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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we are live in iowa and you can feel it all happening right now. just a little over 24 hours from now, iowa voters, they will caucus. they will cast the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential race. good afternoon, everyone. i'm john berman here in des moines. the candidates are hitting every last stop. they want to see every last voter they can trying to convince every last one to go to those caucuses for them. if you like politics, if you
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like drama, if you are focused on the nation's future, you are in for a treat for the next hour because speaking here, bernie sanders, jeb bush, hillary clinton, donald trump on the stage right now talking. we have live pictures of bernie sanders rally in waterloo. he's expected to be near that sign any minute. the sign doesn't move. bernie sanders will. jeb bush speaking to voters in cedar rapids. he's had his daughter by his side all weekend. jeb bush not doing well in the latest poll in this state. hillary clinton will be in council bluffs. that's where donald trump is. she's in a very tight race with bernie sanders. you can see hillary clinton on stage. that's her daughter chelsea clinton on stage with the former secretary of state. i said polls are close right now. there is a brand-new poll that has sent politicos into a frenzy this afternoon. i'm talking about the des moines register politics poll. donald trump up five points over
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ted cruz. this is the first time the des moines register polls look anything like that. as to the democrats, hillary clinton is up three points on bernie sanders. that is awfully close. and our cnn orc poll, shows the same thing as the register on the democratic side and roughly the same thing on the republican side. donald trump is now up six points. some consistency there. we have coverage all across the state right now. cnn politics correspondent m.j. lee following donald trump and joe johns in waterloo with bernie sanders. executive editor for cnn politics mark preston sitting right next to me as we speak. before we get to the live events, the reason mark is here, we have breaking news, a big announcement for cnn about something that is going to happen a few days from now. >> john, the focus is on iowa and the candidates are crihris crossing the state. the race is going to move to new
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hampshire common evening. on wednesday evening, cnn will host a town hall for closing arguments for the three democratic presidential candidates. we saw them do it this past monday in iowa. really well received. chris cuomo doing a masterful job. he's handing the baton off. we're going to have hillary clinton and martin o'malley and bernie sanders taking questions live from new hampshire. we understand how hard the questions can be. it will take place in dairy, new hampshire. >> in no way is iowa nice. >> no. >> joe biden might say this is a big, blanking deal because it will become two day after the results here. so someone is going to come out of here with some momentum and with ground to make up, which could make that moment on the stage crucial. >> absolutely. if you win here in iowa on monday night, they will try to use this town hall to send a message to voters across new
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hampshire that they need to vote. hillary clinton has a lot of ground to make up. right now, as we've seen from "the des moines register poll," they are neck-and-neck. bernie sanders would try to seal the deal with new hampshire voters. it's going to be very, very interesting. >> absolutely. mark preston, thank you for being with me. a democratic town hall in new hampshire at 7:00 p.m. on cnn. be there. there's big news from the bernie sanders campaign. a little over an hour ago, the sanders campaign announced it raised $20 million in january. that's a lot of money. was it january or the fourth quarter? they have been raising a lot of money. raising a lot of money from small donors. that announcement comes as democrats begin a whirlwind day around iowa. bernie sanders is getting under
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way in waterloo. our joe johns is there. what do you expect to see? >> reporter: well, i've got to tell you, this is exactly what you look for on the day before the iowa caucuses. it's a crowded room here in waterloo, iowa. a lot of people are turning out to see bernie sanders. a pretty good cross-section of his support, at least according to the polls. i've talked to a lot of students here, as it characteristic of the crowds. many of them are from colleges in and around iowa but also from other places. one group drove all the way here, about seven hours from michigan state in lansing, michigan, just to volunteer. of course, the question is, who is going to caucus for bernie sanders? there are some people here in the room who say they have caucused before on the democratic side and most of them for obama the past two cycles the the big question, of course, is how many students are going to get out? this process is new for them and
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so many people supporting hillary clinton. of course, they have been to this rodeo before. so, as you said, the big news, of course, $20 million. now, the press release that they put out, the statement that they put out a while ago, said, john, that that was for the month of january. not sure, of course, it could be the quarter but they say it's for the month of january. small donations, $27 or less, mostly. and that goes to their argument of electability at large for bernie sanders. >> $20 million in january. that's a lot of money in a short period of time from a lot of small donations. that's a very big deal. joe johns in waterloo, thank you. in the meantime, i want to go to m.j. lee in council bluffs. donald trump wrapped up an event with jerry fallwell jr. awfully big to have the evangelical leader with him as he campaigns through iowa.
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>> reporter: that's right. donald trump has just wrapped up this campaign event here in council bluffs, iowa. on the stage with him, as you mentioned, was jerry fallwell, jr. the prominent leader kicked off his remarks by telling a story about how donald trump, his limousine once got stuck, broke down, and people helped him and a while later donald trump secretly helped to pay off these people's mortgages. this is a story that demonstrates what a generous person donald trump is. he can also tell you that the full gang is here today. melania at one point took the stage. she doesn't do that often. and she called donald trump her husband, quote, the best master negotiator. i also want to tell you, of course, this is not surprising, donald trump is hitting ted cruz very hard and here's what he said. >> it is so dishonest. it is so dishonest. then he took an ad about me and
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he said that i'm in favor of obamacare. my whole campaign is against obamacare. the only way i can fight it is i have a much bigger platform than anyone else. it's such a lie. but what he doesn't say is that he filled out a financial disclosure form, a personal financial disclosure form. and on the form, he wants to pretend he's robin hood. he's going to protect everybody from big, bad wall street. he forgot to mention that he's borrowed a lot of money at almost no interest. he pays almost nothing. from goldman sachs and from c i citibank, forgot to mention it and his biggest problem is canada. he was born in canada and a lot of people say he can't be running so wo running so we'll find out about that. >> reporter: these political attacks are so important. one voter i spoke to before trump took the stage told me that he doesn't like ted cruz and one of the reasons is because of questions about his
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canadian birthplace. i can tell you voters here in iowa, they are listening. >> really interesting. donald trump clearly also listening, too, and reading the polls, m.j., because the des moines register pointed out that the issue as to loans to ted cruz from goldman sachs, that issue is what most voters find more distasteful. they care more about those loans than the whole born in canada thing. it was interesting to hear donald trump raise that point specifically today. m.j. lee in council bluffs with the trump campaign, thank you so much. as for senator cruz, he finds himself behind now in the latest polling. five points behind the des moines register and bloomberg politics poll. six points behind the latest cnn poll. roughly the same thing. senator cruz is attending a cruz caucus event in des moines city. joined by special guests. don't know who that is -- that's his father, rafael cruz right
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there. rafael is very, very big in the evangelical community, a very powerful campaigner in his own right. ted cruz appearing with his father there. that's something that is interesting to see the last few days. also with ted cruz there, glenn beck, radio host. the guy who started the blaze and one of the duck dynasty stars, phil robertson, he's there as well. ted cruz attended church with his family. he said he was praying for all the candidates. watch. >> it was one of the things that the pastor asked is to pray for any who are your opponents and, indeed, i'm lifting up the prayers for all of the candidates who are running, that god's blessing. >> great to be here with your family? >> it is great to be here with my family. >> joining us is ron brownstein, the editorial director of "the
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national journal" and john avalon. ron, let me start with you. >> the cruz campaign yesterday said they are praying for snow actually tomorrow because, look, the dynamic is very similar on both sides here. you are sanders and then trump and republicans doing very well with irregular caucus goers. the bigger the turnout, the likelier it's better for the trump and cruz campaign. they said we are gathering all of our pastors to pray for snow. >> i don't think a snow dance is really the most practical. but what is fascinating behind this, you saw real con grew wednesday in the poll that came out yesterday. in early december, cruz was in the lead. he was up to 40% that. is a significant fall of 15% over a pretty short period of
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time. those are the real headwinds the cruz campaign is confronting here in iowa and you've got to deal with that as well as a hope for a surge. >> the one thing that is important the way that trump has caught cruz, the arguments he's made and the constituencies that he has turned. ted cruz has gone about it the historic way. what happened is donald trump's appeal to blue collar republicans is extending across this boundary. trump is winning among blue collar evangelicals, not only in iowa but south carolina in the latest polls and if he can sustain that strength among blue collar evangelicals, he can threaten it here and all across the states that cruz is -- >> we can see trump there. the celebrity factor for donald trump has always been a big thing. would you think that he would be campaigning by himself but, no, he's there with jerry fallwell
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jr. it's important for him to hit this evangelical thing hard. >> absolutely. it's a sizeable chunk, more than 30%. as ron said, that's the key to victory for santorum last time and huckabee before him. ben carson's support has been a decade long courtship of evangelicals. donald trump bringing out his jerry fallwell endorsement on a sunday morning here in iowa and really designed to divide and give as many as they can out of the evangelical cohert. >> although i would say, where donald trump is making inroads, that's part of the problem that cruz has, his response to trump's inroads are double down and emphasize social issues. new york values, you can't trust them on abortion or gay marriage. it's probably not the issues allowing him to make those gains. it's more immigration trade the the other issues working with
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nonevangelicals. >> this does not get enough attention. with iowa, the number one issues for iowa voters, likely caucusgoers, social issues are not at the top of that ticket. it's the economy, it's anxiety about america and exception allism, it's immigration. social issues are not top tier issues, even among evangelicals. the idea that you're going to do a social issue play and necessarily win the evangelical vote, that doesn't seem to be coming true and certainly is evident of trump's support of the state right now. >> john, ron, donald trump is shaking hands as he goes on to more events later on. fascinating to see. we have a lot of activity today here in iowa as the candidates really go out there and almost beg for voters to show up to the caucus. cnn, the place to be for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. we're live all day today. we'll be live virtually all night tonight and we're definitely live all day and night tomorrow as the people of
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iowa cast the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential race. don't forget the big news we just announced it right here. democratic town hall hosted by cnn on wednesday night. people here in iowa, they vote monday. wednesday wednesday, a town hall at 8:00 p.m. in the town of dairy hosted by anderson cooper. don't miss a thing. we'll be right back. painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea.
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i'm john berma in iowa. the two most important people in the state, the first actual voters on the set with us, the people who will decide what happens here. she's a real estate agent, a mother of two, a registered republican raising a family right now but he's a criminal defense attorney, a father, a democrat. you can see they don't get along in politics. joining me now is betsy and nick. you're a democrat, nick? >> yes.
12:19 pm
>> and you're a republican? >> yes. >> you are supporting? >> marco rubio. >> and you are supporting? >> hillary clinton. >> how many times have you been called by the marco rubio campaign? >> probably five or six now. i became decided about two weeks ago when he went to one of his events. i've had all of the campaigns call me as well. >> how many calls have you received in total? >> probably 15 to 20. it's more -- it's been really heavy on the e-mails and the direct mail this year. more so than phone calls. >> how long have you been a hillary clinton supporter? >> since april. i haven't been contacted in a robo call but we have a south side organizer and he's been in contact with me probably weekly since it started. >> that's real organization. >> real organization, yeah. >> so outsiders come in to iowa and look at the whole caucus system and it looks like this big, giant, complicated puzzle. take me inside the republican
12:20 pm
caucus. that's easier. >> yeah. you go in and write down on the ballot who you want, count the ballots. it's pretty simple. >> ever see people change their mind? >> not that i know of. it's less vocal than on the democratic side. >> the democratic side, it's a mess. >> i wouldn't say it's a mess but it's more vocal. we go in and have to do party business and when it's taken care of, there are speeches that are made to persuade the caucusgoers. you have to meet 15% at the caucus to be viable. those people for the viable can go to the undecided and there's a pitch to support our candidate. we break off again and continue to do that until all candidates, the left, are viable. >> have you ever twisted an arm?
12:21 pm
>> yeah. in '04, i caucused for john kerry and we had -- there were a lot of democratic kacandidates that year. we were able to go around and talk one on one and convince -- >> twist some arms tomorrow night? >> if i need to. >> ever try to twist that arm right there? >> he tries. it doesn't work. >> all the time. >> we both grew up in politically active families. i think we knew what we were getting into. what do you think? >> i think we try to find common ground so we can get along during the campaign season. >> real quick, a question about marco rubio. do you feel he's getting momentum? >> absolutely. for me, i'm not as extreme as some of the other viewpoints and i appreciate he's just a light
12:22 pm
bulb candidate. now that i'm local about my support of him, i hear people coming out of the woodwork saying, we're marco, too. >> 15 to 20 phone calls. that's a lot of communication right there. >> yeah. >> feeling the love. >> trump called me this morning. >> all right. betsy and nick, thank you so much. i want to go to waterloo, bernie sanders, he's holding an event there and he's talking about his remarkable fundraising hall in january. $20 million. let's listen. >> your gq suit will win you votes but how are you going to raise money and that's a very legitimate question. we thought about it for one-tenth of a second and decided that we were for the going to have a super pac.
12:23 pm
[cheers and applause ] and the reason for that is not complicated. we do not represent the interests of wall street, corporate america, the drug companies, millionaires and billionaires. we don't represent their interests. we don't want their money. so we were going to do it and decided to do it without a super pac. we made the announcement, of course, that we had raised zero dollars from our super pac. [cheers and applause ] and here's what we have also announced and it is something that i think i never would have believed possible when we began this campaign. and we said we were not going to
12:24 pm
have a super pac, we reached out to middle class working families and said, if you want real change in this country, if you want to be part of a political revolution, we need your help. and this is what has happened in the last nine months, which honest to god is beyond my wildest imagination. and in the last nine months we have received 3.2 million individual contributions. [ applause ] that is more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states up until this point in a campaign. and while some candidates boast
12:25 pm
about super pac events, let me tell you what i am boasting about and what i am very proud of. our average contribution is $27. [ applause ] in other words, to paraphrase abraham lincoln, this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people [ applause ] and what makes this campaign different than other campaigns? it's not just our progressive agenda that is out there. but more significantly i think is what i am telling you and telling everybody in america. and that is that no president,
12:26 pm
not bernie sanders or anybody else can do it alone. that, in fact, if we are to bring about the changes that most of us want, if we are to rebuild a disappearing middle class -- >> you're listening to bernie sanders in waterloo, iowa, one of the events around the state today, announcing to the crowd there a remarkable fundraising haul for the month of january. $20 million and not just that, he said the average contribution is $27. that is the reason that is so important is they have a lot more room before they hit the contribution limit. who would have thought that bernie sanders, one of the most prolific fund-raisers in this campaign year. we'll hear a lot more from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. wednesday night, cnn is hosting a town hall in dairy, new hampshire, moderated by anderson, cooper. a big deal.
12:27 pm
someone is going to come out of iowa with momentum. so one is going to come out of iowa with ground to make up and they will all be on the stage with anderson at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday. we'll be right back. ce... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed.
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one day away from actual voting in the state of iowa. john berman here in des moines.
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the candidates are everywhere this afternoon. we're going to take a live look right now at an event for ted cruz in iowa city, radio star glenn beck up on the stage right now voicing his support from ted cruz. a poll just out has ted cruz trailing. he has fallen behind donald trump, in a bloomberg politics poll, down five points. this is a poll that he led for over a month. the trend line, not what the cruz campaign wants to see but does he have an advantage when it comes to getting voters to the polls? let's bring in mark preston, kb cnn's executive of politics and margaret hoover. margaret, the cruz campaign has sworn to all of us for so long that they have the best organization. you know what, it's not just them. every campaign says that the cruz campaign has the strongest organization here. >> there's no doubt. there's also a level of intensity that they have for their candidate that is
12:32 pm
incredibly high. they are devoted and committed to ted cruz. nobody doubts how they are going to turn out. what we don't know, a significant ground game here. the guy running the trump campaign ran santorum on the ground four years ago. there is expertise on the grassroots level for both of those campaigns. so, you know, it's a matter of how many people turn out and if it's that 135 number or higher, it's a trump night. if it's 135 or lower -- by the way, that's 135,000 republican kwau caucusgoers. >> how do you battle this notion out there lingering that they peaked too early? >> we've never been in a campaign like this where a donald trump type of candidate has sucked every bit of oxygen not only on the republican side but democratic side.
12:33 pm
bernie sanders and hillary clinton having their own troubles trying to get their message out. i think the ted cruz folks are frustrated by the donald trump phenomenon but, in many ways, they are kind of lucky. here's the reason why. there's nobody else in that conservative lane that has been able to rise up to where ted cruz is right now. so he is sitting in that lane by himself. and even if he does lose here in iowa, if we are to believe that trump gets over 135,000 folks that come out, which means there will be enough trump supporters, cruz still does well here and that could push him into new hampshire doing okay. but his play is to go down south, john. >> if we can, i want to throw the des moines register/bloomberg poll up on the screen here. jeb bush, 2%. >> you know, that's an extraordinary number. unfavorability, jeb bush's unfavorability was higher than
12:34 pm
donald trump and donald trump has people who love him and people who hate him. but jeb bush's numbers were upside down even more than donald trump's were. this is a candidacy that never took off and is never going to take off. >> and what's amazing about that, george w. bush, who was not liked necessarily by democrats or independents, was still beloved by republicans and had george bush played a bigger role maybe here in iowa to tout his brother's candidacy, things could have been different but i think donald trump's attacks on jeb bush of being low energy and not being a fighter were very effective. >> margaret, anyone in the 10% or lower group that will have an impact as we go forward? >> rand paul has his supporters and he may have a fourth place finish here. it will be interesting. it looks like it's chris christie or rand paul, although carson is there. and carson supporters are
12:35 pm
subpoecarson supporters. rand paul will because he is the libertarian candidate on the republican side and will continue to be so. >> margaret and mark, thank you. we were talking about jeb bush who has 2% of the polls and he's speaking live at an event in cedar rapids, iowa. let's listen in for a minute. he's out there on the campaign trail and he's working very, very hard and he hopes to have some kind of shot in new hampshire. we'll see how far that goes. more coming up. stay with us. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer,
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don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. welcome back. john berman in des moines. live pictures here of an event for hillary clinton in council bluffs, iowa. she'll be speaking to voters in a half hour.
12:39 pm
she'll be picking up an endorsement from a key state representative in iowa right there. he will be joining hillary clinton on stage. that event kicks off in just a few minutes. meanwhile, here the clintons are taking on the issue of her e-mails. dick cheney is an interview with cnn, he said that the e-mails raise very serious questions about hillary clinton's judgment and her ability to be president of the united states. >> i think it's very serious. i understand why she had the separate server she did in the garage or wherever it was. why would you want to do that? why not use the regular system that is set up there and established for everybody and certainly senior officials of the state department and all of these requirements. when you get your clearances.
12:40 pm
we used to have, when we were there, it wasn't quite as up to date as it is today in terms of technology but we had a basket outside the door to the situation dlroom, you didn't ta it into the room because it could conceivably be reversed engineered and they are talking about the constantly something that you are aware of all the time. and i don't know why she ever started in the first place to have a separate account for all of her e-mails. it's never been explained, as far as i can tell. so i think there's a very serious problem here and it does raise questions about her suitability to be commander in chief. >> we'll talk more about this. joining me now, cnn political
12:41 pm
commentator, patty solis doyle and south carolina house representati representative bakari sellers. you can say the opposite harsh words from dick cheney and it actually could help her in a democratic primary. >> i think most democrats and most americans question dick cheney's judgment. we got into wars because of dick cheney's judgment. i think this will give her a boost. it shows more people piling on hillary clinton and thars tt's narrative. they are afraid i'm going to be the next president of the united states. >> that's dick cheney. someone else said something about the e-mails in a way he hasn't said it before and that was bernie sanders. he said a while ago, america is sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. today he said he thinks it's a legal issue. he's talking about it in a very different way. how much of an impact will that have? >> you know, i think bernie
12:42 pm
sanders is inching closer and closer every day to a regular politician. he has based his canada see so far as this not politics as usual, as this ideological, you know, candidate and as the race is tight continued, he's getting very much closer to a politician and that's not good for him. clearly he's feeling the heat and thinks he can do better if he attacks hillary clinton. that's politics as usual. >> this isn't new, though. >> right. >> the democrats in l.a., we were at each other's throats. patti and i were on different sides. this is rare territory for bernie sanders. >> it's interesting to see because both candidates have been very careful. they have been dancing around each other for a long time. yes, there have been moments where it gets nasty here and there but both candidates have very high favorability ratings. they have to be careful.
12:43 pm
bernie sanders you say is getting closer to being a regular politician but hillary clinton, too. bill clinton, very careful about how hard he wants to hit bernie sanders. >> i think there were some missteps in 2008 with the way they attacked barack obama and galvanized more support for barack obama and lessoned have been learned. >> iowans don't like mean tactics. they like to be nice. so, you know, i think you may see it change once we get into super tuesday. >> we're coming up on south carolina. >> all bets are off. >> all bets are off on both sides. a republican primary and democratic primary. it's a full contact sport. >> a lot less nice in a hurry. i was at a bernie sanders event last night. 3700 people. a lot of young people. you can see passion there. you can see why the clintons have to be very careful because if hillary clinton manages to pull through and win this, she can't upset those who actually
12:44 pm
have passion and energy in this campaign and maybe not the most votes but the most passion. >> i agree. bernie sanders' candidacy has brought a lot of excitement and enthusiasm no this race and that's a good thing. >> and a lot of money. my god. >> his fund-raiser has been the most surprising thing. i know people talk about him mobilizing all of the votes. but i don't think anybody expected this. that was an awesome call. >> you know what that mean is, he's got the money to compete beyond super tuesday and beyond. >> very good for democrats. >> buy a warm jacket and stock up on food because you're going to be watching this race for a long time. patti and bakari, thank you. next, reaction by bernie sanders and maybe the comments by dick cheney. hillary clinton senior's
12:45 pm
spokesperson joins us live, next. and do not forget, in just four days, a democratic town hall in new hampshire. the democratic candidates, martin o'malley, hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the same stage with anderson cooper. 8:00 p.m. wednesday night here on cnn. its intelligent drive is paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping.
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all right. john berman in des moines just one day to go before the iowa caucuses. senator bernie sanders has an event right now in waterloo, iowa. we have pictures of the senator on stage. that campaign just announced he raised $20 million in the month of january. hillary clinton is in council bluffs, iowa. we saw her on stage with chelsea clinton just moments ago. all of the candidates out working very hard. joining me now from new york, karen finney, senior spokesperson for the clinton campaign. karen, thank you so much for being with us. first, let me just ask you about the bernie sanders fundraising haul. $20 million in the month of january. do you know how much you raised in january yet? >> we haven't actually put our numbers out yet so i don't want to spoil the surprise. but, look, we always said this was going to be a competitive race and clearly senator sanders has, you know, had fundraising totals before. but what it comes down to, at
12:50 pm
the end of the day -- and i know you've been talking about this at this hour. tomorrow it is all about getting out your caucus goers, making sure they know where they are going, taking a few friends with them in the car and caucus. that's really what it comes down to at the end of the day, is can you get your people out. >> you said you didn't want to spoil the surprise. do you think it's going to be >> you said you didn't want to spoil the surprise, but do you think it'll be more than $20 million? >> john, i'll just leave it at that, i just want it to be a surprise. >> it'll be a surprise one way or the other. maybe it'll be a surprise for you the language that bernie sanders chose to use on the issues surrounding secretary clinton's e-mails. you'll remember at the first democratic debate, bernie sanders said he was sick and tired of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. they ahad a moment there. he seemed to be putting it aside. this morning, bernie sanders called the e-mails a very serious issue. your take on that change of
12:51 pm
tone? >> well, it was sure disappointing. particularly given that senator sanders has, you know, said from the beginning, we wasn't going to run a negative ad. he broke his word on that and has run a negative ad. he is making this more personal. this is, you know, not the kind of campaign that i thought he said he was going to run and we're certainly trying to stay focused on talking about the issues that are important to iowans and that is something where there should be a conversation when we are talking about plans whether it is health care or wall street or equal pay. you name it. but i think this kind of personalization, look, it is coming down to the wire. it's going to be a close race. so as your previous guests were saying, that's politics. i think that's what we're seeing here as things get a little bit tighter on senator sanders. he's had to, in recent days, walk back a number of different
12:52 pm
statements. i mean wbt more scrutiny, there's more scrutiny on his health care plans. some who say the math is just not adding up there. >> karen? >> yes? >> hillary clinton herself has said she wished she did the e-mail thing differently. there is an investigation going on right now. there's a process to turn them over. he just said it's a serious issue in the legal process should play out. how is that personal? >> i think we're talking about two different things here. one, as you pointed out, he said people are sick of your damn e-mails, during a debate, which sort of sent a signal that he wasn't going to talk about it or didn't think it was relevant and then, as you pointed out, changed his tone a bit today. so that's sort of on one set. on the other hand, absolutely, secretary clinton, she said it, reiterated it this morning, there is a review process ongoing by the justice department. you know, we certainly talked about the 22 e-mails that were discussed on friday as being held back by the state department.
12:53 pm
we quickly put out a statement to make it clear that we think those e-mails should be released, even in a highly redacted form. because again wbt secretary believes that in transparency and releasing the e-mails and letting people have a view into her tenure as secretary of state, is a good thing to do. >> karen, you accused the sanders campaign of being more negative than they promised they would be. they say the same thing about you guys. they talk bed about that the fa they say you made statements against the planned parenthood. and sanders people say he has one of the strongest voting rights in the senate. >> he said, on a different cable network that i won't mention, and actually did attack, and it was said in the form of an attack around the human rights campaign, and the planned parent action fund, this is just after they had endorsed hillary clinton. i certainly understand if he was
12:54 pm
disappointed not to receive these endorsements. the voting record, that's great. no one is suggesting that he hasn't had a strong -- >> how is that an attack, he said they were an establishment. >> here e's the thing, i think e inference felt like an attack. a lot of folks felt like it was attack, not just folks from planned parenthood action fund and human rights campaign and pro choice america. but a lot of folks at grass roots were really offended by those comments. so i just -- i want to point out that again, it's not just me saying it, it's what he says and it's what the folks inside the organizations have said. and you did see him walk those comments back. and i want it make this point because i think it is really important, it is great he has a strong voting record. but at end of the day when planned parenthood action said, who is the person who is going to be a lead are, they chose hillary clinton.
12:55 pm
in part, let's remember here, she also has been very vocal about the need to go after the height amendment. that's very important for those of us who are strongly pro choice and care about these issues. we had not heard that kind of argument from senator sanders. we actually, in his health care plan, women were not initially included. he said everybody but again when we talk about women's health care, as a woman, i can tell you, i want to hear the specifics from the person that i'm going to trust to protect my rights as a woman and on my health care. >> karen? >> yeah. >> karen finney in new york. on the trail, seeing hillary clinton and bill clinton, over the closing arguments. just one more day to go until actual voting here. thank you, karen. >> thanks, john. >>
12:56 pm
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. iowa is the place to be. it is all happening right here. just a little bit more than 24 hours from now, the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential race. good afternoon, everyone. i'm john berman here in des moines. if you like politics, if you like drama, if you like political theater, you are going
1:00 pm
to get a lot of it. speak live this hour, marco rubio and hillary clinton, we have some live pictures and event with hillary clinton and just about to speak to voters in council bluffs iowa. chelsea clinton is up there talking a short time ago. hillary clinton and the latest poll, tiny little lead. bill clinton out stumping for his wife as well. marco rubio, he is set to start the stage in cedar rapids. this is his second event of the day. his team thinks he has momentum, the polls all show him persistently in third place. he does hope to change that over the next 24 hours. there is a brand new poll which has a lot of people talking here this afternoon. well, the cnn orc poll of polls, average of the five most recent iowa polls shows hillary clinton is three points up of bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump is sixoi


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