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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the presidential candidates hit the ground running in new hampshire. some trying to build on the momentum of iowa. others trying to get back on track. hillary clinton claims victory but party officials not yet desclard a winner in a race too close to wall. one pringt still has to be counted and bernie sanders is looking into reports of voter
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irregularities.ecinct still has counted and bernie sanders is looking into reports of voter irregularities. clinton goes into new hampshire trailing in next week's primaries. also surprises on the republican side. ted cruz scores a huge victory and gives donald trump a harsh reality check. marco rubio stronger than expected and within a point of trump, who suddenly sounds, umm, humbled? >> we finished second. and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> nine months ago we came to this beautiful state. we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition. and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america.
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>> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief -- thank you iowa. >> we're pushing ahead to new hampshire where the next elections loom and our crews are already in place. we're following the big players. let's begin with jeff zeleny in new hampshire for a hillary clinton event this hour. good morning. >> good morning carol. hillary clinton wasted no time declaring victory. but i can tell you on the ground here in new hampshire it certainly does not feel like that. and she knows she has much work to do after the still deadlocked race in iowa from bernie sanders. and bernie sanders already an incredible lead here in new hampshire. when she was speaking to supporters last night, she said this is a nigfight now for the direction of the democratic party. >> it is rare. it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now.
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to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive. who gets things done -- >> and that is the theme we are going to hear over and over for next week until the new hampshire primary. i am a progressive who gets things done. but carol, i can tell you i was in the room at the bernie sanders rally and the minute she said those words the crowd booed and someone shouted that she's a liar. so there is a line here between the democratic rivals and now it is down to these two. martin o'malley dropping out of the race as well. but bernie sanders flew here overnight and is still looking at all of these voting
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irregularities. we talked with him briefly as he walked off his charter plane. >> any concerns -- >> we're studying. that we'll see what happens. but i'm just very proud of the campaign that we ran. and the thousands of volunteers that worked so hard. >> so these irregulates we're talking about and one precinct is still out but carol, this is so close. it was a fight over delegates. 699 for hillary clinton. 695 for bernie sanders. so essentially a draw here and it is one sign that this race is going to go on for weeks and maybe even months to come. so the next week in new hampshire will be fascinating. >> yes it will. bernie sanders springboarding out of iowa and sailing into the new hampshire as well. we caught up with him as you heard jeff said, as soon as his
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red eye flight landed. sanders said his strong showing should make people believe that they could send a message to washington. >> it is asking working people and middle class people to stand up and fight for their rights, help us take on a class that who's agreed is doing so much damage to our economy. and 80% of young people didn't vote last election. i'm very proud that we're bringing young people into the process and ree vitalizing american democracy and iffer wire going to change america that is what we got to do. >> more on the sanders campaign. good morning. >> good morning, carol. bernie sanders did get started quite early today here in new hampshire as well. with that stop in beau, new hampshire around 3:00 eastern time. here in keen she's expected to
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see supporters. this is very much seen as bernie sanders country. in part because of geographically he's from vermont which is a neighboring state. also politically because the state has such a large number of independent voters who are really expected to buy into his arguments of economic inequality, as well as campaign finance reform. my colleague chris cuomo did catch up with him a little after he got off the plane here in new hampshire. talked about the past in iowa as well as the future here in this state. listen. >> we started a campaign, you know, 40, 50 points behind. whether we lose by a fraction of a point we win whatever. we're very proud of the campaign that we won. and i think the significance is for those who did not think that bernie sanders could win, that could compete against hill
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clinton, i hope that fight is now gone. we look forward to doing well around the country. >> do you take this as the victory regardless of the margin. >> absolutely. what you are talking about one way or the other is a couple of delegates when we need 300 delegates to win this thing. so we lost by two, one, maybe zero, whatever it may be. but what this shows is that this campaign has started in a very forceful way, starting way way back and coming to a virtual tie. and we are going to fight here in new hampshire. look forward to winning here and doing well around the rest of the country. >> so a bit of a different landscape here in new hampshire than in iowa. though some of the demographics are very similar. it will be interesting to see just how the photo finish in iowa effects the voter turnout for the democrats a week from today here in new hampshire,
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carol. >> joe johns live from new hampshire. keane, new hampshire, thanks. as hillary clinton declares herself the winner in iowa, bernie sanders, you heard, said, talking about his campaign, said we're going to have a to look a little more thoroughly about the election results in iowa. for his -- let's talk about this and more. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> so ron, i'll start with you. the des moines rental ster reports coin tosses were held in six precincts to award delegates. the paper says clinton won each toss. any chance that this could develop into something bigger?
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>> i have a feeling they are not going to push it too far. but last time the republicans couldn't count. this time the democrats. you would think at least they could do is count the votes. i think it is really disappointing. iowa did answer two big questions but at least two more still to be determined. bernie sanders dominance among young voters is very real and he's not just a wine track candidate. meaning not just dependent on --. very positive signs for him. on the other hand even while doing so well he lost self identified democrats by double digits and did not do well among the small minority population in iowa, he'll have to improve on both of those fronts to make this competitive going forward. >> i was going pose this question to lisa knowing that you are a clinton supporter. let's talk about bernie sanders. she would have won iowa big.
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he had momentum going in. big huge campaign rallies. filled with tens and hundreds of people. but clinton did just fine. why didn't she secure him in iowa? >> hillary took some lessons from 2008 and had a incredibly strong field organization out in iowa. we talked to people in iowa who said the organization across iowa is just awesome. second i think that hillary clinton did extraordinarily well with older voters and female voters. really relying on the female voters. first female president. they came out and they came out in spades for hillary clinton. so she did better than she may have expected to do when she said i'm breathing a sigh of relief. there was clear momentum in the closing weeks that it started to feel like it was tipping towards bernie. and she managed to thwart it i
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think with her campaign. everybody was out in iowa actually going door to door so retail politicking seemed to rule the day for her in iowa. >> let's look more closely at the entrance polls. sanders did well among those under 40. not so great with older democrats. i know you are a republican, but what should we take away from this? >> on both sides of the aisle this is a big election year. big turnout on both sides. every voter should feel as if his or her vote will matter in this election, especially in the early states. i think what we see is tuesd enthusiasm on the side of the senator sanders because in every election the expectations game matters and sanders has been exceeding for months.
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the nomination was secretary clinton's to lose and now in a tight race it seems she's underperforming and he is overperforming. >> and bernie sanders is expected to do well in new hampshire. of course it is a state in his own backyard. does iowa or new hampshire really tell us anything about the strength of his candidacy is this. >> do to a point. and new hampshire isn't boing going to add much new information. bernie sanders does well with independent voters who are a part of the puzzle there. and he's also competitive among whites and new hampshire like iowa will be over 90% white. -- down the road is when the diversity comes into play with hispanic voters and african american voters. the sanders campaign thinks they are making inroads with hispanics. carol, that is what he's going to have to do to make this a
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race. if white voters divide the same as in iowa and bernie sanders doesn't improve among minorities he simply won't win any of the big diverse states. they know what they have to do. new hampshire won't tell us much more but nevada and south carolina will tell us a lot. >> i have to leave it there. of course you are all going stick around for our next conversation and i appreciate that. so thank you. hillary clinton will be live on cnn this afternoon. her interview with wolf blitzer airs at 1:30 eastern and tomorrow night for the first time taf votes are counted in iowa, the democrat presidential candidates will appear at the town hall in new hampshire. still to come in the newsroom it is back to business for these republicans. top three candidates move on to new hampshire. that's next. es a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ trooisz looking to take the momentum all the way to new
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hampshire. >> it is breath taking to see what happens when so many americans stand up and decide they are fed one what happened in washington. and they want something different. they want a leader they can trust. heidi and i are overwhelmed. gratified and we're encouraged. >> jim acosta live in manchester new hampshire. good morning. >> good morning. it was ab unbelievable night for ted cruz. in the end it was a huge disappointment for his arch rival donald trump. in the end it seems the unconventional trump may not have been conventional enough. we watched him in iowa. he didn't do the retail campaigning iowans claim every four years. he didn't go to the pizza ranches, instead opting for the big flashy rallies. ted cruz hit all 99 counties.
6:20 am
he was invested for months and months and donald trump was not. donald trump was coming to places like here in new hampshire, going down to south carolina as iowans were making up their mind. and ted cruz told our dana bash that he's going to keep on fighting. he believes that he is still in a good position to win this nomination after what happened last night in iowa. here is what he had to say. >> -- respect donald trump, i like and respect marco. everyone. donald and marco both had a good night. i congratulate them. their second and third place finish. ben carson had a good night. there are a lot of people. everyone in this field i like and respect. we are going to stay focused on making the case to the american people that we can't have an another campaign con conservative. we've seen these in the the republican primary over and over. people who talk a good game and say they will defend conservative principles and get elected and don't do it. and last night everybody was
6:21 am
saying cruz is going to lose. i heard that over and over again. trump will win. every media pundit and suddenly when the grassroots proved the media wrong, then it was a forego conclusion. this is the power of the grassroots. and i think it is entirely possible we know our nominee by the end of march. >> as for donald trump he was humble, even gracious in defeat. almost soft spoken but he also vowed to keep fighting. here is what he had to say. >> i don't know who's going to win between bernie and hillary. i don't know what's going to happen with hillary's got other problems maybe bigger than the problems she's got in terms of
6:22 am
nominations. but we've had so many different indications and polls that we beat her and we beat her easily. and we will go on to get the republican nomination. and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> so carol, why did donald trump seem to lose steam at the end? if you look at our entrance polling it appears the last minute undecided voters opt forward marco rubio and ted cruz over donald trump. many of them determining that rubio is the more viable candidate. the question now comes to new hampshire as to whether rubio's strong third place finish causes trouble for donald trump here as it did in iowa. trump's challenge is proving that iowa was just a fluke. he was riding high on the polls here this new hampshire up until last night. we'll have to see whether or not the poll numbers change because now trump looks beatable. there was some speculation
6:23 am
donald trump could pick up the endorsement of huckabee but huckabee's spokesman says that endorsement is not happening. and you have to wonder carol whether or not donald trump is going to continue to have this rally out in ar after what happened last night in iowa. he'll want to pay more attention to what's happening here in new hampshire. >> on to new hampshire for marco rubio after his big surge in iowa. but the candidate made sure to deliver a big old thank you before he took off. manu raju with more. >> marco rubio was hear this morning, greeting voters, feeling positive about last night in iowa. the polls going into last night had him about 15% of the vote. he did much better than that
6:24 am
almost beating trump, exceeding expectations. today he's making the argument about electability. saying only he's electable is the big argument. and he's been very bullish about his chances as he talked about last night. >> we have taken the first step. but an important step. towards winning this election. if i am our nominee. and i will be our nominee thanks to what you have done here in this great state. when i am our nominee we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. when i am our nominee we are going to grow the conservative movement. we are going to take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. to the students living under the burden of student loans.
6:25 am
to the families struggling to raise their children with the right values, we will take our message to them. and we will bring them to our side. >> of course he's got to do well in new hampshire, carol. this is a state where he will have a significant amount of competition from moderate republicans. those who are vying for that so called establishment lane. the governors in this race who did not do particularly well yesterday. people like chris christie, john kasich, jeb bush, all of whom have polled within the same margin as marco rubio, the challenge for rubio is to ensure that he ends up ahead of them in new hampshire next week. if he is actually behind them next tuesday that could be a big problem for him going forward. they are going after jeb bush as well as ted cruz and donald trump. that is how marco rubio is going to play this in the coming days, carol. >> manu, thank you.
6:26 am
so time to talk winners and losers on the republican side. ted cruz easily a winner. marco rubio, winner. donald trump? he did not win. and the new york tabloids took notice. dead clown walking. the new york post? crucified. and as for trump so far, he proved he can be gracious in defeat. >> we finish second. and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. really honored. and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. >> there you have it. our panel here once again to discuss. li lisa caputo and -- welcome back. that magazine that posted a scathing antitrump edition is separating this morning tweeting a picture of cruz and a good
6:27 am
night for conservatives. proves trump is beatable. but is he beatable in new hampshire? >> that is a different story. of course in iowa the past couple of election cycles we've seen social conservative, evangelical conservative, people who self identify as very conservative typically show up to caucus and their candidate usually wins. that was the case with mike huckabee and rick santorum and now ted cruz. so this proves that the caucus goes to those who show up. but of course the voters in new hampshire are very different. in 2008 they selected john mccain and in 2012 mitt romney. so we see a different pattern. >> and very conservative voters in iowa did vote for cruz. for trump, moderate and somewhat conservative republicans. he did pretty well. 34% with moderates. 24% from vote who are consider
6:28 am
themselves somewhat conservative. back to trump coming in second place. all the polls said he's going to win. what hurt trump? was it skipping the debate? was it sarah palin? was it the cruz attacks on new york values? >> i think what hurt donald trump frankly is the notion that all politics is local. i think that in iowa we've heard it time and time again "retail politicking" and he did not invest in the field operation. ted cruz really invested. going to 99 counties. marco rubio also having a strong presence. so i think the lack of a field operation and the retail politicking really hurt donald trump. i also think that it can't be underestimated that ted cruz, you know, when you look at the caucus voters in iowa, two-thirds of them on the republican side are evangelicals. and cruz took a third of those and then trump and rubio split
6:29 am
the rest. but it is very interesting to note that rubio got the late deciders. and he also got the suburban republicans. so again i go back to all politics is local. and you really got to invest in that ground game. and that hurt donald trump. >> people actually like to meet and greet and all that and feel like they are important. >> they do. >> so marco rubio, let's talk about him. he came in a strong third. do voters want an establishment republican who can win in an general election? >> it means there is a lane for that candidate. what we saw in iowa is similar in some ways to what we saw in '08 and '12. cruz won evangelical christians but lost voters who were not evangelical christians and with that exact profile, huckabee and santorum were able to win a bunch of southern states. cruz has to expand. the non evangelical voters divided pretty much in half. the blue collar went to trump.
6:30 am
blue collar not necessarily motivated by social issues. marco rubio win the more white collar, more secular and that is a big chunk of the new hampshire vote. exactly where he's competing with jeb bush, kasich and christie and that's where rubio has to establish himself as a leader of that lane. if you look at it that way, you see the potential for something republicans have never really had in the modern primary era which is a sustained three-way race. kroos on evangelicals. donald trump on blue collar support and rubio kasich, chris or bush consolidating right or center right lane. >> i leave you with these five words. ben carson, florida, clean clothes. >> man, that was just an odd moment last night when dr. carson excused himself to get a fresh change of clothes. but he says he's not suspending his campaign. he had a strong fourth place finish and he'll continue. he'll go on to new hampshire with a new change of clothes. >> he'll be fresh and ready. >> that's right. >> thanks to all of you.
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the big day in pennsylvania at a pennsylvania courtroom i so you would say for bill cosby today. the hearing is getting under way right mow. this is cosby walking into the courtroom. cosby is accused of drugging and sexual assaulting a temple university employee in 2004. his defense teams says cosby cut a deal with a previous dea who promised cosby no charges would be filed if he testified in a civil suit. the current da says only a judge can offer immunity. of course we'll keep you posted. back to politics now. the polls were wrong.
6:36 am
looked like donald trump was on the verge of the stunning victory and most first-time caucus goers did back the businessman. but those who votes before not so much. and through their support the winner was ted cruz. joined from des moines, the editor of the iowa craig, welcome. >> good morning. >> so you are an iowa guy. what stands out most to you from last night. >> well it was a huge turnout last night. almost 190,000 iowa republicans caucused. no one would have ever believed that ted cruz could have garnered over 50,000 votes. my caucus site was swarmed with new people registering that
6:37 am
night. and the assumption was that that was the good news for trump. it ended up being a great night for ted cruz in instead. >> and marco rubio as well, right? >> absolutely. i think marco rubio is a huge winner coming out of iowa with a head of steam. showed a lot of momentum. and this will really reset i think the race in new hampshire moving forward. >> maybe so. but still, you know, donald trump sucked all of the air out of room. but he ran for lack of a better term a more national campaign. big campaign rallies. the anger he expressed did not seem to have the impact he desired in iowa. why do you think that was? >> well he's still got over 45,000 votes and if you look at the results from last night what he really lacked was he needed places in the state where he
6:38 am
could build a margin and make up ground on ted cruz and other places. he didn't have that. in fact marco rubio ended up being a big problem for donald trump in some of these more urban areas that maybe cruz struggled in. marco rubio was also strong. so i think it was kind of the perfect storm to keep trump down. you had rubio coming on strong and iowa voters i think sensed when they showed up to their caucus site, hey, i might like some of these candidates that were lower but i think i'm going to vote for someone who's viable. and it is clear they viewed cruz t social conservative, rubio, the mainstream republican candidate and trump as the outsider as the viable candidates in this race. it is a three person race moving forward. >> so should the other candidates, the many candidates on the republican -- should they drop out? >> well iowa does a great job of
6:39 am
winnowing the field. and i think last night's result is a clear indication that you could probably chop the field in half pretty easily. it might take new hampshire to force some other candidates out. but i mean, this is really a three person race moving forward. there is no other way to look at the results last night. than to say that this is a three-person race. so new hampshire will probably, you know, clear the deck of maybe some of these other candidates that were more focused there. >> right. let me ask you because i want to get to the democratic side for just a little before i have to go. bernie sanders, he had a great night. or did he? sanders told reporters this morning his camp is studying voter irregularities. and we also got this word from mark preston who was told a senior campaign aide for senator sanders says the campaigns has no plans to stand down on
6:40 am
gathering additional data from last night's caucuses. the aide went on to say the campaign would request the iowa democratic party provide more information from specific precincts given the closeness of the race". >> from your view, were there irregularities? is something up? >> i don't know. any time in a caucus setting, where you have very close results, a very close race, you are going to have issues like this. republicans had it in 2012. now democrats have it in 2016. and i think this is also a problem that iowa democrats never release, you know, the raw voter data either. that would help clarify maybe in a close race who really did the best job of turning people out. so i think there are some questions moving forward. i understand what the sanders campaign is doing. even though i don't know if it really matters all that much in the sense of, if hillary is the clear winner or sanders is the
6:41 am
clear winner, i think they both politically got that what i needeneed -- what they needed. but i think it is smart for the sanders campaign to throw in doubt and make this more of an issue into new hampshire. >> thanks so much. candidates fanning out across new hampshire. why several say this could be the state that makes or breaks their campaign. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in
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you know how was the world moves. iowa is now ancient history. it is on to new hampshire. the make or break state for several gop candidates. chris christie continuing his campaign blitz of the state. there he is talking to supporters. and christie isn't the only one. here is john kasich on why new hampshire is so droilt his campaign.
6:46 am
>> look, nobody in the country knows who i am. i mean, they just don't. they know who i am in new hampshire but i'm not a celebrity candidate. i didn't have have a national television show. i'm the governor of ohio. so nobody knows me. but we do well here. that whole business of being known is going to change. >> cnn's phil mattingly live in bedford, new hampshire with more on this. good morning. >> good morning carol. iowa is in the rear view mirror. that is what chris christie standing behind me just told people here at his bedford new hampshire campaign headquarters. this is the final push. he's rallying troops here. and for chris christie, jewish and john kasich these next days will make or break their campaign. all of their eggs are in the pact and one of them needs to break out. trying to make this not a three person race but instead a four person race. john kasich making the point this morning that he deserves to
6:47 am
be the top candidate out of that group. take listen. >> we'll know on the morning of the tenth whether we are a story. and it is really going to be whether you are saying this guy we counted him out. the campaigns are spending $4 million of negative ads against me. do you think they are worried? they don't spend $4 million ahead of someone at the bottom? and all of a sudden you folks will be forced to shift a little bit of your attention away from the trumper. and you might have to talk about john kasich. >>. >> not just about kasich but again chris christie and jeb bush. when you look here it is really who of the three governors is going to emerge? the person who comes out on top will get donors, support and will be considered a viable establishment candidate. one key point here, in the latest poll 37% of likely
6:48 am
republican voters have not made up their mind yet. another 23% are only leaning. that puts 60% of voters in the state in play. that means a lot of work to do over the last seven days but a lot of votes to gain too. >> live from the christie event in new hampshire this morning. still to come. she's declared victory in iowa and hillary clinton is taking on new hampshire now. will this state be an even bigger battle? the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". hillary clinton. in less than two hours she'll be rallying support in new
6:53 am
hampshire. in just hours ago the clintons were declaring victory in iowa. this after a photo finish with bernie sanders. technically, they're still in a virtual tie. we don't know who the winner is. certainly bernie sanders is not con seeding. with me is mark preston. good morning, mark. should hillary clinton be declaring victory? >> if i'm her campaign, that's what i'm trying to do. i want to try to cut bernie sanders off and say i'm the winner and come storming into new hampshire. if you go back to 2012, she lost iowa to barack obama. a lot of people thought she was dead in the water at that moment. she came into new hampshire and turned it around and had a big surprising win. as you said, her husband, bill clinton, used his second place finish here to go on and win the
6:54 am
democratic nomination. the sanders group is not backing down. they're asking for specific count sheets to see if the tabulation is done. the caucuses are very inaccurate when it comes to numbers. the sanders campaign wants to appear like a fighter and they want the win. >> and we can't forget what happened in 2012 on the republican side between santorum and romney, right? >> reporter: no doubt. at that point mitt romney basically early in the morning was declared the winner. it took several weeks before rick santorum in a recount showed that rick santorum won. but at that point it didn't matter because mitt romney had basically won the iowa caucuses, has the momentum. rick santorum could have used that boost. it just came a little too late for rick santorum at that time. that goes to show you why iowa is important. it's about momentum, carol.
6:55 am
it's all about momentum. >> it's about momentum. i want to talk about momentum right now. wasn't it bernie sanders who had the momentum going into iowa? really big exciting passionate campaign rallies and then more on the e-mail controversy surrounding hillary clinton came out right before the iowa caucuses. shouldn't he have done better? >> the clinton campaign says so. just a few hours ago when we landed in manchester in a scene you would only see in a political thriller in the movies, it was amazing having the sanders and clinton campaign, and the press campaign planes all pouring out, not knowing who had won. there was no wi-fi on the plane as we moved from des moines over to manchester. now, certainly bernie sandersed a had the grass roots enthusiasm. we can't take away from hillary clinton's ground game. that's why we stand where we are right now. the clinton machine was effective in getting out the vote and that's why, as you
6:56 am
said, razor thin margin between the two of them. >> mark preston reporting live for us. thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
god bless the great state of iowa. >> wow. what a night. an unbelievable night. >> i absolutely love the people of iowa. >> i think i might come here and buy a farm. >> astounded. and now in new hampshire, we're going to astound the world again. >> they told me we have no chance because my hair wasn't
7:01 am
gray enough and my boots were too high. >> we love new hampshire. we love south carolina. >> iowa has made clear to america and the world morning is coming. morning is coming. >> join me. let's go win the nomination. thank you all and god bless you. >> and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. overnight flights and early morning events, the presidential candidates hit the ground running in new hampshire, some trying to build on the momentum of iowa, others trying to get back on track. democrats, hillary clinton claiming victory but party officials have not yet declared a winner in a race still too close to call. one precinct still has to be counted and sanders' team is requesting count sheets from certain precincts.
7:02 am
the near tie would have been unimaginable several months ago. also surprises in the republican race. cruz has a huge victory and gives donald trump a harsh reality check. rubio stronger than expected and within a point of trump, and two decides call it quits, martin o'malley drops from the race and among the republicans, mike huckabee shuts down his campaign. let's start with the last two democrats standing. both clinton and sanders are climbing momentum as they charge toward the primaries one week from today. >> i want to take this opportunity to congratulate secretary clinton -- [ applause ] >> yep. and her organization for waging a very vigorous campaign. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best
7:03 am
way forward. >> our crews are also in new hampshire. jeff is following the republicans, jim acosta t democrats. let's begin with jeff. >> reporter: you can see the line forming behind me. it's going a couple blocks long here to see hillary clinton. and this democratic race has been reset. iowa is the beginning of this campaign. of course, it is nowhere near the end of the campaign. new hampshire often has a mind of its own when it comes to presidential campaigns. there's no question that the clinton campaign now is in a bit of a reset mode. you can hear it when she was speaking last night in des moines. you can see it on the faces of herred a va sors -- advisors. listen to what she said. >> it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now. to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for
7:04 am
and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive who gets things done for people. >> and you notice she says we're going to have a debate about what the future of the democratic party stands for. that is a subtle way of saying that senator sanders has not been a democrat. he's a democratic socialist from vermont. that's the direction the campaign is going. what does the democratic party stand for? bernie sanders as he flew here from iowa overnight had a bounce in his step. he was talked about how his campaign sort of rose from obscurity to take her on. this is one thing he said that i was struck by as we asked him some questions. he said we're in this to the convention. it shows america this campaign can win. he said again and again we're in this to the convention.
7:05 am
it's a fight for delegates. but we're still keeping one eye on what happened in iowa. the results are not completely certified. it is a deadlocked race. some precincts are still out. we asked senator sanders after he stepped off the plane what he intends to do about it. >> any concerns about the voter or regularities? >> we'll see what happens. i'll very proud of the campaign that we ran, that we ran and the thousands of volunteers that worked so hard. >> reporter: his campaign is telling my colleague, mark preston this morning, that they are requesting individual tally sheets from all the precincts. they're going to look and see if they need to question the results of iowa. as that is happening, this new hampshire primary is under way. only one week to go, and both candidates will be head to head tomorrow night at cnn's town meeting in new hampshire.
7:06 am
>> can't wait. jeff, thank you. ted cruz looking to take the momentum of his iowa win to new hampshire. >> we're flying to new hampshire, and we're going to work every day to earn the votes of the men and women of new hampshire. we just did a bus tour there and had incredible excitement and enthusiasm, and that was before this victory. we're going to work to try to earn the votes. i think it's possible to know the nominee by the end of march. winning iowa is a good first step. >> how's the rest of the republican field fairing? jim acosta live in new hampshire with more on that. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it is not groundhog day when it comes to the republican race for the white house. we're accustomed to seeing donald trump in the headlines and riding high in the polls and sucking up the oxygen. that's not the case.
7:07 am
cruz had a texas-sized victory in the iowa caucuses. we've been counting, it's been 14 hours since donald trump's tweet. he's been silent since his disappointing finish last night in second place. this candidate didn't do the conventional things you need to do to win iowa. he didn't go to pizza ranches and visit all 99 counties. iowans crave that kind of attention, and donald trump did not give it to them. but in the end, last night trump was gracious tipping his hat to cruz. he vowed to keep on fighting. here's what he said. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. okay? >> i don't know who's going to win between bernie and hillary. i don't know what's going to happen with hillary has other
7:08 am
problems, maybe bigger than the problems she's got in terms of nominations. but we've had so many different indications in polls that we beat her and beat her easily, and we'll go onto get the republican nomination, and we will go onto easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever they throw up there. >> reporter: now donald trump here in new hampshire has a sizable double digit lead. all that is correct change because of the momentum in this race. marco rubio was taking support away from donald trump in the iowa caucuses last night. trump does have an event scheduled here in new hampshire later on this afternoon. that should be the first chance we'll hear from donald trump in front of a crowd in terms of a reaction to what happened in last night's iowa caucuses since his speech last night in iowa. and, carol, he has an event in
7:09 am
little rock, arkansas scheduled for tomorrow. that's a head scratcher when he probably needs to win new hampshire at that point to keep the momentum going. yesterday we were saying if he wins iowa and new hampshire his campaign will be hard to stop. he now needs to win new hampshire to make sure the race he's trying to wage can stay in healthy shape. he certainly does not want to come out of new hampshire losing here. >> interestingly enough, donald trump has sent out no tweets. not one. none today. >> very quiet. 14 hours since. that's right. >> that's a long time to be quiet for donald trump. jim acosta reporting live from new hampshire. thank you. by the way, if you're wondering about punxsutawney phil, it's groundhog day. he did not see his shadow. an early spring. now to the democrats. hillary clinton's campaign director says there's no uncertainty and secretary clinton has clearly won. the clinton campaign claiming victory even as the numbers show
7:10 am
a razor thin race. as a senior campaign person for sanders says, they will request the actual count sheets in certain precincts, because the sanders isn't so sure clinton won iowa. jason johnson and john avalon are joining me. jason, i want to start with you. could this request from the sanders camp develop into something bigger? >> i mean, you know, if bernie sanders thinks he's going to get benefit from make clinton cheated to win iowa, he can do it. honestly, sanders should be more concerned about maintaining his lead in new hampshire and working in south carolina. we had this happen in 2012. people were arguing about whether the iowa vote counted. it doesn't matter. he can claim victory because he did well.
7:11 am
hillary cano the same. they need to focus on the future. >> it's actually hard to determine who won iowa. on one side a win is a win. on the other side, should hillary clinton be concerned it was so close? >> well, of course she should be concerned. i mean, she came into this race the overwhelming favorite against a 74-year-old democratic socialist from vermont. here she's fighting over a couple hundred votes in the iowa caucuses. but a win is a win. and, look, iowa caucus counting is not an exact science. i know that's frustrating and hard for folks to understand. last time in the republican side, romney was thought to win by 8. it was santorum by 34. it looks like hillary clinton has the votes to call this a win. politics and campaigns are not like exceeding earnings expectations. if she lost even by the same amount, it would be different, but she can narrow win but a
7:12 am
tough fight going into new hampshire. a state that is in bernie sanders favor as polls show. she has to win here and go to south carolina and nevada. this is a tight win, a deep divide in the democratic party. she needs to close the gap and move on. >> jason, let's look at the exit polls as to who voted for who. sanders won with those over 40. clinton won those over 40 years old. sanders won big among independents. clinton won big among democrats. what should we take away from this? >> this is the kind of split we expected going into it. i'll say this. i went to an interesting caucus, observed one in district 33 and 34 in downtown des moines. what i saw was, especially from people who caucused before, both sides are in agreement they're going to support the other. there were a lot of people who said back in 2008, if they were
7:13 am
hillary supporters, they didn't want to support baunl. obama, a other way. it's not that way this time. both sides of the democratic party will be enthusiastic about whoever they said. >> let's talk about the enthusiasm in a second. sanders wins big among very liberal democrats. clinton wins with somewhat liberal and moderate voters. that means sanders is appealing to only one branch of the party, the very liberal -- he's only appealing to very liberal democrats at the moment. doesn't he need more than that to continue to be successful? >> of course he does. not only in the democratic primaries but in the general election. look, reality check here. only 11% of americans identify
7:14 am
as very liberal. that's nowhere near enough to run anything resembling a credible presidential campaign. you need to reach out and win over new voters. that's how bill clinton rose after the democrats lost three elections in 40 states. he expanded the coalition. bernie sanders has a lot of work to do because hillary clinton has an edge of him. he can't simply be promoting democratic socialist policies to be a credible nominee for the democratic party. that's the reality. while it has been a civil debate inside the democratic party, they're going to need to face that fact. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come, marco rubio did not win in iowa. he's not guilty the runner up hereto. why is he all smiles as he heads to new hampshire? you both have a
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. senator marco rubio did not win iowa. he didn't come in second, but he
7:19 am
declared a victory of sorts with a strong third place finish behind cruz and trump. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. for months they told us we had no chance. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> joining me to talk about this and more, a former reagan advisory and a cnn political commentator. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. marco rubio, margaret, he's like partying this morning. he's already onto new hampshire, trying to win over voters there. how do you think he'll fair? >> marco rubio has established himself as the lead guy in the
7:20 am
establishment lane. that word this campaign cycle, establishment has never been such a dirty word in the republican party. it is this year. and marco is leading the pack. you'll see a win knowing of the field and a rationale for corralling behind one candidate. trump is crushing the polling. cruz comes out with a wind in the sails. this state is not set up for him. half of the republican primary voters self-identify as conservative as opposed to the 8 in 10 in iowa. this is a place where rubio could do well. so could others except they're not doing as well. >> no. and we saw from what happened in iowa that the polls aren't always right. i guess i was a little surprised. i expected marco rubio to come in third. i didn't expect him to be one point behind donald trump, though. >> well, that's it exactly.
7:21 am
the significant kace of what he was he created a three-man race. he put the pressure on donald trump. i think if you had seen what was expected going in of the two-man race of cruz and trump, you would have seen a jubilant trump who could pass it off as not that big a deal, but coming out with the three of them bunched together and the delegate allocation being so close. this is a different race today as we head into new hampshire. i've been on that winning plane headed east toward new hampshire. and there are head winds that hit you as you start getting closer and closer to new hampshire. just as margaret said, it is an entirely different race this morning than what we saw yesterday. it is game on at this point. >> and there are small signs, margaret, that donald trump might be changing his strategy. no nasty, no positive tweets this morning. he was gracious with his second place finish in iowa. he's going to be campaigning in
7:22 am
new hampshire. he has that weird campaign stop in arkansas that nobody understands, but do you think that donald trump now has to shift his strategy and not be a national candidate throwing all these big splashy rallies but be more local? >> look, carol, every time he's changed his strategy in the past, early in the debates people said he's not looking presidential or like he could run the free world, and he did tamp down his rhetoric. he stopped being as nasty and he didn't do as pel. i don't think what he thinks. his strategy is that a national earned media presidential campaign strategy can get you across the finish line. that was proved in iowa. he may change his strategy. there's only one thing that's worked for him in the polls which is the rhetoric which hasn't worked. one thing that's interesting. in iowa moderates and the establishment lanes self-identified republican caucus goers who were waiting to
7:23 am
decide who to support, 44 to 24 % broke for rubio over trump. and 60% of new hampshire's primary voters have not made up their mind on the republican side yet. they broke hard for rubio at the last minute. it could look that way in new hampshire as well. >> we'll see. thanks to both of you. still to come in the news room, it's a full court press in new hampshire. this may not be the new hampshire many candidates are used to.
7:24 am
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there are new concerns over
7:28 am
north korea. and its weapons program. the hermit kingdom has indicated it will launch a satellite in the next few weeks. a similar claim a few years ago led to u.s. and international outcry. cnn's barbara star with more. >> reporter: good morning. a number of new developments this morning. north korea now notifying international organizations it does plan to launch a satellite sometime between february 8th and february 25th. the international maritime organization which monitors shipping traffic, the international technical agency that's part of the united nations that monitors satellite transmissions both getting notification from north korea about its intention. why is the u.s. so concerned? when north korea launches a satellite and they did it before a couple of years ago, the satellite sits on top of a
7:29 am
long-range rocket, essentially a multistage rocket that is the equivalent of an intercontinental booster. they may put a satellite in front and call it a peaceful satellite launch, but the concern is it adds to technical knowledge about how to develop and use intercontinental ballistic missiles. look for a lot more out of the obama administration. the japanese and the south koreans about their concern about what north korea may have planned now in the coming days. >> all right. barbara reporting live for us from the pentagon. thank you. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. all eyes now focussed on new hampshire where voters vast their ballots one week from today, and the campaign crush is well underway with nearly 20 events across the granite state,
7:30 am
and it's not the same new hampshire as it was years ago. it's a completely different state population wise. nearly one out of every three people in new hampshire did not cast a ballot last time. either because they were too young or they lived in another state or someplace else. let's talk about this study with the university of new hampshire sociology professor. >> good morning. >> thank you for being with me. tell us more about this study and how the population of new hampshire has changed since the last election. >> yes. one thing we wanted to make sure in this study was that new hampshire is not the sort of state of people who have been here for ten generations that is often portrayed. what happened in the last eight years is that about 200,000 voting age people moved to new hampshire, and about 129,000 young voters became old enough to vote. at the same time, roughly 200,000 voters who had been here
7:31 am
in 2008 left, and about 70,000 new hampshire age voters died, and so in the state with just over one million eligible voters, that's a change of almost 30% in the population who will actually be here to vote. >> wow. so will it be hard for campaigns to adjust? >> well, if they think they're talking to the same people they were eight years ago, yes. the young voters in particular tend to be more liberal, a little less likely to vote republican, a little more likely to vote democrat than the existing population, and the people that died mostly older adults, were much more likely to be republican and more likely to be conservative. those cohorts left the scene and a younger more liberal cohort came onto the scene. >> so that probably bodes well for candidates like bernie sanders. i'm looking at the entrance
7:32 am
polls, and he won young voters by a landslide in iowa 12346789. >> some of the analysis done by our survey center recently found among people who had not voted in 20 08 and were going to be favor democrats, that group was very strong for bernie sanders. >> and. i'm sorry you blanked out there many n my feed. i couldn't hear the last part of your answer. i got the gist. let's talk about who may vote for which republican candidate. i'm looking at these entrance polls again, and the candidates who did well among young people were ted cruz and marco rubio. how do you think each man will fair in new hampshire? >> carol, i have to say, i'm a demographer, not a political scientist. it's hard for me to speculate about that. let me tell you a little bit more about the voters coming to hb new hampshire, though.
7:33 am
we tend to get people in their 30s and 40s along with their children. they tend to be well educated and have higher incomes than the people leaving new hampshire. that -- the types of candidates who would appeal to family-age voters and especially those with children who are well educated and have reasonably high incomes are likely to do better in new hampshire because of that change in the demographic structure of the state. >> that's interesting. very interesting. among 30 to 39-year-olds, cruz and rubio do well. so does donald trump. it will be interesting on the republican side. ken jones, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank. >> we'll have much more when we come back. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat
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after the nail biter in iowa i can't recolle , you'll see a lot of sanders and clinton in new hampshire. a recent poll shows sanders with a double digit lead over clinton. joining me to talk about this is brian dpfallen. welcome, brian. >> hi, carol. >> thank you for being here. mrs. clinton has declared victory. the iowa democratic party is waiting for one final county. in the meantime, the sanders camp says it's going to request vote count sheets in several precincts. listen to what bernie sanders told cnn. >> any concerns about the voter irregularities? >> we'll see what happens. i'm just very proud of the
7:39 am
campaign that we ran and the thousands of volunteers that worked so hard. >> you know what i'm talking about. how would you respond to the sanders' camp? >> in the last two weeks leading up to last night's caucus in iowa, you saw a lot of unfounded allegations being thrown about by the sanders campaign. i think that the process was conducted with complete and utter integrity. we're confident in the results even with the outstanding precincts that they are still counting. there's no way for senator sanders to catch up. i think last night's showing was a testament to the fact that there's a high determination among clinton supporters. >> but if iowa hasn't declared a winner, didn't secretary clinton claim victory too soon? >> oh, no, the iowa democratic
7:40 am
party has affirmed that hillary clinton has won, and that bernie sanders can't catch up. there's 44 sedelegates up for grabs. we won 24 to sanders 21. and turnout was high, the second most ever in a democratic caucus. 171,000 democrats showed. the sanders campaign said if they hit 170,000, they were confident they'd win. they thought a high turnout election would favor sanders. there's a lot of quiet support for clinton. it's also because of our great ground organization that turned out supporters and will be exported to these other states. >> let me ask you about new hampshire. it's still a tight race in iowa. i'm sure hillary clinton would have wanted the numbers bigger. in new hampshire, they are
7:41 am
saying sanders wins easily there. what do you say? >> there's no doubt that we go into this final week before new hampshire slightly down. a lot can happen in a week. if you look at the last cnn poll that surveyed iowa voters a week ago, it showed us down eight, and yet, here we are this morning with an impressive victory. i think a lot can happen in a week. we'll work our heart's out this week. we have a debate later this week. and i think if you look inside the numbers last night and the coalition that hillary clinton put together to help take her to victory, you saw a sizable advantage with women voters and african americans. you saw a sizable advantage plus nine with union households. bernie sanders likes to talk about his agenda for working class americans. hillary clinton has great ideas -- >> i get where you're going. i'm just looking -- >> coalition --
7:42 am
>> i'm looking at the entrance polls. and mrs. clinton did not do so well among young voters. 17 to 29, or even 17 to 39. those under 40 voted mostly for bernie sanders. she also didn't do well among independents. sanders took that vote by 69%. there are a lot of independents in new hampshire. don't you have to overcome these numbers to win in new hampshire? >> it's an open question as to exactly which way independents will go. the novelty of the system is they have the ability to cast a ballot as a republican or democratic. we have room to grow, including with young people. some of the other support groups where we saw high levels of enthusiasm for secretary clinton, that is the makings of a winning coalition throughout the march states when once you get past iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and nevada, the first four early states, you
7:43 am
have super tuesday, and then the mid march states all coming all at once, and a lot of those populations where clinton clinton did the best in iowa last night are overly represented in the march states. we have multiple paths to victory coming out of iowa tonight, or last night, and so we're confident that while this nomination process may take several weeks and months to play out that hillary clinton will emerge as the nominee and that's important, because we saw last night, a victory by cruz, second place by donald trump. if the republicans nominate the likes of them, the democrats need to put forward somebody who can make sure that we protect the gains we've made under president obama and go further to improve the lives of everyday americans. >> i have to leave it there. brian, thanks for stopping by. hillary clinton will be live on cnn this afternoon. her interview with wolf blitzer airs at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. jeb bush is looking to reset his campaign in new hampshire.
7:44 am
the first of four events, bush has made critical in his bid for the white house. athena jones is in new hampshire with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see this event getting underway. as far as the bush campaign is concerned, this is a new race in a new state. a state that looks very different from iowa. the voter here from a different profile. evangelical voters here won't be nearly as important as they were in iowa. we expect governor bush to continue to make the case that he is going to be the best person to nominate for the republican nomination because he has a proven record. he argues that those two senators who emerged near the top last night and near the top, cruz and rubio, they're good talkers but they don't match his record. take a listen to what he said about cruz and rubio last night. >> in the 200 candidates likely to emerge in iowa are two people that are back benchers that have
7:45 am
never done anything of consequence in their lives. they can give a great speech, but i think it's time for us to recognize that maybe what we need is someone who can lead. one who has a proven record. >> reporter: now, bush acknowledged that rubio has a momentum coming into new hampshire, but they also believe he's going to be under a lot of scrutiny in the next several days heading into next week's primary. they believe bush can surprise folks here in new hampshire. governor bush described this state as a place that can reset the race. what does that mean? senator graham, he said that he believes bush, a good showing for bush here in new hampshire would mean finishing in third or fourth. another bush campaign official this morning said fourth or maybe even fifth place would be good for bush. that's what they're pushing for to beat the expectations and surprise folks here in new hampshire. >> all right. athena jones reporting live. still to come, how young voters
7:46 am
and late deciders changed the course of the iowa caucuses.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
ted cruz took iowa for the republicans and hillary clinton declared victory for the democrats. but winning isn't everything. who voted for a candidate and why also plays a critical role in the race ahead. tom foreman live with more on that in iowa. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: you know what it's like here. the whole thing is about beating expectations. if you look at the democratic side, the way that bernie sanders beat expectations, at least the expectations of a couple of months ago when he was behind hillary clinton is that he got out of a lot of first-time caucus goers. that meant he got a lot of young voters. if you look at the break down of who voted yesterday, essentially
7:51 am
if you were under the age of 40, you were more likely to vote for bernie sanders. and the younger you went in that scale down to 18, the more likely you were to vote for bernie sanders. once you got over the age of 40, you get more tried and tested democrats. people have been around a long time. they went with hillary clinton and same pattern. the older they got, the more they went with hillary clinton. the other thing that matters in here was income. same sort of break down. basically if you made $50,000 or less as a democrat and you went to the polls yesterday, or the caucuses, you were more likely to lean toward bernie sanders. below $50,000 in income, they lean toward sanders. i talked to a lot of the voters who said i need someone like me, and i think he understands me not making this money. you make over 50,000, and you went more toward hillary clinton. >> what about the republican side? >> reporter: on the republican
7:52 am
side the person who defied all the numbers was rubio cruz and trump were at the top, but rubio was way down and managed to rise up. one of the things that helped him were the late deciders, the people who waited until the end to say who am i going to go with. trump had a big surge before, but as it got to the final stage there, rubio got a good share of those. he didn't dominate, but he did well enough to get something to keep him in the race. education also made a difference in all of this. basically if you got to people who had a college degree or above, rubio won that group. below that it went to donald trump and to ted cruz at a slightly higher level of education than donald trump, generally in terms of voters. not everybody but some. the one telling thing, it speaks to the desire among republicans to really win back the white house. the one thing where rubio really
7:53 am
beat everybody else handily was who can win the white house? many democrats here believe he can win the big race and no doubt that informed some of their voting in this caucus. >> yeah. it always comes down to electability. interesting. tom foreman, thanks so much. still to come, less than a week from super bowl 50, the first face off between quarterbacks peyton manning and cam newton. i can't wait. this is how banks used to see me. ever since i had a pretty bad accident three years ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit. so i signed up for experian. they have real, live credit experts i can talk to. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. so i could finally start managing my credit. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. ♪
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before the denver broncos and carolina panthers can face off, they have to survive super bowl media cay. coy wire was there for out fun and he survived. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning,
7:58 am
carol. it's a great rainy morning here in the bay area. last night, first time ever media day was moved to the evening. there were thousands of media members from around the world. reporters were using all kinds of tactics to get the attention of the players. you had clowns. there we there were puppets. we had super heros, even miss universe, and for some reason, the players were giving her all kinds of attention and interviews. much of the talk heading into this game has been about the quarterbacks. peyton manning and cam newton, they talked about facing off against each other in super bowl 50. >> he's been a great passer and runner and leader. you don't go 17 and 1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. that's what he's been this year. >> it's a tremendous honor to be even mentioned and affiliated with the face of the league, but yet, i think i have bigger fish
7:59 am
to fry on sunday. and we're -- we'll worry about the rest of the years after that. >> more talk that be cam newton's questionable fashion choices on his trip here to the bay area on sunday. the pants. the black and white zebra print, adorned with gold. the skinny jeans. he actually had a great explanation for why he chose to wear them. >> it's super bowl 50. the mantra of the colors are black and gold. the black and gold attire that i had in my closet was extremely limited. when i looked at my pants and said these are black and gold, these shoes are black and gold to tie along with the super bowl 50, black and gold. >> i don't know how limited your choices are if those are in your closet, cam. we asked players whether he rocked it or dumb jocked it. check it out on some pretty good responses. >> that is a man who is very
8:00 am
sure of his masculinity. no fear there. thanks. you made my morning. thanks for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hellhello, everybody. >> welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. happening now, getting down to business in new hampshire with unfinished business in iowa. let us give you that business. a wafer thin margin separating democrats, hillary clinton and sanders with clinton ever so insanely slightly ahead, but a virtual tie. >> cnn has not yet called that race. that's how razor thin, wafer thin, whatever thin it is. the clinton camp is


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