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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 2, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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one week, one week from today. tomorrow night, don't forget the cnn town hall. >> my personal -- >> the democratic town hall tomorrow night in new hampshire. all right, thank you very much. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> wolf blitzer, thank you so much, great to be with all of you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. well, it took only about 19 hours but the iowa democratic caucuses are officially history. moments ago, the iowa democratic party released the final results and hillary clinton has edged out bernie sanders by the closest margin iowa democrats have ever seen. clinton claimed victory last night and shared her relief just a short time ago with wolf.
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>> well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around, and it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all the hard work, the grassroots organizationing, pay off the way it did. i could say that i believed the democratic party of iowa ran a good caucus from everything that our people told me. there was an enormous turnout, which everybody said would tremendously favor senator sanders. if there are legitimate issues, both sides, i don't think the democratic party has anything from that. from everything we know, i won and i'm very proud of that. >> despite the narrowest of margins. for its part, the sanders campaign says it isn't challenging the results but isn't conceding either. sanders campaign manager said they will ask for the raw voter
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counts. but for now, the focus shifts to new hampshire. and sanders is basically on home turf there. let me bring in my colleague cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny who is with hillary clinton's campaign there in manchester. jeff zeleny, we heard the relief again sort of echoed by hillary clinton. where is the focus now moving forward? >> brooke, the focus moving forward is on the next seven days in new hampshire. it was the narrowist of wins. the sanders campaign, one of the reasons they're not contesting this is the sanders campaign has so much strength here, but they also view this as a victory in its own right, a moral victory, an ideological victory and they're raising a lot of money off it. but no question about it, hillary clinton has shaken the sort of specter of iowa from her back that's really been hanging over her campaign. ever since she got in almost a year ago. she lost there eight years ago, as she said. that has sort of always haunted her. it was the very first thing she said when she arrived at her
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first rally here today. >> it is great to be here with all of you and i am so thrilled i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! i could tell you, i've won and i've lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> it's a lot better to win. another similarity with this race versus her 2008 one. this is going to become a delegate fight. for all the talk of winning, she and bernie sanders are essentially even-steven here on the delegate fight. as we saw in '08, a potentially months long race for delegates, slogging it out state by state by state. both sides know this, so that is certainly coming up here. but even more importantly what happens here in new hampshire. i could tell by the tone in her voice today, brooke, in talking
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to advisers, she's going to sharpen her contrast of senator sanders. she wants to shake voters here and remind them she has experience and electability. we'll see if it works because she's right, he is very pop rar here, we're just next door to vermont. >> we'll get a preview of that tonight with the cnn town hall with those democrat candidates. jeff zeleny, thank you. let's talk about this with cnn political director david chalian. we cannot underscore this, how incredibly close that race was. >> without a doubt, as you said, it was the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. and it is making it difficult for hillary clinton to sort of get the bounce of a clean victory. it sort of had to wait for the party to release its final details. she had to declare herself the winner before lots of news organizations were ready to do so, but a win is a win, brooke,
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and we should just note how consequential a defeat for hillary clinton would have been in iowa. if she repeated her history from 2008. the fact she was able to avoid that is a huge momentum for her. even though it was superclose and the sanders campaign were right there, in a virtual tie, no doubt about it, but the fact is, that since she won, that is up-ending a narrative from 2008, and that is hugely important to her, psychologically and in terms of rallying her troops. >> but you know this better than anyone when you look at new hampshire moving forward, this is bernie sanders home turf, so if you are camp clinton, how do you keep that momentum moving forward? and also the eyes on the prize in the next primary being south carolina? how do they play this, moving ahead to next week? >> right, imagine if she had lost iowa, she would be staring at new hampshire the way you
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described it, like, oh, we can't go 0-2. now that she has that moral victory, it's exactly how advance tajs, at least it gives her a little breathing room. they are going to say, okay, sanders may win here, new hampshire. they're going to campaign there hard. but he's from next door. they're already setting the expectations. they're saying when this race kicks to south carolina, to nevada, and more broadly to the south and the other super tuesday states, it dem graphically changes and they believe it demographically changes in a way with more african-american votes, more hispanic votes out in nevada, that benefits clinton. >> i don't know if you slept a wink last night but i appreciate all the energy you bring to all of this. the democrats weren't the only party to break records at the iowa caucuses with the closest race in their caucus history. a record turnout for republicans put texas senator ted cruz on top. in fact, the top three vote
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getters earned more caucus votes than either winner in 2008 or 2012. cruz, just minutes ago in new hampshire, expressed his gratitude and thoughts on why he won in iowa. >> what we saw last night was we saw that old reagan coalition coming back together again. we saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats all standing together saying what on earth are we doing? >> now that the texas senator is the candidate, rubio gave what sure sounded like a victory speech after he narrowly lost to billionaire donald trump for second place in the hawkeye state. here was rubio today.
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>> i can grow the candidates. i can take the message and bring them on into the conservative movement. that means we win the election and we win the future. we need to grow it. i can do that better than anyone who's running. i give us the best chance to do that. the democrats know. that's why they attack me so often. >> with me now, former house majority leader eric kand canto. he has endorsed jeb bush for president. senator, nice to see you. you made news in davos when you were saying despite his lead in the poll, donald trump will never make it past the primaries. do you stand by that? >> the news out of iowa last night was you could stop trump. up until last night, many, many in the media and elsewhere were saying he's unstoppable. i think clearly there's a difference between the kinds of
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crowds that donald trump is able to attract to his rallies and the kind of crowds he can motivate to come out and vote. >> do you think this is what marco rubio said was the case, why folks went to caucus for him that trump's choice in skipping that fox debate hurt him? do you think it hurt him and helped rubio? >> i don't know. i know there had been a lot of focus on the part of the rubio camp on iowa as there was on the part of the cruz camp in iowa. i think as we see going into new hampshire a much different electora electorate. new hampshire frankly has a much better record of actually choosing our nominees then does iowa. because i think if you look back to '08, john mccain placed number 4 out of a 6 person field in iowa but then went on to win new hampshire. that's why i'm looking forward to it. i know jeb bush has a tremendous force on the ground. i'll be helped in new hampshire with governor bush tomorrow. >> well, since you mentioned new
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hampshire, let's stay there and move ahead. i know you endorse jeb. but, again, you know, based on how well marco rubio did in iowa, looking at the numbers moving forward, do you think he just became the establishment's favorite candidate? >> listen, this is a long process. remember, they're only 6% of the delegates eligible for selection in february. march is a much bigger month. you know, again, i think when you look at new hampshire, jeb bush had always said, at least going back as far as last november, that he was really going to pull out of iowa and not spend a lot of money and focus his efforts on organizing new hampshire. as i said earlier, new hampshire has a much better record in terms of choosing the nominee and i think it -- when it comes down to it, you mentioned sort of who is turning out to vote. i think people are going to get serious. it is about electing and choosing a commander in chief. somebody ready for the job on day one. no one can hold a candle to jeb bush when it comes to experience, track record and the right temperament.
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>> when you look at the superpac donations, and there was a lot of money that the jeb bush camp has had, they have plummeted. what do you make of that dramatic fall for him? >> i would say this, as we saw last night, with the narrative of donald trump losing to ted cruz, a lot of the polling that has taken place prior to a primary taking place is very, very iffy. i think we have seen the polling not bear out to what actually happens. especially when you're dealing with primary voters. >> forgive me, with all due respect, i'm not talking polling, i'm talking cold hard cash and superpac donations and governor bush. >> i think the reports yesterday seem to indicate his superpack certainly has a lot more money than all the others. >> okay. i want to move on. because i have to play this sound. we dug up some sound from senator cruz reacting to your
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shocking loss in 2014 when you lost to a tea party upstart. here you go. >> eric cantor is a good man, a hard-working man. but voters of virginia have spoken loudly and i think they expressed a sentiment present across the country which is people are frustrated. they're frustrated with politicians in washington in both parties who aren't listening to them. >> listening to him. congressman cantor what is your personal opinion of ted cruz? >> listen, i had the experience of working with ted cruz. he obviously takes a very different posture in terms of whether one should try to get something done, put conservative principles at work to produce results or whether you want to just obstruct and just say no. and again -- >> what side of that does he fall on? >> i think it's pretty apparent what side he falls on. you know, all of us on my side of the political aisle very
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frustrated with this and his disregard of the law and philosophically how we differ so much from him. at the end of the day what we want to do is increase the appeal of conservative philosophy and i think that the test is can you put it to work to achieve results. in the time that i had spent with senator cruz, it wasn't necessarily evident to me that he shared that aim, which is to produce results. >> what does it tell you? i come back to this point with folks. what does it tell you that not a single republican senator has publicly said ted cruz is the man who should lead this country? >> well, i guess you can draw the conclusion that you're inferring. >> which is what? >> those who know him best are not supporting him. so, you know, again i think what voters will look to, and i think it's less important in terms of, you know, that fact, but what voters are going to look to in the end in this process is who
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is the best positioned with the track record, with the demonstrated temperament to be commander in chief. that is the test. that is why i'm supporting jeb bush. >> talk about the far right. i mean, here you were house majority leader, a republican star, years on the hill. here comes this economics professor, associated with the tea party, unseats you, shocks everyone. something tells me you are not surprised by this -- i don't know if you want to call it a movement or just anger kicked up by both trump and cruz. >> well, listen, i'm certainly not surprised, but what i can tell you -- i don't think my experience and my loss in the primary is necessarily instructive because, you know, in virginia we have open primaries and there was a lot that was going on from the other side that tipped the balance of the scales. so, again, i don't necessarily think you can take lessons. but certainly people are angry right now. and i don't blame people because the economy is tough. most working middle class
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americans have not seen a pay raise in decades. they're not sure how they're going to be able to afford retirement or sending their kids to college. these are real concerns which goes back to my contention, who is best poised to produce results to help people, and how are they going to do that? and there's only one person in this race who has an unassailable record as chief executive of a very large state who has actually produced those results and that's jeb bush. >> hear you loud and clear, eric cantor, thank you, sir. programming note, tomorrow night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders going face-to-face with new hampshire voters. taking questions directly from those who will decide, the winner and loser, a week from today. a democratic presidential town hall in derry, new hampshire. anderson cooper will be moderating. definitely tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, right here on cnn. moments ago, hillary clinton officially declared the winner of the iowa caucuses.
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we'll talk live with both campaigns on that. also ahead, are experts giving enough credit to donald trump? he's taking issue with the media's coverage of his second place finish in iowa. we'll discuss that. and ted cruz apologizing today for what ben carson called dirty tricks last night in iowa. what is carson's next move? stay with me. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. "hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can.
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a very strong third place finish in iowa, senator marco rubio is now focusing all of his efforts on being the establishment candidate would can win in new hampshire. he told voters in iowa he is not going to wait his turn, as some have suggested, to become the republican nominee. >> they tell me i have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line.
11:21 am
but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! >> joining me now, the owner of the public affairs firm bongi and company. and matt shlap is with us now, george w. bush's former political director and chairman of the american conservative union. gentlemen, welcome, happy day after iowa caucuses. good to see both of you. let's talk marco rubio. we're seeing he is a big target here. new jersey governor chris christie beearlier today. >> this isn't the high school election, this is for president of the united states. i'm ready to play. i hope he is. because i'll be ready to see him on saturday night. >> the boy in the bubble, ron
11:22 am
bongene. do you think with that target on his back with a third strong place finish, do you think he has established himself as the establishment candidate moving forward? >> he's definitely getting there. he's going to get a big bump in the polls out of his strong iowa finish. look, he came right under donald trump. that's no small feat. in addition to that, you know, the bush ads, they really attacked, they were really vicious on him. there was criticism coming out of iowa he didn't spend enough time there. he's very good at these debates. he's one of the best i've seen in quite some time, you know, he's definitely going to have a target on his back from, you know, from everyone i think frankly. so he'll have to -- he'll have to perform just as well as he did the last time. >> it will be interesting to see sort how trump i guess chooses to take him on. when you think about the caucusgoers, you know, in iowa, matt, the undecideds came out, and they came out for marco
11:23 am
rubio. he said this morning the fact that donald trump chose to skip that debate, hold that fund-raiser for veterans, he thinks that actually in the end, helped him, rubio. would you agree? >> well, definitely ted cruz missed his moment. i think ted cruz thought that would be his moment on the debate stage without the bigger personality of donald trump. the huge personality of donald trump. and i think ted cruz was ready to really command that stage and, you know, ted cruz is also a great debater but he did not have a great night and he really did cede the night to a certain extent to marco rubio. but i do think even during that debate stage, jeb bush landed a few punches on marco rubio. so it gets back to your question about how this goes in new hampshire. yes, marco rubio's on the rise, it's incredible, he should feel great about iowa, but john kasich and chris christie and jeb bush are doing much better in new hampshire than in iowa and there's going to be a real contest for this establishment lane. >> there's this one name you totally glazed over in that answer, donald trump.
11:24 am
you know, is he getting enough credit? this is somebody, never has been in an election in his life, finishes in a solid second place, ron, do you think he's getting enough credit for, you know, his first shot at public office in the number two spot in iowa? >> no question, he gets some credit for that, but he set the expectation game way too high. >> is that what it is? >> it's a branding issue. and yet he came in second place. if it wasn't for the last night, you know, hillary clinton and sanders, you know, tight photo finish, i think you'd have a lot more criticism coming up on donald trump. when you say you're the best and you keep quoting the polls and you say you're going to win iowa and then you don't, that's a problem so i think there might be some blood in the water for him. i think his poll numbers are going to come down quite considerably. >> we'll talk to one of his surrogates. one of the other themes out of today is ben carson, okay, so he's come forward, he's accusing ted cruz supporters of saying he
11:25 am
was dropping out of the race. his phrase was they were employing dirty tricks, circulating rumors last night at caucuses, you know, for these folks to go ahead and vote for cruz. whether you think this is a little bizarre or not, he's going to florida on vacation and the campaign says he needs some fresh clothes. the cruz campaign now the morning after said, sorry. a little late? >> no, i don't think it is too late. i think ted cruz is -- ted cruz actually apologized. i think it was the right thing to do. they clearly read a report and represented to followers that ben carson was actually maybe stopping his campaign and instead what ben carson is doing is stopping his campaign by going to states for vacation. which is not normal in a presidential campaign. so ben carson, a great guy, but deserves a little bit of ribbing for why wouldn't you immediately go to new hampshire and south carolina? they have department stores there. you can buy clothes there. they have dry-cleaners. >> that's what everyone else is
11:26 am
wondering. at the same time, the fact that some of these cruz folks were saying, hey, he's out, should there be some consequence for that? >> you know, i think that, you know, cruz people should have been quiet about it. they should have just let everybody go, that's bizarre when carson is flying to florida to get clothes when you can just walk down the street to get them. clearly, people understand, look -- you don't want to peel away those -- >> that's right. >> you don't want to peel away those carson voters to somebody else. you want to get those folks. it's better to be magnanimous in victory, smart to apologize. >> if carson is off the campaign trail, good news for cruz. >> let him go pick out that favorite pair of pants he needs from florida before he hits the trail again. all right, gentlemen, thank you so much. coming up next, back to our top
11:27 am
story. hillary clinton just declared the official winner in iowa. can she take this new momentum into bernie sanders backyard in new england for that win in new hampshire? we'll talk with her campaign next. also ahead, how bernie sanders reacts to the news out of iowa. his campaign is saying it wants to see the raw vote count. a sanders rally expected to begin soon in new hampshire. we'll take it live for you.
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bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn.
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i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tomorrow night in a cnn democratic town hall. their first meeting since iowa voter officially kicked off the election. just a short time ago, clinton was declared the winner in iowa by a razor thin margin. both candidates already pounding the trail in new hampshire. for his part, senator sanders tells cnn he's ready for more. >> we started that campaign, you know, 40, 50 points behind. whether we lose by a fraction of a point or we win, whatever, we're very proud of the campaign that we won. i think the significance is that for folks who did not think bernie sanders could win, that we could compete against hillary clinton, i hope that that thought is now gone. we're going to fight really hard in new hampshire. and then we're going to nevada, we're going to south carolina. we look forward to doing well around the country. i think you will find as we get to south carolina and other states that when the
11:33 am
african-american community, the latino community, looks at our record, looks at our agenda, we're going to get more and more support. >> meantime, hillary clinton galvanized supporters in new hampshire today with a get out the vote rally. joining me now, the deputy communations director from hillary for america. your candidate and senator sanders kept a lot of people up very late last night. what a race. >> yes. >> so you just heard from senator sanders. listen, he says he will fight this and fight this. you know, we're about to move into his wheelhouse, his home turf, new hampshire. his camp is saying they're requesting the actual count sheets in a number of precincts from iowa. your response? >> so our response is hillary won the caucus last night. we are so proud. she is so grateful. it was a great win for her. she did an interview with wolf today where she said she's competed in iowa before, she's lost there, it felt a lot better to win.
11:34 am
i have to say, i was with her last night in iowa and this one was particularly meaningful for her because she has spent months campaigning in iowa, really talking to people there. people shared their stories, their concerns, their struggles, their hopes what they need from the next president. what she heard over and over again is people can't wait. they don't need more rhetoric. they don't need gridlock in d.c. they need real results. when people took a look at her plans and took a look at her track record with real results, i have to say she was just thrilled. >> a lot of you all were worried about ghosts of 2008 past. i'm just curious, since you were with her, why so relieved since this was the narrowist of margins in history? >> because she won. the truth is, we always knew iowa would be tough. a lot of independent analysts said it would be tailor made for him. his campaign said if there was
11:35 am
an big turnout, they were going to win. and that big turnout happened and hillary clinton won last night. we thing that's a really testament to people wanting the next president getting things done and we know she's the candidate who can do that. >> looking ahead to new hampshire, she's behind in new hampshire. i'm wondering with the town hall tomorrow night here on cnn how she makes her move, how she truly creates an opening? >> well, the way hillary always does. she gets to work. she talks to people. she talks about what she'd do as president. she is so happy to do the forum tonight on cnn. this is going to be a real contest of ideas there. you heard her say that's what she's going into new hampshire to do. there are real differences between these candidates on how they would treat obamacare, what their plans are to make college more affordable. she's ready to get out there in new hampshire. she's going to work her heart out for the primary a week from today. she's going to do what hillary clinton does, get in there, talk with people, connect with people, share her plans and work
11:36 am
her heart out. >> you mentioned some of the constituents though that the sanders camp was banking on, the young, the youth vote. a lot of first-time caucusgoers. no questions about, you know, being truthful and honest, where bernie sanders really sort of soared. i'm wondering with your candidate how she makes up that ground because he did have such a chunk of those voters. >> well, you know, obviously some areas to grow and, you know -- >> how? >> when i have to say, i think a lot of this is the result that hillary has just been under attack from republicans for decades. i think some of this is a result of that. the republicans don't want her elected. they don't like her progressive values. they don't like what she fights for. they certainly don't like how effective she is. they've done everything to try to undermine her. all of the candidates in this race on both sides have been. she's been that target. >> but don't women -- young women especially. i mean, i went to a bernie sanders rally. they think they're going to see a woman in their lifetimes become president so a lot of them are for bernie.
11:37 am
>> having watch heard interact with a lot of young people, it's interesting to me that they're so young that they actually don't know her history. they haven't seen her. they don't know she's been a fighter for women, for children, her entire life, and she has the endorsement of planned parenthood. she has the endorsement of the human rights campaign. organizations that really mean something to young people. because she's been at the front lines with these organizations, fighting on the issues that young people care about forrier ans. they're standing with her and her presidency campaign. because they know she'll be that fighter in the white house. so we've got some work to do to talk to young people about her values and what she'd do as president to make college more affordable, to help young people deal with college debt, but we're looking forward to making that case. >> christina shockey, thank you so much, we will see you tomorrow night in new hampshire for the town hall. thank you. coming up next, just because you win in iowa of course does not mean at all you're guaranteed success in that next primary in new hampshire which, by the way, one week from today, we will show you why the two
11:38 am
states differ so and what strategies can win in next week's primary. also ahead, what is the donald trump campaign plan moving forward? we'll talk to a leader of trump's campaign staff in new hampshire. cnn will be right back. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. senator ted cruz may have won iowa's republican caucus last night but he's sharing the headlines today with senator marco rubio. his address to supporters sure sounded like a victory speech. >> for months they told us because we didn't have the right endorsements or the right political collections we had no chance. they told me we had no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high.
11:43 am
[ cheering ] they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait in line. >> well, he may not be first in line, but he's in first place by a mile when it comes to the so-called insider candidates. you saw the top four republicans from last night. we have to turn the page to see bush, kasich, christie. can rubio capitalize in the very different state of new hampshire? in another headline here, donald trump not winning and tweeting about it. let's get to the trump campaign co-chair for rockingham county new hampshire and cnn contributor s.e. cupp. lou, this was trump's first election. the fact he placed second is commendable. he didn't tweet, he went dark on twitter for something like 20 hours. then he calls second place an honor. how do you think he will respond
11:44 am
to what happened to him in iowa as he moves to new hampshire? intensify mr. trump's desire to be the next president of the united states. i think that if you go back four or five months, there was very little expectation of him even placing in the top five in iowa. and his second place finish in iowa was truly commendable. >> but he kept saying he was going to win. we heard a lot about winning from mr. trump. >> oh, we did, but i also think that it was all driven by the polls and a lot of it was driven by the media who probably took the polls as gospel and i think -- >> i don't think we did that, for the record -- >> so -- did trump. >> thank you, s.e. cupp. how many times did you see trump saying, you know -- >> talking about the polls.
11:45 am
>> talking about the polls. >> not only that, he was out every day saying, i'm going to win women, i'm going to win the black vote, i'm going to win everyone. this was not a media-driven phenomenon. this was the crux of trump's campaign, he's going to win -- >> i think mr. trump is going -- >> -- maybe sort of wondering if that's just a lot of bravado and not reality. >> i think mr. trump is going to win, and i think that iowa, if one only looks at the history of iowa, iowa has not had a great deal with success in picking presidents. it picks corn very well but in terms of picking presidents, new hampshire has had a much greater and more stellar record on its success in its primary in picking presidents, and i believe that next week we will see mr. trump not only do well but do exceptionally well in the new hampshire primary. >> okay, i think iowans may take issue with that because they do pick more than corn but i see you point, that it doesn't
11:46 am
necessarily indicate who wins the nomination. let me read this tweet from mr. trump. he tweeted, i don't believe i have been given any credit by voters for self-funding my campaign. the only one i will keep doing but not worth it. s.e., what's that about? >> i don't know that anyone believes donald trump is anyone's victim or that we need to feel sorry for donald trump or give him more credit. look, he has done a phenomenal job in this campaign. anyone who says otherwise is not being honest. he's gone farther than many predicted. he's done things that would have been cadisqualifying for anyone else. finishing second, had he not promised to win in iowa, would be impressive. i think what this does is turn new hampshire, as lou said, new hampshire into a must-win for donald trump. if you can't get a "w" on the board as someone whose brand is winning, i think you're going to have a tough case, you know, making the rounds to the following states. >> help us look ahead, lou.
11:47 am
i want you to tell me, give me a preview of -- since marco rubio was that third place finish in iowa and is coming with a little bit of wind, you know, ahead to new hampshire, what does a rubio/trump battle look like? >> i think a rubio/trump battle will be on the issues. i think experience certainly will be a big part of it. if one looks at mr. trump's experience in business as opposed to senator rubio who's been in government most of his life. i think there's a desire right now in the populous to have someone who's been outside of government in the most important role on the face of the earth and that's president of the united states. mr. trump has been able to build huge businesses, employ thousands and thousands of people, all of which are elements necessary if we're going to turn the country around. and i do think that senator rubio is a good man, but i do think his time has not come.
11:48 am
i think he lacks the kind of experience. and we've been there. we've been there for the past seven years with the gentleman in president obama who did not have the experience and who has stumbled in a whole variety of different areas. and with that said, i think that senator rubio could be in the same situation. i think highly of senator rubio but i don't think this is his time. and i think that the voting will prove that out very clearly. >> it's a battle to be fought. we'll be looking for it. quickly, s.e. >> there's some great news for marco rubio out of iowa. he won among undecided. people would decided just that week. espec lay week where trump and cruz were dominating the headlines. marco rubio won a majority of those undecided voters. and he won independents. which is big for new hampshire, as anyone who spends time in new hampshire knows. so i think marco rubio's got some serious play in new hampshire. especially if you can build off the momentum he got in iowa for
11:49 am
this week. >> new hampshire, one week from today. >> amazing. >> s.e eve. cupp, lou, thank yo. moments from now, bernie sanders responding for the very first time to hillary clinton's official win in iowa. we'll take that live. don't miss it. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body
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let me remind you, there's a little bit of a football game happening. we're five days from the super bowl. with silicon valley so close to the game, we're looking today at how high-tech companies are changing sports. cnn's corey wire, lucky man, is in san francisco. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too, brooke. all week, we are highlighting some incredibly intelligent game changers in the world of sports technology. today, we're introducing you to an inspiring maker, dr. rory cooper, a paralympic medalist. dr. cooper's using technology to change the future of sport for disabled athletes. check this tech out in bleacher
11:54 am
report by intel. >> and go. >> by trying to do sport for the disability, we have that combination of technology and a person together to try to push limits of human capability. >> as founder of pittsburgh's human engineering research laboratories dr. cooper is developing cutting edge technologies to enhance the performance of disabled athletes. cooper and his team use cameras and sensors to track a we'll chair rugby player's movements. >> we use the same type of technology used in sports science or making animated movies. we put markers to track the body motion. use that to optimize the body motion. >> one day he says the combination of robotics could redefine the world of sports. >> i would say we're ten years away before we really see this in sort of a rudimentary level in sport. i think you'll see this all the way up to the nba and the nfl.
11:55 am
>> at the age of 20, cooper  suffered a spinal cord injury while serving in the u.s. army. an avid runner before the accident, he was determined to remain a competitor. >> well, what sports did is help me grow, have a new healthy perception of health. >> cooper pursued a degree in engineering. he was crafting his on wheelchairs and setting medals in the paraolympics. now with a ph.d. and this facili facility, cooper continues to push technology forward so other disabled athletes can stay in the game. dr. cooper says that as this technology advances, any athlete, not just those with disabilities, could wear robotic prosthetics. can you imagine athletes could become like cyborgs, brooke, that is reimagining the future. >> i cannot, i cannot. very cool, coy, thank you very
11:56 am
much. next, back to politics here. bernie sanders responds live for the very first time since hillary clinton officially declared the winner in iowa. hii'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your
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12:01 pm
caucuses with officially final. the iowa democratic party released the final results and hillary clinton has edged out bernie sanders by the closest margin iowa democrats have ever seen. clinton claimed victory last night. shared her relief just a short time ago talking to my colleague whole. >> i feel really good and very grateful to the team i have on the ground, to the tens of thousands of iowans who volunteered, knocked on doors, came out and caucused last night, and i could feel the energy building in the weeks leading up to the caucus. i was out there making my case in what i want to do, what i think the country must do to get real results with more jobs, rising incomes, build on the affordable care act, deal with climate change, clean energy, defend our rights. all the things i feel passionate about. last week, i had so many people come up to me and say they had decided to support me and it could not have been better. it was a great, great night.
12:02 pm
>> so that was hillary clinton just a moment ago. live pictures here. keene, new hampshire. we're waiting to hear from senator sanders responding to this official news of the clinton victory from iowa. so stay tuned for that. obviously, we'll take that. the sanders campaign not exactly sending over its congratulations to camp clinton. joe johns is there. give me a preview, how sanders is responding to this official win from clinton. >> well, i think they're pointing out that this is not exactly a time for the clinton campaign to gloat, given the closeness of the caucuses in iowa. a couple ticks here and there, fractions of a percent certainly don't add up to a decisive victory for hillary clinton. on the other hand, they're also saying they're not challenging the election in iowa, the
12:03 pm
caucuses anyway, even though as a matter of course they are asking to see paperwork relating to the numbers that were turned in. especially just to find out what happened and if they can do anything better. if you listen now to the campaign manager for bernie sanders, who spoke to wolf blitzer a couple of hours ago. >> we're not contesting the election. what we'd like to do is we would like to know the truth on the ground. the tens and tens of thousands of people who are sanders supporters would like to understand exactly what went on. i think it will do well for the party as well to understand what can be improved next time around. >> so there you go. not challenging the result, but also not exactly conceding defeat either, brooke. >> how, joe, is turnout this afternoon in keene? >> it's been pretty big.
12:04 pm
i'm told inside holds about 800 people or so. just a few moments ago, a staffer came out and told the crowd which has been gathering out here all afternoon that it looks like they were going to move into overflow phase. they're probably going to have a standing room only crowd in there to see bernie sanders. it's his second event here in new hampshire since the caucuses. when he hit the ground in bowe, new hampshire, he was also greeted by supporters there, so moving very quickly. >> we will come back to you as soon as we see the vermont senator there behind that podium. with iowa now in the history books, let's take a closer look at what happens. joining me now, the former spokesman for governors sununu and cnn contributor van jones. gentlemen, welcome. my apologies in advance if we have to pivot away and go to new hampshire. >> i won't mind. >> okay, thank you.
12:05 pm
van, let me begin with you. on the democratic side, there's sort of like two schools of thought, the fact that you look at iowa, bernie rose, you know, he almost beat hillary clinton in iowa or the fact that there really was this massive voter turnout. all kinds of young people. and still he lost. which camp are you in? >> i'm in the cam than says that anybody who a 79 "thousand" year old muppet-looking specialist. anybody like that who comes within a hair of beating the clintons. that lets you know there's something going on just beyond the candidate. there was a real youth rebellion really in the party in some ways against hillary clinton. because young people still want something to believe in. i think if i were the clintons. she will almost certainly win this nomination but she's going to have to work for it with young people. the young people saying listen, we have a movement. we don't care about the machine. we have a movement. talk to our hearts.
12:06 pm
don't tell us to lower our sights. we want a lot from this country. we're willing to give a lot. we want a lot. that message from young people is going to be the most important thing. it's not the guy behind the mic stand. it's the young people in the stands that matter. and they sent a clear message to the democratic party. they want to aim higher. >> do you think just quickly, van, staying with you, this teensy eensy weensy win that clinton eked out, do you think that will give her the confidence she needs moving forward? >> look, in some ways, it's the best of all possible worlds for hillary clinton. she won but she won by a narrow enough margin she can receive the message. if she had won by six points, she might not have gotten the message there's still some pain out there. everybody in the democratic party respects and loves hillary clinton. the problem is, do they believe that she has their aspirations in her heart. i think now she's going to keep fighting. she's going to get closer to this base. it's going to make her stronger. >> okay, ryan, to you. you know the story.
12:07 pm
you know the deal. urn involved. romney lost iowa. this was 2008. you say at the time it felt almost like your balloon just popped when huck buy stole it from romney. what would your advice be to those who placed in second, third, trump, rubio, and sanders in there? what would you say to them? >> the campaign hits a reset coming into new hampshire. i think the candidates are going to need engaged in grassroots campaign here in the state. this is a state that valued town to town contact over the next week. i think trump comes in very damaged. he had set expectations for himself very high. he's still waving around a poll showing him 20 points up in the state. it's unlikely he'll win by that butch. much. he continues to hype himself as he did in iowa. i think his lack of an organization could hurt him here as it did in iowa. he didn't turn out his voters despite the fact he was trending in polls in the final week and he underperformed expectations.
12:08 pm
>> can i add something to that? >> go ahead, go ahead. >> it's interesting, you have like a billionaire cheap stake. look, you either have to spend the dime or you have to spend the time. either be there on the ground person to person. or at least fund a massive turnout operation. he didn't spend the time. he didn't spend the time. so -- >> you don't give him credit for self-financing or the fact it was a strong second in iowa? >> here's what i love about trump. listen, both of the candidates, sanders is not taking money from billionaires. he's being grassroots funded. that's great. trump is self-finance. that's great. then don't be a cheap skate. spend the money on a turnout operation. it's like, we don't mind that you're spending your own money, but spend it and have a real operation. he didn't spend the time. he didn't spend the dime. he deserved what he got. >> maybe he will down the road after iowa. with regard to marco rubio, i talked to van, marco rubio scares the hell out of democrats because he's strong. what do you think he needs to do
12:09 pm
to eviscerate the rest of the establishment pack? a lot of governors who could do well in new hampshire. how does he become the anti-trump anti-cruz candidate? >> it's a jump ball in new hampshire right now for the mainstream lane of candidates. it's the test of who's the most ready to be commander in chief. senator rubio hasn't proved he's ready to be commander in chief. we have a number of other good candidates. governor bush is clearly the best person in the field. someone who's been a chief executive. has governed. is a conservative. that's something voters in the state will evaluate and as they decide who is the best person to be our nominee. new hampshire has a much better track record picking nominees. i think this will tell who will be the nominee in november. >> a jump ball for the establishment lane, it is indeed, ron williams, van jones, thank you. tomorrow night, hillary and bernie sanders appear in a live town hall moderated by anderson cooper. their last chance to talk
12:10 pm
directly to voters before that new hampshire primary one week from today. don't miss it, only here on cnn. we just were talking a little bit about donald trump here. he is ripping the media for its coverage of his second place finish. but he also brought up voters in recent twitter traffic this afternoon, whether they're giving him enough credit. let's talk about that ahead. also, who has the best ground game after new hampshire? long game? let's talk about that and who's ready. also, ted cruz, apologizing today for what ben carson called dirty tricks in iowa. what's doctor carson's next move? we'll be right back. dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. just a heads up, bernie sanders is holding his first event after the official word of the iowa defeat. packed house. still waiting for the vermont senator. so stay tuned for that. right on the heels of the new hampshire primary is the first big test in the south. republicans hold their primary on february 20th in south
12:15 pm
carolina. that is followed by the democratic primary on february 27. very often after the bitter battles in iowa and new hampshire south carolina has been the tiebreaker among these candidates. for marco rubio who's coming off a strong third finish in iowa, he's just received a massive endorsement from south carolina junior senator tim scott. >> it's not just about winning one election. it's about growing the number of americans who vote on the basis of limited government and free enterprise and a strong national defense. we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party. i can do that better than anyone. we need to grow it. i can do that better than anyone who's running. we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i give us the best chance to do that. i can't wait to run against them. >> with me now from new hampshire is our chief political correspondent dana bash who had a lengthy interview with senator cruz after his win last night
12:16 pm
about who he now considers his toughest competition. what did he tell you? >> well, he's being a bit cagey about that, as you can imagine. but he just wrapped up an event here in new hampshire, his first since his big win last night. he was asked some questions on various subjects. certainly marco rubio was one of the subjects. and he was pretty aggressive going after marco rubio still on the issue they've been starring over on the campaign trail for weeks now which is immigration. but, you know, the bottom line is, brooke, if you look at the results last night, the marco rubio surge, there's no question that it helped ted cruz, even potentip potentially helped him win. because the votes he got drew from donald trump. that's where i began talking to him about his win when i was with him moments after he spoke last night in iowa. >> have you already sent rubio a bouquet of flowers for taking
12:17 pm
donald trump's votes away? that was a help to you, right? >> i recognize folks want to talk about the third-place finishish and that's fine. i'm focused on our victory tonight. and the fact the courageous conservatives across iowa, across the country, generated the most votes ever given to any republican victor in a republican primary. that is an unbelievable grassroots. we had over 12,000 volunteers in iowa. we've got over 200,000 volunteers nationwide. that's the strength of this campaign. it is a grassroots campaign. >> who do you think your biggest competition is, given the results tonight? >> listen -- >> donald trump or is he still a factor? >> every candidate is going to have to decide what they do next in the campaign. i like and respect everyone in this race. >> but who is your biggest -- >> i like and respect everyone. donald and marco. both had a good night. i congratulation them. their second and third place finish. ben carson had a good night. there are a lot of people,
12:18 pm
everyone in this field i like and respect. we're going to stay focused on making the case to the american people that we can't have another campaign conservative. >> now, here in new hampshire, brook, ted cruz has an operation, but he hasn't been here as much as others. i mean, there are lots of candidates on the republican side who have virtually been living here for the past couple of months. and marco rubio is trying very much to edge all of those candidates i'm talking about out, whether it's casey, kasich or bush, to kind of be the victor in the establishment lane. he's hoping that kind of consolidation can help really put down cruz, but i should also remind people it is still donald trump coming into today who was way, way ahead and is still way ahead in the polls here. >> it's that and, like my last guest perfectly said, really is jump ball for that establishment lane candidate. dana, thank you.
12:19 pm
we are talking trump, donald trump gave what many are calling a gracious consensus speech after cruz's win. today, changing tone. taking to twitter to go on the attack. one tweet seems to blame the very people trump should be impressing in the election. he tweeted, i don't believe i have been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign, the only one. i will keep doing, but not worth it. let me bring in sara murray live in new hampshire where trump is holding a rally tonight. and he just tweeted what about cruz? >> brooke, the gracious humble donald trump of last night is long gone. saying, anybody who watched all of ted cruz's far too long, rambling, overly flamboyant speech last night would say that was his howard dean moment. >> ouch. >> of course we all know that howard dean had that whoop that got him out of the race.
12:20 pm
yeah, this is not a very gracious donald trump we're seeing. the reality is this is a competitive guy who while he may have been prepared to lose iowa, he certainly did not want to, and now he's heading here to new hampshire, a state where he is far ahead of his rivals, and he's got to look at this and feel like we can't afford to lose another state, brooke. >> what -- just quickly, what do you think he will say about voter unless ios in iowa once h hampshire, and what happened there? >> well that will be very interesting to see. because new hampshire is where he came to sort of poke a little fun at iowa's voters. he was very kind toward them last night. today we could see a different ball game. he's going to be endorsed by scott brown. scott brown expected to join him in a press conference before the event. i think if donald trump wants to continue to be gracious in some way. he could still be kind to the voters of iowa. if i were rubio or cruz, i would be expecting some sharp elbows
12:21 pm
from trump. >> sara murray, thank you. coming up next, is ted cruz playing the long game? already setting his sights on south carolina and beyond? he has a campaign event there tonight. it was marco rubio who just picked up an influential endorsement there. we'll take you live to south carolina and talk about that. also ahead, bernie sanders. we're waiting for him. expected to take the stage any moment now in keene, new hampshire. how will he respond now that hillary clinton has won iowa? we'll be right back. soup and sandwich and clean and real,
12:22 pm
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it's a long way from where i grew up to the new york senate. where i believe the best days of our country are ahead. 2016 may be the most important election. i'm putting my confidence and my trust in marco rubio because i believe that he takes us to that better future. >> senator marco rubio is coming off a strong third place finish in iowa. just received a big endorsement from his colleague, as you saw, the senator tim scott. let's go to matt moore. good to see you. so tim scott, you know, talk about a highly coveted endorsement. this is the only african-american republican in the u.s. senate. by the way, he also had the backing of trey gowdy in south
12:27 pm
carolina. how huge is this for him? >> senator tim scott is one of, if not the most popular republicans in south carolina. so it's a very big endorsement. definitely the biggest endorsement in south carolina so far this cycle. i think last night -- >> forgive me, matt, let me interject. we have to go now. bernie sanders. first time we're seeing him since camp clinton officially claimed victory from the iowa democratic party. >> i don't know what to say because gisele and eliza said it all, but i'll try. last night in iowa, we took on -- we took on the most powerful political organization in this country. last night, we came back from a 50-point deficit in the polls. [ applause ]
12:28 pm
and last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. what is this campaign about? it's not about spin. it's not about 30-second tv ads. in new hampshire, an number of mont months ago, said, bernie, i am not just paying my daughter's student debt, i am paying off my student debt as well. it's about millions of people who are being drowned in debt because they chose to seek a higher education. it is about the united states of
12:29 pm
america being the only major country on earth that receive that. it is about the workers in vermont and new hampshire who today are working two or three jobs trying to cobble together some income. because real wages for millions of workers have gone down over the last 30 years. working families are struggling to keep their heads above water economically. while almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%.
12:30 pm
it is about a nation today which has more income and wealth inequality than any major country on earth and it is worse here today than at any time since 1928. it is about addressing the disgrace -- i want you to listen to this -- of the top .1% now owning almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. it is about the outrage of the 20 wealthiest people in america now owning more wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million people. it is about the unacceptable of
12:31 pm
one family, the walton family, of walmart, owning more wealth than the bottom 40%. >> bernie sanders, this is officially his second rally of the day, the first since we heard from the iowa democratic party officially saying it was hillary clinton, his fiercest rival who seized that victory there last night. let me bring in cnn political commentator, hillary clinton former campaign manager, and our other guest -- oh, it's okay, she's live. it's okay, live tv. the executive director of civic action. since we just saw bernie sanders there, we know officially according to the iowa democratic party, this was a win for the clinton camp. i know the sanders camp was still at a point calling it a virtual tie. they want to see these voter count sheets. do you want the campaign to
12:32 pm
challenge the results? >> you know, i think the fact that the bernie sanders campaign came from 40 points behind when he started his campaign and ended up walkingway with, i understand, half of the delegates that iowa has last night i think is pretty obviously an amazing, momentum achievement. you know, the campaign will decide what they want to do in terms of contesting it but i think it's clear to people watching it, including folks like moveon members who have been supporting sanders that this is a big victory for his campaign and the ideals that are animating that campaign, the message about saving our democracy. >> so big victory i'm hearing from you and others from the sanders campaign. i'm hearing the same thing. i was just talking to a campaign official from the hillary clinton campaign. patty, you know this, at the end of the day, the delegates do matter. bernie sanders will be getting 21. i'm sure you'll say this a victory for hillary clinton as
12:33 pm
well. >> look, as a person who ran her campaign in 2008, i am just so happy that she won eight years later the iowa caucuses. i think it's a big victory for her personally and for her campaign. but, look, no caugdoubt, bernie sanders had a great night last night, he really did. he has tabbed into something in the democratic party. the democratic party wants a race and they're going to have a race now. i think that's a good thing. for the party, for the country and really for hillary. because i think hillary is just better when she's in a fight. and -- >> do you think it's fair for the sanders camp to call this a victory for them? >> i think they had a great night last night. i don't want to take anything away from them. but hillary won the iowa caucuses. >> okay. hilla hillary, we look ahead to new hampshire, she's behind, you know, the hillary clinton campaign really pushed for this town hall on cnn. we're grateful to be able to have, you know, new hampshire voters, you know, really be able to ask both bernie sanders and hillary clinton questions a
12:34 pm
week, you know, that happens tomorrow night ahead of the primary, a week from today. but she is behind, patty. how will she create an opening ahead of next tuesday? >> look, expectations are very, very low for hillary clinton in new hampshire. and probably that's hard for her because new hampshire has a very special place in her heart. you know, she won new hampshire after she lost iowa in 2008. she came back after like an 11-point -- she was down in the polls by 11 points. new hampshire made her husband the comeback kid. but expectations are low. i think she's losing by 20 points right now. so i don't think it matters all that much if, you know, if she loses new hampshire. it's nevada and south carolina that she really needs to focus on. because, frankly, and bernie sanders should be concerned about this, the minority voters in nevada and south carolina are huge. and that's where bernie sanders has yet to really sort of appeal
12:35 pm
to that constituency. i think hillary clinton will likely lose new hampshire but then she goes on to nevada and south carolina for two big wins. >> patty brings up an important point. i want you to respond to that, especially what she said about nevada and south carolina. listen, we all know new hampshire is his to lose. moving forward, how does he counter, precisely her point? >> yes, it's an important point that every state counts, every community in the democratic base counts in this democratic primary. every state counts. every vote counts. that's a principle of our democracy. bernie sanders has tremendous momentum heading into new hampshire. we saw that iowa wallace much more of a company test than anyone thought it would be. the point is, he's waging a vigorous campaign that's appealing to especially young voters, especially folks who have been, you know, kind of disenfranchised from the democratic process for while and i think he is going to continue to talk about breaking up the big banks, to talk about
12:36 pm
expanding social security, economic opportunity to everyone. these are messages that are a peeling and the campaign will discuss the issues that are of concern to all the community. it's making for an exciting race. i agree with patty. this is actually good for all the candidates and good for the party and good for the democracy as well. >> it is indeed. thanks to both of you. thanks to both sanders and clinton to agreeing to do this town hall. what an awesome opportunity tomorrow night for both of them. so many different folks to be able to ask questions directly. ladies, thank you. next, we pivot to the democrats because we heard from senator sanders. let's go back to republicans. we'll get back to the head of the republican party in south carolina. you know, could we see a smaller republican field winnowed down by the time people vote in the first in the south primary? let's talk about that next. you both have a
12:37 pm
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all right, where were we? i wanted to get you back to the race for the republican nomination for of course the white house. matt moore is with me. thank you for your patience. we were talking about marco rubio and how he got this significant endorsement from the only black republican in the senate, senator tim scott. let me ask you about cruz. when you look at the calendar and how much time, you know, team cruz has spent in those southern sec states, they have been out and about, campaigning. he is there tonight. he's in new hampshire, then in south carolina. what's your assessment of him where you are? he spent a lot of time there.
12:42 pm
has a great ground game set up in south carolina. a lot of focus on evangelicals in south carolina. i would say there's one caveat with that is that it is not the same as nondenominational christians in the low country of south carolina. there's not a one size fits all approach to attracting evangelicals. i still think the candidate who appeals to the widest array of constituents within the parties will be successful. >> important to mention. what about donald trump because you look at the polls, he has been ahead in south carolina. how does he maintain that lead? >> well, donald trump has garnered some of the biggest crowds we've ever seen in the party's history here in being is is bein south carolina. one is pollsters and pundits have led this race around by the nose for six or eight months and voter got a change but we also saw last night the campaign fundamentals matter very much and the traditional rules of politics still apply. i encourage the trump campaign
12:43 pm
and many other campaigns focus on those ground games, those traditional voter contact apparatuses that win elections. >> matt moore in south carolina, thank you. that's after new hampshire. new hampshire, the immediate prize. it is a primary one week from today that's going to make or break the races, the futures for the three governors remaining in the race for the republican nomination. we will take you there live and hear why christie is calling rubio the boy in the bubble. we'll be right back.
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
well, iowa was not too good to casey and kasich. they got zero delegates out of last night's caucuses. both turned their sights to new hampshire in a make or break effort. i have phil mattingly, who is with the chris christie campaign, chris frates, with the kasich campaign. fellas, nice to see you. phil, let me begin with you. governor christie says he got exactly what he expected out of iowa, nothing.
12:48 pm
he has been full court press new hampshire, really focusing his efforts there. how's he doing today? >> they made clear new hampshire is where they would make their stand. christie saying iowa is in the rearview mirror. what's interesting is he has wasted zero time going after the now kind of hot candidate of the moment coming into iowa marco rubio. take a listen. >> he wants to answer your tough questions about his lack of record and experience, he wants to answer your questions about why he ran away from his ow immigration bill when it got too hot. i'm fascinated to hear the answers and i'm sure you will be too. maybe he'll answer more than two or three questions in a town hall meeting and do more than 40 minutes on an little stage, you know, telling everybody his canned speech that he's neck ri
12:49 pm
memorized over the course of time. this isn't a student council election. this is an election for president of the united states. let's get the boy out of the bubble. i'm ready to play. i hope he is. >> the boy in the bubble, brooke, he mentioned it almost a dozen times. really serious attack from christie going very personal and here's why. they believe in the campaign it is an excellent contrast for team christie based on a first team senator comparisons to barack obama. chris christie bringing the "a" game right off the bat here. it's going to be a wild seven days, brooke. >> phil, thank you, with team christie. chris, to you on john kasich. we know both that "the boston globe" and "new york times" have endorsed him. he's a republican. these are left-leaning publications. what are his chances where you are? >> well, certainly, brooke, i think the kasich campaign thinks they do have a shot here. in fact, they're going all in, in the granite state, they're putting all their chips here. if you look at the polls you can start to understand why.
12:50 pm
kasich people feel like they have momentum, they'll be able to break out. kasich will often tell you that those guys are attacking him. that's proof that he does have momentum because they're trying to undercut his message. how far, he's been very clear how important this day is to his presidential ambitions. he told a group just that. let's take a listen and hear when he had to say. >> this state is it for me. i've got to be in a state of doing well here. if i do well, we're moving on. if i get smoked here and terrible, i'm going home. >> reporter: kasich trying very hard not to get smoked here. managing expectations. they aren't saying they believe they are going to within but they need to be a big story next week when the primary's over much like marco rubio's a big story coming out iowa with his
12:51 pm
third place finish. new hampshire voters are independent-minded, different than iowa voters. and a word about independent voters. i talked to a number of independents at some of 0 the kasich town halls and they're telling me, they need to choose, do they vote in a democratic prime mar or vote in a republican primary. some telling me they don't like hillary clinton, they'd like to vote for sanders but they don't like trump and see kasich as an al terptive. kasich needs to convince them one, vote in a gop primary and, two, vote for him that's what kasich is taking around state and town halls where he's very comfortable. he looks like john mccain in 2000, 2008, taking it in stride. i caught up with him in a hotel yesterday, hanging out in workout clothes joking with his staff. so he's very comfortable. the campaign says they have a quiet confidence going forward. we'll see if they can make a
12:52 pm
play the of this next week. >> decisions, decisins for independent voters. seven days to decide. chris frates thank you, phil mattingly, thank you as well. from republicans to de ims. ted cruz now apologizing for what dr. ben carson calls dirty tricks played last night at those precinct locations. why? special coverage continues in a moment. soup and sandwich and clean and real,
12:53 pm
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12:57 pm
political analyst gloria borger in washington. so it is officially official, you know, from the scene of iowa, hillary clinton got it, closest of all calls there. your response in terms of how she takes it moves forward? >> she's happier to win than not win, no matter by how small a margin. however, there's a lot of concerns you have to have if you're in the clinton campaign coming out of this small margin of victory. you know, when you look at entrance polls ewere talking about into wee hours last night a few things pop out at me. one is the fact that bernie sanders continued to get those younger voters, including younger women voters. the questions of trust that seem to plague her, and most importantly, i think, this question of who is the candidate that best understands my needs, right?
12:58 pm
and bernie sanders, by 3-1 margin, beats her on that. and so, i think as you look towards new hampshire, i think she's got to warm herself up a little bit that way in order to compete with him on those issues that really go go to your kind of core and authenticity, and i think that's where her weakness is. >> new hampshire and beyond. what about on the flip side for republicans, you know, one guest put it best in terms of jump ball between different establishment candidates, a showdown between jeb bush and marco rubio, how does that shake out? >> bell, i think you get more establishment candidates in the lane, the three amigos, governors, right, all spending last night, not in iowa, but in new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> because if they're going to get a ticket to move on, kasich, christie or bush, one of them has to do really well in new hampshire and live to fight
12:59 pm
another day against marco rubio, who it seems to me will have a ticket out of new hampshire no matter what at this point. you know, they have a strategy, three, two, one, come in third, come in ekd and, then after march 1st, come in first somewhere. he's going to have to win somewhere and now expectations go up for him a little bit in new hampshire there do you any after new hampshire when we start to see some candidates drop out? dr. carson is taking a vacation and getting new clothes in florida. >> right. >> beyond dr. carson, they say he's not out, 30 seconds, how many more drop? >> i think a few more drop. you've got rick santorum who has run out of money, carly fiorina, a question of what happens with dr. carson though he does have money. you need fuel here for the bus. and that's provided by money. i think establishment money now starts looking at marco rubio
1:00 pm
very seriously and i think, you know, it's easier to raise money for him today than it was just 24 hours ago. >> gloria borger, up into the wee hours, back at it today. thank you so much as always. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. it's groundhog day. what do you say we do this all over again, this time in new hampshire. "the lead" starts right now. all of a second second place isn't just the first loser. who now will feel donald trump's wrath after his silver finish in iowa? overtime, ridiculously close race between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. now we have a mathematical winner by the closest margin ever seen. but there is plenty of unfinished business. plus -- she was just 13 years old, kidnapped, stabbed to death, left 100 miles from home. did two college students conspiracy to