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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and here we go. it is midnight on the east coast. we are counting down to new hampshire, the primary just days away. hillary clinton, bernie sanders each trying to make their cases to voters at our town hall tonight. so what is up, who is down and what happens next? let's discuss with the dream team, political dream team.
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>> this is cnn after dark. we're ready to go. tell the boss to turn the tv on. >> you talked about mojo -- >> let me introduce you first. so thank you very much. what is the name of your book? >> thank you. it is buyer's remorse >> i'm going to leave that book alone. >> you talked about mojo and one thing we saw eight years ago is that barack obama, hillary clinton walked into new hampshire an underdog and she got her rhythm back. she got it back that afternoon on a friday and she talked about why she was in it. i think tonight hillary and bernie had an opportunity to soften themselves as people who
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care about extraordinary folks, whether it's heroine addiction or the end of life question and for the democrats i thought this was a good night to figure out which of the two candidates will have the momentum to get through next tuesday. >> gloria is the person who does the analysis for us on cnn. do you expect bernie sanders to keep his lead in new hampshire? >> it's so hard to know. you have 44% of the registered voters in new hampshire undeclared so there are people who are undeclared, could go either way. there's a large group of undecided voters. i think bernie sanders goes in with an obvious advantage. it's a regional primary to a degree. his home state, but you never know. you never know. >> he did something tonight that i thought was good and i want
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you to tell me if you think it will help him. he talked about his own spirituality and he talked about how religion and his views form his public views. i have never heard him do that. does that help him? let's listen to that. >> i would not be here tonight, i would not be running for president of the united states if i did not have very strong religious and spiritual feelings. i believe that as a human being the pain that one person feels, if we have children who are hungry in america, if we have elderly people who can't afford prescription drugs, that impacts you and me. i worry very much about a society where some people spiritually say it doesn't matter to me, i don't care about other people. so my spirituality is that we are all in this together and that when children go hungry,
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when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. that's my very strong spiritual feeling. >> the question is did he help himself? >> sure. he's not quoting two c. he's a religious candidate. what he is saying whatever i do is informed about my spirituality because i care about the human race and i care about home and i don't want to see veterans homeless. it's not his natural turf, just like foreign policy is not his natural turf. i think we saw that tonight in his answer on isis. his natural turf is income and equality. >> hillary clinton the a moment when she talked about huh millty. >> which is a very powerful moment for her. here with bernie i think what we saw for the first time and i
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know him well and i saw for the first time is what is driving that passion of his about inequality and about people who don't have health care, about kids who can't afford college or end up with these hundred thousand dollars in loans afterwards. that passion is driven by his faith. he's never talked about it. tonight he did. >> let me tell you something that we saw with bernie sanders tonight, which i was really kbre impressed with, we saw the evolution tonight. he tripped over questions of race at the beginning of this campaign. there were people who were hoping he would match up the inequality with understanding that racism does exist in this country. >> did he trip over race or the black lives matter thing? >> he tripped up over the context about which we discuss it today and it's vastly different from how we discussed it a decade ago.
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when bernie sanders introduced himself and said i march with dr. king. what you saw tonight was bernie sanders pivoted very well and he did something i was waiting on him to do, he talked about demilitary rising the police and independent investigations -- he talked about -- these are things that bernie sanders talked about and hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight they actually took a large part of this opportunity and actually looked towards south carolina because this message that bernie sanders talked about, that wasn't a new hampshire message. when hillary clinton started preaching, now i understand that may be okay in new hampshire, but my mom has a book of prayer daily word by her bed every day and she reads it every morning and hillary was talking to those women, especially those black women in south carolina. so i thought both of them got an a plus for being able to look forward. >> i was moved by sanders.
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i spent a lot of time in california. there are a lot of liberals. they will not talk about any of these things in public. he did it in a way that felt authentic. hillary clinton -- usually you say talk about your faith. neither of them felt like they were pandering. i thought that was important. i thought this issue of moving young people, this racial issue it's not just for african-american young people. young people travel in multi racial packs. young people are concerned about that and i thought it was important that bernie sanders -- he evolved on that issue beautifully. >> to talk about this, how are you going to pay for these things because community you college and public college and the answer of raising taxes. here he is answering. >> senator sanders, the first thing i hear about you is that you are going to raise taxes on the middle class. i support my family on a salary
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of $41,000 a year. i'm wondering if you raise my factio taxes how is that going to help me? >> this is what we are going do. the united states is the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people and we end up spending more on health care as do the people of any other country, canada, uk, france, whatever. what we are going to fight for is a medicare for all single payer program which would provide comprehensive health care to your family and every family in america. so let me tell you what we do. we raise your taxes if you're somewhere in the middle of the economy, but we're going to reduce your health care cost by $5,000. so you are going to pay a little bit more in taxes, but you're no longer going to have to pay
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private health insurance premiums. i've been criticized for this, but i believe health care is a right of all people, that we should not have deductibles and co payments. we should not be paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and our medicare for all program will guarantee comprehensive care to all people and save middle class families thousands of dollars a year. >> does that math work for you? >> if it saves me on health insurance premiums i will gladly pay for taxes. >> i don't know if that math works for anybody. i think the problem that a lot of people have it goes back to the question of how do you pay for it? we talk about free college and we know how bernie sanders wants to pay for his free college plan. he talks about the fact that you're going to tax speculation on wall street, but one thing that we saw today -- had a great piece that said of the
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$70 billion, 23 of those are going to have to come from the streets. i come from south carolina. we're not pitching in anything so we can have free college for all. we're going to have the objectives throughout the country. i don't think many of the things he's talking about is practical, but i do know that hillary clinton did come up with a plan ta talked about her college affordability where she talked about $25 billion and how she was going to pay for it. historically black colleges and universities which are struggling today. >> i heard bernie sanders say parents will say i don't want my kid to have $100,000 college bill, but i heard conservatives saying isn't that part of parenting figuring out how you're going to pay for your kids? >> if you really want to see -- if you really think health care is expensive or college tuition is expensive, wait until it's
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free and then it becomes really expensive. when the government steps in and starts to guarantee that their going to pay your loans then you take a way profit incentives. so there's a lot of problems with these plans. to tell you the truth the answer to the question of does that math work for you, there wasn't any math involved. there was a big giant promise that bernie sanders was going to come in and give everybody $5,000. >> i want to say i disagree on this. this is his weak spot. how are you going to pay for the college, how are you going to pay for the health care, but i think if you look at obamacare, the private insurance companies are still in charge, they're still raising rates and people are still paying high premiums. that's the math. if you don't have to pay an insurance premium you're going to save $4,000, $4,000 a year.
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>> hold on. we have a lot of time left. >> if you pay 500 as opposed to 5, 000. it convinced that guy. >> the reality check teams takes on what the candidates are saying and tonight that team is headed by mr. tom forman. >> bernie sanders got hit on this question about health care for veterans out there and whether or not he's for it. he says he's always been helping out the veterans and he pointed to a by partisan bill. >> it was the most significant piece of veterans health care legislation passed in modern history. we put $16 billion in veterans health care as well as taking care of veterans in a number of other areas. >> so there's the claim.
9:13 pm
what is he talking about? it's talked about a 2014 bill that did build more medical facilities and so on and it did cost over $16.3 billion so this claim is true. hillary clinton went after the republicans saying they didn't care when the auto industry was in trouble, but the democrats came along and they bailed it out. listen. >> all of us paid for it. they paid back the treasury. so we didn't lose any money and we saved millions of jobs. >> u.s. taxpayers did not lose any money during the auto maker bailout, saved lots of jobs, they spent $46 billion in bailing out ge, but about 1.5 million jobs were saved so that was benefits not being paid out, taxes paid in. in the end we have to say that her claim about the money is false, but her claim about the
9:14 pm
jobs is true. the last thing is bernie sanders mus musical genius, bernie sanders said this about an album he made a long time ago. >> it's the worst album. it's selling well because people are buying it. it's the worst album ever recorded. >> the worst album ever. let's listen. ♪ ♪ >> wow. the worst album ever. i don't know about that, but he also said you can't believe how bad it is, i can believe how bad it is.
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that claim is false. >> we have some people -- >> we appreciate that. when we come back more from our new hampshire town hall and what it means for the race in general. we'll be right back. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders answering questions from voters tonight in a town hall in new hampshire just days before the first in the nation primary. can you believe it? >> yes, i can believe it. >> so here is a question. hillary clinton is banking on her southern firewall, but bernie sanders says the campaign has plenty of money to burn. that's a whole lot of momentum. can he continue that? >> first of all, we have to see what happens in new hampshire. if bernie sanders -- margins matter here. the polls that we were looking at before iowa showed him 23
9:20 pm
points. hillary clinton can't lose by 23 points in new hampshire. that would be really bad for her. i don't think she will. i do think that she's got the organization, the strength, the history in the south that bernie sanders' campaign does not have. so i think it's very difficult for him. i think it's uphill. they know it. they're making inroads as we were talking about earlier, but it's a tough -- >> he's pulling in a lot of money. >> yeah, he is. >> we're feeling really great. i think the message that we are bringing forth is resonating with the american people. you talked about money. one of the things that has happened that our campaign which has blown me away, it really has, is we have received 3.5 million individual contributions. that is more than any candidate in the history of the united states up to this point and you know what the average contribution is?
9:21 pm
>> $27. >> you heard. that's -- in a day of super pac where people are raising huge amounts of money from wall street and the drug companies, the fact that millions of individual contributions from working people and the middle class who want us to go forward and to transform this country in very significant ways is very moving to me. >> is that a -- remember in 2008 when it was small donations that were -- >> fueling barack obama. >> is that a revolution? is this a bernie revolution similar to a barack obama revolution. >> it's refreshing to see the amount of money that bernie's able to raise and he's not going out there doing a lot of fundraising. on the other hand, the democrats and the republicans compete for big dollars and super pacs and other things. i'm not a big supporter of super pacs as well, but i want to talk about -- we talked about south
9:22 pm
carolina and we started having church, i like this process. we start off in two small states and then we move on to states that are more diverse, especially for democrats. 56% of our votes will come from white voters, 44% from non-white voters. we're going to head into part of the country that many americans don't hear from so it's important that we have two candidates who are willing to engage on these issues, whether it's criminal justice reform or in hillary's case talking about economic issues, but we're about to head into a discussion that i hope we're ready for because there are a lot of people in this country who are hurting. >> here is the thing, i'm a hillary clinton supporter. i'll grant you everything on organization. she's about to go into a part of the calendar that suites her better as a candidate, but here is the thing about bernie sanders he has outperformed expectations along the way,
9:23 pm
whether it's been the money or his performance as the candidate, his message, his crowds, that kinds of momentum where people feel they're a part of it and they have an incentive to go to the polls and brings their friends with them, that's powerful. >> the polls were wrong in iowa and so do you think that the same thinking happen in new hampshire when it comes to these polls? >> sure. we saw it happen in 2008 where i remember getting a briefing when we were up there and i was working on the mitt romney campaign and i expect barack obama to win and a reporter had to stop me and say he's losing by ten points tonight. so new hampshire, just like allison, the voter we saw before, they take this process ver verusly. they wait until the last minute. she probably thinks there's a long time until tuesday to make up their mind. >> there's something about this so-called firewall. if you asked me 48 hours ago is
9:24 pm
it possible for bernie sanders to catch fire or do something with african-americans in south carolina, i would have said i don't think so. i would have said i think it's unlikely. something is happening out there. first of all we had a kvgsz about how he's disqualified because he's talking about taxes, people were banging on him saying he's talking about taxes that's going to be a complete nonstarter, k-12 education is free in america. that was a controversial idea a long time ago and now it's not. when bernie sanders says a high school diploma doesn't get you very much, you should be able to get a community college diploma as well for free, that makes a lot of sense. the other thing you have to understand is the frustration with this economic elite is so high it's like why can't they give something back to the country. i'm startling to hear from the african-americans what bernie
9:25 pm
sanders says makes sense. i don't know if it cracks the firewall, but i think the assumption that he cannot gain traction i think is wrong. >> that's where the money is so significant because -- i kevin i heard you say this, candidates drop out. they don't drop out because they're tired or they need to go to florida, he only drop out because they run out of money and bernie sanders is not going to run out of money. >> lelt's talk about the use of military force an i thought this was a good answer by hillary clinton. >> you have a history of intervention of foreign policy that is troubling to many voters including myself. as a voter oppose in had to the united states being a policeman can you assure that you would not expand our military involvement abroad. >> no, i can't. i'd like to be able to say i could, but here is what i can say. i have learned and have been
9:26 pm
really in the kruss i believe of making a lot of hard decisions over the years and military force must always be a last resort, not a first choice. that is one of the biggest difference between me and the republicans. i will be a very careful, deliberate, decision maker when facing hard choices because i know what's at stake and i know you can understand why there can't be for me anyway a blanket statement, but i want to assure you will be transparent and open and explain to the american people if any occasion arises where we do have to take military action to protect ourselves or our close friends and partners. >> i have to tell you, i liked that because people -- heit's hd to tell people what they don't want to hear, but it was honest. >> she wasn't pandering.
9:27 pm
>> she said, no, i can't. it's a last resort and that's obviously her answer and that's -- >> that's where she feels the most comfortable and that's where bernie feels the least comfortable. >> and that's where voters trust her. >> when he was asked the question about isis, he said we're going to crush them, but there's not a lot of meat on those bones at this point and i think that's his weak spot. >> stay with me. a very busy day when it comes to the gop candidates as well. two more drop out. what's wrong? >> we're crying. >> two more drop out while trump and cruz fling the mud at each other. we'll talk about that when we come back. sinus pressure,old with you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus.
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and we are back so means everyone has to stop. they don't stop during commercial break. there's a lot going on today in the republican race in the days before voters in new hampshire cast their primary ballots.
9:32 pm
back with me, my political dream team. >> we allow you to stand up while we're sitting. >> do you want to sit here? >> no, i'm rosa parks. i have my eseat. >> trump was in little rock, arkansas and not in new hampshire. is that a good idea? >> no, i don't think it's a good idea and i think before the new hampshire primary there's only one place you ought to be. you just have to be in new hampshire. the thing about donald trump is that he's not a retail politician. he's wholesale, he does the air war, not the ground. >> why did he do it? >> was this scheduled thinking that after he wins iowa he goes to arkansas and gets a mike huckabee endorsement? >> right. >> that's the only real logical
9:33 pm
explanation for it. it's a march 1 state in they've added more events on their schedule tomorrow so he can maybe shake some hands, but i went to -- >> does he shake hands? has donald trump ever done that? >> not that i've seen, but i think you're going to see it more and more because this is what the people in new hampshire demand. >> if he didn't learn from iowa that you either spend the dime or you spend the time, you either put the money into a real operation or you show up and you stand there and talk. he didn't do either. he didn't spend the time with people, he didn't spend a dime. if he didn't learn that in iowa -- >> let's talk to someone who has run a presidential campaign, donna parks here, whether it was a good idea for him not to be. where should he be? >> i would have advised him to stay in new hampshire and try to make the sale and then close the
9:34 pm
deal with voters. they really want to kick the tires, look under the hood. they want to talk to you. do you know what they like to do? it used to bother me, but then i learned the game. they say i met the candidate because we talked about these issues. it's very personal to them. and the fact that you can just fly in and then just make a speech insulting half of his friends on the republican side and then fly away, that's not going to cut it. by the way i didn't charge him. >> is it time to thin the herd because you had huckabee who has suspended his campaign and now rand paul. >> we're seeing natural selection take place. santorum, rand paul is dropping out and there are a number of the folks up in new hampshire that have gone all in in one this one state. they won't have the resources to go on unless they win new hampshire. >> there is jim gillmore.
9:35 pm
he is still standing. stand with jim, stand with jim. >> marco rubio says he's the best to run against the democrats. >> i'll just tell you, as a democrat he's the one that i fear the most. >> me too. >> as a candidate. >> you as well? >> he has better ideas than i do, but he's my nightmare because when he stands up there and talks about his dad being a bartender, i started crying. you have to remind yourself not to like somebody. >> there's a flyer going around in new hampshire, marco rubio the scariest one, because he is. marco rubio just has this thing. it's something that you just can't teach. it's something you wish your candidate could do and he's good. i don't think he'll be a good president of the united states, but he does have that -- >> he's not an outsider.
9:36 pm
>> it usually takes me a lot of beers with democrats to get them to admit it. >> so it is -- he is very good at hafrnessing this middle clas economic message and a lot of republicans are put in the box of only favoring the rich or the business class and i think with marco rubio has an ability to connect with the middle class and he talks about it from a very personal place. >> so he's too young? >> no. there are challenges. you'll hear so many folks say he's the republican version of obama, but obama won and he was very good at reaching people with an economic message. >> these democrats like marco rubio more than a lot of republicans. >> we're going to hear from the democrats what they said about the republicans tonight. we're going to give everyone
9:37 pm
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so they don't know i'm going to say this, but here is what we talk about on the break. when the candidates eat on the campaign, who is in shape, who needs to work out. the campaign food is terrible, right? >> the campaign food is awful. you start to go for comfort foods which they're all fried and sugary. they're everywhere you go. >> you see the food, you eat it. >> didn't romney exercise every day? >> we used to actually make sure that we had an elliptical put in every hotel room. >> that's good. >> so here's the thing about a woman candidate that's different because guys can go out and go jog in the morning and then they don't have to do their hair, they go in and shower and get ready out there. if you're hillary clinton and you're exercising in the morning, it's a whole thing.
9:42 pm
>> it's true. what did you guys see me do just before i go to the show. >> just before the show what? >> take a shower in the green room. >> yeah, you're a guy, right? >> i think so. so we mention in had the republicans. let's see what the democrats said about the republicans tonight. first up here is what bernie sanders said. >> while i'm inspired by your passion on the issues, one of the concerns i have is your electability in a general election when there's less opportunity to connect with voters and can you win in other parts of the country. >> excellent question. in the real world there are people -- i hesitate to say this in this room, but there are people who like donald trump. i know, but there are. not in this room, but there are. that's the world. we are a diverse political nation and there are people who like and respect hillary clinton and people who like me and so forth and so on.
9:43 pm
i don't object. somebody will stand up and say i support hillary clinton. that's fine. but what i don't -- i object to is people say bernie i like you, i like your ideas, i like your reco record but i'm not going to vote for you because you can't win. let me address that. i'm not a great fan of polls, not even cnn polls, but cnn had a poll as i recall and what that poll said is that bernie sanders ran significantly better against donald trump than did hillary clinton. there was another poll that said the same thing. because among other things i do very well with independents and that's one of the reasons why we are doing well against republicans. >> so he doesn't like to attack hillary clinton. he doesn't like to attack the other candidates, he does go after them but in a more respectful way. does that work for him? >> after saying i don't believe in polls and then he says but
9:44 pm
all the polls show -- i thought it was the weakest part of his answer. he went on to say there were two other factors, one he said look at how many independents are out there today? there are a lot more independents, almost twice as many as democrats and republicans registered today and he can appeal to those and he's already shown he can appeal to those independents. the second thing he talked about was turnout. now, if he can do what he says, i don't know, but he's certainly right, you've got to excite people and get them out to the polls and he said i'm doing that, i can do that in a general. i thought those were the two strongest points. >> the follow up was that donald trump also has an appeal to independents and how would he counter that? >> i think the point was they both have tapped into the same reservoir of independents. >> i think you saw this in iowa, it wasn't barack obama 2008 turnout where he had 240,000
9:45 pm
people show up, but still more democrats came out than any other primary election before that. so bernie sanders has tapped into a vein. electability is still a question. gloria asked the perfect question, she said is this like barack obama and the answer was no. because in 2008 we were waiting on the results from iowa and when barack obama won iowa and we saw white people were going to vote for a skinny black man with a funny name, lights went on. so he does have that issue, but and it's kind of goes back to the firewall question, he is penetrating. bernie sanders is talking about things and his message is penetrating. it's not going to be as easy as people once thought it was going to be for hillary. this is anything but a corn nation and south carolina is going to be closer than people thought it was going to be and the deep south is going to be closer. it's going to be a race. >> in every election i've worked
9:46 pm
in, including for the clintons -- i've worked for the clintons. i've worked for the gores. if bernie is the nominee i'll work for him, but in every election there's 30% of the black vote that's up for grab and not just among traditional democrats, but republicans and the democrats have to make the sale to get the support. bernie has an opportunity to galvanize those voters. they didn't vote for the clintons back in the 1990s. they work for barack obama. and so to the extent that bernie can tap into that feeling that barack obama gave so many young people to rise up and to take their seats at the table, he can find a sweet spot. >> when we come back, remember that right wing conspiracy. hillary says it's back and bigger than ever. this is sheldon
9:47 pm
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that was in the break. we'll talk about that, but let's talk about hillary clinton and the vast right wing conspiracy. you don't remember that, do you? too young to remember that? no. >> that's sad. >> get my tissue out again. >> once you become the nominee and become elected how are you going to defend yourself against right wing attacks? >> i've had a lot of practice. you know, i can laugh up here, but it's not easy. it is a brutal experience and when it first started happening to me back in the early '90s when i was working on health care, i was unrecognizable to myself, what talk radio was saying, what republican members of congress and their alleys were saying. i was just stunned. i could not understand how they got away with it.
9:52 pm
and i have had to learn to take criticism seriously, but not personally and by that i mean this. the very fair question from rebecca, people ask you questions or criticize you, think about it seriously. there are lessens to be learned often from people who don't agree with you, but don't take it personally so that it just paralyzes you literally stops you in your tracks. so now that i've been through this for so many years, my understanding of the political tactics that the other side uses is pretty well versed. they play to keep. they play to destroy. they are constantly doing whatever they can to win. >> do you still believe there's a vast right wing conspiracy? >> don't you? >> i'm asking you. >> yeah. it's gotten even better funded.
9:53 pm
they've brought in some new multi billion. >> she was first lady she away said that. you remember the moment when she said that. >> i do. it was on the today show. she talked about the right wing conspiracy. it was something she and her staff we were just talking said bloomenthal probably, it was clearly her defense and that of course paves the way for bill clinton to survive she was defending him. >> one of the reasons that she does have a thing so well is they've been at her for a long time. my previous book was called the
9:54 pm
obama hate machine. i don't think anybody has had more attacks -- personal attacks against him. >> except for clintons. she can handle it. >> i say that to younger people, they say this president, but i say you don't remember the clintons. >> i thought tonight she showed real wisdom. that was not a calculated answer. when she talked about take it seriously, but not personally, you can take that to the bank. she also showed i think it hurts. most of us up here have had some of those moments where the media has turned against you, you can't describe the pain. it feels like somebody ripped your face off and stapled somebody else's face on you. >> she had the answer where she said i've been through personal issues. now everybody whose watching this said i know what you're talking about. this answer that she gave, she went down this path of having to live with bill clinton and
9:55 pm
having to live with this genius political structure and having to learn those things and being a mother and that's what she wanted to do, i think people got a chance to see she knows that trust worthiness is her issue, but they got a chance to see. >> a lot of criticism for hillary clinton also comes from the left, whether it was her vote on the war or herra then tisty on things like gay marriage, but the clintons have gone out and personally targeted and attacked anybody who ever brought up criticism of her husband or her. and they have done it with a vigor and aggression that can only be matched by some critics she has on the right. let's remember that when she tries to play the victim. >> what she didn't say that -- i thought it was a good answer, but she didn't say that, yes, we made mistakes. the e-mails may have been a mistake, bill clinton certainly had his share of mistakes when
9:56 pm
he was in the white house. so it was a good answer as far as it went, it could have gone a little further. >> final thoughts after this. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. helps preparey themng right for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day. go on a first date. my passion is puppetry. here? i think we're done here.
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first political memory. >> junior in high school i interviewed john kennedy. >> elementary school, the president's been shot.
10:00 pm
>> wow. mine was watergate and the president leaving office. >> barbara jordan convention 1976. >> jimmy carter addressing the hostage crisis. >> '88 four years old being held by jessie jackson on the campaign trail. >> that's it for us tonight. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. if you miss any of the cnn democratic town hall, you can see the whole thing starting right now. good night. good evening, everyone. what a night here in the nation's first presidential primary state, one town hall forum, the two remaining democrats, and the question voters want answered before making their choice. tonight, the presidential race is more competitive than ever, and the democrats are here, in new hampshire, to face the voters again.


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