted her removed. megyn kelly went into this debate strong. she came out stronger. fox put on a good debate last night. they should be proud of that. still 12.5 million people. that's historically amazing. however, donald trump won as well. he did not stand on stage. he did not take any hits from any of those rivals that would be there. instead, those hits went to ted cruz who is his chief rival. marco rubio, rand paul did trump's dirty work. >> you are standing up against being treated unfairly. they are buying into him framing this as a fight against the
4:55 pm
establishment. is that a fair hit? has fox news become an establishment player and perhaps out of touch with quite a bit of the republican base? >> wliclisten, fox news is stil beloved by conservatives. you'll always have some kind of angst and anger from the grassroots, from folks who don't look at the media and don't look at washington politicians or washington republicans as someone who is in their court. y people are still going to be angry at them but it's silly to call them the establishment or call us the establishment for that matter. >> i guess the bottom line then is, if donald trump wins iowa, what does that say about fox news? the debate didn't ruin him. >> no, look. what does it say? it says at this moment in time, donald trump has defied expectations. he skipped a debate before the crucial iowa caucuses. moving forward, though, he can no longer skip debates. he got away with it this time. it worked out well to his advantage.
4:56 pm
but going forward into new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, florida, where these debates are going to take place, that is when he has to debate. he cannot skip out again. >> mark preston live from des moines. we'll be right back. get in the way? n try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve.
4:57 pm
he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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4:59 pm
thanks for joining us. be sure to set your dvr to record "outfront" so you can
5:00 pm
watch us any time. it's only 72 hours, actually 71 now, i think, until the caucuses. sunday night, 7:00 eastern, there will be a special edition of "outfront" live from iowa. "ac 360" starts right now. a good evening. thanks for joining us. just a weekend to go until the first vote in the 2016 election. there's breaking news involving the candidate who was once considered the far and away favorite to win it all. hillary clinton finds herself battling bernie sanders on the ground and in the polls. even voters who like them both also say they trust her less. fair or not the news tonight won't exactly help. longrunning controversy about her e-mails while secretary of state. the state department refused to release nearly two dozen e-mails from her private server. messages it did not consider top secret then but now in retrospect does. just before air time they did release about 1,000 others which were now going


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