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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". just one week till new hampshire and the candidates are out in force. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. the road to new hampshire is a lot rockier for some presidential hopefuls after a night of surprises in iowa. why hillary clinton won, why t donald trump didn't and it all
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means for the nation's first primary. we're counting down to tomorrow night as clinton and sanders do battle on the campaign trail. hugh hewitt, welcome back. trump is in new hampshire tonight trying to put his best foot forward but is it a much bigger challenge there that even more candidates could do well? >> i think donald's in great shape. he's got corey running that state for him, he's in terrific shape. i look at marco rubio as being very strong in south carolina. terry sullivan, his campaign manager knows that state like nobody. rubio's got great staff. i look at the benches and the teams. all the three guys who won yesterday are all going on to south carolina and to march 15th. the real people under pressure are kasich, christie and bush. one of them have to break
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through and score what matt lewis referred to as an expectation win. it's about the republican fail and whether or not it can get out of its habit of doing dumb things and giving things away. you know, don, hillary clinton's got serious legal problems. up know, that that release on the 22 e-mails on last friday imperils her. i think the republican candidate who hits her the hardest, the fastest, the most consistently for being an almost felon for the next week is going to win that extra card in. i'm looking for bush, christie and john kasich to up their cards. >> no charges against hillary clinton, we have to say. that was pretty harsh what you said about her. >> she's not charged. i think o.j. simpson killed
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those two people, right? he was never convicted but i believe he killed her. i believe hillary clinton violated 18 usc 24, though she has not been indicted. i know my way around the intelligence material she's been mismann mannehandling for five . you don't have to have a conviction to know somebody's doing something wrong. >> okay, let's move on. donald trump, might he be a turn off in new hampshire? >> what happened yesterday isn't that donald trump did poorly. he did very, very well. it's just that ted cruz had far more of his core supporters. i go back to the three js. he's got these three
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extraordinary geniuses of social media working for them. i would get reports for them over the last six months about the number of touches they had made into iowa on to their web network where they really befriended and became in relationship over the internet in the way that the new media allows to us do with hundreds of thousands of iowans, many of whom showed up yesterday to vote for ted cruz. it's not that donald trump lost, it's that ted cruz won. i think donald trump will win in new hampshire and south carolina, all bets are off. we're going to see the first real competitive race will be in south carolina. have i a 100,000 watt station, 94.5 conservative talk in south carolina. 100,000 watts. they're lined up out the door to come on this week because south carolina is a coastal economy, it's a military state, it's a religious state, it's a retiree
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state with a bunch of people in new jersey. it's actually the first general election electorate of the election. i'm looking past new hampshire because i expect donald to win there and say in south carolina the field will get down to four and then it's going to stay that way until march 15th. >> i think it's interesting because as you said, south carolina is more reflective of the country -- of what the democrats in the country are. donald trump seems much more reflective since last night. this is a kind of new experience for him that we are seeing and maybe for him as well. are you impressed with how he's dealing with it? >> i thought he did very well last night. he was gracious. it's a good thing to try on a new suit every now. donald trump is on tomorrow with me as well as governor bush. i'll be asking him hard core, substantive questions. he will mark the 150th interview with a gop would-be nominee that i've done since the first republican debate and i still have lots of questions for donald trump.
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he's the best interview in america, as you know, and i'll be looking for that phone difference. he was very -- not subdued, i thought he was gracious to the point move on, he has an explanation. katrina echoed it very well. i expect him to go back to the i am here to get things done mode. i will build the wall. i will get it done. >> is that your strategy? are you going to ask him about his strategy going forward? do you think he should stay on the attack and away from detailed policy or does he have to get more serious? >> i'd prefer not processed interviews, i like substantive interview interviews. but in this case there is a huge process question sitting right in front of us, which is do you go after anyone in particular? do you feel the need to stomp on
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cruz, on rubio? or do you feel the need to go back to -- so there's one big process question for him tomorrow, which is do you have an attack plan? up until now he's only counterpunched with one exception. he went after ted cruz on the canada thing, which probably proved not to work with a ted cruz hard core voter and mark levin effectively assuaged the worries of people on that. i teach law, too, and i don't believe there's any merit to it. so even though laurence tribe was trying to give a little cover, that was the misfire. i don't think we'll hear much of that going forward. >> thank you, hugh hewitt. >> always good to talk to you. >> i want to bring in anchour n
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guest. hello, how are you? he was really no gloves on rubio. he was very soft on rubio. i tried to have him be critical of marco rubio. he was critical of ted cruz in my interview and later in the news conference, really attacking cruz for the way he waited in -- operated in iowa. i asked him any regrets? >> at all your event, you talk about making america a winner and you talk about the polls and last night you didn't win. how much does that hurt personally and how much does that hurt your brand? >> i think we did great. i was expected not to be in the top ten for a long period of time and i came in second and we spent far less money than anyone else.
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everyone said you can't win in iowa so we didn't take it that seriously, and we came in strong second. the vote total was unbelievable. i think i had the highest in history other than the one vote. i think we did very well. i'm very happy with it. >> and i followed up from there, don, i said do you wish you had spent more money and time there? he said no. i asked him do you wish you had gone to the debate? >> he said, no, i think i did the right things because i raised money for the vets. donald trump has been bragging about the polls in iowa once he took the lead in cruz. the whole idea he was17th place, i'm not buying that, don. >> cruz and carson who came in fourth, they were primed to do pretty well in iowa but new hampshire is different. who is looking strong there? >> cruz is looking very strong here. for someone who has not spent a lot of time here, he's doing quite well. i was with cruz today, covering
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him, a large event. i was talking to his staff. they have over 2,000 volunteers here in the state and he's doing well in the polls, battling rubio, kasich, christie. don't expect carson to be a player at all here in new hampshire, don. >> you know the polls well. for democrats, it shows sanders with a sizable lead, 57 to 34 among likely democratic voters in new hampshire. i mean, she has -- do you think she has any momentum coming out of iowa? is that going to help close that gap at all? >> she tried to paint a nice picture last night in that victory speech. that tie for bernie sanders was really a win. a month ago he was way behind in iowa. here in new hampshire both campaigns have formidable staffs, but bernie's got all the momentum right now and he has the energy and enthusiasm here.
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it's not just because of geography. it's not just because he's vermont which neighbors us. the democratic electorate here in new hampshire is very much like the republican electorate. they're angry, upset, they don't like politicians and even though bernie is a politician, sanders does not look and sound like a traditional politician. that's one of the reasons he's doing so well, so strong. >> there are lots of undecided voters. on the democratic side, 24% are still deciding who they're going to vote for. on the republican side, 37% are still deciding. who do you think has the best chance of capturing those voters? >> that's a great point. new hampshire voters traditionally make up their minds very late. they like to go to these events and see -- >> the chairwoman was on earlier and said she hasn't even made up her mind yet. the republican chairwoman. >> yeah, you'll see these guys making up their minds after they
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go to these events a couple of times. it's up to the candidate. another key thing to watch is the independent voters. they're 40% of the electorate here. will they vote to the democratic primary or will they go to the republican primary. that could help a kasich very much if the independence come to the republican side. >> they decide late. do you expect this race to be any more settled in a week on both sides after this new hampshire primary, after new hampshire vote. >> that's a good one. i think we're going to see more drop out. probably on the republican establishment side. you've got a kasich, a christie, a bush, all going after the same voters. i think only one of those guys is going to survive and new hampshire primary. if rand paul doesn't do well here, i don't know how he continues. we'll see what carly fiorina
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a big night of surprises in iowa and new hampshire is only a
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week away. are we heading for another shake-up in the nation's first primary? good to have all of you ladies on. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> haley, first question is for you. jeb bush is out with a new ad tonight to air in new hampshire hitting donald trump. >> donald trump has a woman problem. >> where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? >> i'm sick and tired of politicians that find ways to disparage people to make themselves look strong. it is not strong to insult women. it is not a sign of strength, it is not a sign of strength when you say that a p.o.w. is a loser because they got caught. john mccain is a hero. it is not a sign of strength disparaging the disabled in this country. it is not. it is a sign of deep insecurity and weakness.
8:18 pm
>> so hitting trump's meanness, how effective is this ad? >> i don't think it's an effective ad. donald trump is not politically correct and people love that about him. people are sick and tired of walking around on egg shells and having others act as if anything you say can be used against you. it's really ironic to hear jeb bush say he's tired of politicians. jeb bush is a stereo typical politicians. 70% of voters voted for an outsider candidate or someone who has never been in washington. they're tired of politicians. jeb bush in that ad said he's tired of politicians but he's the stereo typical politician. >> do you think that was effective? >> i think it was very
8:19 pm
effective. this has nothing to do with political correctness. what donald trump said about john mccain and p.o.w.s, that's what turned me. i thought this is what turned me. i think this man is unfit. i think he's going to win new hampshire because there haven't enough time to cut into his lead. they're all fighting for second place. but frankly, that stuff isn't going to sell anymore now that voters are looking at these candidates more carefully and more closely. i think the ad could cause some problems for donald trump. >> the other candidates are saying, hey, maybe we can slay the dragon. is it going to make a dent in
8:20 pm
donald trump's armor? >> iowa proves that donald trump can be beat i don't know, that he's not infallible. a lot of folks have looked on in awe as every time people thought this is going to be the end of donald trump, his poll numbers actually went higher. i think that ad actually says more about jeb bush than it does about donald trump. he's trying to show he's not low energy, that he is a fighter. even if he's not necessarily going to be the nominee, he wants to make sure trump is not -- >> in iowa voters were asked if they went into caucus who they thought would win in november. 44% said rubio, trump came in at 24, cruz at 22. give me your reaction first, kristen. >> rubio has always made his message that this is a new
8:21 pm
america century. ted cruz said the way we're going to win is by firing up the base, get traditional conservative voters to get excited and get back to the polls. iowa voters seem to think marco rub rubio's strategy might be the better one. they're looking for a candidate that shares their values. if you want electability, rubio is probably your candidate. >> that is the question, kayleigh. you're saying people are tired of political correctness and of washington insiders, but do you think they want a candidate who is more traditional and would appear more serious when it comes time to actually go to the poll and voting? >> i don't think that's on anyone as radar. i think every one of those candidates that you just put on the screen could win simply by virtue of the fact they're competed by somebody who might be indicted by the fbi and
8:22 pm
someone who might be a socialist. i don't think there are serious contenders on the democratic side for them to beat. you saw rubio people saw the most electable and donald trump a lot. donald trump does very, very well among moderate democrats, among union members. this is striking for a republican candidate. i think he would be a formidable general election contender contrary to what some may say. >> we know that donald trump loves to emphasize he is self-funding his campaign. all of us know that. here's what he said tonight. >> i'm probably $40 million under budget because of the fact that frankly i haven't had to spend very much, although i guess we just did a recent filing and i would be probably having spent now maybe $14 million, $15 million. but i'm self-funding. and i must tell you i don't know that much people appreciate it. i'm self-funding anyway, whether
8:23 pm
they appreciate it or not. >> i want you to respond, kayleigh. our research said cnn politics team looked into his campaign spending on contributions. at year's end he had funneled about $12.7 million into his campaign. he also received $6.5 million in contributions from individual donors. so is it accurate do you think for him to say he's completely financing his campaign? >> i think unlike any candidate we've ever seen in modern political history, donald trump is by and large funding his own campaign. he's not beholden to lobbyists the way some of these other campaigns might be. many of the candidates have gotten contributions from wall street. by and large he's funding his own campaign in a way that is
8:24 pm
very distinct from other candidates. >> go ahead, cheri. >> donald trump also had a super pac that he started out with and he lied about it and they had to quick shut it down. he got $100,000 from his daughter's inlaws. and when he went to the three big gop billionaire donors, adelson, singer and the koch brothers, they turned hmm down. this business about bragging that he's self-funding. he went to the traditional republican money and they didn't want him. if he could get it, he'd take it. it a talking point that is way disingenuous. >> the front page of trump's web site has not one but two buttons to donate. the voters may not appreciate he self-funding and it might not be worth it if the campaign goes on all the way to the convention. do you expect him to change his
8:25 pm
position? >> donald trump should realize raising money from the outside isn't necessarily mean you're beholden to wall street. i think having grass roots support winds up meaning you can raise lots of money in small amounts from a lot of people and that money's going to matter. as we saw with the results last night, ted cruz invested a lot in a ground operation in iowa, and he's been investing in making that work into the march 1st states. there's only so much that the earned media that trump has gotten can get you. you have to have people knocking on doors, having people doing the things that make politics in this country work and you need to have money to fund it. >> so does the campaign need a more consistent answer when it comes to the self-funding issue? >> i don't think so. i think it's a very powerful point. like it or not, there is tit for tat exchanges on capitol hill. you gave me x million number of dollars, therefore i'm going to
8:26 pm
push your legislation through on the hill. >> and donald trump was on the other end of that and brags about it. he's telling voters pick me because i buy politicians -- >> he was a businessman at that time. >> it is a bogus talking point and i don't think it's going to work. >> it is not a bogus talking point. >> he brags about the money he gave to the clintons. i don't know how you can sit here and say this isn't true. he brags about it. >> do you not acknowledge that being a businessman is very different than being a politician. those are very different roles. >> so it's okay if you're a businessman to buy politicians but he's saying he won't be bought but he's been on the other end of that and you're fine with that? >> you don't take sides when you're a wall street ceo. you donate to both sides because you don't want to take a side. >> donald trump went and tried to get the money, the big money.
8:27 pm
they said no. if they said yes, he would take it. he brags about buying politicians. he loves it. >> stand by. we'll take a break and continue the discussion. anywhere. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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kristen, a lot of people are saying marco rubio should thank donald trump for the win in iowa. could we see that happen again? >> i think the players are totally different. ted cruz benefited from the fact that in iowa such a huge portion of the electorate is evangelical and ted cruz built an operation that really figured out how to turn out the ivan jel ka vote for him. new hampshire, there officer got the influence of republicans. >> there is a pro marco rubio
8:32 pm
super pac ad hitting ted cruz and donald trump. take a look. >> ted cruz says donald trump has boat loads of liberal conditions. donald trump says ted cruz can't win. >> kayleigh, marco rubio is saying, hey, look, this is a three-man race right now. >> it's really comical to watch that ad. it really funny -- it simply makes no sense. marco rubio was the the one on
8:33 pm
the hill with chuck schumer, fighting for this immigration bill that this is someone who has been on the wrong side of every conservative issue for a great majority of them. it really funny to see him try to move to the right of the only two real conservative candidates in the race. >> kristen, why are you shaking your head? >> marco rubio has a 94% rating from conservative action. >> that don't doesn't matter. >>ies only 6 behind what donald trump stands for is different, working class economic values but to be actually california yourself a principaled kofrt.
8:34 pm
>> i believe but donald trump has taken some of the -- >> that with regard to how this is going into new hampshire and how this looks different than iowa, today ted cruz actually mentioned john kasich's name. that's not something we've heard. i think they've kind of given the first space slot to donald trump because there isn't enough time to capitalize on shock as loss in iowa, though i think his numbers will go down. first time i've heard him. he is camped out in new hampshire. that could get pretty
8:35 pm
interesting. >> up next, how brs tonight. you totalled your brand new car.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting it out in new hampshire tonight after her win in iowa. joining me now have van jones, bakari sellers, a cnn contributor, simone, it's so good to have you here. >> thank you. it's good to be here. >> can you just place shut bakari down? >> i came to feel great tonight 7. >> we are proud of our tame in -- probably proved bakari wrong. people came out yesterday and they voted. >> he far exceeded expectations.
8:40 pm
what do you attribute this to? >> i mean, i attribute it to the fact that the senator's message is counting on, that people are feeling his message of we lived in a rigged economy, kept in place by a system of corrupt campaign finance. peek want to know how you going to put more money in their pockets, put food on did there was record voter turnout. folks were printing out new voter registration ballots. they were writing things on legal pads. we're very proud of our iowa ground game. very proud of our supporters that came out and show the political revolution is indeed
8:41 pm
alive and well. bakari, is a win a win, especially after the loss in iowa in 2008? zas someone who won races and lost his last race, i would have loved to run a race by less than a point. a win is a win. but more importantly, hillary clinton became the first female to everyone win the iowa caucuses. and i really wish bernie and there isn't some massive revolution as bernie sanders attempts to say. yesterday we only saw 170,000 people turn out toll poll tonight. that was down 70,000 people from the last time we actually saw a revolution take place in this country in 2008. i've said it once and i'll say it again. >> but that's the second highest they came out. people didn't think folks were going to kout on in iowa.
8:42 pm
young people came out and they shattered everybody's expectations. latino and hispanic results were excepti exceptionally high. we put lots of but we also know that bernie sanders lost to hillary clinton by 24 points. i congratulate bernie sanders -- i'm so excited that you have a race and what you're doing. but the demographics do change after iowa and number. >> van, let me help you out here. let me get in here. these two aren't going to let you get a word in edgewise.
8:43 pm
>> young people, should someone be putting so much stock into young people turning out very snefl because they don't usually do that. you can't really rely on young people to get to the polls to vote. >> i think that's proved to be less and less true. it used to be you would only rely on the own eld ves. >> bakari's white. they wasn't to have a better america. they wasn't to not be told just lower your aims.
8:44 pm
>> she has to. >> shchl. >> they've hurt in these years. they want to be able to have big dreams again. sometimes hillary clinton is saying don't dream, you should stop doing that. >> stand by. these two candidates are going to get to debate and talk in our town hall. we'll talk about some of that dra drama. in new york state, we belie believe. >> like in the hudson valley with world class biotech, and long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies.
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. >> we have a debate thursday that's swa being held hostage. the sanders campaign from what i understand wants to have more debates and one in particular in new york. hillary clinton wants the immediacy of the debates now and bernie sanders wants a longer, more protracted debate schedule. in all honesty -- >> [ inaudible ].
8:49 pm
>> i don't think it's interesting at all. anybody looking objectively knows if there's something hillary clinton has done extremely well in this race has been debate. i'm not sure that bernie sanders wants to be on another stage debates these issues. >> is he going to debate on thursday, sim and if things come together, he would be more than willing to do that on thursday. we can't let the clinton campaign dictate what happens. >> so then what is a bernie sande sanders. >> we don't know what's going
8:50 pm
on. so we, again, now the sessions -- >> she said she agreed with those proposed debates. >> well, we'll have to have that conversation. today she noted she didn't want to debate in new york. i think what this is really about though -- she said it on television, talking to chris matthews and you're going from the beginning sanders has been than willing to stand up and have the hard discussions. he'll talk about raising major, retalked about wall street, abo
8:51 pm
about -- >> we shouldn't even be having this debate. you have to blame the dnc and talk about the decision to hide democratic party debates under rocks and trees. we're going to debate the morning of the super bowl. we're going to debate on saturday at 2:00. they have this crazy debate schedule like they were -- either they were ashamed of our candidates or they were trying to protect hillary clinton. either way it's blown up on them and now we have our candidates out here wasting time debating about debates, as opposed to debating about the american people. >> van, you're a big wig in the bold face or bold name democrat so why didn't you say something about it? >> i came on your show and talked about it. i made phone calls. but for some reason, and
8:52 pm
everybody knows debbie wasserman has been a great dws -- >> i'm sure you have her number. >> she's been a great chair in many ways but she made a real big mistake with this crazy schedule where where going to debate at 3:00 in the morning before the shuhps. >> we need to have these issues. i'm literally very proud of them both, because i'm supporting hillary clinton or bz. we'll come together. those debates need to be had. >> not marco rubio? >> do you see my face, don? >> i do. it's time for to you get rid of that vacation beard. simone, do you have a strategy on how to sell voters on the self-sub skrooiz socialist.
8:53 pm
-- self-described socialist. >> you're preaching to the choir. you may need some republicans and centrist independents as well. that's a hard sell for them. >> let me say something about this -- >> we have to talk to those people, these white working class republicans who have been voting against their own interests for years -- >> let me say something here. >> they keep electing people totally against what they're talking about. >> i think sanders is making a mistake what each talks about socialist, i think he would be much better off saving public
8:54 pm
libraries were once called socialism. medicare, social security, all these things were once. >> he -- >> he talked about germany and scandinavia and all these weird places. we're american. >> he doesn't talk about germany. >> yes, he does! >> he said no so long ago in this country education was free, college education was free. not all of a sudden but over a period of years, college has become entirely too expensive for a lot of families across the country. >> to answer your question, the best way the democrats get to 270 is to have a platform that builds on and protects the legacy of barack obama. that's the best way to get 270. >> van jones just said that young people are feeling like they didn't have such a great experience under barack obama.
8:55 pm
>> they love obama but these past obama years have been tough. >> in terms of building coalitions and building and appropriation ticketing a legacy he's provided us over the eight years -- we don't have to sit here and defend barack obama but we can talk about the economy that is doing better. and the investment today for -- bernie sanders never said that. our medicare for all single payor system builds on the enormous success that is the affordable health care ability. under senator sanders plan, you're not taking anything away from the affordable health care act.
8:56 pm
>>. >> she's good, y'all. she's good. >> i love her. >> ben jones is grinning like a cheshire cat when she went after bakari. >> so thank you, simone. >> next time we're just going to sit here and go mm-hmm, get it. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount.
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make sure not to miss the democratic town hall. that's tomorrow night. i'll see you right back here after that at 11:00 p.m. so we can breakdown all the action with our experts and that's it for us tonight. we thank you so much for joining us. candidates crisscrossing the granite state today, the iowa caucus winner, the loser -- the winner who lost by failing to do the same. the ones who by in large -- talking their way toward next tuesday's first in the nation primary. two of those candidates, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton who virtually tied in iowa, they are getting ready for tomorrow night's cnn town hall in derry, new hampshire, two candidates, one forum, your questions, 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have plenty tonight to deal with first, though, with sara murray at a late trump rally.


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