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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 1, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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you got an "f" because you didn't do what we think should have been done. that to me is reflective of politicians thinking they know best or they know your life so they can make decisions for you. that's what i've been concerned about with this whole caucus process. >> you can see the rest of the interview with sarah palin later today 4:00 p.m. eastern on "the lead" with jake tapper. thanks for watching. the news continues next on cnn. here we go, top of the hour. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. so great to be with you on this and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. monday. i'm brooke baldwin. who's with me?! today is the day. yay! the complete balanced nutrition this is a state where a winter of great tasting ensure. blizzard is in the forecast, with 9 grams of protein yes, and a political earthquake and 26 vitamins and minerals. may just be on the horizon. ensure. take life in! we will see if upstart republican front-runner donald trump will live up to the polls. he has led nearly all of them on
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the republican side it but will that support and these surveys turn into real actual votes on the ground here in the hawkeye state tonight? at 7:00 central time, iowans will close the doors and swing open the caucuses to choose their presidential nominees. while trump, yes, he is in the lead for the republicans, ted cruz and marco rubio, let me tell you, they are pushing hard for every nontrump vote. a solid showing here could elevate either of them as the trump -- as the favorite trump alternative now that the primary season is olally in full swing. it's not just the republicans on the verge of a seismic shift. self-proclaimed democratic socialist bernie sanders could beat hillary clinton tonight. let me repeat, bernie sanders could beat hillary clinton tonight. you look at the polls in the state, they are neck and neck. it is a tight spot for clinton. that puts her front-runner status under scrutiny. let's kick off this water with my colleague cnn politics
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reporter, she is in cedar rapids, iowa, where trump will hold a rally minutes from now. m.j., i read that trump woke up this morning and was nervous. >> reporter: this is trump's final rally in the state of iowa before voters head to the caucuses. he knows everything matters at this point. behind me, he is going to take the stage. sarah palin will be joining him. bringing her star power to this final rally. i think as we watch these final rallies that the candidates are holding today, the question we're asking is, is there anything that these candidates can do to actually make a difference just six hours out? i want to tell you about one iowa voter i've become friendly with. at that point, he was completely undecided between trump and cruz. i gave him a call last night and that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. asked him, so have you decided? now i can download my dvr recordings and lo and behold, he is still and take them anywhere.
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ready or not, here i come! undecided. he said he probably will not have decided even when he walks (whispers) now hide-and-seek time into the local caucus site. can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. he said at one point was leaning here i come! towards trump but when he can't find you anywhere! decided to skip the fox news debate, he was bothered by it don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way and just isn't sure anymore. you experience tv. just one of iowa voters who are going to be undecided heading into caucus night. so six hours out, every voter counts. >> my waitress last night undecided as well. that is part of the story line here as we head into the caucuses this evening. m.j. lee, thank you so much. so what could happen tonight? let me bring in my political experts. with me, senior editor at the daily caller jamie weinstein. democratic strategist and just a couple hours left commentator donna brazile senior until the first ballots will be contributor to the daily caller cast in this 2016 presidential and cnn political commentator contest. candidates from both parties matt lewis, and cnn political hitting the campaign trail for their final pushes. a lot of folks holding their final rallies this hour before commentator hilary rosen. of course the all-important caucusing begins in the hawkeye state. joining me now, brad anderson, are we excited? caucus day.
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matt, just quickly, what are you who served as iowa state looking for tonight what can we director for president obama 2012 election, he is backing expect? >> i think we can probably hillary clinton this time. and jeff kaufman, the chairman expect a survive. the conventional wisdom is trump of the republican party of iowa. good to see all of you. cruz rubio. but what we know is a lot of thank you for fill meg with all times that goes out the window. kinds of interesting information through the commercial break. brad, to you first. who saw rick santorum coming i guess sort of like comparing last time? we thought hillary clinton was to lessons learned in voter going to lose new hampshire in '08, she ended up winning it. turnout say in 2012 versus now. so don't be surprised if we're i think to me, it surprises me just being out and about, trying all talking about something to grab as many as i can, a lot polling, something else happens. >> you mean we won't totally of people are undecided. predict everything that's going to happen tonight, donna brazile? >> i just went to go get a >> we shouldn't. on the republican side, 45% of sandwich. my friend randy jackson was the people might change their there. position. on the democratic side, it's he is a political activist. about less than a third. but he's going to caucus. i asked him, who you go? what we do know is there's a lot of excitement, a lot of passion he said, you know, i don't know. in this political season. i'm going to listen to the speeches tonight, you know, and we talked about the earthquake, i'll see who i'm for. i said, randy, how have you not we talked about the blizzard. there may be a wave of support, made this decision? tsunami of support at the last minute for one of the top tier and he genuinely ticked off candidates. i think tonight we're going to things he liked about sanders, have a really good time and just things he liked about clinton, caucus and standing up in front your neighbor, declaring your and he is going to make up his support. i haven't done that since the mind tonight and it's fascinating to watch.
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1970s. >> in a library, in a gym, who >> we'll get to the process no knows where. doubt on that in a second. hilary, i know one huge threat when you look at the poll in the is voter turnout. des moines register, only 10,000 new voters this year compared to 30,000 of the past. evangelicals or christians will i'm wondering if, if, if, if, make up 47% of the group. voter turnout records are >> they're a very dedicated group. shattered, i'm thinking it will especially high when you think bode well for bernie sanders and about the party as a whole. they're certainly not the donald trump. majority of the party as a am i right? >> that's the expectation, that whole. the two people who are most evangelical christians caucus. likely to bring new caucusgoers they get out to caucus. quite frankly, they're probably are trump and sanders. in fact, in the polling, the one group out of all our different -- all our republicans we have, you know, libertarians, previous caucusgoers favored they're probably the easiest hillary clinton and ted cruz. group to motivate to go out so it really depends on an there. so no, that doesn't seem high to organization from trump and sanders to change the me. >> why do you think that is? conventional wisdom, to change the polls, to give the kind of >> i think they believe that surprise that matt's talking they are not only taking part in about. both campaigns are working extremely hard to make sure that happens. and obviously hillary clinton's the political process but operation not as familiar with reacting on what they see in the the cruz operation, but hillary last eight years, something clinton's operation is preparing for that. they're trying to up their
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that's aanetheoretical that the numbers. they're trying to steal some believe. >> the candidate that has to o'malley voters wherever they reach viability at 15%. can. so it's all about tactics now. >> tactics, nerves, as i if you don't, then those democrat caucusgoers are free to choose another candidate. mentioned, trump saying he's and i know in 2012, especially nervous, hillary clinton saying when i think of barack obama in she's excited. when you see the flybyes and the '08 was heard saying, listen, if excitement and it looks like a i'm not your top choice, please rock concert, so he hopes. mark me down as number two. but will all those people >> right. >> why is that so important? actually translate to votes? >> well, if you go back to 2004, >> i think there's one of two ways we're going to find out. you'll see, it was on cnn i we're either going to find out think, where dennis kucinich announced just days before the the polls are underestimating caucuses, if i'm not viable, go trump's support or they're to john edwards. i was working for john edwards overestimating it. if more people come out than at the time. i was in a caucus precinct, expected and he overshoots those polls, he might be like the jesse ventura effect in 1998 in caucusing and kucinich was not viable and they marched right minnesota where the celebrity over to the edwards camp and we brought a lot of people, new got an extra delegate. voters to the polls than the we have 1,681 precincts. polls expected, that the polls if you're talking about a lot of before the election expected, precincts where folks aren't and trump may be cruising to an overwhelming victory not only in viable, and in a close race, iowa but the primary election. which all the polls show, i >> really two campaigns -- mean, this is going to come down
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to organization, that is going >> really, this could be the to matter. >> so far, martin o'malley, i cusp of a couple different narratives. saw jeff zelleni, our reporter, one possible narrative is donald trump is a jauggernaut and he's trying to grab him and say, you going to run the table for three or four states. if he wins big in iowa -- >> what if he doesn't? know, you would be the king maker, who else are you >> well, look, i think a couple supporting if not you? of other -- the other >> the poll showed it's a 50/50 narratives, right, if ted cruz split. >> incredible. >> so what that means of course is the precinct captains in wins, then obviously the media these individual precincts, if focuses around him. they're well trained enough, i think if trump wins but rubio they will know exactly what to say and do to pick off those comes in a really strong third, i think he needs about 18%, i o'malley people if they're not viable. that goes to the importance of think he could become the alternate, you know, because building an organization and the cruz needs to win iowa. a second place finish for cruz importance of training your precinct captains. is probably worse than a third you will know the second you place finish for rubio. walk into your caucus whether or but if trump doesn't win iowa, not you've got a trained precinct captain or not. you already know what the >> on the republican side, who message is going to be. iowa doesn't pick winners. do you think really could break through here? what could be the biggest when's the last time they picked a winner? surprise that we're not talking >> exactly. about? >> new hampshire picks winners. >> i think because there's three >> but, you know, it's still or four tickets out of iowa, going to be a battlefield state possibly even five. this fall. the big ticket is who wins here's the thing that trump is obviously. i still believe, because i'm banking on, first-time voters.
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still hearing passion for those barack obama proves in '08 you folks at the bottom of the can expand your electorate. over the last six months we've polling of the des moines seen a little tick in voter registration. register polling. in this state, the hawkeye i'm not talking from tenth to state, you can show up tonight and register to vote. first. but i think there's a chance we could have a ninth or tenth that will make a leap to fifth or if you're an independent, you can caucus with the republicans sixth. >> name a name. or the democrats. who do you think? >> we have entire segments just >> i think any of them. dedicated to the process which is fascinating in and of itself. >> they're all clustered together? >> literally clustered together. it's different for democrats fiorina, i had a person the than republicans. other day called me from i remember the sound bite from muskodine who said there's been barack obama in 2008 if you a person at my door three times don't pick me as number one, pick me as your second choice. canvassing for fiorina. >> that's right, we apportion rick santorum is still out there our delegates based on the pounding the pavement. think there's a ticket to be had apportion. 15% is the threshold. down there in that area. if you're an o'malley supporter third place is going to be a ticket. we could have first, second and and in a precinct dominated by third be a ticket if sanders people, who will you expectations are exceeded. that's the key i think in this caucus with to get viability or republican race right now. will you remain uncommitted and the big prize is first try to get that as a propor obviously, but can you exceed expectations? if you can do that, you're going to grab the momentum, put it in proportional number. if you're birthday's in june and your suitcase and head right to you're eligible to vote in new hampshire and south carolina. >> incredible. november, you can also vote we're hours away. i can't wait to see how it
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tonight in the caucus. shakes out. veterans overseas, i know -- i'm sure many people are very >> stop it, stop it right there. >> -- you can also vote in the curious. we're watching the process very democratic process tonight. so we try to make the caucus carefully in iowa. more accessible to people. i appreciate your time. we want to open it up. we want the enthusiasm. good luck tonight. we want the passion. more importantly, we want people donald trump, as we mentioned, to caucus. he is about to speak to iowa >> quickly, hilary, final voters here. thought from you, the biggest we'll bring it to you live, surprise out of the night? cedar rapids, iowa. >> well, you know, this notion of a clinton supporter versus we're back after this quick break. sander supporters. this is sheldon where do the o'malley people go? >> right. >> that really is a presink by precinct issue. so, you know, hillary clinton is expected to have a big turnout in, you know, the north and western parts of the state. sanders is going to be stronger in the cities and where the urban colleges are. but you can still only win so many delegates in those urban populated areas. what we'll see the clinton team do is try to take those places where there are fewer o'malley voters, where they can't get enough to make martin o'malley
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succeed, be so-called viable, as donna described it, and have him pull over to the clinton team. to try to hold the numbers down, you know, second tier counties. whether they're successful with that strategy is what's going to be, whether they win or not. >> successful campaign staffers in every single precinct. they do not want the ghost of 2008 to haunt them again. >> a lot of ptsd going on in the hillary clinton world. >> thank you all. so much to talk about here. coming up next, i went to a bernie sanders rally and asked whose long day setting up the news his supporters, actually was starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. curious, can you define take tylenol or take aleve, socialism? the responses were interesting. the #1 recommended pain reliever coming up. also ahead, why many voters in by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. iowa decide their pick today. back to the news. which candidate could that actually help? and any moment now as we're watching these different candidates in these final hours type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man crisscross the state, we're woman or where you're from. watching and waiting for donald trump there. city live pictures out of cedar country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar.
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or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, rivals in the dusk. currently polling in third and about medications they're taking. place, rubio is hoping to finish certain medications, changes in diet, at least in the number three or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body spot after tonight's caucuses. and may increase side effects. that process begins about four the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, hours from now. he says he wants to prove he's a and dizziness. stronger alternative to both ted he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. cruz and donald trump then three ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr of his rivals who have served as and learn about a free trial offer at governors. casey, kasich and bush. >> here's what i want you to understand. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. tomorrow, you cannot just go in interest and make a point. i'm on the move all day long... tomorrow, you must caucus, in my and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. opinion, respectfully, for so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. someone give us a chance to win, not just a nomination, not just boost complete nutritional drink someone who has a chance to win has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, the nomination. someone who has a chance to win including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones the presidency. and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. >> let's go to our reporter. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. following the rubio camp today. stay strong. stay active with boost®. what's his closing pitch to market goers? >> well, look, rubio has two objectives here today, brooke. he wants to show he is the clear
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. alternative to donald trump and and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. see ted cruz lose. they need cruz to do poorly in better taste. better nutrition. the caucuses here because they better eggs. think that will be the end of his campaign if he does not come out ahead and also they want to come out much further ahead of the governors in the race. if they do come ahead of the governors in the race, then they you're watching cnn here on can make the case they are the alternati alternative. they can be the establishment this iowa caucus day. candidate who can unite two live pictures for you. conservatives behind him. he's saying that i am the unity these are competing campaign candidate that is part of his rallies. we're watching and waiting for closing pitch. brooke, this really foreshadows donald trump. on the right side of your the fight in new hampshire, screen, we're watching and which is going to be sort of a waiting for ted cruz. these are these candidate's five-car pileup for second place. that's going to be the real final "final" close arguments battle going forward. we'll see how it all shakes up after tonight. why these caucusgoers need to >> they say they want third. i'm sure they would take second caucus for these candidates. as well. thank you so much, on the rubio trail. coming up next, donald trump here, it's not as simple as walking into a voting booth and expected to make his final pitch just pushing a couple of moments from now.
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buttons. we'll bring it to you live. no. they were just playing "skyfall" iowans vote in ux caucuses and caucuses are events. from adele. she said, please don't play any how do they work? let me bring in susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa more music at your events, and they did. today" and a journalist who has plus, the top three things to now covered ten presidential look for as the results come in. elections. you were just with me in des ♪ soft, calm music moines, now in new hampshire. let's explain the difference in terms of if you're voting republican versus democrat here in iowa. it's a closed ballot for republicans meaning you just select one candidate. democrats, it's a different process regarding viability. explain that to our viewers. >> if you're republican, you just walk in, you have a secret ballot. your neighbors don't have to know. if you're a democrat, you go into a public space. you've got to go stand with a group. the group with the candidate that you're supporting. "hi, you've reached emma. then you got lobbied. i'm out of the office right now you got lobbied by people in other groups who want you to but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join them. it's a very public event. your call is important to me." it involves cajoling sometimes.
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join princess cruises for exclusive viability is 15%. if you don't have 15% of a discovery at sea experiences. people at the caucus you're not limited caribbean fares from $549. a viable candidate. you have a choice of going call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. undecided or joining other princess cruises. come back new. candidates. with o'malley supporters unlikely to get 15%, they should be up for grabs. >> that's an important piece of perfect driving record. this. >>perfect. because second place will play no tickets. no accidents... an important role tonight. >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >> that's right. if the sanders and clinton folks >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company are closely divided as they will would cut you some slack, right? be some places, the o'malley >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. supporters could make the your perfect record doesn't get you anything. difference in tipping them one way or another. >>anything. they could be important in determining the delegate perfect! breakdown at the end of the for drivers with accident forgiveness, night. >> and also, i mean, i'm so liberty mutual won't raise your rates fascinated by the process here due to your first accident. because also you could be and if you do have an accident, swayed -- you mentioned our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. cajoling, you know, whether you are in a small town, you know a lot of people, you're in a small for a free quote, school library versus a massive call liberty mutual at gym. how do all of those details factor in to your decision?
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switch to liberty mutual and >> you know, they certainly can you could save up to $509 factor in. say your best friend is a precinct captain for bernie call today at sanders. even if you like hillary clinton a little better. maybe that gets you over with see car insurance in a whole new light. the bernie sanders camp. so these personal relationships liberty mutual insurance. make a difference. you know, that's one reason hillary clinton has focused on a lot of organization. she has a really good organization this time in iowa. that can pay off when you get to caucus night. >> what about voter turnout? you know, we're not going to read into new tea leaves. if some precinct has longer lines, that doesn't mean anything. was listening to former senator harken saying something like he thinks if there are large crowds forming before 7:00 tonight, that that will be a good sign, in terms of folks getting out to caucus. would you agree with that? >> you tell me what the trend is and i'll tell you what wins tonight because if the turnout is big on the democratic side,
11:19 am
that's good news for bernie sanders. he has lots of support. hillary clinton has stronger support among those who caucused before. if turnout's pretty low or, you know, just sort of average, i think that's good news for hillary clinton. on the republican side as well, bigger turnout, better for donald trump. lower turnout, good for ted cruz, because he has such an extensive organization in iowa. really the most extensive organization certainly of anyone on the republican side. if you see big crowds lining up to register to vote, to reregister to be in a different party, you can tell from what who has the advantage on each side. >> susan page, we'll see you in new hampshire in a couple of days. thank you so much. >> see you there. >> coming -- okay, deal. coming up, four years ago, the iowa caucuses produced one of the closest finishes in history only to be decided days later after a recount. could we see another tight race this time around and will iowa be ready? we'll talk with the chairman of the republican party of iowa next. also ahead, ted cruz and trump
11:20 am
holding dueling rallies this hour. live pictures for you. making their final pitch to caucusgoers. we'll watch both of those campaigns and dip into both of those. keep it here. you're watching cnn's special coverage from des moines, iowa. if you're a political wonk, today is like the super bowl. the denver broncos take the panthers sunday night. are skeb is getting to this game takes a lot of work. that includes lifting weights.
11:21 am
he knows all about that, he used to play professional ball. i understand you found a way to make the weight room more fun and productive for all. do tell, my friend. >> absolutely, brooke. all this week, we'll find out what happens when sports and technology collide. as far as the first piece of technology, i wish they had this when i was playing. thanks to elite form, athletes can get feedback on every rep in the weight room finding out how powerfully they've completed that movement and how they stack up against the competition. check this technology out. >> elite form really is something that started as a project that then kind of evolved into very unique technology so you can then come out with a product that's kind of slick, well functioning and made sense in the weight room.
11:22 am
>> you can move it as fast as possible every time. that's what we're looking for. >> now they can visibly see it. they need instant gratification. they can see it right away. >> oh, yeah. >> you ready? >> i have to get this chip off your shoulder. >> we use 3-d cameras to see open space and athletes working out within that space. so from there, we can see how fast you move, how powerful you move. because at the end of the day, people think bigger faster stronger. but really we believe one of the key metrixes is power. we don't have to be the smartest guys te s at the end of the day because we work smart. >> if i see something different, the guy's not looking as well on his technique or if his numbers are down from the power and the
11:23 am
speed, i can maybe pull him aside and say, did you get enough sleep last night. >> it became a game. it's making weight room more fun. you up for more? >> let's go. let's do it. >> hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. happy caucus day. we're live in des moines, iowa. they open four hours from now. 7:00 central. we will finally see a couple of things. one, if republican front-runner donald trump will live up to the hype and the big poll numbers. will that support really turn into, will it translate into real votes tonight in iowa? 7:00 central time iowans will close the doors and open their caucuses to select their presidential nominees. yes, while donald trump leads the polls for republicans, ted cruz and marco rubio, they're
11:24 am
pushing very, very hard for every nontrump vote. a solid showing here could elevate either of them to become the favorite trump alternative. and just a reminder, we're watching and waiting to see donald trump make his final push to iowans. you know her, she's sarah palin. she's introducing him at this event. as soon as we see mr. trump, we'll take a piece of that live. joining me, the state treasury of arizona. jeff dewitt, nice to see you, here he is, senator ted sir. i know donald trump has said cruz, final pitch. we're going to go there. yes, i've been involved in final pitch. elections. he said this morning he's we lost the signal. as soon as we see the shot back nervous. i didn't think donald trump got up with ted cruz -- this is his final stop here, final pitch to nervous, jeff. caucus goers in jefferson, iowa. >> it's been a long time coming. i'll say, i don't think many as soon as we get it back up, things would get him nervous. promise we'll take it. but, you know, it's a lot of meantime, it is no secret bernie work. a lot of things have led up to sanders is attracting big this. we're very excited.
11:25 am
crowds, new voters. i think it's an excited nervous. i left for iowa city a couple we're going to see some positive hours away to check out his results tonight. everything we're seeing is great. all the feedback we're getting, rally. the trump team. on stage there with the lead so this is a chance for america to stand up and say they want to singer. do things different and they foster the people was there. i got a chance to talk to some want to elect a business person of these young people in the instead of a politician and room and i said why bernie. tonight we think they're going to do that. here's what they told me. >> when you look at some of the why bernie sanders? headlines here this morning, >> bernie sanders seems like the only candidate who's really "usa today," is trump for real. unwilling to pander to just, the moment of truth for whatever's going on. >> bernie has from the very donald trump. beginning, he's been steadfast jeff, what if he doesn't win in his ways. iowa tonight? >> if he doesn't win iowa, it's he's always had the same views. really not the end of the world he's always advocating for the or anything. because we're leading so far in people. >> he's telling the truth. new hampshire by so much, south carolina. so we're going to go on to the you look at the young people and next states and do very well. their judgment. they can sense something. if you're true to what you believe, that inspires them. for the other candidates, this >> how is bernie sanders in is the final stand for many of touch with the millennial them here. this could be the end of the generation? >> you know, it beats the hell out of me. road for a few or many of the
11:26 am
i think it's really about other candidates. listening. >> bernie sanders has these for almost anybody else, it will young kids. that is why they're here. >> he has been at it and he does be. not quit. like, there is so much >> riddle me this, because this wishy-washiness that happens in is something donald trump told politics. >> he's talking about abc on "this week." immigration. in a positive way. let's get people in. quoting mr. trump, i have a heart, i will enact universal let's make this happen. he's also, you know, talking health coverage. what kind of universal health about marijuana and drug reforms care coverage is he talking and all these things that are wrong with our country and providing real answers. about, jeff? >> so if you like bernie, what don't you like about hillary >> what mr. trump is saying clinton? is -- keep in mind, for years >> i think hillary's a great now, he has said we're going to candidate. i think she's done a lot for the party. repeal obamacare. i think she has a lot of when mr. cruz comes out and says inconsistencies. i think she's out of touch with that's not the case, he hasn't the millennial generation. listened to what mr. trump has >> bernie is funded by, you said. we are going to repeal obamacare. what about trump has said is he know, donations. has talked about working with and hillary's funded by a lot of everyone on a replacement for it that actually makes sense. big companies. and works across state lines, >> how do you think iowa's going works in the business perspective. to go? >> i think iowa's going to go but obamacare is gone under a trump presidency. that's one of the biggest fallacies, is what mr. cruz is trying to do in really a last
11:27 am
bernie. >> my great-grandmother was a civil rights activist. ditch effort to save his poll numbers. in 1966, she was murdered. >> i go back to the fact that mr. trump was talking about she's looking down from heaven and seeing her granddaughter here with all these young kids. universal health coverage. when he was asked by george >> young kids in this crowd. >> young kids fighting for stephanopoulos how he would do this, he said he would work with medical rights. she'd be shouting in heaven with the doctors and the hospitals to all the rest of the civil rights pay for it. the hospitals and the doctors. activists. >> can you define socialism? do you have more specifics that >> socialism? he didn't share? >> no, i don't have more specifics than that. >> can you define socialism? i can say there's a difference between the way politicians get >> can i define socialism? things done and the way probably not. businesspeople get things done. if i'm being totally honest. they get everybody in a room and >> socialism. they work on coming up with a oh, boy. better idea. they take input and do things i don't think i can. that way. so whereas the politicians just >> like social security erodes do what's politically, you know, medicaid depending on the form easy. and that's where nothing gets that it takes, anything that's done. so, again, that's what we're sort of come together and electing tonight is a businessman. one of the most successful publicly funded through our government would be socialism. businesspeople our country has i might be wrong. ever produced. so if you make me look like a who can get things done. fool on the news, i'll forgive who is very much a doer, not a you for it. talker. that's what we'll see in >> he's saying no you can't. washington. get everyone together and do to me, it's just like telling
11:28 am
martin luther king you couldn't things differently. and obamacare's gone with dream. there's nothing wrong with mr. trump. >> i get it, a businessman, not a politician. dreaming. teach our kids dreaming. what we've heard time and time we don't want to teach our kids again from team trump. you cannot dream. we'll see if it turns into votes you can dream and it can be at the caucuses tonight in iowa. possible with a political jeff dewitt, thank you. revolution. we're waiting to see donald >> that was just one rally for one of these candidates. it's incredible to be there, to trump speak to his final pitch see it. senator sanders hoping the young to caucusgoers. vote will put him over the edge sarah palin teeing up mr. trump. here in iowa. what are the top three things we he and hillary clinton are neck should all be watching for this and neck. right now they are scrambling evening? you know what, i have found the for all the last-minute support they can get. joining me now is bernie sanders best man to answer that. cnn's political director david national press secretary simone sanders. nice to see you back here. >> nice to be here. >> how you doing? chaleon is joining meg with >> i'm good. >> i don't know how much that. scrambling sanders is doing as we're watching and waiting today because he's just sort of like -- he's finished with his for trump, let's begin with him, rallies. david what are you looking for how's he spending his day? him tonight? >> this is a question you raised >> we stopped by our des moines just a couple moments ago. hq today and he rallied the troops there. i think it is the question in we had a great group of nurses the last eight months since he and folks from out town that got into this race. can he translate huge crowds, have come in to volunteer. he thanked everybody for their leads in the polls, to voters support. for canvassing. showing up to commit to him when asked them to get back to work.
11:29 am
>> we're not done yet. he's not there to be the draw? that to me is a critical >> he took questions from a question we are going to get couple people. then we got back on our bernie answered tonight. i think the answer to it is bus. going to have major help might stop by an office near you but there's nothing on ramifications as this race his schedule today. proceeds beyond iowa. just today, a little relaxing, a part of that is the second get ready for the party tonight. item is the evangelical vote on >> get ready for the party, get ready to celebrate. the republican side. >> yes. that is one of the first things >> before you celebrate though, i'm going to look for when those i think one interesting point, i know you've been asked over and entrance polls come out. over about the young vote and how will that translate. to see if the turnout is up or we noticed it was january 3rd down. from 2008 which is when iowa caucuses were held then and schools were out then. which really helped fuel the kids were still out from the winter break. victories in iowa. that would be good for cruz. and i'm wondering if that's if it's up at those levels or something you're worried about. because, you know, it's deeper above, that might be really good. if we see that turnout among into -- what are we now? >> february. evangelicals are a little lower february 1. >> there we go, we're in or we see rubio getting enough a february now. people are in school. it's a different situation. slice of them, carson getting enough of a slice, trump getting so are you nervous about that? >> no, we're not nervous at all. enough of a slice, that it's not but there are tons of young a big enough pot for ted cruz to people who are not in iowa now ride to victory, that's going to be a key indicator tonight as well. who are out in school. but there are lots of people who
11:30 am
>> okay, what's number three? are in school who are in iowa that was evangelicals, trump -- who are going to come out and caucus for bernie tonight. >> no, number three, the >> are you worried about a lower dedicated side. on the democratic side, what i turnout than we saw in 2008? am looking for tonight is -- >> we think if voter turnout is high, we will be successful well, i'm looking for two things. i'm looking to see if indeed tonight. it's not just young people. there are lots of other overall turnout is bigger than caucusgoers. you know, they're older we anticipate. individuals. they're young professionals. folks that just haven't been engaged in the caucus process right now, if you talk to folks in the clinton campaign, they prior to but are now going to go out and caucus and vote because think it's somewhere between 2004 levels and 2008 levels. of bernie sanders. so i think this -- of course young people, they are fueling if you're looking at about 160 the political revolution, you know, it is young people out there on the front lines for us to 170,000 democrats showing up, in a lot of these cities across that's the breaking point. the country. anything less than that, the it's not just the young folks. it's a mixture of young people clinton campaign feels pretty and other unlikely caucusgoers. safe. anything north of that number, >> let me ask you, i want this overall turnout for democrats, the sanders campaign is going to start feeling really good they have brought new people into the response. accusing bernie sanders of process. and then of course we're all running the quote/unquote most waiting to see how hillary negative democratic primary clinton deals with the results campaign in history, in tonight. is she able to sort of shake off history -- you laugh. the ghosts of 2008, not be that say direct quote. >> that is a direct quote and
11:31 am
that is just far fetched. up-ended by sort of the outside >> tell me why. liberal insurgent in the party >> sanders has never run a who sort of tried to dethrone negative ad. he's never participated in a her establishment position, or negative campaign his entire political career. does she change the narrative i think we can think back to a and show that she can win where lot of other really negative she didn't win before and she's things that happened in '08. running a different campaign so we are not running a negative this time around. that's a big question about campaign. senator sanders is not clinton's candidacy. >> you say ghosts. hilary rosen was on with me campaigning negatively. he is standing on his record. saying ptsd from '08, it's a when we talk about taking on real thing, it exists in terms wall street and not taking money from billionaires. of these campaigns. they really want to push through some people get uncomfortable that. because perhaps they take money thank you so much. from billionaires. let's broaden this out. when we talk about client change what does tonight mean going being one of the greatest threats to our global society and that it didn't take, you forward in this race? know, senator sanders a long let's bri ae's bring in bob bec time to figure out. he didn't have to think if he was going to oppose the keystone pipeline. that might make some folks ana fnavarro, supporter of bush. uncomfortable. we -- senator sanders has a record to stand on and to run on bob, i'm sad you're not with us and he is going to run on it. >> talking to a lot of the young in iowa but we'll deal with people, they pointed out they that. feel like he's telling the as david just ended talking about dems and turnout and truth, like he's been consistent hillary clinton, let's play the what if game.
11:32 am
through the years. because bernie sanders and good luck. >> thank you, glad to be here. hillary clinton are so totally neck and neck, what happens if >> one we go from here, we go to hillary clinton loses tonight? new hampshire this wednesday night. all three democratic >> well, she comes in to new presidential candidates, hillary hampshire and probably will lose clinton, bernie sanders, martin there, and then the question is, o'malley, they will take part in do block voters particularly in a presidential town hall that is south carolina, the next stop, stick with clinton with the very new hampshire. numbers they're showing in the a critical moment for them to polls. the last time that happened was face voters, answer questions and make closing arguments in a barack obama. i think the real key here is presidential town hall moderated by anderson cooper, this everybody talks about turnout, wednesday night, 8:00 eastern, turnout, turnout. well what kind of turnout? live, only here on cnn. my question, what i look for can't believe it's february 1st. thank you so much for reminding tonight, evangelical votes in me. time is flying. the western part of the state. we're busy-busy. ted cruz is making his final young voters, this critical to pitch to iowans today. in jefferson, iowa. trump and critical to sanders. he was introduced by his wife. so i think it will be three specifically mentioned he will put french fries back on the tickets punched for the republicans out of iowa. menu, a jab at michelle obama. probably trump, cruz and rubio. we'll take a listen right now. and then you get to new hampshire, you may add a fourth >> -- radical islamic terrorism. into that, christie or kasich, but it's going to be winnowed down quickly.
11:33 am
we will not weaken, we will not >> you say trump, cruz, rubio. degrate, we will utterly and ana navarro, what if trump doesn't win? completely destroy isis. >> i think he'd go into def com 5. something we've seen about trump, he wears his emotions on in the days that follow, we'll his sleeves. take on the epa and the cfpp and if he doesn't win, he'll say, what were you thinking? the alphabet soup of federal i'm sad you didn't choose me. i think he will go into new agencies that have descended hampshire and, you know, frankly burn ted cruz in effigy. i think he would go nuclear on like locusts on farmers, killing ted cruz and just, you know, go all out, no boundaries. jobs all over this country. not that he's had many boundaries until now. but i think we would see, you you know, a few years ago, i was out in west texas. know, donald trump fighting on i asked folks there. all cylinders. >> what about marco rubio? i said, ways the difference just staying with you. between regulators and locusts. people are saying yes it could be a strong third, but i'm hearing from other folks, maybe i said, well, the thing is, you even a second, depending on who comes out tonight. can't use pesticide on the how does this look for him moving forward? >> there's no doubt that if regulators. this old texas farmer, he leaned marco were to place second in
11:34 am
back and said "you wanna bet?" iowa, it would be a huge night for him. it would be a very big victory. and in the days that follow, i it would be a lot of momentum will go to congress and we will going into new hampshire and pass fundamental tax reform. going on from here. we will pass a simple flat tax if he places a close third, i think it's, you know, less of a where every american can fill victory. it's still a good thing. out our taxes on a postcard. if he places a far third then, you know, it's not going to be that big of a story. we're going to have to wait and see. i think that, you know, definitely marco goes on to new now, some of ya'll may be hampshire and he goes on to south carolina. marco is one of those candidates thinking can it happen. can we do this? that has ground troops and an operation going in south carolina, as does jeb bush in well, you know, scripture tells the establishment lane. us there's nothing new under the kasich and christie have nothing sun. i think where we are today is going on in south carolina. >> i want to continue this very much like the late 1970s. conversation. let's dip in to donald trump the jimmy carter administration. speaking now. same failed economic policies. final push, cedar rapids, iowa. same feckless and naive foreign >> i've seen so many people. i've gotten to know so many policies. in fact, the exact same people. we have a movement. countries, russia and iran, sarah alluded to it. openly laughing at and mocking we have a movement going on. whether we go to dallas, we had the president of the united states.
11:35 am
20,000 people in the mavericks now, why is it -- >> there he is, senator ted arena. cruz. 35,000 in mobile, alabama. this is his official closing 12,000 people the other night in argument. this is his final rally here in massachusetts. no matter where we go, we have iowa before the caucusgoers incredible, incredible crowds decide in just a couple of that truly love this country. hours. coming up next, four years ago, and we are, in fact, going to the iowa caucuses produced one take it back. of the closest finishes in you know, our theme is make history only to be decided days america great again. it's very simple. later after a recount. could we see another tight race it's very simple. we're going to make america this time around? great again. will iowa be ready? now, you have to stick up for we'll talk with the chairman of the republican party of the your rights in life. state coming up next. we were talking about this also ahead, we showed you ted before with a group. and i wanted to debate so badly cruz. coming up, donald trump. the other night. i wanted to go back. he is about to speak to caucusgoers in cedar rapids, but when people don't treat you iowa. his final push as well. properly, just like when they you're watching cnn special live coverage. don't treat our country properly. when iran, after all we did with the $150 billion -- can you believe that? i can't even think about it. iran, the deal we made. and then they capture our sailors, they put guns to their heads, they make them sit in a begging position with their
11:36 am
hands up. and the only reason they released them is because they wanted their $150 billion. i mean, let's not kid ourselves. we have to develop and we have to get respect back for this country. we are not respected anymore. we've had leadership that's grossly incompetent. and it can't go on any longer. this is why on june 16th i said i'm running. we're going to do something that's going to be so amazing. and we are going to make our country great again. >> all right, donald trump on the trail, cedar rapids, iowa. again, caucuses open four hours from now. these are these candidate's closing arguments to get the votes tonight, get the big mo coming out of iowa and looking ahead to new hampshire. bob beckle, over to you, what could be the biggest surprise out of iowa tonight? >> rubio coming in second. i think iowa breaks link in a lot of cases. people start getting very
11:37 am
serious about them over the weekend. and the indication rubio's picked up a lot of steam. let's remember the last two times that happened, rick santorum came from nowhere to take that. i would say that. the other thing is where does martin o'malley's vote go? he won't win any delegates. they have to go to sanders people or clinton's people. 5% is 5% but in a close race, it's a lot. >> bob beckle, thank you, ana navarro, thank you. moving on, sarah palin raising questions about the strategy of the ted cruz campaign to send out controversial mailers to voters in iowa. my next guest says cruz's move is downright fraudulent. and hillary clinton's campaign says bernie sanders is running the most negative campaign of all time. a sanders surrogate calls that ridiculous. the clinton campaign joins me live to respond. soup and sandwich and clean and real,
11:38 am
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11:42 am
so i get a little notice, we have wonderful security guys, they said, mr. trump, there may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously. okay. just knock the hell -- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. >> oh, donald trump there. just turned that around for you. his final pitch to caucusgoers here in iowa. making their final pitches before of course caucusing tonight here in the hawkeye state. one 11th hour pitch, a mailer sent by senator cruz being met with criticism and even anger here. we have a picture of it. with the words in bold print,
11:43 am
voting violation, there it is, issued report card, report card-like grades, comparing the voting of their neighbors. it offered the chance to improve their score if they head to a caucus tonight. cnn political commentator ryan joins me now. he just wrote about this in the new yorker. "more frand land than anyone thinks." this is different, tell me why? >> there's a way to do these mailers. the rubio campaign did one. but they stepped on three land mines here. >> tell me why. >> one, as you saw, voting violation. the secretary of state of iowa has come out and said this looks like an official communication or it's disguised to look like an official communication of the state and you shouldn't do that. now, look, it does say paid for by cruz for president so i think the cruz campaign has good argument. that nobody could think this is from -- >> read the fine print.
11:44 am
>> exactly. the second thing though is people are worked up about their private information being included. say i sent this to you. your in a's name's on the top. it has a list your neighbors. saying, get to the caucus so you can beat the score of the neighbors. the names of the neighbors are real. the people i called were really worked up. like, why is the cruz campaign sending my name and an alleged failing score to john down the street? so it's a privacy issue. and then the third thing is the scores themselves, which is the thing that i reported on yesterday and found out, seem to be fraudulent. >> it's not a thing? >> it's not a thing. theoretically, i could find out whether you participated in the last four elections here in iowa. i can get that information from the secretary of state. it's not public but the secretary of state does license that information to campaigns who use it for their turnout stuff. i had someone check that voter file on several names and what they told me is the scores
11:45 am
had -- were no resemblance to the actual voting history of these people. so they just made up the numbers. i asked the cruz campaign to say what's your methodology, how did you get these numbers? and he refused to tell me how. >> the trump campaign is weighing in on it. this is what sarah palin told tapper. >> concerned about inner its of this process of the caucus, it is kind of difficult. we hear weather may move in and make that kind of a cumbersome situation. maybe they can't get to the caucus. what i've been concerned about is what the cruz campaign has done to previous voters, potential voters, who weren't able to make it to a caucus, maybe because this is a difficult process -- >> you mean that literature -- >> then they were ashamed, they and their neighbors being sent report cards saying, you know, you got an "f" because you didn't vote, you didn't do what we think you should have done.
11:46 am
that to me is very reflective of politicians thinking that they know best or that they know the intricacies of your life so they can make decisions for you. so that's what i've been concerned about with this whole caucus process. >> so that was sarah palin. you've said and we've seen ted cruz cam, they're not apologizing for this. but bottom line, are iowans there inundated? the air waves are saturated, they're getting all kinds of stuff in the mail. do you really think this could affect tonight? >> a lot of voters do say they make up their mind in the final days. there was one person who online said he was only sort of -- he wasn't sure who he was going to vote for. he was sort of leaning for rubio but when he got this mailer, it made him so mad, he's going to caucus for rubio. it's going to be a close race. we know that from the polls. so every little thing matters. >> ryan lizza, thank you for
11:47 am
reporting on it. coming up next, we're going to talk about the process here in iowa, the caucuses tonight. we'll explain how, you know, it can be confusing. it's different for republicans and democrats. we're going to explain it all for you. the votes hasn't been cast but ohio governor john kasich is already in new hampshire. remember, we go iowa, then new hampshire for the primary next week. and he's not alone. congressm congressman. we're going to talk about john kasich coming up. >> the man who will work for you, who will work with you and who is that man? i agree. he is the man. good luck. thank you. i've been called a control freak...
11:48 am
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just about the bottom of the hour. you're watching special coverage live from des moines in front of the beautiful statehouse. thank you for being with me on the first of february. a lot of states hold a traditional primary. welcome to the voting machine. make a choice. press the button. done. here in iowa, they have caucuses. the communal events in churches, libraries, where neighbors can listen to one another and make those last-minute pitches. let me bring in the director of the paul simon public policy institute at southern illinois university. you spent 34 years at "the des moines register" so you know a thing or two about politics here in the hawkeye state. important to explain it's totally different if you're walking into these caucuses tonight if you're a republican versus a democrat. for a republican, you make your choice, done. for a democrat, it's a different story. i want you to explain that. >> well, democrats go into the room, they break into preference groups. here's all the clinton people,
11:53 am
the bernie sanders people, and they add it up. a candidate has to have 15% of the total in order to qualify for any delegates. >> that's viability. >> that's called viability. if he's declared nonviable, his or her people have to go with some group that is viable. the purpose is to nominate a candidate. you have to start winnowing the field down. that's how democrats will decide who gets the most delegates out of that caucus to the county convention. >> if you walk in, you're a bernie person, a hillary person, okay. if you're a martin o'malley person and eventually it's announced he doesn't reach viability, then comes the second choice. >> right. and i think there will be some that go either way. >> i'm hearing it's neck and neck. >> yeah, i think o'malley people really like their candidate but they see some flaws in sanders or clinton. after the -- if they're declared nonviable, i think you'll see some of them go both ways. >> that's why second place matters here so much for iowa,
11:54 am
for democrats. adding to that, as you mentioned, you walk into these rooms. you could be -- because you could be in a small town, a small library, a school. and someone knows you and they say, hey, david, i know that child care is an issue for you and children. let me tell you why hillary clinton is the best, right? >> and that is very important because one of the big determinants of people's political -- their friends and neighbors. this is a community, a neighborhood. they talk politics. if i think you know something about politics and i don't, i might say, okay, you make a good point. and that is what makes it so difficult to predict what's going to happen tonight because it's this real human conversation that goes on. >> in 60 seconds, you know, just having been around the block a few times here in iowa, what could be the biggest surprise? the most fascinating aspect? >> would be if bernie sanders wins. the question is, will his young supporters turn out. and the other surprise is going to be, what's the role of social media in this campaign. >> how do you mean? >> well, the turning out the
11:55 am
vote. younger voters. by 4:00 tonight, there's going to be a battle of the thumbs going on. >> battle of the thumbs. >> to get younger people out. if you're going to be 18 by november and you're 17 years old. >> you can caucus. >> you can caucus. coming up very shortly, you'll see that kind chatter. hey, let es go. we can register at the caucus. that's going to be key to bernie sanders. >> battle of the thumbs. david yepsen, thank you so so much. now this. >> because win or lose, it's been unbelievable. it's been amazing. and my daughters, you know, my 16-year-old daughters are amazed at this. and i want them to store in their brain so when they have children, they can say my daddy, your grandfather, he raised the bar. help was about positive, he was about solutions, he was creative. that's why this is all going so well for all of us in this campaign. >> that was republican
11:56 am
presidential candidate and governor of ohio john kasich speaking to voters in new hampshire today. while many of his rivals are on the ground here in iowa, governor kasich is placing his bets on a strong finish in next week's primary in new hampshire. he is polling in the top five there in seven new hampshire newspapers have endorsed him, seven. one of kasich's biggest supporter, his former pennsylvania republican congressman bob walker. nice to see you. beginning with the fact that, you know, i understand realistically speaking he's not polling so great here in the hawkeye state so he's already off and running in new hampshire. >> but we love iowa. >> of course you're going to tell me you love iowa. what does that say to iowans you're already like, see ya? >> he spent three days on the ground. part of that was he was out here for the debate. we also did some events here. >> today's caucus day. >> we put a lot of people into iowa. we have a nice team working out here. we want iowa to know when john
11:57 am
gets the general election, we're very much wanting iowa to support us. >> he has gotten some huge endorsements from big papers like the "new york times" and "the boston globe," although those are known as liberal-leaning publications. is that necessarily a good thing? >> those two endorsements from "the new york times" and "the boston globe" say he's a national candidate with national recognition. struggled in the national polls to get his numbers up because his name is not well known. when you get "the new york times" endorsing you, there's a lot of people out across the country who says, who is this guy, "the new york times" has endose endor endorsed? so i really do believe in the end this is something that's good for us. >> if he finishes, let's play the if game in new hampshire looking ahead. he is polling better in new hampshire. if kasich finishes second or third there and there's this whole battle for that, you know, establishment candidate, who else then do you think drops out? >> i don't know who drops at that point because i mean it's going to be a matter of resources at that juncture.
11:58 am
right now -- >> who would you like to drop out? let me ask that way. >> obviously we would like to consolidate the governor -- >> so jeb bush, chris christie, you would like for them to go away? i'm putting it bluntly. >> clearly, those are comb. competitors of ours. the other competitor is marco rubio. but marco seems to have the resources to go forward for quite some time. what's happened as we've risen in new hampshire is the fact that our resources have come up some. so we're going to be very competitive in south carolina. we're going to be competitive in the south. mississippi is a place where trent lott has an organization that's working for us. we think we'll do well in places like tennessee. what we really have to do is remain viable until we get to the midwest because that's where john has a very strong suite of both supporters and of a record. >> final question, if this guy donald trump had never been part of this race, how do you think
11:59 am
your candidate would be doing? >> well, i think probably we would be very much in the mix to be winning in iowa right now, had trump not been in the race. and i don't know how it would have come down, but the fact is, the debate you saw the other night without trump gave you some idea of the capabilities of these candidates and all of them did pretty well. >> congressman walker, thank you so much. >> sure, nice to be with you. >> great to see you. the democratic race, meantime, has been neck and neck as well in iowa for weeks and weeks. how does hillary clinton avoid a 2008 and pull off a win in iowa? her chief strategist joins me live next on cnn. well what ift peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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i will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship and
12:04 pm
for criminal justice reform so every single american is treated equal under the law. i will fight against the privatization of social security. another bad idea they keep resurrecting on the republican side. >> all right, you're watching cnn special coverage here out of des moines. that was of course hillary clinton rallying a crowd in des moines here in the capital. the former secretary of state is neck and neck with her fiercest opponent bernie sanders. in some of the polls in iowa. clinton is drumming up support just hours before the caucuses begin. less than four hours from now. joining me now, joel bennington, chief strategist for hillary for america. nice to see you. let me begin first with this. i am fascinated by how so many young people, specifically young women are actually rooting for bernie sanders. was at a rally in iowa city and
12:05 pm
i said, why are you not supporting hillary clinton, as a young woman, do you not want to see a female in office? and they said that these millennials said we will in our lifetime and they're into bernie sanders for other reasons. i'm just curious if you're worried about the young people, the young women in particular who are not necessarily going your way? >> when you do an election, you try to put together people who will get you over the finish line. barack obama stayed pretty competitive with hillary clinton with women. she had support in the african-american community. the key is to put together your winning margin. we're pretty confident we're ahead with women overall right now. the race is close. we think women are going to make a difference going into the caucuses tonight. but, you know, we've got a universe of support as we go all the way through these primaries and caucuses that is very proud. much more closely aligned to the obama coalition of 2008. there's no question sanders has
12:06 pm
energized young people. he's making it competitive obviously and doing a good job of that. we think our support is broader and deeper as we go down past iowa into new hampshire and then into the long game into march where there are about 1,000 delegates up for grabs. >> the long game. you have created quite a stir. i have talked to a few sanders folks. >> me, me? really. >> yes, you, because you have ah cused the bernie sanders campaign of running the most negative campaign in history. i want you to respond to nina turner from the sanders campaign. she had some words. >> ridiculous. negative. this man hasn't run a negative ad in all of his political career. there's nothing negative about pointing out the differences between you and your opponent. what is negative is what the clinton side is doing to distort his record, especially when it comes to health care. knowing he has fought all of his life for universal health care and then to turn around and try
12:07 pm
to scare people, that's negative. he has not run a negative campaign whatsoever and they know it. >> ridiculous she said. respon response. >> i respectfully disagree. i think senator sanders and his campaign acknowledged before the dinner right here in iowa they were going to step up their attacks on hillary clinton personally. they did. they've done it on the stump. if senator sanders thinks i'm wrong and his team thinks i'm wrong, they should talk about how they had to ask their supporters in social media to tone it down because of some of the vitriolic things they were saying about anybody that disagrees with them. the attacks have gotten personal from time to time. read any headlines in the past week about sanders. stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton. eith every news media has reported on this in the last couple of weeks. what nina turner said that's right is it's fair to compare issues. don't malign everybody who
12:08 pm
disagrees with you and say people like planned parenthood are part of the establishment. dismiss them as part of the establishment because they didn't choose you as their preferred choice. those things are meant to diminish people. i think that is negative. >> what is hillary clinton doing right now? >> she's out campaigning i think. you just showed me a clip. i think the last day you want your troops out, we believe it's going to be very close. we've had a good ground operati operation all through the weekend. we've knocked on 185,000 doors getting a good response. and what she's got to do is keep motivating our people to caucus tonight at 7:00, lining up at 6:30. you've got to be in line the 7:00 or you won't be able to caucus. the history of the caucus is there's this u knee thinique thu don't get 15%, you've got to
12:09 pm
recaucus and shuffle around. the last time there were competitive caucuses was 2008 and there were about eight candidates. so there's always the shuffling around that every campaign is doing to try to achieve their viability or, you know, maybe have somebody else if you've got a big enough margin -- >> so is that a yes? >> i assume every campaign does it. i don't know. i'm not intimately involved in that. that's how the recaucusing works. >> joe benenson, thank you. coming up next, the band vampire weekend holds a big rally for bernie sanders in iowa. how sanders earned the respect of voters born five decades after him. that's coming up. >> i think it's really cool that young people are supporting him because he doesn't have the classic signifiers of cool, you know, our generation gets accused a lot of being entitled and shallow and things like that and here are all these kids fired up about 74-year-old man, hair kind of messy, not
12:10 pm
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we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. we will struggle tonight if the voter turnout is low. that's the fact. so what is our job today is to make sure that we have the highest voter turnout possible.
12:15 pm
that happens, we win. let's go get 'em. thank you all. >> the democratic race here in the great state of iowa. it's a virtual tie between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. heading into tonight's caucuses, just hours from now, one demographic sanders is counting on is young people. the band vampire weekend, one of my personal favorites, headlining a rally over the weekend in iowa city. we hopped a car and headed to this bernie sanders' rally and they're hoping to help this septogenarian congressman get the millennial vote. i talked to the front man as to why he thinks his so appealing to people four, five decades his junior. >> why bernie? >> i mean it's rare that you get a candidate like this, a dude who has literally been saying the same thing for decades. thank god we have youtube and can go back and watch his speeches, like '91 voting down
12:16 pm
the persian gulf war. this guy is saying the same thing he's saying now. he's predicting gnarly things. >> i know you supported obama in '08 which gets me to hillary clinton, his secretary of state. she literally traveled the world and had a front row seat and was integral in foreign policy under the obama administration. so if you're supporting bernie, what don't you like about hillary clinton? >> well, if i really like bernie, i have to keep it positive, the way he does, which i think he's been doing a pretty good job of. i can say personally that i've always resented this idea, as a lot of people do, that because certain politicians are close to power they understand world affairs better than the rest of us. how many times in like our history have we been led into war by people claiming they understood things better than us. >> you talk to so many people too and they say there is something intangible about bernie sanders that's really resonating with a lot of people.
12:17 pm
but they sort of all know, all right, he won't get the nomination. ultimately it will be hillary clinton, that's fine and i'll root for hillary down the road. does that sound familiar to you? >> yeah, of course. i think people are saying that less and less now, though. >> because it's so close? >> because it's so close. >> do you think he has a chance? >> of course he has a chance. look at the polls. he literally could win iowa and new hampshire. that's an argument that we heard with obama back in the day. >> what is it, this man would be -- i think he'd be 75, he's be the oldest president. >> right. >> he's been in congress for decades. >> yeah. >> what is it about him that is so refreshing, especially for all the young people you are drawing tonight? >> right. i mean that's a good question. i think it's really cool that young people are supporting him because he doesn't have the classic signifiers of cool. our generation gets accused of being entitled and shallow and things like that and here are these kids fired up about a 74-year-old man, hair kind of
12:18 pm
messy, not classically stylish. you know what i mean? and that's amazing. and if anything -- >> i think he'd be okay with that assessment. >> i read his book. he talked about when he came mayor, he's like i had to buy a suit. i did not have a suit. then i had one suit. and it's like the fact that that's the dude firing kids up, i think also proves a lot of what people say about millennials to be garbage. as we knew was the case for a long time, this idea that these kids who have suffered so much from the insane economic policies of generations before, that they're somehow their brains are warped. but here they are making a really sensitive empathic choice in who they're supporting. >> so what is it, though? you haven't put your finger on it. what is that magic for bernie sanders? >> i don't know if it's that complicated. for a long time -- even before i knew who bernie sanders was, i'd be a kid and see on c-span the vote in the house and you'd see
12:19 pm
rdi, one vote, and it was bernie then. then in the senate it was him too. no disrespect to another independent. but we've seen so much stuff we don't like in both parties, over and over again. i think it's really hard for young kids who are seeing past all sorts of binaries, you know. this is the generation seeing past gender binary, looking at race in a way that other generations didn't. so of course this generation is going to try to see past the democratic/republican binary. one of the simplest ways to say why is bernie different is he's a true independent. >> super smart, ezra, thanks so much for the time backstage there. from one candidate to the next, jake tapper sits down with donald trump supporter sarah palin as our special coverage continues live from des moines. we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
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hey. good to meet you dennis.
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right now, a very special edition of "the lead" live in des moines, iowa, on caucus day. it is down to every last vote and literally anything could happen. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." good afternoon, america. from des moines, i'm jake tapper with a special iowa caucus edition of "the lead." it is too close to call here as voters across the hawkeye state begin to head out t
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