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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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closely for 6:00 to 10:00 snow fall no begin. >> as if we need another thing to make for a nail-biter. thanks very much. that's it for cnn, thanks for watching. poppy harlow has much more of our special coverage of the iowa caucuses starting right now. >> hi, everyone, top of the hour, 5:00 p.m. in new york. it is 4:00 in iowa where all eyes are on the race for the white house sunday. i'm poppy harlow. so good to have you with me. you're panning down to the first votes in what has been needless to say a roller coaster race. iowa voters head to the polls and today candidate are hitting every last stop they can trying to drum up support and get the votes. as the old saying goes, there are three tickets out of iowa and with so many candidates running on the republican side, what happens tomorrow night will go a long way to shrinking the field. democrats hillary clinton,
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bernie sanders, also fanning out across the state and while their focus remains firmly on iowa, we have just learned they will make their closing arguments to new hampshire voters on wednesday night during a prime time event. a cnn town hall wednesday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'm going it straight to des moines, iowa. my colleague, brooke baldwin is there, and this is game time. this is when it all matters, brooke. >> reporter: game on, poppy harlow. you know the deal, less than 24 hours from monday. all important iowa caucus is here. yes we in beautiful des moines iowa. we will talk about what is happening in new hampshire in just a couple of days. i have our cnn politics executive editor mark preston here with me in des moines. looking ahead, so awesome having the democrats here in iowa, a week ago. answering questions directly from people who would essentially be voting for them
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and so now this is happening in new hampshire. >> right. so well received here in iowa. chris cuomo masterful if moving questions around and making sure that hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders had a chance to get their message out but to answer difficult questions from the voters that they are going out and asking for their vote. so as we head to new hampshire now, while we focus on right now, it just gez to show you that the race doesn't stop tomorrow night. it continues on into new hampshire. and quite frankly, it could be more acrimonious and it could be more in a crazy way more epic. what we will do now wednesday night, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, bernie sanders in a town hall setting in new hampshire. known for its town halls, it could be very interesting. >> this past race and we're in the thick of it, it is nothing but predictable but to think going into iowa tomorrow night when you look at the latest polling and i know you've been studying numbers like the what
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we know and love you for, mark preton, it is so close. >> it is very close. and the dividing lines. and messages from sanders and clinton and what they are saying about one another. up until a few weeks ago, it was a close race but it shows you how much is at stake when they are now attacking one another and heading into new hampshire they can attack all they want however brooke as you and oi both know voters want to know how they will be the dominating one. >> do not go too far. now let's shift gears. hard to go anywhere in iowa today without spotting a candidate. they have been zigzagging, chris crossing, talking to voters. our cnn team is out in full force as well across the state of iowa. brianna keeler is in des moines following the clintons and jim acacososta is in sioux city whe trump will be later tonight. jim, let's start with you. trump has additional harsh words
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for his fiercest rival, ted cruz. >> that's right. it's gotten nasty in the last 24 hours. trump and cruz are in a battle royale for christian conservatives at this point. that's where the rhetoric is so intense. donald trump on one of the sunday talk shows earlier today, calling ted cruz a total liar. that is because the cruz campaign is trying to go back and use words that donald trump used in an interview with "60 minutes" in which he said he supported some sort of universal health care. the cruz campaign says if you love hillary care and obama care, you will love trump care. that unleashed the attack from trump today. trump calling cruz a liar. he just finished up in council bluffs earlier this afternoon. during event, brooke, he went right after ted cruz once again on his canadian birth, on that goldman sachs lone he got back in 2012 to help finance his campaign.
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so it really has been the -- the fur has been flying something fierce in iowa. in addition to that as part of that battle for christian conservatives, donald trump has jerry falwell jr with him. just about every stop he's making here in iowa, he with as there earlier today. he will be here this evening at this event here in sioux city. and also donald trump, we should note, went to church. church with his wife and his children have been all across the state. so the trump campaign is pulling out all the stops. we saw that plane do a fly by and come in for a landing in dubuque. he is unleashing. >> the nontraditional campaign here in iowa. jim acosta. thank you very much. we will look for that event to kick off in a little bit. on the flood side for the democrats, let's go to brianna keeler. shell be atetending the hillary
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clinton event later today. we have been discussing what we've gotten from the state department as it pertains to her e-mailes. we heard from the sanders camp that he wouldn't bring it up and we heard from jake tapper this morning that it is serious. how will she respond? >> that's right. she is making the case as she has all along. this is her line. this is what the campaign says, that her -- that she doesn't send e-mails that were marked classified. and so that's really the line she's sticking to. and she is trying to emphasize that really any concerns over this fbi investigation and into her e-mails and white house will stress not into her but into her e-mails, that people should not be overly concerned about that. but this is really the final stretch here and this is an exciting race, brooke. neck and neck, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the latest des moines register poll, which normally gets it pretty right. puts sander at 44. hillary clinton at 346.
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it is statistically a tie. that's you why see them chris crossing iowa. three events for each of them today as they make their final appeal to iowa voters. we have seen sanders, you were at the event last night, last enthusiasm. 4,000 students, emphasizing this is a political revolution, he wants to take care of the middle class. hillary clinton saying she is the one to do that. and she is emphasizing her experience. that she is someone who can actually get things done. the other thing that we're seeing, though, is this question over who is going to carry on the legacy of president obama. both candidates sort of making the case for that but hillary clinton's campaign and even some of president obama supporters hitting bernie sanders for his endorsement of a new book out calls buyers remorse about how president obama let down progressives. he is emphasizing or his campaign is, that he thinks that next president has their work cut out for them but also that president obama has done an outstanding job.
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we ceil if that pushes voters here in iowa either way. >> brianna keeler for now. thanks so much. that hillary clinton event in des moines. up next, my next guest spent time with hillary clinton just last night in iowa. you will hear new details about how hillary clinton is feeling on this eve before the caucuses. with a razor thin lead as brianna was just mentioning over rival bernie sanders. i'm brooke baldwin, along size poppy harlow. you're watching cnn. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. that offers discovery and animal prinplanet shore excursions line for truly meaningful travel.
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...swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue or difficulty breathing, stop taking myrbetriq and tell your doctor right away. myrbetriq may affect or be affected by other medications. before taking myrbetriq... ...tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. we are back here live in iowa. i'm brooke baldwin. you are looking at bill clinton, stumping for his wife, hillary clinton. let me be clear, we are covering every single one of these candidates on the left, on the right, as they are chris crossing this state. making that final push for caucus voters to show up here tomorrow night. enthusiasm and passion though,
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they are not enough. right now, these candidates are scrambling across the hawkeye state trying to convert the passion from all these loud rallies into result. all of the rallies in the world count for zilch, zero, if candidates supporters don't show up for caucus tomorrow. iowa race is still very much undecided. let me show you how i mean how much today's lot of minute campaign stops could sway tomorrow's results. check these numbers out with me. this is from the final des moines register bloomberg poll with the standard here in iowa. this is what everyone was waiting for this time yesterday. 55% of likely caucusgoers say their minds are made up. whopping 45% say, you know what, could still be persuaded. let me bring the 18 ladies back in with me. margaret hoover and democratic strategist, hilary rosen. ladies, nice to see you. first to you, i know you spent just seeing bill clinton, i want to talk with hillary clinton
2:13 pm
briefly. you spoke with hillary clinton last night. how's her mood? how she feeling? she is tight, tight, tight with bernie sanders. >> yes, saw both her and president clinton last night. they were relaxed. they had come in from rallies. just scent des moines register poll showing her ahead. >> very close. ahead. >> but i think that you know, the internal clinton polls are matching what the des moines register said. so they are relaxing confident and honestly that's quite a change from 2008 where this time in 2008 they were feeling the heat from barack obama really intensely. the clinton team is feeling, you know, cautious but optimistic. >> and that same poll we know trump is head of cruz by a couple percentage points. listen, today is sunday. this is a day where so many folks here in the state are going to church. we know jim acosta was just reporting. donald trump went to church. that said, listen, people
2:14 pm
criticized him for the fact he's been married a couple of times. he has evolved when it comes to his stance on abortion. that's mr. trump. you have ted cruz, last couple of days, headlines over how much he has tithed, which questions is he a true christian. this is such a toss-up when it comes to evangelicals in the states for candidates. >> jerry falwell jr, and trump talking about spirituality wherever he goes and speaking using moralistic language. even when talking about larger policy issues. this is still undecided as you've said and often times even that iowa poll which we all look to has not caught late surging candidates. in 2012 it did not catch the late surge for rick santorum, for example, brooke. and so, you know, some people are saying, is there marco rubio surge? is there not? that poll ended on the 29th.
2:15 pm
they are still three, four days left until people good to vote. you're right, a ground game right now. and it still could go any direction. >> that undecided vote significant. >> 45%. >> that same poll showed the undecideds and democratic are much fewer close than less than 20%. but the undecided could go any way. >> in a way to persuade the undecideds, this is a new piece today. these mailers. okay? and specifically these mailers apparently from the ted cruz camp but to briefly explain to people watching. if you live here, can you get things in the mail. trying to persuade people to come out and vote. this has apparently come from camp cruz. you see in the big red block letters voting violation. there is a thing, social pressure, a lot of it is psychological. they want you to get out to caucus and so we've heard now from the iowa secretary of state who has come out and heard about these specific mailers from the cruz camp and said hang on a second.
2:16 pm
no, this wouldn't be public and no, you're not scored on your voting record, which is sort of what the cruz camp was saying. social pressure that's not new. but if have you seen something like this? >> this tactic of the cruz campaign is using is new. what they've done is put whoever the person who received the mailing is, and then listing hilary rosen, brooke baldwin, all of my neighbors down the street. and say, i've gotten and f on my caucus participation. it is meant to look like an official communication from the state of iowa to shame me into going to caucus. now to be very clear, the state of iowa does not keep track of who caucuses or who does not caucus. caucusing is put on and presented by the political parties of this state and has nothing to do with the official, any sort of official actions of the state of iowa. the cruz campaign does not apologize for this at all. ted cruz does not apologize. he said i will use any tool in my tool kit. whether it is shame or whatever it is to get people to the polls
2:17 pm
to vote for me. now to be fair, marco rubio's campaign has also used social pressure techniques. but nothing as blatant as the cruz campaign. it may not have worked either. some people say, thanks, i was on the fence for cruz and rubio, now i'm going rubio. >> for now, let's go -- >> who knows which way it goes. >> we don't. >> may be effective. >> that's what is happening. this was going to be the campaign of technology. leaving a sticky note on someone's door trying to -- >> mailers. is what we are talking about the day where. hillary and margaret. much more here from the hawkeye state. hearing and seeing candidates, getting caucus goers out to vote, will the fan base and support translate to actual caucusgoers? we will also talk it a surrogate from the bernie sanders campaign. coming up on cnn. special coverage continues after this.
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one day until those in the hawkeye state head out to caucus, that is tomorrow night, it is game day, that is for sure. critical nation move that could determine a lot in this race for the white house. it is turning out to be a real nail-biter on both sides on the democratic side, hillary clinton
2:22 pm
has been on the move as has her husband, former president bill clinton. they will both appear in an event tonight alongside their daughter, chelsea. final votes coming as brand new cnn polls shows clinton leading sanders by just three points in iowa, 47%, 44%, martin o'malley with 4%. joining me now, democratic governor of michigan. part of the pro hillary super pac. correct the record jennifer grand home. thanks for being with us. >> oh poppy, i just love this time of the year. it is so exciting. >> no one is getting much sleep. we want to get right to the e-mail issue. 24 hours before iowans head out to caucus. still questions about hillary's e-mail server. they will not release 22 he mail
2:23 pm
e e-mailes because there is sensitive information. >> this is like benghazi, they will continue to beat up on me, which i understand. i think it is clear they are grasping at straws. >> this is a very serious issue. i think there is a legal process right now, taking place and what i have said, and you know, and i get criticize sees. bernie, why don't you attack hillary clinton? there is a legal process taking place. i do not want to politicize that issue. it is not my style. >> he says there is a very serious legal process at play. governor, why shouldn't democratic voters right now, be concerned, be afraid if clinton is their nominee, she could face legal consequences prior to the general election. >> as democrats are looking at
2:24 pm
this and democrats are much more interested in the substantive issues that she and sanders are talking about but on the e-mail stuff, she has said repeatedly that she did not create these e-mails. that she were not marked classified at the time she received them. there was a totally separate process within the state department for how you receive and review classified e-mails. these were not part of that. dianne feinstein, who is head of the committee looked at this. she has said there is nothing to it. on these e-mails. that she should not be held responsible for e-mails she did not create and that were not marked classified. so all in rauall, as the campai said, this is a dispute between the state department and other agencies about what can be marked retroactively. so the statute is that you have to knowingly remove classified
2:25 pm
information. this does not apply. >> let's talk about something i found fascinating in monday's new york times. david axelrod, chief strategist for barack obama, before he was president, when he was running. he wrote a big strategy paper and he quoted part of it looking at all the way to 2006, 2007. voters rarely seek the replica of what they have. they almost always seek the remedy it. the candidate who has the personal qualities the public finds lacking in the departing executive. so governor when you couple that with a look at the u.s. economy right now, most recent numbers, u.s. economy grew very little at the end of this year only .7%. are you worried that this the president's legacy will be a detrimental to the clinton administration. we saw her reach out and hug him and embrace him and say i will stand up for his record but given even what david axelrod said that many voters look for something very different from the existing president.
2:26 pm
>> they do especially if the existing president was george w. bush. and add disastrous presidency. this president made progress every single step of the way. his numbers on job creation, of course i come from michigan. having saved the u.s. auto industry. getting obama care in place. having 17 million more people insured. every step taken are steps that democrats, independents and even some republicans would admit are a good thing. the number of sheer jobs created under president obama versus the republican presidents are -- it's amazing. more than twice as many. so i think that if you can educate people about what the true record of this president is and then say, not only will you embrace that past but you will build a future for people to continue to move the progress forward, i think that's what she is going to be able to say. and certainly in these primary answers in the caucuses, poppy,
2:27 pm
as you know, making sure that you say you're going to build on this foundation for democrats is really important. >> i do want to ask you this. it is interesting, on friday in dubuque, clinton said, i would rather underpromise and overdeliver. when you look back at the platform of hope and change that president obama ran on and won in 2008, this is a different strategy. why? >> she is going to deliver. some people think it's exciting to be inspired with great ideas but if you can't turn those ideas, if you can't put feet to your prayers, turn the ideas into reality, what's that inspiration for? so a lot of democrats like me get goose bumps and are inspired that someone will get stuff done. she will not only address issues that bernie sanders is talking about, she will do stuff about it and will propose policies that are extremely detailed and specific about how she will get
2:28 pm
it done even if you happen to have a paul ryan at the helm in the house when she is elected. so that's to me the difference. getting it done is super inspirational. >> pragmatism versus idealism. >> it is idealistic. >> what would you call it? >> she is definitely a pragmatist but a progressive who gets things done. and she's idealistic. she is moving the ball towards the ideals and every step, every policy she has put out are doable policies. and that to me is the combination of idealism an action. >> governor, i got to get to my friend, brooke baldwin, who has a representative from bernie sanders camp. got to get both sides in. thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> to brooke now in des moines. brooke? >> thank you, poppy. we have jeff weaver, bernie sanders campaign manager. nice to have you on, sir. >> glad to be here. >> you've been listening to that
2:29 pm
conversation. before i get through my questions, i wanted to give you the opportunity to respond. >> sure. you know, this idea that secretary clinton will get things done and bernie sanders is not, for a couple of reasons, sanders was in the house of representatives foefr for over a decade in a republican-controlled house. more amendments passed by voice vote. people don't know that. worked for the overhaul in veterans health care. bernie sanders has a strong record of getting things done in congress. other thing i would say, the governor said this that secretary clinton is a progressive that likes to get things done. the problem is, a lot of what she wants it get done isn't so progressive. she supports the death penalty. previously voted for fence along the mexican border. supported bad trade deals. right? infrastructure program that is relatively small compared to sanders.
2:30 pm
she doesn't support making college and university tuition-free. again, she wants to get things done but a lot of that is not too progressive. >> let me tell you this. i was with primarily young people. and to feel and to witness it with my own eyes, it was pretty extraordinary. when i talk to the young people, what is it that the congressman, it is refreshing and they tell me because he tells the truth. this is what they tell me. but on the opposition side, in an opinion piece, mr. sanders is not a brave truth teller. he is selling his own brand of fiction to a piece of the country that wants it buy it. if he could explain how he would go about rationing health care like europeans do. sanders says that is not at all feasible. we saw how difficult obama care was. what is your response to that?
2:31 pm
>> thankfully we're not running for president of the washington post executive board. i would prefer you good to the quad city times written here in iowa where they talk about sanders being the only candidate in the race who has the courage integrity and ability to take on the billionaire class, rigged economy and to restore american middle class. that's the reality. the washington post editorial board, this supported the iraq war and got it wrong on other occasions. i will stick with the quad city times in iowa and people of iowa and not the board in an establishment newspaper. >> just to hear perspectives on that. not everyone who drinks the bernie sanders kool-aid, as everyone did in the field house last night. when you talk to the young supporters, and i know how you got the question, how do you, a, get them out monday night. and b, they are in these university cities. you need them state-wide. >> right. look, your second part of your question first. he does have a tremendous amount of support.
2:32 pm
he has support among young people in the process state working people, middle income people across the state. men, women. he does have support in college towns. i'll tell you what, folks are going to get out. they come to bernie's rallies and last night you went to a concert. but his standard rally is an hour and half or two hours of him talking about politics, economics, facts, granular facts, statistics. young people are coming out and cheering. young people do want to be involved in politics but are put off. it doesn't sound reel to them because it's not and they are responding to bernie's authentic message and they will come out. >> jeff weaver, thank you very much. speaking of senator sanders, we will be following him to new hampshire. we're all headed that way next. wednesday night, these democratic candidates have agreed to take part in this town hall. closing arguments next to the new hampshire voters during prime time town hall event that's 8:00 eastern right here on cnn this coming wednesday night. meantime, iowa is the story.
2:33 pm
much more here from the state capital live. i'm brooke baldwin. poppy harlow in new york. more coverage for the first in the nation caucuses after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and we're back here live in des moines, iowa. i'm brooke baldin. while donald trump is celebrating a lead here in the hawkeye state, there is plenty of work to be done if he wants to be president of tunited stat. the poll ipdcated that 55% of women held an unfavorable view of him while among voters who consider themselves evangelical, 56% view him unfavorably. troubling numbers for any politician, especially here on the eve of iowa's caucus. let me bring in katrina pierson, spokesperson for the donald trump campaign. nice to see you here. >> nice to see you. >> how confident are you going
2:37 pm
into tomorrow? >> we feel really great. people on the ground have been phenomenal. we're very confident we're going to win here in iowa and head on to new hampshire. it has been a lot of fun. people here are ready for change. they are tired of politicians coming through. begging for money. and then going to office and doing nothing. mr. trump is not a politician. he means what he says, says what he means, and voters support him. >> what if you look at different polls, bottom line, what if he comes in second tomorrow night? how will that change the game or strategy heading into new hampshire? >> i don't think it changes the game. donald trump wasn't picked to win iowa regardless and politically it isn't going to hurt him. it'll hurt him personally because he does want to -- he wants to win iowa but doesn't have to. we're ahead in iowa today. we're proud of that. mr. trump has been fighting hard
2:38 pm
through all of the media exchanges, through politicians. i think he has done a great job and we're very proud of him. >> we have been watching the sniping back and forth especially between trump and cruz. today trump said, and i'm quoting, mr. cruz is a liar. i don't knee where he gets this. he is a total liar. would you share the same sentiment when you said all of those nice things volunteering for ted cruz's campaign in 2012? >> granted, we weren't dealing with these issues in 2012. we are dealing with these issues today. mr. trump feels his issues have been distorted. particularly about obama care. he has been outspoken about obama air and getting rid of it just as others have done. we saw in the last election cycle come out against obama care, raise money get to office and end up funding it. >> but calling someone a liar.
2:39 pm
it sounds like a third grade word to me. >> well, it is a lie, so that is not true. that's a lie, correct? he doesn't use politically correct language. that's why people support him. he won't play those games. >> thank you so much for stopping by. >> thank you. >> important to hear from the different campaigns in the final push ahead of the first in nation caucuses tomorrow night. coming up, he is the oldest candidate running for president with a lot of support as we mentioned a moment ago, comes from the youngest voters. >> i think it is really cool that young people are supporting him because he doesn't have the classic signifiers of cool. you know. our generation gets accused a lot of being entitled and shallow and things like that. here are these kids fired up about 74-year-old man, hair kind of messy, not classically stylish. you know what i mean? >> we talk about bernie sanders'
2:40 pm
taste and oh, so much more. smart interview with the lead singer of vampire weekend headlining this event. got just about 4,000 people. a lot of young people. why? we'll talk about that next. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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2:44 pm
this campus rally last night, that's typical. thousands turned out to support a candidate old enough to be their grandfather. as i mentioned, he is 7 4 and the oldest in the field. most of his campaign stops yesterday and really everyday, senator sanders used that to fuel his run for the white house. in iowa the race is up for grabs. >> our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high-voter turnout. republicans win when voter turnout is low. democrats win when voter turnout is high. >> so will young voters drive that high turnout? it is an improbable but undeniable alliance. i went to this rally last night, two hours in iowa city, because i wanted to see it, feel it, see why these young people are so totally fascinated and refreshed
2:45 pm
by this set to congressmen. so i'm a bit of a music nerd a so i wanted to hear them sing for the first time in a year and half. why did you want to come to iowa? why this political process? this is what he told me. >> why bernie? >> i mean, it's rare that -- i think i feel the same way that a lot of people who are out there feel. it is rare you get a candidate like this. a dude who's literally been saying the same thing for decades. and thank god we have youtube and we can go back and watch his speeches. like '91 voting on the gulf war. saying the same thing. and an independent to boot. >> some say there is something intangible about bernie sanders that is resonating with a lot of people but they sort of all
2:46 pm
know, all right, he won't get nomination ultimately and that's fine and i'll root for hillary down the road. does that sound familiar to you? >> yes, of course. people are saying that less and less now. >> because it is so close? >> it is close. >> he has a chance? >> of course he has a chance. look at the polls. he could win iowa and new hampshire. that's an argument that we heard with obama back in the day. >> what is it that this man is, we would be -- i think 75. the oldest president. he's been in congress for decades. >> yeah. >> what is it about him that is so refreshing, especially for the young people you are drawing tonight? >> yeah. right. that's a good question. i think it is cool that young people are supporting him because he doesn't have the classic significant any firsign of cool. our kids are thought to be entitled and shallow and he gets kids fired up, a 74-year-old man, hair kind of messy. not classically stylish.
2:47 pm
you know what i mean? and that's amazing. and if anything -- >> i think he would be okay with that assessment. >> i read his book. he talked about when he became mayor. he was like, i had to buy a suit. i didn't have a suit. then i had one suit. the fact that that's the dude firing kids up, proves a lot of what people say about millennials to be garbage, as we knew the case to be for a long time. kids suffer from the insane economic policies of generations before, that somehow their brains are warped by it and here they are making a really sensitive and pathic choice in who they are supporting. >> so what is it though? you still haven't put your finger on it? what is that magic? >> i don't know if it is this complicated. for a long time -- even before i knew who bernie sanders was, i would be a kid, like on c-span, vote in the house, and you see
2:48 pm
rdi. one vote, i. >> and that's bernie. >> and that's that guy. no disrespect to other independents, but we've seen so much stuff we don't like in both parties. over and over again. and young kids, and all sorts of binaries. this is the generation of gender binary, looking at race in a way that other generations didn't. so of course this generation will try to see past the democratic republican binary. so to say why are people different, he is a true independent. >> thank you, esra. i said, you do realize, you are calling the potential president, dude. he says, let's call everyone dude. so that was vampire weekend. we will see if this young fan base trance lights to caucus tomorrow night. we have so much more ahead in the next couple hours.
2:49 pm
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just about 24 hours to go until iowans head out to caucus.
2:53 pm
if the saying goes, there are only three tickets out of iowa. the latest one to rentalster republican poll shows the tickets go to donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. somehow against all the evidence, rubio has successfully spun that he's only gunning for third place here. in sharp contrast, cruz's campaign touting the ground game has openly opined for a predicted victory. contributing editor for the atlantic is with me. let's talk about this. rubio third in iowa, third in new hampshire, third in north carolina. at the same time, he said to jake on state of the union, he said this is going to be a longer than usual process, it's going to be unusual, highly contested. on top of that, you have the head of the republican party, jeff kaufman says expectations in my opinion are far more important than a person getting first place. is rubio right? is the game different this time? >> it could be. for one thing, the two guys who
2:54 pm
are expected to finish ahead of him, cruz and trump, both have a lot of establishment opposition. and if after new hampshire the other kind of more centrist establishment candidate like jeb bush and john kasich and chris christie fall by the wayside, it's possible that a lot of people rally around marco rubio because they're so concerned about the electoral consequences of nominating either trump or cruz. and that will probably get rubio more money than he has. he's already well-funded. you can imagine that sense of desperation might fuel rubio's candidacy even if he finishes third in south carolina after finishing third in new hampshire and iowa. >> how problematic is it for ted cruz if he doesn't take iowa? >> i think it's difficult for him because iowa is a stronger state for him than new hampshire. if he loses -- if donald trump wins both iowa and new hampshire, he's going to be the strong front-runner.
2:55 pm
i think cruz -- if cruz lost both, i think then south carolina would be very, very important to him given that people have always assumed that the south with its high percentage of evangelicals would be a good state for him. >> on the democratic side, they're looking at what bernie sanders said publicly. he said we're going to win in a lot of people so up and lose if they don't to caucus. some people wonder why would you say that. why would you say we're going to lose. with any move by sanders to have a lower expectation and surprise to the upside. >> part of what people like about him is that he is more honest than most normal politicians. he doesn't speak in scripted political speak. >> do you believe that he is perceived as being more honest? >> i think that he is -- i think he is genuinely more offensive in the way he speaks. i don't think there is a kind of a playbook for how you operate as a politician. he veers from it more than others do.
2:56 pm
for instance, the way he's -- ris refusal to knock hillary clinton on the e-mails. >> he did pretty much this morning to jake on state of the union. he said this is a very serious issue. >> right. it was like a passive aggressive about that. he said i'm not raising it as an issue. overall, the past few months, given that was a weakness of hers, it's striking that he stuck to policy. i think he's right on the substance. i mean, he needs a lot of younger vote who are have not necessarily traditionally turned out and don't turn out with the same level of expectancy that other voters do. if they do turn out, how well he does depends on how you model the polls and what kind of turnout you expect. >> give me your headlines? the democrats and republicans tuesday morning. >> i think that hillary clinton, even if she loses, i think she can come back. she's shown throughout her career she can come back and has
2:57 pm
a firewall in south carolina. >> is there a headline on the democratic -- the headline is hillary loses but this is a long road. >> right. >> what's the republican headline? >> i think it's so hard to predict. in my gut, i think that donald trump is going to be not -- not do as well the polls suggest he will. i think that ultimately, it's not going to be donald trump's night. but you know, so many of us -- >> i wouldn't be surprised if all three of candidates were actually bunched up. which i think would be considered a victory for rubio. >> we'll be watching. he's still far below them in the latest poll. thanks so much, peter beinart. >> it's the final countdown ahead of the caucus tomorrow night. in the next hour on cnn, you will see clinton, cruz, bush, sanders, all speaking on the former president bill clinton, all in the hawkeye state, all live on cnn. back in a moment.
2:58 pm
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