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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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that does it for us. thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 11:00 p.m. eastern. our countdown to iowa continues. erin burnett out front starts now. >> next a special edition of "outfront" we're live in iowa right now. one day before the caucuses deadlocked between trump and cruz and clinton and sanders. trump making one of his final pitches live in this hour. plus donald trump's sons on new york values their family's religion and why their dad never sleeps and with the clinton sanders race too close to call right now. could it all come down to martin o'malley. good evening, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world tonight. you're watching in this countdown to the iowa caucus.
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des moines and iowa. after more than 7 months one of the most unpredictable presidential campaign in history. i don't think we need to put the word most there. we are one day away from the first real votes and tonight the race is too close to call. donald trump holds a 5 point lead over ted cruz according to the latest des moines register poll which is seen as the gold standard of the polls. the latest poll of poll which is measures all the polls out there is in close agreement at this hour showing trump ahead of cruz 31 to 25%. and we are look at live pictures from iowa. in the closing days trump has been battling from the evangelical vote in iowa.
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thanks him for comparing trump to his late father. a major evangelical figure. >> from the standpoint of my ideas, my attitude my way and i thought that to me was the greatest compliment. >> ted cruz is fighting for those same voters and today phil robertson introduced cruz at a rally making some highly controversial remarks about gay marriage. >> it's nonsense. it is evil. it is wicked. it's sinful. and they want us to swallow it you say? we have to run this bunch out of washington d.c. we have to rid the earth of them. get them out of there. >> all right. on the democratic side it's even closer when you look at the numbers in the polls. hillary clinton with a 3 point lead over bernie sanders and
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statistically that's a tie because it's in the poll's margin of error so that's called a dead heat. the candidates are fanned out making their last minute pitch to voters at this hour and late into tonight. they don't want to miss a moment. you don't want to look back with regret. phil is here in des moines and that is where ted cruz will be holding a major rally tonight. our senior white house correspondent is in iowa. that's where donald trump is about to speak live at any moment. how confident is he about winning iowa? the polls show him ahead but it all comes down to turn out. does he think in a state where caucus going is an inherited thing that people are going to show up for him? >> that's the million dollar question and we're going to get that answer tomorrow night. i asked the campaign manager for donald trump whether or not they feel confident on this caucus eve and he said i'll tell you tomorrow at 10:00 p.m.. so you might say there's some
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cautious confidence inside the donald trump campaign now. all you have to do is look at the poll that you mentioned. he is the only candidate surging into the iowa kauss this time around. last time around that was rick santorum and things workout well for him at least in that race. the other key me trick in that poll 71% made up their minds when it comes to donald trump. that's 10 points higher in that regard than ted cruz. still he's not taking anything for granted at this point. he's been attack his arch rival here in iowa. ted cruz earlier today saying that he was a liar. saying he was being dishonest with this new attack ted cruz has come out with essentially recalling a moment that donald trump had when he told 60 minutes that he supported universal health care. ted cruz is saying if you like obamacare and hilary care you're going to love trump care. that sent donald trump off earlier today when he called ted cruz a liar.
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the other thing happening out here was when he suggested that perhaps republicans in iowa aren't always good at picking an even actual president. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> you have a lousy record. 16 years and you haven't picked a winner. please pick a winner this time. okay? i'm going to win. i'm going to win. 16 years. you can't go another four years. you got to just get it done. get it done right. we're going to win. >> so that's why donald trump is pulling out all the stops in this last 24 hours before almost before the results are going to be tallied up. he's had jerry fallwell jr. out all day today. his sons he mentioned his sons three of the four campaign stops they made today were at pizza ranches. when in iowa you go to the pizza ranch. that applies to trump sons as
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well. >> thank you. you'll see the trump sons only outfront tonight coming up in. he's live at the ted cruz campaign rally. it's been a rough home sketch for ted cruz. a couple of weeks ago everybody said he was having the surge. he's been attacked by donald trump and trailing in iowa. his favor blt rating is falling 11 points in one month. do they believe the ground game is strong enough to overcome all of that and have him come out a winner? >> from the outset the ground was the bet the campaign was willing to make. 10,000 volunteers. 800 of whom are staying in camp cruz. dormitory where is people are rooming 2 and 3 to a room. senator cruz hit all 99 counts. got 250 endorsements and spent millions on digital and data operation. what does that mean? when you have a week where he's being attacked.
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that is going to be their differ she yea to. one of the interesting things over the last 48 hours is ted cruz's outside focus has changed. he shifted his political advertising and on the stump toward marco rubio. that doesn't mean they're not trying to win in iowa. maybe shifting expectations a little bit but the investments on the ground are to win, period. to win in iowa. why the polls have been moving away from ted cruz a strong second place finish or victory would justify the investments they made in this state over the last nine or ten months. >> we have the co-chair for donald trump's campaign sitting with me here in des moines. the national co-chair for ted cruz's campaign. marco rubio has been rising in
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the last minute polls. thanks so all of you. it's been a rather nasty day and you're all sitting next to each other. same sex marriage came up in that speech. he called it evil at the ted cruz rally. cruz then took the stage and raised robertson for his voice of truth. should he have condemned those comments? >> the people of the republican primary and what ted cruz believes is that marriage is fundamentally between one man and one woman. that's the way god designs it and the way nature builds it and science backs it up. we're thrilled to have phil robertson's endorsement. >> i'll put that aside for a moment. evil. >> ted cruz is going to affirm marriage. ted cruz didn't say evil. that was phil robertson.
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that was phil robertson's words but he's going to affirm the institution of marriage as one man and one woman. >> you're both all right with that? >> well bob speaks for himself and i'm sure that ted cruz speaks for himself and phil robertson is speaking for himself. >> so let me ask you about what happened -- >> when you're talking to republican primary voters it's not a question any of you want to take on directly right now. sarah palin was expected to be a big boost with the same voters that ted cruz is trying to reach with phil robertson. that's the evangelicals. she has been campaigning with him. jerry fallwell jr. has been campaigning. making his endorsement not about faith. here's the problem for you. 56% of evangelicals in iowa have a negative view of donald trump. >> i think that for a lot of people it's a matter that donald trump appeals across a broader spectrum than probably any candidate has in the last 30
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years. i think if you see the number of people that show up at our rallies it's not like going to a republican rally. most of the time its middle aged white people. you go to a donald trump rally you see people of every color, every station in life every socioeconomic status. you see a lot of democrats come in and want to be part of that and i think that this is something, it's a phenomenon that defies the conventional wisdom era and this is something that we've seen. i was in dallas and we had 20,000 people in the american airlines center down there. a third of the people there were hispanic and all got on their feet. there's something happening. this is a movement. this isn't about anything else. this is a movement taking place. we're boardening the voertter base and we'll find out how much. >> marco rubio has been rising
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in a lot of the polls and that's momentum you have all been excited about. 15% third but a distant third and you were hoping to do better than that. what do you expect for tomorrow night? what is a really good marco rubio can go on and fight here finish? >> i hope we'll come in a solid third place. mr. trump is the greatest showman on the planet and ted cruz has built the best ground game we have ever seen in iowa. you have every endorsement here in iowa. he has to win here. we want to come in a solid third. have a little bit of momentum coming out of the state. coming out of iowa i think it will increasingly look like a three person race. >> i think it's a two person race in iowa. >> iowa yes. >> if it's cruz and trump neck and neck and a distant marco rubio. i have been hearing about the surge for rubio. but the polls i read doesn't back that up.
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there's a media surge for marco rubio. but there's not a polling surge for marco rubio so if it comes out cruz and trump neck and neck it's going to be a two-person race. >> ted cruz is likely to win here. he should win here. a couple of weeks ago he was at 40% in the polls and cruz's campaign said he hasn't peaked yet. if we can had a distance between us and the other governors that gives us momentum. >> we're all getting on airplanes on tuesday and going to new hampshire. >> right. >> or monday night even. >> let me ask you bob, something about donald trump personally. he went on twitter and he talked about you. he said bob is a total phony and dishonest guy. ask me for expensive hotel rooms free and i said pay and he endorsed cruz. >> that shows you about the character of donald trump. i still consider him a friend but when he saw me on fox and friends this morning and he took
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on a twitter war. the fact is nothing can be further from the truth. >> what he is saying is not true. >> it's totally illogical. it doesn't show the judgment and temperament for someone to be the president of the united states. that's what it's going to come down to here is judgment and temperament. for him to go in a twitter war after something on fox and friends i just think is absolutely ridiculous. especially with falsehoods that he has there. >> all of this will be out tomorrow night and 8 days later we'll see in new hampshire. >> mr. trump speaks for mr. trump. you're not defending what he did. >> what do you mean? >> you're not defending the tweet? >> i think mr. trump speaks for mr. trump and i think that that's between him and bob. and that as far as i'm concerned and we're late in the game. if it was basketball the elbows
7:14 pm
get up. bob's a basketball player. >> this is the silliness. we're about to elect the next president of the united states. iowa has an important role here. this is an important decision. i think if marco rubio has seen a surge in the last couple of weeks coming into the caucuses with a lot of momentum people have seen how serious he is taking it while these two have attacked each other a lot in the last couple of weeks and we stayed focus on hillary clinton because we have to unite this party and beat hillary clinton in november. >> and that will happen. > that will happen because the republicans will come together. >> thanks to all three of you and of course comradery on our set. >> glad to have you in iowa. >> it's wonderful to be in iowa and a part of this. our special coverage from des moines on the eve of the iowa caucuses continues. bernie sanders and hillary clinton locked in a virtual tie. could martin o'malley be the king maker? we'll take you there and my
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kicking off crucial 2016. we're watching several live events across the state of iowa. bernie sanders speaking to his supporters in iowa. clinton and sanders are in a statistical dead heat according to the latest polls. brianna is out front with the clinton campaign tonight. >> in the home stretch in iowa hillary clinton positioning herself. >> we're at 90% right now. senator sanders wants to start all over again. >> sanders pushing back. >> i am disappointed by the tone of her campaign. she is talking to the people of iowa and saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle health care.
7:20 pm
dismantle health care. i have been fighting for universal health care my entire life. >> buyers remorse. how obama let progressives down. even as he meet with the president and courts his supporters. >> it's also important to remember how far we have come in the last seven years under the leadership of president obama and vice president biden. >> a key confidant of the president that endorsed clinton whose former top aid is tweeting be honest then senator run firmly against obama record despite the attacks sanders refusing to hit clinton on one of her biggest vulnerabilities. the controversy over her state department e-mails. the administration announcing it will not release 22 e-mails because they are top secret. >> there is a legal process taking place. i do not want to points higherliticize
7:21 pm
that issue. it is not my style. >> this is sanders style. >> join the political revolution. thank you very much. rallying a crowd of 4,000 college students this weekend in iowa city. if he has enthusiasm on his side, clinton is arguing she will be a more effective president. >> i am a progressive that likes to get things done. i'm a progressive that likes to make progress. >> the latest des moines register poll showing clinton and sanders neck and neck here. one day before the crucial iowa caucuses. >> i think we're going to win this. >> now bernie sanders is relying very much on first time caucus goers especially from the young people that support him. they may be unreliable in-turning out but they can make all the difference. just ask president obama. >> all right. thank you very much. i want to go now to the democratic pollster that worked on the campaigns of bill clinton
7:22 pm
and barrack obama and is now working for hilary. we're hours away. do you have it? >> do i have the results yet? no. the last day is always eerie in the sense that you feel like there's not much you can do to change anything. you 24 hours to go. >> you studied for the test. >> you want everybody out there voting and caucusing and doing it and getting it done and here it won't start at 8:00 in the morning. it won't start at 7:00 tomorrow night so there's the anxiety and the waiting period of let's get this thing rolling already. >> you feel good. e-mails are back in the news. this isn't the time you wanted them to be back in the news. there's several withheld with the highest level of classification. republican candidates are coming after her hard for this. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being president. she's disqualitied. [ applause ]
7:23 pm
>> this thing with her e-mails is a big deal. >> i would find it hard to believe that they would be eager to nominate someone who is under indictment and could well face felony incarceration. >> what do you say to this? this issue has not gone away and isn't going to go away. >> we've seen a line up of republican candidates that are just increasingly not just out of touch but outrageous in the things they say. the fact of the matter is and especially these senators know and that's what is so astonishing is they continue to pedal this stuff but nothing that hillary clinton ever sent or received in her e-mails was classified at the time they were sent. >> there's an investigation into whether that's true. >> but that's not possible on the classified system to take anything off that and send it or
7:24 pm
receive it on any other e-mail system. what has happened here is what has happened before. things that afterwards are being classified retroactively. secretary clinton asked for these e-mails to be released. she wants them released. her understanding is also one of these includes a news account of things we were doing and that's been retroactively classified. it wasn't classified at the time it was sent. this is much to do about nothing. like the benghazi hearings. they hammered it and brought her in and testified for 11 hours and at the end of it they said we didn't learn anything new. >> thank you very much. i want to go now to the sanders campaign. the senior advisor for senator bernie sanders in the final hours and you heard it's an erie feeling because you want to get started and sit around and wait until tomorrow night. bernie sanders said he's going to make history tomorrow night.
7:25 pm
is he right? we have 15,000 volunteers here in iowa. and bernie sanders will have appeared before them in person. we're hoping we can close the gap and hopefully finish ahead tomorrow. >> so i have been watching the ads here in iowa and they're all very positive. it's the uplifting music and it's a positive message. do you have any regrets when it comes to whether it's the e-mail issues or hillary clinton's wall street ties. do you have any regrets that you didn't go negative? >> not at all. i worked for bernie sanders for 20 years. he's never run a negative ad and never will. he thinks people deserve to debate on the issue. our campaign is about the fact that america has a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top. it's held in place by a corrupt
7:26 pm
system of campaign finance and delivering that is the way to win this election. >> and past iowa past new hampshire what's his path to the nomination? does he have a plan and ground game in those other states or not? >> we do. the path is clear to us. we're leaving here to go to new hampshire. a couple of polls came out today in 20 point leads. we cut hillary clinton's margin in half since we started advertising. we're going to south carolina. we have people on the ground in every single march per state and states beyond we raised 20 million dollars so we have the results to make the long run. >> thank you very much. of course our thanks to hillary clinton's campaigns. their father's late night
7:27 pm
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welcome back to our viewers and the united states and around the world. we're live in des moines. it's a special night for us and our special coverage of the iowa caucuses on cnn. donald trump is firing up
7:31 pm
supporters. he's at a rally for his second event of the day. it's neck and neck in iowa. it's an incredible race. according to the latest des moines register poll seen as a gold standard of polling here in iowa. trump holds only a slight lead over ted cruz which is why he needs all the new voters to go out and vote. his daughter ivanka pitching in. she made a video that shows people how to caucus and she is not the only trump helping her dad campaign. his oldest sons donald jr. and his son eric have been stumping for his father here in iowa and i had a chance to sit down with them today and ask them what this experience has been like. >> we have gone around to everywhere. everywhere the des moines gun show to local farmers to car dealerships, different radio stations. the amount of people coming up and giving us aisha hug and tell your father to go all the way. >> it's good to shake those hands and hear people say i haven't caucused 15 years or
7:32 pm
ever and i'm doing this for your dad because i love that he's changing the dialogue. >> christian conservative voters are crucial. obviously in iowa but around the country. donald trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing and evan gel evangelicals know what that means. what do you think about that. >> jerry fallwell came out with a great endorsement and even said it may not be everything that you always want but jimmy carter was a great evangelical and horrible president. ronald reagan had issues in his personal life but he was an incredible president. >> people are fascinated by both of you and your sister. she is about to have a baby. >> a baby in iowa. you never know. >> there we go. >> you guys grew up you weren't
7:33 pm
just rich kids. it was on steroids. it was a whole life style and people see that and what you have accomplished and even people that hate him say but look at his kids. what was it that he did that made you all not be on the gossip pages and in rehab. >> he made us work. so many kids in our situation never worked. he gave us a sledge hammer. you're going to demo that site. we were working from a young age. there was no free time in our family and we also had very blue collar grandparents. >> what would you say it was? >> similar. my grandparents on my mother's side were blue collar people. my grandfather was a electrician from czechoslovakia. they had conversations about the benefits and the pitfalls of growing up in our life style in new york. we spent 6 to 8 weeks every
7:34 pm
summer with him. where people made 5 grand a year that was big money. it was grounding and an important lesson from a young age that we learn we have it really good. don't squaunder that. >> so you guys go to bed at night. your normal people. your dad doesn't sleep. >> he's a blue collar guy with a big balance sheet. he has done well but he would love to watch a ball game and eat a burger. he's much more of an ordinary guy than anyone would give him credit for. the sense of humor, the opportunities that he's given executives guys that start off as doormen and drivers but he saw something in them and gave them an opportunity to take on a much bigger task and they had street smarts. >> he has become known for his nighttime tweets. >> yeah. >> so he'll tweet, you wake up and you don't know what people are going to ask you about. there's a new tweet out there. does he take your advice? do you ever say, okay dad and maybe you told him he should
7:35 pm
apologize? does he listen to you? how does this work? >> he'll ask everybody in the world their thoughts and he makes their own decision. that's what is nice about him. you see some of these campaigns and they have 100 different pollsters. if i say this is it going to be liked by 51% of people or 49% of people and script their lives around that. >> one of the questions people have is he says what he thinks and a lot of people like him for that and some people say when you're in the white house you need to listen to people and not be impulsive and a person of judgment. does he really listen when you say wait let's talk about this? >> 100%. >> is there a side of him that isn't just impulsive? >> he'll hear everyone out. you don't get to where he is in business and have a 35 year track record of success and build the companies he built by doing it by yourself on impulse thought. you bring in the best person for a given job. you watch them. but that's the difference. he watches them. he is not going to accept immediate i don't-- mediocraty in
7:36 pm
those positions. >> everybody is swimming down river and he's going the opposite way of everybody and it works in his favor. >> you both have similarityiessimilarities. you look like him. obviously you have his name. when you look at yourselves and your siblings who is most like your dad? which of you is most like your dad? >> if you look i think we all share a lot of traits and we all diverge quite a bit. ivanka is like him in the meticulous nature of things. i have his sense of humor. eric has his sense of construction and spatial visualization and there's a lot of commonalities. we all have his work ethic and no one is going to out work him. >> you're both married. you have five kids.
7:37 pm
>> i do. five kids. a lot of kids. 8 and under. >> get to work. in the trump competition i don't know if he can win this one. >> you can have that one. >> i'm going to send them your way a couple more weekends a month. >> what is your dad like as a grandfather? different than as a dad? is he more hands on? >> he is. i think when we were younger he was so focused on building a business and so passionate about it. he always made himself available to us. i remember playing with trucks in his office as a child when he was meeting with the biggest guys in the world at the time or whatever it was. it didn't matter who it was. if we called him from school or whatever it was hey dad how is it going? he would pick up the phone and whoever it was would wait. he was amazing with that. so he always made himself available. >> next could martin o'malley decide who wins in iowa?
7:38 pm
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welcome back from des moines iowa where we're coming to you live tonight in the final hours before the iowa caucuses.
7:42 pm
tonight turn out, turn out, turn out is what this is all about at this point. that's what we'll decide. if donald trump or ted cruz come out in iowa can trump's rock star style enthusiasm beat cruz's ground game. sarah murray is out tonight. >> we drove a thousand miles on monday to be here to make a difference. >> tomorrow night, ted cruz's ground game and donald trump's enthusiastic crowds are finally put to the test. after months of delivering speeches trekking across iowa and lodging attacks it all comes down to who shows up. >> it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus on monday. >> if everyone in this room brings 9 additional people to caucus on monday night we will win the iowa caucuses. >> more than 800 volunteers
7:43 pm
passed through camp cruz. spartan des moines dormitories housing outside supporters. volunteers are putting in 12 hour days phone banking and door knocking for cruz. >> here on the phone banks and block walking is the most important thing because we're talking a thousand votes can make or break somebody here. >> at the trump campaign we get a very different reception. his staff declined to let us visit their headquaters or speak to the volunteers and when we stopped by a new trump campaign call center we were kicked off the property. >> i have been told to turn all media away. we have no comment on any matter. >> team trump is secretive about the ground operation. they're still with trump. >> i get all the facebook notifications and things. my sister is a big trump
7:44 pm
supporter in colorado. >> she's probably posting everything to facebook all the time. >> she's burning my phone up. >> trump sticking with his unconventional play book until the end. inviting children to play on his private jet and tapping his daughter ivanka for a glossy video on how to caucus. >> i'm ivanka trump and i'm excited to tell you how to caucus for my father donald j. trump on february 1st. >> with crowds and momentum on his side trump may not need a traditional turn out operation to win. ted cruz state your naming to controversial tactics. his campaign sent out a mailer warning voters about voter violations that suggest if they don't turn out that will be public information to their neighbors and it lead the iowa secretary of state to slam ted cruz and say look there's no such thing as a voter violation and we're not going to publish a
7:45 pm
voter score about your turn out. they know this race is tight and they want to try to get people out no matter what it takes. >> it's going to be very exciting and i have to say i chuckled. i wouldn't tell you anything. i can't go to a call center. it's incredible to see. thank you sarah murray that's spent so much time talk about shoe leather here in iowa. there's a new cnn poll showing donald trump with a massive lead in the state of new hampshire. that's the state that votes right after iowa. the polls showing trump with 30% support followed by ted cruz with 12. marco rubio 11 and the governor of ohio in 4th place with 9. governor kasich is skipping iowa all together. he's campaigning in new hampshire betting on that stage. will a major endorsement from the new york times give him the momentum he needs? i spoke with governor kasich right before the show. >> thank you for being with us tonight. the new york times endorsed you and in that endorsement they wrote, quote, governor john
7:46 pm
kasich of ohio is the only plausible choice for republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race. do you think you can still pull this off governor? >> i'm not a celebrity. and now we're running up here in new hampshire and in second place the average of all the polls. we have the best ground game that senator gordon humphries has seen in 40 years. we are getting big crowds and last night i got the quad city new hampshire. the third largest in iowa. we feel good about what's happening up here and, you know i will see you here soon. >> everyone will be descending upon new hampshire in hours.
7:47 pm
the new york times, that's an important endorsement for you. perhaps one that you would want in the general election but it's a liberal editorial page. they endorsed you on the same day as hillary clinton. does an endorsement help or hurt you right now governor? >> it's absolutely a help. i mean i announced to people in new hampshire as i was in my 86th town hall meeting tonight and when i tell them that i got endorsed by the new york times they clap because the paper is iconic and secondly we're getting messages from all over the country and you know what it says there is maybe this is a guy that has a certain appeal. that maybe he has the ability to have a broad appeal even though he is a conservative. he is certainly no moderate. so as a conservative with tone and experience and bringing people together my judgment is it sends a signal that this may be somebody that can do the kind of things that reagan did in putting his coalition together
7:48 pm
in 1980. >> now can you combine the support for the establishment candidates in our just released new hampshire polls the numbers are cast nating. if you ad up marco rubio, chris christie jeb bush and yourself combined you have 34%. that's a huge number. it's more than donald trump. you have the speaker of the house referring to it as a circular fire squad. but by all of these attacks going on in that group are you all guarenteeing that donald trump is the likely nominee? >> well first of all, as one national reporter said there's three lanes in this. the establishment lane antiestablishment lane and the kasich lane. the media has been fascinated about their inability to label me one thing or another. i've always been an antiestablishment guy in a way but being able to work with the
7:49 pm
establishment to get things done like balancing budgets, cutting taxes, reforming welfare, fixing ohio. this is why the papers are saying what they're saying. this is a guy that can get it done. he knows the inside and outside game and i'm running the most positive campaign of everybody and people acknowledge it across the board. so we're running positive ads but if somebody attacks me we will fight them back but i'm an optimist in this race. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your time. we'll see you in new hampshire, sir. >> thank you, god bless. >> and next here on this special edition of out front from des moines he's never been out of the low single digits in the polls but martin o'malley could be the king maker making all the difference here in iowa between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. our special report on that, next. with aches, chills and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu.
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we're coming to you live tonight from des moines iowa. voting is one day away. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are taking no voter for granted but whether they win or lose and this is fascinating, could ultimately be decided by
7:54 pm
the other democratic candidate still in the mix. >> fight for the country that you carry in your heart. >> on the eve of the iowa caucuses all eyes are on marty o'malley. >> there's no place on the planet that plays a trajectory in this race than here in iowa. >> he's still running a distant third but he is a potential king maker. in places where he falls short of 15% his voters will be asked to speak their choice. >> some are viewed as the most important commodity in iowa now. >> because of their discerning judgment in candidates. >> if they're not viable in some precincts across the state do you urge them to follow their own instincts or should they go one way or another?
7:55 pm
>> i urge them to hold strong and fight for viability. that's what i encourage people to do. >> in iowa the second choice can be as important as the first. it helped propel barrack obama to victory here. >> if i'm not your first choice make me your second choice. >> the rules are different for republicans. they don't have to pick a second choice on monday night but the democratic race is deadlocked. tom henderson, the democratic chairman in iowa's largest county is an o'malley supporter. he says one of the biggest mysteries is where o'malley supporters will go. is their second choice sanders or clinton? >> we don't know. that's always the big question. >> but today in iowa o'malley urged voters to deliver a surprise. >> you feel like you have a birth right on caucus night of upsetting the apple cart and surprising the pollsters and surprising the pundants and that's what i need you to do now.
7:56 pm
>> they're running out of money and time but for at least another day he's the center of attention. >> howell do you have to do here governor? >> i don't know. have to beat expectations and unfortunately the local press made this low for me. >> do you feel like a king maker at this point? >> no. i don't i feel like a candidate for president of the united states and the only one that has a track record of being able to bring people together and get things done. those are two things that neither of my opponents can say. >> all right. jeff is here with me along with ron who is cnn senior political analyst and editorial director of the national journal. it's fascinating the complexity of iowa. have you ever seen a race where you had no idea the night before? >> no it's close and the iphone is going to play a role in it. clinton has a device and app that allows them to calculate the delegates and get o'malley
7:57 pm
people over to their side. so it's fascinating. they planned for this moment. >> or the opposite. they go to o'malley side and deny sanders a delegate in some cases. >> it's plan forringning for the scenario. >> it's hard to predict what is going to happen. the polls are measuring something different than what we're going to get as a result of the democratic side. the results we're going to get our share of available delegates. you never get a voter vote total on the democratic side. >> which is a touch in the weeds but i'm still struck by how many people i met voters out there today taking a look and still not sure. o'malley has more support out there than we assumed he did but it's a fascinating thing but the clinton campaign and other supporters and we know who plan b is as well. >> it's fascinating. if you can use iphones maybe we should be changing the rules autotogether here in iowa.
7:58 pm
but putting that aside, what are you looking for tomorrow night? at what point are you going to say this is going to be a really good night for -- >> turnout. you have a very distinct dynamic on both sides where you have in bernie sanders and donald trump candidates that do better with less frequent less regular voters. the more people that show up the better it is for both of them. it's unlikely we'll get anywhere near we were in 2008 but the higher we go over that 120 which is the normal number it's better for sanders and trump. >> 120,000. >> there's a few million people that live in this state. people watching around the world are going first of all, these rules are from the middle ages and secondly they're saying are you kidding me? you're going to elect the president of the united states with that few people voting. >> it's supposed to be the beginning of the process and not the end of the process. this isn't the end. it is the beginning here but no doubt some people are not going to survive this.
7:59 pm
what i'm watching for, look at the rural areas as well. if hillary clinton performs well in the rural areas that's going to be a good night for her but a lot of new people are registering to vote. you can register tomorrow night. if those lines are long that's a good night for bernie sanders. >> that's a crucial thing. in iowa it's not usual but you can come in and vote and register and vote that night. >> so far there's not been the increase in registration. and the des moines register poll is not seeing it again this time so we'll see. that really is the pivotal question here and it will matter going down the road because if donald trump can turn out his voters here where it's hard it will get easier in places like new hampshire and south carolina and the rest of the republican field slookis looking for a different dynamic in that place. >> thank you. get some rest. our coverage to the countdown to the iowa caucuses continues right now with a special edition
8:00 pm
of ac 360. >> good evening to you. the candidates have been working hard all evening. donald trump in sioux city all holding events tonight. same for the democrats that just agreed to appear in a cnn town hall with me wednesday night in new hampshire. hillary clinton, bernie sanders with competing rallies right now in des moines. all the candidates campaigning like there is no tomorrow because for some candidates tomorrow could be the beginning of the end. tonight we'll bring you their closing pitches before iowa voters go and caucus. talk about all the factors that could move those numbers from precinct capitals


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