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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back! the x1 voice remote is here. . good morning, just how we planned it. welcome to a special it's not over yet edition of "early start." i'm john berman. i'm poppy harlow. it is bright and early, 3:00 a.m. on the east coast, welcome to our viewers here and around the world. berman eating it up, loving it. we still only have one winner on the republican side but here is why we don't have a winner on the democratic side.
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look at that, 2/10 of a percentage point separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders. martin o'malley drops out. ted cruz the clear winner here on the republican side. we're told he is popping champagne bottles on his campaign. but marco rubio, donald trump, one point apart. >> yes, if you put the democratic race up here one point apart, 2/10 separates hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that is with 99% of the precincts reporting. we don't know how many precincts we are waiting to here from. there are a few out there, the democratic party says they're trying to get in touch with the precinct chairs to find out what is going on. we keep waiting for the numbers to be updated. it could happen any minute. let's bring in chris moody in des moines, chris, explain what is going on here. >> reporter: well, you said it,
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it is -- we are still waiting. it's 3:00 a.m. on the east coast and we still do not have the results of the democratic caucus at this point. it's very quiet in des moines. at this point a lot of the candidates have already left town heading to new hampshire. but the democratic caucus watchers are still biting their nails waiting for just the last few prevent precincts, it's a very exciting fight for the caucus. >> tell me what you do know of the caucus sites, of the 16-plus have reported yet. if we can put the map back up, they're in the college towns that have been so good to bernie sanders, or if they're more around des moines, pope county that will help hillary clinton. that will matter a lot. do we know which ones yet? >> we don't know which ones yet, we're still waiting to hear from a number of precinct counties, but if they're in college towns
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that is where bernie sanders has done well. it is looking like we'll have to wait a little bit longer for those results. cnn is certainly not calling it and we're not going to rely on the campaigns either. it will require the democratic party to answer that question for us. >> and to be clear, bernie sanders' camp is saying they blew this, the hillary clinton campaign says we think we won, we think we'll come out with maybe one or two more delegates than the bernie sanders campaign. they say they are confident it is over. quickly, the republican side, ted cruz actually won. we have an actual caucus winner that we're not talking much about. and it is ted cruz. >> we don't just have a winner, we have a big winner, ted cruz won by a wide margin especially in a race where people said they wouldn't be able to call earlier today or predict what was going to happen. but ted cruz came out way on
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top. the other news in that ways was marco rubio came in third, just a bit behind donald trump and that doesn't look good for donald trump. so the people coming out of this race on the republican side looking strong, marco rubio and ted cruz going into new hampshire. >> and really to point out, they're showing the traditional ground game worked for ted cruz in iowa. worked for him. he had a thousand volunteers out there working for him yesterday. let's talk to our panel. when you look at the des moines register poll that came out at the end of the week the gold standard polls had rubio at 15%, okay, he comes in at 23%. donald trump, let's hear how he addressed it tonight. >> i don't know who is going to win between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, i don't know what is going to happen. hillary has other problems, maybe bigger than the problems she has in terms of nominations.
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but we have had so many different indications and polls that we beat her and we beat her easily. and we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie sanders or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> all right, so that is trump, winning by one percentage point. you know what he has not done in seven hours? tweeted. >> tweeted. i don't think he knows what to do but win, and all of a sudden, he doesn't know how to handle it. this is a guy who tweeted out, nobody remembers who came out in second place. the other thing is, ted cruz did not just win this. let's go back to 6:00 p.m. tonight. people said if donald trump won this thing what would happen? it was over, if he won, the momentum coming out of here would be huge. they were saying that ted cruz' campaign would be over if he doesn't win, he has to win. not only did he win tonight he
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actually did a good job of winning by a significant margin. he set the record for people coming out. what you will see moving forward there are a lot of conservatives saying i do not want donald trump and i'm willing to go after and work for somebody like ted cruz to make sure it doesn't happen. >> let's actually hear from ted cruz, the only person to win the iowa caucus overnight. listen to ted cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa. let me first of all say to god be the glory. tonight is a victory for the
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grass roots. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> so there was ted cruz, wearing his faith on his sleeve. and he spoke of the evangelicals. he shared their values. he has a little bit of a math problem. new hampshire, not a great state for him. south carolina may be better for him. march 1st though, very good. march 1st, the primaries, february 1st, the march 1st whole thing going on where ted cruz puts a lot of delegates in the bank. >> they're better states for other people. how it plays out is interesting. there are a small number of voters who turn out in iowa,
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period, and i love iowa, it's really one of my favorite states. but come on, it is demographically much whiter and conservative. these are the kind of voters who will help ted cruz. once you get into other states you will see voters who represent more of the country including moderate republicans who not only are going to have trouble supporting cruz but are the kind of voters who would support a candidate who would also do better in the general election. also you will see ted cruz, he is trump-like, all the bad policies with better prostate. >> ted cruz was the guy they thought you had to take down for donald trump to succeed. you now have rubio who will have a target on his back. the plays well if you look at the map. if he can make it through the next couple and be respectful, i don't think anybody thinks he is going to win the next two to be honest with you.
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and you go in to the primary, trump now having a problems serves him well moving forward. i think if he can make it to the sec, that is where he shines. >> there are a lot of conservatives in iowa and a lot of them voted for marco rubio. and because ted cruz, let's not forget did not have a great debate night on thursday. he was exposed, some of the weaknesses in his personality and his positions on things were exposed on thursday that may have benefitted marco rubio. so now that rubio has performed so strongly that may have other conservatives looking at him as an alternative to the people who do not like ted cruz, per se, because they don't think he could appeal to a general election. i don't think we should write that off. and the fact that we are actually forcing ourselves to talk about ted cruz' win goes to show you --
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>> natural. >> i know, but that -- >> that speaks volumes about what happened with the story line between rubio and trump. the fact it's overshadowing what ted cruz actually achieved which was quite remarkable. but i'll tell you something else that hurts his win a little bit too. his acceptance speech was a disaster. okay? it went on for 35 minutes. even fox news cut away, like the oscar get off the stage kind of way. they cut away at 32 minutes because he just kept going on and on. he thanked his cousins and like his third grade teacher. that is the part that concerns some people. very narrowly focused. you're going to compare ted cruz with marco rubio it's a huge contrast. >> also what matters going forward is the money and the stamina and the fact that you have ted cruz who is not liked by the establishment in washington. you have donald trump who if you
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add them both together you have over 50% of the vote. not liked by them. how much money do you think goes to marco rubio after today? >> well, i think that is the big decision that establishment candidates or the establishment part of the republican party, the centrist part, if you will, however you want to call it, they have to make a decision if they really want to put their power behind somebody like marco rubio. because if not, then, you know, we're sitting here talking about scenarios for ted cruz to go on longer. for marco rubio to go on longer. i talked about how donald trump is leading in every single other poll and every single other state outside of iowa. that is why those kinds of scenarios, if people don't start getting out and getting out fast and consolidating behind one or two candidates other than trump, i still think trump can actually
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trump everybody else moving forward. >> and when we come back we'll talk about much more in a second. he was leading in the polls in iowa until last night so we don't know how this will all play out. we'll talk more about this right after the break. and we'll also talk about the democrats. we don't know who won the iowa caucuses and may not know until wednesday night when hillary clinton and bernie sanders take the stage for a cnn town hall event moderated by anderson cooper. what timing. how important could this be? with this race now just locked in a virtual tie. that is wednesday night 8:00 p.m. only on cnn. also ted cruz takes iowa, marco rubio could be the next story line as you just heard. what is his success in iowa due to trump and due to the others moving forward? also donald trump is not used to playing second fiddle. we have been seeing him tweet all night, folks, what one of his top iowa supporters has to
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all right, 3:15 a.m. in the east, we're still trying to figure out who won the race in the democratic caucuses, but we do know who did not win in the republican race. donald trump, now 0 for iowa. ted cruz won, donald trump
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finished second but barely beat marco rubio. >> sarah? >> reporter: the first voting state dealt donald trump a stunning blow of defeat as he lost the iowa caucuses to ted cruz, that is despite the fact that donald trump drew the largest crowds in the state and his team felt confident. donald trump promised to soldier on to his team and supporters. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> but donald trump will face challenges not just from cruz but also from marco rubio who had a surprisingly strong showing in iowa. an aide tells cnn that this is the story, the marco rubio surge and trump will have to fend off marco rubio as they move to other states. donald trump will catch a couple of hours of sleep at home, but then he headed straight to new hampshire where he is holding a
12:18 am
campaign rally on tuesday. >> sarah, with the trump camp, thank you so much. donald trump, i think is sleeping now, berman, because he has not tweeted at all. >> and he has a whole bedroom on his plane. >> i think he is sleeping on the plane or in trump tower. he said in the speech tonight i was told when i started the race you won't finish in the top ten, but i got to spend time there. then he went on to say, i was honored. did you see humility? >> humility or shock, i saw total disbelief and shock, because he has never been in charge of the situation like this. he has never really had to accept defeat. and even when it's defeat with bankruptcies, it's not my personal bankruptcies, i'm still a billionaire and still the author of the new deal, this is new territory for him. if you honestly look at the demeanor of the trump campaign, specifically over the past week
12:19 am
they thought they were going to win this. they were arrogant, cocky, and condescending, even, some of his reps on tv. they thought it was brilliant to skip the last debate. i said they have no idea what they're doing in this campaign. you do not insult iowa voters. there are not a lot of them but they pay attention, and they're incredibly engaged and take the caucusing very seriously. it's not a joke to them. he left the state to go to new hampshire. if you do that 24 hours before people vote you're not going to win. >> and do you think -- what do you think this does to donald trump in new hampshire? aside from what everybody is saying. this guy who says he is a winner, now he has to deal with losing, beyond that, can he direct his campaign in new hampshire in a way that can get his victory there? >> i mean, i think so. he is pretty far ahead there.
12:20 am
but it's an eternity, a week is an eternity in politics. we know that old axiom, and the ads that ted cruz used against donald trump in iowa they may be able to use something similar in new hampshire. i mean, you take his own words. people see him as vulnerable now and may see him as a hypocrite. now you see there is vulnerabilities. and listen, donald trump likes to win. he does not lose well, right? if you're not first, you're last, take it from ricky bobby. it's like that kind of situation here with donald trump, right? >> that is who we're quoting at 3:00 a.m. >> it's 3:00 a.m. i thought it was apropo. but for donald trump going into new hampshire there are other candidates now that see that vulnerability and marco rubio having that momentum. then you also have john kasich that has been polling decently
12:21 am
in iowa -- >> i think john kasich is the x factor moving forward. the money issue will be very different. you had jeb bush spending $2,000 for iowa. no one has talked about that. if you're giving money to him how do you keep giving him money if it costs $2,000 per vote. i want to give people breaking news in the democratic ra race. >> do we have a winner. >> no, but we're closing, only one outstanding precinct, we have 16 out of 681. okay? hillary clinton is up by five in the delegate count. up by 4/10th of a percent with one precinct remaining. we're told there is one precinct outstanding. but if this holds, unless there is a giant precinct, could be, what do we know at this point?
12:22 am
but hillary clinton will cling to a very, very, very narrow victory. >> can i just lobby here as a -- voting mostly democrat identified human being, which is mostly -- >> my loyalties, flies to the left of the party. but for the most part wouldn't it be nice if out of this if nothing else came out of the transparency party, for the voters who don't know where as the republican party in iowa releases the actual number of voters the democrats don't show this. it would actually be nice. >> i agree. >> and -- >> and one second, we want to go to chris moody live in des moines, because chris, you know what precinct is the missing one, right? >> there is just one more county left to report. that is polk county right here near des moines. hillary clinton at this point is still holding onto that small lead. but we're still very late.
12:23 am
and we don't have the final results. we don't have the final winner. we may have one in the next -- in a very short amount of time. we'll keep you updated. >> it's a precinct in polk county. polk county is the most populous county in the state, where des moines is, also that is where hillary clinton has a steady lead over bernie sanders. >> exactly, we were talking earlier, where is this county? near cedar rapids, which would help bernie sanders, maria, to you, your thoughts? >> i think what the clinton campaign was hoping before tonight is that she would squeak out a win. it looks like that is exactly what she will do. and regardless of what some say, a win is a win. they will be thrilled, i guarantee you. >> point four -- >> math is math. and a win is a win and they will be thrilled if this holds.
12:24 am
and i think that you know going into new hampshire it doesn't give a huge momentum, because i think again being fair to bernie sanders he had a terrific night as well. he ran a wonderful campaign. but i do think it gives her, i think it was you, john said, you know, bragging rights of the person who won the iowa caucuses going into new hampshire. and she can continue to push her message. but i think overall, i think sally said this. you know, i do think the democrats won tonight because they are focused. they are two very strong candidates that are focused on strong messages that frankly appeal to the majority of americans versus a party that is so divided right now. where you have all of these lanes that everyone is talking about. >> the -- >> so wait -- >> i'm enjoying losing, if this is losing, i feel really good about it. >> trounced the democratic
12:25 am
contenders -- >> no, they do not trounce marco rubio. >> and let's be clear, when we listen to what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are doing they're competing with each other to see who can have more compassion and do more to help the american people. or who could be more of a socialist. >> do you know what when we'll bring up this discussion? right after a quick break, when maybe, maybe, the missing precinct poll captain will call us and tell us who won. stay with us. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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all right, breaking news in the caucus. we have learned there is one side to report, in polk county leaning towards hillary clinton all night. you can see the results as they stand right now, 49.9% for hillary clinton, 49.5 for bernie sanders. separated by just 4/10 of a percent, our screen says 100% reporting, there is actually one still out there. it's like 99.9% reporting.
12:30 am
>> that is polk county, where the missing precinct is, right now still waiting for that number. it could come as we wait for it. let's talk about our dead heat. >> the iowa caucuses were good to bernie sanders. he may not have won an outright victory but he declared a moral victory, an ideological victory. h he heads to new hampshire with the wind at his back as well as possibly a lot of money. his aides believe he will raise millions off this bitter race with hillary clinton. there are some precincts still remaining. senator sanders did not dwell on that. he said that iowa simply responded to his call for a revolution. now, this was a test of a political organization. the clinton campaign came in for months and months trying to build a brick and mortar structure. sanders used tools such as
12:31 am
social media, got out younger voters. this contest is a split race for delegates. that is what the iowa caucuses are about here. the race is now down to two, with martin o'malley now out of the race both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will appear at the town hall on wednesday to begin to sharpen on what they both view is a different vision of the detect party. >> jeff, thank you very much. let's talk with our panel. we also have chris moody in des moines. this is a guy, bernie sanders who has run 20 times for office, has won 14 times and who some way, some how at 74 years old is resonating in a way that has shocked all of us with young voters. case in point? the donation? he said tonight, the donations, the average donation amount? $27. >> which means among other things that a lot of donors can give a lot more money.
12:32 am
so bernie sanders will not run out of money, maria cardona. so how will the clinton campaign pivot and take him on in new hampshire, or is the clinton campaign going to pivot? tell me, we have a town hall, hillary clinton walks on the stage and says what? >> she says that she hopes that she will earn every vote in new hampshire and she will focus on the message that she has focused on up until now which is how she is the one going to be best prepared and will fight the hardest for middle class voters. for those who have been left out. and that she is the one who has the best experience and knows how to do the job from day one. >> but that is not what she has been saying that brought it to a
12:33 am
statistical tie -- >> but it says she has won the majority, and is still ahead by quite a large margin. will that still be the case, after tonight we'll see. but i think what i was talking about earlier, again, she is at her best when she is competing hard for this. it is better for the democratic party when there are two out there with messages that are resonating. and yes, her message is resonating because i think people are responding to the fact that she wants to get things done and wants to find real solutions. bernie sanders is definitely catching fire, but let's remember that she is still -- she is still ahead in -- >> hey, guys, and let's talk about the fact that he -- bernie sanders is quote unquote catching fire in very white states that are representative
12:34 am
of the country. when you look at south carolina you look at the so-called firewall for hillary clinton, the black vote that sanders has been courting so hard across south carolina and across the south. i just wonder, ben ferguson, can he do it when you still have so many critical minority votes across the country? >> there is one big advantage with him, there is now doubt around hillary clinton. and you have to look at the doubt for what it actually is. there are people who are doubting her. there are things that are issues for her, not with republicans, with democrats. that is what bernie sanders has been able to do is say hey, i'm the next alternative. i'm the guy who is not going to be controlled. i'm not the establishment. and i think national polls honestly in this two-man race right now really don't matter. it's about momentum moving forward. and i think the momentum here is pretty solid. that if you were leaving tonight and had to pick which train to leave on you would be on bernie
12:35 am
sanders' train. they're excited, enthusiastic, and that is something hillary clinton will have to overcome, i don't know if she can do it just in a town hall. >> sally, there is one subject that they talked about. we asked the voters who do they think was more honest and trustworthy. bernie sanders, 80%, hillary clinton, 20%. >> again, it speaks to her deficits as much as it speaks to his strengths. he is sort of this look, i'm telling it like i see it. i just show up, i didn't even comb my hair kind of candidate. i have to be honest, hillary clinton is not a great candidate. i think she is a great leader, with great ideas, i don't agree with her on all her policies. i think bernie sanders is making her better to make her accountable where our country is. not just on populous issues and the middle class. but she is not a great candidate
12:36 am
and it's ironic that it is taking such a bad candidate in bernie sanders to show her that. here is a guy who is literally a slob showing up on the political scene -- >> we'll be right back, all you, unrestrained. first, let me plug to town hall. anderson cooper, wednesday night. 8:00 p.m., hillary clinton, bernie sanders on stage with anderson in new hampshire, the town hall event. voters will get to ask questions. this is a big, big moment in this campaign you know with hillary clinton maybe squeaking out a victory. maybe not. still too close to call. we should know by wednesday night. we'll be right back.
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all right, we have breaking news, we are inching closer to an outcome. >> to an answer. at almost 4:00 a.m. >> we just got a statement from the department chair, the results tonight are the closest in iowa democratic history. hillary clinton awarded 699.57 state delegate equivalents, bernie sanders, awards 49.5,
12:41 am
martin oh m'malley awards 0.6. >> here is what is key, the outstanding precinct, the one precinct in polk county, it goes on to say we still have outstanding results in one precinct, that is des moines's 42nd precinct, worth 2.28 state delegate equivalents. >> this is just in right now, if you can see this map, 699.57 for hillary clinton, 699.49 for bernie sanders, a difference of 0.48 -- >> so even if bernie sanders took every state delegate. >> can even if he took all of ie would not get more state delegates than hillary clinton. >> we should note they are not calling a winner. they are simply putting out the
12:42 am
numbers, again, there you have it. the one precinct missing worth 2.28 state delegates. you have a spread right now. they're saying a delegate spread of four. >> it's insanely close, maria cardona. it's insanely close, 4.08 state delegate equivalents. it's just hard to understand. but the point is hillary clinton has more of what you want. she has more of what you want than bernie sanders has. than bernie sanders has, but oh, man, oh, man, it's so close. so at 3:40 a.m. we learned your reaction? >> i'm thrilled. i am sure hillary clinton and her campaign expected this. so it is a sigh of relief and a feeling of being thrilled at the same time. because i do think again she is able to go into new hampshire, sort of secure that she was able to win the first contest.
12:43 am
new hampshire is a -- like i have been saying all night a challenge for her. but then going into south carolina and nevada she has pretty substantial leads. these are states that look much more like the demographic of today's country. of today's united states. that represent more of what this country looks like. she has a large lead with african americans, a huge lead with latinos. i think bernie sanders has done a terrific job of trying to reach ought to both of those demographics but he just does not have the history that hillary clinton has with them. and i think that those southern states and then you go into super tuesday can serve as somewhat of a firewall. >> do you use the word huge, though, for hillary clinton? >> yes, absolutely. >> i'm jumping -- >> we promised you -- >> a few things, first of all i think it's interesting that the clinton talking point here is that she fights best, she is at
12:44 am
her best when she is fighting from behind. and you know, how do we know that? last time she was from behind she lost to barack obama in spectacular fashion. so that is not true at all. >> it was not in spectacular fashion. >> it was spectacular fashion. it doesn't matter, she lost to a relative newcomer when she was the favorite. she was the anointed one, and lost to a relative newcomer. >> don't rewrite history, tara. >> i'm not doing that. >> i think you are. >> hang on -- >> i mean -- >> listen, i would like to thank you, you guys have been talking. let me talk. the fact you guys are even arguing that she lost kind of sort of in 2008 goes to show you how desperate the clinton campaign is to make sure she doesn't come out of this looking like a loser again which she is because of how small the margin is of her victory.
12:45 am
she is a juggernaught, and beating bernie sanders, a socialist, by half a percentage point. number two, i'm going to finish, you guys are talking about how wonderful this is for democrats and how wonderful it is for the country. we're talking about two individuals who want to add trillions to an already $19 trillion debt in this country by giving away the farm to everybody and not talking about how they will pay for it. that is not good for anybody, and i welcome that debate in an election. >> bring it on. >> what i love is you're somehow trying to say -- i'm no hillary clinton defender, but you're saying she spectacularly lost, but now you're saying she is a loser even though she won in iowa. >> and defining winning and losing to fit your own terms -- >> all right, everybody, we have to talk one at a time. else this will end early and we
12:46 am
don't want that because they're still counting. sally, finish your thought. >> there is like a math issue here, and again, when hillary clinton was behind in a way she actually did win more votes. doesn't matter, look, she won, i agree, this was not the victory they unfettered candidate, she is not. and -- >> if she won, sorry, i'm not calling it. >> i'm not doing it. >> hillary clinton's camp has just come out with a statement again, cnn is not declaring a winner at the point in time. look how close it is. we want a way to get that final precinct in. hillary clinton's camp just e-mailing out a statement saying quote, hillary clinton has won the iowa caucus, going on to say after thorough reporting and analysis there is no uncertainty and secretary clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates.
12:47 am
that is what clinton's camp is saying. no word yet from sanders' camp. we'll let you know when we have more. ben, this all happens in a state where 43% of the democratic caucus-goers describe themselves as socialists. let's not forget that. >> i do think that it is important. there is one thing we have to look at tonight. there is a big debate on trust with hillary clinton. there has been. most people are saying with just republicans to are bringing this up, it's just republicans that are making benghazi and the e-mail and the server everything an issue. and these polls saying we do not trust hillary clinton. you can't say this is now just a republican or democrat talking point or fight. there are truly democrats now and the majority of them in iowa, and i think moving forward and this may be her
12:48 am
vulnerability, is this they don't trust her. it is a doubt that is growing and not getting smaller. we can't control the trust issue. >> can we pull up talking points -- >> and the concern is there. >> we're going to talk about comparisons to the country as a whole. by the way, a majority of americans if asked, a majority including republicans would choose an economy that looks less like the united states and more like sweden. whatever you call it, people don't know like the economic system set up. and iowa voters as representative, a majority of republican iowa voters still are not sure that barack obama was born in the united states. >> and on the margin, we'll take a quick break and see if we can figure out what is going on with the margin here in this race. we'll be right back.
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12:52 am
>> all right, welcome back, 3:52 a.m. here on the east coast, you know what is good? we stayed up, you stayed up, and we're getting answers. we may be getting closer and closer to answers, we're doing the math here on a statistical dead heat on the democratic side in iowa. those are the numbers we have thus far. we want to walk you through what dr. andy mcguire, the head of
12:53 am
the democratic chair, is saying tonight. technical but very important. quote, the results tonight are the closest in iowa's democratic caucus history. hillary clinton has been awarded 69.995 state delegates, bernie sanders, awarded 695.95 delegates. >> we still have outstanding results in one precinct. there is one precinct still out in polk county, worth 2.28 state delegate equivalents. so here is some math, we'll let you reach your own conclusions, hillary clinton has 695, bernie sanders, 695.49, that is a difference of four. >> even if bernie sanders were to take all the outstanding precinct of polk county and get 2.82 delegates you still have a spread that to leaves hillary clinton in the lead. this has not been officially called yet.
12:54 am
but hillary clinton's camp says it is. >> cnn is not officially calling the race because people want to check my math, more than -- let me tell you something. that is okay. >> you should all be -- pleased with that. the bottom line here it looks like we could be close to getting a call. the clinton campaign -- >> so let me read you this. hillary clinton has won the caucuses after thorough reporting, there is no uncertainty and secretary clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates. statistically there is no outstanding information that could change the results and no way that senator sanders could overcome clinton's advantage, that coming from clinton's camp. >> the only word about it, clear, there is nothing clear. it looks like maybe she will emerge with a small victory, we don't have tons of time left.
12:55 am
sally, i'll give you the last word here. going into new hampshire, hillary clinton will get off the plane in a little bit. i suppose it's better to have a .4%. >> it will redefine the meaning of winning and losing, no question. donald trump lost, he can't say he won. this is a guy who made everything about winning and he lost. it's hard to argue that bernie sanders lost because the expectations were so low that it looked like he won. really, the loser is the english language, which we kind of turned -- >> important, right? >> the winner is -- the winner is -- >> berman's math. >> in democracy, guys, thank you so much again, stay with us, we could be on the word to the official call in the democratic caucuses. finally, more right after this. i switched to geico and got more.
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all right. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. breaking news. we are looking at what happened in iowa last night and everyone now heads to new hampshire and what we know for sure on the republican side is that ted cruz won. >> that seems like it happened a
1:00 am
thousand hours ago. we have been up all night. cruz first and trump second and marco rubio third. that happened four and a half years ago. we have been counting votes on the democratic side. you see the razor margin there. a few minutes ago, we got news that may tell us what the results could be when we declare the final winner. let's read the statement from the democratic party chair. clinton has been awarded 699.57 state delegates. bernie sanders with 695.49 state delegates. we are still waiting for one precin precinct. polk county. that is only worth 2.28 state delegates. even if bernie sanders wins that, it was a


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