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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the number has grown by more than 40% in the last 15 years and two-thirds of all migrants live in just 20 countries. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. hello, everyone. we are live in iowa. it is all happening here on the verge of the first actual vote to the 2016 presidential race. good afternoon, everyone. i'm john berman here in iowa. if you like politics and drama and focused on the nation's future, you are in for a treat. speaking live this hour, donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio. we have some live pictures right now of marco rubio holding a rally in cedar falls. right now, the polls have him in third place. his team wants you to believe he's on the rise.
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donald trump, he holds his first rally of the day in just a few minutes kicking off in council bluff. he's been laser focused on evangelicals conceding nothing to ted cruz. there's his wife melania. he was with one of his prominent new supporters. and john kasich has switched his focus to new hampshire, the primary in nine days. a new poll this morning has sent politicos into a frenzy. the des moines politics poll, donald trump is up 5 points over ted cruz. this is the first time that trump has held a lead this big in this poll. as for the democrats, hillary clinton is up 3% over bernie
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sanders. the iowa poll shows the same thing on the democratic side. donald trump is up 6%. we have team coverage joining us across the state. m.j. lee and joe johns at a bernie sanders rally. manu raju and mark preston, you have a big announcement about new hampshire? >> reporter: i do, john. the focus has been on iowa and it will be for the next 24 hours but the campaigns are already looking ahead to new hampshire, a very crucial state for candidates in both parties. on wednesday evening, cnn will hold a town hall for the democratic candidate. it will be very similar to what we saw this past monday when chris cuomo got folks here in iowa to ask questions directly
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of the candidates. this is going to take place at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday evening. we'll have martin o'malley, hillary clinton, bernie sanders all fielding questions from new hampshire. you and i from new england, we understand the whole town hall aspect of new hampshire. this is going to be one of the amazing nights. >> you do not get off easy in town hall events in new hampshire. the voters will come with big questions and the timing could not be more important. because whatever happens here, these candidates will have to react to the results here and try to pivot to new hampshire, which is less than a week away at this point. >> it will. it will take place in dairy, new hampshire, on wednesday evening. again, hillary clinton taking questions from new hampshire voters. who know what is is going to happen after iowa. we don't know what the results are going to be tomorrow night but the race could totally change or we could still be neck-and-neck. >> big event, cnn town meeting in new hampshire on wednesday night. that's new hampshire. let's bring things back to iowa
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now and go to council bluff. m.j. lee is awaiting a rally for donald trump. >> why do you think -- you have a lot of working people at your rallies. you are -- more than any other candidate, you live a life that is most distant to them. why do they support you? >> because i'm a job producer. i've produced tens and thousands of jobs over my lifetime. that includes health care, education for families, et cetera, et cetera. and i grew up -- my father was a builder in brooklyn and queens and i grew up working with people that worked on building houses and building whatever. i mean, i relate to them. i love those people. >> donald trump talking to cbs this morning. the focus of the campaign is very focused on evangelicals. the trump folks conceding
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nothing along those lines. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, john. in these final days, donald trump is making a huge push for the evangelical support here in iowa. he started off the day attending church services with his wife melania. nearby, even spending the tight in iowa. of course, you know that he's not someone that actually likes to spend the night away from his home in new york city. and after this morning, he will speak behind me in council bluffs. you see that the crowds are starting to pour in. something else that trump is trying to do to boost his credentials with the evangelical crowd is to use the support of jerry fallwell jr. he will be come come paining once again today. hopefully he will try to convince skeptics out there who may not think that trump is religious enough or may not be
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convinced that he's the person that he they want to vote for as an evangelical voter. >> and the key for the trump campaign, m.j., donald trump doesn't have to win the evangelical vote but every vote he takes away from ted cruz hurts ted cruz because donald trump has a much broader base of support. we've seen that in the des moines register poll. >> reporter: i can tell you, if you ask a trump supporter, who is your second choice, there's a very good chance that it's ted cruz. it's become clear as i've gone to these rallies over the past couple of weeks, the political attack that has inundated the airwaves is really resonating with voters. they are choosing trump over cruz and will name a number of reasons for going with this decision, starting with his decision on immigration and ethanol and the audit of the fed
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bill. who knew that the voters even cared about that issue. right? it shows that trump has a slight lead over ted cruz. however, it's clear that there's nothing that trump can take for granted in this state. if we can pull up the numbers quickly here, trump is leading at 28% among gop caucusgoers. cruz is 5% at 23% and rubio at 15%. one important number to keep in mind is that 45% of gop caucusgoers say that at the very last minute they could change their mind. as you know very well, john, iowa voters are very fickle so anything could change in the next 30 hours or so. >> which is why all of the candidates are working so hard today, including donald trump just a short time from now behind you. m.j., great work. appreciate it. back here in des moines, you could argue no one is, working
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it harder than team marco rubio, launching a whisper campaign. there is marco-mentum. it's a #. he is running third behind ted cruz and donald trump. he told jake tapper this morning he doesn't think anyone is unbeatable and launched his attack on senator cruz. >> so ted's campaign is built on the fact that he's the only conservative and everyone else is a sellout and a rhino and it's absurd. even on immigration. he helped design george bush's ill interrogation policy. he talked openly in a national interview about needing to reach a compromise on people that are here illegally. there's a tweet going around yesterday that he put out during the immigration debate talking about legalization. he said he wanted to bring people out of the shadows. he said he wanted to obviously pass immigration reform.
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it's a hard issue and clearly we are not going to be able to do it until we enforce our immigration laws. i don't support amnesty. >> and that is false. i didn't say a word about legalization. and the differences are very clear now. marco supports amnesty, legalization and citizenship today as a presidential candidate. i oppose amnesty, i oppose citizenship, i oppose legalization. >> this is the battle we've seen between cruz and rubio. joining me, you can see cnn political reporter manu raju. they are playing every angle right here to set expectations so that in marco rubio comes in third, they -- >> it's really a remarkable thing here, john.
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by the contrary, you look at ted cruz, did not play the expectations game well at all. they said they are going to win this state and looks like they may not win this state. now their narrative is going to be that the ted cruz campaign is stumbling and by keeping the expectations in check, all of a sudden they can come out of iowa saying, we did well. look, we did reasonably well. we did better than all of the other establishment candidates, the governors in the race and i'll add that's what they really want to do. they want to make it a race between marco rubio and the governors coming out and be very far apart from jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie. if they do, which it looks like they will, they can make the case that they are the alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. >> there's a big marco rubio versus ted cruz dynamic in iowa today. by tuesday and wednesday in new hampshire, marco rubio is looking at a different direction. >> absolutely. that's 100% right. we're looking into new hampshire and donald trump is running away with the race right now.
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perhaps that could change if there is an upset and ted cruz does end up winning here but we expect him to run away. the fight is really going to be for second place. you talked about a rubio advisers. they are worried if they don't come in second praise, if they lose to jeb bush or chris christie in new hampshire, less so, john kasich, then it will be very, very difficult for them to say marco-mentum is happening. all of this could change if ted cruz suddenly wins in iowa. that throws up the entire al cue lags and all of a sudden he's back in the game and he becomes a chance of being number two in new hampshire and taking it on to south carolina. >> manu raju, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. cnn is the place to be for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. we're going to be live all day tomorrow for the very first vote to the 2016 presidential race. do not miss a single moment. and don't forget the news we just broke here. a brand-new democratic town hall
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just a day away from the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton calling for the public to see e-mails from her private server that the state department has deemed top secret. the state department withheld 22 e-mails, would not release on friday. these 22 e-mails, hillary clinton continues to insist that the e-mails were not marked as classified at the time that they were sent and there is a dispute now just about how sensitive they are. she says she just wants the matter resolved. >> this is very much like
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benghazi. the republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me. i understand that. that's the way they are. but after 11 hours of testimony, answering every single question in public, which i had requested for many months, it's very clear they are grasping at straws. >> this is a very serious issue. i think there's a legal process right now taking place and what i have said -- and i get criticized, bernie, why don't you attack hillary clinton? there's a legal process taking placement i do not want to politicize that issue. it's not my style. >> well, he doesn't want to politicize it but you heard it right there, he said it's a very serious issue, which is a far cry from what he said at the democratic debate when he said america is sick and tired of hearing about hillary clinton's damn e-mails. that's what he said then. now a different story. we're awaiting bernie sanders. he's due to speak shortly in
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waterloo, iowa. this is one of four events being planned by bernie sanders. big news from the bernie sanders campaign. $20 million raised in the last quarter. our joe johns tracking bernie sanders. good afternoon, joe. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. $20 million raised in january. a very big deal for bernie sanders. and they are really using that, making the case, of course, that easy electable because he can get all of the money from small donations. but i think right now the big thing for the bernie sanders camp is all about turnout. he has said and he said at the white house a few days ago that he believes that if he's able to get a big turnout in iowa, he'll win the caucuses and that's very big for him because he's doing very well in new hampshire. the question, of course, for bernie sanders is whether he's going to be able to get those small, young voters out to the caucuses. this is where hillary clinton
11:18 am
conceivably could have an advantage because her voters have been to this rodeo before. a lot of the people who are supporting bernie sanders are new at this, if you will, john. so big questions as we go into the last day. i can also tell you that on social media and in other places, we're seeing a lot of strategy papers floating around among the supporters of bernie sanders to try to give people an idea of how to talk to others at the caucuses to try to get the hillary clinton people and the martin o'malley people over to their side, which is a very big deal. back to you, john. >> very big deal. des moines register poll has bernie sanders trailing by three points right now and that's why it was interesting to hear bernie sanders saying today on tv that the hillary clinton e-mail issue is now a very serious issue. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. it's a big change from what he said not too long ago when he was trying to steer clear of the
11:19 am
controversy. he's saying it's a legal process and doesn't feel comfortable politicizing it. nonetheless, he's taken the step over to the side of criticizing hillary clinton on the e-mails, which is a clear change. >> all right. joe johns in waterloo, iowa, bernie sanders set to speak there. we'll get back to that event when it happens. thank you so much, joe. joe johns was talking about the complicated caucus process. next for us, a look inside. how does it work? how does it differ for a primary? why is organization so important? and how is it different for both parties? it takes all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you ♪ is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works.
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all right. john berman in des moines, just one day away now from the iowa caucuses. there is a huge education effort under way right now in this state, telling people where to caucus but, more importantly, what to do once they get there. because you know what, it is come p complicated and different than a primary. tom foreman explains. >> reporter: the iowa caucuses, this is what we've been leading up to all this time. and for the republicans, it's a fairly simple matter. they show up on caucus night and cast their ballots and count them. for the democrats, though, this is a process.
11:24 am
what that means is that hundreds of precincts all across the state, they will physically gather and divide up, based on which candidates they support. for example, if we had 100 democrats in one place and they divided among four different candidates, it might break out like this. now, if any candidate does not have at least 15% of the support in that room, that candidate is basically declared out of it. the voters, however, can either go home or they can start going to some of the other candidates out there and that's when you get a lot of talk and horse trading and a lot of wheeling and dealing. everyone wants to walk away with the most support for his or her candidate. once it is settled for the night, though, that precinct will report, as do hundreds of others, to the state level where a lot of math will be done and when that math is complete, we will have from both parties the first real indication of how the delegates will be divided and who is actually leading the pack on both sides of the race for
11:25 am
the white house. >> all right. tom foreman for us, that explanation, the reason why martin o'malley could be so important here. if he can't win the iowa caucuses, and it doesn't look good right now for martin o'malley, where might he throw his support? that's next. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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hey, everyone. john berman here in des moines, iowa. the iowa caucuses just one day away. all of the candidates out now making their final case in iowa. there's big news, though, just in to cnn. we're holding a democratic town hall this week in new hampshire. wednesday fight, just two nights after the results here. hillary clinton, martin o'malley, bernie sanders will
11:29 am
take the stage in dairy, new hampshire, 8:00 p.m., wednesday night. anderson cooper will moderate. the timing couldn't be more crucial because someone is going to have to make up the ground after iowa. who will that be? that will be determined over the next 24 hours. all right. in council bluffs, iowa, donald trump right there holding an event. let's listen in. >> so that was a great thing. but bottom line, i see all the hats make america great again. we want to make america great again. it's very simple. >> i mean, how often do you see a presidential candidate giving money away instead of taking it? i think that's wonderful. and we've got a group here today who is going to receive the second dispersement of that $6 million raised the other night. if that group would come on the stage now, it's called partners for patriots.
11:30 am
[cheers and applause ] [cheers and applause ] >> so maybe tell us just a little bit about yourself and what you do. because we vetted for the vets but we vetted very carefully and the people getting this money are tremendous people. so what do you do? >> we train service dogs for disabled veterans to help them live their daily lives. the one that you met, todd landon, that needs a dog, he's had 21 surgeries. his kid has been through so much fighting for us. >> so with $100,000, you can do
11:31 am
a lot? >> yes, sir. >> it's just such an honor. thank you very much. use it well. say hello to todd. thank you. beautiful. thank you, honey. >> there's a beautiful rottweiler right here but secret service wasn't too excited about bringing it up on stage. but he's gentle, i promise. i don't know why there was a fear. but we're facing a crisis in this country with isis and we -- all the intelligence experts tell us that isis will most definitely infiltrate the refugees coming into this country. isis has more land mass now than any terrorist organization in history. they are beheading christians. tell us how you would handle that problem and tell us how quickly you think you'd be able to fix it. >> well, it's such a big question. who would have thought this would have happened? we've destablized the middle
11:32 am
east totally. and i was against iraq. i'm a strong guy in the military. i would say most mill tir ris stick of all. nobody is going to mess with us. but i said, look at that back there. i said to reuters and others early on in 2003 -- >> you're listening to donald trump in council bluffs, iowa. we just saw a lot go on right there. number one, donald trump presented a $100,000 check to a veterans group for pets with people with animals to help care for veterans, people who come home from foreign wars. on stage with donald trump, jerry fallwell, the sun of the preacher jerry fallwell and, of course, you see donald trump talking about isis on this stage as well as he takes questions from jerry fallwell, jr.
11:33 am
very interesting to see. joined by cnn political commentator margaret hoover, a republican, former hillary campaign manager, patty doyle, a democratic, if you didn't know that from the hillary clinton part. and editor of "daily beast, " john avalon. donald trump on that stage, fascinating to see. we're 24 hours away from the iowa caucus, a little more. he's giving a check, $100,000, presumably for the money that he raised instead of going to the debate. >> there's a new paradigm in iowa politics and caucuses on the republican side. the democrats are talking about going and shaking hands and being in backyards and barbecues for the last several months and donald trump has literally flown in, swooped in and stolen the show entirely. and, look, he's handing out money to people the day before they are going to go vote for
11:34 am
him. it's hard to imagine how that lady and her organization doesn't vote for donald trump. to be fair to donald trump, what we saw from the iowa poll and consistently with the polling, we don't need a big surge for donald trump to turn out and win. 38% of self-identified establishments caucusing here in iowa. >> jerry fallwell co-hosting that event. evangelical vote in this state is so important. donald trump conceding nothing. >> nope. and, of course, that's his style. i love that he's at council bluffs because his campaign is based on playing poker in high-level politics. auto he is going after the evangelical vote and it's gotten huckabee and the santorum folks fueling because they don't feel it's authentic. but, you know, a lot of folks close to trump get the joke. the question is, do these
11:35 am
reporters? they are gravitating towards the strength that he's projecting and the broad promises and a core group of evangelicals, that's resonating. he's got jerry fallwell jr. >> trump looks like he's having fun on stage. that matters. you can tell a lot by which candidates are enjoying themselves the most. i went to a bernie sanders rally last night in iowa city. 3800 people vampire weekend singing, a guy from "the hunger games" was there. everyone clearly younger than i am because they understood what it meant and i didn't. pulling in thousands of people. hillary clinton events, 2, 300. bill clinton events, 2, 300. does this concern the clinton campaign or do they know something that we don't in terms of grab size? >> there's no way you can go through what we went through in 2007 and 2008 and not be
11:36 am
nervous. she's done everything that she should do. she's got a great ground operation. she's got supporters throughout the state in every precinct and she has covered as many counties as she possibly can in her closing argument. and she's got bill clinton out there who is a high level surrogate for her. they can cover twice as much ground. so are they nervous? probably. but we'll see tomorrow night. >> and here, patty, is where it gets complicated. you have it easy. the democrats, it's a whole different game. you stand in this part of the room, stand in that part of the room. you have to meet a threshold. if you don't meet it, you have to join someone else do the clintons feel that they have the smart folks on the inside to seal the deal at those finer moments? >> absolutely. so here's the deal. these been through this before. granted in 2008 neither clinton had campaigned in the state of
11:37 am
iowa. they didn't know what it meant to campaign in a caucus, right? they didn't know iowa voters. she knows that now. she knows how it works, how the caucus works and the people here. so she has people in each of these precincts ready to not only speak on her behalf because then also take -- assess the room. are we going to put our supporters to o'malley to split the vote or approach the o'malley supporters? >> you have to know the rules of the game. we've been introduced to a new term in iowa. marco-mentum. everyone wanted to believe that marco rubio was surging. that was the morning. the afternoon, the politics poll comes out and there's a sentence that says, we see no evidence. >> no evidence. >> of a surge. in fact, marco rubio's support dipped over the last few days. >> to be fair, i think the marco
11:38 am
people and some of the people i talked to on the ground that sensed the surge sensed it after the debate and the iowa poll did the four days ending on the one day after the debate. so if there was a surge post debate, it wouldn't have been captured or reflected in the iowa poll. certain people want you to believe that there is a surge. i've heard from grass tops around the state that there's a surge. there is going to have to be a challenge to ted cruz or donald trump. >> but ted cruz clearly thinks that there's a momentum. otherwise, he wouldn't be doing his ads against marco rubio or talking about marco rubio. >> that's true. if they are directing their ad dollars elsewhere, that is where the real threat is. marco rubio seems to be -- whatever the grasstops are saying, you've got to make a spin discount. politics is perception but it's not going to translate to votes at the end of the day. the fact that cruz seems nervous and directing his fire at rubio, not donald trump, says
11:39 am
internally they may have conceded first place and they are terrified of having that second place window down by rising support by marco. >> it all happens tomorrow. >> it does. >> thank you for being here. really appreciate it. coming up next, bernie sanders defending his tax pledge today after nancy pelosi claimed that democrats are not running on any platform of raising taxes. we'll talk about his health care plans next.
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welcome back. john berman here in des moines, iowa. one day to go until the iowa caucuses. this morning, bernie sanders shooting back at house democratic leader nancy pelosi. last week, pelosi said the democrats will not raise taxes to pay for sanders' health care plan. let's listen to what they had to say. >> what bernie said was, i'm going to reduce the cost of health care and it may involve some people paying -- we're not running on any platform of raising taxes. anytime you have a single payer -- and that's not going to happen. does anybody think we're going to be discussing single payer? >> my proposal will save middle-class families thousands of dollar as year on their
11:44 am
health care costs. most people told me, yes, they would be happy to pay $1,000 more in taxes if they are paying $5,000 less in health care premiums. >> let's talk more about this. joining me is cook county commissioner in chicago, bernie sanders campaign when he ran for mayor a couple years ago. the question here for bernie sanders is this. campaigning on raising taxes is a difficult thing even in a democratic primary. do you think it will cost him votes? >> i think that when people understand the benefit of changing our health care, of creating a system that leaves no one out, a universal system, a system that says you no longer will have to pay premiums, deductibles, co-payments or the high costs of purchasing medical equipment when you get home to recuperate or if you're living
11:45 am
with a disability, that they will see that the savings offset whatever initial costs there might be. >> we heard a different bernie sanders this morning during the sunday shows. of course, the democratic debate that the cnn did a couple months ago, bernie sanders famously said, america is sick and tired of hearing about hillary clinton's damn e-mails. today, one day before the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders is calling hillary clinton's e-mails a serious problem. >> i think in the court of public opinion, i think the media has reported that this is a growing concern and it raises questions about what it will mean for the general election. of course, we've seen polls that demonstrate that bernie sanders is a much stronger contender in the fall. let me say this. as we move towards monday's caucuses, i think that momentum is clearly on bernie sanders' side in iowa. >> do you think hillary clinton's e-mails are a serious
11:46 am
problem? >> i think that they can become a complicating factor. >> does it concern you -- a complicating factor because it can hurt her in the general election or because it draws questions about her honesty? >> i think it draws questions. but our focus in the sanders campaign is to make this political revolution by a real reality throughout the country. >> you come from chicago, of course. in being consider, it looks a lot different than iowa. racial diversity, all kinds of ethic diversity. iowa, not so much. bernie sanders, the appeal seems to be greater with white voters than minority voters. how or where is he going to make inroads? >> i think it's a question of name recognition. people across the country have grown very, very familiar with the clinton name and the brand. the challenge for bernie is to
11:47 am
make up that name recognition. after monday, what bernie sanders pulls off, the surprise to many people, not necessarily to me, that we saw occur here in 2008, barack obama, another chicagoan pulled it off. it will reset the gauge and pundits will have to run for cover and figure out what will happen next. we're very excited. momentum is on our side. i was at a rally last night at iowa's university and there were 5,000 people. so getting the young voters out will have lots to do with who wins. >> chuy garcia, great to have you with us. >> thank you. big news for cnn. don't forget, there's a democratic town hall in new hampshire. bernie sanders will be there. hillary clinton will be there. martin o'malley will be there and anderson cooper will be there. he will moderate wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. the timing so crucial. just two days after whatever happens here at the iowa
11:48 am
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we are in des moines, iowa, just one day away from the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential year. it's been a long time since donald trump announced his candidacy and when he did, he created a lot of controversy
11:52 am
with his comments about mexican immigrants. some people say this caused something called a trump effect. despite latinos upset by what donald trump had to say. a gallup poll found that 20% of latinos have unfavorable views of trump. 15% have favorable views. and here in iowa, not a large minority population but latinos make up 3% of the state's voters here. that's a lot more than it was a few years ago. we'll talk more about this with the national vice president of the league of latin american citizens. joe, you have been in town here getting voters registered and convincing them to go to the caucuses and getting them to vote for who? >> encouraging our people to vote and engage in the process. it's specifically encouraging people to participate in the caucuses. we can be a player in the caucuses. we have over 50,000 registered
11:53 am
voters in iowa which is a lot. so if we can get 10 to 20,000 of our people to engage in the process tomorrow night, we can play a part on the issues and who the candidate should be. so our young people, most of our voters are under the age of 40. 60%, totally different than the regular caucusgoer who has been 45 and older and white. >> do off sense of the caucuses object the democratic side versus the republican side? >> when we look at the participation, 59, 60% participating with the democrats and the other 40% and they want to react against what donald trump and have you seen an effect on this race? >> oh, yeah, we have. many of our young people before the age of 18, we've had
11:54 am
demonstrations against the behavior that trump has generated in small towns like marshal town. hundreds of our young people and many participating in the process now. they want to make their voice and we need to fight back this form of racism. and we're going to move forward and on the democratic side, bernie sanders among minorities. is that something you've seen? >> when we look at our young voters, they are out there, they are supporting different types of candidates. many of our young people are supporting bernie sanders as they are martin o'malley. we've had fair support of george bush. it's about the issues and grassroots campaign that the candidates are putting forth. we're going to see tomorrow night who has the best field campaign. >> one day away.
11:55 am
joe henry, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. still ahead for us, our coverage from iowa continues. next hour, we're going to hear from bernie sanders. he's out on the stump. we're going to hear from jeb bush. he's out there campaigning. we will hear from hillary clinton. she's campaigning. donald trump, he's on stage right now. you better come back. she has nuts in her bag and rolos.
11:56 am
. >> for me, a story like this is getting represented on a big stage. that's the bottom line. that's awesome. >> you guys all get to enjoy this together. it makes it a really special night. >> yeah, i mean, it's like sitting around a christmas tree opening presents. >> i'm going to go with my friends. >> you can come home with me and be my little friend. what do you think? >> i don't know.
11:57 am
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we are live in iowa and you can feel it all happening right now. just a little over 24 hours from now, iowa voters, they will caucus. they will cast the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential race. good afternoon, everyone. i'm john berman here in des moines. the candidates are hitting every last stop. they want to see every last voter they can trying to convince every last one to go to those caucuses for them. if you like


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