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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> the race for president intensifies in new hampshire. donald trump and bernie sanders leading big in the polls. but will the iowa caucuses and a cnn town hall tonight, will that change everything? an alarming discovery in the battle against the zika virus transmitted in the united states now. not by mosquitoes, though. but by sex. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. nice to see you all this morning. this morning is the first morning of the rest of donald trump's life. but he says new hampshire will be different. he'd better hope after falling to ted cruz in the iowa caucuses. trump is trying to protect a big lead in the polls in new hampshire. 18-point lead he has. but that was all before that iowa roadblock. now trump admits his decision to skip the final debate in iowa may have hurt him there, but he says he is proud of his second place finish, not humiliated by it. but trump says new hampshire is a better fit for the kind of campaign he's running, and that's where cnn's sara murray
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joins us from a trump rally. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. donald trump may have delivered a gracious concession speech in iowa, but back on the campaign trail in new hampshire, all bets were off. last night he tore into ted cruz, suggesting the texas senator is running a dirty campaign. that's after cruz campaign aides told iowa caucusgoers that ben carson was dropping out of the race when, in fact, that was not true. >> these are truly dishonest people. then he said, ben carson has quit the race! the day of the election. ben carson, during a caucus. ben carson has quit the race! and ben didn't quit the race. in other words, ben carson quit. and let me have your vote. what kind of crap is this? >> reporter: the cruz campaign has since apologized, but that didn't stop donald trump. the other thing on trump's mind, marco rubio. trump kept joking that rubio's third place finish in iowa was
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hailed as unbelievable. while trump's second place finish discussed as a humiliation. for his part, trump said he is not humiliated by that second place finish in iowa, but he does want to win here in new hampshire. back to you guys. >> sara, thanks so much. this morning a new chapter in the democratic race. hillary clinton now the declared winner of the iowa caucuses, albeit by this much. she's trying to capitalize now in new hampshire. she trails bernie sanders, the senator from the neighboring state of vermont, by a wide margin. again, these polls all come from before iowa. clinton is hoping that this newly scheduled debate on thursday, and most importantly the cnn town hall tonight, can help close the gap. >> i care a lot about this state. i view it as being the first-in-the-nation primary for a reason. i know that they tend to favor their neighbors. that's the pattern, the history of the primary. and senator sanders is a neighbor. but i think we will have a good contest, talking about, you
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know, what results we can produce, what our records have been, both in domestic policy, foreign policy, national security. and i think the people of new hampshire will get a chance to really evaluate both of us. and i feel good about my prospects. >> senator sanders so far refusing to commit to the thursday debate and actually refusing to concede defeat in the iowa caucuses. cnn's joe johns has the latest from that from keen, new hampshire. >> reporter: john and christine, after coming within a fraction of beating hillary clinton in the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders was upbeat, even energized, as he spoke to a crowd here in keen, new hampshire. he's been leading in the polls in this state for months. he does have a geographic advantage. his home state of vermont shares a border with the state of new hampshire. he's been pushing his issues of economic inequality as well as campaign finance reform and showing no signs of giving up. in fact, when asked if he was
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considering conceding in iowa to hillary clinton, he was very noncommittal. listen. >> i, you know, do think it's kind of unfortunate that -- and again, i don't want to misspeak here. but it may be the case that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin. not the best way to do democracy. >> reporter: sanders also weighed in with a snarky comment when asked about the assertion by hillary clinton that she's a progressive. he says she is except when she says she's a moderate. he's pushing for more debates with mrs. clinton, and he said he wants them in new york, michigan and california. john and christine? >> joe johns, thank you for that. joining us now this morning, cnn politics reporter tom live in our washington bureau, good morning. nice to see you, bright and early. so much to talk about. i want to start with donald trump. donald trump, you know, he's not humiliated, he says, by a second place finish. for a guy who has always said it's a gold medal or no medal, here's a guy now talking about putting in context the fact that he did not win. listen.
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>> we finished number two, and frankly, had i known we could have finished number two, maybe i would have spent more time there. i would have taken a day or two off from here. but that wouldn't have been good. there were 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second. i'm not humiliated. >> what do you make of that, tom? i maean, he's got of sort of write off what was a detour for him and focus on the fact that he is leading in new hampshire. new hampshire will be a different story for him. >> it's kind of weird with him in that number two. he didn't finish second, right? this is like corinthians. you know, for him, he's made so much out of winning that that's his story. you know what, each of these campaigns is doing, what each candidate is doing is they're crafting their own narrative. they have a lot of say in that. so when your narrative is that you're a winner, it looks bad when you don't win. so new hampshire is absolutely essential for him. you know, he was asked yesterday
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at this press conference if he was worried about rubio possibly cutting into his support. and he said -- first he said he didn't know what was going to happen. then he couched it and said nobody really knows what's going to happen. but that's a distinct possibility. >> you know, tom, it's true that nobody knows what's going to happen. there was a little bit of head scratching yesterday. donald trump had a commanding lead in the polls in iowa. and he was beaten by ted cruz. does that give us any kind of, i don't know, pause as we look at some of these big leads he has in other states? >> well, sure. you know, i think one thing it does show is how much that things can change on a dime. you know, some of the entrance polling that we saw out of iowa, it seemed to give some credence to this thought that he should have shown up to that last debate. you know, a number of folks who showed up were telling pollsters, as they walked in, that they made their decisions fairly recently.
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and a lot of them went with ted cruz. so, you know, there's that vaunted organization behind cruz, but then the ability to capitalize on it. you know, things can change. the same thing is true in new hampshire. you know, new hampshire voters are famous for being, i guess, somewhat fickle, right? they'll make their decisions a little later in the game. in some cases, this is -- this game, the new hampshire part is not over right now. >> two things that can change polling are late-breaking decisions and also organizations. sometimes it's hard to measure how an organization can affect getting people to those actual polls. let's talk about the democrats because one thing we know for sure is there was a cnn town hall tonight moderated by anderson cooper with hillary clinton and bernie sanders fresh off of iowa. hillary clinton, she won iowa. we finally announced it at about 1:00 p.m. yesterday. she won by about this much, but she can go into this town hall saying i won. what do you think she needs to do is this actually, let me play you some sound from hillary clinton because one of the things that was really astounding in iowa was how badly
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voters. beaten among young this is how she said she would address that. >> i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young voters, maybe first-time voters who have to make a tough decision as they evaluate who should be our president, our commander in chief, and i intend to do that. laying out my case where i contrast on the issues. >> so how do you think she approaches this town hall tonight? and how do you think she'll set expectations in new hampshire? >> you know, the clinton campaign is interesting about this. they've known about this for a while. and we wrote a little bit about this with dan on our team a couple months ago. about this split where sanders plays well to the younger voters. the oldest guy in the democratic race, the younger candidate, slightly younger, hillary clinton plays better with the older voters. they've known about it for a while. they've known they need to make some inroads. the clinton people felt for a long time that they have to reintroduce her.
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they have to reintroduce the clinton story to another generation of voters. you know, the entrance polling on monday night showed that sanders, among voters who caucusgoers who said they are 24 or younger said they were going with sanders almost 85%. it was just a stunning break. the difference, though, is that it was a smaller portion, though. i think it was only about 10% of the total caucus makeup. so it was a big sweep for sanders but not a lot to work with. not a huge slice of the pie. >> when i talked to young people in iowa, the thing that really resonates to them about bernie sanders is every time he's out there, every time he's speaking, he's talking about student debt. he's talking about free college. he's talking about no one should be -- no one should be in debt or held back in the middle class because they try to get a higher education. and he hits these points that so many of these kids are feeling right now because their parents are still paying for college, and they're trying to save for
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college, too. i think that really resonates with them. they are also saying that he has been so consistent. we had a kid on our air who basically said, you know, thank god for youtube and google because we can see that he has actually voted the same way for years and years and years. he doesn't change his mind. he doesn't change his positions, and they like that about imhad. >> the thing for a democrat, you can't win vout the youth vote in the general election, but it's not sufficient to get you the nomination. tom, great to have you with us. thanks so much. again, the town hall is tonight only on cnn. 9:00 p.m. bernie sanders, hillary clinton. facing questions from new hampshire voters, and they can be tough. anderson cooper moderates. this morning new concerns about the zika virus. signs that it can be passed on not just by getting mosquito bites, by sex.
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was caused through sex, not a mosquito bite. in response, the cdc is advising people who travel to areas with zika outbreaks to use condoms. and the red cross wants donors to hold off giving blood for at least 28 days. a french company developing a vaccine to fight zika. our nic robertson spoke to a scientist, whoing on that vaccine. nic joins us live from france. good morning, nic. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, john. i spoke to the head of global research. they have a lot of experience with viruses like the zika virus, dengue fever, they've got a vaccine for that, yellow fever, they've got a vaccine for that. they've got a big global outreach. they have a big footprint around the world. they have a lot of knowledge about the mosquito that carries the zika virus. what concerns the scientists here is that at the moment, the zika virus is in about 30 countries. but they say there are about 100 countries potentially it could
2:16 am
spread to. india would be one of those. we heard yesterday from the indian government saying that they don't have zika virus at the moment. they do have dengue fever, however. where there's dengue, zika can follow. that's what worries the scientists here. but they know from their own research that they have a head start, if you will, on other organizations. normally it takes, they say, about ten years to create a vaccine because of the research that they've done, the similarities that they have, the footprint they have around the world, the experts that they have in house, and they have many thousands of them, they think it could still take them several years to make a vaccine. now, the world health organization declaring a global emergency here does help them accelerate what they're doing, it does give them assistance, it does allow them to share research. but some of the statistics they have are quite staggering and quite worrying. if you look at india, a population of about 1 billion people, they have dengue fever. they don't have zika. potentially zika could go to
2:17 am
somewhere like india as well, exposing another billion people. they think potentially 2.3 billion people a year-around the world potentially could be exposed to zika virus in the future. and the other concern is that it's not just a current mosquito carrying zika. they think there are other mosquitoes that could potentially carry it in the future, and those could spread not just to texas and florida but all the way up the east coast of the united states, washington, new york. this is a real worry for the scientists here. that's why they say they're working so hard, john. >> trying to accelerate their action on this. nic robertson for us, thanks so much. another real worry close to home, the water crisis in flint. it will be front and center on capitol hill this morning. the house oversight committee is holding a hearing. local lawmakers and environmental officials are scheduled to testify. flint mayor karen weaver is calling for the immediate replacement of all lead service lines running into the city's homes. now, she's not offering a cost estimate or a way to fund that project.
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big question is who pays for it? bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania courtroom today as his lawyers try to get criminal sexual assault charges against him dismissed. a judge must decide whether there was an unwritten agreement that precludes the current charges in a case brought by former temple university employee andrea constand. a former model, chloe goens, who alleged cosby drugged and sexual assaulted her in 2008, she has dropped her civil suit. time for an early start on your money. big losses for stocks yesterday. futures slightly higher but look at asia and europe. stock markets down there. chipotle executives said in january that earnings would be messy. they were right. the burrito chain pulled in a profit of just $68 million during the last three months of the year. that's down 44% compared to the same time last year. the company's. the company's e. coli scared
2:19 am
away many customers. the cdc said that outbreak appears to be over. but there is an ongoing criminal investigation. the stock down 36% since its all-time high in august. this stock was a huge darling last year, and it's just been slammed. this morning it's down another 5% in premarket trading. 19 minutes of athe hour. two quarterbacks, both the subject of controversy. the difference? one is about to play in the super bowl. one might never play again. andy scholes with this morning's "bleacher report" next. sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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from reporters ahead of super bowl 50, but he's visibly tired of one topic, race. >> andy scholes has more. hey, andy. >> good morning, guys. newton was asked last week why he gets so much criticism for the way he celebrates on the field. well, he said back then that some people just may not be comfortable with an african-american quarterback that plays the way he does. newton was peppered with questions yesterday about black quarterbacks, but he says he is done with the subject. >> i don't even want to touch on the topic of black quarterbacks because i think this game is bigger than black, white or even green. so i think we limit ourselves when we just label ourselves just black, this, that and the third. i wanted to bring awareness because of that. but yeah, i don't think i should be labeled just a black quarterback. >> after a run-in with the law, broncos' rookie ryan murphy has been sent home by the deem. murphy is on the practice squad.
2:25 am
he and his brother were detained and questioned tuesday as part of a prostitution sting in san jose, california. murphy was released and not charged in the incident. his brother was cited for solicitation. johnny manziel's time in cleveland appears to be over. the browns releasing a statement yesterday saying that manziel's off-the-field incidents run counter to what the organization expects from its players, adding that his status with the team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. due to salary cap restrictions, the browns can't cut manziel until the new league year starts on march 9th. fort worth police and the nfl are currently investigating a disturbance involving manziel and his ex-girlfriend that happened last saturday. broncos' punter colquitt is splurging for his family and friends to go to the super bowl which is normal but he's having to dish out $1800 for his one-week-old daughter. everyone's got to have a ticket
2:26 am
to get into the doors, even if you can't actually sit in the seat. >> no way. >> the colquitt family will have an extra seat that they paid for right next to them. >> i was going to say, you could just put your beer on that seat. hold the baby, put the beer on the seat. >> deflategate, now this. scandal after scandal. >> thanks so much. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they have a town hall tonight. the cnn town hall, now just a few hours away. >> it's 15 hours, 33 minutes and 42 seconds away. >> because you needed to know that. the drama, 15 1/2 hours away. we'll be back.
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incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. the race for president on to new hampshire where donald trump and bernie sanders are on top of the halls, but will tonight's cnn town hall shake up this race?
2:31 am
a new warning about the zika virus causing serious concern this morning. transmitted in the united states for the first time not by mosquito but by sex. the u.s. expanding its presence in syria with a new strategy to fight isis. we take you there in a cnn exclusive ahead. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 31 minutes past the hour right now. it's all about new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are there battling vote for vote. this after hillary clinton was declared the winner of the iowa caucuses finally yesterday about 1:00. cnn declared that she won, as did the iowa state democratic party. new hampshire this morning, a different story. bernie sanders has been leading in the polls there by a wide margin. hillary clinton now trying to cut into that lead best she can. of course, there is the cnn town hall tonight. let's get the latest from cnn's jeff zeleny.
2:32 am
>> john and christine, the democratic race for the presidency is down to two candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they will both be on center stage at the cnn town hall tonight in derry, new hampshire. they could not be presenting different arguments here. bernie sanders is going to call for political action, to join his movement, to join what he calls a revolution, to change campaign finance and wall street. hillary clinton is fighting to do what is possible, to do things that are practical. both of those arguments were on display as they flew from iowa to new hampshire on tuesday, making their case, beginning to make their appeals to new hampshire voters. >> i think it's important people understand that good ideas are one thing, but you've got to know how to implement. you've got to have a record of getting results, and i'm taking my ideas and my record to the people of new hampshire this week. >> last night we showed that working people, lower-income people and young people are prepared to stand up and fight for fundamental changes in the
2:33 am
way politics and economics is done in america. the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire! >> those differences in styles will be front and center when they join that cnn town hall tonight in derry, new hampshire. john and christine? >> jeff zeleny, thank you, jeff. a dramatically new tone and new reality in the republican race with several candidates on the attack on several different targets. donald trump has enjoyed a big lead in the polls there. 18 points ahead of ted cruz. but that was all before he lost iowa to cruz. now the two top candidates are aiming their fire not at just each other but also at marco rubio and at the media spin that rubio's third place finish in iowa was better than cast. >> everyone was saying, what do you think about the amazing third place finish of marco? >> everyone was saying, what do you think about the amazing third place finish of marco? i just kind of laughed and said,
2:34 am
gosh, when the first thing you want to talk about is the amazing third place finish? we've been joking that in media world, bronze is the new gold. >> he comes in third. i come in second. trump, no good. rubio, unbelievable night. unbelievable victory. the headline is, winner of the night, marco rubio. >> joining us to talk about it, cnn politics reporter todd lobianco. winner of the night, marco rubio. it's rare to see trump talk about not winning as a positive. >> it's something else. you know, it's so interesting. this is the expectations game. that's what it's all about. and for a guy like trump whose entire narrative, his entire story is winning, second is no good. it just does not look good at all. and rubio, there was almost no expectation of how he would perform in iowa. you know, he kind of surged late. and then almost knocked off trump. you know, of course, him and
2:35 am
cruz -- trump and cruz are kind of surprised by this, but that is so important, setting the expectations right and then clearing that bar. that is an absolutely essential part of the race. >> if only donald trump had come in third, he'd be able to declare victory this morning. clearly that's where he went wrong in this whole bizarre media expectation. i think ted cruz has got a legitimate gripe. he won iowa outright and no one's talking about his dramatic come-from-behind victory. marco rubio who won by getting the bronze medal now in new hampshire facing donald trump, ted cruz but also these establishment lane opponents. the governors, chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich, and they're going to play tough, right? we heard christie talking about rubio yesterday. let's listen. >> we know who the boy in the bubble is up here who never answers your questions, who's constantly scripted and controlled because he can't answer your questions. so when senator rubio gets here, when the boy in the bubble gets
2:36 am
here, i hope you guys ask him some questions. >> when the boy in the bubble gets here. that's some pretty hard-hitting stuff there. >> was that a seinfeld reference? >> i think he's talking more about the john travolta film from the "welcome back cotter" era, but we also like the seinfeld reference. >> christie is the best example of what he needs to get ready for, of course. there's a guy who speaks his mind and has an incredibly sharp tone. and this -- john kasich, chris christie, jeb bush, they have all poured everything they've got into new hampshire. i mean, this is do or die for them. so rubio coming in after iowa, they've got to knock him out. you know, at least not look viable. in order to carry on. so, i mean, yeah, there's a gigantic bright "x" painted on his back right now. and you know, you've seen it before.
2:37 am
you know what was interesting about that debate without trump in it was you really saw cruz and rubio going after each other. >> yeah. yeah. >> so, i mean, it's sort of -- i don't want to say the natural dynamic of the republican field, but a much clearer dynamic than you have with trump in there. >> let's talk about the democratic field because you've got hillary clinton looking at what happened in iowa. she won, barely. she squeaked by and she won, but young people, when you look at the entrance polling and the young people preference for bernie sanders, they're calling him sanderella in some of the headlines this morning. that's what she faces when she goes to new hampshire. we've got this town hall tonight moderated by anderson cooper. what does she need to do to appeal to those young people to show some energy? first listen to what she said specifically about this part of the electorate. >> i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young voters, maybe first-time voters who have to make a tough
2:38 am
decision as they evaluate who should be our president, our commander in chief, and i intend to do that. laying out my case, where i contrast on the issues. >> she doesn't go as far as bernie sanders on free college, you know. she talks about making sure people can graduate without debt, but she doesn't go as far on issues that are really resonating with young people. >> look at that enthusiasm gap that we've all noticed. when you attend a sanders rally, you know, at times it's deafening when he walks out there. you know, sanders has been giving the same speech for, well, his people like to say at least 30 years, right? talking about the exact same topics. but when he gets out there, i mean, it's just deafening at times. there's so much energy there. and that's where she needs to really pick up. she needs to find some way to corral some of that. her events are just entirely different. you know, they know that they've had this problem for a while trying to break into the younger
2:39 am
crowd, tell her story. but it's his policies that he's throwing out there and the energy, the excitement. you know, we're going to have larry david hosting "saturday night live" again on saturday, right? you can only imagine that's even going to do more to help sanders with the younger voters. >> i think it's an in-kind contribution. i think that will help him by a lot. no, seriously. he does a great bernie sanders, but it's not ridiculing bernie sanders. i think it's celebrating bernie sanders. in some ways, it's great timing for the sanders campaign. >> that town hall we're talking about moderated by anderson with clinton and sanders, they're going to answer questions directly from new hampshire voters. that's tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. new concerns about the zika virus. signs it can be passed on not just by mosquitoes. now we're learning also by sex.
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new concerns this morning about the spread of the zika virus. texas health officials reporting the first known case of zika virus transmission in the u.s. and they say it was contracted by sex, not a mosquito bite. the cdc is advising people who have traveled to the areas to use condoms. the red cross wants donors to hold off giving blood for at least 28 days when they're returning from those places. a french company is attempting to develop a vaccine to fight the zika virus. and cnn's nic robertson is there. he spoke to a scientist who's working on that very virus. he's live for us in france. good morning, nic. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, christine. pasteur has a lot of experience in vaccines. they've produced a vaccine for yellow fever and dengue fever. why is that important? they have similarities to zika virus. that means that there are scientists here, that their
2:45 am
outreach and footprint around the world will be incredibly valuable they believe to producing and getting the zika virus up and running off the ground -- a zika vaccine, rather, up and running quickly. i spoke to the head of global research. this is what he told me. >> there is a great sense of urgency. the w.h.o. has declared an emergency, so we they'd to move as quickly as possible. we've got technology in house. we have capabilities and infrastructure that's been established around our dengue vaccine and our viruses, so we really hope to significantly reduce that time line and cut years off the typical amount of time that it takes to develop a vaccine. >> reporter: we're talking several years rather than a decade. >> that's correct. >> reporter: but what really worries him is the rapid spread of this virus. he believes that as many as 2.3
2:46 am
billion people around the world could potentially be exposed to the zika virus in the future because that's how many people are exposed to dengue fever right now. it's carried by the same mosquito. his concern not just about the speed of the spread, but he believes that other mosquitoes, perhaps also could spread the zika virus in the future, meaning that right now it can reach potentially into texas, into florida. but he believes there is a real and dangerous potential that this virus could reach as far north as washington, as new york, all the way up the eastern u.s. seaboard. a real concern, and that's why he says they're working so hard, christine. >> and so interesting that, you know, we're talking about the mosquito or the types of mosquitoes that could carry this virus. but now we're learning that there's sexual transmission as well. so that just raises the stakes here. >> reporter: it does. he was sort of staggered to learn that. we discussed that this morning.
2:47 am
you know, this is something for scientists here, he says they have a lot more to learn, a huge amount more to learn about the zika virus. you know, what they've got in their sort of range of vaccines that they have already and their technology that they have already, when they made the vaccine for dengue fever, they were able to take their vaccine for yellow fever and splice the new bits on. and while they hope to be able to do that is essentially the same for zeika virus, splice th new bits on. but before that, you need to understand the details of the disease, of the virus. so when he learns today for example, that it can be spread through sexual transmission, that's a concern because that adds a new layer of lack of knowledge, if you will. but again, what they're stressing here, christine, is that they have all the -- they have a big outreach. the w.h.o. has declared this emergency. all of that means that they can speed the process.
2:48 am
but it could still be a few years. >> hopefully not the ten that it usually takes. thanks, nic robertson. the water crisis in flint will be front and center on capitol hill this morning. the house oversight committee is holding a hearing on the lead contamination hitting tens of thousands of people. local lawmakers and environmental officials are scheduled to testify. flint mayor karen weaver is calling for the immediate replacement of all lead service lines running into the city homes. she is not offering cost estimates or a way to fund this project. growing concerns in ferguson, missouri, over the cost of implementing those reforms ordered by the justice department following the police shooting of michael brown. the city already faces a $2.8 million deficit. officials estimate overhauling the police department will cost at least $500,000. if ferguson does not comply with the justice department mandate, it risks facing a civil rights suit. let's look at what's coming up on "new day." michaela pereira joins us. >> they're all back, christine. you and i had the studios nice and quiet to ourselves, and it's
2:49 am
full-on chaos since berman and camerota returns. have you noticed that? >> camerota is a breath of fresh air, but the rest of them. >> we know that now everything is back to normal, the candidates are hitting the ground running in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary. alison had a chance to speak with marco rubio about his strong showing there in iowa and asked how it's going to impact his strategy in the granite state. we're going to bring you that interview ahead on "new day." plus, we're looking at what the democrats they'd to say tonight in our cnn town hall to sway those new hampshire voters. also, as you've been talking about, the flint water contamination crisis heading to capitol hill. we have a michigan congressman who's trying to fix the problem joining us with what he plans to tell lawmakers and what he's disappointed will not be happening at today's hearings. we've got a big show today. >> nice to see you. thanks. see you soon. that crash in oil prices starting to hit corporate america. and the loss is for one big-name oil company staggering. we've got an early start on your
2:50 am
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2:54 am
states is looking for new ways to step up the military campaign against isis. recently published satellite images show a small farming airstrip being lengthened in the kurdish-controlled territory in northern syria. the pentagon only says that forces in syria, u.s. forces, are consistently looking for ways to increase efficiency. clarissa ward is the first journalist to visit that airfield amid this deepening relationship between the u.s. and its kurdish allies. she joins us from erbil with this cnn exclusive. what did you see? >> reporter: good morning, john. that's right, as the u.s. is ratcheting up its military presence inside syria with at least 50 special forces troops on the ground, it is also exploring new ways to take the fight to isis beyond just
2:55 am
airstrikes. now, we managed to find that small agricultural airstrip in a remote corner of northern syria, and it is currently being developed into a military airfield for u.s. forces. we saw workmen and tractors. apparently they appear to be extending the runway so that that runway could facilitate or host larger planes. now, when we got there, we were almost immediately stopped from filming by a kurdish security force who told us that it was a military zone. inside this area of kurdish-controlled syria, it's an open secret that the u.s. is building this airfield essentially. but the pentagon has officially been denying that it is taking control of any airfield. now, why would the u.s. want an airfield in this part of syria? well, there are a number of strategic reasons. it could be used to bring in logistics, bring in weapons and ammunition for allies. it could be used to bring in
2:56 am
special forces troops and personnel. it could be used as part of an extraction operation if it was needed for that. and while it's just 100 miles from isis positions, it is also well secured inside kurdish territory. so essentially this airfield really giving the u.s. a lot more options on the ground to play with. john? >> very interesting perspective. what a view there and obviously something going on. clarissa ward in erbil, thanks so much. 56 minutes after the hour. north korea announced plans to launch a rocket into space later this month according to a u.n. official. washington described the launch as an egregious violation and called for more sanctions. north korea conducted its fourth nuclear bomb test last month, drawing international condemnation. critics call pongian's last satellite launch a cover for a test of ballistic missile technology. let's get an early start on your money. a rotten day yesterday for stock investors, really bad, a
2:57 am
295-point loss for the dow. right now stock markets in europe are lower. stocks in tokyo they lost 3% overnight. u.s. futures are up a tad right now, but it was a really rough day. the crash in oil prices has been just hell on profits for the big oil companies. profit in exxon mobil, the nation's largest oil company, plummeted 58% in the fourth quarter. look at that. the weakest profit showing in maybe decades for this company. $16.2 billion it earned last year, half what it earned the year before. exxon mobil is one of three american companies that have a higher credit rating than the federal government. microsoft, johnson & johnson are the other two. standard & poor's is threatening to kick it out of that group. it will be watching it closely over the next 90 days. what's bad for oil companies is great for your wallet. the national average for a gallon of regular, $1.78. down 20 cents in just a month. down $1 below the peak oil prices that were hit last year. the gas peak, rather.
2:58 am
check out missouri, oklahoma. those are the lowest averages in the country. they are below $1.50. kansas and arkansas are not far behind. but that, you know, that crash in oil prices has just been so disruptive for investors. you know, and oil prices -- oil companies are a chunk of the s&p 500, so it hurts your 401(k), but it sure helps your family budget. >> i was going to say. in iowa, $1.65, almost got whiplash when i was on the highway there. the presidential candidates, the democrats getting ready for the cnn town hall tonight. the drama builds. "new day" starts right now. what kind of people do we have running for office? what kind of people do we have running for office? >> he was born in canada. >> i would continue to sing donald's praises personally. >> our approach is better than what bernie sanders or hillary clinton is offering. >> i feel really great being
2:59 am
back in new hampshire after winning in iowa. >> the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire. >> i'm running to unify this party and ensure our next president is nothing like the one we have now. >> at what point did you feel iowa was going differently than the polls predicted. >> this place doesn't exist, according to the u.s. defense department. >> he's coming now. >> we were escorted away from the airfield as soon as we were spotted. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> we're back. welcome, everyone. welcome to new days, february 3rd, 6:00 in the east. first, ted cruz and march can koe rao marco rubio coming under attack by most of his gop rivals. i sat down and talked about how he plans to fight off those
3:00 am
attacks. we'll bring you that interview shortly. >> new hampshire cannot come soon enough for donald trump. he admits the boycott likely cost him the win in iowa. he said he would do it all over again to help raise money for vets. this has bernie sanders and hillary clinton prepare to answer questions in a presidential town hall tonight. we have complete coverage. sarah live in manchester. >> well, chris, of course ted cruz wants a win in new hampshire to kick off a winning streak. really donald trump needs a strong showing. he said he wants a victory. marco rubio had that surprise showing in iowa. but if he wants to make it, if he wants to coalesce the establishment support, he will need a strong showing in new hampshire as well. so much at stake. less than a week to go until the new hampshire primaries. >> these are truly


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