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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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we have been up all night. cruz first and trump second and marco rubio third. that happened four and a half years ago. we have been counting votes on the democratic side. you see the razor margin there. a few minutes ago, we got news that may tell us what the results could be when we declare the final winner. let's read the statement from the democratic party chair. clinton has been awarded 699.57 state delegates. bernie sanders with 695.49 state delegates. we are still waiting for one precin precinct. polk county. that is only worth 2.28 state delegates. even if bernie sanders wins that, it was a 4.08 state
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delegate difference. there are only 2.28 state delegates remaining. that is the situation which is why the clinton campaign says she has won. >> they are looking at that map, clearly and saying they are ready after thorough reporting and analysis and results, they say there is no uncertainty. she won the race. >> let's go to chris moody. let's be clear, cnn has not called this race, but we did just look at the math, chris. >> reporter: the math lookings to be on hillary clinton's side here in des moines. it is getting obviously very late. many candidates have already left the state. the snow if you can see it has started to fall. even though the republicans announced so long ago, they are waiting on the last precinct in des moines. the chairman from the democratic party said this is the closest democratic caucus in history and
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one of the largest turnouts in history. this is certainly one for the ages. >> to be sure. anytime you are separated by a state equivalent is not a real thing. it is a mathematic formula. it is the closest to be sure. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both up in the air both flying to new hampshire. when they land, i imagine hillary clinton could come out and say hey, i won. >> they are up in the air literally and figuratively. when you look at the razor thin margin, chris moody, last night, looking at the entrance polls. you have young people who love bernie sanders. you have traditional democratic voters who liked hillary clinton. anecdotally, you heard inside the caucus locations, it was divided up. one of my deep sources, my
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niece, said they were old people for hillary clinton and young people for bernie sanders. that is how she put it, chris moody. >> reporter: everyone knows in iowa, the ground game is important. both campaigns showed they had tremendous operations here on the ground in iowa. i think it is important, especially to look at bernie sanders. someone considered the underdog in the race coming close to hillary clinton here. when they both land in new hampshire, hillary clinton, once we declare it, she will be able to declare victory and be happy. i think bernie sanders is going into new hampshire happy as well. he will have a lot of momentum saying he is very close. the polls in new hampshire are looking good for him. >> chris moody in des moines, i'm sweating here. math here is complicated to figure out right now. i'm sweating over math. this is dramatic stuff. >> reporter: i'm certainly not.
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>> it is 4:00 in the morning and we still haven't called it. we are trying to figure out the difference between 2.28 and 4. joining us here live is tara setmayer, and maria cardona and ben ferguson, the host of the ben ferguson show. good morning. we have done a lot on the democratic race. hopefully maybe while we're talking, we will get an official delegation. let's talk about the one winner we know for sure, ben ferguson, that is ted cruz. i suppose there is one loser, he would not like me saying that, that is donald trump. >> it will be very weird moving forward to see how donald trump deals with this. it will be interesting to see where the money goes. you will see a lot of small donors continue to really pour in to ted cruz. the big question is the big checks that are going to people
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like jeb bush. where will they go? i think marco rubio is going to be the person getting this. i think the big take away is this, everyone was expecting that donald trump would win this. then the question of how do you stop him? are you able to stop him when he is over 40% in the national poll. the national poll doesn't matter anymore. you have three viable candidates. you may have a one with kasich in new hampshire. we don't know yet. this is far from over. i think that is good for the republican debate. you will see people drop out. ultimately, donald trump will not run away with the election. >> let's listen to sound from donald trump. you don't usually hear humble donald trump or somebody who is not just winning completely outright. let's listen to how he reacted. >> i was told by everybody do not go to iowa. you could never finish even in
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the top ten. and i said but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they'll like me. let's give it a shot. they said don't do it. we have to give it a shot. we finished second. i want to tell you something. i'm honored. i'm really honored. i want to congratulated and all of the incredible candidates. >> does he go into new hampshire, maria cardona, did he insult iowa voter when he skipped the debate? >> he did. he will make second place great again. i think one of the things we have said is this has to be a delicious moment for ted cruz. let's listen to everything donald trump threw at him. he brought up the fact he thinks
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that cruz is not legitimate and born in canada. he threw everything at him. >> called him an anchor baby. >> yeah. it is an interesting position. donald trump is stuck between a cuban immigrant who beat him and a cuban immigrant who is beating at his heels. >> call him a cuban sandwich. that is what you call it. tara, i want to talk about marco rubio. he did finish third and the republican establishment, if you don't follow twitter, if you do, you received 8,000 tweets. marco-mentum. let's listen to marco rubio claiming victory in third place. >> for months they told us because we did not have the right endorsements or right political connections, we had no chance. they told me we have no chance
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because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. >> he takes this, tara, in new hampshire. can he execute? can he get second place? >> i think that remains to be seen. a week is an eternity in poli c politics. we are talking about where the money goes. iowa, when people talk about iowa so important and all the different things, one of them is momentum. you know, marco rubio would not be the first person to not win iowa and end up winning the republican nomination. it happened plenty of times before. when marco rubio has $9 million cash on hand and jeb bush has $67 million with the super pac and his campaign. where the donors go is important. jeb bush donors are expressing
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concern here. $800 a vote. >> they are not happy about the fact that jeb bush has bloodied up rubio so badly instead of going after trump. will they defect to marco rubio? the showing with the speech tonight, you will see the coffers fill. >> does this, although it is third place, ben ferguson, does he get that mantle? >> you don't want to be the establishment early on. >> dirty word. >> a four letter word in politics, especially on the republican side. he is saying i earned the respect of those who said that i was not supposed to be here. he started that speech off by making it clear i was told this is not my time. it was jeb bush's time. i was told by the establishment to wait my turn. i did it anyway.
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that makes him a bit of an outsider. he is the easy choice for many people to give money in the republican circles moving forward. i think his point was listen up, people. i'm here to stay. i think there is one other thing about the big victory tonight for ted cruz. this allows ted cruz to play in the s.e.c. he has weathered the storm. he will be okay in new hampshire. he is not expected to win there. when you go no the s.e.c., ted cruz is a viable candidate. he weathered the storm. it gets him ready for the big day in the s.e.c. >> guys, stand by. we will talk more about the democrats, sally, we will have you weigh in. the breaking news is this. look at the map right there. this is a code for something. it is the democratic results of the iowa caucuses. we are getting close to maybe being able to say someone sort
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of won. we'll be right back.
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all right. the breaking news we just heard from the iowa democratic state party chair explaining that this is the situation. i won't walk you through the math again. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are separated by 4.08 state delegate equivalents. it is too complicated to explain what that is, but it is 4/10th
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of a percentage points right now. one outstanding precinct. it doesn't look like if all those people voted for bernie sanders, it doesn't look like he can make up the difference. we are double checking our math on that right now. right now, the math seems to be leaning in hillary clinton's favor. >> the math is leaning in hillary clinton's favor. hillary clinton's campaign said she is the winner. looking at that map. no official declaration from the democratic party in iowa. jeff zeleny has just landed. he is traveling with the clinton campaign. >> i think jeff is with sanders. >> he just landed. hi, jeff. >> reporter: good morning. >> how about this news? 4.08 state delegates separating hillary clinton and sanders. do the sanders folks know this or are they still sleeping in
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first class? >> reporter: not much first class on eastern airlines. they actually did not have an internet connection on the plane. they are probably just learning this right now. senator sanders is declaring a different victory. he said this exactly when he talked to reporters briefly in the flight that was just about two hours long. he said we are in it until the conventi convention. he said we will win some states and we will lose some states, but we are in this for the long haul. he said we began the campaign. we are a fringe campaign. the results of iowa suggest that is no longer the case. the sanders campaign moving forward. he will hold a couple rallies later today. he is, of course, participating in the cnn town hall on wednesday. the number of delegates is
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close. once they find out the results, he said he with not contest them. he said they are plunging ahead. >> a razor thin margin there. what about the mood on the plane? you say they did not have an internet connection. you are there. you landed. what can you tell us about what people are feeling about the night? >> reporter: we are actually still taxiing. it is a charter plane. it does not have a bernie sanders logo on it. the pilot did call it air bernie. the plane filled with a lot of young staffers who greeted sanders with booming applause when he and his wife jane and other family members boarded the plane. very happy sanders campaign doing what many people did not think was possible or they would do in iowa. incredibly happy they are flying here. the reality is they know this is the beginning. only the beginning and they are
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running against a very tough organization. a tough rival with the clinton campaign. this is just the beginning. he had a bit of a bounce in his step. talked for about five minutes and maybe got a bit of sleep on the short two-hour flight from des moines to manchester. >> jeff, two things. i certainly hope you got sleep on the flight from des moines to manchester. i hope your seatbelt is fastened. tell us what bernie sanders has in store today. is he doing morning show interviews? does he have an event? what do we expect today? >> reporter: he talked a bit on the plane that he would avoid the morning show interviews. he is going to hold a couple rallies in new hampshire. claremont, new hampshire and then go home tomorrow to vermont
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and sleep in his own bed, i'm told. then of course back in new hampshire for the cnn town hall. now his only remaining rival, hillary clinton, of course, that is wednesday night in new hampshire. again, his pledge to fight all the way to the convention was notable. that signifies this is a long campaign. longer than anyone would have imagined. john, i can tell you they have not started counting their money yet, but they are doing a huge fund raising push. it began before the senator spoke in des moines. they were sending e-mail messages and text messages and on social media. they believe this is a managejo fund raising opportunity. they raised $20 million online in january. average donation is $27. you can bet that will multiply. >> a lot of counting in the
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campaign. no one told me there would be math. >> jeff zeleny on air bernie. we will talk to you soon. >> it is interesting. bernie sanders came back and talked on the plane five minutes to reporters and talking about the moral victory he thinks he has won. it is exhausting for these candidates. invigorating too. they have to start all over. >> good thing you have a sharpie. >> we'll be right back. oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring to protect you from identity theft. we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month.
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all right. welcome back. our breaking news this morning. we know who won the gop iowa caucuses. ted cruz. no question there. donald trump second. in third place, marco rubio coming up. a lot of happy people in the marco rubio camp. >> what we know about the democratic race is hillary clinton is leading by 4.08 state delegate equivalents. that is 4/10th of a percentage point. only a tiny few votes to be counted right now. the math leans in hillary clinton's favor. the iowa democratic party not calling the race. the clinton campaign claims it is. we have cnn producer dan merrick
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on the plane in new hampshire. dan, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> tell me everything. how was the flight? what was the mood? when did they learn the math may be in their favor? >> the flight was sleepless. we just landed. actually brian, the national press secretary got on the loud speaker to remark about the iowa democratic party about the race. if i read the statement correctly, it says hillary clinton has been awarded 699.57 state delegate equivalents. upon getting on the plane, brian announced the clinton campaign in their vision or their mind has won the race and then he joked that news networks would not get off the plane until we
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in fact called the race as well. >> i hate to tell you, you're stuck on the plane for a while. we're waiting for people to double check our math here. we have not called it just yet despite the clinton campaign says they won and the numbers seem to add up in her favor. >> what is the mood among the staffers? how do we feel heading into new hampshire? >> i think when we were taking off, there was an expectation on the plane and confidence. upon landing, reading the democratic statement and few things they picked up, there is no watch lounge on the plane. it is a news free zone. there were cheers in front of the plane when we touched down. they read the statement and e-mails from the headquarters. >> so there were cheers? >> when we landed, there were
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cheers in the front of the plane. i think they certainly grew more confident when we landed. they were projecting confidence when we took off. i think that confidence was mostly an act trying to maintain faith for new hampshire. >> dan merica on air clinton just landing in new hampshire. cheers in front of the plane when they got the news. we barely heard from bernie sanders and he says he is talking about going to the convention. we are getting reports left, right and center. >> we are heading into a big day of campaigning. these players will sharpen their messages about each other to new hampshire voters. we'll be right back.
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breaking news this morning. new numbers just in for the democratic race. maybe pointing to a winner. a definite winner on the republican side. ted cruz. dare we say a loser? humbled loser? donald trump. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 31 minutes past 4:00 a.m. we might finally possibly soon have a winner in the democratic
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caucus. we got numbers in from the iowa state democratic party. look at the spread. 4/10th of a percentage point. all but one single precinct reporting. the point is they are separated by 4.08 state delegates. there are 2.08 remaining. the math is leaning in hillary clinton's favor. the clinton campaign declared victory. it is a very tiny victory. nevertheless, they just landed and a cheer from the press plane from their section of the press plane. clinton staffers. they think they won. let's get the latest from des moines. that is where senior politics reporter chris moody is reporting from. chris, it seems they have counted all of the votes. >> reporter: almost all of them. what a night in des moines. what a long night here in iowa. the snow has just started falling down on us. we are so close to getting that
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last precinct. as you have spoken about several times, the math is looking very good for hillary clinton here. there's a lot of victories celebrated. not here, but in new hampshire where all the candidates have already gone long ago. ted cruz declaring victory for getting the most here in iowa on the republican side. marco rubio for exceeding expectations and hillary clinton and the math here and bernie sanders for exceeding expectations. >> chris, bernie sanders on the stump today or on the plane today. jeff zeleny was talking to him. bernie sanders came back and talked to him for five minutes. he said he will take the fight all the way to the convention. it does seem he is invigorated to say the least. >> reporter: he certainly does. i think he has reason to feel that way. the expectations for hillary clinton for so much of the
1:34 am
primary process was she is inevitable and will take it away. he put up a good fight in iowa. the numbers in new hampshire look good for him. if you look at his war chest. bernie sanders has plenty of money. he will tell you many are from small donors, under $30. he has the cash flow to stay in it. now with martin o'malley. if tonight is a heck of an indication, we have a big primary coming forward. >> especially among young people in iowa. staggering the way young people in iowa supported bernie sanders. chris, thank you for that. let's break down the numbers with tara setmayer and we have
1:35 am
maria cardone and sally kohn along with ben ferguson. we are getting calls from the planes and campaigns are starting to land in new hampshire. sally, let's start with you. let's listen to what former secretary of state hillary clinton said about what kind of candidate and president she will be. >> it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive who gets things done for people. >> a progressive who with gets things done for people. that is a nod obviously to bernie sanders. does she has to change her
1:36 am
strategy going into new hampshire and beyond because of just how close it was in iowa? especially among young people. >> let's be clear. she already is. if we step back, what is happening in the selection is actually for bernie sanders and his supporters, bigger than just the democratic nominee. what's so -- what we should read into the comment he intends to take this all the way through the campaign and convention is he always intended to do that. that was the point all along. if you talk to anyone, they never planned to win. winning, the possibility of him being a viable candidate, that is the icing on the cake. he wants to transform the political system and transform the democratic party. what is so exciting here is, a, you see hillary shifting. you see her becoming more populous and supporting the majority of the issues that the democrats support and the too corporate white republican party
1:37 am
have stood in the way of and you see young people getting engaged. wouldn't it be nice if we could not be cynical about politics and be engaged among a young generation. that is a pretty exciting potential. >> he has enthusiasm. >> can she sell it? she had difficulty selling this message which is why she is redefining herself five or six times. now she is a progressive. >> she was a grandmother once. >> a grandmother. a woman. >> she can't be more than one thing at a time? >> stop, stop, stop. i want to talk about the moment right now because the clinton campaign is declaring victory. maria, you are close to the campaign. they may have eeked out a victory. they are leading in the poll by
1:38 am
4/10th percentage point. let's take the clinton perspective. although it is small, how much better is it than a defeat? >> absolutely. going into iowa, the polls were showing it was close. people were talking about how it was possible that hillary clinton could lose there. of course, it would be much worse if she lost there and she didn't. i think what this shows frankly, is the democratic party comes out of this with two big winners. hillary clinton because of the math and she does get more delegates. >> she gets one more delegate. >> at the end of the day, this is a race for delegates. and bernie sanders. you have to give it to him. kudos to him. he ran a fantastic campaign. he is getting young people involved. i agree with sally. that is important to do here. i think hillary moving forward will do everything she can to make sure she keeps those sanders' supporters at least,
1:39 am
you know, looking at her as a viable alternative. let's not forget what is great in the numbers for hillary, when you look at the people who support sanders, they support sanders because they like him, not because they don't like her, they just like him better. >> here is the issue. if you are hillary clinton leaving tonight, the question is what won you iowa? i don't think her campaign can answer that question. here's my thing, when it comes to messages, bernie sanders knows exactly why he got so close to winning here. he understands what to do moving forward. i'm not sure hillary clinton, if you land on this plane and you have a sigh of relief you didn't come in second, the question is what do you do now because i don't think they have a clear campaign path here or messaging path that will somehow overcome bernie sanders. we know bernie sanders. the voters know bernie sanders. he never changed.
1:40 am
hillary has marorphed a couple times. whatever they did in iowa is not an advantage. >> that is a perfect message. sanders still comes out with strong momentum. the fact he has taken up so much of her strong lead, of course, they're afraid. the thing is the sanders campaign, there is no message plan. he was just himself. almost to a fault. i think he needs to be stronger on foreign policy. if he needs to be a viable candidate, he needs to speak more about economic inequality and justice. hillary clinton, i'll be honest, in small groups, she is amazing and great at connecting with folks. she has never been able to translate that to a large stage. part of that is she is so micro managed. she has to figure out how to be
1:41 am
herself. >> stop, stop. we have -- we need to stop right now. we will get live reports from the campaign trails. the candidates are starting to arrive in new hampshire. when we come back, we will talk to the reporter of the marco rubio campaign. they say they have marco-mentum. wednesday night, i lost track of which day it is. >> one long day in new hampshire. we left iowa. the new hampshire democratic presidential town hall is tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we are hosting that. wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. on cnn. we'll be right back.
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all right. breaking news. the iowa democratic party says there is just one precinct left to count in iowa. cnn has not declared a winner. the clinton campaign looked at the math and they declared victory. we will let you do the math. write it down. figure it out for yourself. we will talk about the republicans. it is clear. ted cruz won. the math is not complicated. he won. donald trump came in second. marco rubio came in third. now a lot of people are looking at results and how close marco rubio came to donald trump and
1:46 am
saying there is marco-mentun. >> joining us on the phone is manu. you were with the rubio campaign last night. you will be with the rubio event this morning. when you look at the numbers this morning, rubio at 23% behind donald trump. they must be elated in the rubio camp this morning. >> reporter: absolutely. they actually were not anticipating having results that high. you look at the polls last week and "the des moines register" poll from saturday. anything higher than 15% would be viewed as a victory for them and let alone to be nipping at the heels of donald trump and over 20% is a huge deal for them. they will make the case previous i aggressively now that they are the one candidate that can poll
1:47 am
voters and establishment into their camp. the fight in new hampshire shifts of who could be the alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. marco rubio is the only one who could take them on. he is the only viable alternative and he has to worry about more moderates like jeb bush and chris christie and john kasich who are aggressively fighting for that lane as well. if he does better than them, he will have a strong hand to play heading into south carolina. if he does worse, that marco-mentum may suddenly be zapped. he will spend more money here on tv because he is expecting a lot more attacks now he is considered one of the frontrunners. >> absolutely. thank you, manu. we know you are ready to get to go to the rubio event in new
1:48 am
hampshire. let's break it down. cnn political commentators are with us. tara setmayer and sally kohn along with ben ferguson. >> we had no chance and not right political connections. they told me we had no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. >> here he is. third in line. just behind, tara, just behind donald trump. that was a performance, i think, that was -- those were iowa voters who wanted anybody but trump who are conservative and establishment voters who did not go for ted cruz. >> a measure we need to look at
1:49 am
who broke for whom in the latter dates? iowa is notorious for being fickle. more people broke for rubio and i think the fact that trump didn't show up to that debate and he called people in iowa stupid at one point. even ted cruz capitalized on those and the things that donald trump said. for the folks that didn't like cruz, they broke for rubio. just let me finish one point. for rubio, now he goes into new hampshire, he is going to look for that money there. now the expectation is higher for rubio to perform well. he came out with the strategy. with the endorsement of senator tim scott, a highly endorsement coming today, that also makes
1:50 am
people look at senator rubio as a viable conservative candidate in south carolina. which was not part of the discussion. >> this is the first time we saw what voters will do with donald trump. they said we reject. that hurt donald trump a lot. also just the way he likes to use the word nasty. he was really nasty in the last couple days. calling ted cruz, you know, an anchor baby for canada. that's a nasty political play. he was more humble when he walked up on stage and maybe he will learn how to pivot on this, but the campaign style is dependent on how he moves to south carolina and new hampshire. if he keeps this up, it may back
1:51 am
fire on him. he may have to change his style which may be hard for donald trump to do. >> on the issue of -- marco rubio and ted cruz and donald trump finished third. another issue is who shares your value values? ted cruz. donald trump nowhere in sight of that. i guess maria, my question is now he has to deal with marco rubio. those two haven't clashed yet in the campaign. i wonder what will that look like? >> donald trump and marco rubio? >> yes. >> i think donald trump will certainly try to throw everything that he has at marco rubio. i think ted cruz knows what that feels like. i think marco rubio has a tremendous opportunity to really take advantage of the momentum that he has coming out of here. he has to take advantage it.
1:52 am
he looks at coming in second in new hampshire and coming in first in south carolina. if he doesn't do those two things exactly, i think he's done. there is a path, but the path is narrow for him. you have to win a state in order to be able to win the nomination. right now e he is not leading in any state. >> at 6:00, they were talking about him running the table. trump was. sorry. trump talking about running the table. how do you overcome that? you wuse that to your advantage. look what we did here? it will only help rubio. >> this is a guy that is fond of the term loser. he calls everybody loser. he called bush a loser. he calls everybody in government losers. today, donald trump is a loser. >> let's remember, he is still
1:53 am
really -- he has a ton of lead in every single state after iowa. >> i think momentum is everything. >> let me jump in. >> first of all, there are two things we need to pay attention. one is the damage that trump has done to the republican party and the republican brand. the truth is and i know my conservative colleagues agree with me in not wanting to see trump go any further than this. everyone is responding to the terms of debate that donald trump has set. it is portrayed the party as more zenophobic than most republicans would hope their party aspire to be. we should step back and notice what happened here more broadly. if you asked anyone a year ago who would the nominees be at this point. you would say bush and clinton. the fact that is not the case is stunning.
1:54 am
i think the rise of not the complete outsider candidates, but outsider establishment candidate as rubio is trying to be as sanders is. is an interesting phenomena. >> the first thing all four of you agreed on tonight. we will end this discussion right here. >> donald trump said he is honored to finish second. others say he is a loser for the first time in his life. we will talk to sartellite/radr is live with the campaign next. that hasn'ped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems
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donald trump, wow, trailing ted cruz by four points. you can see "the daily news" this morning. "dead clown walking." marco rubio slips to third. the cover of "the new york post." "cruz-ified."
1:58 am
sara murray joins us on the phone this morning. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. you are talking about a campaign that went from yesterday saying if we went iowa, we can run the table to these election results. they are acknowledging we're in a strong position for new hampshire. rubio's surge means trump has to fend off ted cruz in new hampshire and south carolina and he has to fend off marco rubio. his role got more difficult, not easier. when you talk to politicians and other operatives, one thing they were impressed by is how disciplined donald trump was in the concession speech. he complimented ted cruz and mike huckabee. he kept it short and moved on to new hampshire. was donald trump on the campaign trail today? he will hold a campaign rally in new hampshire. will see if he comes out
1:59 am
swinging against marco rubio or against ted cruz again. what the tenor of this will be for iowa and new hampshire. one thing we know about donald trump, he is very competitive. he likes to be a winner. i'm sure there is a lot of discussion within the campaign about the fact they cannot lose two in a row. >> the question is, can new hampshire make donald trump the comeback kid? is it even possible for donald trump to be a comeback kid? >> i wonder if there is a change, sara murray, in strategy or tone by donald trump as we head into new hampshire and the states beyond? >> reporter: i think that is one of the things they are thinking of. people have questioned his tone. the campaign says this is who he is and we will let trump be trump. he has calibrated his tone on a couple occasions. we heard him talk more about when he is president, he will be
2:00 am
a totally different person. he can be politically correct and kinder. he is trying to knock these guys out. that did not play out well in iowa. maybe he will soften his tone in new hampshire. donald trump is a guy when he is hit, he hits back. i think he will look at marco rubio as an emerging threat here. we will get a better sense of how he will deal with that. >> in iowa, donald trump not many votes ahead of rubio. sara, thank you. "early start" continues right now. all right. breaking news this morning. if you can believe it. brand spanking new numbers in the iowa caucuses on the democratic side. one precinct left to count. just a short time ago, the clinton campaign declared victory over berni


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