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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 2, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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a totally different person. he can be politically correct and kinder. he is trying to knock these guys out. that did not play out well in iowa. maybe he will soften his tone in new hampshire. donald trump is a guy when he is hit, he hits back. i think he will look at marco rubio as an emerging threat here. we will get a better sense of how he will deal with that. >> in iowa, donald trump not many votes ahead of rubio. sara, thank you. "early start" continues right now. all right. breaking news this morning. if you can believe it. brand spanking new numbers in the iowa caucuses on the democratic side. one precinct left to count. just a short time ago, the clinton campaign declared victory over bernie sanders. we didn't.
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they did. plus, on the republican side, ted cruz wins the night. donald trump loses the night. marco rubio says third place is the best thing ever. >> what a night. >> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is tuesday, february 2nd. 5:0 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> ted cruz won the iowa caucuses. donald trump finished second. marco rubio finished a very, very close third. ted cruz did well with evangelicals. the democratic side, we have been waiting all night to get a clear answer? .4% all night. about an hour ago, the state democratic party said there was one precinct left.
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hillary clinton leads with 4.08 state delegate equivalents. a mathematical formulation. she is a very tiny bit ahead. there are 2.2 state delegates equivalents remaining. the clinton campaign says the math works in their favor. we are waiting for more information. joining us live from des moines this morning, the last reporter, senior digital reporter chris moody. great to have you here with us. >> reporter: great to be here all night with you. exciting caucus on the republican side and democratic side. i think the most nail biting has been the democratic side. the most fascinating to watch for those who want to stay up all night. it is neck and neck. very close. hillary clinton's campaign has declared victory. now, all overnight, the campaigns have been flying to new hampshire. they are just now landing there. that's where the campaign will go on from here.
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this is where if it hasn't been exciting enough, it get really exciting there. hillary clinton declaring victory. feeling good about it. also bernie sanders coming from lower expectations and nearly tying a candidate who was as some people said, inevitable, he is feeling good as well. there is a bernie sanders event in new hampshire for people who have waited for his plane to land there at this early hour. i don't know if the sun will be up at that time. it will be exciting. bernie sanders and his poll numbers are looking pretty strong in that state. the fight has just begun. >> they are thinking they will raise more money, chris, after his performance yesterday. air bern has landed in manchester. another big day of campaigning. will hillary clinton change her strategy? chris moody, thank you. let's break down the results. the nail biting on the democratic side.
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cnn commentators are with us. tara setmayer and sally kohn along with ben ferguson and maria cardona. the iowa democratic party saying it was a close contact with robust turnout. what does that tell you about engagement in this campaign? >> it is fascinating since the republicans had a turnout vote of 125,000. this time up to 185,000 or so. people thought if there was more turnout, trump would win resoundi resoundingly. it goes back to the point that organization matters. ted cruz had 12,000 volunteers to get the cruz crew. they were organized on the ground. that matters in iowa. the fact that the donald trump
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campaign had virtually no organization on the ground. it is reported they did not pay for the infrastructure. volunteers did not know where to go or what to tell the supporters which precincts to go. that did not help donald trump. i think it is another part of the story here that it was ted cruz who benefitted. possibly marco rubio. ted cruz benefitted from the record turnout. >> no one can take away that trump can fill a room or stadium. that doesn't mean though that you have any type of actual ground game in the states moving forward. if what we know, iowa's first. if he doesn't do better when it comes to actual campaign on the ground, you have to do more than fly in and say 20,000 people show up and i'm going to give you 45-minute speech. it is easy to go to one of those. if you don't have the workers and volunteers that know what we are doing on the ground. this brings in the issue with the campaign staff. he had a lot of people on the
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staff that i'm not sure they know what they are doing running the campaign. they are cocky and arrogant, but i'm not sure they have a ground game moving forward in any state. >> one thing we don't know is if donald trump listens to his campaign staff. >> that's true. >> i want to turn the focus to the democratic side. we have not called it yet. .4% separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton with the oh, so, very slight lead. sally, i have been harping on this. it is not much of a lead. how much of a difference does it make to not have much of a lead versus trailing bernie sanders after iowa? >> look, you know, hillary clinton can walk out of iowa and say it looks like possibly potentially if her campaign is to be believed in certain disclosure here.
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she can walk out potentially and say we won iowa. good for her. she deserves that. pat on the back. as everyone has been pointing out throughout the night, iowa is a very small and demographically state. did you come out of iowa faring better than you went in? hillary clinton has by that measure not done so well. she was once upon a time expected to be the far and away leader. she is now neck and neck, bearing eking out a victory, perhaps. with insurgent fringe candidate. no one who was running a threat. now he is a real threat. that doesn't feel good to her. >> she is losing by 20 points in new hampshire. let's not forget that. she is not talking into friendly territory. >> another small representative state, but it does count for
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momentum as we go forward. maria, what does she have to do differently? you go back to the turnout numbers. maria, what does she need to do to make sure she doesn't have the energy of bernie sanders campaign? >> i think she have to continue to talk about the issues that these young people care about. you saw her do that in her speech tonight. >> 84% to 14%. >> i don't know she will be able to overcome his advantage right now with young people. i do think what it will do to her is it will continue to make her talk about issues in a much more relevant, passionate way. you know, she is somebody that she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve like bernie sanders. where she does wear her heart is poli policy prescriptions. now they are relevant to all of the bernie sanders supporters.
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i think we should also have a bit of information, when cnn does cause it for hillary clinton. >> in the year 2019. >> she will be the first woman in history to win the iowa caucus. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton said herself last night about what kind of candidate and president she would be. let's listen to that. >> it is rare we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive who gets things done for people. >> bernie sanders is a progressive who doesn't get things done for people? >> she sounds like bernie sanders there at the very end. i think she is at least taking a play from his playbook which say
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smart move for her to do. i have to go back to one main thing with hillary clinton. it is the trust issue. this is going to be something that bernie sanders is going to be able to continue to exploit. the best piece of information i heard from iowa is people on the democratic side, not the republican side, they do not trust her. it is a significant gap. if he can go out there and capitalize and say i am the guy you can trust. i never changed. you know my motives. i have never wavered. it may not always be popular, but i am an individual you can trust. there seems to be a big advantage here. >> stop, stop, stop. we will talk about it after the break. i promise. >> ted cruz, they are popping champagne bottles on his plane. they just landed in new hampshire. we will talk about that next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing,
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breaking news from iowa. ted cruz won. beating the man who polls and predicted he would win. donald trump. what does this mean for the whole enchallada? i heard the champagne corks were popping on the plane. we have sara murray with more. >> reporter: that is right. it was a celebratory flight. a round of champagne served by flight crew. a festive atmosphere. the cruz campaign good about their win in iowa. mostly settled down during the flight. a lot of people taking a snooze. the senator huddled in conversations with top aides. he will now get a few hours of sleep after being up all night. he will get right to it in new
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hampshire at the town hall. he will hop ahead to south carolina. for the rest of the week, crews will be digging in here in new hampshire. national co-chair said he predicts trump's lead in new hampshire will start to close. new hampshire is not an easy state for ted cruz. he has always been behind donald trump. landing here in new hampshire, we are coming in with an early validation. the wind is at their backs. the question is are they able to translate that here? ted cruz will start that task today. >> he is way behind in new hampshire. donald trump is way ahead in new hampshire. you know, will ted cruz intend to compete hard in new hampshire, sunlen? >> reporter: if you look at his
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schedule this week, except for one event in south carolina, he will be investing a significant amount of time here in new hampshire. this was a surprise due to the schedule last night. the macampaign indicates they he momentum in new hampshire. this is not an electorate that is leaning toward ted cruz. a much harder state for him to win than iowa. this is a big early test to see if he expands his reach and interest from other people. it will be interesting to see how cruz in the first event in new hampshire in six hours after he gets a few hours sleep what argument he will make to new hampshire voters. he had a direct message in the iowa victory speech. basically i'm coming for you.
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i'll be picking up dunkin' donu donuts. i'm going to come after your vote. >> get me a large coffee. sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. great to have you with us. bragging rights from iowa to new hampshire last about an hour. ted cruz has until 7:15. the breaking news in the race for president. ted cruz won iowa. hillary clinton, she declared victory although it is really still too close to call. the iowa party hasn't called it. we haven't called it yet. we did just get some new numbers. we'll be back. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop.
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all right. here are the facts. ted cruz won iowa. hillary clinton says she won iowa. she has a razor thin lead. trump leading in new hampshire by a lot. bernie sanders leading by a lot. what happens now? >> we have 30 seconds for our panelists to weigh in. let's start with you, sally. >> first of all, democracy wins. you have the people speaking up to say they don't want washington to pick their candidates. they want a say. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has shown the people matter and the people can speak up and change the democratic
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establishment. hopefully that change is going forward and republicans elect someone sane. >> marco rubio won expectations. big win for ted cruz. can he keep that momentum in new hampshire? i'm not sure. hillary clinton may have won, but it would have been groundhog day all over for her in iowa although she won a tiny bit. donald trump is a loser today. >> maria. >> hillary clinton wins becoming the first woman to ever win an iowa caucus. bernie sanders did great. also a win. the democratic party wins. they are focusing on the issues that all americans care about. compared to republicans who will nominate somebody who is anti-woman or anti-latino. >> all right. ben. go. >> i'll say this. donald trump proves arrogance and cockiness does not win you the white house.
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ted cruz did better than anyone thought. marco rubio is a guy that has a little mo coming out of iowa. bernie sanders is telling the truth and people like him if you are a democrat listening. hillary clinton's biggest issue is trust. it is causing her to have problems. that issues will cause problems moving forward. >> i can't thank you fluenough. cnn town hall at 8:00 p.m. anderson cooper moderates. >> a lot of momentum in the next couple days. "new day" is picking up for us now. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do?
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word about the election in iowa last night. the caucuses. the state party hasn't released final results. let's listen to what the senator has to say. >> we thank you so much. >> we love you, bernie! >> we love you, too. you heard me say a million times. let me say to you here at 5:00 in the morning. we're in this together. in this sense, no president can do it alone. that is what the political revolution is about. millions of people standing up and demanding you have a government that represents all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors. i just want to thank you all. we have a lot of work. we have a rally tomorrow in the afternoon. it's


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