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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 3, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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super pac received $25 million, $15 million of that came from wall street. i will let the american people determine what all of that means. >> she also says she is a progressive. she says she gets things done. you said -- just recently you said she is a progressive on some days, to which she relied -- i'll play the clip for you, senator. listen to this. >> little disappointed, to be honest, yesterday. it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said n response to a question, well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some days. we've been fighting the progressive fight and getting results for people for years! so i hope we keep it on the issues. because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win
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by a landslide on tuesday. >> all right. you just heard what she said. i'll repeat it. she said because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a land slide on tuesday. your reaction? >> let's talk about -- okay. let me talk about what two things. what i said is simply repeating what she said. i believe, if i'm not mistaken she was in the midwest. and what she said is i am a moderate. i'm not -- that's what she said. some days she says she's a progressive. on that particular day she said she is a moderate. you can be a moderate, that's fine. or you can be a progressive. but you can't be both. second, most progressives that i know do not raise millions of dollars from wall street. most progressives that i know are firm from day one in opposition to the trans-pacific partnership, the tpp agreement. they didn't have to think about it a whole lot. they were opposed to the keystone pipeline from day one.
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didn't have to vacillate on that issue. most prostives historically were against the war in iraq. most progressives were against the so-called defense of marriage act way back in 1996. those are issues that, you know, secretary clinton has not been all that progressive about. >> she does say she's been a progressive since she finished law school and went to work for the children's defense fund. you've heard her say that many times, right? >> right. and i applaud her work. look. i mean, god only knows we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth. half the kids in our public schools are on free or reduced lunch programs. we need a lot of work for our children. and i applaud the secretary for her work on kids and for many many other areas. but i think in terms of comparing records you are looking at the guy who took on wall street and opposed deregulation, who today believes we have got to break up these
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huge financial institutions which once again are too big to fail. you are looking at the guy who does believe that health care in america is a right of all people, and wants to pass a medicare for all single payer system. you are looking at the guy unlike secretary clinton, who believes that we should expand social security benefits by lifting the cap on taxable income. you are looking at the guy who believes we should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and create millions of good paying jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. and you are looking at somebody who is not just talking the talk on campaign finance. i am walking the walk, as you've just mentioned. i don't have a super pac. i don't want wall street money. those are some very substantial differences between secretary clinton and myself. >> quick couple questions before i let you go, senator. i know you have got a lot going on, including that cnn town hall tonight with anderson cooper and
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the voters in new hampshire. you now say you will be participating in that democratic presidential debate tomorrow night. did you get the commitments from secretary clinton you wanted about three additional democratic presidential debates down the road? >> yes. to the best of my knowledge, we have. we didn't get all of the commitments that i wanted. we got california. we got michigan. and that's good. i wanted a debate in new york city. secretary clinton represented new york state, i believe, for seven years in the senate. new york city is our largest city. i would have loved to have a didn't in that city. but secretary clinton has not agreed to do that. but i believe we are looking at a debate, perhaps, in pennsylvania or somewhere else. but we do have her commitment, as i understand it for three additional debates. >> good. that's good to hear. the pattern public likes these debates. one final question. i get this from some of our sorters. you are 74-year-old, young
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people came out overwhelmingly for you. a lot of people wonder why did you wait so long to run? why not four years ago, eight years ago, 12 years ago? inny now? >> i am running for president of the united states as i said many, many times. not because i wake up in the morning because bernie sanders has to be president, that's not it. i'm running for president because the crises facing this country, income inequality, corruption campaign finance system, the dangers of climate change a broken criminal justice system, et cetera -- the problems are so severe that i honestly believe in my heart, as somebody who respects and likes secretary clinton, you know, media tries to create this, you know, attack mode. i respect her. but i just believe it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. we need leadership now, which is prepared to take on corporate america whose agreed has done so
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much damage to this country, taking on wall street. that's what we need, and that's why i'm running. >> all right senator. thank you for joining us. senator bernie sanders. we'll see you at the cnn town hall later on tonight in new hampshire. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, we'll hear from the clinton press secretary brian fallon. he will be talking to brooke baldwin. that's come up. so stay tuned for that. joining us now, a little discussion of what we just heard. joining us our political strategist, angela rye, and cnn political commentator s.e. cup. set. your meet reaction to what we just heard? the differences between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> he did a great job of laying them out. i think what might be a little too late is his decision to really go after hillary clinton and not all that decisively. you heard him there when you asked him about the super pac and accepting money.
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hillary clinton, you know, accepting money from wall street. he said i'm not -- i'll let the american people fill in that decision, make up their own minds. hillary clinton and her surrogates have been brutal against bernie. she says she wants to talk about the issues. she has insinuated he is sexist. she had one campaign surrogate insinuate that he's racist. it's time for bernie if he actually want to get these messages across and actually wants to be president to take her on. he is unwilling to do that. >> angela? >> i disagree kind of. i think he has taken her on. i think this latest line of attack about her being a progressive sometimes and moderate sometimes will be particularly effective when you think about the folks who said, when they were going into the caucuses that they would support bernie sanders. 80% of young people are doing that because some of them are very, very idealistic, and in some ways unrealistically optimistic. i think the other challenge you
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have is when people dig into the numbers, when senator clinton was in the senate with bernie sanders, their voting records were pretty closely aligned. we are talking about a 39% voting record that was the same. so i think he has to drill down and focus on where those differences are and what matters now. i think that one other challenge i have, and i hear this every time he talks is the campaign finance reform. i don't think that's a top five issue for the american people. it sound good but i don't know how much that means. >> he underscored several difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. guys, stand bichlt you can see a whole lot more of bernie sanders and hillary clinton later tonight. both of these democratic presidential candidates will take part in a cnn presidential town hall moderated by anand cooper. that's tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. we've got breaking news out there on the republican presidential campaign trail. sources now telling cnn that the former pennsylvania senator rick
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santorum is preparing to drop out of the race for the white house. he is expected to make the official announcement later this evening. this decision comes hours after kentucky senator rand paul anournsed he was also suspending his presidential campaign. john king is our chief national correspondent the anchor of cnn inside politics. joining us on the phone. you got the news, you broke the news. tell us what you know. >> reporter: i'm told by two republican sources involved in this that senator santorum will do a interview tonight on another network and suspend his campaign for the prezi. i'm also told ellen doris. we don't know what ellen doris. as you know we lost senator rand paul from the race, and now rick santorum will announce. he came in bottom of the pack in
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iowa. he was planning to go on to south carolina. the original plan was to stipulate new hampshire and go to the more conservative state of south carolina. they did a reassessment and found there is not support and fund-raising has dried up. unlike senator paul what says he is not planning to endorse at least in the short-term, senator santorum will give another candidate his blessing tonight. >> we'll see who that is. john king breaking the news for us. rick santorum will suspend his inkpa. earlier, huckabee suspended his campaign, as well as rand paul. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i will ebe back at 5:00 p.m. eastern. lots more information coming up in the situation room. let's go to brooke baldwin. she's got much more news coming up right now. brooke?
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wolf, thank you so much. good to be with you on this wednesday. i am brooke baldwin. donald trump calling for a new election in iowa, accusing ted cruz of fraud. hear how cruz is responding to this. also, a pretty stunning turn in jeb bush's presidential hopes. some of his allies on capitol hill now making a big admission about bush's fall. and one columnist suggesting hillary clinton should skip new hampshire all together, something she says is not going to happen. we'll debate. that you are watching cnn's special live coverage. back in a flash. e about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. all right. we're back. you are watching cnn here. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. more breaking news in the world of politics today. in the wake of the iowa caucuses, a couple of republicans have officially dropped out of the race. as you know, huckabee, and paul, and now we're learning from john king, according to two of his sources we now know former pennsylvania senator rick santorum will be dropping out of the race. he is expected to make an endorsement as he leaves the
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race. who will he throw his support behind? let me bring in m.j. lee who has been out and about on the trail. also standing by is daniel knew howser, a cornerer for the national journal for his respond as well. m.j., to you first. tell me more. what do we know about this rick santorum news and and i think rick santorum, the last time we saw him beyond iowa was standing behind donald trump at that fund-raiser the night of the debate. >> that's right, brooke. the ild field is starting to winnow at this point in the race. as you said rick santorum is going to drop out of the 2016 as our john king is reporting. he may be making an announcement around the time he is announcing that. from what we know, he is going to make that announcement tonight. rick santorum won by with a four years ago. and four years later he finds himselfn a very different
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situation. he finished at the bottom of the pack two days ago in iowa. did not do, certainly not as well as he did four years ago when he actually won the state. i think the question for him, really, and for these other candidates that have dropped out, like mike huckabee, like rand paul, was is there a lane for me in this crowded sflas i'm clearly the decision for santorum was that there was not a lane for him and not a pat forward. whoever he does end up en ---ing, in a could be a powerful endorsement. the guy who won iowa four years ago, who has clout among the conservative evangelicals that is something for us to be watching out for carefully. >> stand by. i have more for but. daniel, your reaction to this news, a. and b, who do you think senator santorum endorses? >> we know that santorum has really staked his claim to the evangelical pro-life christian values segment of the republican
11:18 am
party. so i think he would almost certainly only align himself with somebody who would sort of espouse the same principles and who he could perhaps bring some of his evangelical voters and other people who care about pro-life matters such as that. >> so ted cruz? >> i mean, it's a po. like emjay said we saw him at the trump rally. i would have to put it between one of those two guys especially since they finished pretty highly in iowa. >> okay. daniel, stay with me. emjay, ping-ponging back to you. i wanted to ask you about this, donald trump is calling out ted cruz, accusing him of stealing the iowa caucuses, committing voter fraud to defeat him. this morning trump tweeted quote based on the fraud committed by senator cruz during the iowa caucus either a new election should take place or cruz's results nullified. i want you to hear what trump said today in an interview on a
11:19 am
boston radio show. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man has just left the race. and he said it during the caucus. >> right. >> and then when the clarification, when a statement was put up by ben carson saying it's untrue they got the statement and put it out. a lot of people didn't think i should go to iowa and i came in -- actually i probably came in first, if you think about it. >> how is the ted cruz campaign responding to that. >> donald trump not admitting he lost iowa, wanting a rematch. let me explain the back story. what happens is during the iowa caucuses ben carson's campaign told cnn that carson would be returning home to florida instead of going straight to new hampshire or south carolina or where the next contests are being held. now the cruz campaign seized on this news and basically
11:20 am
suggested that carson may be dropping out soon and encouraged carson supporters to rote for cruz, all while the caucuses were still taking place. i want to make it very clear, cnn never reported that carson in fact we made it very clearly that he was simply returning home briefly before coming back on the campaign trail. trump is now using this news to basically call for a rematch and to accuse cruz of having stolen the election. i want to read for you what rick tyler, cruz's communications said in response. a pretty entertaining statement. he said, quote, reality has hit the reality tv star in iowa, so nobody's talking about him now. so he's trying to regain some attention on twitter. there are twitter addiction support groups, so he should seek out his local chapter. there you have it. never a dull day on the 2016 campaign trail. >> you have your work cut out for you, following all these different storylines, narrative.
11:21 am
thank you so much. let's move on from that. daniel is waiting in the wings. moment up is everything, right, you don't have to tell that to marco rubio who is riding the wave right into new hampshire. after a strong third place finish in iowa, his surprising showing putting him fair square in the face of his rivals. here's donald trump on ted cr . >> they are going to push the themes they want to push. they are going to push the candidates they want to push. and the washington cartel has its favorite candidates. >> that was ted cruz. you have chris christie taking fresh swipes at rubio a short time ago in new hampshire. >> when he gets in front of folks at houn town hall meetings he does a drop by. that's like a drive by town hall, man. 45 minutes. you know, marco rubio is the master of the drive by town hall. give the canned speech i've been giving for six years. look at it. it's the same speech he gave
11:22 am
when he announced for the senate, same speech as when he nominated mitt romney. the same speech he gave when he announced running for the president. we are he a just one day away from groundhog day but every day is groundhog day in the rubio campaign. >> this as the bush campaign has a full page add featuring a letter from former and current speakers floor. the add reads in part, take it from the people who know marco and jeb best. governor bush is the leader we need to make america safer, stronger and freer. but on the flip side, a number of bush supporters may be reevaluating. let me bring back daniel knew howser with the national journal. daniel, reading your piece when you name all these different washington officials, members of congress. early on jeb bush backers, now reevaluating -- is that the right word?
11:23 am
>> i would -- yeah. reevaluating is a good word for it. i mean i talked to one member, pete sessions a chairman of the house republican rules committee. he said, you know, yeah i'm in jeb bush's corner but that's ten months ago. he hasn't performed like he was expecting to. now rubio is kind of speaking to me. it's not surprising that bush is trying to distance himself from rubio because it's rubio nipping at the heels of bush's supporters. >> the if game would be when you look ahead less than a week to the new hampshire primary, if bush doesn't place well, let's consider well higher than marco rubio, how quickly to be anticipate the jeb backing exodus to occur and allegiance to quit. >> i have had many tell me it can't last past south carolina. some of them have ties to the family.
11:24 am
some have known jeb for long time. members of congress from florida who have been personally helped from him. nobody likes to back a losing candidate. if it becomes apparent that people need to start lining up behind a different establishment candidate people have put it to me that this is going to happen, and this is a quote, soon. >> daniel knew howser thank you so much. we should chat again post south carolina. still ahead now, hillary clinton speaking right now in new hampshire. here she is ahead of tonight's town hall against bernie sanders here on the on cnn. she addresses those who say she should skip new hampshire all together. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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just about half past the hour here on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank for being with me. in just a couple of hours the only two democrats remaining in this race for the white house are set to make their closing arguments before new hampshire voters in a live primetime cnn town hall. bernie sanders is heavily favored to win in the state just next door to his home turf in vermont. cnn's poll of polls shows him with a nearly 20 point lead over rival hillary clinton. but after eking out such a narrow victory in iowa, the closest in history, by the way, clinton is looking to close the gap against sanders all the while embracing her usual underdog status here. clinton, along with thousands of her volunteers fanning out across new hampshire. voters there head to the polls in the nation's first primary next tuesday. today she told supporters
11:30 am
sanders doesn't stand a chance if voters compare their records. >> we've been fighting the progressive fight and getting results for people for years. so i hope we keep it on the issues, because if it's about our records, hey, i'm gonna win by a land slide on tuesday. >> cnn senior political correspondent briana keiler is live in dairy new hampshire the side of tonight's town hall. i spoke too quickly, i meant to say unusual underdog status. she is definitely in this to win this. briana, since now it's down to two, walk me through sanders and clinton, who has the most to gain or to lose by answering questions tonight from vitaers. >> sanders has at most to lose if this is an evening that goes for hillary clinton. she has the most to gain when
11:31 am
you are looking at our most recent poll of the race here. this is the one where sanders has the best chance by far. more than 20 points up on clinton looking that the last poll. that's why hillary clinton is really embracing these moments to talk to not only people here in match but also people across the country. so this town hall tonight, you will be hearing from bernie sanders. he'll have his time answering questions from new hampshire voters. then hillary clinton will go separately. and it's this really unique forum. i particularly like it because i think it takes our viewers into this bread and butter of retail politics, which is this town hall forum. this is what these candidates do in these early primary states. they go, they talk to people. they answer questions directly. and you are going to see that playing out tonight with what i'm sure are some rather unpredictable quoes. there is always some really interesting moments in this kind of forum. anderson cooper is going to be moderating. he is going to be asking some questions and following up, but
11:32 am
really it is new hampshire voters who are going to be driving this conversation, brooke. >> you are right. it's nice, no time constraints, no jabbing from rivals standing up against them behind the podium. let's broaden this out. with hillary clinton down in the polls against bernie sanders in new hampshire there are questions to whether or not she should just campaign her campaign train moving along and not even really spend much time in new hampshire. to that notion, hillary clinton just said this. >> a lot of political pundits have been opining, as political pundits do, that i should have just skipped coming to new hampshire because, well, you know, their argument is -- and it's got -- it's got some strength to it. their argument is, look, you are behind here. i am. you're in your opponent's
11:33 am
backyard. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> okay. let's talk about precisely that. i have with me john hudak, senior fellow at the brookings institution and democratic strategist jamal simmons. gentlemen nice to have you on. john, to you first, the opining political pundit, to borrow a phrase from hillary clinton just there. it's precisely your suggestion, skip new hampshire. tell me why you think camp clinton should do that. >> well, in new hampshire, as the secretary says she is down in the polls of it is a tough five. it's going to be tough to beat bernie sanders there. but what's modern a is that she needs to change the fairtive. the narrative right now is that her campaign having tubl, hit the skids. but the reality is she is still the front-runner, well funded and needs to do everything she
11:34 am
can could transform that media narrative. and being something bold and skipping new hampshire and moving to a place where bernie sanders is struggling, south carolina or nevada would be a benefit of her. of course she disagrees. >> part of your thesis if i read it directly was pertaining to this suspicious character in the west wing and how that perhaps could work out for you. at the same time when you throw down a bunch of surrogates in a state and she doesn't spend a lot of time there that may not bode well for you. jamal, let me have you respond to that. >> first of all john gets the golden megaphone award today for having a presidential candidate respond to something he said or wrote. that's a big deal. >> there you go. >> there you go. you know, listen, she is running for president of the united states, not president of a few states. i think new hampshire is a big deal because we all believe it to be a big deal. and there's something about that state that opens up the clinton's. it's true for bill clinton in 1992. it was true for hillary clinton in 2008.
11:35 am
and it gave us a window into hillary clinton and her fight and her soul. she almost teared up at that rally. and that really connected people to her in that campaign. i think there is something romantic and emotional about that state for them. she should stay there, fight for it and at least close the gap a little bit. >> i'm sure she will fight for it, john. but i think part of your idea is -- listen, you look at the polls and she is down by double digits. her big focus is south carolina, nevada, and beyond. how does she take that cnn town hall tonight, create this opening, answer questions directly from new hampshire voters with her eyes on a bigger prize? >> one of the most interesting things about secretary clinton over the past few days -- this started before the iowa caucuses and you are hearing it now in new hampshire is this new passion, new enthusiasm, this new anger and excitement that she is exploring all at once. and if she can continue that into the town hall tonight and outperform bernie sanders, not just in message, but in theater,
11:36 am
she's going to do well and she can close that gap. as long as she closes the gap enough where the narrative coming out of new hampshire is she did well, then it's a pretty good strategy. but if she comes out of new hampshire looking damaged it's one more media cycle she and her campaign are going to have to plod through. >> jamal -- let me just let everyone know we just received a statement from the sanders campaign on this notion of skipping new hampshire saying it's basically an insult for the clinton campaign to even suggest voters in new hampshire are only supporting him because he is from neighboring vermont. do you think that's a valid point that it's more than gee graev. >> it is spin. but there is a historical fact here which is that people from neighboring states tend to do well in new hampshire. you can't really run away from that. brooke, there is this underlying negative message about hillary clinton that's been doing on for a long time which is that she kind of does whatever it takes for her to win politically and she won't stick.
11:37 am
if she were to leave new hampshire, not parity participate or fight hard there that would enforce that message. for her, sticking fighting is what people need to see from her to see she cares about something and he's going the fight for it. that's why i think it's important for her to stay. >> jamal and john thank you. as we are talking new hampshire tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders answer questions directly from the voters at the cnn presidential town hall in dairy, new hampshire. the event will be moderated by and an cooper. tune in tonight at 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. coming up next, we just heard from bernie sanders himds himself moments ago talking to wolf blitzer telling him he is standing behind his claim questioning hillary clinton's progressive record. well, her spokesman joins me live to respond to that next.
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new hampshire has been quite kind to hillary clinton and bill clinton in past elections. but this go around polls show bernie sanders has double digit lead over clinton in the state. clinton has tried to seahawk those numbers up to new hampshire's proximity to vermont, sanders' home state but she is also beefing up her ground game there. she is sending 150 new staffers and repeating word that appeals to liberal voters there, the word being progressive. but her rival takes issue with that label. senator sanders just speaking with wolf blitzer addressing that. >> you can be a moderate, that's fine. you can be a progressive. but you can't be both. second point, wolf, is most progressives that i know really do not raise millions of dollars from wall street. most progressives that i know are firm from day one in opposition to the trans-pacific partnership, the tpp agreement. they didn't have to think about it a whole lot. they were opposed to the
11:43 am
keystone pipeline from day one. didn't have to vacillate on that issue. most progressives historically were against the war in iraq. >> let's get a response from brian fallan. he is the press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign. brian, nice to see you there in new hampshire. just out of the gate, your response to senator sanders? >> well, it's unfortunate that in the last few weeks after pledging to run a different type of campaign senator sanders has increasingly turned personal. you've heard him engage in some insults against hillary clinton. he likened her to dick cheney for instance. he has called her integrity into question with respect to financial reform. and -- >> is that personal -- just to be clear, brian, is that personal attacks or is that really just over policy? >> no. it's -- it's a personal attack, to question hillary clinton's commitment to progressive values
11:44 am
when she's made a career out of fighting for women and children. this was someone who her first job out of law school after going to yale law school and having her pick of jobs out in the corporate law world instead went to the children's defense fund. went to alabama to investigate the degree to which the government from was thumbing their nose at court imposted desegregation of the schools. she went and registered voters had in the latino community. as first lady she took on the drug companies. and worked to pass children's health insurance for 8 million kids. she has made a career of this. i don't think this will be an effective line of attack. it doesn't ring true to democratic voters. >> i understand she said she was a progressive since law school. but then she said this in september. >> i guess accused of being kind of moderate and center. i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's important when you are in the elected
11:45 am
arena, you try to figure out how do you bring people together to get something done instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other. >> so moderate and center, or progressive? senator sanders says you can't be both, brian. so which is it? >> she's a progressive who likes to get things done. and as you heard in the latter part of that comment there, she's not try to admit that when it comes to governing, to get actual results on these progressive values that both she and senator sanders share sometimes that means working across the aisle to get thing done. and that's the track record that she is, which i think is in stark contrast to senator sanders who spent two decades in washington talking about the ideals that they share but having little to show for it. >> you believe it is possible to be both mod ral and progressive. >> she is a proogive through and
11:46 am
through, a progressive who likes to get things done. and sometimes that means meeting people in the middle to get things done. and that's coma what she'll do as president. >> let me move on to this whole should she or should she not skip new hampshire. we hearder saying today i cannot ever skip new hampshire. i cannot imagine not being there. being there is one thing. being competitive brian, is another. do you think a new hampshire win is within her reach? are you seeing numbers the rest of us are not? >> it is an uphill fight for sure. it's going to be tough. we are competing in new hampshire. we will be here every day. it's important for hillary clinton. she came here on monday night. she is doing events tonight, three different events prior to the town hall on cnn. she is going to be back out there tomorrow. she is going to pour her heart into this campaign in this state because there is a lot of personal affection among both clintons for the state of new hampshire. that said, it is certainly a case of home field advantage for
11:47 am
senator sanders. like i mention he has been a statewide elected official in vermont for a long time. >> he called that an insult by the way, pointing out the vermont connection. >> i don't think there is any doubt there is a home field advantage here for senator sanders and the polls show it. we know that we're down but we are going to fight like heck over the next week and we'll see what happens. it will be tough for news final question, what do you think -- looking back from '08 to 206, what do you think the difference is with hillary clinton on the trail fighting for her party's nomination here? >> i think that we are now seven years into president barack obama's administration and we have made some great inroads on some of those great progressive causes that both hillary clinton and senator sanders talk about out on the campaign trail. we passed the affordable care act, dodd frank financial reform. the president has taken serious steps to improve our immigration laws so that we can grant relief
11:48 am
to these folks that are here through dappa and dhaka, the executive actions he has taken. and there is going to lot on the line in this election. democratic voters i think are going to prioritize the candidate who will protect the gains we've made under president obama and fight for progressive change to continue those advances. hillary clinton is the one candidate in this race who mass a proven record on achieving results on all the progressive areas that democrats care about. that's what's going to be on the minds of the voters in these closing days in new hampshire. >> brian we will see you in new hampshire, less than a week away. as you mentioned on the towel hand this evening. coming up next sh for some make or break candidates like jeb bush or chris christie, what are some kitchen sink strategies? you know, what if anything could they do to make sure they get a ticket out of new hampshire? we'll discuss.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
bowl, and with silicon valley so close to the game we are looking at high-tech companies are
11:53 am
changing sports. corey wire is live in san francisco. tell me, what's changing? >> reporter: hi brooke. good to see you. beautiful day here in super bowl system all week long we've been highlighting some of the forward thinking folks who are changing the world of sports with advancements in technology. today we have a woman who developed a new app to find long distance fans find eep other. check out this report. >> the idea came from my own pain points as a sports fan. i am a huge san antonio spurs fan living in the bay area. while i was a data scientist, i got play with cool data. i founded that half of all san antonio spurs fans live outside of texas. i was one of them. i didn't expect that nobody to be so high. i thought there are so many fans like me, over half of all fans in the united states live outside of the state of their
11:54 am
favorite team. i wanted to create a plarm for them to be able to discover one another n. terms of other sports apps, what separates mine from those is that we are really focused on social discovery and helping give fans the voice to share their opinions and build a community of sfwel gent sports fans. we are really built on chatter, which is a voting model for fans to be able to decide what the most interesting content is so it can surface to the average fan when they want to see it. it's a great way to communicate with other fans during a game and have everything all in one place while you are watching the game. >> reporter: it is catching momentum. the company was recently named the best sports start-up at the mit sloan sports analytics conference. it supports the mlb, the nba, the nfl, and it's a free download. go to the app store and google play. >> very cool, corey wire, thank you. coming up next, back to
11:55 am
politics. donald trump saying he was the real winner in iowa and that the ted cruz campaign committed gradual. are there legal allegations resulting from these allegations. also, rick santorum is expected to drop out of the race soon and officially endorse one of his republican rivals. who could it be? we have details next. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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the next hour. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke ball win. thank you for being with me here. we begin with break news in the world of politics. the raunl race for president losing another candidate. first we learned this morning senator rand paul would be dropping. now we are getting word according to our host, john king that it is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum also dropping out. watching and waiting to see who he will throw his support behind. dana bass just caught up to marco rubio reacting to the santorum news. >> is rick santorum going to endorse you as he drops out of the race? >> i don't know. >> would you like if it he did. >> sure. like i said i haven't heard the reports so i don't even know they are true. >> all right. we will talk to dana barb momentarily. she is getting reaction as we
12:01 pm
are learning rick santorum will be out. let me now bring in mark meadows, north carolina congressman supporting ted cruz. so congressman, nice to see you, sir? >> it's great to see you. thanks so much. great to be with you. >> good deal. let's dwin with this news here that santorum is the next to fall. first, your response to that? >> well, senator santorum is a personal friend, a good man. obviously, we've campaigned together. he is somebody who i respect and the vast majority of americans respect. and so he is elevated the debate. so i'm sad to see him go. but as we start to coalesce around a few candidates, it was expected. not that he would be stepping out now, but he's certainly a very capable articulate individual. >> he won iowa, as you know, the last go-around. he has a strong following, especially among the highly covetted evangelical bloch. i'm wondering if anyone from the
12:02 pm
ted cruz camp has reached out to senator santorum? is this an endorsement you would support? >> it's certainly an endorsement i would support. i hope that senator santorum considers ted cruz. obviously, their values are greatly aligned. not just with evangelicals, but with the vast majority of grassroots, certainly in north carolina where i'm from, but from florida to new york to california, it's really those conservative solutions that americans are looking for. they want to make sure that main street is taken care of, not k street. >> congressman meadows do me a favor, please, and stand by. i'm going to pivot back to dana bash who is standing by with news from the rand paul campaign. logical dana bash. what do you know? >> hey there, brooke. well, it's kind of a wild day. i know, as you mentioned. rick santorum, we understand, is going to drop out. and ran paul made it formal that
12:03 pm
he is going to drop out. we haven't heard anything about any endorsements from either of them yet. on the santorum side we can tell you that he is planning on making an endorsement to one of his now former competitors. i know that you played some moments that i had with marco rubio here at the event where he was just moments ago. he said that he is not sure if he's going to get the endorsement. but he obviously wants that. one of the reasons i asked him is because the thinking is it is likely to be either marco rubio or donald trump. and brooke, you remember in iowa the night that donald trump blew off the fox debate after rick santorum and mike huckabee went to the undercard debate they showed up at donald trump's even for veterans. so that's one of the several reasons why the thinking is that he could help them. and the other question you might be asking is why does it matter? because he didn't really get that much support.
12:04 pm
but look for any of these candidates, particularly someone like donald trump or marco rubio, who, you know, want to have somebody who has credentials, especially among movement conservatives, that's not something that he would turn away. >> okay, listen, it's a wild day. but would we have it any differently dana bash? this is why we love our jobs and covering politics. we heard the marco rubio sound thanks to you. let me talk about donald trump. donald trump is accusing ted cruz of fraud and stealing the iowa caucuses. actually dana, let me stay with you, and then congressman i'll get your response as well. this is the latest tweet from donald trump, the state of iowa should disqualify ted cruz from the most recent election on the basis that he cheated. a total fraud. we have now, as we follow twitter in 2016 with these candidates -- ted cruz has responded saying, yet another hashtag trumper tantrum.
12:05 pm
donald trump very angry with the people of iowa. they actually looked at his record. before we get to the congressman, dana, hashtag trumper tantrum, what's going on here? >> what's going on here is you are having a fight between these two guys who we should probably remind our viewers not that long ago had this bromance and promised not to go after one another. total bromance. that is long gone. they broke up and they are never getting back together. because donald trump, he got -- he got beaten. that's just the bottom line. and he was very, very contrite. very grars the night of the iowa caucuses when he came out and spoke. but now a couple of days have passed and he is doing what he has done so well when it comes to getting attention over the past several months, which is going on twitter and making himself and making whatever he's talking about part of the story. i can tell you i was at a cruz event this morning and the cruz
12:06 pm
campaign are incredibly frustrated. they are being tongue in cheek in their public announcements but wher frustrated wondering why is donald trump ruling the news cycle? the answer is when somebody like donald trump accuses one of his competitors of fraud that is a story. so he is definitely trying to keep alive this idea that ted cruz, the night of the caucuses, sent a notice to his precinct captains around -- and his supporters around iowa saying that ben carson was going to drop out of the race or suggesting that to be the case, which was not true. and so that's where this whole thing is rooted. and it is not going to go away. at least and until the two of them kind of bloody and battle it outgoing forward in new hampshire and beyond. >> so, dana, thank you. back to congressman meadows, you know, who is endorsing ted cruz. dana makes a good point, in this
12:07 pm
leveling a fraud allegation is entirely serious and thus merits news coverage. but then when you need the ted cruz response and tweet yes, tongue in cheek but, trumper tantrum. you work hard to serve the people of north carolina. this is politics? are you embarrassed by this at all? >> i mean it's politics bust but i think that's what the american people are tired of. i can tell you, i know ted personally. he's an honorablean match certainly as you start to see all of these things that are coming out, we really need to change our focus back to where it belongs, on the american people and the will of the american people. and yet so much is going back and forth and allegations made. i think it's time that we look really to the central focus, about national security, keeping americans -- make sure that they have jobs, and making sure that main street is more important than washington, d.c. >> listen, i hear you loud and clear. i think a lot of americans would agree with you on those issues, should be front and center, but
12:08 pm
staying in the story in the wake of iowa with that in the rear view and looking ahead to new hampshire and the fact that even though this may not go anywhere, donald trump making points about these two incidents, one, the cruz mailers, right, that voter violation mailer that the cruz campaign sent out. and number two, you know, that the cruz surrogates, as dana was reporting, suggesting to caucus goers that carson was dropping out, which by the way ted cruz apologized for, this isn't going away. >> well, that's part of it. but interestingly enough n this new social media world we live in. >> custom the candidates are using. >> it is viral quickly. it's news. everybody wants to beat everyone else to the punch. and really senator ted cruz was very humble, apologized for that. certainly wanting to verify that
12:09 pm
is a critical component on anything that you have that is news worthy. but i would suggest this, that when we start to focus on those kinds of things, apology made, hope three apology accepted. let's focus on the things that are important, how do we defeat isis, ho how do we make sure that moms and dads can put food on the table. this is politics as usual that people are tired of both here in washington, d.c. and across the nation. >> congressman meadows i'm being told in my ear that senator ted cruz is speaking right now. let's hit pause on our conversation and hear what he has to say. >> bernie sanders socialized medicine. donald wants to expand obama care so that the federal government is in charge of your and my health care and the government is in charge of your doctor and my doctor. it is a view that's welcome in the democrat party a view that both hillary clinton and bernie
12:10 pm
sanders support. it is exactly opposite of my view. my view is if i'm elected we're going to reveal every word of obama care. donald doesn't want to discuss that issue or discuss his support for eminent domain, taking private property and giving it to giant corporations and casinos. i think people are interested in substance and record. >> this line of attack. he is calling you a cheater, a fraud. does this cross the line for you? >> listen, donald's insults get for and more hysterical the for and more upset he gets. and that's fine. he can do that. i'm not going to respond in chind. >> do you think they are funny? >> i think they are very funny. i think donald -- i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he's losing it. looks we need a commander in chief, not a twitterer in chief. we need someone with judgment and the temperament to keep this country safe. i don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who
12:11 pm
behaves this way having his finger on the button. i mean we're liable to wake up one morning and donald if he were president would have nuked den, ma. that's not the tell per men of a leader to keep this country safe. we need a president who will have the back of our fighting men and women. who will have their back, and will be clear eyed and focused on our enemies, on radical islamic terrorists and on defeating isis. that's what i will do every day. and the american people are not interested in this circus sideshow of insults. you know, my girls are 5 and 7. and i've got to tell you, caroline and catherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate who responds by insulting everyone every day. >> senator, you condemned what your campaign did to dr. ben carson just before the iowa caucus. will you fire or suspend anyone is in your campaign for putting out misinformation. >> what you said is not
12:12 pm
accurate. i didn't condemn anyone. listen, ben carson is a terrific man. he is a man of principal, a man of character. ben and candy have become good friends. our political team passed on a cnn news story that cnn broke. the news story said that ben carson was not continuing from iowa on to new hampshire he was not continuing to south carolina. instead he was going home to florida. that was a news story cnn posted. and our political team passed it on to our supporters. it was breaking news that was relevant. subsequent, the carson campaign put out another statement saying he was not in fact suspending his campaign. and i apologized to ben for our team not passing on their subsequent clarification. but this is not campaign that scapegoats are staffers that hold someone out the and fires them for political purpose. no, we're not going to scapegoat anybody. and i would note that the news story that our passed on was true and accurate.
12:13 pm
cnn reported it. and in fact, ben did go to florida instead of match or south carolina. and so you've got to understand. >> is it a dirty trick to confuse voters? >> is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories? you are in the business. would you think it was a dirty trick that i passed on a abc story. >> voters could have been confused. >> passing on a true and accurate news story, it is in fact something that voters found relevant. and i would note, listen, there is a reason why the media is chattering about this. because the media wants to stir up a fight between ben carson and and he moochlt i love ben. i'm not interested in criticizing him. i will praise ben and his character. that's the only place i'm going. and there is a reason why donald trump wants to focus on it. he wants a circus sideshow and he knows the folks in media will happily oblige. let's talk about am necessity.
12:14 pm
talk about the fact that donald trump supports amnesty. some people are surprised because they say donald uses harsh rhetoric on immigration so he must oppose amnesty. when you listen to what donald has proposed on the campaign trail he said she should deport people and let them come back and let them become citizens. it's called touch back. it is an idea establishment republicans supported for a long time. it's flying them back home, letting them touch home turf for a minute and letting them back into the united states. i'll tell you, letting 12 million people here illegally become u.s. citizens, which is the position of donald trump, marco rubio, and hillary clinton, that's going to do nothing for the hard working men and women in new hampshire who are losing their jobs because of illegal immigration, who are seeing their incomes and wages
12:15 pm
driven down because of illegal immigration. as president, i will secure the borders and keep this country safe. let me say two final things. number one, i think the people of new hampshire are eagerly awaiting the news whether donald will join us for the debate here in new hampshire. he skipped the iowa debate and he lost. and you know, he was apparently afraid of megyn kelly. i get she is a of the frightening person and done is a from jail soul, but i think you owe the voters the pt are of standing in front of them. i'm waiting to see whether or not done will show up at the new hampshire debate and when he -- >> okay. just so we're all crystal clear here, when senator cruz, with all due respect tries to throw my network and cnn under the bus let me stands up for my colleagues and journalists here in terms of this cnn report that he keeps quoting that he believes, you know, what we never said with regard to dr.
12:16 pm
carson's campaign and going to florida. let me be precise in case this is seen again. we reported it accurately. and here are the facts. dr. carson's staff told us that he would return home to florida to, quote, unquote, take a breath from the campaign before resuming his activities on the campaign trail. that accurate report was disseminated on television, and cnn digital and that was that. that was that. congressman meadows let me bring you back in. forgive me, i just -- when somebody tries to take down the media and misreport something it gets me fired up. that said -- >> well, you have a tough job and i can tell you, knowing a number of people in the media, it's one thing to report it. it's another to verify it. and, certainly, your reputation is stellar. i think it underscores the importance, though, of all of us trying to make sure that we keep the main thing the main thing. and that is where we talk about immigration, where we talk about national security, where we -- >> congressman, forgive me but i'm going to call out b.s. if i
12:17 pm
hear b.s. and that was b.s. >> you are not hearing it from me. but you go ahead and call it out. i'll be glad to respond. >> okay. the carson -- stirring it up with dr. carson, it's just not accurate and i just needed to go on the record saying that. >> no i'm not suggesting that you were doing that. listen, i know dr. ben carson. i've had a number of conversations with him. a wonderful man. a humble man. and truly, if anybody would accept senator ted cruz's apology, i think it would be him. and so to have -- >> but he -- but. >> a person coming in there and trying to stir it up is troublesome. >> but cruz is saying the media is coming in and trying to stirrup this fight between him and dr. carson when that's just not accurate. >> i think you are reporting on a story that's out there that actually the causal effect, the genesis of that was a tweet by donald trump. and so obviously it's news that must be reported. and certainly i would be, you know, disingenuous to suggest
12:18 pm
that you should ignore it. again, my thought is is that we get back to what's important to the american people. they can care less whether you have got politicians trying to trade barbs. they are used to that. they want something new for america. >> congressman mark meadows from north carolina thank you. >> thank you. >> much or on all of the above next here on cnn. soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof
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12:22 pm
okay. following eye, with a you may feel it in the air, a sense of desperation. rick santorum, rand paul, mike huckabee, they have all just dropped out days before the new hampshire primary. really, it's make or break time for that's establishment candidates. after senator marco rubio finished solid third in iowa what sort of all in last-ditch kitchen sink strategies might give these candidates the edge? jeb bush is betting on his mom. the former first lady expected to join him this week. just a few weeks ago she sent a video message to voters in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. let me bring in my favorite political matter couple, jan john of a loon and margaret
12:23 pm
hoover. hello you two. >> hi, brooke. >> hey brooke. >> can we talk about something quickly before they get on to what i wanted to get to? which is, i want, john, i want to go to you first. this whole back and forth between ted cruz and donald trump, you know, serious allegation being leveled by donald trump with regard to iowa, calling it a fraud, saying the election should be nullified. and now you have ted cruz essentially responding, you know, tongue in cheek, i believe the hashtag on twitter was he's having a trumper tantrum. john avlon, what do you make of all this? >> that's a good line by cruz. you don't get do overs. you don't get to nullify an election. that's not a way to make america great again. words are not serious things to donald trump. we should know this.
12:24 pm
the guy operates in a lands of complete hyperbole. what he is trying to do is create a firestorm. >> is there anything at all with regard to a piece of it because ted cruz apologized -- >> no. >> no? >> no. not at all. that is not the way elections work. but it is rich to see ted cruz talking about questions of temper men and judgment and unreasonableness on the part of a political figure because he epitomizes those things on the floor of the senator. >> ben carson also used the f word as well. throwing that out there. >> the may have by donald trump is consistent with what we've seen on the campaign trail. he didn't like how fox news treated him. he took his marshalls and called it a fraud and did the same thing. he is essentially doing the same thing with the results from iowa. the voters can take that. i can't imagine people of new hampshire are going to take that
12:25 pm
attitude towards the voters of iowa seriously. he will have the same notion about them. >> looking at new hampshire, what candidates can do to get folks to vote for them. on jeb bush, beyond asking for his mom for a little help, listen i'm all about bringing mom into things. super pac supporting him, trying to edge out marco rubio. here is his full page add. in part, it says take it from the people who know marco and jeb best. governor bush is the new leader, we need to make america safer, stronger ander. margaret, what do you think will work for jeb bush, pulling out all the stops in new hampshire. >> barbara bush is beloved by the gop establish men. but bushes are not beloved by new hampshire voters or republican voters even. during the iraq war, thousands of republicans, self identified republicans in new new hampshire left the republican party and became independents.
12:26 pm
george bush famously lost his prime to jon mccain there. bushes have a tenuous legacy in new hampshire. while everybody loves barbara bush campaigning with bush reminds us of the legacy of the bushes and he is the third bush president and frankly it is a hit against him. he is qualified to be president of the united states it is a shame he is the third bush arnold. look, at this stage in the game what the candidates need is six weeks out. they need endorsements so they can win the new cycle. they need to do great in the debate. and they need to have already lived in the state as much as possible. chris christie and kasich have been there 60 days. marco rubio and jeb bush, only 22 days. >> let me get to chris christie. we heard him yesterday calling marco rubio the boy in the bubble. your wife makes a good point. he has been there. banking on a strong showing in new hampshire. what does he need to do with his final days? >> first of all, the governors there will be only one who
12:27 pm
emerges from new hampshire. chris christie has put in the time. he is connected. he is tough talking, blunt like trump but actually has an skooutdive record that people will respond to. he showed an ability across the aisle. liked among democrats. i think the key there is showing more heart to get over the bully perception. he took movingly about the heroin addiction and the role that government needs to play. he has shown he can be tough and also connect compassionately. that's a key for chris christie going forward. >> we started with bush, then christie. now john kasich. seen as the nice guy, self described prince of light and hope. apparently he has a, deer side that precedes him. john mcsane cited his hair trigger temper after he won the goomp's race. i don't know -- >> john mccain citing anybody's tump temper that's a punch line in and of itself, i think.
12:28 pm
>> that said, what does he do, margaret. >> kasich, look, he has been there fighting for it. i think a lot of this ends up on how do they perform this this debate. 60% of primary voters in new hampshire haven't made up their mind yet. and it is a state whose table is totally set for a kasichor christie or a jeb or potentially a marco. all they can do is seize every moment from then -- from now on. >> go ahead john. >> brooke, brooke, look, the key to new hampshire is independents. # 4% of the electorate, the percentage doubled over the century. voters need to be able to connect to the center. this is a fight for the center right. >> john avlon, margaret hoover, thank you very much. >> i say they just get david ortizs endorsement. get a red sox -- maybe tom brady. that's what you need. >> there you go. we'll workan that. i know some people from the red sox. there you go. coming up next, the u.s.
12:29 pm
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the united states looking for ways to intensify its military campaign begins isis. the pentagon has already announced that some 50 special forces troops are operating in syria. and recently, published sat light images show an airstrip being extended in kurdish controlled territory in northern syria. the pentagon only says that,
12:34 pm
quote, u.s. forces in syria are consistently looking for ways to introoes crease efficiency end quote. collarisa ward is the first journalist to visit that air field amid this deepening relationship between the u.s. and its kurdish allies. clairisa, nice to see you. walkny me through exactly what you saw. >> nice to see you, too, brooke. essentially what we saw is that as the u.s. is ratcheting up its presence on the ground in syria, you mentioned at least 50 special u.s. forces troops, they are really looking to enhance the alliance that they have with kurdish ypg fighters. but they also appear to be exploring new ways of fighting isis that go beyond the air strikes they have already been launching. we got to see a little bit of what that might entail. take a look. this place doesn't exist, according to the u.s. defense
12:35 pm
department. but behind that berm of freshly dug earth, a small agricultural airstrip is being turned into something very different, a military air field just 100 miles from isis positions. satellite photos show the work that has been done here in recent months. so you can see behind me they are working to he can ten the run way so that larger planes could land here and the advantage of this site that it's well secured inside kurdish territory, so it could be used to supply u.s. special forces deployed here in syria. he's coming now -- we were escorted away from the air field as soon as we were spotted, told it was a military zone. it's another example of the u.s.'s growing military footprint in this remote corner of northern syria. and its deepening relationship with syrian kurdish fighters
12:36 pm
known as the ypgn. an abandoned apartment building closer to the front line, we were given access to the ypg's joint operations room. it is a modest set up. this 21-year-old and his colleagues talk to their men on the battlefield using newly provided tablets, they pass on enemy locations to a coalition command center from where air strikes can be launched. right now, this is the front line of hassaka, he says. our comrades there have seen the movements of two enemy fighters, so we sent this mess an along with their coordinates to the general command room. when there are heavy clashes the operations room moves to the front lines. immediately after the strikes, hassake and his men rush in to make sure that the right targets have been hit. who taught you how to use this?
12:37 pm
he tells us a group of foreigners and americans trained his commanders, who in turn trained him and his comrades. in the skies and on the ground in syria, the u.s. is deepening its commitment to the battle against isis. and it's not just the u.s., brooke. less than 50 miles from that airstrip, there are reports that the russians are also bolstering their military presence. clearly it appears that northern syria is becoming a rather crowded neighborhood. brooke. >> phenomenal access and reporting as always, clairisa ward. thank you. coming up next, as bernie sanders and hillary clinton get ready to face off tonight during a cnn town hall, a back and forth erupting right now over their progressive records. but will hillary clinton's past words be used against her? that's next. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them...
12:38 pm
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we're back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in just a couple of hours bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face new hampshire voters during a live cnn town hall. today really the story is this. these two are sparring over the word "progressive". hillary clinton trying to appeal to liberal voters in new hampshire, she has been wearing that label proudly, especially recently. senator sanders tells cnn his rival is only progressive when she wants to be. >> you can be a moderate. that's fine. you can be a prostive. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. second point, wolf, is, most progressives that i know really do not raise millions of dollars
12:43 pm
from wall street. most progressives that i know are firm from day one in opposition to the trans-pacific partnership, the tpp agreement. they didn't have to think about it a whole lot. they were opposed to the keystone pipeline from day one. didn't have to vacillate on that issue. most progressives historically were against the war in iraq. >> let me bring in cnn political commentator, carl bernstein, and also author of a woman in charge, the life of hillary clinton. nice to see you, carl. >> good to be here. >> so, you know, we heard from senator sanders who was talking to wolf blitzer. the next hour i had brian fallon on my shocker hillary for america press secretary. i asked him to respond, and in addition to that i played for him sound from hillary clinton just last fall. here it was. >> i guess accused of being kind of moderate and center.
12:44 pm
i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's important when you're in the elected arena, you try to figure out how do you bring people together to get something done instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other. >> so carl, i asked brian. i said, all right, so moderate, center, or progressive, which is it? >> he said hillary is a progressive who wants to get things done. my question to you, can you be both? >> oh, perhaps. but the party is moving to the left and moving away from the center. and she's getting clobbered by bernie sanders among young people, particularly young women. she has to find a way to get these young women back, by telling her story, by saying, look, i was fighting for women and girls before you were born. she's also got this huge server problem that is hanging over everything. and that goes also above
12:45 pm
ideology. and i think she is going to have to make a huge apology and say look i made a terrible misjudgment. or otherwise this could become her lewinsky. it's not going away. >> wow. >> and sanders is exploiting it very effectively by referring to it kind of through the side, and questioning her judgment. this is all about her judgment. and she has to find a way to say, my judgment is good and sound and has been with a record of over 40 years on progressive issues. and i'll stack it up against anybody. and she can. >> all the more reason to watch the town hall tonight here on cnn. let's flip to the republicans. donald trump. second place finish at iowa. you know since then he levelled serious acquisitions against ted cruz for one accusing him of fraud. dr. carson referred to it as dirty tricks. cruz goers telling caucus-goers that carson was out when that wasn't the case. cruz has apologized. he has taken to twitter calling this a trumper tantrum.
12:46 pm
carl bernstein, what do you make of all this? >> one, they were dirty tricks. second, i watched trump yesterday talk for about 40 minutes. he is all over the damn damn place. he needs a real organization on the ground if he is going to keep his campaign going and he is going to twin. and he has got to come up with some consistent message that appeals to more than simply angry people. he has got now people on the center right in the the republican party coming after him with great, great fuselage of combined rhetoric and real worry that he's got to be stopped. he needs more than he showed those last days in new hampshire. and more of the same could undercut him. >> i see your earist piece. i'm not sure if you can hear me. >> i hear you. >> you hear me. shame on that ear paste piece. let me enwith this. jeb bush, also the jump ball for the governors.
12:47 pm
and the night, there is a debate coming up before the new hampshire primary and jeb bush's nemesis, donald trump will presumably be back on the stage. how does jeb bush create his opening? >> i'm not sure that he can. there are forces that don't want dynasties in the republican party. he had been the favorite of the republican establishment. they are turning on him had. he has raised all this money but he doesn't have traction. i'm not sure that bringing his mom into new hampshire, even though she lives in maine part of the time up the road is going to help him. christie has got a message that might move past bush. he's reaching people that bush can't. bush has got to save himself. and i'm not sure there is any way to do it. and particularly because of the war and house his brother is associated with it and all that baggage, he's got an uphill road, tough fight. >> okay. carl bernstein, as always,
12:48 pm
wonderful talking to you. thank you. again, i mentioned that town halasz we were talking about the dims dems. the live town hall here on cnn between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they will get questions directly from voters tonight, 9:00 here on cnn. coming up next, cruz, trump, rubio all come up on top in iowa. what's next for them on the political map. let's break down the three key states for each candidate if they are going to get that nomination. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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12:52 pm
the first votes have been cast but iowa is hardly a predictor of what will happen over the course of the next couple of months. ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio, need to look past tuesday's primary if they want to carve out a permanent place at the top of the leaked. to tom foreman we go now. a look at the map, the path to
12:53 pm
victory. what states would spell opportunity for these three candidates? >> for ted cruz, it will be states that can prove his victory with evangelicals and conservatives in iowa were not a fluke. for example, he wants to do well in south carolina, because there are southern conservatives there. he'd like to get that boost now because it's coming up soon. when you sweep into more of the southern states, he'd love to do well in louisiana because, again, it would solidify the idea that these conservatives out there not only will vote for him above the other republican candidates, but can be energized. and of course he wants to do well in his home state of texas because 155 delegates, everybody wants to do well there. donald trump wants to prove that iowa was a fluke because of the polls. remember, he was ahead there in many ways at different times, very close, but ended up underperforming so now he's ahead in new hampshire. he really wants to prove that the polls are right. ahead in the polls in south carolina, he wants to prove that the polls are right there, and he wants to do well in his home
12:54 pm
state too, because a lot of delegates and it's always well to do good in your home state. so he's got to prove that. and marco rubio, the states that he may be looking at are critical because not only that they have a lot of delegates involved, but also look at the date here. we're getting into march, deep into march. this is when he has more of the moderate vote, people who may be a little conservative, a little moderate, but who helped him out in iowa and he needs to get them in there to prove the number one thing that came out of the iowa vote for marco rubio, and that is that more republican voters believe he can win the general election. so brooke, he wants to do well in all these battleground states, including his home state, to reinforce that idea. he's got to wait a while, though. he may be getting through some tough contests before. >> we're going to talk so much more about the significance of each of these states as we move forward. for now, tom foreman, thank you very much. in front of the big map there in washington. coming up, donald trump calling for a new election in iowa,
12:55 pm
accusing ted cruz of fraud. moments ago ted cruz responding to that. we'll hear from him, ahead. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
12:56 pm
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
12:59 pm
just now some pictures you have to see here. frightening moments on board this commercial airliner as an explosion blows a hole in the side of this aircraft. they're 12,000 feet above somalia. you're about to see this large hole there in the fuselage. remarkably the pilot was able to land the plane. only two people were hurt and authorities later discovered a body near mogadishu they believe was blown or ejected from that plane. pictures from the ground, look at this, show a hole in one side of the airliner just above the wing, slightly smaller than one of the doors. a source tells cnn the damage tested positive for explosive residue, but officials are not saying this was a bomb. no group has taken
1:00 pm
responsibility for this. but just stunning, stunning photos. thank you so much for being with me here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. definitely stay tuned to the town hall later this evening. meantime "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. two nights ago we met gracious, humbled, chastenned donald trump. donald trump gives us the twitter tantrum we were expecting monday night accusing the cruz campaign of a serious charge and calling for a do-over in iowa. what they say tonight could make the difference in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders get set to face off in a cnn town hall, and things are not getting any friendlier on that side of the aisle. plus, flint, michigan, residents coming to congress. they have questions, they have rage, and