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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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mark preston, our editor broke the story moments ago. he's here life to tell us more. good morning. >> good morning carol. john king was hearing late last night rumblings that paul was looking to drop out and run again for senate down in kentucky. we finally were able to pull it together a short time ago that in fact rand paul is going to drop out of the race. significant here in new hampshire because there is a large segment of the republican party that is libertarian. these are supporters, voters who would back his types of policies. where will those voters go now carol? we would expect the likes of ted cruz and donald trump will try to make a play for them although trump and rand paul have not gotten a along well. it is unclear if rand paul will endorse at this time but we wait to here what he says.
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we just got a statement from rand paul's campaign. i just got it. it's been an incredible honer to run my campaign. across the country thousands upon thousands of young people flokd to our message of limited government. privacy, criminal justice reform and a reasonable foreign policy. brush fires of liberty were ignited and those who will carry on as i will. although i suspend my campaign for president the fight is far in over. i'll continue to carry the torch in the senate and look forward to representing the people ofky for another term. >> marco, question for you because i interviewed somebody a couple of days ago about rand paul's senate race in kentucky.
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because he's running for that as well and republicans were a little worried he was going to get a strog contender from the democratic side and they were urging him to drop out and concentrate on his local run inky. >> yes and that's been a big question. we've been focusing so much on the presidential race carol without spending this much time on the battle for the united states senate. there's a police chibelief that if they have somebody at the top of the ticket who they feel is strong could take back the senate. this is significant because anything this goes through washington has to go through congress. and if democrats are able to take back senate and republican is elected then that republican is going to control the congress. rand spaul one of the key building blocks for republicans to maintain control of the senate. so yes the likes of mitch mcconnell who is the senate republican leader i'm sure is breathing a sigh of relief that rand paul has decided to run
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again in kentucky. >> when rand paul entered the race a lot of people were excited. he brought this libertarian message. he thought twauld translate to his campaign but it never did. >> right carol. and i think part is the donald trump effect. it's been very hard for anyone to get attention. and when you look at these libertarian folks, especially in a place like new hampshire, these are the kinds of people who could also be attracted to donald trump's message. but i think the prodder thing here is the only thing harder than running one campaign is running two at the same time. and that is essentially what rand paul was trying to do. that is a very difficult thing. and once you get past iowa and it looks like, you know, rand pall had a respectable showing there.
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but is it worth it? >> thanks so much. let's discuss this further. i'm joined by the former chair of the new hampshire democratic party. and more. welcome both of you. doug, i'll start with you. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. one of the things that the iowa caucus does. we focus so much on kbho's first, second and third. it is not so much necessarily about who wins. but who also winnows the field down. as we saw mike huckabee announce very early the other night he was stepping down. now rand paul. that is how the iowa caucus works. this is how to caucus is supposed to work and it is
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working. >> and george, i interviewed rand paul not so long ago about his senate run in kentucky. he seemed sure that was going smoothly and it wouldn't effect his run for president. so what do you think changed his mind? >> well i think it is exactly correct that iowa and new hampshire winnows the field down. we expect out of new hampshire probably about four candidates will still be alive and go on to south carolina and nevada. >> doug, do you think this will radically change the race for president? will rand paul's endorsement matter to any one candidate? >> well it will matter to any candidate who gets it. this is so much about momentum now. if you can get an endorsement, you want it, and you want to tout it. a rand paul endorsement would help whatever candidate that goes to. they should also do i would say two other things.
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one, signal to other candidates like rick santorum or carly fiorina who soo also been left out of the conversation that maybe it is time to whittle down the field to focus on the really viable candidates moving forward. the other things is for folks like myself who have said a donald trump nomination would be a disaster, this announcement by rand paul was really good news. we'll hold on toky which kentu. >> i think it will in new hampshire. new hampshire is a libertarian state. the model is live free or die. i think his votes are up for grabs and you will see the other republican candidates hit the phones and try to corral the
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rand paul supporters. >> any good news you can get as the candidate in these final days is something you really want to have. >> i have to lee it -- >> -- i was just going to say just following up on that last point, a recent survey came out within the past few days that 30% of all the voters in new hampshire are new to voting. they have either moved to the state or they didn't vote in the last election. so i think you may see some surprises out of new hampshire. >> we'll see. george bruno, doug heye thanks to both of you.
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big stakes, small state. the candidates are blitzing new hampshire. and the two remaining democrats going prime time. tonight's town hall meeting here on cnn. and sanders after rallying to a virtual tie in iowa offers a glimpse of the sharper elbows to come tonight. >> hillary clinton has a super pac. i don't have a super pac. you have a super pac which has $25 million from secretary clinton. 15 million coming from wall street. our campaign contributions are $27 a piece coming from 3.5
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million individual contributions. >> joe johns live in manchester with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. this is all about expectations right now. bernie sanders has been leading in the polls here for months so he's going to be seeking to build on that while on the other hand hillary clinton has been behind and is going to try to appear competitive in a state where she's not doing that great phenoty in the polls. >> i feel really great being back in new hampshire after winning in iowa and having a chance to come here. >> riding high on the narrow victory hillary clinton taken the showdown for new votes to new hampshire. >> a virtual tie. i don't know yet. we've not seen all of the breakdowns of the results. >> bernie sanders feeling good about his odds in the granite
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state where he's been polling ahead for months. the double digit lead fuelling the campaign's confidence. >> if we can win here in new hampshire. >> when. >> when. >> when -- >> all right. let me rephrase it. "when" we win here in -- [ cheers and applause ] >> while clinton won in 2008 the state has often supported neighboring politicians possibly giving vermonter sanders an edge. after nearly beating clinton in iowa he says he raised a staggering sum. $3 million online in 24 hours commanding a huge base of support among younger, newer voters. >> secretary clinton vying for the chance to take back some of that support. >> i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young voters. and i intend to do that. >> the stage is set for both candidates to make their final
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case before the new hampshire primaries. facing tough questions from voters at tonight's cnn town hall in dairy. >> i'm looking forward to every opportunity. because i know that people here have a choice. >> so it is pretty clear hillary clinton is kind of bearing down here in new hampshire. she has three events today while bernie sanders has a news conference and a rally. so they will both have plenty of warm up before they get to the forum this evening, carol. >> joe johns reporting life from manchester this morning. joining me. chris -- welcome both of you. both sides are prepping for a battle for the hearts and souls of new hampshire voters. one that gets supercharged tonight. what can we expect? >> well i think you are going to expect a much more pointed affair. you are down to two candidates.
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senator sanders i think clearly smells blood. he's got momentum. he's in a strong position in new hampshire right now. so he's going to come out and make a very pointed contrast. i don't think he's playing to new hampshire. he's playing to a larger audience in particular trying to make inroads in south carolina in the larger states because once i think we move past new hampshire the calendar becomes and the states become more unfriendly for him. so i think it is going to be a different tone than maybe we've seen. >> we'll see. so hillary, the "new york times" writes in part the clinton campaign considered shifting its focus to nevada and south carolina but mrs. clinton with the strong strong of former president bill clinton decided she would help herself more by closing the gap in new hampshire. how does she make up for lost ground? >> first the decision to stay in and fight is a little around the
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calendar obviously. there is a event tonight. tomorrow night a debate on another network and friday night there is going to be a new hampshire democratic dinner so in essence they are stuck there for a few days anyway. make the most of it. hillary clinton also sees new hampshire as a place where she does not give up. she had a very emotional time there in 2008 showing that emotion to the voters actually worked for her. i think that she feels like going back to new hampshire, staying in this state. fighting for every last delegate is what people want her to do. i think people across the country actually want to see that heart as well. >> if bernie sanders doesn't blow clinton away in new hampshire, is that a win for clinton? or does she really need an upset or maybe a win? >> part of this is an expectations game. sanders obvious i needs a win. and i would say, you know, a significant win. how significant?
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i guess everyone is going to debate that. secretary clinton can afford to lose new hampshire. a blow out would not be great obviously. but the problem i think really becomes at least from my perspective what happens in in evidence -- in nevada but really south carolina. south carolina is the firewall. if it's close or sanders win that's a major problem. i think you are going to see a lot of focus very quickly on that state from both campaigns even though they are playing in new hampshire for at least the next week. >> something else before you go hillary i wanted to ask you about. the sanders team just keeps raking in the money. he claims to have raised $3 million after the iowa caucus. does that give him the longevity in the race? even if he heads into south carolina and doesn't do so well? >> candidates really drop out of big races for one reason. not because they don't have support but because they run out
6:20 am
of money. bernie sanders has a huge well of resources with internet fundraising. it is a code the clinton campaign hasn't cracked well enough yet. but that money will keep him in this race for a long time to come. the other thing is just -- it is the hardest thing in these campaigns is to stay in the moment. in this age of social media and a camera on you every second, staying in the moment, making every second count, every interaction with voters count. everything is captured on camera. that is the hardest thing. looking ahead to iowa, to nevada and south carolina is really tempting but really every day she and bernie sanders are in new hampshire, the voters across the country, democrats are watching them and they have to practice that discipline of making this moment matter. >> thanks both of you. keep it here on cnn because today at 1:00 eastern wolf bl z
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blitzer talks to bernie sanders about hillary clinton, the town hall and what it is like to be the frun ner new hampshire. and a presidential town hall in dairy, new hampshire. tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. still to come. will the race come down to two words, youth vote? with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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bill cosby back in court this morning. we could find out if a pa judge will toss out criminal sexual assault charges.
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the hearing continues today and the only issue is should the one criminal count be outright dismissed? the defense put one witness on the stand. the former dea who in 2005 did not bring criminal charges. he testified that at that time he didn't bring charges because the case was so very weak. and made the decision saying to himself that he would never bring criminal charges against bill cosby in regard to this case forever more. he said he did it because he wanted her to get money and he was confident at this point she was a millionaire. he did say that he communicated it to one of the defense attorneys of bill cosby, who is now deceased. he did it because if a civil case is filed and if that deposition took place, that bill cosby wouldn't have a fifth
6:27 am
amendment right against self incrimination because there was no possibility there would be criminal charges. he also ended his direct testimony by saying you know defense i'm not on your team, oim on their team looking at prosecution and the cross-examination was brutal and began by saying why didn't you ever tell anyone inside the district attorney's office about this decision that you made? >> he replied testifying that he believed he told his first assistant who then become the district attorney who actually brought the charge against bill cosby on december 30th and if he didn't tell risa at the time, it was implicit in the press release and implicit with what he was doing. he was also asked why didn't you put anything in writing? he said in implicit. you will see exactly what my intent was.
6:28 am
more witness testimony today and the judge says he will and should have a decision at the end of this hearing. carol, back to you. >> and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the fight ramping up in new hampshire. >> i'm going to have to work to reach out to young voters, maybe first time voters who have to make a tough decision. and i intend to do that. laying out my case where i contrast on the issues. >> well that won't be easy. according to iowa entrance polls for democrats. those between 17-29. only 14% chose clinton. 84% chose sanders. with young voter support like that can clinton even make a dent? mark preston is in new hampshire
6:29 am
with more on that this morning. good morning. >> hey, good morning carol. yes hillary clinton certainly telling the truth there when she says she needs to make a better effort to get the youth vote. particularly young women as well. hillary clinton does well with young women. but young women who certainly have a longer political life ahead of them are not so infatuated by the idea that they need a woman as first president right now. there is always time. bernie sanders did so well in iowa. proof of concept he was able to get them to the polls. he said he is not going to take the youth vote for granted. let's take a listen. >> secretary clinton ran here in 2008. secretary clinton won here in 2008. secretary clinton has a very formidable political organization and as, you know, has virtually the entire political establishment on her side. so, you know, we are taking
6:30 am
nothing for granted. trust me, we are not. >> carol, certainly now over the next few days, paced specifically to the messaging that we are hearing from bernie sanders and from hillary clinton, it is all about getting out these constituency groups. women, blue collar voters and for bernie sanders it is getting out the young vote. >> mark preston from new hampshire. thank you. it will be difficult for hillary clinton to win over young voters. i've been talking with student body presidents from universities across the country. they say clinton as the pragmatist and bernie sanders as the revolutionary. >> are you open to a socialist becoming president of the united states? >> you know, personally i think what he's proposing is not all that radical. what he is proposing is in a sense what is mainstream on
6:31 am
other continents. things like single payor healthcare. things like tuition free colleges. even things as basic as family leave. that is all the norm. >> what is his appeal to young people? >> i think what his appeal is -- it is about revolution in a way. a revolution of changing the way politics works. i think what's so appealing about him to young people is that we've grown up now in eight or so years of complete and total political grid locke. it is dominated by a couple of big donors and super pacs and whether he's going for is a very grassroots way to government. >> joining me now -- andy, you are around young people. is it any surprise a revolutionary candidate would intrigue young people?
6:32 am
>> not really. i think that the students in america, the students we see in our political science departments are not happy. like most americans are with the way things are going and they see the candidates often as the people who have led america to the kind of gridlock that it currently has. and new faces are always ones that offer hope that that might change. as barack obama did in 2008. >> so has bernie sanders. except he -- >> bernie sanders was not known. >> right. you're right about that. so bernard a question for you. hillary clinton is running as a
6:33 am
praguetismatist. should she change her tone? >> i think the challenge for secretary clinton is to connect emotionally with voters. especially young voters. to show her passion. to show her vision. to make it clear that this campaign is not about her. yes she's the most experienced and qualified. i think she has the best plans, policies and programs. but ultimately canes are about the future. she needs to demonstrate she has the vision that can bring about real fundamental change for this country and make it clear that her campaign is about them. and i think that's where she's fallen short. and we're going to see particularly tonight in the town hall a way of showing her experience that connects in a passionate emotional way with young voters. >> and even when hillary clinton tries to talk directly to young people, she uses cutesy stuff.
6:34 am
remember when she rolled out the cutesy stuff. she was tweeting supporters asking them to describe how their student loan debt makes them feel in three emojis or less. i mean take a look. students don't really relate to that kind of talk. they want to be talked to like adults aren't they? >> exactly. these are adults and in new hampshire where the young vote is going to be critical, it is not even so much the younger of the young vote. most of the people under 35 lean more towards the 35 end of the scale than towards the 18 or 19 end of the scale. and talking to college kids or young adults in a way like that it is condescending and it is somewhat demeaning. and certainly sanders is much more direct with them. and telling them that they are the future. and laying it out that it is their responsibility to make changes. >> and just a final question to you bernard. because i talked to five student body university presidents so far from different parts of the
6:35 am
country. all of them said the issue with college tuition and free college will drive them to the polls. they are as passionate about that as they were when president obama was running for president. >> and i think they should be. >> we have a $1.2 trillion debt. the student debt clock. it is going up $3 thousand a minute i believe. and the fact is hillary clinton i think she's going talk about a lot tonight has an extraordinary plan to make community college free, to reduce the interest rate on student loans. to ensure that states that get $175 billion over ten years are going to keep college costs down. so i think she has a real plan to make college for affordable. and the real issue is it is fine to sort of start a revolution, but if you can't actually put that revolution into practice to work with the other side to actually get things done you are going to leave a lot of people feeling pretty upset later will
6:36 am
empty promises. >> contracted on u.s. soil. reports the zika virus isn't just spreading in south america anymore. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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>> what people are going to start realizing is i give us the best chance. my candidacy gives us the best chance to nominate a real conservative who can unite the party, grow the party, take our mental to people that haven't voted for us in the past and ultimately defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the democrats know this. they admit that i am the one
6:41 am
they went to want to run against. >> jeb bush called you back bencher. trump has called you do kid. chris christie called you the boy in the bubble. you and cruz have exchanged some words. what is your response? >> well i this i when people attack you, usually they don't attack someone who isn't doing well. you usually only get attacked in politics if you present a threat to someone. and jeb's comment is interesting. he openly told me i should be the vice president in 2012. the only thing changed is we happen to both be running. i think both jeb and chris have had a tough couple of days and obviously sometimes people don't react well to adverse and so they are saying some things they will probably later on regret. i'm not running to beat up on other republicans. if there are policy differences we'll discuss those but i'm running to unify the party and
6:42 am
ensure our next president is nothing like the one we have now. >> immigration has become a big issue. you and your rivals want to secure the border. if you become president what do you do next? >> after securing the border? first you have -- people have to have confidence that you have done it. i do not believe having worked on this issue that the american people are going to support anything on immigration until first they believe illegal immigration is truly under control. that means finishing the wall and fencing the new border patrol agents and tracking and everify and only that is in place and working can we go to the american people and see what they are willing to support. i don't think the american people expect us to round up and deport 12 million people. if you are a criminal you won't be able to stay no matter what. we've outlined an idea. i don't know if the american people will support it but the idea of allowing people that
6:43 am
have been here for a long time to pass a background check, pay a fine. start paying taxes they get a work permit. and that is all they will have for at least a decade. >> marco rubio was holding his second town hall of the morning at the top of the next hour. of course we'll keep an eye on it and pass along any comments to you. >> donald trump unleashing on twitter over the iowa caucus results even calling for a revote. all of this after trump said he wasn't sweating his second place finish and neither were her supporters. here is more from cnn. >> on an unseasonably warm evening in new hampshire this crowd doesn't have any warmth towards those who say donald trump is now politically vulnerable after losing in iowa to ted cruz. >> well because i think he's going to come here and he's going to rock new hampshire. >> trump may have come in second place in the caucuses but we asked many people lined up to see him in hb this question. >> were you disappointed with the results in iowa? >> no. >> how come? >> i think second place is a
6:44 am
great finish. >> can you actually see me right now. >> i can. of course i can. >> those are unusual glasses. >> him here to support donald trump. >> no kidding. -- i just put some perspective on it that -- >> there were some supporters who said a second place finish was a let down. >> how many of you were disappointed he didn't win the caucuses last night. >> he did win. just by coming in second and doing nothing for it. >> everybody wins because he's in the race. >> what does that mean? they all owe him a thank you note because there's been more interesting, excitement and entertainment with him in it than there ever would have been. >> one reason trump supporters don't feel badly is they don't think much of the iowa caucuses. >> i don't like it. i think that you can talk people out of things. you may have -- like you might go in really wanted to vote for
6:45 am
trump and then someone can change your mind at the last minute. >> i think a caucus is just a caucus is not really a vote. i think it was so informal that i'm not exactly sure how the process works. >> people are now parking lot of an effort to make sure trump doesn't go the oh for two. >> he speaks his mind. there is no [ bleep ]. >> you just cussed. >> she speaks her mind too. >> he says exactly what a lot of people are thinking. >> that clearly wasn't enough for trump in iowa. but his supporters here are determined to give their candidate a win next tuesday in new hampshire. gary tuckman, cnn milford, new hampshire. >> still to come, new fears about the zika virus. could it be spreading right here in the united states.
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me.
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it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". . there is an alarming development this morning with a disease that has no treatment and has been linked to brain damage of babies. we're learning a patient in dallas has been infected with the zika virus through sexual contact. this is the first reported case of the virus being transmitted during the outbreak. now other countries are delaying giving blood. dr. sanjay gupta joins us more on this. what more can you tell us about the spread of this virus through sexual contact? >> this was a confirmed case. there was suspicion, could this be spread via sex.
6:51 am
but yesterday, the story was that a man who travelled to venezuela, he came back, he had some symptoms of zika infection. subsequently, he tested positive as did his sexual partner. the sexual partner was someone who hadn't left the state since 2008. so, again, they suspected that possibly this could be spread via sex but they weren't sure. keep in mind, you know, you think about infections like malaria, carol, that's transmitted via mosquitos but not sex. hiv, via sex but not mosquitos. this appears to be mosquitos and via sex. >> what will this woman do? >> keep in mind, if this is someone who is not pregnant, the vast majority of people won't have symptoms or they will have very mild symptoms. obviously, there's a lot of concern among women who are pregnant and in the early parts of their pregnancy.
6:52 am
for other people, it's not that much of a concern. she's tested positive for the zika virus. she's probably immunized to that for now. if she's not pregnant, there's probably nothing she has to do. >> so there's no lingering effects? because people are especially freaked out about, this especially women. >> that's an important point. people say, once you have the infection, what will it do to future pregnancies? there's no evidence that if you've had an infection sometime in the past, that will affect a future pregnancy, months or years down the line. i get that question all the time. just want to set the record straight. the virus probably clears from your body in a few day, unlike other types of viruses which can stay in your body, this one seems to clear rather quickly. >> all right. and just the final question about the blood donations, the red cross is asking people who have been to mexico and other countries to hold off donating blood. that sounds ominous. >> well, the concern is that the
6:53 am
virus can stay in the blood for a few days. you know, i talked to dr. frieden, head of the cdc, he said a couple of days it can stay in the blood. the red cross says we shouldn't donate blood up to 28 days if you've been to a country that has zika. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thanks for your insight. >> you're welcome. thank you. still to come, one of the officials at the flint water scandal subpoenaed to appear on capitol hill and now federal charges are looming. from anywhere.formation the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build
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and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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checking top stories at 57 minutes past. right now, flint michigan city leaders are on capitol hill testifying about the
6:58 am
contaminated water scandal. the emergency manager was subpoenaed last night to testify. it's unclear if he will show up. he resigned as emergency manager of detroit public schools. the fbi now joining a criminal investigation. exploring whether any federal laws were broken. the southern california gas company is facing criminal charges over a methane gas like. los angeles county filing charges yesterday with the company did not immediately alert state authorities to the like. nauseous fumes forced thousands of people from their homes. environmental activist erin brockovich talks about it being the bp spill on land. there are investigations going on and some are suing the gas company over the like which began last october. the anti-abortion activist
6:59 am
and defendant in the planned parenthood case is scheduled to turn herself in. she's planning to surrender sometime in houston today. she's charged with tampering with a governor mental record. last month, there was no wrongdoing found of planned parenthood and instead decided to indict the activist who made the video. there were at least two tornadoes in mississippi last night. it damaged a federal prison and several homes. the storm also hit alabama. forecasters are warning more severe weather could hit western georgia today. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump unleashed. in his latest tweet a few minutes ago, he's calling for a revote in iowa and accusing senator cruz of fraud just five
7:00 am
days before the new hampshire primary. other republicans are blitzing the granite state. happening right now, a rubio town hall, a kasich town hall in durham and a cruz town hall in heniker. this is from donald trump. "ted cruz didn't win in iowa. he stole it. that's why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad." sara murray has the latest on the trump tweets. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. trump has been on a twitter storm this morning. he's even calling for a new election in iowa or the results to be nullified. he has a number of complaints today. he's saying ted cruz stole the election by sending out these mailers that were a little questionable in iowa. he says they were voter violations and people should
7:01 am
turn out for ted cruz in order to improve their voting scores. of course, the iowa secretary of state said there's no such thing as a voter violation. you don't get a score based on turnout. donald trump is taking issue with the fact that there were a couple of cruz staffers and supporters who suggested that ben carson was going to drop out of the race and tried to convince people to caucus for ted cruz instead of ben carson. of course, ben carson is not dropping out of the race. a report said that carson would be taking a little time off the trail. he was going home to get fresh clothes and there were a couple of cruz supporters and staffers who took that a step further and suggested th suggested that ben carson was dropping out. he's clearly not as complacent coming in second in iowa as he seemed in the concession speech. carol? >> ben carson is also angry
7:02 am
saying it probably cost them some votes by saying that ben carson had dropped out of the race. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. ben carson is taking an issue with the cruz campaign. the cruz campaign has apologized and he says the damage is already done. you already took those votes away from me. there's no way to prove that and now we move on to new hampshire but this is territory not as friendly for ben carson. there are not as many evangelical voters here. but it's also worth noting that the carson campaign, of course, was struggling. they have a lot of issues leading up to iowa. while they had a foundation of support, the polls did not show ben carson as one of the folks vying for the first, second or even the third slot there. >> all right. sara murray reporting. let's go to dana bash who is at a cruz event. has senator cruz responded to all of this, dana?
7:03 am
>> reporter: they have. ted cruz is about to come in here for a town hall. i spoke with his communications director, rick tyler, who says the following. he said, the reality hit the reality tv star in iowa so nobody is talking about him now. so he's trying to regain some attention on twitter. he said there are twitter addiction support groups so he should seek out his local chapter. obviously that is what the cruz campaign privately and now publicly have been saying, that they think that donald trump is in the unusual position of not being the headliner and not getting all of the attention that he generally does and he wants to stoke attention back up. theags w that's why he's doing that. he's trying to attack ted cruz. >> isn't there one little problem with this? the cruz campaign told caucusgoers in iowa that ben
7:04 am
carson was dropping out and they should throw their support behind ted cruz. that did, indeed, happen and the cruz campaign apologized for that. so the damage is done. >> reporter: damage is done and that's exactly what i was just going to say. i was going to say that the "but" part of that, which is that what the cruz campaign insists is that their precinct captains, people in touch with the grassroots on caucus night didn't actually say ben carson is dropping out. or at least they weren't directed to. some might have but they weren't directed to by the cruz campaign. that they were just simply repeating what we were reporting on cnn, that he was going back to florida, regardless our understanding is that ted cruz called ben carson and apologized and said, if anything, we went over the line and we shouldn't have done that. but this is a peak at how things work and how realtime in a campaign and in an election
7:05 am
where motivation and intensity really matters. every campaign is going to use everything that they have to their advantage and sometimes it goes right up to the line of dirty tricks. other times, it crosses them. >> dana bash reporting live from henniker, new hampshire. the candidates are blitzing new hampshire and two democrats go primetime. hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting ready for the town hall right here on cnn. and sanders, after rallying to a virtual tie in iowa, offers a glimpse of what is to come. >> hillary clinton has a super pac. i don't have a super pac. you have a $25 million super pac from hillary clinton, 15 million coming from wall street. our campaign contributions are $27 a piece coming from 3.5 million individual contributions. >> our senior political
7:06 am
correspondent brianna keilar is in derry with more on this big event tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. perhaps that's a preview, carol, of what we're going to see here tonight. it will be the first time that we have seen these two candidates in the same place since iowans had their say. it's going to get under way at 9:00 p.m. eastern. anderson cooper is going to be moderating. really, this is going to be driven by new hampshire residents. they are going to dictate the conversation that they have with the candidates and so it provides us really unique forum aside from some of the debates that we've seen and this is also happening, of course, on the tails of iowa where, you said it, bernie sanders almost tied there with hillary clinton and he's not ruling out that he may contest the results. listen. >> she ends up getting about 22
7:07 am
delegates. we got about 20 delegates. we started that campaign about 40 or 50 points down. we ended up losing it by .02 of 1%. the iowa caucus is so complicated, it's not 100% sure that we didn't win it. but we feel fantastic. now we're in new hampshire. >> really quickly, would you contest those results? >> we're being lookilooking at now. >> reporter: not ruling it out. interesting. bernie sanders is going to be taking the stage first tonight for his time with voters having some q & a. it's a bit unpredictable, carol, because you don't really noah these voters are going to ask. so we saw some unpredictable moments when we did this in iowa. i think we'll see that in new hampshire. they are going to be inside. bernie sanders and then hillary clinton here at the derry opera house. this was built with money,
7:08 am
willed by a distant cousin of john quincy adams. and this building behind me has survived two fires. so perhaps it's an apt metaphor for what has become a crucible democratic primary race. >> interesting. brianna keilar, thanks so much in. bernie sanders wants a big win in new hampshire and, with that, it seems sanders has forgotten his promise not to run a negative campaign. and so has hillary clinton. >> i am a progressive who likes to get things done. i'm a progressive who likes to make progress. >> do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >> some days, yes. except when she announces that she's a proud moderate and then i guess she's not a progressive. i think, frankly, it is very hard to be a real progressive. and to take on the establishment in a way that i think has to be taken when you become as
7:09 am
dependent as she has through her super pac and in other ways on wall street. >> with me now, bill press, cnn political commentator and a bernie sanders supporter. you're also the author of "buyer's remorse: how to let progressives down." >> hi, carol. thank you. >> hi. bernie sanders said he wouldn't go negative but obviously he is. why? >> look, i don't think that's real negative, frankly. campaigns would be boring. a campaign won't be a campaign if candidates don't point out the differences between them. i think hillary clinton is legitimately doing that and so is bernie sanders. i think the reality is, carol, coming out of iowa, what a lot of people didn't expect is we have a horse race here. we have two strong candidates. bernie sanders didn't win in
7:10 am
iowa. let's give hillary the win, barely, right? but bernie sanders comes out of it a very, very strong -- you can't dismiss him as a crank anymore. you can't dismiss him as someone who is i mpractical. this guy is serious. he's got money, money, money and he's in it for the long haul. >> he does. and i understand that. but -- okay. you gave hillary clinton the win in iowa. why doesn't bernie sanders give her the win? why does he say he's looking into voter irregularities? >> he's not focusing on that. he's focused on getting as big of a win as he can on new hampshire and then building beyond that. there are officials looking into the iowa thing. he's not going to make that his focus. he's moving forward. and you know what i find interesting, carol -- >> he's not moving forward. he keeps saying it with
7:11 am
reporters. he's not moving forward. >> well, when they ask him about it, he's going to say, okay -- >> i'm looking into voter irregularities instead of leaving the win to hillary clinton. >> he's not making that his number one focus. look what he's doing today. he's out there campaigning. that he is what i find so strange. now that the clinton campaign is now saying well, you know, we can't really promise everybody something. we have to be practical. we have to lower our expectations. i find that as the head and the heart and hillary is saying, you can't go with your heart, you have to go with your head and in an election, people want to go with their heart, if i can use the phrase, for hope and change. >> i hear you. when you look at the entrance polls from iowa, bernie sanders captured mostly liberal democrats. he didn't get moderate democrats, right? >> well, wait --
7:12 am
>> he didn't. so doesn't that mean that a lot of democrats really think that his ideas are pie in the sky? >> well, wait a minute. he got about 80% of people younger than 45. that's the barack obama vote. that's the future. when people are asked, caucusgoers were asking, who do you think is the most trustworthy and honest, 83% would vote for bernie sanders. when they ask would you vote for somebody who would fight for somebody like you, 75% would go for bernie sanders. that's the message that is resonating and i think for the clinton campaign or anybody else to discount the appeal of be bernie's message are not facing reality. >> i have to leave it there. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks. i want to bring in karen finney, the spokesperson for the hillary for america campaign. good morning.
7:13 am
>> good morning, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. so everybody is saying that the town hall is going to be fiery and kind of negative between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. what do you say? >> you know, i don't know about that. i think what hillary is trying to do is engage in a contest of ideas and obviously she and senator sanders share many of the same values, the differences where we are as democrats and where the republicans are and what they want to do in terms of stripping away the progress that we've made couldn't be more stark. so i think tonight what you'll see is hillary clinton is going to lay out her ideas and talk about what she wants to do for this country and how she wants to get it done and then you'll hear from -- and i guess senator sanders is going first and i hope that is what you hear from senator sanders rather than suggesting -- sort of tagging her for not being progressive, which is just the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. >> i think the reason he's saying that are because of the
7:14 am
words that came out of her own mouth. she told an audience in ohio, quote, i get accused for being moderate and center. i plead guilty. in new hampshire, she called herself, in her own words, a progressive who likes to get things done. so which is it? >> yeah. well, she's been saying she's a progressive who likes to get things done for quite some time. when i look at hillary clinton's record, when i look at the things that she's been fighting for, when i first started fighting for her back in the '90s, she was already well into her career, fighting for children and families. she was talking about things like equal pay and paid leave and child care. you know, 20 years ago when those ideas were thought crazy. and very progressive, if you will. and that's what she's been fighting for. she's fought for civil rights, she's fought for equal rights for women, for gay people. i mean, all of these issues are issues that she has been fighting for for a very long time. my goodness, health care. i mean, you know, she started that in the '90s. we couldn't get it done then.
7:15 am
then she went back to the table and helped get -- but those are progressive -- universal health care is a universal idea. >> i hear you. but i think a cynic might say this is a year where backlash against the establishment is very real. so when hillary clinton said she's moderate, that probably didn't rub voters the right way so she switched it to progressive. >> look. when she says she's a progressive who likes to get things done, part of what people should hear in that is we have big things to accomplish in this country and i take issue with the idea, i heard my friend and colleague, bill press, on before and said she didn't want to do big things or suggest people lower expectations, that's absolutely wrong. when we talk about getting equal pay for women, when we talk about what we have to do to protect the voting rights act, those are big things and it's going to be hard to do and what you're seeing in iowa with the
7:16 am
win that hillary had there, people saying that this is the person that i trust to take on that fight and win for myself and my families. and so i think that's what you're going to hear tonight from hillary. and i have to tell you, carol, i also take issue with and i've seen a lot of folks online saying the same thing, this idea of the establishment. i mean, i can tell you that the man that she met in new hampshire who takes his mother to work because she has alzheimer's and can't afford care, he is not establishment. he's supporting hillary clinton. sybrina fulton, trayvon martin, is supporting hillary clinton. i think that's offensive to all of the people working so hard for her campaign, who have worked so hard and got out to caucus in iowa, they are not establishment. i think it's offensive. >> all right. i have to leave it there. karen finney, the senior
7:17 am
spokesperson for hillary, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks. keep it right here on cnn because today, 1:00 p.m. eastern, wolf blitzer sits down with bernie sanders about hillary clinton and what it's like to be the front-runner in new hampshire. and a presidential town hall tonight in derry, new hampshire, moderated by anderson cooper right here on cnn at 9:00 p.m. eastern. bill clinton talking about barack obama's presidency in 2008 as a fairytale. beel talk about that next.
7:18 am
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bill clinton will rally for his wife in columbia, south carolina, tonight. hillary clinton will have to maintain or grow her support
7:22 am
from the minority community in that state to combat bernie sanders. it's rather ironic. bill clinton would rally voters in south carolina when last time around, in 2008, many felt mr. clinton damaged his wife's presidential run when he accused the media of playing the race card while following narratives bill clinton felt were driven by the obama campaign. >> once you accuse somebody of racism or bigotry, the facts become real. there are facts here. the final thing i'd like to say is, you're asking me about this. you sat through this whole meeting. not one, single, solitary sole asked about any of this and they never do. they are feeding you this because they know this is what you want to cover. this is what you live for. >> with me now, mark preston, cnn political commentator and
7:23 am
bakari sellers. when you watch that bill clinton clip, what goes through your mind? >> oh, i remember those days. in 2008, i was the co-chair for the barack obama steering committee and ran behind bill clinton and hillary clinton as we pulled off an amazing upset. today i stand before you as a hillary clinton supporter. what we realized in 2008, this wasn't a repudiation of bill clinton and hillary clinton, instead, we embraced barack obama here. but today, the streets are jam packed. people are excited. he's going to stop by the general assembly and go rally. this is the type of excitement that they say was lacking in iowa and new hampshire. but when bill clinton touches down, as people know around the country, the excitement jacks up. >> so, bakari, all is forgiven? >> yeah. i mean, there was not as if we
7:24 am
threw bill clinton or hillary clinton per se under the bus. it was just that we embraced barack obama and even more importantly than that, democrats in south carolina and throughout the south, as we are about to find out, believe this primary is about building on and protecting the legacy of barack obama and there is nobody better suited to do that than hillary clinton and that's what we're seeing today. and after iowa and new hampshire, the demographics do change and people in south carolina, we have this really, really high ferver about making history and we're ready to make history for hillary clinton again. >> mark preston, all i have to say is, politics are really, really weird. so go ahead. >> before barack obama was
7:25 am
elected, who did we call bill clinton. it was a very pitch battle. you know, it was really beer knuckle to bare knuckle. but to bakari's point, that was a past campaign. the clintons are being very smart by sending bill clinton ahead to south carolina today to try to make sure that they can solidify that support. because bernie sanders has shown that he can get out young voters. he's shown that in iowa. the next step now is try to make his message of income inequality resonate more with the african-american community. again, a pitch battle here in new hampshire. after new hampshire, we are heading down to bakari's backyard. >> i'll be there, too, so i'm excited. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom "newsroom," hillary clinton takes on bernie sanders in his own backyard. ink offers best in class
7:26 am
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7:30 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the eyes of the political world is focusing on new hampshire where this morning hillary clinton is kicking off her day in the state with the big rally. these are pictures from the town of derry where clinton and former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords will be getting people out to vote at a rally. jeff zeleny is joining me from
7:31 am
new hampshire. jeff, take it away. >> reporter: good morning, carol. hillary clinton is trying to make the six-day push to the new hampshire primary. she's saying that she's the victor in iowa. she was declared the winner in iowa yesterday. but what she's trying to do is convince the new hampshire voters to stay on her side and to consider an alternative. bernie sanders, of course, has a considerable lead here in new hampshire. he's a senator from next door, vermont. over the next six days, her advisers say what she's trying to do is refocus them, in the words of one of the advisers, getting them to focus on her plan. she's going after true democrats. independent voters are so famous here in new hampshire but some of them are looking at the republican side. some of them may have been bernie sanders supporters. she's having gabby giffords here, the former congresswoman of arizona who was tragically wounded some five years ago or
7:32 am
so. she's trying to point out that she has the stronger record on gun control. i was with them as they were campaigning in iowa a few days ago. it's very effective. that's one of the things she's doing here in new hampshire. they have the town hall meeting tonight here in derry as well. >> i'm looking at the pictures of gabby giffords. she seems to be doing okay. dan, a question for you. bernie sanders leads a lot over hillary clinton in new hampshire. what do voters need to hear from hillary clinton to change their minds? >> i think he's leading in a significant amount in some polls. but as you heard jeff mention earlier about the clinton people saying that bernie sanders, this is his backyard, so he has a home field advantage, so to speak, the clinton campaign has a lot of establishment democrats, so you have that
7:33 am
going back and forth over the final six days here. i think for sanders, he's trying to hit some of the pockets of the state that are strong for him and some that may not be strong. tonight he's in rochester which is hillary clinton territory. he's trying to broaden the map quite a bit there. >> jeff, a question. bill clinton is now in south carolina stumping for his wife. why didn't he stay in new hampshire to help her there? >> reporter: well, carol, there's only so much territory to go around in new hampshire. when he was in new hampshire yesterday throughout the day campaigning, i think that is a realization that this is a long-term gain here for democrats. this is going to be a delegate fight. having bill clinton in south carolina, this is showing that they can be two places at once. of course, that primary in south carolina is key. it comes at the end of february.
7:34 am
he will be back here before the new hampshire primary campaigning here again as well. they are trying to spread him around a little. >> got you. a question about the republican side. donald trump has been on the twitter terror against ted cruz. he wants to contest the vote in iowa because he says ted cruz cheated. is it a danger at all? >> i think donald trump is going to do what donald trump does. he's going to be making a trip to south carolina i believe on friday as well. he's hopping around from new hampshire on thursday to south carolina and then he's back saturday and sunday here in new hampshire. the really big news for donald trump has nothing to do with him per se today. it's rand paul dropping out of the race. he has a strong following of liberty activists who may migrate to ted cruz. that's a strike, if you will,
7:35 am
against donald trump trying to really claim that mantel as the broad republican favorite come tuesday. >> you can see ted cruz is rallying supporters right now. dan, jeff, thank you for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom," the u.s. steps up their war against isis in iraq and syria. ow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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7:39 am
. the united states is looking for ways to intensify the military campaign against isis. the pentagon has already announced that some 50 special force troops are in syria. the air strip is being extended in kurdish-controlled territory in northern syria. the pentagon only says that u.s. forces in syria are consistently looking for ways to increase efficiency. clarissa ward is the first journalist to visit that air field. tell us more, clarissa. >> reporter: carol, good morning. that's right.
7:40 am
as the u.s. has some 50 u.s. special forces on the ground, they are looking to enhance good, secure relationships with allies on the ground and they are also looking at opportunities, military opportunities beyond just air strikes and this air strip may just hold the key to that. this place doesn't exist, according to the u.s. defense department. but behind that berm of freshly dug earth, a small agricultural air strip is being turned into something very different. a military air field just 100 miles from isis positions. satellite photos show the work that has been done here in recent months. >> so you can see behind me, they are working to extend the runway so that larger planes could land here. the advantage of this site is that it's well secured inside kurdish territory. so it could be used to supply u.s. special forces deployed
7:41 am
here in syria. >> reporter: we were escorted away from the air field as soon as we were spotted, told it was a military zone. it's another example of the u.s.' growing military footprint in this remote corner of northern syria. and its deepening relationship with syrian kurdish fighters known as the ypg. closer to the front line, we were given access to the ypg joint operations route. it is a modest setup. this 21-year-old and his colleagues talk to their men on the battlefield using newly provided tablets, they pass on enemy locations to a coalition command center from where air strikes can be launched. right now, this is the front line of hasaka, he says.
7:42 am
we sent this message along with their coordinates to the general command room. when there are heavy clashes, the operations room moves to the front lines. immediately after the strikes, hasaka and his men rush in to make sure that the right targets have been hit. who taught you how to use this? he tells us a group of foreigners and americans trained his commanders who, in turn, trained him and his comrades. in the skies and on the ground in syria, the u.s. is deepening its commitment to the battle against isis. and it's not just the u.s., carol. less than 50 miles from that air strip, there are reports that the russians are also increasing their military presence, certainly northern syria is becoming a rather crowded
7:43 am
neighborhood. carol? >> clarissa ward reporting live from iraq this morning, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," marco rubio is trying to keep a strong showing since iowa but he's taking hits from all sides after a third-mace finish. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in
7:44 am
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7:47 am
marco rubio trying to build momentum in new hampshire after a strong third-place finish in iowa. he's holding three town halls today and defending his record on immigration which has troubled some in his party. >> this means finishing the 700 miles of fencing and walls that we need. it means an exit/entry tracking system. it means mandatory e-verify to prevent people from being hired if they are here illegally. after that, we're not going to
7:48 am
have amnesty. criminal illegal aliens should be immediately deported. >> i'm joined by manu raju live in new hampshire with more on what marco rubio had to say. good morning. >> reporter: good mormg, carnin carol. indeed marco rubio has taken a more stricter stance on immigration since running for president. now he says that he does not support the bill anymore and says that we need to do other things first, secure the border first. he said there should be no amnesty. he's still open to citizenship but criminals should be deported and it's clearly an issue that should be on a campaign trail. also, there's been attacks from other folks and so-called
7:49 am
establishment lane and chris christie says marco rubio has been too closely to his script and jeb bush who says he's had a chance to talk to cnn and defended himself from those attacks. >> boy, i think when people attack you, they don't attack someone who isn't doing well. you usually only get attacked in politics if there's a threat to someone. both jeb and chris have had a tough few days. they are saying things that later on they will probably regret. >> reporter: so clearly it shows where the focus is in this race here in new hampshire. marco rubio, in order to build off that third-place finish in iowa, he needs to finish ahead of chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich, those governors trying to occupy that lane, assume that sort of establishment mantel. if you were to fall behind them,
7:50 am
it would be much harder going into new hampshire saying i am the unity candidate. he's trying to make this a three-person race. the focus for marco rubio will be on the two-front war. one against donald trump and ted cruz and the others from the governors continuing to attack him. >> marco rubio is obviously cuban-american. he's from the state of florida and has this immigration stance that many hispanics probably would not stand behind. do you have any idea how marco rubio is doing among minorities? >> reporter: you know, that's a good question, carol, when we look at the republican electorate, typically that hispanic voters and minority voters tend to lean democratic. his standing and approval rating among those types of voters are generally lower because those voters tend to be more democratic. but marco rubio will take his conservative message to those voters when it comes time for a
7:51 am
general election. he talks more in generational terms when he's running for president and saying it's time for change. almost a little bit like barack obama in 2008, more unity post-partisan type message, appealing to not just folks in his party but those who don't traditionally vote republican. >> manu raju, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," let's travel to new hampshire first. ted cruz has been on the stump talking for a long time there. he's a gifted speaker. donald trump leads by a large margin in new hampshire and, of course, ted cruz is trying to make that margin smaller or make it disappear altogether. we'll keep you posted. cam newton isn't one to shy away from speaking his mind. so what's the super bowl qb tired of talking about? we'll tell you next.
7:52 am
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panthers quarterback cam ne newton taking on questions ahead of super bowl 50. one thing is for sure, he's sure tired of talking about race. coy wire is in downtown san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. beautiful morning here. cam newton is unique and play as passion in a way that few have
7:57 am
ever done. he'll become the sixth black quarterback to start a super bowl this sunday. but even the last four super bowls have featured african-american qbs. yesterday when he was peppered questions about black quarterbacks, he thinks stereotypes were shattered long ago and he's done talking about the subject. listen. >> i don't even want to touch on the subject of black quarterback because this game is bigger than white, black or even green. we limit ourselves when we just label ourselves just black this, that and the third. i want to bring awareness because of that. but, yeah, i don't think i should be labeled as just a black quarterback. >> reporter: bit of drama coming from the bay area yesterday. broncos player ryan murphy and brother were detained yesterday as part of a prostitution sting in san jose. murphy wasn't charged in the
7:58 am
incident but the head coach sent him packing. sent him home. local media is reported that murphy's brother was cited for solicitation. it looks like johnny manziel will be leaving cleveland. they will address his status with the team as soon as league rules permit, which would be march 9th. the police and nfl are investigating a disturbance involving manziel and his girlfriend that happened last saturday. finally, here's a what would you do question. there is no 2 and under admit free deal. everyone has to have a ticket even if you can't sit in the seat, so, carol, what would you do, my friend? >> i would not bring a
7:59 am
2-week-old baby to the super bowl because the baby will have no memory of the super bowl and i'm not sure -- i'm just kind of confused by the whole story. i'm just being honest because i like to tell things as they are. what about you, coy wire? >> reporter: drew says his best memory is having him there. so good for him. >> i didn't mean to sound cold-hearted but i guess it sounded that way. a quick question about johnny manziel. why did it take the browns so long? >> reporter: it's a great question, carol. i think long ago when they started seeing the erratic behavior continue, this went all the way back to college, they should have sent a message to the team, it doesn't matter who you are.
8:00 am
>> i don't think anyone else will try to pick him up. coy wire, live from san francisco. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and baldwin" starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. a short time ago, trump tweeted, "based on the fraud committed by ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or the cruz results nullified. >> dropping the "f" bomb, as in the fraud bomb. cruz apologized to ben carson, for the record, after cruz's staff told iowa caucusgoers that carson was planning to quick the race. but that doesn't seem


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