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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hello. i'm ashleigh banfield, and twok "legal view." away is officially history, and now republicans and democrats are charging on and pushing toward new hampshire primary. that's just seven days away, folks. the results from last night, texas senator ted cruz with a big win over donald trump. 28% of iowa voters chose cruz versus 24% for trump. a surging senator marco rube wroe came in a close third. one point behind trump with 23% of the vote. on the democrat side, not as simple a picture. hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders in a dead heat. just look at how los this race is. hillary's camp is declaring victory, but bernie's camp is not. they're not saying either way. they say it's a virtual tie and he has yet to concede. i want to go live right away to nashua, new hampshire, because it continues, folks. brand new state.
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brand new message. here's hillary clinton live. >> the arrival at the right time in this campaign for you to understand what the contest of ideas really is between me and my esteemed opponent, senator sanders. i am excited by that because that's the best way for you to make up your minds. what do we stand for? what do we think needs to be done? how do we believe we can to it together? how do we make a real difference in people's lives? how do we make sure this country that we care so deeply about stays true to its values, keeps providing opportunity, begins to go after the inequality and not just economic inequality. we have to deal with racial inequality. with gender inequality, with sexual orientation inequality.
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with the kind of poverty of spirit that has too much influence over the lives of too many of our fellow americans. so i come to you with a lifetime of service and advocacy and of getting results, and i am grateful that bill was out here because he does know a little bit about the job we are competing for. i have to confess. not just because, yes, we did meet 45 years ago. i'm always surprised when i say that. but because he produced results for the american people, and he got the opportunity to do that because of the people in new hampshire. so i want to make this case to you, and i want to ask you during these next days to go out there, talk to your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues about what is at stake.
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it could not be more stark between what i offer and what the republicans offer between my records of results and their efforts to turn the clock back on all the progress that we have made in america. so let me just run through some of the basics because one of the things i love about new hampshire voters is you all sift lou it, you give it the once over, you make up your minds about what makes sense, you take a hard look about what people are proposing. you ask yourself, does this just sound good on paper, or can this get done? who is most likely to be able to deliver what you need for yourself and your family? i think the key issue has to be and must be the economy. that is something that we democrats agree on. you know, we believe that we've got to get the economy producing more good paying jobs and
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raising incomes again for everybody willing to work hard, do their part, to get ahead and stay ahead. i think it's fair to point out that the facts are on our side. the democratic party produces presidents to improve the economy and get more americans a chance to live up to their drea dreams. that is a convenient -- that is a convenient argument, but it has the benefit of being true. i'm not just standing here telling you this because i'm back in new hampshire. we know our economy does better with a democrat in the white house, and we know that our last two democratic presidents were pretty darn effective in taking what the republicans handed off to them, turning it around, and putting us back on the right track. that is exactly what i will do. >> hillary clinton campaigning
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live in nashua, new hampshire. not a moment to spare. the candidates amskried from iowa and went to new hampshire to try to get it going in the next hour. she's trying to join my colleague in the next hour, and then tomorrow night live on cnn, she is going to join bernie sanders and they're going to meet with new hampshire voters mono y mono in an event that's moderated by anderson cooper. it begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here only on cnn. as for donald trump as much as he hates to lose, that's exactly what happened to him last night in iowa. unfortunately for him if you type in in your browser, his wikipedia page comes right up. he, how far, is staying very positive about this. you might even say gracious. certainly by donald's standards, gracious, as he presses ahead to the next state, new hampshire.
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things look good for him there as well. you cannot deny that. senior white house correspondent jim accosta stand big life. he is following the donald in new hampshire. he just started tweeting again. he had been pretty much radio silent since last night's slightly concilliatory speech. the tweets sound like we are back to the same old. it's not a tail between your legs at all. it is back to same old donald, isn't it, jim? >> absolutely. i think to the people who started that website, i think it's a little too early to count out donald trump. he is leading in the polls here in new hampshire by double digits, and it is pretty extraordinary what he was able to pull off in iowa. perhaps that's a lesson learn from his campaign.
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>> trump is also going after the news media saying that his second place finish in iowa is not being covered properly. he seems to be lashing out at the voters in iowa. we'll leave this to the viewers to decide how to interpret this tweet. it's a little hard to discern, but he says i don't believe i've been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign. the only one i will keep doing, but not worth it! so ashleigh, perhaps a little bit of doubt there as to whether or not donald trump feels like all of this is worth it. if you can read into that, i think i'm reading into that, and at the same time take a look at what he said last night. he soubded very gracious, very humble. not the brash billionaire at the
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podium last night when he was essentially conceding the race to ted cruz there in iowa. here's what he had to say. >> i love you. we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. okay? >> i don't know who is going to win between bernie and hillary. wron what's going happen with hillary. she's got other problems. maybe bigger than the problems she's got in terms of nominations. but we've had so many different indications and polls that we beat her and we beat her easily, and we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> now, trump will be in milford, new hampshire, later on this evening. that will be his first event of the day since what happened in iowa. that's at 7:00 p.m., and donald
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trump even tweeted about that saying that he is going to be talking about his unfair treatment by the media at that event later on this evening. he likes to go after the press during these events as we all know all too well when we watch him up on stage, but ashleigh, just judging by this twitter storm that we're seeing from donald trump and the last several minutes, it sounds like the old donald trump is going to be back later on today, ashleigh. >> yeah. he likes to go after the media. not just at the events. i can atus to that, john accosta. stay warm out there, my friend. great job that you guys have been doing out there. really impressive. about 30 minutes from now we are expecting to hear from texas senator ted cruz as he holds a campaign event in windham, new hampshire. that's at 12:30 eastern time. obviously he is going to want to capitalize on what happened in iowa yesterday. that was great news for him. it was god bless iowa in and god bless iowa out, but now he is in new hampshire. m. j. lee is with the cruz campaign in windham. m. j. >> hey, ashleigh.
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a very triumphant ted cruz in hitting the ground running in new hampshire today. right after he delivered his victory speech in iowa last night. he immediately got on a charter plane and made his way east here to new hampshire. want only that he dpeetd him, but he handily beat donald trump. seems like he now has a fresh boost of momentum heading into new hampshire. he even told other dana bash last night that he thinks that by march he may have pledged the gop nomination. listen to what he said. >> i think it is entirely possible that we know our nominee by the end of march. if you look at the states, the states are front loaded. a great manufacture the delegates are chosen by the end of march, and winning iowa is a good first step. you got to do more. that doesn't do it on its own, but winning iowa particularly, you know, it's interesting if
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you look at the past two iowa caucus winners, very good men. people of principle. when they came out of iowa, they were broke. now, the finance reports that were filed last night show that at the end of december 31st that we have almost as much money in the bank, our campaign, as the campaigns of jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich and chris christie combined. >> new hampshire is a very different beat than iowa. independents can participate in the gop primary here. there are far lessee advantage elcals living in new hampshire. this is going to be an wrup hill climb for ted cruz, and kwet going forward is can he use his momentum out of iowa to become the clear leading anti-establishment candidate here? ashleigh. >> okay. m. j., thank you for that. florida senator marco rubio finishing a very strong third
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place in iowa. beating fairly low expectations there. the next state for new hampshire. primary again just a week from today. it's not a lot of time. when you are on the ground and trying to skip between all those places you need to be, cnn senior political reporter is trying to keep up. he is following senator rubio in manchester, new hampshire, today. they were pretty excited and pretty surprised, just elated over the showing last night. today first stop was gma. >> they've not decided who their candidate is heading into the new hampshire primary next week, and already his super pact conservative solutions that came out with an ad today going after ted cruz and donald trump saying
9:14 am
if you vote for them, you're actually going to elect a democrat. part of that electability argument, and he wasn't -- didn't hold back earlier today when he was asked about ted cruz. take a listen. >> ted's whole campaign is built on this notion that he is the only one that's a pure conservative and everyone else is a rhino or sell-out. it's just not accurate. he criticizes new york values, but he has raised millions of dollars from new york city. these are the sorts of things that voters are going to start learning about, and as they do, i think a lot of these numbers will begin to continue to change. >> well, he is not just talking ted cruz, but marco rube wroe is also looking over his shoulder for the establishment candidates. the ones running to court those more moderate voters in new hampshire. like chris christie, like jeb bush, like john kasich. people who could do presumably well. right now the polls have all these candidates sort of in a pile-up right behind donald trump. we'll see how much that changes after iowa, but clearly those
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candidates present a threat for marco rubio if he does not exceed them, does not beat them next week. it could be very difficult for him to regain that momentum heading into south carolina, so look for this two front war against ted cruz and against the establishment candidates to continue for marco rube wroe. >> ashleigh. >> thank you for that. appreciate all the good reporting out there in the field from our amazing stable of reporters who have been following the candidates. if you follow the newspapers, especially here in new york city, you get these kinds of headlines. this is the one that really stands out. cruz-ifc. donald trump, cruz-ified, and other ones not as nice as that. what happened? donald trump himself said we're going win, we're going to win and, we're going to win. that didn't happen last night. some strategic things that he may pull away from what happened in iowa. we're going to go over those next. .. hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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one of the big take-aways from last night's results is that more than half of the undecided republican voters who waited until the last few days to make up their minds, they did not choose donald trump. in fact, a whopping 55% of them went to cruz and to rubio instead.
9:20 am
30% to rubio. 25% to cruz. only 14 of those last minuters decided on trump. now, where is that? it could be because they didn't see him occupy that big stage in the iowa debate late last week. the iowa voters did see him in a bunch of tv ads that were launched by ted cruz and those last few days, and they were none too flattering towards trump. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life, okay, so my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different. like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial-birth abortion. >> i'm pro-choice. >> what does he think about people in iowa? >> how stupid are the people in donald trump snsh. >> new york values, not ours. >> my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> i'm ted cruz, and a prove this message. >> i want to bring in cnn senior media correspondent host of reliable sources as well as
9:21 am
alex, a republican strategist and founder of new brian, first to you. bad strategic move by donald trump to skip that debate? >> certainly fox news says so. they've been united against trump on that point. i spoke to a rubio aide and they said it did help rube wroe, and gave him more talk time. the conventional wisdom was that trump had won by not being there, and we were all citing date wra from gator and twitter saying he was the most talked about candidate. being talked about is not always a good thing. there's news and then there was good news. that might have been bad news for trump. a lot of the talk was negative, and some people were motivated to vote against trump. some people, i think, we see the high turn-out numbers. they were going to the caucuses. particularly to vote against trump. i do think there has been an overreaction, an overcorrection in some of the coverage today. i'm harg a lot of anti-trump coverage even though we know is he the favorite to win had in new hampshire and other states. >> let's go ahead and put the new hampshire -- i think we have the polls numbers.
9:22 am
>> it's striking. >> unbelievable. >> let's all remember this, folks. >> if you remember him lose about i four points, we have trump at 31% and cruz at 13. that's for new hampshire. >> that can change in the next few days. we'll see if they can take advantage of this. i just looked at the early ratings for last night's coverage. these are the highest rated caucuses in many years. why? because people wanted to see if donald trump could be booten. people were tuning in for that are reason. >> my kid even sketched all the candidates. is he so fascinated. >> air has been punctured out of the balloon. this has been a tough moment for trump, and it's dangerous to overreact to it and go too critical about trump given all the challenges he faces in iowa. >> i think you might be able to weigh in on this. the notion that donald trump may have haut he was bigger than the process by skipping that debate. he may be chacened by what happened last night, but i wonder if it's the machine. did donald trump think that he was bigger than the machine, that his celebrity, that his prowess, his momentum was bigger than the machine because cruz
9:23 am
had that machine fine-tuned. will donald trump start looking at new hampshire even with that massive lead and start fine-tuning that voter machine? >> i'm not sure donald trump has that great of voter machine. you have hit on the big difference. ted cruz is a product that fewer people like looking at the surveys, but he had a better sales force, ground game. donald trump is a product that more people like, but he didn't have the sales force, and i think in a small state, in a small caucus state, give ted cruz credit. he maximized what he could do. new hampshire doesn't fit ted cruz that well. organization is less significant than media in a state like new hampshire. independents can vote in both republican and democrat. i think this gets harder for ted cruz. i think you're right not to underestimate trump. by the way, wronk the fox debate hurt him at all. the reason we put candidates in these debates is to test their strength against each other.
9:24 am
we put them in a pit like gladiators to see who is the strongest. well, guess what, the strongest force in republican politics is fox news. donald trump took them on. he demonstrated strength. i don't think that will hurt him in new hampshire at all. >> still came in second place. >> i have to tell you one thing that did not happen in new hampshire. there's no soundbyte out there saying how stupid are the voters of new hampshire? that is not on television right now. i guarantee you it will not be on television. wronk trump will be doing that any time soon. i got to stop it there. brian, thank you for that. alex is staying a little bit on the program. by the way, even though hillary clinton -- we're going to scoot over to the hillary clinton camp for a minute -- is calling iowa a win, bernie sanders is saying not so fast. we're going to take a lowers look at what he is not ready to concede and what he is asking of the election officials before anyone says it's over. next hour, hillary clinton herself is going to join wolf blitzer live. it will be her first interview since the iowa caucuses, so make sure you stick around for that.
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a day after the closest democratic caucuses in iowa history not only the apparent runnerup not conceding. he wants to see all the paperwork first. with 100% of the precincts now counted, bernie sanders is less than half a percentage point behind hillary clinton, and that is plenty good enough for the former secretary of state who has declared victory before most iowans even went to bed last night.
9:30 am
but a top aide to sanders tells cnn -- and i'll quote -- "we will request the actual count sheets in a set of precincts, and we're going to be talking to the state's party this morning to review the results." hmm. in a few precincts, six by the des moines register's count, the wrout come came down to coin flips. all of which were won by senator clinton. i'm going to spare you the finer points here of iowa delegate apportionment, but even in a race this close, it is unlikely that the coin tosses made the difference in the numbers that you see when you are looking at the big screen. win or lose, new hampshire now beckons. in the first of the nation primary, one week from today, they are getting excited, folks. already, look, still dark this morning, and there's a rally ongoing. just hours from the iowans who probably still not even in bed by that point. it brings me to cnn jeff who is following the clinton campaign
9:31 am
in nashua and joe johns with team sanders in iowa. swroe, let me start with you if i can. that whole notion that bernie sanders is going to count all those pages. i assume this is critical for bragging rights. something that can make a difference in delicate count, though. is that --? >> it doesn't sound like it. it sounds like the sanders campaign is just putting out a hint on trying to have it both ways. a little over an hour ago bernie sanders tweeting on his own official count that when we stand together anything is possible, suggesting that last night was evidence of that, but we also have that reporting that they're not going stand out on this issue. they're trying to get more information about the vote count in iowa. i reached out to the campaign. haven't heard back from them yet. one of the big questions really is how do you recreate the vote count when it starts out with a show of hands and is when the tie-breakers are done by a coin
9:32 am
toss. how do you recreate that evidence and how do you get something very standard? if you look back four years ago in the republican contest where they actually count the votes. it was a little easier in a very close race and they were declared the eventual winner. this is a different an bhal with the democrats. at any rate, bernie sanders focussing now on new hampshire. also, taking the long view. he knows once he gets out of the state where he is viewed very favorably in the polls, he could have some challenges as he moves to some of those other early voting states. listen to what he said earlier today with chris cuomo. >> do you take this as a victory regardless of what the margin is? >> what you are talking about is one way or the other. a couple of delegates. we lost by one, maybe by stwler zero. whatever it may be.
9:33 am
what this shows is that this campaign has started in a very forceful way. starting way, way back and coming to a virtual tie. we are going to fight here in new hampshire. look forward to winning here and doing well around the rest of the country. >> got south carolina coming up very soon. that could be a challenge because hillary clinton runs so strong with minority voters, and there's, of course, the question of florida, and what happens with the senior citizen who live there. he has pushed hard on social security, so that could make a difference. ashleigh, back to you. >> joe johns, thank you. live from keen. i want to go back over to nashua, new hampshire. you are at that speech that we began on the program. we dipped in live to hillary clinton's first speech i'm assuming of the day since the win. the self-declared win last night. she soubded like she had some wind in her sails. is that the feeling you're getting? >> no question, ashleigh. she, of course is, tee clairing victory.
9:34 am
what she didn't say was an asterick with that victory. essentially this is going to be a delegate fight. it could be a long drawn out fight, and she and bernie sanders essentially are tied with iowa delegates. she may win a couple more. the fight is going to go on. what i'm struck by here, we are hearing new themes, new tones. she's clearly drawing a sharper distinction with bernie sanders. she said she has plans that you can hold her accountable. she said she is the candidate who can stand up to republicans so as she enters the seven-day stretch here in new hampshire, her aides tell me that they know she has to make sharper contrasts against bernie sanders to remind them that she believes she has the experience and can actually accomplish things. of course, she has a big lead here in new hampshire, though. the next seven days will be a test of her message to see if she once again can have a comeback here in new hampshire as she so famously did eight years ago. >> wow. sharper message. okay. accountable and stand up for the republicans. not sure how sharp that's going to sound to people out there. i'm all ears.
9:35 am
jeff, thank you for that. i want to bring in cnn's senior political analyst and editorial director of the national journal ron brownstein. ron, the first thing i want to ask you is the whole notion that bernie sanders had one hell of a machine in place for iowa last night. he had everything. the eyes were dotted. the t's were crossed. i'm not sure if there's anything else bernie sanders could have done other than jab hillary maybe a little harder on the emails on friday, saturday, and sunday. but if he couldn't do it in iowa -- and i'm not saying it's not final there, but let's just say for now if hillary's self-declared victory is true, can he do it really anywhere else other than new hampshire and maybe a couple of other states? >> it's a great question. look, it was an accomplishment to come back to that dead heat from the advantages of hillary clinton, particularly with the political infrastructure and establishment in the state. there are, i think -- your question is the right one. bernie sanders answered two big questions in iowa last night, but he has to answer more before
9:36 am
he can become a full-scale threat. the two he answered is support and enthusiasm on young people did translate from the rallies to the ballot box. his advantage, among voters under 30, was 6-1. that's incredible. the other thing he did, ashleigh, was extend -- advance beyond that beach head of white collar, white liberals to run competitively among blue collar whites, and that's something the previous candidates like gary hart and paul sanders and bill bradley could not do. there are two big hurdles still remaining. the first one is that even as well as he did in iowa, he still lost self-identified democrats by 18 percentage points. he relied heavily on independents. the other thing that is looming in south carolina and nevada, minorities cast about one-third to 40% of all the votes in the democratic primary, and hillary clinton with that small sample last night got about 60% of those voters. if you can't crack into african-americans and hispanics, it's going to be very difficult for him to win any of the big states which are much more diverse than iowa or new
9:37 am
hampshire. >> you know, i wish is were a fly on the wall. they were real nervous going into iowa, and i'm curious whether they're still on edge or relieved or a little bit of both. ron brownstein, i have to leave it there. thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you. officially iowa in the history books. candidates wasting no time. they were on planes last night honestly for new hampshire giving speeches in the dark. look at this. poor guy. i don't think any of them slept much. sanders back on the stump on the back of a pickup truck this morning. just what might happen in that primary one week from today. our political panel is going to weigh in on that. some critical questions that still need to be answered. how do people feel about both of these candidates as compared to their republican rivals?
9:38 am
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as the candidates look to new hampshire will any lessons from iowa change what they do, the tactics? one thing we found out last night was that many folks took part for the very first time, and that some did some party swapping, in fact, to impact the gop race. not the way you think. they swapped for two different reasons. to support trump and to thwart trump, believe it or not. here's how it played out on the air when brian todd was live at one of the precincts. have a look. >> people standing next to the walls on my left. people are just lining this place. they are incredibly enthusiastic about coming here. we talked to a lot of people changing party affiliations and voting for the first time. some of them told us they're doing that to vote for donald trump, and a lot of us told us they're doing it to vote against him. that's what's going to make the ballot count here so very
9:43 am
exciting when they start this. >> pretty fascinating dynamic in washington. republican strategist alex cost lawn wroe joins us to talk about that. a democratic strategist. she's coming to us live from iowa. scottie, first to you. were you watching that last night? did you see brian todd talking about all those people lining up at the party affiliation switch table and they each had a reason either so that they could thwart donald trump or support donald trump? while you're at it, how does that look for new hampshire? >> well, think with how powerful the statement that is. they're already thinking of strategy for the general election. basically it tells you who they're planning on going up against. i give them credit right now for thinking, okay, we're fwog make sure that donald trump is not the one that goes up against whoever our nominee might be because that's a person that we're scared of. now, new hampshire is a completely different state. they always say, you know, iowa picks corn and new hampshire
9:44 am
picks candidates. that's kind of what we have seen in the past history. going to new hampshire i think mr. trump is going to keep right on task. he is already up 25 points in the polls. he is obviously doing it right there. i think this time he is also going to take more of a grassroots media into consideration. local radio. local on-line bloggers. those sorts of folks. kind of giving them a little more access than maybe they had in iowa. >> let's look at the bottom three governors in this race. they all three totaled about 7%. these were guys that we thought were going to be up at the top of the heap. alex, i'm going to get you to weigh in on this. a lot of people say that they all expected to go into new hampshire and then benefit from the spoils of iowa. everybody winnowed out of the field, they would collect up their supporters and make a statement come new hampshire time. >> the winnowing is not exactly the way you might think it's going to be. what do we need to know about that result in iowa as we move
9:45 am
forward to the field winnowing in new hampshire and beyond. >> we're going to fix that. rubio has come in now and is almost the underdog in new hampshire, and i think is he giving new hampshire voters a chance to empower their votes. they don't just have to rubber stamp anything, and those governors, i think, are in a tough place because it increasingly looks like they're not going to be able to win. if they start to attack marco rubio and bring him down, had they probably will, it's going to look selfish and self-serving. more about power than about helping the republican party succeed. marco rubio actually needs to be tested. he is a young candidate. a lot of people see him as
9:46 am
charismatic, but immature, and a good test with weather aiing a d storm in new hampshire might have given voters a chance to maybe this guy is strong enough and mature enough to lead. that's what might come out of new hampshire. a rubio, cruz, donald trump dynamic. >> let's look at the other possibilities here, and that's all the others. i want you to weigh in and just take your dem hat off for a minute. what are we going to see going forward with carson, fiorina, paul, santorum? why are these people still in the race? are they actually going to be in longer than, say, wri don't kno a few days? >> each campaign is running their own strategy. in iowa i fwot talk to a bunch of the republicans. as a democrat we don't have an opportunity to talk to these people often. it was fascinating to hear some of the strategy behind their motivation. rand paul i think in iowa in particular had a really strong on the ground campaign and as
9:47 am
did ben carson. my guess is that ben carson probably won't last much longer, and some of that support is going to go into the cruz camp. you know, rand paul i think is going to stick it out for a little bit. carly fiorina, she doesn't really have a path forward. the question is who is going to -- where is the support going to go? going back to scottie's point about donald trump and putting in all this time in the media, you know, media doesn't win elections. that's what we're learning hoor. he had no ground game at all in iowa. at all. i went around to different caucuses. there were no donald trump people at these caucuses. there's no organizational strategy. there's no supporters. if he really wants to win new hampshire and not look like a fool again, he has to get ground support, and that's what rubio, cruz, and kasich and christie. they've been in new hampshire. they have operations on the ground. they're going to start working against these other campaigns that see they have no path forward. they can't pay for staff if they have no money.
9:48 am
>> what's the path forward for sanders? i already asked about him earlier on. he had all the machine in place and it didn't go so well. what about next time around? >> i went to the caucuses, and i went to some of the campaign rallies on both sides. the caucuses were really interesting in iowa, and we're seeing some of the chal ebbinging from the sanders campaign, and i think it's fully legitimate. there was no election monitoring happening. you know, i went to drake university, and there was a spillover. there was a line out the door. they're supposed to shut the doors at 7:00 p.m., and they started to. it was really fascinating to see the dynamic between how the young people were caucusing on these campuses that had very small rooms. they didn't expect them to turn out. the dynamic between the state party and the sanders campaign was not very good. i think that it was staffed a little bit in the favor of sanders. you got to get behind that. >> alex and scottie, i want to weigh in real quickly on your guess as to the next one to hit the bricks, to drop the effort and to move on and maybe throw
9:49 am
support behind somebody else? what do you think, alex? >> i think on the republican side, it may be one of the governors. it might be after new hampshire, christie, or -- as they head south, that won't work. >> you're not going to say carson? i thought this whole vacation thing was trying to throw him under the bus. >> carson will stay. he is running for the different reason. he is the moral and spiritual leader of the republican party. he is running to add something to the mix, and i think he can stay a long time. >> ten seconds left. what do you think, scottie? >> carson after last night and the antic that is ted cruz pulled against carson, i guarantee carson supporters are very upset with cruz, and they will not go and back him regardless of what happens. >> i think carson was upset too. he came out right away and said that's just dirty tricks. he actually used the word, dirty tricks. i love it. good to have you. thank you so much. better book your schedules off for us next week because we're going to do this all over again. coming up, be sure to join us tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern time.
9:50 am
democratic presidential candidates are going to get together again. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. no martin o'malley at this point. he said no way. he is done. they're fwog take part in a town hall that's hosted by anderson cooper. we'll have it right here on cnn, so make sure stick around for that. hillary clinton will join wolf blitz ner a live interview in our next hour here on cnn. it's her first live interview since the iowa caucuses last night, and her self-declared victory in iowa. stay tuned. can change the way e for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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>> we had an update in the controversy. i just went to commercial break talking about that whole issue about dr. ben carson taking a little break, and now there's an apology. this is pretty amazing, actually. the cruz campaign is issuing an apology to dr. carson for having said, you know, along the lines of, you know, he is jumping out of the race. i just saw on cnn he is jumping out. here's the quote from the cruz campaign. last night when our political team saw the cnn post saying dr. carson was not carrying on to
9:55 am
new hampshire and south carolina, we didn't say he wasn't going to south carolina, but this is the stthat statemen that we're getting. we updated the grassroots leaders. what the team should have done is send around the follow-up statement from the carson campaign clarifying that he was, indeed, staying in the race when that came out. the statement says this was a mistake from our camp, and for that i apologize to dr. carson. that's kind of big. that's a nice thing to do considering the fact that dr. carson was very wrup set at the cruz campaign for saying that he was dropping out of the race just because he wanted to go home to florida for a change of clothes before he goes in another two days off to new hampshire to continue his campaign. there you go. hopefully that's all water under the bridge between those two pains. who knows? thank you for watching, know. it's been good to have you with us. i want to remind you that democratic candidate hillary clinton is going to join wolf blitzer live. he is going to take over right after this quick break.
9:56 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we have breaking news right now. a cnn key race alert. cnn can now report that hillary clinton has won. hillary clinton has won the democratic caucuses in iowa narrowly. very narrowly defeating bernie sanders. bernie sanders comes in second place. an extremely close race. i want to bring in jeff, who is our correspondent. he is covering this. you see what the results there are. these are the results now by the iowa, by the iowa democrats.


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