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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 2, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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follow me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead." i'm jaek jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's in "the situation room." thanks for watching. new momentum, ted cruz finishes first in iowa, marco rubio charges into third place. will that give them a boost in new hampshire? donald trump slips into second place but calls it a great finish. standing by for a trump news conference. narrow win, hillary clinton edges bernie sanders by less than 1%. will he challenge the results or look ahead to new hampshire? i'll speak with the top sanders adviser. hear my interview with hillary clinton. next battleground, tonight, all eyes on new hampshire. trump and sanders hold big leads but with the nation's first primary just a week away, has the game already changed? rocket man, growing alarm as kim jong-un gets ready for a
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rocket launch. will it be able to launch a nuclear missile as far as the united states? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." after an all-night deliver hanger on the democratic side, stunning turnabout in the republican race, iowa caucuses are history. it's about new hampshire, the primary a week away. it took until this afternoon for the iowa democratic part to release final results showing hillary clinton as the winner, edging bernie sanders in a razor-thin margin. you'll hear my it interview with hillary clinton who says she's thrilled but it may take a while to notch another win because bernie sanders holds a solid lead in his backyard of new hampshire. one things clear, after iowa, democrats are deeply divided. republicans are even more divided in their race heating up heading into new hampshire. ted cruz surged to an impressive win over donald trump.
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marco rubio finished a strong third. trump still the national front-runner and holds a big lead in new hampshire. after iowa, has this race changed? our correspondents, analysts and guests, they have full coverage of all of the day's top stories. begin with the republican race for the white house. ted cruz and marco rubio have some wind in their sails right out in after strong showings in iowa. iowa voters took air out of donald trump's balloon at the same time. right now new hampshire is the race that matters. cnn's sunlen serfaty is there. trump still the leader in the national polls but some are saying there's a brand-new ball game under way. >> reporter: that's right, it is, wolf, the dynamics of this race significantly reshuffled. the focus is here now on new hampshire, new state, a new race, and a very different and dramatically changed battle ahead. tonight, the brash billionaire
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is battling back, spinning his second place finish in iowa as a victory. >> i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa, you could never finish even in the top ten. >> reporter: but donald trump's moment of humility overnight -- >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> reporter: -- replaced with trademark tweets. for anybody who watch ted cruz's too long, rambling overly flamboyant speech was saying that was his howard dean moment. howard dean came in third in iowa. ted cruz won after trump promised total victory. >> we're going to win. we're going to win and we're going to win! >> reporter: he's working now to reagan his footing in new hampshire, a state where polls show he is still leading by double digits. >> so what a victory last night. >> reporter: ted cruz basking in the glow of his iowa win, feeling emboldened, taking a
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victory lap through new hampshire today. >> i think the voters of new hampshire, frankly, deserve more than politicians trading insults and behaving look schoolchildren. >> reporter: this date is an uphill climb for cruz with a different electorate than iowa that still needs much convincing. >> the granite state shocked this countr by giving reagan the victory. your actions liberated billions from bondage. >> reporter: cruz isn't the only one emerging with momentum. marco rubio's stronger than expected third place finish breathing now not only new life in his campaign but the establishment lane of the party. trying to cast himts self as th only viable alternative to trump and cruz. >> i'm as conservative as anyone running for president but i believe i can grow the conservative movement. that's what's important about our candidacy, too, i can take
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the conservative movement to people living today the way i grew up. >> reporter: trying to clear out the establishment field where his opponents in new hampshire feeling new pressure are now getting a little testy. >> when the boy in the bubble gets here i hope you guys ask him some questions because it's time for him to start answering questions. >> reporter: and new hampshire holdsite prime mar one week from today. today, ted cruz split his time between new hampshire and south carolina. the next state up. but there are some big signals coming from within the cruz campaign that they intend to make even more of a push here in new hampshire, wolf. now that they feel they have momentum. >> thanks very much. sunlen serfaty reporting. the democrats now where iowa's democratic party made it official earlier this afternoon. hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses but barely. both she and senator bernie sanders now in new hampshire. so is jeff zeleny. what's the latest there, jeff? >> reporter: new hampshire has a
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mind of its own when it comes to reacting to results of the iowa caucuses. but hillary clinton was relieved when she learned she was officially declared the winner. bernie sanders, of course has been leading here for a long time. the question is, what do the next serven days hold? >> i am so thrilled i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! >> reporter: hillary clinton officially declared the winner today by the iowa democratic party. bernie sanders is pointing to a victory of a different kind. improvable rise with the wind of a growing movement at his back. >> we took on the most powerful political organization in this country. last night we came back from a 50-point deficit in the polls. >> reporter: it was as close as close could get. .3%, 49.9 to 49.6. >> i've won and i've lost there.
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it's a lot better to win. >> reporter: you by scooping up the most states. sanders didn't formally concede. jeff weaver says he wants to know the truth on the ground. as sanders flew to new hampshire overnight he pledged to fight until the convention. counting on a big fund-raising haul that aides say could rival $29 million he raised online in january alone. it's a fight for next week's new hampshire primary. >> bernie, bernie! >> reporter: in an interview today with wolf clinton dismissed any talk of voting irregular larrys. >> from anything we learned and know, i won and i'm proud of that. >> reporter: one group she didn't win, voters under 30. they chose sanders by 70 points. >> i'm going to some work to do to reach out to young voters maybe first-time voters. >> reporter: first-time voters are a key part of sanders'
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growing movement. >> we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. >> reporter: there is good reason to believe the sharpening contrast between these two rivals are only going to continue. hillary clinton today said she is the only person who can beat the republicans. and wolf, a short time ago, senator sanders had a news conference. asked if hillary clinton is a progressive. he said, some days. >> jeff zeleny, thank you. joining us, sanders' campaign senior media adviser, tad divine. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you the iowa democratic party says hillary clinton has won. ready to concede? >> well, i would concede she won four more state delegate equivalencies without a doubt. take a look at results, what happened. we want to have faith in the
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process, make sure everything adds up. if you had an election anywhere in the world that was this close, people would take a look at results. by the way the election in iowa isn't over. just started. there's delegates from the precinct level to the county convention, to the state convention and in june we'll elect national convention delegates. we'll work this tier to tier and hope to pick up more delegates along the way. >> what hillary clinton told me earler were when i asked about your campaign's unwillingness it formally concede she was the winner. >> i can say that i believe the democratic party of iowa ran a good caulk cut from everything that our people told me. there was an enormous turnout which everybody said would tremendously favor senator sanders. if there are legitimate issues, both sides, i don't think the democratic party has any problems with that. but from everything we have
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learned and know, i won and i'm very proud of that. >> i said, do you agree results are valid? >> i agree with senator clinton, if there are legitimate issues, we should look at them. we should take a look and see if there are legitimate issues, it there are, look at them. the process just began in iowa. precinct delegates to go town county conventions and state conventions. she couldn't be more right. we should take a look at legitimate issues. >> when the iowa democratic party says hillary clinton is the winner, do you agree? >> like i said, i agree she won four more state delegate equivalent sis yesterday. the winner of iowa is determined when we have the state convention in june and they elect national convention delegates. this isn't a primary. we don't know of all of the people 171,000 people who participated we don't know what
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their preferences are. what happened yesterday, people came out to support bernie sanders. we registered thoughts of votered in iowa yesterday. this process of bringing new people in, young people, independent voters to the democratic process, first-time voters we'll do this all over the country and intend to bring millions of people into the democratic process through bernie sanders' candidacy for president. >> people agree with you that the iowa democrats should release the raw numbers, how they got -- divided up 171,000 democrats who showed up in the caucuses in iowa. they don't release those numbers. democrats don't. republicans, on the other hand, do. let's move ahead to new hampshire now where the hillary clinton people say, you have a home-field advantage because bernie sanders is from vermont and that's right next door to new hampshire. what do you say to that argument? >> well, ooh say vermont absolutely is next door to new
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hampshire. i also say only one candidate in the race who won the democratic primary in new hampshire, hillary clinton, she defeated ba rack obama. she's got advantage, too. they can spend all of that time talking about how close vermont is to new hampshire, that's an objective fact. clintons have been here for decades. the political establishment is supporting her candidacy here. we'll talk about a rigged economy that sends wealth to the top. that message worked in iowa. i think it's going to work here in new hampshire as well. >> bill clinton the comeback kid thanks to the primary in new hampshire at that time. what infrastructure does senator sanders have in south carolina and nevada? >> well wolf, we've got great campaigns that we've built on the ground in nevada and south carolina. we have a large number of people in both states organizing out of a number of field offices around the state.
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we have been on television in nevada since the 23rd of december. clinton campaign joined us january 6th. on television in south carolina as well. they're about to join us there soon where we've got strong campaigns, great support, winning people every day. we had a huge field organizing meeting in south carolina yesterday. so i think we're going to be able to compete with them on the ground in south carolina and nevada, just like we did in iowa yesterday. >> some of your colleagues in the sanders campaign say this can go on until june, which is what happened eight years ago when hillary clinton and barack obama, that decision wasn't made until june. do you see this going through the spring until june? >> i do, wolf. and i think it's important for the democratic party to have the kind of process like we had in 2008. a lot of people wanted one candidate or another to get out. they stayed until the end. a lot of people participated in the process. i think it led to high voter turnout in november 2008.
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we can have a good process here. there's no need for negativity. no need for attacks. we can talk about differences on issues. there are differences on big issues. but we can do this in a way to make the democratic party stronger. that's what bernie sanders wants to do. i hope hillary clinton and her campaign want to do the same thing. >> will senator sanders show up thursday night at this debate that -- it's not sanctioned by the democratic national committee -- hillary clinton says she'll be there, challenging senator sanders to show us thursday at the debate one-on-one in new hampshire. will he be there? >> weetd like to be there, wolf. the democratic national committee put in process six debates. it was agreed to by the clinton campaign after they announced it publicly months ago. we said wield like to have more debates but that process didn't include them. recently senator clinton trailing decided she wander wanted a new hampshire debate.
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senator sanders said let debate a few others as well. we challenged to debate in new york, for some reason she doesn't want to debate in her home state. hopefully we can work things out. bernie wants a debate. he thinks voters deserve debates. >> she says you keep changing goalposts. she agreed to what you initially wanted now changing the goalposts. is he going to be at the debate thursday night? >> i think we'll be able to work things out by then, certainly hope so. >> that's not a definite. >> we'd like -- you know, one thing we don't like, wolf, the clinton campaign dictating all of the rules. they've got their debate structure in place, hadn't they didn't like it, they changed it. they decided to have a new hampshire debate because she was behind. we need to come together and have an agreement and not just the clinton campaign deciding everything and dictating all of the rules. they did that a long time ago. now they have a real opponent,
2:16 pm
now they have to sit down and negotiate. >> tad divine, thanks for joining us. what is definite, 100%, tomorrow 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn, anderson cooper moderates cnn democratic presidential candidates town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow only here on cnn. up next -- a donald trump news conference. calls his iowa stumble a great finish but has the front-runner been hurt heading into new hampshire? my interview with hillary clinton. she beats bernie sanders by a razor-thin margin in iowa. he holds a big lead in new hampshire polls. can she beat bernie sanders again in his own backyard?
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once again, standing by for a donald trump news conference, after he slipped to second place finnish iowa. trump calls it a great finish. still is the overall front-runner. but has he been hurt heading into next week's new hampshire primary one week from today? let's go live to new hampshire now. cnn political reporter sara murray's on the scene for us. what are we expecting to hear from donald trump today? >> reporter: well, wolf, donald trump's twitter account any indication, he could come out swinging against ted cruz. he tweeted, anybody who watched all of ted cruz's far too long rambling overly flamboyant speech would say that's his howard dean moment.
2:22 pm
that tells you he realizes he needs to take on ted cruz and probably marco rubio if he wants to keep his lead secure in new hampshire. his supporters tell me they feel like this is more favorable territory to donald trump, fewer evangelical voters, more independent swing voters and donald trump's message seeps to resonate here. that's why he's so far ahead of rivals in the polls. his goal going to be maintaining that lead, making sure he does not feed any ground or too much ground to ted cruz or marco rubio. >> thank you. joining us now, cnn political commentator s.e. cupp, jamie gangel, david chalion and david bash. how important will new hampshire been for donald trump? >> with the brand of winning if he doesn't get "w" on the board soon, that's going to crumble. having not won iowa new
2:23 pm
hampshire for donald trump becomes must win. he's doing well in new hampshire and new hampshire is a friendly environment for him. but marco rubio has a lot going for him in new hampshire that donald trump will have to reckon with. marco rubio won most of the votes among republican iowa caucusgoers who had not decided until that week. that week leading up to the primary was dominated by cruz and trump headlines yet marco rubio is the guy that got the votes. he also got independent voters. that's big in new hampshire too. i'm not sure donald trump should be going after cruz. i think it's rubio he needs to worry about. >> it getting testy in new hampshire right now. i want you to listen, the new jersey governor, chris christie, what he had to say about marco rubio. >> we know who the boy in the bubble is up here who never answers questions, constantly scripted and controlled because he can't answer your questions. when the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him
2:24 pm
some questions. >> you've been talking to your sources among these so-called establishment candidates like chris christie. are the gloves about to come off? >> that's chris christie being nice. he's going to go completely new jersey on him and so is jeb bush and so is john kasich. there is going to be a bloodbath in new hampshire the next week it won't just be trump, it's going to be these guys in the establishment lane. that said, i am told marco rubio is ready and he's going to hit back, the gloves are off. and also, the campaign is going to roll out some things. there are going to be more endorsements coming, money flowing into the campaign. and, as we saw when rubio hit back to trump, he's pretty good at doing it. >> is rubio now the establishment candidate? if you can hear me, is rubio,
2:25 pm
for all practical purposes now, among those so-called establishment candidates? >> reporter: no question about that, forgive me, wolf. it's a little hard to hear here. absolutely he is trying to position himself as the establishment candidate. as jamie was just saying, he's really at this point based on his very strong showing in iowa, well on his way to doing that. there's no question that the other people in that lane who have been living here in new hampshire, literally like chris christie, like john kasich, to a lesser extent jeb bush, try hard to tear that away from him. but as we get closer to the primary, certainly the rubio campaign, they are hoping that even donald trump's numbers come down to earth a little bit here. he's got a double-digit lead in new hampshire. that could help. remember, back to yesterday, it is donald trump and his supporters, it's very clear that marco rubio was able to siphon
2:26 pm
off and potentially, potentially, give ted cruz the win. so it's that kind of dynamic the rubio campaign is hoping to keep up here and going forward. >> i'm sure you have, david, like me, been receiving messages or calls from trump supporters saying, you know what, the cruz victory in iowa, santorum won four years ago, what did that do for santorum? cruz will wind up the same place. >> i don't think ted cruz is rick santorum or mike huckabee at all. he has a continue more money than either of the conditions had when he e-americans with the victory. the victory is a big deal because there was expectation that he was on the way down heading into the caucuses and trump was having a moment where he might score the first crucial victory. it enhanced importance and momentum that cruz gets out of iowa. iowa is a taylor made state for
2:27 pm
ted cruz. that's where he had to win and he did. new hampshire is not as tailor made but i wouldn't rule out the ability for ted cruz to do well in new hampshire because of the lane you're talking about. so many guys if 4 that establishment lane, kasich, rubio, christie, bush, that cruz has the ability to consolidate conservative vote. we saw the conservative vote rally around him in iowa. look at south carolina, the sought earn map, s.e.c., that's fertile ground for ted cruz. with momentum out of iowa, ted cruz will be with us for a while. >> the establishment republicans in new hampshire, new hampshire is really critical. somebody has to emerge decisively impressive. >> right. i think some of them are going to go on and some are not. if christie and kasich don't finish high, i think this is about it for them. jeb bush can go on, i'm told about his campaign he plans to go on.
2:28 pm
going to south carolina. his brother, former president george w. bush is going to campaign for him. that gives him a lot of star power. and he has his mother coming at end of the week to new hampshire. so he's going to do -- they're pulling out all of the stops. >> george w. bush going to new hampshire this week? >> not new hampshire. barbara bush, his mother, former first lady barbara bush, will be appearing with him thursday night at a town hall and some events on friday. after new hampshire, south carolina, where george w. bush was very strong, that's where they want him to come in. >> stand by. more to discuss. once again, awaiting donald trump's first news conference since the second place finish in iowa. my one-on-one interview with hillary clinton coming up as well. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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today hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders brought their fight for the democratic presidential nomination to new hampshire where the primary is just one week away. i spoke with the former secretary of state, just a little while ago, just after the iowa democratic party declared her the winner of the last night's caucuses and i asked her about something she told the crowd during her celebration in des moines. you said last night you breathed a big sigh of relief, your words, a big sigh of releaf. what did you mean by that. >> as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around and it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all of the hard work, the grassroots organizing
2:34 pm
pay off the way it did. now we're here in new hampshire and we are going to have a contest of ideas. i'm looking forward to the forum tomorrow night on cnn and a debate thursday night here in new hampshire because i think that democratic voters and other americans want to know what are the principal differences between me and my sfrefriend an opponent senator sanders. i want to get that information out there. i think it's important people understand that good ideas are one thing but you've got to know how to implement, have a record of getting results. and i'm taking my ideas and my record to the people of new hampshire this week. >> the sanders campaign says they won't have this debate thursday night with you unless you agree to a subsequent debate before the new york primary in new york city. are you willing to agree to that? >> wolf, this is really hard to follow because when we said we would do the debate they came back with conditions. we met the conditions.
2:35 pm
then they said they want different conditions. we've tried to be very accommodating. but you know we have agreed with energy that they have asked us to do and i sure hope, we're in bernie sanders' backyard here in new hampshire, i sure hope he intends to show up in his neighboring state and let the people of new hampshire see us both on the debate stage. >> just to press the point, the debate in new york city that they want, are you accepting that? >> no, we've accepted all of their conditions. we did that last week. and they keep trying to add new conditions which raises questions about how ready for willing they are to debate in new hampshire. we met their conditions, agreed to more debates, something i wanted to do because i think it's great to debate. we're ready. i'm going to be there thursday night. >> back in 2008, as you well remember, you you lost iowa but came back to win new hampshire. this time you won iowa. can you win new hampshire one
2:36 pm
week from today? >> well, i think it's certainly what i'm aiming for. i care a lot about this state. i view it as being the first of the nation primary for a reason. i know that they tend to favor their neighbors. that's a pattern, history of the primary and senator sanders is a neighbor. u think we will have a good contesting talking about what results we can produce, what our records have been, both in domestic policy, foreign policy, national security. and i think the people of new hampshire will get a chance to really evaluate both of us. i feel good about my prospects. >> more of my interview with hillary clinton later in "the situation room." right now, i want to go back to our political experts, dana bash, s.e. cupp, still with us. joined by dan pfeiffer, democratic strategist hilary rosen. you were part of the obama team that beat hillary clinton back in 2008 in iowa.
2:37 pm
she came back in new hampshire as we all know. what does she need to do now to continue the momentum she got from a narrow but important win in iowa? >> she doesn't have to win new hampshire she has to beat expectations. bernie sanders has very high expectations because the polls have been in his favor and he's seen as having momentum. get in more favorable territory in nevada, south carolina there, win decisively, she'll be on the path to nomination. >> hold on. we're getting more information coming in. we're also standing by for this donald trump news conference, the first news conference he's had second the second place finish in iowa. a quick break. you both have a
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once again, watching what's going on. hillary clinton did win in iowa narrowly, though, over bernie sanders. what does she need to do in the next seven days between now and new hampshire primary to at least do better than expectations as dan just said. she might not win, polls show she's way ahead. what does she need to do better than people might think she would do? >> stay the course but hope polls were off. donald trump's numbers in iowa were overestimated. she needs to hope that bernie sanders' numbers in new hampshire are overstated.
2:43 pm
if she can narrow existing gap between where they are now and have a decent enough showing as dan says, to surpass expectations i think then she can say new hampshire is esinglely a win. >> what do you think she needs to do. >> new hampshire voters are very independent. so 40% of voters in new hampshire are independent. you've got to get some of those to come to vote in the democratdemocra democratic primary. democrats have historically said in this election that they want experience over significant change. that's been why hillary clinton has pretty much stayed the course in pushing her experience. but she's got to add more change to the dialogue. she's got to make people believe she's got this vision, that she's going forward with something fresh and new and connect that to how she's a pragmatist who will get stuff done. i think that's what democrats need to hear from her, that vision but also staying the course on her pragmatism.
2:44 pm
>> dana, we heard tad divine, senior adviser to bernie sanders, say moments ago, he thinks this probably will go this contest between hillary clinton, bernie sanders, all the way through the spring into june when the final primaries and caucuses take place. is that what you're hearing as well? >> reporter: certainly what bernie sanders continues to say. he is intending to do, not leave. and you know, there isn't a big reason for him to do that for a while. he's got momentum. he certainly has money, a lot of money, which he likes to say raising not from big donors or lobbyists and things like that. but from the people out there. so, you know, absolutely what he should be saying now, if he would say anything different, political malpractice, so much of what is going on with his support is genuine energy, genuine enthusiasm. i might drop out, that's going to be the worst thing he will
2:45 pm
do. the one thing i can say, adding to what hillary talked about, marco rubio's about to speak behind me, but that kind of makes my point, this united states a place of a lot of independent voters who are not only deciding between republicans and democrats, but they can cross over and that should not be underestimated when it comes to how or whether or not bernie sanders' big lead is going to shrink or even donald trump's big lead is going to shrink. there's a lot of i wouldn't say monkey business but interesting voter turnout that could happen, especially when you have active races on both sides of the aisle. >> certainly is. stand by to hear what marco rubio has to say behind you. donald trump, by the way, arrived in manchester moments ago. he walked down, you see pictures off of his plane in manchester, he's going to milford, the first news conference since his second place finnish iowa.
2:46 pm
were you surprised he came in second? polls including the gold standard polls, "the des moines register" had him winning? >> it wasn't a good night for pollsters, that's obvious. take a step back, a week ago everybody assumed ted cruz would win and donald trump would come in second, right? that was what we thought before. so kind of played the way we thought it would be. one thing went against expectations marco rubio won third. >> everybody thought cruz would come in second. cruz won, trump came in second. >> iowa is cruz's best state, right, and trump's worst. to see whether the trump phenomenon is real or not, we'll know that after new hampshire. >> is the phenomenon real? >> it's serious, for sure. but i iowa i think is a nice reminder to all of us, a, to put a little less stress on the
2:47 pm
polls. when calling people with landline phones you don't get an accurate interpretation of what's going on. iowa went the way iowa should go. iowaens voted for ted cruz, the very conservative evangelical candidate. they did as they were performed, meant to do before trump sort of made us second guess conventional wisdom. i think we all need to realize while trump is a significant force to be reckoned with, some of this is just baked in, new hampshire's going to vote the way new hampshire generally does and so on and so forth. >> the new hampshire republican community is different than the iowa republican community. hold your thoughts. more to discuss. also once again standing by for that donald trump news conference. you saw him landing in manchester a while ago. it his first since he stumbled into second place in iowa. has the gop front-runner been hurt at all going into new hampshire one week from today if. growing alarm as north cokoa
2:48 pm
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it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". there's growing alarm right now over a planned satellite launch by north korea. mainly because a rocket that could lift the satellite into orbit is just a step remaufed from a missile that could carry
2:53 pm
a nuclear warhead as far as the united states. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr reports. >> reporter: japan's military on high alert in tokyo watching for a north korean satellite launch. debl bl deploying patriot missiles around the headquarters of japan's ministry of defense. north korea has now openly declared it will launch a satellite on top of a rocket sometime between february 8th and 25th. >> this act would violate numerous security council resolutions by utilizing prescribed ballistic missile technology. it also comes on the heels as you know of the january 6th nuclear test which is itself an egregious violation of u.n. security council resolutions. >> reporter: the major u.s. worry, it's all a cover for a bigger effort. >> the north koreans call it a satellite launch, but let's not kid around, this is an attempt to build an intercontinental ballistic missile that is
2:54 pm
capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to the united states or other destinations. >> reporter: in 2012, north korea successfully conducted a similar satellite launch. u.s. intelligence agencies watching this time will look closely for signs of an improved rocket booster, the equivalent of a long-range missile. defense secretary ash carter warning the rogue nation's military is under constant u.s. scrutiny. >> we, as i said, never take our eye off that. every single day we're watching that. >> reporter: the latest commercial satellite imagery also showing increased nuclear fuel activity at north korea's major nuclear facility. amid growing u.s. worry north korea is hiding even more. >> we also have a program based on highly enriched uranium at a disperse set of facilities which we cannot track and monitor, so they have two parallel programs to develop nuclear weapons and
2:55 pm
they have a missile system as a delivery vehicle. >> reporter: now, this launch site that everyone's watching, well, it is designed to keep everything hidden so u.s. satellites, u.s. radars may have a very tough time seeing what is happening until the last minute before a launch. wolf? >> all right, barbara, thank you. coming up, we're standing by for donald trump's first news conference since his second-place finish in iowa. he calls that a great finish. trump already on the campaign trail in new hampshire. we'll go there live. stay with us.
2:56 pm
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(train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". happening now, republicans regrouping.
3:00 pm
the gop white house hopefuls storm into new hampshire. donald trump, despite losing the iowa caucuses to ted cruz. will new hampshire be his comeback? we're standing by to hear from him this hour. and we'll talk to a key trump supporter. razor thin. hillary clinton beats bernie sanders in iowa by the smallest margin ever but the vermont senator holds a considerable advantage as the battle moves to new hampshire. the primary there only seven days away. can clinton come from behind? countering putin. the u.s. sending a clear signal to the russian president vladimir putin announcing plans to significantly increase western military might in eastern europe. more american troops, more american weapons on russia's doorstep. is it the start of a new cold war? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following the breaking political news in new hampshire where we're standing by to hear from donald trump this hour. we just landed in manchester for his event that's about to get under way. fresh from his disappointing second-place finish in iowa. up next, the nation's first primary one week from today, and a win is critical for donald trump. senator ted cruz now the man to beat in new hampshire after a solid win over trump in the iowa caucuses. and marco rubio riding his momentum into new hampshire. he did a lot better than expected in iowa, coming in third just barely behind donald trump. and tonight, he's drawing new attacks from his gop rivals. we're covering all of that, much more this hour, with our correspondents, our expert analysts, and our guests. they're all standing by. let's get straight to new hampshire right now. cnn political reporter sara murray is on the ground for us. sara, donald trump also there tonight and we're going to be hearing from him soon. what's the latest?
3:02 pm
>> reporter: that's right, wolf. new hampshire could be a friendlier state to donald trump. he's preparing to hold a big rally here tonight. after a pretty gracious concession speech last night. but if you thought that was going to last, you better forget it because he is coming back out swinging today. after a humble concession speech in iowa -- >> i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa. we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> reporter: donald trump is back on the warpath, taking to twitter to slam the media coverage of his loss to ted cruz, grumble that voters don't appreciate he's self-funding his campaign and take a swipe at ted cruz tweeting "anybody who watched all of ted cruz's far too long rambling overly flamboyant speech last night would say this was his howard dean moment." a reference to the dean scream that was the final blow to howard dean's 2004 presidential
3:03 pm
campaign. as promised, trump heads to the granite state. >> we'll be in new hampshire and that will be something special. it's going to be a great week. >> reporter: where he's hoping to regain his footing and leads his closest competitor by more than a 2-1 margin in the latest cnn/wmur poll. all while that competitor, ted cruz, enjoys his victory lap. >> so what a victory last night. >> reporter: today, the texas senator is campaigning in both new hampshire and south carolina and tearing into trump as he tries to turn his victory into a winning streak. >> donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, that he loved me, that i was terrific, that i was nice. and now i'm an anchor baby. >> reporter: with just seven days until the primaries, a crowded field is quickly turning vicious. >> marco made the decision, the conscious deliberate decision to go and stand with barack obama
3:04 pm
and chuck schumer and harry reid and to lead the fight for amnesty. >> reporter: last night marco rubio relished in his strong third-place showing in iowa, hot on trump's heels. >> i am grateful to you, iowa. you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. >> reporter: but today, he's a prime target, especially for establishment candidates like john kasich and chris christie who are banking on new hampshire. >> let's get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble and let's see him play for the next week in new hampshire. i'm ready to play. i hope he is. >> reporter: now, wolf, we are expecting donald trump to take some questions from reporters before he starts his event tonight, so we'll get a better sense from him of what he thinks went wrong in iowa and if he plans to do anything different here in new hampshire to ensure that he can finally notch a victory. wolf? >> we'll have live coverage of that news conference from donald trump. all right, thanks very much, sara. let's go to cnn's sunlen in new hampshire with the cruz
3:05 pm
campaign. ted cruz hoping to parlay his iowa victory to overtake trump in next tuesday's primary in new hampshire. what's the latest there? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. he is trying but i think there's a very real awareness within the cruz campaign this is a much tougher state for ted cruz. new hampshire voters much different than iowa voters fewer evangelicals, more moderate republicans, more independents. all that at works against ted cruz. the campaign sending big signals they're trying to dig in here in new hampshire, potentially try to ride a little post-iowa wave of momentum. ted cruz had a big event here at a church, it was an absolutely packed house. he really came in with a fresh sense of energy and urgency. although he is in south carolina, the rest of the week he'll exclusively dig in here, camp out for the next seven days, hold at least 16 events. the cruz campaign says they probably won't win here.
3:06 pm
what they're running right now is to exceed expectations. the goal, wolf, is to make a strong showing, close the gap and look ahead and go on to south carolina where they feel much better. >> sunlen serfaty reporting. as we stand by to hear directly from donald trump, let's talk to one of his key supporters, scotty hughes, chief correspondent for usa radio network. scotty, thanks very much for joining us. back in 2013, donald trump tweeted this, "no one remembers who came in second" quoting the pro golfer, walter hagan. how much of a setback was his second-place finish in iowa? >> well, of course mr. trump would have liked to have finished first, who wouldn't? but this is -- we have to remember, 45,427 people took a vote in support of donald trump in iowa. that is an incredible number, and probably more than ever before for any presidential candidate except for ted cruz who was 6,000 more. but that does not negate the
3:07 pm
strides that mr. trump made in iowa. now he goes on to the rust belt where he know he's most popular. his issue, immigration, is probably one of the key issues in new hampshire right now that they're dealing with that voters appreciate. so. he goes back on task which he will and he is talking about immigration, talking about securing our border, talk about bringing good jobs to the united states especially a state like new hampshire, i promise you're going to see that he's -- iowa is going to be loved, but it's going to be a distant memory real quick. >> because as you know, the central theme of donald trump's campaign is based on him being a winner. he said he wants to win so much, he will win so much. people get sick and tired, remember he once said, of him winning. this is a man who clearly enjoys success, so where does he go now? this is awkward for him coming in second i suspect. >> i don't know if it's necessarily awkward. like you said, it's not ideal, but at the same time this might have been a great chance for him to sit here and see what campaigning is about. remember, donald trump is not a politician. he's never been on the campaign
3:08 pm
trail before. he's never done debates like this. and he's never had to actually work within the grassroots people that he's luring. i believe going into this next week you're going to see a very active mr. trump within the grassroots working with the people on local radio, within events, and this is going to be a great prep for him as he gets ready for south carolina and here down south where people are going to want to get to meet mr. trump, the man, not necessarily the legend. >> was his decision to skip that republican presidential debate in iowa a mistake? >> well, i don't think so. i know there's $6 f million that are going to go really good bets and something you're seeing right now, that money is being distributed, not sitting in a foundation. we're seeing people actually being able to utilize the money. the question is, that's just what if, he do we now how he'd handle the debate? a lot of gotcha, wasn't going into winning situation for him. he's smart. he showed that he has leadership. he's not afraid to stand up for himself which is exactly what the american people want right now. we want someone who's not afraid to stand up even if it means you
3:09 pm
might get a couple hits. in the long term, that's exactly the combat we need. >> scottie, did last night's results demonstrate that donald trump maybe should rethink his strategy, embrace being more of a traditional candidate? >> well, i don't know about traditional because a lot of the traditional candidates which won iowa, which that's the majority of them, don't two go on to win nomination. ronald reagan did not do the iowa debay. he did not win iowa but went on to be one of the best republican presidents we've ever had. i don't know if he needs to judge or change his campaign based off -- now, going into new hampshire, he's 20 25r, 25 poin ahead of most polls. we'll see if that changes. i think it's all in how he handles the next few days and shows hees right on task, right on message of securing our boards boreder and helping our economy. >> he's about to answer reporters' questions, we're going it have that and about to have a speech in hn new hampshi.
3:10 pm
are we going to see more the same? >> i think it's going to be back on task, back in point. yesterday kim kardashian held a poll about a new album label, 389,000 people voted in that, that's more than both of the parties' iowa caucuses combined. i think that's really, really scary for anybody or any pundit who wants to base the change of their campaign just because of one state's nomination especially the first one that we knew might not necessarily be in mr. trump's favor. >> you're totally confident he will win new hampshire? >> i -- if he continues on task and gets on message, which i think that's exactly what he's focused on doing, absolutely. >> what about south carolina which follows? >> now, south carolina is going to be a little bit more of a trying state. you're coming down south. yesterday we saw rick scott endorse marco rubio. he's very popular. you've seen the other governor come out and endorse jeb bush. this is an interesting contest. mr. trump is still leading in south carolina. the key is he's going to have to continue to relate to the people
3:11 pm
both in south carolina and beyond. that's not by sitting there and just going on stage. i think that's one thing the trump team is learning how especially to relate just like ted cruz had a great ground game, watch outs. you know when the trump people start getting involved, they do the best. >> scottie, stand by. we have more questions. once again, we're awaiting donald trump. he's about to hold a news conference with reporters in new hampshire. let's see how he does. let's see what he says. much more right after this. ♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives.
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the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. we're standsing by to hear directly from donald trump, he's campaigning in new hampshire tonight fresh from his second-place finish in iowa to ted cruz. trump's event getting under way shortly. we expect to hear him at a news conference answering reporters'
3:16 pm
questions momentarily. we'll have coverage of that. in the meantime, we're back with trump supporter, the tea party leader scottie hughes, also chief political correspondent for usa radio networks. scottie, trump last night said cruz's victory last night was a howard dean moment. calling cruz's speech rambling, overly flamboyant. rubio says iowa is just the beginning for him. how is donald trump going to deal with the very strong competition coming out from both cruz and rubio? >> well, he's always has them as competition. i think he's going to continue to be the diplomat he is and rise above it like we've seen him do many times on the debate stage. that's not saying he's always going to stay above the fray. he is human. however, i think cruz and rubio right now need to be more worried about the other candidates. you know, we sit here and are talking about these three candidates but are forgetting so many of these candidates literally backhanded iowa and ignored them these past few days especially last night and went on and hosted events in new
3:17 pm
hampshire or have gone on to south carolina. what about those candidates right now? those guys are going to be the ones as your reporters spoke about earlier that are sharpening their pitchforks for marco rubio as well as ted cruz. since both of those guys have to rely on donors and big pac dollars, are the puppet strings going to be pulled in regards to who they actually go after? we've heard pushback from jeb bush donors say, please don't sit there and go after marco rubio, he might be our guy if you get taken out. that's going it be an interest diagnose napp dynamic, as we see dollars shift behind a game that donald trump doesn't have to worry about. >> scottie hughes, thanks very much for joining us. let's get some more now, joining us, chief political analyst, gloria borger, cnn politics executive editor, mark preston, cnn political commentator, kevin madden, senior political analyst, editorial director of "the national journal" ron brownstein. kevin, what does trump need to
3:18 pm
do over this next week to make sure he wins, that the polls are real, that he wins on the real poll next tuesday in new hampshire? >> he needs to slow the momentum of marco rubio who slungshot out of iowa with a lot of momentum and also slow the momentum of ted cruz as well. the other thing he has to do is sort of shift his message. the immigration issue, while a very big one with a lot of republican vote sers is not as animatiing an issue in new hampshire. he has to focus on the economy and national security. the problem for that, those are two issues that are very good, very strong issues with ted cruz and marco rubio. >> you think he's got to really go negative even more so, donald trump, against rubio and cruz? >> i think he'll continue to go negative on cruz, and i think he'll take some shots at marco rubio on immigration even though immigration isn't the issue it is in iowa. it's still a very salient issue because he can say the same thing about marco rubio as he
3:19 pm
can say about ted cruz which is that they've both been on all sides of that issue. so he can sort of get them both with the same slingshot there. i think he -- >> is he going to continue the canadian birth issue? is he going to continue the goldman sachs, citibank -- >> there are a lot of canadians in new hampshire. got to be careful. >> if you look at the entrance polls, that birth issue didn't seem to have as much salience as it might have seemed when we looked at those polls. the issues that really worked for him in iowa were immigration and the jobs and the economy. and to your point, he'll be talking about that -- >> and real quick, very conservative voters aren't the ones that donald trump can appeal to. he's going to have to appeal to more independent or somewhat conservative voters there. >> mark preston, you study the boll polls very, very closely. they seem to have gotten the results pretty wrong in iowa. >> they did, but a couple things, one is the polls were taking a snapshot in time of the race.
3:20 pm
let's just bring the trump factor in to this. having several thousand people show up at a rally for donald trump, we didn't know how to interpret it, they were coming out for the spectacle, reality show part of it or be supporters? for the supporters, were they going to show up on monday night for donald trump? in addition to that, as much as we've been told over and over again, i've been told this for months and months and months ted cruz had a great ground game in action. the media, we failed to acknowledge that and ted cruz put a grassroots organization on the ground in iowa. if you look at the entrance polls going in 35% of voters didn't make up their mind until the last minute. really hard to capture the state of the race on that. >> good point. ron, you've also broken down the entrance polls from last night. what's the takeaway that you get the most specifically among evangelical christians cruz was courting aggressively and
3:21 pm
nonevangelicals? >> really pinpoints something very important about what happened in iowa, what could have reverberations all way through the race. we all know from the beginning about the state of the national polls, donald trump's core strength has been his big support among working class white voters, republicans without a college degree. in the polling that earlier showed him ahead in iowa, that supports was extending across religious lines. he was also leading among evangelical voters without a college degree. what we saw last night was very different. if you look at evangelicals without a college degree, donald trump was pushed back well behind ted cruz. and that suggests that the cruz ads criticizing him on social issues had an effect and what you came out of iowa with, wolf, i think was a fascinating potential for a three-way race. you have cruz dominating those evangelical voters with an without college degrees, you have trump still strong among those blue collar voters who are not evangelicals and i think most fascinating of all, you had marco rubio finishing first among college voters who were not evangelicals and that is the
3:22 pm
group that has usually picked the republican nominee, the more white collar, secular economic-focused voters. they are the biggest single bloc in new hampshire and will be interesting to see if he can consolidate them against more competition from john kasich, chris christie and jeb bush. you saw three distinct lanes emerging in iowa in the demographics of the support. >> kevin, how does rubio capitalize the momentum he got from iowa? >> look, there is an emerging anybody but trump caucus out there and i think one of the things marco rubio has a chance to do now is consolidate support amongst those voters. i think the way to do that, to ron's point, there are a lot of fiscal pragmatists in new hampshire but thr also a lot of be people who take this process seriously and believe electability is an important part of this. if marco rubio can appeal to the fiscal pragmatists who want a candidate they believe can win in november, that's how he consolidates that sliver and takes trump on. >> they say a week is a lifetime
3:23 pm
in the world of politics. we know what the polls are now, but the section seven days things could change. >> look, i think marco rubio has an awful lot of momentum heading into new hampshire, a cliche, but true. people are now going to give him a look in new hampshire that didn't give him a look before. and so the problem for the three amigos, the three governors who have been sitting in new hampshire, is that suddenly they have marco rubio in their lane, right? and he's coming in with a good showing in iowa behind him and so voters there are going to take another look at him, particularly to kevin's point, if they're worried about electability. >> let me ask ron brownstein, new hampshire, is it do or die, say, for jeb bush, counhris christ christie, john kasich, so-called establishment republicans? >> i think it is. whoever finishes first in the lane will have the best chance of going forward. to gloria's point, it's important, donald trump has been leading in the polls in new
3:24 pm
hampshire all the way through but numbers have been modest among white collar college educated republicans especially in new hampshire. the reason he's been ahead, those voters have been fragmented among five or six choices. if rubio can consolidate those voters or any of the others can consolidate those voters they can get closer to trump than it looks today. so far trump has benefited from the division. >> kasich seems to be doing very well according to the most recent polls in new hampshire. he seems to be moving up. he's a popular governor of ohio. no republican has ever been elected president without carrying ohio. you're there in new hampshire. how's he doing? >> well, i got to tell you, i talked to the governor three, four months ago and he said, listen, we're going all in in new hampshire and none of you are picking that up, you're so focused on donald trump and the reality show aspect of this and talking about national polls, why aren't you focusing in on new hampshire? here's the deal with john kasich. his type of politics does play well here in new hampshire. very smart, talks about the economy. in fact, there was a very
3:25 pm
prominent republican no doubt four years ago said to me, hey, where's that kasich guy, why isn't he running for president? i remember he wanted to run for president. well guess what, four years later he is running for president and that's why kasich is doing so well. but look, we're coming into a knife fight on the streets here in new hampshire. i know that sounds dramatic but it's all on the line not only for all these republicans but also for these democrats between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we saw the temperature rise between these candidates over the last few days, but there's so much going on, wolf, and there's so much acrimony between all these candidates that i think it's going to get very nasty in these closing days. >> yeah, it's going to get lively, indeed. stand by, guys. everybody stand by. a lot more to discuss. we're also awaiting donald trump, he's going to have a news conference, his first since his second-place finish in iowa. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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together, we're building a better california. once again, we're awaiting donald trump and a news conference in milford, new hampshire. you're looking at live pictures. he'll go to the microphone, answer reporters' questions before he heads off to a rally. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders brought his campaign and his momentum to new hampshire today where polls show him holding a substantial lead over hillary clinton. our senior washington correspondent, joe johns, is following the democratic campaign joining us from new hampshire right now. joe, a lot of people say it's
3:31 pm
all about the expectations game. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, it was a very, very narrow victory for hillary clinton just a photo finish, but a far cry from the disappointing loss she suffered in the iowa caucuses eight years ago. the bernie sanders campaign was very quick to point out that this victory for the former secretary of state was anything was decisive. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton riding high tonight after narrowly edging out bernie sanders by fractions of a percent in the iowa caucuses. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: the contest was the cosest in iowa democratic caucus history. a race with a margin so razor thin the winner could not be determined until hours ago when the iowa democratic party released final numbers.
3:32 pm
tonight, when asked if he was prepared to concede the iowa caucuses to hillary clinton, sanders was noncommittal. >> it may be the case that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin. not the best way to do democracy. >> reporter: sanders says the fight for the democratic nomination is just getting started. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. >> reporter: she believes it will help set ore campaign on a course for a democratic nomination. >> what a night, an unbelievable night, what a great campaign. >> reporter: underscoring her message in an interview with wolf today. >> i think that democratic voters and other americans want to know what are the principle differences between me and my friend and opponent senator
3:33 pm
sanders? >> reporter: now with new hampshire's primary just one week away, both campaigns are brimming with confidence. clinton claiming her iowa win will boost her campaign's enthusiasm. >> i've won and i've lost there. it's a lot better to win and we're bringing all that energy, all that excitement, all that determination right here to new hampshire. >> reporter: and sanders saying he will defeat clinton in new hampshire. >> as you know, we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. [ cheers ] and now in new hampshire, we're going to astound the world again. >> reporter: and sanders at that media availability after his appearance here in keen, new hampshire, came up with a snarky answer when he was asked to weigh in on hillary clinton's assertion that she's a progressive. he said, yes, except when she says she's a moderate. wolf? >> all right, joe johns, thanks very much.
3:34 pm
i folk with hillary clinton today soon after she was officially declared the winner of the iowa democratic caucuses. i asked her how she plans to distinguish herself from bernie sanders as the nominating contest moves forward. you described yourself in your speech last night as a progressive that gets things done. are you suggesting bernie sanders may be a progressive but he can't get things done? >> i'm talking about my record. i'm talking about the children's health insurance program for 8 million kids. i'm talking about getting health care for national guard members. i'm talking about helping to push through a treaty to lower nuclear weapons between us and the russians. when i was secretary of state, i'm talking about building the coalition against iran to bring them to the negotiating table. and so many other issues. i have a very long record of getting results for people. that's what i care about. you know, i'm all for laying out our ideology, talking about our ideas. i think that's great and it gives you the direction that you
3:35 pm
want to head, but at the end of the day, what matters to me is that we move our country forward. we actually get more good jobs with rising incomes, we get equal pay for women, we actually begin to move toward early childhood education and paid family leave. and we are ready to really go into the rest of the 21st century with the kind of confidence and optimism that i think our country should be having. so i'm going to lay out my record, lay out my ideas and senator sanders can certainly lay out his own and we'll leave it up to the people of new hampshire to decide what they think is the best choice for them and their families and the results they want to see for themselves and our country. >> as you know, according to the entrance polls in iowa, bernie sanders did a lot better than you did with younger voters. younger men and even younger women. why do you think he's doing so well with younger voters out there? >> i'm thrilled to see so many people get into the political
3:36 pm
process, and i was very proud of all the young people who worked for me, volunteered for me, supported me. that's all to the good, and it's great for the democratic party. but i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young voters, maybe first-time voters who have to make a tough decision as they evaluate who should be our president, our commander in chief, and i intend to do that. >> as you know, marco rubio did rather well coming in an impressive third place in the iowa republican caucuses just behind donald trump and ted cruz. ted cruz won iowa. what do you think about the possibility, if you it get the democratic nomination, of running against senator rubio in a general election? >> you know, wolf, i'm not thinking that far ahead. my timeframe is next tuesday in the primary in new hampshire, then i'll go on to the caucuses in nevada and the primary at the end of the month in south carolina and then to the states that lie ahead. i'm going to let the republicans, you know, decide who their nominee will be. i will be prepared to run
3:37 pm
against and win no matter who they nominate. i think as everybody is well aware, i'm pretty battle tested. it's important to have gone through this to know what the republicans will do. they're already running $6 million of ads against me along with their, you know, wall street buddies, and so they know who they don't want to be the democratic nominee, and i take that as perversely flattering because they also know that i mean what i say and i'll do what i have said to make sure that they don't ever wreck our economy again, so i'm going to take them on as i have over the years and then when i win, i will certainly reach out, work with them and find common ground wherever we can. >> madam secretary, thanks very much for joining us. congratulations on your win in iowa. >> thank you so much, wolf. great to talk to you again. >> let's bring in our senior political commentator, the former obama seen you adviser david axelrod along with the
3:38 pm
rest f o oof our political expe still here with me. david, you just heard hillary clinton say she's battle tested. how did bernie sanders perform compared to barack obama's performance in 2008 in iowa where you were working for the then-senator from illinois? >> well, obviously, there were some similarities. first of all, we should point out that was three-way race and that skewed the numbers a little bit, but there were some similarities. barack obama beat hillary clinton about 6-1 among younger voters and senator sanders did as well. one difference was, though, that i think it was the only time in the history of the caucuses in 2008 when the percentage of younger voters who participated, people under 30, equaled the number of voters who were over 65. generally the caucuses skew older. they did again on monday. and so he didn't do quite as well in engendering that kind of youth turn out. part of it may have been the fact kids were back in school
3:39 pm
and they were off school when we were running in 2008 and part of it may have been that obama was a new generation candidate. >> i'm sure all those are factors. mark, you're there in new hampshire for us right now. what are you hearing from your sources about this democratic contest? >> reporter: well, wolf, clearly it is going to get very personal very quick. again, we talked about this a short time ago. we saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders heading into the iowa caucuses where the temperature was rising. well, right now it is near a boil and it is going to get worse. now, as we just heard secretary clinton say, she's going to talk about her ideals and her plan, but in addition to that, she really is going to, what i'm told now, try to bring into question the credibility of bernie sanders' ideas. they're lofty, they're ideolistic. they're going to try to knock those downs. bernie sanders's campaign is going to hammer down that they need bold initiatives. the democratic party doesn't
3:40 pm
nominate somebody who says we can't do something. it's rather somebody who says why can't we do something? now, wolf, long game right now for the clinton campaign. they're sending bill clinton down to south carolina tomorrow to start to rally the troops down here. the sanders folks tell me bernie sanders, himself, as i suspect hillary clinton will be spending all their time in new hampshire in the next few days. >> gloria, white house press secretary earnest said today a robust contest between the two democratic candidates is actually good for the party. >> they're thrilled. >> well, is it good for the party. >> well, look, i think that it's clear from hearing the president, himself, if it were up to barack obama, his legacy depends on hillary clinton getting elected president of the united states. period. end of story. and that's why he had to meet with bernie sanders to kind of, you know, assuage his ire, you know, the fact that he said that. but, look, i think that, yes, contests are very good, but if i'm in the clinton campaign
3:41 pm
right now, what i'm looking at is, yes, we're sending bill clinton to the south, we think we got a southern firewall and all the rest. what i'm looking at as you head toward the general election, you see these early warning signs in these entrance polls from iowa democrats last night. you know, honest and trustworthy, bernie sanders beat her 8-1. cares about people like me, bernie sanders beat her 3-1. young women, bernie sanders was much more popular among young women. so they understand that they've got -- they've got their work cut out. >> you think joe biden regrets not jumping into this race? >> every day. >> you think he does? >> i think he does. i don't think he wakes up any day without regretting that he didn't get into this race. but as he said, time and time again, this wasn't the right time for him or his family and, again, a very late start due to the death of his son. >> ron brownstein, what's the motivation behind senator sanders now and his campaign staff still raising some questions about the results in
3:42 pm
iowa? >> well, i mean, look, i mean, we saw four years ago with the santorum/romney situation, there's a lot of momentum that comes from winning and i think if bernie sanders would be able to claim winning iowa, it would have been a great thing for him. iowa, i think, did answer two big questions for the sanders campaign and it left two on the other hand still to be answered. two things iowa did show us is he can translate the enormous enthusiasm of the campus rallies into actual votes. yes, the share went down from 22% to 18% of the vote cast by young people but as david pointed ut, he won them 6 - 1. that's a big advantage. the other thing he did in iowa, wolf, he expanded beyond where he started. he started a as classic candidate relying almost entirely on young voters and white collar whites and ran even with hillary clinton among whites without a college education. those working class whites that preferred clinton over obama by 2-1. in '08. sanders did not do two others things, that's really important, he did not show he can break
3:43 pm
minority voters, that will be important in south carolina and nevada. the last one that doesn't get attention, she beat him by 20 points among self-identified democrats. he's going to have to expands beyond that beachhead, too, to take this to june as they're talking about. >> lots to assess. we're going to continue to assess what's going on. stand by. i want to remind our viewers as well, tune in tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern for the cnn democratic presidential candidates' town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. our anderson cooper will moderate. that's tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. coming up, pressuring putin. president obama seeks to reassure nervous european allies with new troops and new equipment on russia's doorstep. will it work, or will it simply increase tensions in the region? plus, a young girl is found dead just days after going missing. today, two college students from the girl's hometown are charged in connection with her death. also, we're awaiting donald
3:44 pm
trump, you're looking at live pictures. he's also to go to that microphone over there, answer reporters' questionses for the first time since coming in second in iowa. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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once again, we're awaiting donald trump, there you see the microphone he's about to go into that room, take questions from reporters. we'll stand by for that. in the meantime, there's other important news we're following. recent aggression by the russian president vladimir putin is prompting a wave of anxiety throughout american allies in europe and now president obama is trying to calm those nerves with several new assurances and a lot of extra money.
3:49 pm
bryant todd is here in "the situation room." he's got more on the developing story. what is the president promising? >> wolf, tonight he's promising them a lot more firepower right on their own territory. it's going to mean more american troops moving right near vladimir putin's borders and likely mean the russian president will feel the heat and probably respond with aggressive moves of his own. it is an ominous show of force and an unmistakable signal by the u.s. to vladimir putin. tonight, the white house says it wants to quadruple the money it spends on its forces in europe. a move that could ramp up tensions between america and russia which u.s. commanders view as a top threat to national security. >> we're taking a strong and balanced approach to deter russian aggression. >> reporter: analysts say that approach means the pentagon is likely sending many more heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other equipment to its nato allies in central and eastern europe. >> i can't underscore how big a deal it is because it's not just the equipment going in there
3:50 pm
being prepositioned, but also the people will be there. again, rotating through on a regular basis. and it's about 5,000 troops. >> reporter: even though putin's been quiet along his borders with his chief nato rivals, they see the move to counter the previous aggression in ukraine. his deployment of naval forces, including submarines near his rivals, even using his air force to buzz this american carrier, in what some call a cat-and-mouse. >> putin believes western leaders are weak. he believes by intimidation, he can persuade western dealers to adopt a softer course. >> reporter: if america is going to counter that aggression with a heavy show of force near putin's western flank experts say, there are risks, including the possibility of more putin saber rattling. >> i think you'll hear a lot of
3:51 pm
rhetoric coming out of moscow. kremlin officials saying, once again nato's encircling russia. >> that was brian todd reporting for us. i want to go back to new hampshire right now. donald trump is at that news conference, introduced by scott brown, the former senator from massachusetts, but now lives in new hampshire. he was elected as a senator from new hampshire. he's endorsing donald trump right now. let's listen in. >> the fact that they don't talk, they don't work together. very rarely does anything get done. the one person who has the independence, and can be the change agent to actually get washington working again, it was very clear to me that that was donald trump. in addition, when you're looking at somebody who's actually had the opportunity to create jobs, who actually has had a real job in the private sector, who's actually signed the front of a check, and not just the back of a check, somebody who can actually bring people together,
3:52 pm
put the men in the room and negotiate some type of arrangement or settlement or conclusion to a very important matter affecting our country, whether it be dealing with our national security, our economic security, cybersecurity, you name it, and once again, it came back to donald trump. that being said, i'm going to make a presentation obviously here tonight. it's something that's very important to me. i take it very, very seriously and do not take my endorsements lightly. i'm honored to give it to mr. trump, so congratulations and good luck the rest of the ride. >> thank you very much. okay, questions? hi. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i never said that. that's not a statement i would have made, no. i've had a great relationship with iowa.
3:53 pm
look, what happened is we had 17 candidates originally. i was expected to come in like anywhere -- maybe 10, 11, 12, 13. i ended up coming in second. didn't devote tremendous time to it. didn't devote tremendous money to it. in fact, i guess in terms of money per vote, i'm about at the bottom. meaning the most efficient. i came in second. i came in a strong second. third was quite a bit away. i think 2,500 or something, close to 3,000 votes away. that's a big difference between second and third. i think that we did really well. you know, as far as that's concerned. i think the press -- some of the press said i did fantastically well. some of the press doesn't want to give it credit. i think we did very well. i didn't expect to do so well. i guess what did happen is one poll came out that we were four or five points ahead and maybe built up a false expectation for some people. but if you would have taken me back to june 16th, i was told,
3:54 pm
don't even go to iowa. start right here in new hampshire. don't waste your time going to iowa. i went, i bonded with the people, bonded with evangelicals. we did really fantastically. and came very close to winning. we came very close to winning. we came in second place. so i am very happy with what happened in iowa. you know, we had 17 people, and i was second. now if you break it down, i guess you have 11 people, and i was second. and i think we did a very good job. yeah, tom? >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, i don't think i feel any pressure. we're just going to do what i have to do. and if it works out, tom, that's great. and if it doesn't, that's great, too. i'm here to do one thing, the theme, make america great again. i'm going to do it. and i think we did very well. and i think i really -- i think we did really well in just about everything we've done running for office. i think we had a very good
3:55 pm
result yesterday. could have been a little bit better. could have been one notch better. but it's interesting, all of these governors and senators that you have way down the list, 1%, 2%, you know, in terms of what happened, what just happened. 1%, they're 2%, they're 3%, nobody ever talks about them. i'm at 24%, 25%. and they say, oh, couldn't you have done better? i think the result was quite good. especially for the amount of time i spent and for the amount of money i spent. >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, i think i have -- i think it fits me better. it probably suits me better. i've done very well in new hampshire. i've been here a lot more. i have very good relationships with the people of new hampshire. but i've had very good relationships with pretty much everybody. >> marco rubio had a stronger than expected running in iowa. could that eat into your lead
3:56 pm
here in new hampshire? >> we don't know what's going to happen. nobody does. you have many, many people who aren't doing very well. i am doing very well. but you have many, many people that are here, that are well-known politicians, they're governors and senators. but they're not doing very well. and they just came back from, you know, a very major defeat yesterday. and mine wasn't. it's very interesting. if you look at the numbers from yesterday, i got the highest number in history outside of the one number. in the history of the primary. >> you brought in a lot of new caucusgoers. >> i guess they had 185,000 people, which is 45,000 or 50,000 people more than they had. >> in new hampshire people would expect you to bring in more independents. >> i think we will. >> also that they might be interested in bernie sanders. have you thought about how you would pick off the voters who would be -- >> i think we'll get a lot of sanders voters. they're very much into the trade world. and i'm the best on trade. he mentions it, sarah, but i
3:57 pm
don't think he's going to be capable of doing anything about it. i think we're going to do very well here. i look forward to it. we have a lot of events scheduled, yes. we have one commitment long-term for arkansas, actually, where we'll have about 10,000 people. but we're going to be back and forth very quickly. we have a lot of events scheduled here. >> mr. trump, your -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> i just think -- i'm just happy with the way we're doing. we've bonded with the people, whether it's there or here. it's just a big bonding process going on. if you look at south carolina, it's the same thing. we're doing really well there. but we've devoted much more time here, and south carolina. it's not a question of learning. i just want to continue to do well. our theme, the theme is so
3:58 pm
important, it's just make america great again. that's what we're going to do. that's what we're going to do. not really a question of learning. >> [ inaudible ]. >> after suffering a defeat in -- >> if you look at the second place, people didn't talk about my second place. they didn't talk about it as positively as they should have. and yet, with marco, who was more than 2,000 votes behind me, that's a lot of votes, by the way, they said, oh, he's surging, he's surging. why is the third place person doing well -- and second-place person -- scott said, you've never run for office before. i think my brand's doing great. >> what will you do to -- [ inaudible ]? >> i think just -- we'll work
3:59 pm
very hard. we have a lot of meetings, a lot of talks, a lot of speeches. we're going to be meeting with a lot of people. and i think we're going to do very well. we'll be doing some of that. but we also have some very big events planned. tonight they have 4,000, 5,000 people. other people were here yesterday. they had 200 people. so we have -- it's a good bonding going on. >> mr. trump -- >> [ inaudible ]? >> well, i enjoyed it. i have unlimited. it's funny, when i look at the various people, they say so-and-so has $20 million. i have unlimited. that's not the thing. of course, i want to spend wisely, and i'm probably $40 million underbudget because of the fact, frankly, i haven't had to spend very much. we just did a recent filing and
4:00 pm
i probably would have spent now $14 million, $15 million. i'm self-funding. and i must tell you, i don't know that enough people appreciate it, i'm self-funding anyway whether they appreciate it or not. so i won't be influenced by the lobbyists and et cetera. i was talking to scott about this before, i don't think it's really appreciated by the voters. i'm the only one in -- on both sides that's self-funding. i'm putting up my own money. i don't know that the voters appreciate it. when they go in to vote, i don't think they'll say, he's self-funding and he won't be influenced by lobbyists and special interests, et cetera. i tell them. and sometimes they like it, but i don't think it's something they vote for. which is a shame. because it's actually a very big thing. you understand that. it's a very big element. if you can have somebody that can actually self-fund, and not be influenced by bad decisions, by people that are looking for


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