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tv   CNN Americas Choice 2016 The Iowa Caucuses  CNN  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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are good news for bernie sanders on the democratic side. good news for donald trump on the republican side. we are about to get the first indications. this is the cnn key alert based on the early entrance polls that we are getting. it looks like there is a three-man race on the republican side. donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. that's on the republican side. we project they are the early leaders based on the snapshot that we are getting people as they were walking in. this is an early snapshot. on the democratic side, a two-other than race based on the cnn entrance polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they are clearly in a close race right now. we are going to get more information as we get more information from the entrance polls. questions we asked individuals
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and key caucus sites. we are giving the early indications. a two-other than race and that could easily change. i want to walk over to the cnn political director and we have been studying the numbers. >> the key numbers right away, the first time caucus goers and expanding the universe on the republican side. 43% are first time caucus goers. 57% have attended a caucus before. that is higher than in the 2012 caucuses and only 38% caucus goers then. that is increasing. new people to the process and that is clearly going to have impact. 34% decided in the last few days. 65% decided earlier.
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donald trump decision to skip the debate and not show up and hold his own event may not have had as much impact. that seems like a great majority of the republican electorate had their choice locked in. we had numbers on the democratic side. first time caucus goers. ever attended a caucus before? 59% said yes and 41% said no. barack obama changed history with the iowa caucuses with an explosion turn out and 57% first time goers. now 41%. this is not a number they will love tonight. this is welcome news for hillary clinton and when did they decide? this was a race that was locked in early on. 88% said they decided earlier than the last few days. 13% decided in the last few days. >> that would be good news as
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well. >> she has been the dominant force in the race. any of that last moment enthusiasm, that necessarily didn't impact how people decided. a lot of democrats decided. >> based on the poll results, donald trump, there he is. ted cruz and marco rubio. the early leaders based on the entrance polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. let's go back to jake and to dana. there is a lot to dissect. we will get the real numbers soon. >> that's right. these are just the early numbers. let's talk about turn out. how many of these voters are voting in a caucus for the first time. these are numbers that can be significant. as wolf and david explained in terms of republicans, according to the early numbers, the first time attendees, 43% said this is their first caucus and 57% said
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they attended a caucus before. >> it's a huge number. a first time caucus goer. the reason why we are -- we are focusing on this because donald trump, the whole game for him is turning people who stood in line for three hours to go see him who were not engaged in the process turning those people into actual caucus goers and we don't know for sure if they are for donald trump. they are more than likely. it's not just me saying that, but sources in the campaign who said going in they want that number to be lower. the more traditional conservative evangelical voter is somebody who has been there before and that's good for ted cruz. >> right now i want to go to sarah murray with the trump campaign in des moines, iowa. what are the sources telling you as the campaign sees these
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numbers coming in and watching cnn or even hearing them on the ground from the officials at the precincts? >> the fact that we are seeing these big turn outs showing at these caucuses is good news for the trump campaign. they were saying leading up to this, they felt confident over anything over 120,000. you were seeing a high percentage of new caucus goers is great for them. the campaign took precautions to guard against the possibilities and there so many people that you would run out of registration forms. they handed this out to people and people when to caucus. it's actually a voter registration form and they could show up even if they showed up later and they were out of these forms and still reg store to vote for donald trump. they were preparing the entire time for a tush out. now he is on the way to see this for himself and i'm sure we will get a reaction for him after he
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does. >> i'm sure we will. let's go to jeff in des moines at sanders campaign headquarters. how is it feeling and what are they saying after getting these numbers and looking at the turn out in these precincts? >> they have been very focused on the first time caucus goers as david was mentioning. that is a critical component, but it's important to point out that first time voters are not senator sanders alone. the clinton campaign was working at first time voters. age 17 to 25 are voters who have not caucused before. senator sanders and hillary clinton were working, but no question they were hoping for a bigger showing of first time voters. important to point out, these are preliminary numbers. i can say i have been having conversations with several voters in the sites this evening who i have been talking to and
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across the board to western iowa, every single precinct completely crowded and packed more than ever before. anecdote at information. it is interesting to see these pictures coming in from them that are very crowd and a lot of people registering to vote there. we are watching what's happening in the precincts. the first time voter thing may not be as good. >> at sanders headquarters, these are very early numbers and as we know from eight years ago when the initial results suggested that hillary clinton was going to win iowa and came in third that night. they tend to skew older people and tend to be female. >> that's right. they all could be an early indicator for hillary clinton that is the false one.
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it is good to have caution. the combination of the early numbers, the anecdotal information and the texts and e-mails seem to suggest that turn out is higher than normal. >> according to the first numbers, the number of first time caucus goers who are turning out from the democratic caucus is lower than it was eight years ago when barack obama was able to win the night. >> so huge. it was a record high. >> 57% and let's go to anderson cooper. >> we will talk with the panel about all of this. we will start to get results from caucus sites over the next several hours. we will bring that to you as soon as we get them. we will get hard numbers to look at. certainly for yours, a higher number of first time caucus goers bodes well for donald
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trump. >> my parents said remember president dewey. you never take anything for granted. this is ongoing. we are just at the very beginning of this process. there is a job to do and people i'm sure are doing it. whatever reports are, keep it going. >> that's what's exciting. this is the first time we are getting votes from people, the people who matter. no offense. actually people who are going to be making the decision. >> why this is such a huge night unlike so many iowas before. remember back to iowas where john mccain didn't even go. al gore didn't go to iowa. this is so important because this election especially for republicans has been so unpredictable. we are finally going to get hard data. we can start speculating. >> so many people were raising questions about donald trump.
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what if he doesn't do well? is he going to flip out and dropout? all those questions will start. >> he is winning and i heard him say for the first time, the l word. win, lose, or draw. i still love you, iowa. it looks like you might have a good night. it's early. we can't tell. definitely setting expectations. >> we are looking at donald trump at a caucus site in west des moines rand paul and marco rubio as well. that was out until the last minute. we heard hillary clinton is in the hotel room. he is doing whatever he can. >> it's important and a big deal for republicans. this is a very big deal for democrats. you look at the data. it being looks like there is a youth rebellion. i would have never thought she
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would wake up in the morning and pray that young women didn't go vote. young women, if it were up to them, they would give it to bernie sanders. something is going on here. unfortunately for sanders, the structure of this rebellion is hurting him. they are not fanned out like they were. there is something i hope that the establishment, win, lose, or draw. they want to believe in a better future. this is a movement versus the machine. that's what this is all about. >> let's keep focusing on it. you had donald trump with his wife out at this site. does it matter at this point? does this kind of thing help? >> i think it's cool. you can never experience an iowa caucus in person. that's good for mr. trump.
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he is a noted journalist. he can't stand to shake hands. he is leading. >> somebody just kissed him. >> maybe a future trophy wife. we don't know. >> ooh! >> he is very successful with the ladies. >> when you look at him, you have donald trump, a number of republican candidates. let's take a moment. it is an extraordinary thing. i said this before, but six months ago nobody would have believed that this man would be leading the pack. very possibly going to win tonight. nobody except jeffrey. >> he showed up in the dark day when everybody ridiculed him. >> he turned into a real candidate. he is out there and maybe other than his wife. he rolled out endorsements for sarah palin. he is acting like a politician.
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>> he would be in a fight. a neck and neck fight with ted cruz for evangelical voters. donald trump? >> this is not a home game for him. second in the polls and maybe second tonight. >> donald trump could have easily -- somebody could have very easily -- donald trump could have focused on new hampshire and given up on iowa and the fact that he doubled down is very telling. >> he has an opportunity and went for it. i wanted to respond to something. if fillry clinton woke up this morning not expecting a youth movement and she wasn't paying attention when she got beaten 5-1 by barack obama and they came out in record numbers, one of the reasons why it worked,
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many people were under 30 as over 65. >> don't you think barack obama is probably the coolest person ever born. this is bernie sanders. this is young women. if you are hillary clinton, you don't have heart break that young women are breaking against you in your own party. for bernie. >> what is stunning to me is he may win this tonight and jeffrey, i was at the top of the list when what did he do? he descended from the escalator. i never thought we would see the image that we are seeing tonight. don't lose sight of the fact that donald trump is more unacceptable to the most number of iowa republicans. think about what i said. he has the highest negatives of any republicans in this race and because the field is so diffuse, he still might win. that is stunning. how he gets ahead of that for a
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general election i have no idea. >> in iowa, on a national leader and a lot of evangelicals had faith in values for eric. he can write off the vote because it's not going to happen for him based on the comments. >> because too many people were looking through the wrong end. fearful. if he said blame mexicans and muslims because they are rapists. he is a reflection. he didn't cause those feelings. he reflects them. in the base of the republican party today, there older white men. so angry. they were there. he stirred the pot and fomented the seeds.
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>> that's why this night is so important. just to give you an indication, i just talked to the campaign. they are taking votes and taking it away from cruz. this election will come down to an establishment candidate and what i'm calling an anger candidate. it might be trump and could be ted cruz. there will be an establishment candidate. that guy could be marco rubio and he could start at 10% to trump's 50%. when the rest of the candidates fate away -- >> she is articulating the establishment hope. whether rubio comes through with enough momentum. >> if he wins, if he gets a big vote tonight into new hampshire, it could be that establishment. >> let's check in with todd at
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another republican caucus site, you were seeing a lot of new voters coming in there. what's the scene right now? >> anderson, so many new voters that they had to delay the proceedings at least 15 minutes. they were just now getting started. they handed me this new registration form. i finished counting at least 115 new registration forms. the lines have been out the doors and now ended. everybody is at full capacity. they are not leaving the kids at home. they are bringing them here tonight. this is how excited they are. they're going to a standing room only crowd. they are just starting the proceedings here. this is one of the caucus chairs. they are going to elect the caucus chair and do the allegiance and representatives are going to keep it to a
5:18 pm
minimum. they have so much voting to go on. well beyond capacity. people are standing back there. this is how enthusiastic people are. this is the republican district, the 13th republican district. they had 222 people in 2012. this place holds at least 450. at the very least they doubled that. they have people standing up behind the caucus chair here. people standing next to the calls on my left. people are lining this place. they are incredibly enthusiastic. we talked to a lot of people changing affiliations and voting for the first time. that is going to make the ballot count so exciting when they start this. they have to get through the speeches and they will vote in secret. different from the way the democrats do it.
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they vote in secret. they put the name on a piece of paper and put it in a basket and start counting. they will be doing that soon. >> let's let them go ahead. we will check in with. >> tom: iowa at a democratic site. what's the scene there? >> i want you to look at something. this man was handed number 400. that's how many voters were there that thought they would get 250 to 300. they hit 400 and now they have about people to go here to sign up. look at the room. look at the numbers. huge numbers. they thought they would be voting and trying to get people squared away. they haven't started the process. no room for anyone except to stand. you can see that bernie sanders where people have not filled in
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the space. they are clearly vastly out numbered by this. it was clear talking to all the precinct officials here. this is something they did not expect. they thought again maybe 300 tops. they are at 400 and it will be about 410 total voters by the time they are done. >> what about the undecided area? >> the undecided or uncommitted, there not many of them. there many, many people here who are first time voters. they told us that and jumped out to tell us that. take a look in this room. this is the uncommitted room and in here we have a handful of people and some of the people who are talking to them are people who are with the hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign and trying to get them to change. out of the number you are seeing, probably 2/3 or 3/4 are
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committed and the rest are not. this is the night here in coralville, iowa. they didn't expect anything like this and they are coming in with much, much bigger numbers. >> if you can show us the sanders and the clinton side and let viewers judge for themselves the overall numbers. >> on the right here if we go from the frond and pan out, this is the bernie sanders side. it gets a little hard to see when you go all the way down to the end here. you will see people are packed into the standing area down here at the end. the two groups are kind of shoved up against each other with a few martin o'malley people in the middle. you start seeing the clinton stickers here. if we come back this way, you see the hillary clinton crowd and make your own judgment as to which looks bigger at the time.
5:22 pm
there will be counting going on and it will take much longer than expected. they haven't been able to get to the voting yet. >> fascinating stuff. let's go to pam brown who was in des moines. pam? tell us about the scene there. >> it's supposed to start here shortly, anderson. there has been record turn out in the caucus site, 141 people showed up. you can see on the left side, these are hillary clinton supporters who are there and they plotted this place in particular. this is where barack obama is eight years ago. these are the bernie sanders supporters. they are here because they believe that bernie sanders will start this revolution. they don't like the status quo. at the early estimates, unofficial numbers, there is around 75 hillary clinton supporters and 60 bernie sanders supporters and undecideds.
5:23 pm
about six undecided. those will be key as soon as they start caucusing. that group is who they will go after. you bet bernie sanders voters will try to pull hillary clinton supporters. it is extremely tight and we expect the action to be here momentarily. >> the caucuses are getting under way in the democratic side. the republican side we got live pictures from inside the caucuses. we will show you as it happens in the caucuses and when we come back, we will share with you the results we are getting from the early entrance poll jbs and actual numbers as well. the republican numbers are beginning to come in. much more of our special coverage after this. e second it. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
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>> as we wait for real votes to come in, we want to share what our entrance polls are revealing. these are not estimates based on interviews with a sampling of voters as they select caucus sites. here are the numbers from the early entrance polls. this is a key race alert. take a look at them. they are estimates based on the survey of people going in for the entrance polls. 27% for donald trump. 22% for ted cruz. 21% for marco rubio and ben carson is 9%. this is an early estimate based on a survey of voters as they were coming in. the final out come may be different. it's important to note the first
5:28 pm
results are from interviews from caucus goers who arrived early. i want to remind our viewers that those who show up may vote differently than those who arrived later. this is an early sense of what we are getting from the cnn numbers. a close race between second and third. donald trump slightly ahead in first among the republicans. let's go back to jake and dana for more. >> thanks. the first reaction i have is wow, we are at the point where the voters are actually coming forward and saying who they choose and not just by going to rallies and voting in caucuses and donald trump, who would have expected he would be leading in preliminary numbers. leading and speaking in des moines at a caucus precinct. let's take a listen to him. >> everything that we are doing has been wrong. we made so many bad decisions.
5:29 pm
you look at the iran deal that we just made. we are giving away $150 billion. we owe $19 trillion and the budget got approved in hours is worth $2 trillion. it funds everything we don't want to see it fund. we will strengthen the borders and build a wall. you will pay for a wall. we are going to bring our country back. when i started this journey, an amazing journey on the cover of "time" magazine this year and people are talking about all of this. not just me. they are talking about us and what's happening. to take our country back and run it the way it's supposed to be run. it's a great country and we are not going to make the mistakes. remember this.
5:30 pm
i am not getting interesting from the special inrests. i am funding my own campaign. i'm doing my. i won't be told by ford or anybody else what to do. i'm doing the right thing for you. i don't need their money and i don't want their money. it will be a great company. one of the greatest assets of the world. i say it because that's the kind of thinking our country needs. we are in trouble, but we can turn it around and make america great again. thank you all. thank you. the caucuses are going on right now. let's go to the other side and visit a democratic caucus.
5:31 pm
>> today our early estimates show that 58% are in favor of hillary and 42% in favor of bernie sanders, but the numbers are fluid. 57-43. the numbers are changing. here are the undecided groups. watch as this unfolds. this is what caucusing is all about. you had both the sanders and the clinton side getting in here and trying to sway their opinions. trying to convince them that their candidate is the one to go for. it's important because it's so tight between both sides. the voters who were undecided and the one martin o'malley voter could put sanders or clinton over the top. the narrow lead at this caucus site. you can see that we have a sanders supporter speaking to a
5:32 pm
hillary supporter. hillary will continue the legacy and if you vote for her, she will do what you want to do. we spoke to this one voter and he wants to vote for bernie sanders. his concern is that he will not make it to the long haul so i'm thinking about hillary clinton. you will see where they are trying to convince them. these voters could make the difference for bernie sanders or hillary clinton. we are keeping a close eye on the numbers and the conversations. the voters know they will have to duke it out because it's extremely tight and competitive. back to you. >> democracy in action in des moines. pamela brown. who the o'malley supporters end up going for could make the difference. >> it's a fascinating game of political chess. on the democratic side. there decisions being made on
5:33 pm
the fly by the clinton campaign and by the sanders campaign about whether or not they should send their own voters to give martin o'malley more of a boost to get that 15%. that could hurt bernie sanders and same thing is going on vice-versa. this is realtime. it gives you a sense of how dynamic and organic these caucuses are. >> it's way up in key precincts. let's go back to wolf blitzer. >> anything can happen. thanks very much. as we wait for real votes to come in and they will come in soon, we want to share what our polls are revealing. these are estimates based on interviews with a sampling of voters that entered select caucus sites. here are numbers on the democratic side. right now this early snapshot. hillary clinton the 50%.
5:34 pm
sanders at 44%. martin o'malley is 3%. these are estimates based on the survey of voters as they went into the caucus sites. the final out i have to stress may be different. it's important to note that the first results come from interviews with caucus goers who arrived early. those who show up at caucus sites earliest may vote differently than those who arrive later. at a democratic caucus site in des moines, what are you seeing? >> a lot of excitement. you just saw how they were trying to persuade the voters and four of them have gone to the hillary side and they went over to lots of clapping and cheers. they are not giving up. they hope in the next 30-minute window they will have time to convince the hillary supporters to come to their side and that
5:35 pm
would put them over the top to win. it is far from over. as you saw, four undecided voters were convinced to go over to the hillary side and there are two that are uncommitted. the next 30 minutes will be crucial for them. back to you. >> they are speaking now and people changed their minds. is that right? >> that's going to happen shortly. they had a five-minute window to convince them to go to side or the other. now you will see the caucusing play out where they will talk to each other and persuade one side to come to the other. that's in the early stages of the process at this caucus site. there is 141 people here. last year around 100. record turn out of almost 50 caucus goers. they were going for bernie sanders and a lot of younger voters as well. all of them are voting for
5:36 pm
bernie. this one voter in the turquoise is talking to the bernie sanders side. then we have a hillary supporter that is trying to get in there and get her argument in to come to their side. it's incredible to see this democracy in action. they came with the arguments in place and they are playing it out right now. >> interesting stuff. i want to go to. >> tom: coralville in another caucus. are they counting people over there? >> that's exactly what they are doing. you see the woman with a stack of cards they collected with voters in the hillary clinton camp. they will get a sense of how many were there. they have over here a man doing the same thing for the bernie sanders camp. he is collecting cards for that. along with the cards that have been collected for martin
5:37 pm
o'malley. it reaches the total of 416 people in the room. if they get that, they will know which room reaches liability. they have to reach 63 voters to be viable. wolf? >> all right, tom. in a democratic caucus. the 2016 campaign. i want to share the votes with you. this is a key race alert. very, very early. actual votes are in. they are being counted for the first time in the 2016 presidential race. ted cruz, ten votes ahead of donald trump. 35 to 33%. the numbers are very, very small. 12%. ben carson, 10%. very early. 1% of the sites reporting. ted cruz slightly ahead of
5:38 pm
donald trump. once again, very, very early. on the democratic side, hillary clinton very early. 4% reporting. 52% for hillary clinton. bernie sanders 46% and martin o'malley is at 2%. these are very, very early numbers. these are the first real numbers, actual votes in this the 2016 presidential race. let's go back to the political director. you are looking at more numbers as well. >> the key numbers on the republican side were evangelical christians who drive the electorate. take a look at this. 63% of the republicans that showed up are evangelical christians. that is higher than they were at 2012. 63%, they have expanded the universe of this force within the iowa gop. take a look at how they break. this may be the most fascinating
5:39 pm
number. 24% for trump and 21 percent per for rubio and 12% for carson. that is a three-way split among evangelical christians. they love him and we know it was part of ted cruz's base. splitting the vote like that is what is going to make it so competitive. let's look at how the non-evangelicals and how they voted. 32% to rubio's 23% to cruz's 15% among non-evangelicals. that's split among evangelicals. they wanted to run up among christians as you know. donald trump and marco rubio are taking equal shares. >> what about the democratic side? >> what is driving the race? barack obama is a big part of it. we asked what they should do. 56% said that should happen. that's why we were hearing by
5:40 pm
hillary clinton and bernie sanders. 32% want a more liberal direction than barack obama. 7% want less liberal. what are the most important issues? the economy and jobs and health care and just behind them, income inequality. that is why they sounded differently. those are the issues that we have been hearing. they are pretty low. it is not a driving force on the republican side. it has been talked about a lot more. it is perhaps it just happened right after san bernardino and paris. we saw that happen in the polls and it reverted back to the base issues. >> we have the first real numbers coming in. we have early entrance polls. know liz what we just saw.
5:41 pm
>> it's about halfway through. it does give us a bunch of information. first of all, a huge turn out by evangelicals. they are splitting. you would think that ted cruz would put so much on evangelicals and relying so much on them, twucrump is at 24%. he is doing well. let's focus on and the fact that he has a quarter of people who call themselves evangelicals is mind blowing. just recently he has been going to church and making a big deal out of it. i was with him for the past few days and falwell said something that i think really resonated with a lot of people. if you have a sick child, you take that child to the best doctor. you don't ask them whether or not they go to your church. i heard that anecdotally.
5:42 pm
people who call themselves born again, this time it's not the most important thing. the most important thing is getting somebody new and fresh and not a politician. >> fascinating. sarah palin said who am i to judge the faith of others. we want somebody who will be a good president. that's what they are looking for. >> the context is what we have been covering. these caucuses four years ago and eight years ago shares my values and whether or not it is the republican. god fearing christians is much more important than this time. >> we will talk about the democratic entrance polls. we are hearing wild cheers from a democratic caucus in coralville. what's going on? >> they are very excited here. the first count appears to be coming to a close and it looks like currently if you look at the numbers with live realtime
5:43 pm
counting the voters here, 53% are for hillary clinton and 42% for bernie sanders in this room. 3% for martin o'malley over here. that will indicate that martin o'malley probably is going to fall in the unviable area. that's what all the cheering is about. the two sides are cheering the news of what their candidate has done. the realtime numbers as it's happening right here in this caucus. now they head into the next vote and they figure out the other sides. >> good news for hillary clint know in east central iowa. that matches up with the information we are getting from the entrance polls that shows a majority of the democratic caucus goers want to continue obama's policies.
5:44 pm
56% while only 32% want a more liberal direction. that would seem to be how bernie sanders is positioning himself with former secretary clinton positioning herself as continuing obama's policies. >> thanks very much. we are getting ready if are a key race alert. take a look at this. these are real numbers very early. 2%. donald trump is ahead by seven votes right now. he has 691 votes to 684 for ted cruz. remember this is still so early. only 2%. these numbers could easily change. these are numbers coming in from iowa. on the democratic side, they are counting it more quickly. 9% have now reported. hillary clinton ahead 53%. bernie sanders 46% and martin o'malley at 1%. these numbers are very, very
5:45 pm
early, but these are actual numbers and not the entrance poll numbers. we are about to get a whole lot more. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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still trying to make their case. ted cruz is in cedar rapids, iowa. they are getting the numbers in iowa and another republican caucus. they are getting intense over there right now. i want to share with you our latest alert. >> the numbers are coming off by ted cruz, slightly taking the lead with 4% reporting. 30% for donald trump and only 45 votes ahead. 9% for ben carson. very, very early. only 4% reporting. these numbers will change.
5:49 pm
on the democratic side, they are moving more quickly. 13% reporting so far. hillary clinton maintaining the lead. 52% over 46% and 1% for martin o'malley. first of all we will see how they proceed. >> that shows you the dark red. this lighter shade of red, that is marco rubio. up here is ted cruz. what do you see happening? ted is beginning to fill in the key area up here. this is a key battle ground. let me show you what i mean. we will go back to 2012. ted cruz needs this. these are small counties. out here, more evangelical counties. more main line establishment republicans. let's come back.
5:50 pm
relatively small county and a close race. look at that split. they start to count the votes. you look at the early results. they told you donald trump is doing well. polk county, the biggest population center where the most votes are. again, you look at it and this is the way donald trump wants it. see all of that gold, if you are winning evangelicals, that's what you get. the interesting point is who gets those votes this time. cruz is winning up here. you have to watch this play out at the moment. if donald trump is dark red, you can do well here. at the moment as we count him up to 4%. now they switch over to the
5:51 pm
other side and starting to fill it in. 15% on the democratic side. ignore the numbers. secretary clinton at the time. sanders at 46. sometimes the county counts slow. the complete results so far. why do i think she needs to do this? he also won not only the college campus, but in polk county where
5:52 pm
clinton is going. we are very early. the last thing we want to do is get ahead of ourselves. as the map starts to fill in, 17% of the vote, they are very happy. i will underline at this moment. >> they are moving quickly on the democratic side. more slowly. only 4% of the caucus is are thing. i want to go to pamela brown. you are in des moines, iowa. tell us what you are seeing. they have actually counted the numbers? this is a big room for hillary clinton and she lost to barack obama. today is a different story. we spoke to several obama voters who came here eight years ago.
5:53 pm
the campaign made a difference. she is the leader for them. and a big win for hillary clinton and i should say, there more young voters for this caucus site, it's not necessarily representative of the other caucus sites across iowa. >> they have these popcorn baskets and people are still putting them into the baskets here. they are getting the final ballots and where the counting
5:54 pm
will be going on. this table in a few minutes, this is what a capacity crowd looks like as the ballots will be counted manually in a few minutes. we will be bringing you that counting realtime. that's what makes this so exciting. realtime voting and counting live on international television. this is what caucusing looks like, folks. i can't emphasize how dynamic the crowd is. it was filled to capacity. some of them have started leaving and some of them want to see what the count looks like. this is where it gets exciting. >> the appropriatings are under way and they are going into
5:55 pm
order. and that's where people come to vote. this is twice as many people here that were here. twice as many in the precinct. they did a show of hand again, about half the people here raised their hand. some of the folks taking part for the first time. it's on this table where the counting will take place. they will fill out the ballots in a couple of minutes. >> thanks very much. we have another key race alert. let's show the viewers what we know. these are actual votes. marco red,white,and bluo is a
5:56 pm
close 30 and 10% for dr. ben carson and only 7%. with a slight lead. let's go to the numbers right now. 21% of the caucus sites reporting and let's get the numbers back up on the screen. hillary clinton 53% and bernie sanders 47%. martin o'malley looks like 0 right now. apparently he didn't make the viability number. that's a significant development. 21% of the precincts. 21% in iowa.
5:57 pm
these early numbers can be a bit misleading. they give us an idea of how tough the democratic race has been. it will be very, very tight. let's talk about expectations, where the candidates need to come out. that's not the case on the democratic side. there not three tickets out of iowa. >> hillary clinton is hoping this is not deja vu. in iowa, we don't think they were in new hampshire. that is a republican caucus site.
5:58 pm
brian, show us what's going on. they are watching the votes coming in and the vote count on the top of the screen is changing. these votes are coming in right now. . >> they are coming in right now. it's very exciting. that's an estimate and not an official count. they only counted about 50 votes. we believe there more than 450 people in the hall. cruz with a very substantial lead. what we see on the screen.
5:59 pm
they are counting up the votes and we can see the counters. carmen's husband is counting with them. right now i've got 41. cruz at 32 and trump at 13. again, it will be 15. an estimate and again we have to emphasize it's early in the count. these are shocking numbers. >> in polk county, the most populous in iowa. it's a county that the rubio people have been targeting. let's go to wolf blitzer in washington. >> we are watching.
6:00 pm
ted cruz maintaining the lead over donald trump and marco rubio with an impressive 30 and ben carson fourth with 10%. only 7% of the republican caucus sites. 25% of the caucus sites reporting and maintaining her lead. 53% to 47% for bernie sanders. not doing so well. uncommitted the same number. hillary clinton doing well so far. about a quarter of that vote now in on the democratic side. let's go back to jake and dana for more. >> thanks, wolf. >> in our own jeff, he is in des moines at sanders's campaign headquarters. we just spoke with him. what did he have to say? >> weus


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