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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the north koreans are beginning the process trying to get ready for this launch, even fueling activity. this launch could come as soon as sunday night. >> that's it for me. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. outfront, we're counting down to the democratic presidential town hall right here on cnn. big stakes for hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight. a full preview this hour as we count you down here in new hampshire and what the candidates need to do. breaking news tonight. donald trump accusing ted cruz of stealing the election. and the attacks getting nastier between clinton and sanders. will we see more fireworks tonight? good evening to all. i'm erin burnett live tonight in
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dairy, new hampshire. that is tonight's cnn democratic presidential town hall site. outfront tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they'll be facing tough questions from voters starting very soon. the stakes for both candidates could not be higher tonight. in just six days there will be voting in the new hampshire primary. i want to begin with the breaking news tonight. donald trump speaking today, charging ted cruz stole the iowa caucuses, threatening to sue. >> i probably will, yeah. what he did is unthinkable. he said the man left the race and he said it during the caucus. then the clarification went out of ben carson saying it was untrue, they got the statement and they didn't put it out. >> we're going to have much more on this in just a few moments, but we're returning to our top race. a two-horse race for the
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democratic nomination for president. we're awaiting hillary clinton about to speak to supporters at any moment right in nearby manchester, new hampshire. earlier today, she said she's very different than sanders say she's as progressive as he is but with a better record. his response, he's been questioning clintons credentials all together. >> most progressives do not raise millions of dollars from wall street. progressives were against the war in iraq. those are issues that, you know, secretary clinton has not been all that progressive about. >> it's a crucial thing in the democratic race for president. it sounds like the gloves are definitely off. we're going to see fireworks. they're both fighting incredibly hard to win this nomination. >> no doubt, erin. the gloves have come off to use that old metaphor, but the reason is this.
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they're both fighting for the definition, the heart and soul, of this democratic party. bernie sanders is only a new democrat. he's a democratic socialist from nearby vermont. hillary clinton trying to remind people that she's been a lifelong democratic and in the middle comes the tussle. who is the true progressive? >> we're going to win. >> reporter: that's the question hanging in the air tonight as hillary clinton and bernie sanders try and win over undecided new hampshire voters at the cnn presidential town hall meeting coming off the closest democratic caucus in iowa history. >> it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on some days. >> reporter: she was responding to sanders who questioned her progressive record. >> some days, yes.
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except when she announces she is a proud moderate. >> reporter: their sharp exchanges exploded on twitter. she said a 40 year record of progressive results boiled down to some days. >> i get accused of being kind of moderate and center. i plead guilty. >> reporter: sanders sent out a series of tweets and held his ground with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> you can be a moderate. that's fine. you can be a progressive. that's fine. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. >> reporter: he said his rival has been far from progressive on gay marriage and the war on iraq. >> i applaud her for her work in many areas. you're looking at the guy who took on wall street. >> reporter: it's a deep rift and clinton fired back. >> i think it was a good day for
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progressives when i helped to get 8 million kids health care under the children's health insurance program. >> reporter: she said she's been fighting for progressive values during decades. >> among the things i've heard the last few days about the contest between bernie sanders and myself is you have to vote with either your heart or your head. all i can tell you is i hope you use both. >> reporter: sanders has long held a double digit lead here, but clinton is fighting hard. when asked if sanders surge reminds him of barack obama, president clinton didn't hesitate. >> bernie sanders is not barack obama. >> reporter: the real voters who may make the difference are those independent voters, those famously fickle voters of new hampshire that are going to be
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tuning in tonight to watch this town hall. >> voters will across the country. thank you so much to jeff. now our senior political commentator david axelrod and dana bash. the stakes are incredibly high tonight and this is going to be a small intimate crowd. we're very much in what we call a crow's nest everybody. this is one of the final chances they're going to have to talk to voters en masse. sanders has a 23-point lead on secretary clinton. can he maintain that? can he build on that? i think one of the problems for him is that's an enormous lead in polling. as we saw in iowa, expectations are everything. i'm sure there's a little anxiety in the sanders camp on whether they can maintain that. new hampshire voters are famousfamou famously contrary.
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things can change. that's why events like this are important. >> expectations are everything, da dana. that's got to be what bernie sanders is worried about. he has to significantly beat her to maintain his momentum. >> he's trying to lower expectations, which is not so easy to do right now. hillary clinton is desperacembs trying to lower expectations as well. i'll tell you i've spent the last day and a half talking to voters mostly at republican rallies. there's been a lot of bernie sanders people there. it just is a reminder this is an open primary process. if you're a registered independent, you can vote either way. people who might be telling pollsters they support bernie sanders, never mind their vote going to hillary clinton. they could go to a republican.
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>> that's where the polls can also be kind of damaging for sanders because if they conclude that the action is over on the republican side and that the democratic race is over, these undeclared voters could migrate over to the republican side. >> that's right. >> that's fascinating because most people would say bernie sanders rally is the last place you'd expect to see somebody who is generally republican. so what is it about bernie sanders? are they really checking him out as a possible person they would vote for? what are they doing at these rallies? >> i think this is one of those situations where it does. wait, what? how would somebody who is a democratic socialist be attracting people who would potentially vote for a ted cruz or even a donald trump? but if there are people who are just upset with the status quo, people who want things to change, people who are looking the message i'm going to change washington and they're not out for you, there are different
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prescriptions to the same kind of problem that they're hearing defined by all these candidates. >> interesting talking about donald trump and bernie sanders have something in common. a lot of people who like them are angry and are angry at how things have been going. they like to watch it. we love it in the media. it's good for us. maybe not good for hillary clinton. some would say bad for the democratic party because it would show there's a schism. is that true? >> we had a long fight in 2008 and it didn't work out that. democratic voters wanted to see this young senator barack obama go toe to toe with a heavyweight for all 50 rounds. it's a little bit different now. a little thing i would be worried about if i were the clinton campaign is bernie sanders has raised a large amount in small donations. hillary clinton is reliant on
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what will be maxed out donors. she's going to have to be watching that as this goes on. the longer it goes, the more his ability to live off the fault of the lamb is going to be his benefit. >> that's true. whenever there's a moment for them, they report we just raised $20 million. that isn't coming from the lobbyists and the other sort of connected people that hillary clinton's donors rely on. it's just people who are out there and who are really energized and that could keep going. >> thank you both very much. something he's used to his advantage. i haven't seen any progressives who are getting so much money from wall street. thank you both so much. next, we have the breaking news. donald trump saying ted cruz stole the election in iowa. the cruz campaign's co-chairman is going to be my guest next and is going to answer these tough questions about what exactly happened that night in iowa.
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new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are counting down to a face to face with voters. that is right here at our democratic presidential town hall in just these last few days before voters for the first time cast their votes. the breaking news now, donald trump ramping up his attacks on ted cruz, accusing him of stealing the iowa caucuses. cruz is firing back big time tonight accusing trump of losing it and throwing a temper tantrum. >> reporter: donald trump is demanding a do-over in a twitter tirade trump says ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that is why all the polls were so wrong and he got far more votes than he anticipated. bad. >> will you file a formal complaint? >> i probably will, yeah. what he did is unthinkable. >> reporter: the real estate mog mogul's accusations came hours
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after his concession speech on monday. >> i'm trying to be statesmanlike. >> reporter: trump was already stewing. ben carson was dropping out of the race, a potential boost to the texas senator. >> when they said ben carson is out of the race and come vote for him, i thought that was terrible. >> reporter: based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the caucus, he said a new election should take place or cruz's results nullified. cruz fired back. maybe donald trump should go back to iowa and join the democrats. the texas senator did admit his campaign made a mistake. >> unfortunately, they did not forward the subsequent story that was ben's campaign clarifying that he was continuing the campaign and was not cancelling the campaign. so i apologize to ben for that. >> reporter: still he later
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dismissed his arch rival for having a trumper tantrum. >> it is no surprise that donald trump is throwing yet another temper tantrum. my girls are 5 and 7. i've got to tell you caroline and katherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate. >> reporter: sarah palin slammed the cruz camp for what she called dirty politics. at the center of the controversy carson weighed in too revealing that cruz had apologized to him. >> he could very well have not known about it, but it is obvious there were people in his organization who not only knew about it, but who carried it out, who executed it. now as for that talk of a lawsuit, trump's campaign manager did not rule it out to me in a phone call interview
4:18 pm
earlier today. the iowa republican party certified its results from the iowa caucuses on monday night showing ted cruz won by roughly 6,000 votes. donald trump is running late this evening. he should be out within an hour. >> now there are those questioning whether those would have gone to ted cruz or not. we're going to go through this in detail here. here is what ted cruz said today. >> that was a news story cnn had posted it. our political team passed it on to our supporters. it was breaking news that was significant to our campaign. ben carson put out a statement saying he was not in fact suspending his campaign. i apologize to him for our team
4:19 pm
not passing out that information. >> that's not true. how did this start? take everyone back to the beginning. >> it started with a series of tweets from chris moody about what the carson campaign was doing in that ben carson was going back home. we can read those tweets for you, i think. effectively what he says is carson won't go to new hampshire or south carolina, but will head to florida for some r&r. ben carson's campaign tells me he plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter how the results are tonight. folks, ben carson is making a brief stop in florida tonight. his campaign says he'll be back on the campaign trail by wednesday. obviously nothing in the reporting there that says that ben carson is dropping out of the race or has any intention to make an announcement. >> he had a tweet. he says he plans on staying in
4:20 pm
the race no matter what the results are. then he waited an hour. guys, i made it very clear. i'm going to make it clear again he's not getting out of the race. what is cnn saying now? >> so in the interim, the ted cruz campaign comes out with its statement, which sends a message to its supporters indicating a major announcement is coming. carson is getting off the campaign trail, effectively telling them he's going to be dropping out of the race. ted cruz's claims about cnn are false. our correspondent reported the information provided to him by the carson campaign. dr. carson's staff informed cnn that he would return home to take a deep breath before resuming his activities on the campaign trail. >> so you have spoken to the cruz campaign. we just heard ted cruz today saying that he was right.
4:21 pm
subsequently there was a clarification, that was not true. what is the cruz campaign now saying to you? >> i ran into his campaign manager. they're continuing to stand by it. we took what cnn reported and we put it out there. we never suggested he was going to be getting out of the campaign. if you go back and look at what the cruz campaign sent out to its supporters, it was suggesting that carson was coming off the campaign trail. >> dylan, thank you very much. i'm going to read this e-mail that ted cruz's campaign sent that night because it's very clear. it argued for people to go vote for ted cruz who were going to vote for ben carson. let's go now to ted cruz's campaign co-chair. let me start off here with a very basic question here. did the cruz campaign do something wrong? >> well, i'm a major surrogate
4:22 pm
for the cruz campaign, especially in iowa and at the awe ka caucuses iowa, i never made a statement about carson getting out of the race. i don't know one voter in iowa who has come out and said i heard this message and so therefore i changed my vote. rush limbaugh is saying that marco rubio's campaign was pushing it. cnn made a report. it is big news when a presidential candidate says i'm not leaving iowa to go to new hampshire and south carolina. i'm going back to florida. cnn did report that. he's been very open to the public. he said, listen, i apologize for not clarifying or having the campaign clarify that he's just making a pit stop in florida. but this has been blown out of proportion because donald trump lost the race. three candidates -- >> hold on one second. before we get to the donald
4:23 pm
trump part of it -- i know we have a bit of a delay. bob, let me just finish here. i want to get to the bottom of this first. putting donald trump aside, the tweets that came out from cnn were carson won't go to new hampshi hampshire, south carolina, but will instead go to florida for some r&r and then washington, d.c. for the prayer breakfast. he'll continue the campaign no matter what the results are tonight. how could the cruz justify an e-mail thabout this? how could that be acceptable in any situation? >> i think two things.
4:24 pm
the reason it was a news story, a travel schedule of a candidate is not a news story in and of itself. the fact he wasn't going immediately to new hampshire and south carolina is why cnn made it a news story in the first place. this happened minutes before the iowa caucuses. it was a tweet from somebody associated with the campaign to say did you see this. then they moved on it. ted cruz, he's a very stand up guy, a man of integrity. he called dr. carson immediately, apologized if they had any part in this whatsoever. the three candidates that overperformed in the poll numbers are carson, rubio, and cruz on caucus night. there's no show to say it dented carson whatsoever. the candidate who lost the race is the one who is making a big deal about this. as ted cruz says, he's having a trumper tantrum because he can't lose. he's a sore loser.
4:25 pm
>> bob, again, back to the point where that e-mail was sent out. that e-mail was saying, look, don't worry about carson. come vote for cruz instead. there was not a clarification that came out immediately during caucuses to fix that. even today you heard ted cruz saying i apologize to ben carson for our team not passing on the subsequent clarification. again, just to make it clear there was no subsequent clarification. the report was never inaccurate. the report always said ben carson plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter what the results are tonight. what i don't understand why we can't get a very clear we're sorry. this e-mail was wrong and never should have gone out. >> erin, i think you have to take a look at the timeline of the story. the caucuses started at 7:00 that night. cnn initially made the report it was like two minutes before the
4:26 pm
caucuses. >> 7:43. >> which would have been 6:43 in the state of iowa with caucuses starting at 7:00. people were in lines that were caucusing. i don't know of any voter that was impacted by it whatsoever. i think what cruz did is he took responsibility for it. it's being the story today because donald trump lost iowa after he said is all he does is win. the first contest he lost. that's why we're talking about this today when there is a lot of issues and why ted cruz is doing in new hampshire. i'm in south carolina right now. people want principal conservative leadership today. that's why they're rallying around ted cruz. >> do you think it raises a question of character and integrity that's important for people to understand? it's ted cruz's campaign. everything that comes from it is a direct reflection of him and
4:27 pm
his leadership on the campaign. he says inform caucus goers of this news. the news was inaccurate. why doesn't he say i'm sorry it shouldn't have never been sent. he's blaming it on cnn's reporting. why not just a pure apology? >> erin, the report that was read at the beginning of this segment of tonight's forecast was a fairly lengthy report. we live in a 140 character world where tweets are going out. there's a tweet going on out be cnn. there's a screen shot by cnn. you're minutes before the iowa caucuses. if a candidate says he's not going to new hampshire or south carolina, that is big news. so campaigns are hyper active. again i believe ted cruz has
4:28 pm
taken responsibility for this. i think the reason it remains a story today is because donald trump lost the iowa kcaucuses. i used to coach. they blame it on other people. i think american people are going to have a higher standard than that. >> bob, thank you very much. i appreciate you're taking the time, sir, tonight. next, two gop candidates did drop out of the race today. who is out and who might gain from that? plus, clinton trailing sanders in new hampshire by double digits. 23 points by some polls. the big question is can she win new hampshire again? we're counting you down to our democratic town hall where i am in new hampshire in less than two hours. we'll be back in just a moment.
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we're live in dairy, new hampshire, in 90 minutes. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going to sit down for a live town hall event taking voter questions. rick santorum announcing he is
4:33 pm
endorsing marco rubio for president. rubio has momentum right now coming into the new hampshire primary making him a prime target for attacks. dana bash is outfront. >> reporter: there's not much mystery in marco rubio's pitch to new hampshire voters. >> if you vote for me and i'm on our nominee, i will unite the conservative movement and the republican party. >> reporter: he's going hard for mainstream republicans. that's why other candidates who need a new hampshire win to survive are going after him. >> marco rubio gives a great speech. he really does. he's a nice young man. but he has been nothing but a first-term united states senator. >> marco rubio came in third place in a caucus state and we're all supposed to bow out? that's absolutely absurd. >> reporter: jeb bush took out a full-page ad.
4:34 pm
rubio's response -- >> i want to do as well as i can in new hampshire. i'm not running against any of the other candidates. >> reporter: marco rubio is trying to walk a fine line. he doesn't want to seem to cookcoo cook cookcoo cocky, but he does want to exude an air of confidence. >> i would be okay with any of the candidates as long as they cannot allow hillary clinton into the white house. i think marco rubio is probably, in my opinion, the best chance of that. >> reporter: he's not alone. lots of voters coming into rubio events say they plan to vote strategically. >> i like them all, but they don't seem to have a chance. >> is it you feel like you don't
4:35 pm
want to waste your vote? >> well, i don't want to see donald trump get in. i feel if i vote for christie, kasich, a jeb bush, yeah. that gives trump a better chance of winning. >> reporter: but not everyone is so sure rubio is their guy. >> are you considering voting for him now? >> absolutely. it's between him and governor kasich. >> you just heard marco rubio speak. what do you think? >> i'm not a big fan of marco rubio. >> dana is here with me along with our political director. you see all this fight for the establishment, but now you have rick santorum endorsing marco rubio. rick santorum could have gone another way, could have gone ted cruz, so his support was not high, but is that something that could significantly help the
4:36 pm
rubio momentum? >> it could help. because if people are looking for negatives on marco rubio, he's too young, he's too inexperienced, well, now you have somebody who is an experienced senator who says he thinks marco rubio is the best guy. the reason he was endorsing, he said because primarily of his foreign policy chops. so that is actually interesting. but when it comes to marco rubio, rick santorum, he did win the iowa caucuses four years ago. he does still have a reservoir of support, particularly among movement conservatives. those are the kind of people marco rubio needs whether or not he's a mainstream guy or not. >> it's almost as if he's trying to go as a crossover candidate. he can reach those evangelicals and moderates and more independents. rick santorum's endorsement, i
4:37 pm
like to do this math on the poll here in new hampshire. if you add up the establishment candidates, you put marco rubio in there, kasich, jeb bush, you get 36%. 36%. trump 31%. ted cruz 13%. what does that say? when you add them all up, there's a lot of people who do want an establishment candidate? >> it says marco rubio wishes he had all that added up. this santorum thing is good news for him because he has six news cycles that marco rubio wants to keep giving this narrative m moment momentum, momentuomentum. he's hoping kasich, bush, and christie start bleeding support. he wants to add up all those numbers. it's the only way right now to defeat donald trump. >> what about others who are trying to do that? john kasich, the governor of ohio, had a big surge here in
4:38 pm
new hampshire. >> he did. he's effectively a resident of new hampshire right now. i'm not sure the people of ohio will like hearing that. he's been camped out here trying to be that guy that shows new hampshire he can listen to their problems, that he's a regular guy, that he can, you know, be the reasonable candidate, but this is it for him. even he admits he has not -- he doesn't have very much organization going forward. marco rubio does. he's really banking on south carolina. and he's got more beyond that. people here are very sophisticated, the voters. they see that and they know that. they don't want to not vote for marco rubio -- but. >> we've been seeing a year of anger, not wanting people in elected positions, but now that donald trump was pierced a little bit in iowa, seeing now if the electorate reverts back
4:39 pm
to, hey, a governor that's been in charge and has executive experience, maybe we should have one of those in the mix as well. >> thank you both very much. outfront next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the war of words getting hotter and hotter today. will they turn it up at tonight's town hall? >> we have lots of energy here. anderson cooper will be moderating the event. we'll be right back. "beth" by kiss
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welcome back from dairy, new hampshire, as we're counting you down to cnn's new hampshire democratic town hall. voters have a question to directly put questions to the candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. today hillary clinton is fighting from behind. she's trailing bernie sanders by more than 20 points from the latest poll. she obviously, i know, had an event right to the last moment. obviously coming here to get ready.
4:44 pm
>> yes. >> here's the thing. the polling is pretty incredible, right? she's got a big deficit right now. in 2008, she was behind when she came to new hampshire, behind barack obama. she managed to pull it into a victory and did a big swing. could she do it this time? >> we're going to try. it's going to be tough. this is home field advantage type situation for senator sanders. he's from a boarding state. sons of new england always do well in the new hampshire primary going back decades. i think the only exception to that was senator kennedy and that's when he was running against an incumbent president. we did three events today. new hampshire has been good to the clintons over the course of their careers, have made bill clinton the comeback kid in 1992, propelled hillary clinton in 2008. despite the fact she's trailing, she's going to work her heart out because new hampshire means so much to her. >> let's talk about this, the
4:45 pm
latest poll. i know polls can be right. polls can be wrong. in this state, very unpredictable because independent voters can vote for whomever they'd like. down 22 points, hillary clinton. sanders at 57. clinton at 34. you have an outright win. you're shooting for that. but what kind of a gap would be a win for you? >> the polls do show we're behind new hampshire. we have some head winds here. if we put hillary clinton in front of new hampshire voters, we think that the choice they'll increasingly have to come to a decision about is who is the democrat that can best get things done, protect the gains under president barack obama. hillary clinton is with one who has that record as first lady of
4:46 pm
the united states. i think we can eat into that margin right now that senator sanders has over us. >> in terms of differences between secretary clinton and senator sanders, he laid out what he says a major difference between hillary clinton and him. here he is. >> hillary clinton announced the results $25 million coming into her super pac. 15 million of that came from wall street. that is a very significant difference. our campaign is funded by the people to a significant degree. her campaign is funded by wall street and big money interest. >> facts are facts. bernie sanders hasn't gotten any money from wall street. it's all from individual donors. secretary clinton has gotten a lot of money from big donors and big money wall street. >> it hasn't affected her policy positions one jot. if you look at her career during
4:47 pm
her tenure, she went after wall street. she has the toughest, farre esr reaching policies in regulating wall street. the idea she can be bought is ridiculous. >> thank you very much. the clinton campaign really focusing in on trying to narrow that deficit in recent polling. 57% to bernie sanders in the most recent cnn poll. 34% for secretary clinton. they're trying to narrow that. they're shooting for a straight win. if they can get a straight win, that's their goal. let's talk about the bernie sanders side of the story here. we have a bernie sanders supporter and the author of "the essential bernie sanders." he's going to be with me in just a second. it's been getting tonally much more negative over the past 24,
4:48 pm
48 hours. you see bernie sanders with no fear at all about striking out at secretary clinton. certainly, it has gotten -- he's been fighting back. he just said earlier today, look, wall street, she gets money from wall street. i don't. you just heard me talk about that with her press secretary. facts are facts. she gets money from wall street. he doesn't. h >> the facts are, as you point out, hillary clinton has had a huge amount of money from wall street. $600,000 from goldman sachs. she's gotten money from the pharmaceutical industry and the drug companies. the american people are concerned about the connection to corporation money. bernie sanders has been clear from the very beginning. if you and i had stood here in
4:49 pm
june and said bernie sanders would have tied in the iowa caucuses, be ready to have a substantial lead in new hampshire, have after iowa $3 million raised from contributions -- four out of those ten contributions were new voters. we feel very good about that message. >> when the clinton campaign says bernie sanders is a hillary clinton campaign say, he's a favored son. that gives him a benefit and an advantage, some might say. does that mean, though, that what he does here can't be replicated? >> first of all, he tied in iowa. he's not a favorite son in iowa, did extremely well. some say, when we count the actual votes, which iowa doesn't do, bernie sanders got more individual people to vote for him in the caucuses.
4:50 pm
new hampshire is very unusual and it's in a state of its own. it's very independent. people in new hampshire make their own decisions. it has nothing to do with home field advantage. >> all right, jonathan tasini, thank you very much. "outfront" next, i'll be joined by anderson cooper, who's going to be moderating. that's next. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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all right. breaking news to update you on this moment. bill cosby will stand trial on felony sexual assault charges. a judge in pennsylvania in a ruling just moments ago denying a request by cosby's attorneys to have criminal charges against the 78-year-old actor thrown out of court. the charges against cosby stem from allegations first made in 2005. with today's ruling, the case will now move forward. a crucial development. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sex crimes. cosby, of course, was once one of the most revered actors in the nation and has vehemently denied all accusations against him. it's going to be a showdown tonight, the democratic candidates with one of their last chances before the voting starts here in new hampshire. in just about an hour, hillary clinton and bernie sanders going to be facing off in our presidential town hall. anderson cooper will be moderating. anderson, it's a very intimate room. you have a small -- we heard opera house, we didn't know what that meant. >> it's a small opera house.
4:55 pm
>> it's a small opera house. you've had a chance to get a sense of what they care about. what do they want to ask these candidates? >> the new hampshire audiences and town halls are very smart, they're very well informed. so there's a lot of very specific questions, you know, we ask the people who come up with their own questions, we ask them to at least show us the questions in advance, so there's not a lot of duplication. so you don't have ten people asking the exact same question. that's really the level of involvement we have in on this. but they're very detailed questions, very specific, you know, covering all the topics you would think a lot of democrats would be interested in, education, there's climate change, there's a whole range of subjects. but you also have independent voters who have said that they plan to vote in the democratic primary and are eligible to vote. >> either way? >> so in the room tonight are going to be democrats and also registered independents who say they're going to be voting next tuesday in the democratic primary. so they're going to be able to ask questions as well. and some of the people who ask questions have already decided
4:56 pm
what candidate they like, and many of them, in fact, are undecided and could be swayed one way or another. so it's a big night for these candidates. >> it is, and the intimate room makes it even more personal and special, what you're going to be doing. anderson will be hosting this. one of these final moments they have to make a final pitch to voters. thank you so much for joining us. our special coverage from the cite of tonight's democratic town hall continues after this. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th--
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... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: don't wait until presidents day to get a better night's sleep. during sleep train's presidents day sale save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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good evening. thanks for joining us from the historic operahouse in derry, new hampshire. what a night. just an hour from now, down there on the stage behind me, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face the voters in a cnn town hall. i'll be moderating. it promises to be a high point of a very high-drama day out on the campaign trail, for democrats and republicans. today the campaigning in both parties ramped up. rand paul, rick santorum, they dropped out. donald trump accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses, in part by playing dirty tricks on ben carson. cruz fired back at trump. meantime, on the democratic side, some sparring over who's a progressive and who isn't. it began yesterday, with a question for senator sanders about whether his opponent truly is. listen. >> some days, yes. except when she announces that she is a proud mode.


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