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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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started at 3%. he is up in the high 40s now. we'll see what happens. we'll be okay. and we are moving on to new hampshire and staying on through the convention. >> jane sanders good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> great to listen to your story. i really enjoyed it. >> we have a big day today and tomorrow. we have a reminder after the iowa caucuses, what becomes the big deal, new hampshire. you can see us at the waterworks cafe because you know all about the granite state after -- also wednesday. another town hall. moderated by our man anderson cooper right here on cnn. hear them deal with the questions from the voters. >> we want tothank the morris cafe. cnn's coverage of iowa caucuses
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continues news room starts right now. >> good morning. good morning everyone. what a morning. what a day. monday all eyes on iowa. "newsroom" starts right now. >> we have to win in iowa. if we do we will run the table and make this country so great. you will have victories all over the place. >> the man is not serious. it's not a sign of strength to show a total disregard about how the world works. >> i will unite the conservative movement. >> what this campaign is about is a political revolution. >> i -- >> we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination and we will win the general
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election. we will defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> good monday morning. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello. what a day, all eyes on iowa. it is count down to decision time in the nation's first vote of the presidential elections. hours from now iowa voters gather for the caucuses across the state providing a springboard for the big winners and potential end to struggling campaigns at the start of the critical day. both races far too close to call. for democrats the cnn poll of polls showing a mere 3 percentage points separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but just this morning a new poll out shows bernie sanders with a three point edge over clinton. 49% to 46% in the hawkeye state.
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among republicans donald trump has a slight edge in that poll over ted cruz. so it is no surprise that the four front runners are blitzing across the state trying to win over the undecided. for those of you still thinking about this, weighing your options i hope i will be able to persuade you. >> we have to win in iowa. a lot of people say just do well in iowa. i say i can't do that. i really want to win. >> i think the excitement and energy is with our campaign. >> every man and woman here make sure that nine other people come and caucus tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. together we will win the iowa caucuses. >> they all want to win tonight. cnn's erin burnett live for us this morning. >> it is a chilly day but a beautiful day here. supposed to stay clear and nice through the voting tonight and
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then a blizzard is coming in. we will see who this is good luck for. months of campaign speeches. iowa voters going to work. it is weird. you can't vote during the day. you have to sit around and wait. they are gathering for the caucuses in just a few hours. once the vote is cast the blizzard will sweep. an inch an hour with heavy winds. things are heating up for both parties. you can see the people running. mark, here we are in the republican side of things. things are getting nasty in the final hours. >> donald trump really has redefined what nasty is in politics. we have heard him attack ted cruz saying he is from canada trying to discredit ted cruz. let's listen to what he said last night about the texas senator. >> ted cruz is a total liar. i am so against obama care. i have been saying it for two years in my speeches.
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i'm going to repeal and replace obama care. he is a liar. >> i got to tell you what, on top of that not only is ted cruz out there trying to discredit donald trump but he has used glen beck to try to discredit the businessman from new york. >> it is incredible what we are watching on all of this. this is going to come down to the ground game. you heard ted cruz saying bring nine of your friends. it comes down to turnout. >> it is so unconventional. let me give you bits of information talking to one of the top trump operatives saying they use two pieces of direct mail. one was a christmas card and two was a letter from donald trump. the reason why, the piece of paper gets put up on to the refrigerator. the cruz people said 1,800 door knocks on saturday alone, 27,000 telephone calls. can you imagine getting one of those calls? >> when you think about it in the issue of turnout donald trump, his daughter did a video showing people how to caucus.
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a lot of traditional caucus goers aren't on those mediums. this is new caucus goers. we haven't seen a surge in voter registration. you can register today. is it true that the fact that we haven't seen a surge means nothing? >> we will have to see what happens tonight. donald trump is getting rallies. can trump turn it out? here is one interesting thing about trump. the person running for him former executive director of the republican party here in iowa. the guy understands ground games. quietly they are doing more stuff than we know. >> the force behind rick santorum's surprise win. >> he takes rick santorum from 0 to winner. >> thank you. going to be with us. as this day goes on i want to turn to democratic side of things. latest polls are out.
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you have bernie sanders ahead. depends on the poll you are looking at. our political reporter is with me now and it is incredible that this is simply too close to call, dueling polls, nobody would have predicted this six months ago. >> reporter: absolutely not. you just look at the staggering amount of money that the candidates have raised over the last year. we had a lot of numbers coming in over the weekend. bernie sanders raising 20 million just in january. his campaign told us yesterday and hillary clinton, of course, raising 112 million in 2015. that has allowed her to have a really sophisticated ground game here in iowa to ensure that she doesn't make the same mistakes as 2008 when barack obama snatched that victory away from her. you feel it out there. she talked to us this morning about the energy around her campaign. let's take a listen to that. >> i am feeling great. i am so proud of the campaign we have run here in iowa.
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i have the most dedicated campaign team, the organizer whose have been on the ground, the thousands of volunteers we actually knocked on 125,000 doors this weekend. so there is just a lot of excitement and energy and i am urging everybody to come out and caucus tonight. >> what we know, though, is there is a lot of energy on the bernie sanders side. the question is whether he can turn out these enthusiastic college students showing up at his rallies in droves and whether his ground game to turn them out can match what hillary clinton has on the ground here. so it is going to be a long night potentially and a very close race, but clearly one of them will get a good boost going into new hampshire. >> thank you very much. the last few days you have heard iowa is all about one thing,
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turnout. say i'm going to keep saying that. it is true when you look at the polls. about anger and nastiness in the final hours before people go to the polls. for donald trump and bernie sanders this has been crucial. a cbs "new york times" poll found backers of both candidates are likely to be angry at washington. 52% of trump supporters. 30% of sanders supporters say they are angry. joining me now john avalon and cnn political analyst. editorial director for the national journal. this is pretty stunning. i was on a conversation this morning with a young woman. cambodian community in the state is tight knit. there are pockets of other communities. she is in her early 30s. everyone of her friends are voting for bernie sanders. they are not college kids. they are in their 30s. this is the first time caucus
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going. >> the clearest fissure is age. hillary clinton stronger among older voters who respond to the argument that she is best prepared to move achievable change through a very clogged system. sanders really dominating. in south carolina, you have the white voters who are responding to the argument we are going to transform the system. in the long run i think clinton's coalition even evident here is in a stronger position until sanders shows he can break into the minority community. the enthusiasm gap is an issue through primaries and into the general. >> it is incredible. you are talking this particular community is small. you see the minority community coming out for bernie sanders which is an area hillary clinton thought she is particularly strong. >> the age divide is around 45 is the divide. there are older bernie
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supporters. what is clear from trump and sanders is they have succeeded in turning the campaign into a cause. that has been most difficult for hillary clinton to hit. so you have tonight on the democratic side the race as tight as a tick and talking about turnout around 150,000. a couple of thousand either way changes the narrative completely. >> are you channeling dan rather? i just had this flashback. >> it is incredible when we talk about the numbers that john is talking about, we are talking about 100,000. a state of a few million and the whole country is going to vote and you are just starting the delegate count. the influence of iowa is so much more than it should be. >> you talking to somebody who is an iowa homeowner. i think iowans are probably best suited to start the process. it is an outicized and disproportionate influence. no question about that.
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and it doesn't cast the dye but you have to win iowa or new hampshire or south carolina otherwise your name is not in the game. >> one thing about the politics nationally perhaps it is understandable, not only inequality growing but anxiety about immigration and american climate. here in iowa unemployment rate is 3.8%. things are pretty good in iowa but still you have outsider anger. >> i believe you have a fundamental frustration on both sides. one party has had unified control of white house and congress. we have democrats in the sanders orbit saying they wish obama could have gotten more done. republicans motivated that they wish the republican congress could have undone what obama did. you see kind of a rebellion in both parties somewhat untethered from underlying political
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reality. >> bernie sanders and donald trump are tapping into the same thing. they are both relying on the same thing. they could not be saying in terms of their solution to the anger more different things although they believe everybody should have health care in different ways. that's not insignificant. >> what ron is speaking to is fascinating because you have anger at washington but the prescription the candidates are offering is doubling down on the dysfunction because there is no prescription to bring people together in washington. that is the outsider message. >> the other piece is single issue motivating republican caucus goers more than anything else is immigration. iowa is not a border state and doesn't have a massive immigration problem. it's about syrian refugees and national security and terrorist attacks.
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>> iowa is emblematic of the change. a majority of public school students in des moines are kids of color. it is true nationwide. >> it goes against the grain. >> all of america is living through profound demographic change. that is a very volatile combination. you see what trump has done is trying to divide the electorate along a cultural line. sanders tries to do it along an economic line. they are both seeking of unease. >> the character of the state, republican governor invited refugees in. you see the real character of the state. one thing driving trump is a real anxiety about white minority politics. there is a racial aspect to the anxiety people are feeling and the anger that i think we need to confront. >> thank you all very much. that community going out for bernie sanders tonight. thank you so much. still to come, who says nobody
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what he supports pr health care is bernie sanders style full on socialized medicine. >> ted cruzsy total liar. i am so against obama care. >> it got very ugly at the end. trump and cruz are neck and neck in iowa. ted cruz's campaign deploying 12,000 volunteers to gain support. they just have these hours until you have to get in at 6:30. at 7:00 the caucuses start. joe johns is nearby with more
6:20 am
you have 12,000 volunteers going out. how do they get people to go? are they offering rides? are they offering food? what is the way to get people to show up? >> a little bit of everything. the answer is yes quite frankly. they do work hard and i can tell you in some instances there are individuals out there planning to caucus who have seen volunteers two and three and four times over the last several months. there are calls, personal visits. do you need help getting out. a lot of different ways that people try to do this. and so what is their feeling right now in terms of how optimistic they are? we talked about the weather. there is a big blizzard coming after midnight. is there concern that that could effect turnout? >> i don't think there is a lot of concern about that. there is a lot of hope that the weather will hold out at least until we get through the
6:21 am
caucuses. the cruz closing argument has been about a number of things, i think. the first thing has been he is saying he needs to win in iowa in order to keep trump from running the table because he is looking strong in new hampshire, concern that he will be able to do well in some other early voting states. they have been pushing really hard on religious conservatives. >> thank you very much. and now back to poppy. >> you are talking about the religious conservatives, evangelical vote so big. 66% in 2012 considering themselves evangelicals. let's talk about that with one of the voters. let's look at ted cruz facing off in iowa today head to head with donald trump. the texas senator supporters are calling for another meeting. >> so how many out here have duck calls? so let's try one more time to get trump.
6:22 am
let's call donald duck to meet with cruz and debate. >> with me now another cruz supporter, iowa voter adam vandal. thank you for being with me. all jokes aside, cruz is taking a lot of heat especially from iowa secretary of state over this mailer. let's show it. it shows basically people with failing voter records. i have it here. there it is. you send it out and it told people how they rank, an f grade or c grade compared to their neighbors in terms of showing up to caucus. it says it is official. the secretary of state called it misleading. he wrote in a statement it misrepresents the role of my office and iowa election law accusing citizens of iowa of a
6:23 am
voting violation based on iowa caucus participation or lack thereof is false representation. there is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting. what is your take? do you think as a cruz supporter does this go too far? >> campaigns have done this over several of the last cycles. this is nothing new. i believe marco rubio sent out a very similar mailer, as well. joni ernst in her run for u.s. senate sent out a similar mailer. these are all tactics that all campaigns use. this is really nothing more -- it's a mailer. you get it and you end up throwing it out. i have seen this 100 times before. >> so in your opinion all is fair in love, war and politics i suppose especially on caucus day. i want to move on to the
6:24 am
evangelical vote. you consider your self an evangelical. it shows us cruz has seen a 12% decline. 37% then. 25% now. over the weekend evangelical group americans united for values released this radio ad slamming cruz on his tithing record. >> i heard he gives less than 1% to charity and church. >> he doesn't tithe? >> his wife worked for a big wall street bank. >> you are an evangelical voter. >> evangelicals do their homework. not every single tithing offer that i do, i report on my taxes. christ told us he wants a cureful giver, not one that gives to get a kickback from the
6:25 am
government. so to say that he only gives 1% he gives more than that. that is all he reports on his taxes. quite frankly, if they are going after that that is because they can't really go after him on any real issue of substinenastonish >> let's go to immigration. critics point to cruz and say he flip-flopped on immigration and dispute the past record in terms of his amendment that he put forth to the rubio bill granting legal status to illegal immigrants. cruz says not the case at all telling jake tapper it is wrong. >> he has always been against blanket amnesty. what he does after that may be another story. megyn kelly came out and said he
6:26 am
was right even though she slammed him with video clips of taking them out of context. he will secure the border. he will take care of the illegals in this country. i'm not sure of all the particulars on that particular subject, but he has always been against blanket amnesty. >> we know you are going to be out caucusing tonight, very engaged voter in iowa. thank you for your time. >> thank you. still to come here in the newsroom, how can hillary clinton hold off an opponent surging in the polls. giving sanders a slight edge over clinton in iowa. clinton's key strategist with us next. but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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hillary clinton once again finding herself neck and neck with an opponent who seemingly bursts out of nowhere. clinton says she is a better candidate this time around. here is what she told cnn earlier this morning. >> i always thought we would have a close contest t. is good for the democratic party but i'm thrilled at my campaign and we learned a lot of lessons. we have applied those lessons. we have a great team working around the clock. i think i'm a better candidate. i think my experience as secretary of state gave me a depth and understanding about what the next president will face that no one else running on either side could have. i think what sprovoters are loo for is a way out of their frustration. >> hillary clinton's campaign strategist joins me now. you have run these winning
6:32 am
operations for barack obama, bill clinton. this is coming down to turnout. what is the ground game? >> we had a great weekend. the strategy in getting people out is doing a lot of work not just this last weekend but over the long term. ground games are effective when you communicate with people long and often. we have unprecedented number of precinct captains. first time every campaign has had a captain. we have 2,000 additional team leads. more importantly we had volunteers this weekend, 10,000 of them knocked on 185,000 doors. communicating with people, getting them commit skpd had the contact. a lot of it has been neighbor to neighbor. we feel we are in a great place. >> we have been talking about conventional wisdom is that turnout will help bernie sanders. you have been talking about the minority communities who seem to be going for bernie sanders and coming out with first-time
6:33 am
caucus goers. you are saying conventional wisdom is not always right. >> i always say conventional wisdom can be everybody's enemy. we are seeing results not just in number of doors but recorded information from people. you keep track of those things. i think the turnout can go up and we will still prevail because i think the ground operation we have done and legwork over the entirety of the campaign. >> 1,681 precinct captains. more than any other campaign in history. unprecedented. if all of it works out that is great to you and a testament to the ground game. if it does not happen, if there is a loss how disappointing will it be for the campaign? that is going to be tough, isn't it? >> we believed all the way through that this is going to be a long campaign and it will be competitive. we know there are a lot of
6:34 am
delegates when we come out of iowa and new hampshire that get a lot of attention because they are unique states. we come out of these two states we have 1,000 delegates up for grabs after new hampshire to the end of march. that is a lot of delegates. we have a lot of primaries. i think senator sanders has been a very competitive opponent and we are not planning on any quick ending here. we are planning on doing what we have to do state after state to secure this nomination. >> thank you very much. coming up after the break, bernie sanders side of things. tad devine will be our guest. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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tad devine is senior media adviser for the sanders' campaign. now a poll bernie sanders is ahead. all of these within the margin of error.
6:39 am
do you think you can do? >> i think we can. it will be close. no one will know until late tonight who won this. we have a great organization. we have been here eight months and built an incredible campaign on the ground. >> what is the ground game. 1681 precinct captains for the hillary clinton campaign. that means every single precinct in the state they have blanketed. you didn't have quite that sort of ground game. how do you compete with that? >> we do now. we have over 2,600 precinct captains. you need more than one person handling. >> you are doubling up. we have 15,000 volunteers in iowa and that is how we have been running this campaign. >> so in terms of actually getting turnout there has been all kinds of ways to do that. are you going to be providing food or providing rides?
6:40 am
how will you get people to the polls? tonight comes around and someone's kid is crying and something is happening they are like i don't have the time. >> we are going to talk to them and provide transportation. we are going to send text messages for people particularly younger people. the way you can communicate with people because of the cell phone, 2008 barack obama did a great job. there were no smart phones. we can talk to everybody immediately. >> people look at iowa and say why is iowa first? iowa is a white state, not reflective of the united states which is true in some ways but it is more diverse than you would think. when you look at the elementary school population, majority nonwhite. what does it mean for you? >> it means the democrats have a real advantage not just here in iowa but in america. this country is so different
6:41 am
than the country that when i work for walter mondale it was 89% white in 1984. the republicans say what they say about hispanics and minorities we have a chance to win big election victories. >> are you worried about expectations? expectations are real that you would win. if you do not win iowa how big of a blow is that to bernie sanders in. >> we were 50 points behind when we started here. i think we will come real close. hopefully we find a way to get across the finish line ahead of her. if we don't we go to new hampshire and nevada and south carolina. we have people in place across the country and resources people realize now to run a national campaign. we are going all the way to the convention. when iowa ends tonight and the race moves to new hampshire we will have a very special event counting down to the
6:42 am
primary. all three democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley will take part in a presidential town hall. crucial moment because new hampshire the second state to vote and going to be very important to see if someone can get a sweep or split the states. 8:00 eastern here on cnn with anderson cooper. we will take a brief break. when we come back the republican establishment watching iowa to see if there is any shot, anybody other than cruz or trump can pull out a shock. can rubio really do it? some say the camp is setting the bar lower than reality to try to upside surprise. that is next.
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on the verge of a stunning victory in iowa. marco rubio may be okay with that. the senator from florida knows trump's numbers eclips his but his campaign is hoping to ride a strong third place finish in iowa and in new hampshire and south carolina and that's where everything can change. we are joined from des moines. even though rubio is in third place in iowa he keeps saying his staffers keep saying we are okay with that. a lut of people are asking is he the best hope for the gop
6:48 am
establishment? >> reporter: there is a two front plan. one is to see ted cruz lose here. no bigger objective than that. they believe if cruz does not beat donald trump this will be the end of cruz campaign in their view. they need to have separation between them and the governors in the race because of what you were saying. he wants toemerge as the one candidate who can unite the establishment side and the conservative. if he has some distance between him and the governors he can have momentum going into new hampshire and emerge as the alternative to donald trump. real long term goal is to see the other governors drop out of the race and see their support go towards him. it is a long game strategy, a risky strategy but one they are banking on. >> unconventional but so is the entire election so far. we will have kaufman on.
6:49 am
he said expectations in my opinion are far more important than a person getting first place. that is what he says. you have rubio's team setting the bar low. in rubio's interview with jake tapper jerdyesterday. >> no one is unbeatable. this election is not decided abye one or two states. i think the race will narrow after a couple of states. it is going to be very unusual highly contested i think longer than usual process given the size of the field and the challenge before the supporters as risky as this may be to play the long game think it's a deft game by him? >> reporter: they think so. the key will be whether or not he has the money to sustain this kind of race. he reported more than $10 million in cash on hand compared to cruz with $19 million.
6:50 am
his superpac has far less money than jeb bush at the moment. that could change depending on how much they end up spending against marco rubio. it's risky. he needs to have the money to advance, but the real hope is that the they can stay in the top tier of candidates up until march 15th. that's a big deadline. after that, states will award delegates on a win or take all basis rather than or portions. at that point they hope to win big states like florida, and that could push them over the top. it's risky, and it also depends on donald trump imploding which we haven't seen yet. >> we haven't. thank you so much. i appreciate it. let's talk more about this. as political pundits and party insiders await the results of tonight's iowa caucus. some members of the republican accomplishment are looking at marco rubio as the one man standing between trump and cruz in the gop nomination.
6:51 am
he's currently in third place in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. let's talk more about it with the chairman of the republican party of iowa. thank you for being with me. you said this is not just about who gets ticket number one out of iowa. the conventional wisdom there are only three tickets out of iowa may not hold in thissen conventional race. are you seeing evidence of a rubio surge? >> the level of conversation that i'm hearing from the rank and file from our phones at the republican party of iowa office, yes. yes. we're seeing a surge in questions about marco rubio and people identifying themselves as considering him at this point. i think this is still wide open. i'm hearing more consideration than i am settling. i think that's going to carry into the caucuses tonight. >> you were quoted by politico, got a lot of attention over the weekend saying the expectations are more important than getting first. what do you mean by that?
6:52 am
>> don't get me wrong. getting first is the number one ticket in iowa. but there are a whole lot of other the tickets out of iowa. if marco rubio got first, if someone actually in tenth place was able to increase their standing and move to fifth place, there's another ticket out of iowa. i think these tickets are based on expectations. the number one ticket out of iowa, obviously, first place, but there are several others that can take momentum all the way to new hampshire and south carolina. >> do you think the biggest factor right now for the republican voters who are going to go out and caucus tonight is the candidate they believe in, the candidate that has a campaign of purpose or real identity or change, or is it someone that they see can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the general? >> you know, that is an excellent question, and i am hearing people have that internal struggle today already.
6:53 am
i've talked to a republican, and i think, quite frankly, that's why this is taking so long for people to make up their minds. i think that's why the people are going to be in that caucus sitting in that chair before they make up their mind. there's this internal struggle. hopefully they can come to some synergy where principle and meeting hillary clinton can come together. it's a tough decision. it's practicality versus principle. i guess i would argue with a large amount of candidates, we can have our cake and eat it too. everybody has to go through that individual struggle for thepgss. >> i know you're a republican, but i want both your headlines tuesday morning. what is the des moines register going to read? >> the republican headline is 11 varsity candidates battle it out and each one is ready for the presidency. the democratic is a former first lay den and secretary of state is almost beaten or beaten by a
6:54 am
socialist. oh, my goodness. >> those headlines are way too long, but i'll take them. jeff, thank you so much. we appreciate it. thanks for your time. have a fun day out there. >> in just a few moments we will speak with the head of the democratic party in iowa. stay with us for that. a few top stories we want to get to for you. two virginia tech students facing charges in the death of a girl there. they're due in court. the missing girl's body was found in north carolina near the virginia border. a freshman dav ---izen haur was acquainted with the victim and say hi used the relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill her. a california teacher in custody today is accused of helping three inmates escape from an orange county jail. officials say the teacher showed the men google maps of the jail's roof, helped them get
6:55 am
out. one inmate turned himself in on friday. the other two were arrested in san francisco on saturday after someone recognized that white stolen van they were in. all three are awaiting trials for violent crimes. an investigation underway after a private citizen pulls over an officer for speeding. you see the video on youtube. she said the officer was going 90 miles per hour without his emergency lights on when she followed him he pulled over and said he wasn't going too fast. the department is looking into the case. >> and a powerful storm causing havoc in southern california killing a woman in san diego after a tree fell on her car. winds so strong they topped 115 miles per hour in some areas. more than 150 people lost power in that storm. the next hour of news room begins right after this. the mico access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically.
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7:00 am
we have to win in iowa. if we do, we'll run the table and make this country so great you'll have victories all over the place. >> the man is not serious. and it's not a sign of strength to show a total disregard about how the world works. >> i will unite the conservative moment. >> what this campaign is about is a political revolution. >> i hope you will fight for me, and i promise you this. i will stand up and fight for you. >> we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination and we will win the general election. we will defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around.
7:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 9:00 a.m. in iowa today. today is the day. we're just a few hours away from the first vote of the 2016 presidential election. voters will gather tonight to caucus. who will show up for their candidates, and also will they come out in droves more than in past years? take a look at the front of the des moines register today. turnout is key. both of these races, far too close to call for democrats. the cnn poll shows a mere 3 percentage points separating hillary clinton and sanders. a statistical dead heat. this morning a new poll showing sanders with a three pointage in the state. and among republicans, donald trump has a slight lead over cruz. it is no surprise the four front runners are across the state
7:02 am
today trying to win over the undecided. >> for those of you still thinking about this, weighing your options, i hope i'll be able to persuade you. >> we have to win in iowa. a lot of people say just do well in iowa. i really want to win. >> i think the excitement and the energy is with our campaign. >> every man and woman here, if they make sure that nine other people come and caucus tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., together we will win the iowa caucuses. >> they all want to win tonight. my friend erin burnett live in des moines. it's cold. it's a brisk and clear day. that snow storm is going to hold off until they get to the caucuss? >> that's what they say. there's going to be a possible blizzard come, but after midnight. everyone should have a nice clear night to come out. and they don't anticipate it'll affect turnouts. months of speeching and they're
7:03 am
finally making last pushes. making sure people have driving to caucus sites. ten hours from now, everyone going in to caucus. once the votes are cast, a blizzard will sweep across the states. if it had come hours earlier, it could have changed the entire situation. i'm joined by mark preston. this is incredible what we've seen, how negative and personal this has gotten. >> it has. and, in fact, look at today. it shows you how close this race is and how every vote counts. look at this graphic. it's amazing, the amount of activity right now that is going on here in the state. to your point, the negativity has been ratcheted up. not only are they asking for votes, they're trying to take away votes from people. last night donald trump went after cruz. let's take a listen. >> cruz is a total lie yar.
7:04 am
i am so against obama care. i'm going to repeal and replace obama care. i don't know where he gets this, but he's a liar. >> reporter: i mean, you know, you talk about it being personal and nasty. i mean, that shows this. and then at the final hours, we're starting to see how much money everyone is raising which is crucial for iowa and in terms of who can hang in after iowa and continue fighting. >> there are six steps. after iowa, we're to new hampshire and we'll see what happens up there. look at these numbers. the amazing thing is look at donald trump. he's only raised $2.8 million. can you imagine that? i might have 2 $.8 million in the bank. look at ben carson. he raised $22.6 million. in the latest des moines register poll shows he still has 10% of the vote. loyal supporters. that's likely to hurt cruz. >> that's incredible.
7:05 am
>> reporter: hold this number up here. 2 2 .6. i think this makes a point about the national media. people have not been talking about ben carson. he hasn't been showing up much in the polls. >> he hasn't. >> but clearly his sportd supporters are loyal. that's the top fund raising total. >> he's getting that in small dollar do nations, primarily probably e van jell cal -- evangelical voters who are loyal. >> reporter: thank you very much to mark. let's turn to the democratic side. we have been talking to the senior operatives. this is too close to call. the latest poll putting sanders ahead. the one yesterday putting clinton ahead. it is stunning. people talk about how in modern political history we have not seen anything like this.
7:06 am
>> reporter: yeah. who would have thought we would be here at this moment with bernie sanders, a democratic socialist, giving hillary clinton this kind of a fight. they were both out all weekend hammering their closing arguments. sanders talking about galvanizing young voters and wanting to lead a revolution. clinton saying she's a proven change maker, the person who has been able to produce results and it was interesting when she talked to cnn earlier about the lessons that she learned from 2008 and what the difference for her might be today. let's take a listen to that. >> i always thought we'd have a close contest, and i think that's good. it's good for the democratic party. but i'm thrilled at my campaign, and we learned a lot of lessons. we've applied the lessons. we've got a great team working literally around the clock, and i think i'm a better candidate. i think my experience as secretary of state gave me a
7:07 am
depth and understanding about what the next president will face that nobody else running on either side could have. and i think that what voters are looking for is a way out of their frustration. >> reporter: and hillary clinton clearly does have a lot of things to be excited about today. we have some numbers from her fund raising haul from last year. she raised 112 million in 2015. at the same time, you have bernie sanders out there raising a lot of money as well. particularly small dollar d donatio donations. he raised 20 million in january. so it's going to be a fight to the finish here. both of them have the resources to really have a muscular ground game. we've seen evidence of it on the ground. we'll have to see who can pull it out tonight. >> thank you very much, mave. it's amazing to see the amount of money when you add it up, how
7:08 am
much money people in this country, not just corporations, individual people are putting into politics. when you look at sanders, young people. take a look at this. ♪ >> this land is your land. this land is my land ♪ >> they love it. it works. it works because he's not in their demographic. young voters have flocked to bernie sanders. he sang the old favorite song. he has been cashing in on the youth vote. on that front, hillary clinton has not done as well. let's show you the new poll. a break down of support by age group. we've seen this in poll after poll. 18 to 44%, clinton 23%. sanders is nearly triple that. that's a stunning split. i want to talk to the iowa
7:09 am
democratic chair. the senior advisor for pro hillary clinton super pack is with me as well. thank you very much. let's start with these numbers. governor, we've seen this in poll after poll. what is the challenge that hillary clinton is facing with young voters? you've had to look at this and say why? why is this happening? why do you think it is? >> well, i think that young people are inspired by words like revolution of major change, et cetera, but i think what hillary clinton is trying to do in reaching out to them, because she's in the giving up on making sure she has campaign that can reach out to them is to say it is great to share those values, those aspirational values, and she does, but she's also able to put feet to her prayers by putting out policies that move the ball forward. no matter what happens that have election, you're probably going to see paul ryan still as speaker of the house. no matter who is the president q you're going to have to work
7:10 am
with him. there's not a likelihood that paul ryan is going to agree to massive changes, but she agrees with the value you should girding them and the policies she's putting in place are inspirational because they can be done. >> so on the ground, how did it work out? when you look at the young voters, obviously you said they're most likely to go for bernie sanders. are they going to turn out? >> that's the big thing. you need people to turn out all over the state. what i will tell you is all three candidates have great organizations, and they are all over the state. i expect a really good turnout. i'm not sure if any age group will tip it over, but it certainly -- he has a lot of enthusiasm. >> on this issue, the poll of turnout, democrats 35% of first time caucus voters are likely to support hillary clinton. 62% to back sanders. you're seeing the vote, of course it matches what we're seeing with the numbers, but do
7:11 am
you expect this to be what we'll see at the end of the day. >> it's not ease story get first time caucus goers to go to one place at a particular time. we want them to go. we're advocating for everyone to get out and caucus today. it's hard sometimes to turn out those new voters nature will be the rub. that will be the thing we decide at 9:30 is which campaign was better at getting out their voters. >> governor, we also see the split among -- go ahead, governor. >> i was going to say, to build on that, hillary clinton learned a lot of lessons. you talk about the lessons from 2008. she's been in iowa now since the beginning of 2015, since she announced. she has not taken any bit for granted. she has over 2,000 precinct captains. they have 150 staging areas across the state. they've turned out an incredible
7:12 am
organization, and they're targeting the voters, included the young people. the question is can you make this organization work like a machine tonight, and that's what we'll all be watching. >> all right. so the other issue, and you know, maybe this is partly based on age. i mean, i'm sure it is. in a significant way. we see the same split among women. older women, they are much more passionate about hillary clinton. perhaps they want to see a woman president in their lifetime. they want to vote for her. younger women are going for sanders. maybe it's because they're young, but it also seems because they know there will be a woman president, and they think it's anti-feminist to vote for someone because they're a woman. is that a big hurdle for you? the young women are not passionate about her. >> i am the mother of two daughters. andy has seven kids, and i'm sure some of them are daughters. and andy and i, and people of
7:13 am
our generation, andy and i are in our 50s. we have been -- we are women who have worked to breakthrough ceilings all of our lives. this is why older women, middle age women, once you get over 35, they support her enormously. we have the chance to have the most qualified person in our lifetime to run for president, and she happens to be a woman. obviously the younger you are, the more you have not been in the work force to experience potentially the number, the volume of sexist or gendered attacks older women have experienced, and maybe that's one of the reasons why they are not as enthused about breaking the highest glass ceiling, but you'd better believe i'm enthused to support a woman for president who happens to be the most qualified to run. >> five of your kids are
7:14 am
daughters. are they all going to vote? >> they are all going to caucus, yes. >> and their ages? >> 19 to 29. >> all right. i know you're not allowed to say what they're going to do, but i feel that would be fascinating. thank you so very much to both of you. still to come, cruz taking flak over that last-minute mailer. kind of went out as an fishl document and offended some people. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels
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7:19 am
bunch out of washington d.c. we have to rid the earth of them. get them out of there. >> that is duck dynasty star, a cruz supporter talking about gave marriage. ted cruz took the stage after that and talked about phil robertson in glowing terms. did not dismiss or didn't reference them at all. he has seen a 12 point decline in evangelical support in iowa. he was at 37% in early january according to des moines register poll. it's now 25% in their latest poll which came out saturday evening. the votes being cast tonight. if t question is whether things like this are enough to help the texas senator at the polls. our senior correspondent is with me covering the cruz campaign. that was a last-minute push for evangelical voters.
7:20 am
for something like that to be said and not speak out against it. >> what's interesting about cruz is he's held himself out as a trusted religious conservative, but he's come under attack from others who are also religious conservatives. from santorum and carson, and even donald trump, people questioning him, and that clearly has caused problems for him. he's tried to push back again and again, talking on the campaign trail about his faith. but listen to this ad by a group. we don't know who is supporting them or who they are supporting, but clearly it's an attack on his religious conservative preden spr credentials. >> i heard he gives less than 1% to charity and church. >> he didn't tithe? isn't he a millionaire? his wife worked for a wall street bank?
7:21 am
>> yeah, goldman sachs. >> there you go. big attack on cruz, and it has hurt him. this is a state where religious conservetism counts in a big way when it comes to the republican caucuses. we'll see if he can push back. it comes to turn out. >> that was a double whammy. hitting you on the god issue and hitting him on wall street in one nasty swoop. all right. thank you very much. joe johns. coversing the ted cruz tonight. cruz in the center, whether or not he can pull this off. we have an opinion columnist with us from the des moines register. there's a poll showing this is a close race we're seeing in the final hours. you heard the radio ad joe was playing slamming ted cruz for his evangelical credentials and for his wife working at goldman
7:22 am
sachs. what would you say about the tone? >> i think between trump and cruz, it's particularly nasty. i don't think we're seeing it as nasty on the democratic side. i think iowa being a very heavily evangelical state as far as the republican party, everybody is trying to rock their evangelical credentials. what is so, i think, paradoxical to me is that donald trump is really not that much of an evangelical. he comes out with the two corinthians things, and he's still scoring the highest with them. >> why do you think that the? this is something you've been covering race after race. you've been covering this race. why is it that donald trump has done so well with evangelical voters? >> he's not an evangelical. i think it's easy for him to reverse and say i used to
7:23 am
support abortion and now i don't, and people will hang with them because i think all of his supporters really think he's a man of strength. and that he's not going to let isis push us around. he's not going to let foreign governments push us around. he's in control, and he's stock, a -- strong. i think that's the one thing that resonates with people. they think he won't take nonsense. he also scores high with people who think the system is rigged against us. evangelical or not, some have said they're willing to put that part aside to get someone in office who they think is strong and will stand up for people who think the system is rigged against them. >> is this a change from what you've seen in prior races? evangelicals are saying religion is not the most important thing to me? >> it's interesting. in the romney race with santorum when santorum won that race, it was extremely close, so obviously romney got some of the
7:24 am
evangelical vote, but i think that generally the people who have won in the iowa caucuses on the republican side have been -- have been evangelical. that's why the argument has been made, and i've made it too, that iowa republicans are not necessarily representative broadly of the rest of the nation because they're much more evangelical dominated. more likely to be home schooling their children. >> that's a fascinating point. we heard donald trump say last night, guys, you pick losers. for 16 years you picked losers here. the republican winning here hasn't won the gop nomination. pick a winner. everything could change. how important is that to iowa voters, that they want to pick a winner? >> i think it's very important to them. i think they were extremely proud of choosing barack obama back in 2008 on the democratic side. people really didn't know much about him.
7:25 am
and at the time, you know, conventional wisdom was that hillary clinton would run away with it. i think on the democratic side, you know, there has been a greater success story. on the republican side, people are more ideal logically -- >> the issue is turnout. everyone talks about it saying it's the magic question. you've seen this so many times. do you actually think people are going to turn out? let's make something clear. on the democratic side, everyone around you knows who you vote for. on the republican side they don't. it's secret pal lballot. that's something conventional wisdom says favors donald trump. do you think you will see a surge on the republican side or not? >> i think there's going to be good turnout. a surge? more on the republican side than the democratic side. but some people have made the
7:26 am
argument that actually the fact that you have to publicly identify who you are voting for suppresses turnout. i don't know if that's necessarily true. i have heard the case made that you don't necessarily want your neighbors to know that you're not voting for this one or that one or even your spouse or partner. but i think that the unknowables about tonight and have been on the democratic side, generally have been younger voters, what they'll do. if they'll deliver or not. in the case of howard dean, for example, they were his biggest constituency, and they didn't turn out for him in 2004. >> good question for sanders. on the ground knowledge of it. great to talk to you. and still to come, martin o'mall o'malley. he could be the king maker in iowa. some feel the third place democratic could give sanders or clinton the edge tonight. it's complicated but the bottom line is it could come down to
7:27 am
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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7:31 am
good morning. we're live in des moines. part of our special coverage here as we get ready for the iowa caucus tonight. martin o'malley is center stage. he may be stuck in the single digits. he's fighting for the nomination. his impact on tonight's caucus could be huge. we explain why martin o'malley could be king maker. >> fight for viability and fight for the country that you carry in your heart. >> reporter: in iowa, all eyes are on martin o'malley. there is no place on the planet that plays a greater role that determines the trajectory of this race than iowa.
7:32 am
>> reporter: he's running a distant third. iowa caucuses, he's a potential king maker. in places where he falls short of 15%, his supporters will be asked to pick their second choice it could tip the balance for sanders or dloint. >> some of your supporters are viewed as the most important commodity in iowa right now. >> because of their judgment in candidates. >> reporter: if they're not viable, do you urge them to follow their own instincts? >> i urge them to hold strong and fight for viability. that's what i encourage people today. >> in iowa, the second choice can be as important as the first. it propelled barack obama to victory here eight years ago. >> reporter: the rules are different for republicans. voters don't have to make a blackup plan tonig -- backup plan. the this man said one of the
7:33 am
biggest mysteries about the sanders clinton fight is where o'malley's supporters may go. >> reporter: is their second choice sanders or clinton? >> we don't know. >> reporter: sunday in iowa o'malley urged voters to deliver a surprise. >> you feel like you have a birthright of upsetting the apple cart and surprising the pollsters and the pundits. that's what i need you to do now. >> reporter: his campaign is running out of money and time. but for at least another day, he's the center of attention. how well do you have to do here? >> i don't know. i have to beat expectations. and fortunately the national press has kept -- >> reporter: do you feel like a king maker at this point? >> no. i feel like a candidate for the president of the united states. and the only one with a record of getting things done. >> reporter: o'malley still
7:34 am
making the case he would be a new generation of leader for the democratic part. if he doesn't succeed tonight, how his supporters go could determine how long the democratic race proceeds from here. these rules of the iowa caucuses mean the o'malley supporters could carry a lot of weight tonight. >> all right. it's crucial and has everyone understanding why all the things that may seem small are crucial for this election. joining me now is washington director for and a democratic strategist and hillary clinton supporter is here also. people say bernie versus hillary is the race. no, o'malley. in a recent interview j if he doesn't get 15%, one person said they're going to go home. do you think that's the case?
7:35 am
for sanders it could come down to getting that. >> from every person i've talked to, there are plans the campaigns make, and then there's the energy and excitement that caucus goers feel. i don't think there's a command and control system where every o'malley supporter is going to take an order and lock into it. a lot of it will come down to who happens in the room. when people talk about tuition free college and medicare for all, these are ideas that fire up the democratic base. i think what you're going to see in the rooms is people making decisions on the spot about what they really want to stand up for and what they care about. >> when it comes down, the gop has one set of rules. you give your first choice, that's it. you guys are complicated. you have a second choice and that second choice can end up being make or break. when you look at the des moines rej ste register poll, sanders and
7:36 am
clinton are tied. tied as first and second, but second could make all the difference. how are they going to be able to get the numbers up? >> well, there's no shortage of discussion on just how vigorous the organizing has been on behalf of hillary clinton's campaign. every door possible has been knocked upon. what happens at 7:00 tonight is very different depending on where you are. you could be in a small library in a school. you could be in huge gym. the caucuses tonight, there is no one standard. every caucus is different. the sizes are different. the composition is different. it may be a small town where people know each other well. maybe in larger town, the dynamics affect the second ballot. to generalize about any of this, i think overlooks just how diverse the caucuses are on every level, size, location,
7:37 am
composition, age, all of these things. it's really hard to generalize, and that's why so much focus is on just how much organizing has been done. at 7:00 all bets are off. >> ben, you've been making calls. i have to say, that is a tough job. you have to call people and try to win them over. what are they saying? are they answering the phones? are they saying they're going to come out? >> people aren't answering the phone. they get a lot of calls. >> you're not getting them not just answering the phones, but the voice mail is full. >> voice mail is full, don't leave a message. people have gotten the point that there's a caucus happening. when you do reach someone, a lot of people are excited and planning oncoming out. i think there's a real level of attention and rigger the people are bringing and for sanders supporters, the campaign and endorsers, people are focussed on making sure everyone who has shown the excitement and has turned out for a rally or
7:38 am
volunteer, that everyone shows up tonight. move on has 43,000 members in iowa. if they all show up and caucus -- >> that would be incredible. you're talking about 100,000 people voting. thank you very much to both of you. i appreciate it. and we will be watching tonight. it is going to be an exciting one. of course, i don't know, 11, midnight, or whenever we get the results tonight, the race moves to new hampshire. we have a special event there this wednesday night. all three democratic candidates will take part in a presidential town hall on wednesday night live here on cnn. it's going to be crucial. sanders with a huge margin in new hampshire, perhaps taking the biggest risk on that night. it's an exciting one here at 8:00 on wednesday night on c this n. anderson cooper hosting, and after this break, who are young republicans supporting in iowa?
7:39 am
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brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the critical youth vote. take a look. there's a brand new poll out this morning focusing on iowa. it shows sanders with 74 %. trump with 31% among the ages 18 to 44. one young voter telling us that
7:44 am
he won't be voting for trump. >> i think it's important that we have a christian leader of our nation and kind of get our country back on the right track. that's another problem i have with trump. he doesn't seem to be quite as much a genuine christian as cruz or rubio. let's talk about this with the chair of the iowa college of republicans. thank you for being with me. you're a rubio supporter. why do you think that trump is polling better with young republicans than rubio? trump comes in at this poll at 31%. rubio is at 19%. >> i think that trump has kind of a pull with young voters because he is the not politician. people are encouraged because they think he's an outsider and he'll take our country forward that way, but i see senator rubio as the way to go.
7:45 am
>> how the you energize others to go out and caucus with you? >> show hem the state of the country and the view rubio has for us. economically and keeping our country safe and encouraging people to get out and vote, and letting them know this is an important year and we need to let everyone know how we feel. >> i want to talk about how the republican voter has changed. when you talk about the young republicans in this country, here's snag stood out to me. it says a clear majority of young republicans say immigrant strength in america, half say coopera corporate profits are too high. it says young republicans are more likely to favor legalizing
7:46 am
marijuana than older democrats and almost as likely to support gave mairnrriage. are you seeing this shift play out among young voters in iowa? >> i think the shift we're seeing is that the new conservative issues are coming out. people are looking for less intervention in their lives. if that means less regulation, that's good for us as individuals. and it's not coming right down from washington. i see people lessening up on social issues and other issues as well as immigration. i think it will be interesting to see how young republicans kind of work with this and become the new party. >> the new party. let's pull out how the iowa republican party is trying to cater to you guys. take a look at this. this comes from the website. sort of the front page there. focusing on young voters, young republicans. what do you say to those who argue that focusing on young
7:47 am
voters is a wasted effort? they say, look, you guys don't get out to caucus as much. right now you're in college in session. so you're going to caucus in more contained areas rather than all over the state where your homes are. what do you say to them? >> i don't really believe that at all. i think young voters are incredibly important, especially with student loan issues, student debt. there's a ton of issues that pertain to students. the security of the nation and our economy. i think there are going to be a ton at students at the university of iowa going out tonight. . >> have a good time tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. checking top stories. two virginia tech students facing charges in the death of a 13-year-old girl. they're due in court today. the missing girl's body was found in north carolina near the virginia border.
7:48 am
a freshman faces murder charges, and natalie keepers is charged with disposing of the body. the man used the relationship to abduct and kill the girl. an investigation is underway after a private citizen pulled over a police officer for speeding. the driver posted the video. she says the officer was going 90 miles per hour without his lights. she followed him and pulled him over. he says he wasn't going too fast. the department is looking into the case. wall street kicks off february on a down note. oil sinking back toward about 33 a barrel. another reason for the drop, china's economy. the country's manufacturing activities slumped once again in january. still to come, the count down to the superbowl. this is football weekend. it's politics week in iowa.
7:49 am
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there is something else going on outside of politics. if you can believe it, we're talking the super bowl. are you cheering for the panthers or broncos? you're probably jealous of kobe. the best place to be. you have palm trees. you're in downtown san francisco with the bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. someone has to do it. i guess i'll take this
7:54 am
responsibility. the game is still six days away. the city is starting to buzz. i've been here all weekend. the teams didn't arrive until yesterday. the story of the today wasn't about the championship. teams rolling into town. it was about cam newton strolling around in his fancy pants. check these out. gold, black, white, zebra print skinny jeans. those are $850, and they're already sold out online. sorry, viewers at home, you'll have to wait to get yours. denver didn't have any brazen broncos, no fancy fashions. peyton manning looking traditional. media day is usually tuesday, but it's taking place tonight just after 8:00 p.m. eastern. there was one football game this weekend, kind of. the pro bowl from hawaii. tackling was optional in this one. apparently they called this a
7:55 am
sack in the pro bowl these days. that earned michael bennett defensive mvp honors. the football gods are frowning on this. finally, john scott's controversial appearance, he was sent down to the minor leagues after being traded. but a fan-write in campaign made him a captain. after two goals, the fans voted him mvp. his teammates carried him on their shoulders before he was presented with a check for $1 million. he's expecting twins any day. we look forward to sharing with you all the sights and sounds of super bowl 50 12346789. >> enjoy the assignment. coy with us for the bleacher
7:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we want to welcome our viewers around the world. it is caucus day in america. we are here in beautiful des moines, iowa hours from now the first real numbers will be tallied and the very first contest of the 2016 race. >> the


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