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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh bamfield. donald trump is tweeting up a storm. and he's laying in to the rival texas senator ted cruz by starting bright and early this morning with this claim. i'll quote the donald. ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. wow. that's why all the polls were so
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wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad! wow. how does exactly one steal the vote as trump claims? well, his attack on cruz stemming partly from a little plan by ben carson to get the r&r right after iowa. and now, this whole issue of getting some r&r is caught in the middle of a nasty mess. carson's quick trip home to florida before the next primary contests begin, some people took it as an indication he was quitting the race and trump is taking aim at some folks in cruz's camp as well as some tactics that cruz employed in iowa. i want to bring in cnn's senior media correspondent brian seltzer to sort this mess out. may i add the tweet i just read was not the original tweet? >> in. >> the original tweet came out and said ted cruz didn't win iowa. he illegally stole it.
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and then he deleted it and reissued it without the word illegally. start from there. what is he talking to? >> humble, magnanimous trump. remember him from monday? he is gone. this guy is gone. this is a new trump. same as the old trump. he is using words like stole on the campaign trail this morning and voter fraud and a lot of it has to do with this ben carson issue. cnn reported on monday evening as the caucuses getting started that ben carson taking a break from the campaign trail and then get back on the trail. cnn reported that part accurately. some people took it out of context, some ted cruz campaign supporters took it out of context saying maybe ben carson dropping out of the race. you could make the case maybe it hurt him in the caucuses. to be clear here, the cnn reporting was right. cnn said that carson taking a deep breath, go home to florida and that did happen and because of the way it was taken out of context like a terrible game of telephone, ted cruz may have been benefited a little bit and
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donald trump can say cruz doing that on purpose trying to manipulate the election. he's citing other ways that ted cruz messed around here. over the weekend, the mailing that went out, voter violation form -- >> looked like a parking ticket. >> said you've got a "f" because you didn't vote. you'll get in trouble. >> it had people's names and their -- >> neighbors. >> neighbor's names. >> and the iowa secretary of state office said this is not quite appropriate. does anybody think that the votes in iowa were different because of it? we can leave that to political experts. clearly trump says there was some bad behavior here on the offense now demanding. this is crazy part maybe. a new election. look at the most recent tweet of donald trump saying because of the fraud of senator ted cruz in the iowa caucuses, either a new election to take police or the cruz results nullified. i say that's crazy because that's not going to happen. not going to be another iowa caucus. we are on to new hampshire but
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once again here donald trump's trying to change the rules going along and we know as this election went on, he's able to bend the rules and create a new reality around the campaign. >> ted cruz was quick, not letting it sit. >> this is a wild statement. >> wow. the tweet war has begun in honest. i want to just -- it's amazing. here's cruz's campaign hitting back with the tweet. >> yeah. >> reality -- hit the reality tv star in iowa. 0 no nobody is talking about him now and trying to regain attention on twitter from the communications director. >> rick tyler. >> to cnn here. there are twitter addiction support groups so he should seek out his local chapter. i should say that's not a tweet. that was directly to cnn. >> pretty barbing statement there from the cruz campaign going at what cruz is known for, use of social media and television to become the story, maintain and control the story.
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there are times, though, where trump uses twitter that backfires on him. remember how after the iowa caucuses he was quiet. you don't respond for a while. you don't send the e-mail while you're angry. he is sending the messages and seems angry about the results of iowa. see what he says today in arkansas. >> you learn that in marriage. never hit send when you're angry. >> right. >> a lesson in life. good for presidential candidates, too. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> in just a couple of minutes, donald trump's campaign spokesperson katrina peerson will join us live to talk about it and ask her about the second comment, either a new election or cruz results nullified. i want the know if that's just a tweet or a threat. if there's going to be some attempt at action here. two surviving democratic hopefuls get two more hours to win votes and influence voters in new hampshire. six days out from the nation's
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first presidential primary, a cnn town hall airing live from the town of derri, new hampshire. that's 6:00 p.m. in the pacific region. our latest poll of polls sur jesting the neck and neck finish in iowa highly unlikely to be repeated next tuesday. because the numbers speak for themselves. bernie sanders from neighboring vermont is running a whopping 18 points ahead of hillary clinton. who rallied supporters last hour in the first of three such events that she's holding ahead of tonight's town hall and she says she is not giving an inch despite advice to the contrary. >> their argument is and it's got -- it's got some strength to it. their argument is, look. you're behind. here. i am. you're in your opponent's backyard. new hampshire always favors
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neighbors which i think is neighborly. and, you know, maybe you should have just moved on to some of these other states where everybody says you've got big leads and all of that. i have to tell you. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> well, i'm joined by the chief strategist by hillary for america, it's joel beniston. thank you for taking the time to be with us. there's reporting it was her husband that might have been part of that counsel to say, look, move on. new hampshire is looking really rough. let's focus on other states but the truth of the matter is i don't know if she could have done that. she has an event tonight on cnn, a town hall. debate tomorrow on msnbc. kind of there for the week anyway. did it just make sense logistically for her to stay
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there? >> well, it made sense because hillary said from the beginning she is going to compete in new hampshire and nothing's going to, you know, scare her off from that because she believes that she can help the people of new hampshire most and i think in addition to that, it is important to remember that in 2008, you know, three, four days out, a lot of polls down anywhere from 10 to 15 points and 3 days later she, you know, had a close win over then senator obama. so i think she knows firsthand what it takes to win here. she loves campaigning here. she's out with people in new hampshire today. all day. and leading up to the forum tonight. we have a lot of opportunity here to have a full debate about which one of these candidates can make a real difference in people's lives and we believe it's hillary clinton and that folks here in new hampshire are going to come that way later on this week and on primary day. >> joel, you are wise and you have a good memory from '08 and i'm glad you brought that issue up. that just a few days later, she actually closed that poll, that
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big spread in the poll. you know where i'm going with this, don't you? you know exactly what happened. you know that television moment that was played over and over and over in '08 and so many people attribute that moment when she broke down and her true emotions came out. the real hillary from the inside was there on television for everyone to see. i want to play that and then i want to get you to respond to that in a moment. here's hillary in new hampshire in '08. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. i see what's happening. and we have to reverse it. and some people think elections are a game. they think it's like when's up or who's down. it's about our country. it's about our kids' if you churs. it's really about all of us together. some of us do this against some
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pretty difficult odds. and we do it each one of us because we care about our country. but some of us are right and some of us are wrong. some of us are draeddy and some of us are not. some of us know what we'll do on day one and some have not thought that through enough. >> joel, her numbers really took a dramatic turn up after that moment and a lot of people this time around, eight years around saying she has an authenticity problem. not that that sound bite or that moment. where is that hillary clinton? >> well, first, let me remind you i was polling for senator obama then. her numbers took a big turn coming out of friday and then a debate on saturday. it was building up to that. and she was very personal and honest there and she has been throughout this campaign. if you look what she said that night and across this country, and whenat's at stake for the american people and voters
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coming out of the terrible crisis eight years ago, it is the same thing she is saying now and frankly she is connecting. we are just coming off a win in iowa. we always knew this state and senator sanders backyard would play on his home turf here and expect this to be tough. and we're ready to keep going on here. do well here on tuesday. and then go to nevada, south carolina and then all the states in march where there are about 1,200 delegates up for grabs. we're fighting for those. >> i hear you. she's doing well. >> connecting with the american people. >> she has good numbers to south carolina without question. let's talk for a minute where we are right now. coming out of iowa going into new hampshire. her numbers wrong the youth, critical in the election pale in comparison. looking at the entrants polls in iowa, bernie sanders with 84% of the youth vote compared to hillary clinton's 14. in '08, obama with 57 compared to her 11. what is the problem with the youth issue? please don't just tell me it's bernie sanders frequent college
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and free medicine because the numbers are similar for the race against obama. >> well, let -- since you wanted to compare it to president obama, everybody talked about the energy enthusiasm and no question that senator sanders won in iowa among the young voters and not trying to diminish that at all but drew 30% 18 to 29-year-olds than president obama did 8 years ago. he had to win that big. looking at the other group in the poll, we dominated among voters over 45 with a bigger share of the elect rat. we have to compete for the younger voters. we think we have a better future vision for them. you don't just slice up a group or another and say he's doing well there. you can ask the same question of senator sanders, why trailing the two thirds of voters over the age of 45 in most of these states. i think it's a fair question
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either way but i think you have to get to a majority. we are going to fight for every vote, 18 to 29, 45, 55 or seniors over 65. >> all right, joel. it's great to have you. come back any time. if you're free tomorrow and every other day, that would be great. >> thanks. good to be here. >> thank you, joel. live from new hampshire. busy place, indeed. be sure to tune in tonight 9:00 p.m. when the two democratic candidates, yes, i said two, o'malley suspended. they are going to be mono-e-mono trying to be president. voters asking the questions and anderson cooper. the democratic presidential town hall in derri, new hampshire. moderation should be great with anderson. tonight 9:00 eastern. anything can happen because it's the voter that is get the mike and it is live. for his part, the democratic socialist who fought hillary clinton to a virtual tie in iowa appears to be taking nothing for granted in new hampshire.
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bernie sanders certainly can afford to fight on. his campaign says it raised $3 million yesterday. you heard me right. 24 hours, $3 million. this is the biggest one-day haul to date. we'll talk with political reporter about that. and also, that question about those differences in those voters. mave reston joining me now. we had joel talking about hillary clinton struggling with the younger vote and doing well with the older vote. i don't know if the dynamics play the same where you are right now or all the money makes a difference but look. $3 million in 24 hours, that's nothing to sneeze at. it's just that hillary has a lot of money, too. >> reporter: that's absolutely true. but what it shows about bernie sanders support is an incredibly broad support, particularly small dollar donations. people across the country, the money pouring in.
9:15 am
think about $20 million in january alone. that shows in hard numbers the enthusiasm behind his campaign. young and older voters, too. it's fascinating. here is a huge advantage in new hampshire. a lot of young people really excited about his campaign. he, you know, out here in the dark as soon as he got off the plane and you just have the sense here that he's rolling into yet another victory which is going to put hillary clinton in a tough position as she rolls into the later states. >> so, quick question for you about closing the book on iowa. it was such a -- >> reporter: right. >> -- a squeaker and the talks of every page from every precinct looked at again but i'm not hearing that today. are we moving on? >> reporter: i don't think that we're moving on quiet. i think that that's much too razor thin for bernie sanders'
9:16 am
campaign to let it go. he was asked about this this morning on the "today" show and not which way the answer went. he was saying that he was all right with having lost and then perhaps it's not closed book so let's take a listen to that. >> she ends up getting about 22 delegates. we get about 20 delegates. we started that campaign about 40 or 50 points down. we ended up losing it by .2 of 1% and to tell you the truth, the iowa caucus so complicated it's not sure we didn't win it. we feel fantastic. we came a long, long way in iowa. and now we're in new hampshire. we have a lot of momentum. >> real quickly, would you contest those results? >> we're looking at it right now. >> so looks like there may be another chapter in the iowa story and we'll have to be watching for this as this race
9:17 am
rolls forward. >> oh, shades of election 2000. well, actually, no. shades of rick santorum in iowa. maeve reston, thank you. took weeks last time around. stick around, folks, if you will. we have something special for you next hour. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders himself is going to wolf blitzer for a live interview, 1:00 p.m. eastern time. don't go anywhere. up next, where the individual candidates are today could tell us a lot about what their strategy is going forward. believe it or not. geography matters. you heard that in school, didn't you? also, where, when and why. a top aide for senator marco rubio fresh off the strong showing in iowa tells us, now what? gets grilled, baked, and paired with even more lobster? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab,
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with iowa in the books, hopefully the history books, not really sure about that yet, the presidential battleground of the day is new hampshire. look at the coverage and this is only today. wow. most of the remaining candidates are appearing at support events, notably absent, though, donald trump. he decided to skip new hampshire today and hold a rally in
9:22 am
arkansas. one face that you did not see on that map, kentucky senator rand paul. because a couple of hours ago he made it official. he is out of the race. he is first post-iowa dropout. he finished fifth in the republican caucus and expected to focus on his bid for re-election to the senate. rand paul released this statement this morning telling supporters, quote, it's been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the white house. i was third place finisher on the republican side. is the target of a fresh wave of attack ads from fellow gop candidates. senator marco rubio is one of those all over the new hampshire map today. he, his rivals tearing into what they see, what they see as his lack of political experience. and the perceived kid gloves treatment by the media so far. rubio talked to cnn this morning. >> what people are going to
9:23 am
start realizing is i give us the best chance, my candidacy gives us the best chance to nominate a real conservative who can unite the party, grow the party, take our message to people that haven't voted for us in the past and ultimately defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the democrats know this. they admit that i am the one they don't want to run against and that's why i think ultimately i'll be our nominee. >> i should say governor huckabee also dropped out before the hangover of iowa and there are two post-iowa dropouts. drew klein is marco rubio's surrogate and the former front page editor at "the new hampshire union leader." drew joins me live now. thank you so much for being a part of the program today. i want to ask you about some of the news day, drew, if i can. that is, donald trump tweeting up a storm and saying that ted cruz stole the results in the election and other words in iowa. he's calling for a redo. he's not being super specific. he's tweeting about it. he hasn't filed paper work if
9:24 am
there is such a thing to do. there's never been a re-do of a caucus before. how would this affect marco rubio? does he care? >> i don't think it affects him at all. you know? it is not an issue. there won't be a recount. and it's silly. i don't think we -- i don't pay really a lot of attention to donald trump's tweets and i don't think a lot of people in new hampshire do either. >> do you think anything -- there's anything to the issue of cruz's folks standing up in caucuses and suggesting that carson may be out? even though carson wasn't? just because he decided to take a vacation, they were saying carson's out. >> i wasn't in iowa. you know? i'm a new hampshire guy. i think that's really for iowa people to talk about. you know, for me, trump is playing a game here. he needs an excuse not coming in first and the excuse is the other guy stole it. let's have a recount. very childish.
9:25 am
new hampshire voters are looking right now at which one of these more serious candidates they're going to choose. and, you know, as you know, new hampshire voters decide late. they really do make up their minds in these last few days and -- >> yeah. >> they're going to the events and trying to pick from among the more serious candidates. >> if they make their minds up late, do you think the name calling of chris christie calling your guy i think the boy in the bubble on a little stage with canned speeches and i think jeb bush said something akin to he doesn't have life experience. do you think that resonates with folks in new hampshire in the last few days? >> i find it interesting that candidates who claim to have maturity are starting to resort to school yard taunts. you know? it shows that rubio's -- he's in the best position to win new hampshire. he's in the best position to be the nominee. and the knives are coming out
9:26 am
because when you aren't getting traction in new hampshire, and look. christie has been here since the spring. he's held so many town halls. i don't know if anybody can keep count. he's still not really getting traction. people go to christie events. they come out and go, yeah, you know, he was interesting, funny but i'm still looking. >> he's still in it to win it. >> trying to gain traction. >> not dropping out. >> yeah, yeah. >> i don't know if you are surprised by this list but how many folks dropped out. perry, walker, jindal, graham, pita pitaki, huckabee and paul. i have to ask you, when's next? rand paul. who's next? >> oh, you know, i learned a long time ago in new hampshire not to make predictions. but if i were to guess, and it's not a prediction but a total guess i don't see a path for ben
9:27 am
carson at this point. >> would you get his voters? >> not saying he's dropped out. let me say. not saying he's dropped out but you don't see -- there is a no ben carson movement in new hampshire at all. i don't hear anybody talking about him. that would be my guess. but again, just a guess. >> i'm glad that you for emphasis reminded everybody you're not saying he dropped out because that's caused a lot of problems. drew, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> pleasure. coming up next, we are going to ask donald trump's campaign spokesperson about the twitter tirade. does he believe that cruz stole the caucus? what does trump say now that he should have done to come out a winner in iowa instead? that's next. quid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max.
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it is no surprise with 6 million some followers donald trump takes to twitter to attack the biggest rival and two days after his loss in iowa to texas senator ted cruz trump is saying he wants a do-over. trump tweeting among other things that cruz is a liar, that he committed fraud and that his results should be nullified. first thing this morning, trump tweeted, quote, ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. that is why all the polls were so wrong and why he got far more voting than anticipated. bad. now, he originally tweeted cruz illegally stole the election. but he took that word out in a
9:33 am
later post. and a host of other accusations followed, as well. katrina pearson is the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. thank you for doing this. i appreciate it. >> great to be here. new. >> first question, why did he delete the word illegally? it takes the tenor of what he is saying from something that's a legitimate accusation to just bluster. >> well, because the secretary of state did release concerns about one of the things that senator cruz did and not resolved yet and wanted to withdraw the statement for right now and what i'll say and echo some of the concerns of the carson campaign had. it was before caucus night and the cruz campaign was calling carson supporters trying to get them to switch support. carson didn't stand a chance anyway. there's things that happened in the caucus itself, too. what we're not talking about is the fact you didn't have to be a registered voter or show i.d. to cast a ballot. they were on white pieces of paper with no name and no way to
9:34 am
tie back a vote to a registered voter and things going on regarding the process of the caucus we won't know for about a week from now. >> let me just -- i'm sure you have seen this for but for the viewer who is nay not have seen it, there's a statement of rick tyler from the cruz communications camp and pretty serious. it said this. reality hit the reality tv star in iowa so nobody's talking about him now so he's trying to regain some attention on twitter. there are twitter addiction support groups. he should seek out his local chapter. the interview right before you live on this program from the rubio camp was that this was silly. when's your response to both of those responses from trump's competitors? >> well, i think that one of the thing that is voters do appreciate are fair elections. it's been one thing, particularly in the grassroots and very important. you have organizations like true the vote and others out there that want to ensure that we have fair elections. and any time there's been an unfair election, the grassroots
9:35 am
get upset because the gop doesn't fight it. we have a candidate questioning the process, in fact, you didn't have to show i.d. or even be a resident of the area to cast a ballot. so you have someone question the integrity of the caucus now and i think that's good for the grassroots. >> let me ask you this. your candidate had a news conference last night and sarah marie asked him if he relied on too much lcelebrity and not the ground game and that's the mechanics of professional election work. the grassroots people on the ground, the machine that's in place. when he answered it didn't seem like he understood what the ground game was because the answer was, maybe i should have spent more time in iowa. i'm curious if he knows what the ground guam means, the professional election work, if he's employing that in new hampshire and i'll just add to that, why is he in arkansas today? >> to answer the first part of the question, mr. trump was outspent by about 20 to 1 and
9:36 am
still had more votes than romney and previous winners. but he didn't spend a lot of money in iowa. he didn't visit 99 counties and one of the reasons is initially mr. trump wasn't even expected to place in the top ten in iowa. that state was a carve-out specifically designed for a candidate like ted cruz so he didn't spend a lot of time and money early on. as we began to get closer and mr. trump started to gain more traction in the polls, maybe we could have spent more money in iowa but we didn't and skipping the debate may have hurt. may didn't. >> my question is does he understand the true ground game? employing the workers, many sheens, data collection, the door knockers. not just visiting or showing up or going to a rally. like does he understand what that machine is? >> yes. to give you an example, it is about spending, too. your ground game does cost money. he spent a little over a quarter million and somebody like ted
9:37 am
cruz spent about $3 million or $4 million. there's a difference in the ground game coming with funding and if mr. trump spent more money on the ground game maybe a greater turnout. at the end of the day, the amount of money spent per vote, mr. trump came out ahead. >> i love having you on because you're succinct and answer the question and i get to ask a lot of questions and you're invited back any day. >> thank you. hillary versus bernie here on cnn. will they be a lot less cardinal this time around? we'll take a look ahead to the critical cnn town hall coming days before the next big vote in state number two, new hampshire. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. i am a lot of things. i am her best friend.
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we are eight hours in just a couple of minutes away from that rarest of political opportunities where the candidates for president make their case by answering specific ques, not just from journalists, folks. from voters, real voters. instead of talking over each other and screaming into cameras at a debate. this is a cnn democratic town hall at 9:00 p.m. eastern time in derri, new hampshire. don't forget, the two meet face to face after a nail biter, a nail biter in iowa. my colleague brianna keilar is live at the venue. i want you to set the stage for me as to how everything's going to be set up for them tonight. how's this going to be different, specifically when it comes to how those two are going to change their messages given what happened in iowa. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right, so what we'll see tonight and i should say starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, anderson cooper is moderating. but as you mentioned, this is
9:43 am
largely driven by new hampshire citizens, locals who have questions of the candidates and probably my favorite kind of forrum talking about the candidates answering questions because they really have to answer them and it's -- i think it becomes so obvious if they don't when a voter is asking a question of them that they have a stake in, they have an interest in and you really get to observe the candidates and how they answer and this very unique environment. i think we are going to see hillary clinton pushing back on this idea that bernie sanders is put out today on the fact that he basically says sometimes she's a progressive and sometimes she's a moderate. we have heard hillary clinton push back on that. he's trying to create daylight between them. we'll have emphasizing a lot on guns and emphasizing bernie sanders more moderate stake on guns. it was actually here in new hampshire that she unvailed her position on that. a couple of months ago.
9:44 am
i think that's a place where she thinks that she can make inroads and she really has inroads to make. you have seen the polls, ashleigh. she is well behind bernie sanders here. >> let me ask you something. a lot of those words subtle and some of those kinds of changes in message subtle. on the republican side, it is not subtle at all. they're saying liar, thief, you know, all these other kinds of strident things. do the voters in your estimation, do they hear the subtleties and keep note coming time to make their choices? >> reporter: you know, i think they do, especially when you're talking about a state that is really paying attention to what the candidates are saying right now. a lot of people don't even turn their attention, though, until it's about time for them to vote. so even looking towards south carolina and nevada, i think voters there aren't quite as zoned in as folks in new hampshire are. they really are. i mean, this is a place that
9:45 am
sort of they breathe politics and they're used to meeting these candidates face to face. a lot of times they'll say, you know, i really want to meet them and hear what they have to say and i think they make the distinctions. there's also something more broadly and we saw it in the entrance polls of iowa. they want the authenticity. i think certainly some of the trustworthiness and the doubts about hillary clinton so a lot of people are trying to actually, you know, meet her or meet bernie sanders and really judge for themselves in a way that is, you know, maybe a luxury for people all over the country and sort of just part of the regular political process here in new hampshire. >> sure is fun. you have a great assignment and at the old opera house, too. appreciate it. be sure tonight, guys, to tune in 9:00 p.m. when the democratic candidates, all two of them will go face to face with new hampshire voters. a democratic presidential town hall in derry, new hampshire.
9:46 am
anderson cooper will moderate. anything can happen. it's live and the mikes handed out to real voters tonight 9:00 eastern only on cnn. and any moment i also want to remind you that president obama is set to give a speech at the islamic society of baltimore. this is a live picture from inside the event right now. the speech is important because it marks the first time that president obama has visited a mosque inside the united states during his entire presidency. so we're going to bring that to you live to hear some of his messaging when that happens. we are back right after this.
9:47 am
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9:50 am
another big story today for us on "legal view." bill cosby, he was in court for a second day in pennsylvania because a judge has to decide if
9:51 am
those sexual assault charges that he is facing right now might end up being tossed out completely. this case dates back to 2004, and an accuser named andrea constan. she claims that cosby drugged her and assaulted her in his home in pennsylvania after he invited her there to talk about her professional future. cnn legal analyst and defense attorney joey jackson joins me now. this is a really intriguing case because it is so incredibly rare to see a prosecutor get up on the stand as a witness and actually be arguing about what another prosecutor wants to do. can you give me the "reader's digest" version on what's going on? >> let's take it from here. cosby's team is asserting in the most vigorous way that the case needs to be dismissed. why? their assertion is there was a non-prosecution agreement, so in order to get at the heart of that, you would think, there might be a written instrument, a
9:52 am
written document, which would suggest that the commonwealth cannot prosecute him. ah. therein lies the rub. there is no such agreement. as a result of that -- >> but, hold on, there's no such agreement. >> written agreement. >> this is where i have to ask -- i don't get what all these prosecutors are doing in their offices every day with all that paper that we see them carrying back and forth in giant briefcases, but i understand it to be a kind of technical process. if you make an agreement with someone and say i will not prosecute you if you sit down and you give testimony under oath about an issue -- >> then it should be in writing. that's your assertion. >> it should be in writing, but this prosecutor said i just made the agreement. it binds us. none of my successors can do anything about that. >> he felt that an agreement was not necessary under these circumstances, and so the next question becomes, well, where did you not prosecute cosby. why? why didn't you do it? i think he had some legitimate reasons. a, he said she came a year later. the significance of that is it
9:53 am
denied him the ability to get the type of physical evidence that would be necessary if are you asserting you were drugged. the next issue, not only did she come a year later, but he is then asserting there were inconsistencies in her statements. like what? like it happened in march of 2004 or it happened in january of 2004, and, finally, the third issue that mr. caster, the former d.a., were concerned about was that there was some extortion going on in that she contacted a civil attorney prior to moving forward criminally. those are the concerns. >> i have one minute left. jean casarez has been at the courthouse, but there is one thing that i saw that was so interesting. when you see bill cosby walking into a courtroom holding on to two big men beside him and a cane, there's a lot to the optics. 20 seconds left. does it matter one hoot this situation? >> those optics elizabeth matter. what will matter is what happened today very briefly, and that was his civil attorney saying there would be no way that there was a lack of an agreement in writing or not that i would have allowed him to sit for that deposition in the event
9:54 am
that i knew he could be prosecuted. judge has a lot to decide. he'll be making a decision later today. >> you'll have to stand by for all the other shows to continue to cover it. >> look forward to it. >> thank you for watching, everybody. nice to have you. i'm going to hand the baton over to my colleague wolf blitzer, who starts right after this break. victoria maxwell knows what it's like to be called names. this actress, who once worked on "the x files" was in denial for five years. >> i was hearing things, seeing things, believing things that weren't there. >> victoria has bipolar disorder which can cause severe episodes of mania, even hallucinations. >> i ran down the street naked looking for god in a psychosis, and even that did not wake me up. >> reporter: a nurse convinced her to seek therapy. it took two and a half years to find the right medication. >> there's a big stigma of being on psychiatric drugs, but somehow it's because i can't cope, i'm on medication.
9:55 am
no, it's because i have certain kind of system, and in order to function really well, i need medicine. >> in 2001 she saw a flyer for a disability festival and entered. >> schizophrenic man attacks police. i mean, they never splash the headline diabetic man attacks police. >> for the past 15 years victoria has performed her critically acclaimed shows to help remove the stigma of mental illness. an illness she knows all too well. >> to me it's about rediscovering swroi in your life, and a lot of people don't ever find that chance even if they don't have a mental illness. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing.
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>> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. thanks very much for joining us. we start with an event for president obama for the first time in his seven years in
10:00 am
office the president is now visiting a mosque inside the united states. it comes at a time when anti-muslim sentiment is growing and religious tolerance, at least in some corners, is waning. president obama arrived at the islamic society of baltimore late this morning. he is now meeting with community leaders. he is expected to deliver formal remarks at any moment now. we'll have live coverage of the president visiting this mosque. let's go to our white house correspondent michelle kazinski. she's joining us now live. set the scene for us. seven wreerz into his presidency he decided to visit a mosque. what kind of a decision was so late in this presidency? >> we asked that question to the white house, and they didn't have an answer to that. why hasn't he done this before? they wanted to focus on the reasons now. you know, look at the timing of it. he recently -- he has a prayer breakfast tomorrow. they felt like the scene was right for this kind of visit at


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