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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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such amazing questions. a reminder, we'll be here with it all. our coverage continues with don lemon right after this. thanks again. >> thank you all! thank you, guys! i want to meet the rabbi.
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all right. we're back now live. we're not in new hampshire but we are live. you just heard from hillary clinton and bernie sanders in our live town hall with anderson cooper. what a night. important conversation with just six days to go until the new hampshire primary that everybody's looking forward to. this is a special cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the race for the democratic nomination is up for grabs. let's discuss with our political dream team -- yeah, you guys are my political dream team. mr. bill press, don't be intimidated by these people, author of "buyers remorse," gora borger, donna brazile and you think they helped themselves tonight? >> i think they did.
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first of all, let me say welcome to new hampshire tonight because those questions were unbelievable. they were great. they were personal and they were the kind of questions that you -- they're water cooler questions. people are thinking about it and the people in new hampshire are so used to getting the candidates one-on-one, they're not afraid to ask these questions. and so kudos to the audience there. second thing, i think we saw bernie sanders' passion for the issues and for what he stands for and what he's been fighting for for his entire career and his life and a little bit weakness on foreign policy i still think, and i think we saw in hillary clinton as she answered the question about how do you combine ego with humility, the ego it takes to run for president, and we sort of lifted the veil on hillary clinton a little bit where she said, i had a husband who was such a natural and by
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implication saying you know what, i have to work at this because i grew up with this guy who was so good at it and for me i never thought i would do this and i've had to learn. and it was a very telling moment for me to watch her. >> so in comparison to her husband, do you think she seems coached sometimes, that she seems too sort of put together? it seems she is better in these sorts of situations than she is on the campaign trail. >> she's not instinctual. i think the way that bill clinton could have an emotional connection with a voter and share a moment in a way that everybody else in the audience and everybody at home can relate to, she's just not as good at that. but here's the problem for her -- nobody's as good at that as bill clinton. >> it's a really tough bar, you are know. >> i mean, i'm a republican who tries to look at these through a clinical lens of what does a
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voter think and how do they reach voters. i think she has a tougher time than that. bernie sanders has become more polished as a candidate but i think that progressive warrior in him, i think some voters find that easier to identify with. >> but you also saw hillary clinton, who has positioned herself as her back is against the wall. she won in iowa but she won by this much in iowa. but now she's in new hampshire where she has to fight back and go to that natural instinct. this is the same thing we saw as in 2008 after barack obama beat her in iowa. then she saw herself down at 11% in new hampshire. she had that moment where she shed a tear and that's when you saw in that moment she was a fight per. >> are you progressive? >> yes. >> are you a progressive? >> i'm too left to be progressive. >> are you a progressive? >> i'm a liberal. >> i don't think i fit in bernie
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sanders' category so -- >> let's listen and then we can discuss. >> do you believe hillary clinton is a progressive? >> let me just say this. i have enormous respect for hillary clinton. i've known her for 25 years and it's unfortunate, you know, in politics and everybody should know this, what media often wants to you do and you're asked this question, i'm sure it's the same for secretary clinton, beat her up, tell me something terrible, attack her because that will make the news. i have tried my best not to do that. you're looking at a guy who has been in politics a long time. [ applause ] >> and i have never run a negative ad in my life and i look forward to never running a negative ad in my life. i don't think people deserve that. as secretary of state just said, that's what politics is about, a debate on the issues.
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secretary clinton has a long and distinguished public career. she has worked with children when she began and god on knows that we need a work given the fact that we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any country on earth. i respected her, i thought she did a good job as secretary of state, i served with her on the senate, we worked together and there are other issues where i think she is not progressive. i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> donna, you said you're a self-proscribed progressive? >> i am. i am proud of the fact that i have worked to elect people like
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hillary clinton, like bernie sanders, who fight for every day people, for children in poverty, for minorities, for women, to gays and lesbians. if you want to call yourself a liberal, fine, i love bill clinton. but if you want to call yourself an american who cares about the least of these, call yourself a progressive. >> too much or is there some there there? >> i love this debate. i spent my life as a democratic party in california and one time as a member of the dnc fighting the conservatives in my own party. and now to have the two candidates for president arguing about which one is the greater progressive, god bless america. we have arrived. >> you're not liberal enough. >> exactly. this is great. >> there is an important moment i think in the democratic party. first of all, bernie will have to walk through the hot sands of
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his votes and the gun stuff, which is fine. but i think it's perfectly fine for him to point out that the clintons came into public life saying they were not jesse jackson, they were not dukakis, they were not -- they were not part of the rainbow coalition, they were part of the -- >> the blue dogs. >> the blue dogs. >> it would be like john travolta saying i did not do disco. we all saw "saturday night fever"! don't cry about that. >> but people do evolve. she explained herself. let listen and then we can discuss. >> and i said that i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. i was somewhat amused today that senator sands are set himself up to be the gatekeeper of who is a
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progressive. even the late great senator paul wellstone would not be a progressive. so i'm not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand, i know who stands with me, i know what i've done but i don't think it helps for the senator to be making because clearly we all share a lot of the same hopes and aspirations for our country that we want to see achieved. i don't think it's appropriate if planned parenthood endorses me that they're thrown out the progressive wing and put into the establishment. that's just not anything we need to do. let's have a good contest of ideas, let's contrast where we stand and that's what i intend to do for the next couple of days. >> satisfactory answer for you, bakari, for the audience and for
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americans? >> i think it was. many of us have this problem with the progressive pure testify test going on with the democratic party today. today we had a twitter storm about hillary clinton and bernie sanders about you're a progressive and you do this. barack obama is not a progressive? sorry, bill. you're talking about the president who led the way on climate change, led the way on gay rights, who did the iran bill and opened up relations with cuba. how is he not a progressive? that's how we start having the serious issues and then he goes into this rant of i don't know a progressive who does this. my response is i don't know any progressive who voted against the brady bill five times or the charleston loophole allowing a criminal to get a gun. >> there are two things going on that are hard to reconcile. my head is exploding covering this election because republican party is having this conversation, these arguments
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about who's the really conservative in the republican party. not donald trump, he's not conservative, he's not -- and then the democrats are having this argument about who is is a real liberal and the difference between a liberal and progressive and what hillary clinton can say and should say is when i first joined the democratic party, we were looking for a third way because we couldn't get elected dog catcher. now we found that third way and now the party's changed and i've changed along with it. >> but in general aren't they going to say i'm the most down the middle? >> i absolutely love this. here you have hillary clinton trying to to get to the left of an avowed socialist in a general election. van pointed to this before. the clintons flourished -- bill clinton flourished as a centrist, the dnc. barack obama you call him a progressive. when he was in ohio, in northern
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florida, in the suburbs of denver, he wasn't saying i'm a liberal, i'm a progressive. so this is really good. now, republicans, we have our own little skirmish going on inside our party but more americans define themselves as centrist and slightly more conservative. >> i have not heard blue dog in quite a while. >> everyone, we're coming back, more must-see moments from our democrat being town hall, just days ahead of the new hampshire primary. and we'll talk to anderson coming up.
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and we're back. you're looking at live pictures of -- that's where our democratic town hall took place earlier in new hampshire. up should hear what these folks are having in the commercial break. great conversation. hillary clinton and bernie sanders answering questions tonight, moderated by our very own anderson cooper. there is anderson in the opera house. what do you think was the strongest moment tonight from both candidates? >> i don't know how it played on tv. there's real intimacy in this room. the nice thing about this town hall format, it really allows you to see a different side to
8:20 pm
candidates in a very intimate form. i think we saw that tonight, the question, the man who is walking with cancer, who has terminal cancer asking a question about ending life with dignity, death with dignity so-called and also being humble and having to deal with the ego that you need in order to run the free world. secretary clinton's answer to the rabbi was really interesting you saw her thought process going. you saw a side you don't normally see. >> i read a treatment of the american son parable by the jesuit henri nolan and i read that parable and there was a line that became a lifeline for me and it basically is practice
8:21 pm
the discipline of gratitude. so regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful, be grateful for being a human being, being part of the universe, be grateful for your limitations, know that you have to reach out to have more people be with you to support you, to advise you, listen to your critics, answer the questions, but at the end be grateful. practice the discipline of gratitude and that has helped me enormously. >> as much as i like debates, sort of three dimensional chess, or smart and subtle knife fights, i think these formats lend themselves to small audiences like this and in the mix it's a cool thing to have. >> i also like her honesty on some of her answers, some she's admitted she needed more
8:22 pm
information and was honest about boots on the ground. >> any time candidates fall into their stump speeches and talking points, those are the times that are the least interesting. i think each of these candidates used this as an opportunity to try to show who they are. bernie sanders i think was very strong in this room. there's a lot undecided voters who say they're going to vote in the democratic primary, a lot of people waiting to make up their minds. he may have convinced a lot of people tonight and perhaps secretary did as well. i think boath candidates based n what they said to me after, they liked the format and this is the kind of thing folks around the country don't see this as much but this is happening in new hampshire several times each day. marco rubio did a number of town halls today. we'd love to have town halls with all the candidates and we'll extend invitations to all of them. >> stand by. we have a big panel here. i want to go to bill press. you're nodding your head on the gratitude part. if you were undecided, who won
8:23 pm
you over or won voters over, do you believe? >> let me first of all say i love this format. i liked it so much better than the debate. we see these candidates and see themselves and see who they are and how they respond and with all due respect to our fellow journalists, you would not have gotten the questions that you got from that crowd tonight from journalists who were trying to make a name for themselves by asking some snarky, nasty question. >> wait a minute, wait a minute -- >> but when you're up against a clock, you got 30 seconds, 15 seconds -- >> they were very good. they were probing. that answer of hillary's i thought was tremendous. how many times do you see a politician actually quote a jesuit theologian and she was talking about what was in her heart. >> and to really get this when they were seated to talk about things we don't hear. hillary clinton talking about the death of her mother, thinking about running for
8:24 pm
office. bernie sanders of course we all know now the album is not a singing album. >> chopping wood. >> you felt like you were in a room with them as opposed to waiting for the gloves to come off. >> he didn't get the curb your enthusiasm moment where he said i am larry david. that was good stuff. >> of course he drives a 5-year-old red -- >> with low mileage, of course. >> thank you very much. nice job, everyone. stick with me. real be right back with more from tonight's town hall and one woman who had a chance to ask hillary clinton about trust. parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance,
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so you heard from both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they answered questions from voters at a town hall tonight in new hampshire. i want to bring in one of those voters, allison pyatt. welcome to the show. here's part of the question that you asked hillary clinton, which had to do with issues surrounding her e-mails and the
8:29 pm
issue of trust. listen. >> have eroded trust in you. what would you do to regain that trust and engender trust in americans and me? >> well, thank you for starting by saying it's related to what i just said. and i acknowledge this as personally painful as it is. when you have been subjected to the level, the velocity of attacks that come every day, even if there is no factual basis to it, it's just normal for people to say, gosh, there's got to be something, why do they keep saying this and then we do that. i testify for 11 hours, there's nothing to benghazi, they don't give it up, they keep coming after it. i know i have to really demonstrate as clearly as i can who i am, what i stand for and what i've always done. i've always been guided by the same values, i have always
8:30 pm
listened to people and i've always worked as hard as i could to produce results for people. >> allison, what did you think of her answer? >> i liked her answer. i think i was more taken with tonight's program from hillary from the breadth and depth of her responses. i'll be honest, just watching bernie, there's just something about his approach that engenders that trust and his wife's description of him, integrity, there is just something about the way he speaks that talks that creates that. i wanted to ask that question because i do feel that my trust has been eroded by a lot of things that happens. and it's also sometimes that she's gone on the attack mode, it not something that engenders trust but i was impressed with a lot of her responses tonight. >> so which one has your vote. do you mind telling us that? >> i'm still undecided.
8:31 pm
i have till tuesday. >> that's a lifetime. >> go ahead, allison. >> i think i'm going to try to see the debate tomorrow and, you know, get more information. i've been kind of taking all of this in from one step removed, even though i know a lot of people that are working with the hillary campaign. so this is my moment to gather some information and really be informed before i show up on tuesday night. >> as we have been reporting and gloria as well as, that people in new hampshire, it takes them a while, they are undecided for a long time. >> they are. just like a lot of caucus goers in iowa. when you get to have a one-on-one meeting with these candidates, you -- it becomes more difficult because they become more personal to you. and the more personal somebody becomes, the grayer the areas are, right? >> allison, what's the most important issue to you? >> income inequality. i'm a wealth manager, focuses on
8:32 pm
sustainability and i don't think with the level of income inequality this we have that we are building a long-term, sustainable economy. that is a very important issue that need to be addressed. and finance reform. we've got to overturn citizens united. these two issues are super important to me and women's equality, gender equality is another area i'm very personally involved in both professionally and through my volunteer work. there's just too many very important issues and i think that's why this is a critical election. >> if i'm not mistaken, i heard you grieving with gloria that these candidates, you get to know them personally and that makes a huge difference to you because not every voter gets to spend as much time with a candidate. >> that's one of the reasons i wanted to come tonight. as i said, i've had opportunities for access that i haven't taken advantage of. partly that's my schedule. and i have this amazing access and opportunity by living here
8:33 pm
and i live in portsmouth, new hampshire, all the candidates come throughout me town, it's unbelievable we live here and have this. i wanted to take advantage of it and participate. >> she's great. >> if i had one word of device with ted devine, i would get on the phone and talk to allison and tell her what i can do to make me do better. >> what do you think the candidates can do better to help reach you and the voters that are out there? >> one thing i like with bernie is i'm not going to go negative. and recently hillary i feel has gotten defensive and to me that's one of the things she personally doing that doesn't engender trust. you want to have a positive, hopeful campaign. i realize also that she's having to be defensive because of the position she's in and i also feel there's a lot of gender
8:34 pm
bias that attributes to that. so i recognize why that's a struggle for her, but i also think she needs to stay on the positive -- >> we're not going to have a job. >> stand by. kevin madden has a question for you. >> thanks for participating tonight. one question for you, since income inequality is such an important issue for you, what was your reaction when hillary clinton was asked about giving wall street speeches and whether or not that makes her compromised on dealing with these issues related to wall street and banks? >> okay. that was my original question. my original question was how are you going to engender trust in the american people when most of your campaign has been financed by wall street and especially since my work is focused on working with companies that are creating change in a different way. so i was really happy that anderson asked that question. and liked that she talked about we need lots of corporate
8:35 pm
change, not just the banks. we need all companies to be working to do the best for their employees, for their consumers and for their communities, whether that's local or global communities. so i was pleased with a lot of the things that she said in response to anderson's question about that. >> allison, stand by. you're not a part of our panel. hillary clinton was asked tonight about why young women, part of what allison talked about, about women's equality, why young women haven't been supporting her and have been going to sanders. let's listen to this. >> it would obviously be historic if you were elected president -- >> you think so? >> obviously. [ applause ] >> i've studied a little bit about history. but it seems like young women aren't rallying to this potentially historic moment. in iowa, senator sanders beat you by 70 points.
8:36 pm
>> that's amazing. i was very fortunate to have a great team of young people, men and women supporting me, but i accept the fact that i have work to do to convey what i stand for, what i've accomplished, what i want to do for young people in our country. >> why do you think it is that -- >> you know, i don't really know, anderson. here what's i want young people to know. they don't have to be for me, i'm going to be for them. it doesn't really matter. if they are not supporting me, i will be their president, i will do everything i can to give them the opportunity they deserve. >> donna brazile, what do you think? >> i think that was one of her best answers. she wants to connect with the millennials and why the she's having a challenge in finding not just the language but the rhythm of this generation. they want somebody who will inspire them to greater heights,
8:37 pm
not someone who just say we've done it all, now it's your turn. i think tonight she said i'm going to be for you even if you're not for me yet. >> great line. >> when i was in iowa and i was just talking to voters, young women, whatever, the thing that i get and i'm going to new hampshire tomorrow and i'm going to ask young women about it is to quote barack obama, the fierce urgency of now -- >> barack obama quoted -- >> but that younger women don't feel a sense of urgency because they just assume that a woman will be president someday during their lifetime. >> this is somewhat of a misnomer that's perpetrated by the media so far. i guess i'm part of it now. iowa and new hampshire, the demographics of such do not look like the rest of the democratic party. before you start saying that young women don't care for hillary clinton, let's figure out -- i mean, the group that's going to make this election in
8:38 pm
the primary are african-american women. >> i think that's true. i think you make that point very well, but i do think that she misses opportunities, hillary clinton, to really inspire young people . it's almost like saying lower your sights, i know you want to have a great country but really lower your sights. and i think -- >> is she just being realistic, not being a dreamer? she's calling bernie sanders a dreamer but it might not happen? >> the most important thing is if she can figure this out she will be an incredible, not just candidate but president. have as we say, she'll slay. >> she'll slay. young people need something to believe in, they need something to do. if they don't have something to believe in, they wind up in trouble, in isis, in trouble. the suicide hotlines for young
8:39 pm
muslims are going through the roof. you have to understand you're talking to people, helping them shape their understanding of what's possible for them. she misses those opportunities sometimes. if she would stop doing that and say i get you and i want you to dream big, she'll be better. >> one of the paradoxes for me of this election and we see it over and over again is that bernie sanders is pulling the young people, the millennials, young men, young women, first time in the caucuses, under 45 something like 78% were for bernie, over 50 were for hillary. it's almost like they're upside down. bernie for some reason is really inspiring these young people. it's the old head and the heart line maybe. >> two things. if you're like santa claus and saying i can give you this and give you this and give you. but he admits to that young people don't necessarily turn out to vote. >> he brought them out to vote, though.
8:40 pm
>> he did. >> i want to finish that head and the heart thing. bernie is say we go can believe in great things, we can do great things, that's working. i find hillary a little bit saying lower your expectations and i think that's turning young people off. >> the difference between bernie sanders calling for a revolution, saying i'm going to get your college tuition paid, and hillary clinton saying i'm competent, i can get things done. that's what your parents tell you. and that's not inspirational as -- >> but you know what it is? if bernie sanders is saying the house is shut and you can't get in so we going to find a way to get everybody in the house and he makes you want to get there and just start tearing that door down. hillary is saying the house is there, we will get in because i have figured it out.
8:41 pm
all she needs is to figure out how to get people the energy to go and make the change. that's it. that's it. >> gloria talked about it. it seems anti-aspirational. she kept saying it tonight, rooted in the real world. and almost like sending this message like you're being too far fetched in your dreams. >> did she do this in 2002? >> she did it with barack obama. >> i would hope she changes her language -- if i could tell hillary clinton one thing, i would say change your language. i love to dream. the difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, bernie sanders is telling you to dream. hillary clinton says dream with your eyes open. we have to have a plan to get there. >> you said that more eloquently than i did. that's a very good way of saying it. allison nwatt, are you there?
8:42 pm
>> i am. i'm going to do a debate thing and give you a couple seconds here. i want to ask you about voting for a woman. you're still undecided. how important is it, the possibility of a woman becoming elected in this election. >> i would love to see a woman elected, but i want the right candidate. i've always felt that way. and i feel that way when we talk about women in all types of leadership. it's got to be the right women in leadership. i think hillary is the right woman. bernie, as i said earlier, inspires just a little more trust in you. and i love a lot of things that he says. so i think it is time. i am a little concerned. you know, there's the jegender bias and i'm concerned how much she's going to have to continue to fight that to get to the white house. and once she's in, we've watched this for the last seven years,
8:43 pm
she'll continue to have a that battle. it's the gender culture we have still. >> allison, you were wonderful. smartest people in the group. a round of applause from everyone. thank you very much, allison. take care, take care. everyone stay with me. she was great, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> when we come back, more must-see moments from town hall. so at&t built a network just for you. one that connects your businesses, devices, cars, mobile entertainment, family and homes. we grow as you grow. always evolving. to work for you how and where you need it. this is your network. the network of at&t.
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and we are back. let's listen to something from the town hall. this is bernie sanders' panel talking about how he's going to work with republicans. listen. >> many of us see how deeply held your philosophy and that matters a lot to us. we share those goals. at the same time, you have worked for many years to say it's my way or the highway. you talk tonight about wanting to have a revolution in the
8:48 pm
house and senate in order to get people there who share your views. there might be some new members of the house and senate, but they're not going to be all that many. how are you going to be able to work with a congress that might not share our deeply held goals in order to achieve a more perfect union? >> well, marjorie, thank you for your question. it is just not accurate to say -- i know sometimes people may portray me in this respect -- it is not accurate to say that it's my way or the highway. >> kevin mann, how is he going to work with people on your side of the aisle? >> this goes to something gloria was saying. he's become a much more polished candidate. the old bernie sanders would have gone on the war path and talked about all the fights he's had with republicans. in this he was much more conciliatory. he mentioned john mccain and that was all he mentioned. he mentioned veterans affairs
8:49 pm
work he's worked on. i don't necessarily think he won a whole lot of folks over tonight because think they he's going to work with republicans as much as he talked in a way he's going to look for common ground but he's never going to give up his principles. you even saw the questioner refer to your deeply held principles. >> he's saying i'm going to work with the other side and then you have someone like ted cruz, no, i'm not going to -- >> i thought it was interesting when sanders said he had gotten more amendments done than working -- in the house. >> he's probably getting fact checked on that right now. >> assuming it's true, i think a lot of people probably don't know that. they think he's not accomplished and think he can't work with anybody. if it's true that he's that accomplished and can work with people, he should say that more often. >> i think both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have worked across the aisle with people in the congress. i think she was probably mistaking him for mitch
8:50 pm
mcconnell. stand by, everyone. we more to come on our town hall just days ahead of the new hampshire primary. we'll be right back. is growing, the economy with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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back now with our political team, my political dream team. it's hard to imagine hillary clinton in a baseball cap and sweat pants running around walmart or taking pictures with her hoodie on. she said if she wants to be and -- anonymous, she used to do this in the white house. >> you have no anonymity. if you could be anonymous for one day, what would you do? >> i used to do this in the white house. i would put on baseball cap and sunglasses and sweat pants and a sweat shirt and pull my hair back and i would go walk. and i would tell the secret service they had to wear casual clothes, take the things out of their ears, and look like they were just tourists. i had the best time. i would end up over on the mall
8:55 pm
sometimes walking around. a family would come up and say would you mind taking our picture in front of the white house? i'd be happy to, here. so, you know, there's nothing i like better than to be anonymous, as hard as that is to achieve. >> gloria, we all saw the pictures of the first lady in target, michelle obama. >> oh, i remember. >> but did this happen? >> i have to believe it happened, she saying happened. unless you talk to some secret service agents here. but this is hillary clinton, who has been in the public eye for decades, and we see her one way all the time. >> in a pant suit. >> yes, but also particularly as a woman, we talk about her appearance. and so she kind of lifted the veil a little bit -- >> her voice. >> her hair. >> and everything else.
8:56 pm
what struck me about this entire event was everybody asked the questions to bernie sanders, we know you're authentic, we believe you but can you work with the other side? hillary clinton to this point about her walking in her sweats, the question is we know you can work across the aisle but are you authentic and who are you? after being famous for so long, which is why this was a very good question for her to answer, which was we heard her talk about her mother, we heard her talk about ego and humility and it's the kind of things we don't normally hear from her on the stump. >> and when we come right back, the state of the race. with just days to go until the new hampshire primary, who's got the mojo tonight? you totalled your brand new car.
8:57 pm
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and here we go. it is midnight on the east coast. we are counting down to new hampshire, the primary just days away. hillary clinton, bernie sanders each trying to make their cases to voters at our town hall tonight. so what is up, who is down and what happens next? let's discuss with the dream team, political dream team.


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