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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." after months of talking about it, it is finally here. caucus day in iowa at 8:00 p.m. eastern. iowans are going to be the first in the nation to cast their vote in this presidential race. the race 2016's choice. for the republicans donald trump seems to be the man to beat. he is speaking right now at a rally in waterloo. live pictures right there on the right-hand side of your screen. he is going to be busy later this afternoon. he will be at a rally in cedar rapids, and joining him, none other than one of the big endorsements, sarah palin. the former governor of alaska.
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all of this is a brand new poll just released today shows that donald trump is leading over texas senator ted cruz and not by a little. by a lot. 31-24. also, among the top four, florida senator marco rube wroe, he is trailing with 17%, and then there's ben carson. hanging in there in the fourth spot at 8%. over to the democrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, neck and neck. in the very latest and last poll for iowa, sanders is 3 percentage points ahead of hillary clinton. it was the opposite. it was clinton leading sanders 45-42. both sides battling it out to the bitter end, and here's a look at where the republican candidates are making the rounds today. it's a confusing map to be sure. this is caucus day, folks.
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a final frenzy day throughout the state of iowa. some of them are already setting their sights on new hampshire like new jersey governor chris christie, ohio governor john kasich, and former florida governor swreb bush. for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both planning events tonight at their headquarters in des moines, iowa. donald trump, again, as we mentioned a little earlier, speaking live right now. the first rally of the day after a lot of tv interviews this morning. let's get you live to waterloo and listen in. >> what you think about not knowing. many times they do things that you say, oh, they're not very smart. they can't be doing this. they have to be totally incompetent. the truth is they do things for people that give them the money. they're doing things for their special interests and their fundraisers and for all of these people. many of whom i know. i mean, i look at some of the lists, and i laugh. i look at some of the money put up to all of them. i mean, i don't want to use names, but i will. okay? no, i mean, i'm looking at the
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money put up by ted cruz for ted cruz. it's incredible. the people there. he is controlled. he will destroy your ethanol business 100%. 100%. look, i'm not really blaming him because he is financed by oil people. the oil people don't want ethanol. it's very simple. especially now because with the prices going down, the last thing they need is more competition. the oil people are funding him, and they don't want ethanol. your ethanol business, if ted cruz gets in, will wiped out within six months to a year. it's going to be gone. it's going to be gone. as you know, the ethanol folks, like trump, i have been consistent, i've been solid, and i'm your certificate, and i always will be a supporter, and i view it differently. i view the more energy we can have -- we never want to be in a position like we've been in over the last many years. we're just now starting to come out of it, but all of a sudden production is going to go down. prices are going to go up. you are going to end up with the monopoly again. it's just not going to happen. just remember that. i have been for you, and the
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ethanol folks, the people that are representing you have given me the absolute highest accolades all over the place. and the governor. the governor said you can't put ted cruz in. i had no idea how many jobs it means for iowa. that's a major industry in iowa. you have to remember that. -- >> donald trump talking ethanol, which has been a big attack on ted cruz, and he is also just coming off a weekend of going there and using the l-word, calling ted cruz a liar saying that ted cruz claims the i and for obama care, i am not. strong and strident in those few last hours leading up to the caucuses. tonight, by the way, place to be is iowa. if you haven't already guessed. that's where my colleague aaron burnett is standing by live. she's going to be live throughout this entire hour. everybody is doing the same thing that donald trump is doing right now. they are hitting it as hard as they can wherever they can all the way out to when the caucuses
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open up. >> it's true, ashleigh. it's incredible. last night -- they were getting ready to go out late. they had a rally last night. there's a very weird feeling that there's nothing you can do. we're in these final hours, and are you waiting and waiting, and you can't do anything until people show up at 7:00. we're going to hear from donald trump's campaign in just a moment. in an interview with abc's "this week" you heard ashleigh reference it. in it he claims that trump would save obama care if he made it to the white house, and it took a particularly nasty tenor. here he is. >> ted cruz is a total liar. i am so against obama care. i've been saying it for two years in my speeches. i'm going to repeal and replace obama care. i don't even know where he gets this, but he is a liar. >> this is a national spokesperson for the trump campaign, and you are here with
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me in iowa. this is just how it's going to end. with a particularly nasty tone. >> i think mr. trump is known for saying what he thinks and what he feels, and these particular types of attacks, you see the cruz campaign get nasty with a lot of the other campaigns. if you vote for rubio, it's am nest where i. you vote for donald trump, it's obama care. it was senator cruz who supported tpa for the obama trade. built a pass that includes amnesty, and also includes hits on health care, raising costs and drug prices. >> that's the whole bill as to why he was support it and he did it to kill the bill, and that whole -- >> this is completely different. >> what is donald trump's strategy today? all right. we see him at a rally. what are you doing in these final hours to get people to show up tonight? or is this just a game of you have done everything you can, and now you are waiting? >> well, we definitely have the call center full, and everybody is making phone calls, making sure they know when to go to
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caucus, if they need training tips, we have it on-line at the last minute knocks on the doors. we're out there being a resource for the voters. there are a lot of first time caucus goers who are very excited about cabbingusing for trump. i got to tell you, we are so proud of our candidate who hasn't been a politician, that's been out there holding his own. >> all right. let me ask you. last night sarah murray had a piece on our show, and it was fascinating. she was talking about donald trump's ground game and trying to figure out, right, he has done the whole thing of using twitter and not doing the traditional way that people do iowa? right, visiting other county. she actually went to a call center, right? they wouldn't let her in. they wouldn't answer any questions. they were vettive and said you can't have a sense of what's going on in here at all. why not just let people in? >> well, i don't know what call center she went to or if she went to headquarters. you know, there has been a lot of controversy with regard to the trump campaign and the media regardless of the truth of the
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matter. the trump campaign has always been attacked and -- we don't know what they're going to say. when you are going into the final hours, we always know there are surprises in politics the day of election. they're probably somewheres a little guarded. >> what's your ground game? it sounds like you're saying in the final hours, you're actually being a bit more traditional. you are at these final hours doing what people have always done in iowa. >> always. yes. >> all right. what about the evangelical vote? we have video of this. he is linked up with jerry falwell jr. he is a major evangelical leader. interestingly, endorsed him because of his business accumin and not his religiousness. what's he going to do at the end of the day to get evangelicals
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to vote for him? going to church in iowa with his super model wife is not going to do it on its own. >> he will stick to policies like jerry falwell mentioned and like sarah palin is mentioning. evangelicals care about the future of their country. they care about the economy. they care about their children. if we don't bring back the economy, if we don't create jobs and evangelicals aren't going to vote for a sunday schoolteacher. that's jimmy carter. they want somebody strong that's going to stand up for them and fight on the national stabling. >> katrina pearson, thank you very much. he is here on the ground in iowa along with the trump team. we are going to be talking to so many of the campaigns throughout the day. hour after hour talking to them. i'm trying to read what's the look in their eyes when we talk to the clinton and sanders folks. in a few moments the presidential candidate mike huckabee will join us. hillary clinton's campaign chairman will also join us later this hour.
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iowa caucuses, they've arrived, folks. you know what, if you're in iowa, you don't get to do anything until 7:00 local time tonight. you just have to think on it all day long, and you might change your mind too because history tells us they do that. all of the folks who are running are all over the state. they are meeting as many iowans as they can, and bernie sanders is doing his level best within the next few minutes, in fact, to get to his headquarters in des moines to thank a lot of his supporters there. we're watching the live cameras, and we're going to bring it to you live. just the minute he walks in. you can imagine how dedicated they have been. we have some pretty amazing stats on bernie sanders and what he has been able to do in terms of raising money all of last year and just last month as well. we're going to bring that to you live right away. democratic race could not be any tighter, in fact, heading into the caucusing tonight.
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his rival hillary clinton says that nobody expected a slam dunk election, and just keeping an upbeat tone despite losing her early lead. this was secretary clinton this morning on "new day." >> i always thought we have a close contest, and i think that's good. it's good for the democratic party. i'm thrilled at my campaign, and we learned a lot of lessons. we've applied those lessons. we've got a great teamworking literally around the clock, and i think i'm a better candidate. >> bernie sanders told cnn's jake tapper that he is the key for a democratic victory in november because it's his campaign that's bringing out the new voters. >> so i'm feeling good, jake. people are really enthusiastic, and if people come out to vote, i think you can look at one of the biggest political upsets in the modern history of our country. mark preston is with me now from iowa.
9:16 am
he is our executive editor braving the cold to brings us this firsthand from iowa. mark, here's the thing that maybe a lot of people don't realize about how iowans caucus. they can make their minds up real late. in fact, huge swaths of them have made their minds up in the last three days and two days before the caucus, and there's this statistic in 2012 nearly half -- nearly half of iowa caucus goers made up their minds in the last three days. that's really significant, and it tells me we just can't count on what the polls have been telling us. >> on the republican side as well. 46% made up their mind in the last few days, and quite frankly, a big chunk of them made up their minds on the last day. now, on the democratic side we have to go back to 2008 when barack obama and hillary clinton, john edwards, if you remember john edwards, we're all neck and neck here in iowa. 20% in the final days. that was a different race because, ashleigh, barack obama was on such a roll, and hillary clinton had pretty much -- was out of it at that point. she came in third lace. bernie sanders is right to say
9:17 am
that. if he can drive out new voters, specifically yuck voters he has a good chance toin here in iowa. it means he needs to get 160, 170,000 democrats to show up tonight. you know, he could walk away with a victory. >> it doesn't sound at all possible, but could be. that is that hillary clinton might, in fact, be supporting martin o'malley. if he falls below 15%, his supporters have to scatter and take a camp to go to, and many people -- effectively how on earth would hillary clinton know this for starters, and then, b, how would she possibly get her supporters in those various precincts to actually make some kind of a move over to o'malley's camp, if, in fact, the reporting is true?
9:18 am
>> well, you know, look, we'll have to see if that happens tonight. this is what can be said about hillary clinton's campaign here in iowa. it has been built for the past year. they have precinct captains at every one of these. they know by and large how many people are going to show up to support them if they have reached the threshold and they're fine and they're going to win by a large margin. then they do want to take out bernie sanders. at the same time they're going to be trying to coerce martin o'malley supporters to come to their side, as is the bernie sanders campaign as well. it just goes to show you how much is at stake right now and all those strategies that is behind trying to win a caucus. for most of our viewers out there, it is nothing like just going in and pulling the curtain and voting for who you want. it is just an amazing process that will play out in just a few hours now. >> yeah. all this reporting that the -- they all have the apps on their phones that will real-time track exactly what's happening and that they could just move room to room and keep martin o'malley afloat to not lose the po teshlg of all his supporters heading
9:19 am
over to bernie sanders. it is strategic and amazing. mark preston, thanks for braving the cold, and doing all that great work in iowa for us. also, want to remind our viewers that hillary clinton's campaign manager john will join us live from iowa a little later in this hour. when iowa ends tonight and the race moves to new hampshire, cnn is going to have a very special event there. coming this wednesday night, just two days before now, all three democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will take part in a presidential town hall in new hampshire. that will be live right here on cnn. a critical moment for each of the candidates to face the voters of new hampshire and answer their questions directly and make their lowsing arguments. wednesday night, 8:00 p.m. live here only on cnn. coming up next, we're waiting and we're watching for bernie sanders to arrive and speak live this hour. expecting him to show up at his headquarters in des moines. those supporters work real hard for him.
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they're probably going to be thrilled to see him live and in person. we'll bring it to you the minute it happens. what would an iowa win mean for bernie sanders' campaign going forward? we're going ask his campaign communications chair ted coming up. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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the 2016 campaign has so far proven that conventional wisdom thought nobody thought we woulden here. not with donald trump or bernie sanders. a year ago who would have imaged bernie sanders in a dead heat against hillary clinton in iowa? his unconventional campaign is tapping into a well spring of passion and enthusiasm. enthusiasm is obviously crucial. it doesn't matter how happy those young voters are with sanders. they actually need to go and vote for it to matter. joining me now democratic strategist senior media advisor
9:25 am
to bernie sanders campaign, ted. you and i have been talking a lot over the weeks. we spoke once earlier in the morning. i know have been talking to your iowa chair, and what's happening right now? what are you seeing in these final hours? >> a massive effort on the ground. we have 4,000 volunteers right now on the ground in iowa. we're making tens of thousands of phone calls to contact people. we have a huge digital campaign. particularly targeting young voters to make sure they're aware of the caucus and the location and at the time them out tonight. it's just a huge outreach going on. >> i know you do all these things and it's sort of like spaghetti against a wall, right? you don't know exactly what's stick, but that's primarily what it is right now? it's calls, and it's still knocking on doors and trying to get people to commit? >> just contact. voter contact. they need transportation, we'll give them help with transportation tonight. we're making sure that everybody knows tonight is the caucus. all the ones we've identified. we have enough ones to win this. we just fwot to get them out. >> what do you think the young turnout is going to be? versus what it was historically? how about this?
9:26 am
what's your hope of what it's going to be? >> my hope would be that it would resemble the levels of 2008. 22% of the electorate in 2008 was 17 to 29-year-olds. when i worked here -- last time i worked here with john kerry it was 17%. you know, if we can get it above 17% and get it up into the 20s, that's a huge advantage for us. >> when you say, though, 22% in 2008, that, of course, is barack obama. >> yes. >> so you really do think that you could pull numbers like barack obama did? i mean, that was a history-shifting democratic caucuses in iowa. >> i hope we can, and, you know, we have tools that were not available to president obama in this campaign in 2008. smartphones now, ability to talk to people in a way that they just couldn't in those days because of technology. we're going to try to use all those to our advantage. >> all right. well, todd, thank you very much. i appreciate it. as i continue here in these final hours, you can see it's in a sense back to old school. knocking on doors, making phone calls. doing whatever they can do. coming up here on "legal view" republican candidate mike huckabee in person. he knows what it takes to win
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we are hours away from the iowa caucuses. the key to a gop victory is most likely going to lie in the evangelical voters. the monday that won their hearts, minds, and vote at the gop iowa caucuses in 2008, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. not doing as well this time around, but is he here and fighting and he is joining me from des moines, iowa. thank you for being with me. >> thanks, erin. great to be here. let me ask you the question. you did this. you pulled this off. >> right. >> you won it. >> right. your on the ground guy helped you. it's so different this time around. you know, you're not going to win here. what's change snd. >> no votes have been counted yet. let's see how it goes. it's a very different year. there's a lot of anger out there. you know, i have often said that i'm a conservative, but i'm not mad at anybody about it. well, this year it's almost like you immediate to be really, really angry about it.
9:32 am
that's not who i am. if people want someone who is just frothing, that's probably not me, but if they want someone who can get a job done, who can effectively govern against a wall of opposition, which i had the most lopsided legislature in the country, i understand how to be effective in that. it seems like people don't want you to be able to govern. they just want you to be able to throw rocks and break glass and if that's the case, i'm probably not their guy. >> you feel this, though. >> it is. you know, i still want to believe that there are optimistic americans who want the best for their kids and grandkids, who aren't just wanting to say let's burn it down. >> evangelicals will be crucial here. it's a group you know well. it's a group who got you the win. >> they were a big part of it.
9:33 am
the key to my winning eight years ago was really working class people. now, a lot of those people are evangelicals, but quite frankly, if the evangelicals it completely coalessed around me, and they never coless around anybody, i would have won even with a bigger margin, and as it turned out, i had the largest win in history of the caucuses. thompson, mccain, they didn't support me because here's the problem. a lot of evangelicals say we agree with you and love what you understand for, and this guy looks like he might win, and as a result, evangelicals end up splitting and splintering their vote. >> they try to go for a winner. >> you know, donald trump has got jerry falwell jr.'s endorsement. of course, for business reasons, not for religious ones. you know, but john mccain was traveling through, and he said domed trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing and evangelicals know what that means. he has stood for everything that
9:34 am
we have been against. i was talking to donald trump's two oldest sons yesterday, and i asked them about their father's religion. i said let's be honest. your dad is not a religious guy. he hasn't pretended to be a religious guy. donald trump jr. said of his dad, yeah, you know, but he is a believer. he is a god-fearing guy. is he? is donald trump a god-fearing person? is he a person that as an evangelical if you were a voter you could support with a straight face? >> i could support donald trump if he gets the nomination. donald trump is a pretty straight forward guy about who he is. i respect that. i would much rather have a guy like donald trump who, you know, is unfiltered, but you know exactly where he is coming from than a guy that pretends that he really, you know, is devout but deep down, i mean, it's not who he is every day. >> who are you talking about there? ted cruz? >> anybody. anybody who is telling me they're devout, but the life doesn't show it. i'm not going to, you know, try to dissect that. we have a lot of candidates. can you go through the les and
9:35 am
figure out -- >> i'm just looking at some of the things out there. you have ted cruz who is talking evangelicals and there are negative ads saying he doesn't give his money away. disinswren with us. that would be the disparity between words and actions that you are talking about. >> i think ted cruz is certainly one of the candidates that has an issue of changing his mind depending where he is. whether he is in manhattan, he has a very different message to people than he does when he goes to muscatine, iowa, and i just feel like that sometimes, look -- look at every candidate and figure out what candidate has been virtually universally dispairaged or at least questioned by the other candidates because they say he says he is it the most pure, the most consistent, but he hasn't been, and i think that's a problem to a lot of people. >> for ted cruz. you are saying donald trump is someone that, you know, you do think you could support. not worried about his lack of obvious -- >> i support mike huckabee.
9:36 am
it's not too late. >> how well do you need to do here in iowa to move on? what is your math on the mike huckabee path to victory then? >> rather than say there are two or three slots out of here, i think sometimes people say that. a lot of it depends where the cluster is. if somebody gets 28% and somebody gets 26 and let's say i get 18, then there's a good hands to keep going forward. if i'm in single digits in the top three or four are in doubling digits, it's harder to justify. a lot of it has to do with did you exceed expectations? as much as people are saying, swree, what do you have to do, ted cruz has to win because he has been ahead, he has been at the top of the polls. if he doesn't win, then he has as much difficulty just fewing going on probably as i do. >> all right. thank you very much, governor. >> great to see you. >> i appreciate your taking the time here in iowa. now to ashleigh. >> all right, erin. thank you for that. i want to get us right back out live to iowa because bernie sanders is stopping by his headquarters with his wife,
9:37 am
jane. let's listen in and hear what he is telling his supporters. >> our success in this campaign up until now has been because of the enthusiasm of our volunteers, the willingness of the people of iowa to listen to the message that we have brought forth, which is a message that says it is not acceptable. that almost all of the new income and wealth yen generated in america today goes to the top 1% while at the same time we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major nation on earth. that is not what the american people want, and together that is what we are going to change. now, we have come a long, long way in the last nine months. my guess is tsh there was a pell out the other day, and it has secretary clinton up ahead. that's where we are. what every poll tells us and what every political pundit
9:38 am
understands is the following. we will, tonight, if the voter turnout is high. we will struggle tonight if the voter turnout is low. that's the fact. what is our job today? it's to make sure that we have the highest voter turnout possible. that happens. we win. let's go get them. thank you all. [ cheering ] >> bernie sanders, his head waters in des moines, iowa. when he says he has a good year, he has had a great year. $73 million he was able to raise last year, and just last month the month of january the numbers came in. bernie sanders and his supporters were able to put together 20 million in one month. we'll see if that pays off for him tonight. coming up, we're going to speak to the chair of hillary clinton's campaign and see how the last month has paid off for her. see how the last we're has paid off for her, and how it has changed and what that means for
9:39 am
all important tonight. our live coverage from the iowa caucuses begins after this.
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have i lived what people are facing now, and i than what we stand for is better than what hillary clinton stands for. unite this party, we will unite this country, we will defeat hillary clinton, or for ma tha matter, better than where i sanders, and i will be the next president of the united states. >> a lot of people are saying that today. that was marco rube wroe speaking to supporters at one of his field offices in iowa this morning. pledging to unite the republican party and defeat the democratic nominee. today is a big day. i don't need to say that.
9:44 am
it's a big day for away away, but it's a big day for the rest of the country too. iowa caulk where youses can make or break a campaign. in terms of momentum anyway. in terms of a win or a loss later on where it really counts? maybe not so much. we'll talk more about this to cnn political commentator and daily beast commentator dana and tara, and roger stone, former political advisor for richard nixon. a deep well to draw upon there. i want to throw this out to all three of you, so you have to be brief. iowa has a couple million people. iowa does not share the same demographic as the rest of america. of those few million people, only a couple hundred thousand actually go out to caucus. why on earth does america put so much pressure and so much emphasis on iowa? i'll start with you. >> because they're first, but the historical record of them correctly predicting the winner of new hampshire in the nomination on the republican side is scant, and the polls we're looking at are extremely
9:45 am
unreliable and volatile. it's a media event, but it's not necessarily a predictive yeekt event. >> we don't have 4-year-old memories. we can't go back four years to see that predictability doesn't always play out? >> we have in our politics and culture we have a fixation on the folks lore of white middle class rural farmland americans and kind of try to always put hem in the foreground. we treat those voters as more important in our politics and in our culture in general than they actually are in modern america and that's why iowa is important. >> the we part of that is not just the media. we as the donors. they start to dry up in you don't do well in iowa. what is with the whole machine? >> the interesting part about that is that it was the democrats who basically made iowa first. iowa became first as a result of the turmoil in the democratic national convention in 1968. iowa became first thanks to democrats and then republicans followed in 1976.
9:46 am
are they representative of the country? not now, but if you move it, you try to move, it you're going to find the same kind of arguments for every other state, so it's engrained. it's one of those things in politics that's very difficult to change, but it's still serving a purpose in other ways. it winnows down the field and it has to do with momentum and how the media covers it. it is a big media event. all those things matter. if you move, it you're going to get the same criticism no matter what you do. >> let me ask you guys this if you think back to all of the different iowa caucus moments that you have covered, when do we actually know? do we always wait until the very bitter end, or do we start to get a really sweet picture at about 8:30 or even before that from people in line? >> we already know that three years ago rick santorum won the caucuses even though he was never first or second at any poll. we didn't know for two months. we may not -- we may not know tonight. also, it's important to
9:47 am
recognize that jimmy carter bootstrapped and became a legitimate kwd out of iowa and that created kind of this lore that a dark horse candidate could break through in iowa. >> i'm asking this question. what time? i've been biting my nails. what time am i going to know? >> two things. i think this whole rush to know -- and we've seen a lot of this. the rush to know is unhealthy because, yes, you can make a statistical case to it, but voters out there especially as we talk to super tuesday and national elections, the voters are still out there and want to think their votes count. the other reason iowa is actually interesting is that the ethanol that drives iowa elections is enthusiasm. as unique as this caucus process may be, candidates can only win if their voters are enthusiastic. you don't just shot e show up. you have to participate. that's what's most interesting is what trump and sanders supporters in particular if they have the kind of enthusiasm to
9:48 am
get out there to advocate for their candidates to bring tsh. >> that will be interesting. >> yeah. that's what it's going to be. fine we were able to find out the results right away and the caucus at 8:30, you still don't necessarily know with delegates because of how complicated the iowa caucus process is. they still have their state convention, their county convention, all the things to get the delegates. you don't know the impact until later on. absolutely agree with sally that enthusiasm is key. i mean, even at how the media covers it i think matters. we've had marquee rubio surgerying, and if he does well, then will the media start talking about him? it worked for gary hart in 1984. he ross by 30 points, but because the media said, oh, look, he performed better than we thought he did -- >> i was actually -- >> i thought i had -- >> precocious fourth grader. >> i want to do a rapid fire because during the break we have our chat session, and you were all three saying good night for, bad night for, and i want to hear that from all three of you. >> good night for marco rubio,
9:49 am
and good night for donald trump, and not a good night for ted cruz. >> completely degree. bad night for ted cruz, and i think good night for sanders. >> fwood night tore sanders if we have large turnout. good night for marco rubio, and it remains to be seen about trump and cruz. >> can i just say -- >> no one is saying good night for hillary? >> she's going to keep going no matter what, i think rubio will keep going no matter what. if trump wins, though, bad night for america. >> well, he has been saying he is going to run the table. >> bad night for hillary. >> that's what some people say. others say perfect night for hillary. guys, you're grate. thank you. i appreciate rapid fire actually being rapid. awesome. appreciate it. we have already heard from a top bernie sanders aide this hour and also heard from bernie sanders himself. coming up next, to the other side of that battle, the chairman of healthing hillary rodham clinton's campaign is going to talk about what is on the line for them tonight? what she's up to today.
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9:54 am
welcome back. we are now approaching the seven hour mark from the iowa caucuses officially getting underway, and hillary clinton is really trying to avoid a repeat of her 2008 defeat to president obama, but this one is a close race. clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders are neck and neck in the polls, edging ahead of each other every other poll, and they only have a few hours to sway the on fence iowa voters. john pedesta yoinz us now live from des moines. he is the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign and has a very long resume in washington as well. in the clinton white house. thank you so much for joining me today. i have one very simple question, and a lot of people are asking it. what happens to hillary clinton's campaign if she does not pull it off tonight? >> we intend to pull it off tonight tonight. we've been working since last spring to build what is the best
9:55 am
organization that's ever been built here neighbor to naeb. we have precinct captains in every one of the 1681 iowa precincts. team leaders in those precincts. we -- she's finished strong here, positive here talking about what she can do to make people's lives better from raising incomes to providing affordable health care, so we feel very good where we are. we tend to finish this off tonight, and win in iowa. >> you are good at your swrob, and i fully expected i wouldn't get the answer to the question i asked. john, i'm going to go at this a different way. if things don't work out, because it's neck and neck right now, i want to just take you to the new hampshire numbers right now. the latest cnn poll has sanders at 57 and hillary clinton at 34. that's dismal in terms of looking ahead to new hampshire, but if you skip one more state on to south carolina, things really flip for your candidate. hillary rodham clinton healthing
9:56 am
is at 64 and better than yes sanders 27. with that in mind, if things don't go well in iowa -- that's a possibility. have you to give me that. do you just move on past new hampshire and think about south carolina? >> no, we're going to be in new hampshire. wear going to fly from iowa to new hampshire. campaign hard if new hampshire to win every vote and win the delegates there. obviously, senator sanders is a neighbor -- new hampshire has a tradition of voting for their neighbors, but we think we can do very well there, and if we get a win here tonight, we can go and compete and win in new hampshire, but beyond that, we're going to fight for every delegate across the country. we've got strong organizations in nevada, south carolina, and we're on to super tuesday. we have a more diverse electorate in those states. we think we can do very, very well, but most importantly, i think, again, she's lowsing really strong here in iowa, and it's given us a good base to go on and secure the nomination.
9:57 am
>> all right. talking about that organization, there's been much ado about some reports out there that your campaign is equipped with all the best bells and whistles the same way that president obama. you have an app on your supporters' iphones that will tell you in real-time what's happening in all of those thousands of precincts in the caucusing, and that if it looks like that martin o'malley might fall below that critical 15% threshold and he will have to disburse his voters to hillary clinton or bernie sanders, and the worry is they'll go to bernie sanders, that you might dispatch some of your supporters, hillary clinton supporters over to martin o'malley's camp to keep him afloat and keep that disbursing from happening. is there truth to that? >> that's what makes iowa so interesting is it's so complicated. what we're going to do is try to get every delegate can for hillary, and that's what our
9:58 am
precinct leaders are -- know that they need to do and you said we're running a sophisticated campaign. we believe that we are and we're going to go out and try to get our voters to the caucuses and rack up the numbers that we need to win this wrout right tonight. we feel like we're in a position to do that. >> are you saying to me that you will not do that or that will be a strategic move if it's needed to move hillary clinton supporters over to o'malley to keep them afloat? >> each precinct is going to be different. we've got leaders who have been trained to know what to do but our goal is so get as many delegates as possible tonight, and we feel like we're in a good position to do that.
9:59 am
>> barack obama 2008, john kerry, 2004. george bush, 2000. al gore, 2000. of course, on separate sides of the parties there. then there have been those who did win iowa and it made no hoot of difference for them. mike huckabee, 2008. i put tom harkin in there 12992 because the guy who she's been in conversation with them.
10:00 am
she's thanked them for making her a better candidate. we're going to fight to win this nomination. we're going to fight to get elected president of the united states. we think iowa obviously is the starting gun of that, but we've got a big country. we're going to compete everywhere, and we're going to win the delegates to secure the nomination. then we're going to go out to november. >> appreciate your time, john. we know you have a busy day. i'll let you go. thank you so much for joining us live. appreciate it. thank you, everyone, for watching. i'm going to turn things over to wolf blitzer right now. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's noon in des moines, iowa. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wrer are you watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. >> we start in iowa where voters are just hours away from casting the fist votes in the presidential election. the candidates are making a


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