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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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weren't going to leave and so they got in late saturday night and sunday morning i'm getting ready and bill and i are having coffee and everything. so chelsea brings her in and she sees me and she goes grandma! and the caucus could have ended right there. that was the best thing. >> you talk about the circle of friends. in 2011 your mom passed away. in 2008 she was part of your campaign. you wrote about how at the end of the day you would sit around the table, kick off your shoes and talk about what happened. what advice would she give you if she were here for this campaign and this year? >> my mother truly is my inspiration because see had such a terrible, miserable life because she was abandoned and rejected by her own family and was out of the house working at
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a house maid at the age of 14. her resilience to have her own family and take care of us to me was the ultimate of accomplishment in any life. and she would always give me the advice she gave me as a little girl. you know, you get knocked down, everybody gets knocked down. what matters is whether you get up and when you get up what do you do? how do you behave? are you going to be bitter, angry, upset? are you going to be positive, get something done, help somebody else? and i'm sure that's exactly what she would be saying now. she would be encouraging me, she'd be very proud, a little apprehensive because, you know, it's a brutal business being in politics and people say things about those you love, whether it's your daughter or someone else. so she was -- she was very supportive but you could tell, you know, how much pain she kind
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of absorbed from time to time. so i would sit with her and i would say don't listen to that stuff, mom. and she'd say, well, i have to know what they're saying about you. i'd say, you know, don't put yourself through that. so that would be what she'd be doing now i think, too. >> i want you to be able to make a closing argument to people in new hampshire. >> oh. well, thank you. first of all, thanks again for being part of this process, this first in the nation primary. you know, i said earlier today some people said, well, senator sanders is ahead and i respect that. so maybe i should go on to the next states. and i said absolutely not. new hampshire has been so good to me and my family and i love campaigning in new hampshire. i love this process. so you're going to have to put up with me. i'm going to be going around the state, going to as many events as i can, answering as many questions, trying to talk about what i am offering. i really believe that we have a
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chance to build on the progress we've made and to get results for people, to get the economy producing more good jobs, to get incomes rising again. that's my goal. i will not raise middle class taxes because the middle class hasn't even yet recovered from the great recession. we're going to stick with the affordable care act, we're going to make it work, get early childhood education, affordable college and pay down student debt. a lot of the agenda that is important to our country, particularly to young people and we're going to defend our rights. we're going to defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions, we're going to defend planned parenthood, we're going to defend marriage inequality and end discrimination and take on the gun lobby because it's unconscionable to have 33,000 people a year die from gun violence. join me in this campaign. i hope you will come out and vote for me on tuesday and i will fight for you every single day in the white house. thank you all very much. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i want to thank both candidates for coming here tonight and i want to thank the viewers for coming and asking such amazing questions. i want to thank the derry opera house for their hospitality. >> thank you. thank you, guys! i want to meet the rabbi.
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton speaking directly to voters in new hampshire. battling over who is the most progressive. who is in the pocket of wall street? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> not as early start. i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. we start with a flurry of action. in a few hours, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in the debate. but last night in derry, they battled over who was the most progressive and effective and in the state where bernie sanders leads by more than 20 points.
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did this change the race? cnn's jeff zeleny was there with the latest. >> reporter: john and christine, the voters in new hampshire and across the country got a different light of sapbernie sanders and hillary clinton. they tangled on who is a true progressive. they spent 24 hours on the campaign trail and argued about the brand of politics. listen to how they distinguish themselves. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. as i mentioned earlier, the key foreign policy vote of modern american history was the war in iraq. the progressive community was pretty united in saying don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> i was somewhat amused today
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that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on progressive. under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, obama would not be a progressive and even the great late paul wellstone would not be a progressive. i will not let in that better me. i know where i stand. >> reporter: with five days remaining until the new hampshire primary, it is up to the voters to decide. some 40% of the voter are independent voters. many of whom will pick up ballot on primary day to decide who they will vote for. democrat or republican and make their decision then. john and christine. >> jeff, thank you. let's dig deeper over what we learned of the candidates.
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greg, i want to play a little sound. hillary clinton pressed on taking speaking fees. a lot of speaking fees from goldman sachs. listen. >> look, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> that's usually once they're out of office and not running. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. >> greg, how did she handle that answer? >> that was not her strongest answer, christine, of the campaign. i thought it was haunting and not real credible. i think it reinforced the belief that she is one of the big candidates for wall street. >> she kept trying to say the right-wing donors are against
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her and spending all this money and that she has been tough on wall street. has she been tough on wall street? >> rhetorically, everybody is tough on wall street. it is like a big pinada. i don't see congress doing anything in the next couple years to real hurt wall street. i think this is a weak spot of hers and maybe one of the many legacies that bernie sanders will have is he planted a seed in the minds of the voters that she is the candidate of goldman sachs. that's not a good story for her. >> no, there is almost no way, i think, to answer that question, know without raising more questions. greg, hillary clinton, what she is trying to do, trying to run a patient campaign. not go too hard against bernie sanders in new hampshire. she wants to wait for the political environment in south carolina. she talks about pragmatism and the ability to get things done.
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let's listen. >> it is very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. i don't want to overpromise. we had too much of that. >> it is tough running against ideological purity. it is tough running against something that appeals to one wing of the party a lot, isn't it? >> she would like to be in march, running for the general election. she would like to have this out of the way and talk like a pragmatist. that's how you win in november. she doesn't have that luxury because sanders is going to hang around for several more weeks, maybe a couple months. >> we will talk about that ideology. you should not be in debt two generations for a higher education. higher education should be free. she says you should get through a state school without debt. he said no, it should be free. he is talking about universal health care and opening the
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pocketbook for mental health and substance abuse. he is talking about a lot of things that will cost a lot of money. she says she is a progressive that gets things done. he is appealing to the young people. will that hurt her? >> it could. what sanders is talking about is like cat nip for young people. very seductive. even though it is almost impossible to explain how you pay for it unless you really have enormous new taxes. for young people to worry about college debt, a lot of issues with health insurance, it is a very seductive message. >> greg, thank you so much. nice to see you. talking about goldman sachs. the ceo yesterday of goldman sachs was on cnbc. he said bernie sanders' statements by name only hurts goldman sachs. goldman sachs is almost the
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(ding) (ding) (ding) rocket overnight, high drama and big accusations for the race for the republican nomination. donald trump accusing iowa winner ted cruz of flawed. claiming he led iowa caucus goers to believe that ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> the guy who came in second, but actually i came in first, if you take a look. you know, take a look. oh, that voter fraud. you know, these politicians are brutal. >> i wake up every day and laugh
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at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. >> all right. so in case you missed it. rand paul, rick santorum, they dropped out of the race. senator santorum, who is not polling high, endorsed marco rubio. rand paul who now actually has a tough race for senate in kentucky will not endorse. and sexual lawsuit against bill cosby, the suit will go forward. new details in the case next. to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store.
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attorneys for bill cosby plan to appeal the ruling by the pennsylvania judge to allow a sex assault case against the comedian to go forward. the defense rejected the motion to dismiss criminal charges. cosby signed a unwritten
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he and his attorneys have to figure out out to keep him out of jail. a town hall forum. cnn hosted it. bernie sanders and hillary clinton on stage. dramatic moments. who came out on top? that's next. sec ch m fo requent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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technology entire countries w if they could ever catch you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton battling it out on the cnn town hall stage late into the night. who made the best case to new hampshire voters? welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. i >> i'm christine romans. we start with the democratic town hall in derry, new hampshire. they battled over who is the most progressive and who is the most effective and who is the real underdog where bernie sanders leads by more than 20
2:31 am
points. did this change the race? cnn's jeff zeleny was there with the latest. >> reporter: john and christine, the voters in new hampshire and across the country got a look at bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a different light in the town hall in derry, new hampshire. they tangled on the true progressive. they spent more than 24 hours on the campaign trail arguing about politics. listen to how they distinguish themselves. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. as i mentioned earlier, the key foreign policy vote of modern american history was the war in iraq. the american history was united saying don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> i was somewhat amused today
2:32 am
that senator sanders set himself up as the gatekeeper of progressive. under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. joe biden would not be a progressive. jeanne shaheen would not be a progressive. i would not let that bother me. i know where i stand. i know who stands with me. >> reporter: with five days remaining to the new hampshire primary, it is up to the voters to make a final decision. many voters we spoke with said they are still undecided. some 40% are independent voters and many will pick up their ballot on primary day and decide who they will vote for, democrat or republican, and make their decision then. john and christine. >> jeff, thank you. let's talk more about this with greg valiert.
2:33 am
greg, great to have you with us. i love these town meeting settings. you get to see voter issues and you see a candidate on stage for a long time and sometimes it reveals things you have not seen before. even candidates you have seen for years. in the case of hillary clinton, she was asked a question by a rabbi, asking how do you deal with being in the spotlight for so long and all the questions that are asked and the difficulties that come with it. she answered in a way that i never really heard before. listen. >> i've had to be in public dealing with some very difficult issues and personal issues and public and political issues. regardless of how hard the days are and difficult the decisions are, being grateful. be grateful for being a human being part of the universe. be grateful for your limitations and reach out to have more people with you to support you and advise you. listen to your critics. answer the questions. at the end, be grateful.
2:34 am
>> interesting to see because where hillary clinton has had success in the past, even in new hampshire in 2008, it is when she opened up the door a little bit so voters could see inside. still, you can tell it is not easy for her to do. >> you make a great point. i think she can talk about an eight-point program to deal with child care, whatever, but when she opens up and shows the human side, i think it really helps her. >> greg, if that is one of her strongest moments, there are many moments that people are looking and saying she did not have a strong answer. the answer over $675,000 from goldman sachs. >> i answered questions. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that.
2:35 am
>> but that's usually once they are out of office and not running for office. you must have known. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. >> what did you think of that answer? >> it goes to one of other greatest weaknesses. if you look at the polls, this is a weakness. that reinforces that stereotype. >> we heard goldman sachs over and over again. bernie sanders mentions goldman sachs by name. it seems to help him every time. he seems to sound tough on him. the ceo of goldman sachs says that say tough moment. >> and christine, on one other point, if you hear donald trump talk about wall street, you think is this elizabeth warren or donald trump? this is a big issue for the entire industry that so many politicians and the public hate
2:36 am
wall street. >> nevertheless, wall street will continue to do pretty well. no one has to take out a collection for them. it is interesting to hear the rhetoric. you hear hillary clinton in new hampshire. this campaign on the defensive. you rarely hear bernie sanders on the defensive. hillary clinton defending her positions more than sanders. she trails by 20 points in new hampshire, but she has a structural advantage in the democratic party. >> fearless forecast guys. this is a big controversy over the next few weeks. maybe as many as 20% of the delegates who vote in philadelphia are super delegates. part of the establishment. i argue the vast majority will go for her. and i think sanders and his supporters will cry foul that
2:37 am
this is rigged by people who were not even elected. >> many of the super delegates are elected. often elected officials. the democratic party set this up over the last 30 or 40 years to solve a problem if they think the primaries elected or nominated an electable candidate. >> i would argue this would be a big controversy. on the republican side, by the way, they have 150 super delegates. if this is a photo finish, in cleveland, the republican super delegates could make a difference. >> let's talk about bernie sanders. universal health care and free college tuition. listen to middle class voter asking about their taxes. >> the first thing i hear about you is you will raise taxes on the middle class. i support my family on a salary of $41,000 a year. i'm wondering if you raise my taxes, how does that help me? >> let me tell you what we do.
2:38 am
we raise your taxes about $500. for health care, we reduce your health care by $5,000. you will pay more in taxes, but you no longer will have to pay private health insurance premiums. >> is he making his case you think? >> the numbers don't add up. i think there is one of two things have to happen to pay for everything he wants to do. either you have big tax increases or the deficit explodes or a bit of both. for all of the candidates. not just the democrats. most of the republicans. if you carefully look at their map, it doesn't add up. >> greg, thank you. let's get a quick check of your money. the first question bernie sanders got from the audience is the tax plan. the new analysis shows a gap in funding. the medicare for all plan has an
2:39 am
estimated $14 trillion over ten years paid for by higher taxes, especially on the rich. the committee for responsible federal budget think tank says the plan will lead to a shortfall. the group says higher taxes on the wealthy could push a tax rate of 85% on the rich. the sanders' campaign dismissed that analysis saying it will save the average american thousands of dollars a year and financed in a fair way. >> you say bernie sanders saying that. in a democratic primary, unlikely to hurt him. in new hampshire, independents can vote. perhaps people in the middle there more definite conscious voters, we will see. the flint water crisis reaching capitol hill and the blame game is beginning. who congress is getting answers from next.
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attorneys for bill cosby plan to appeal the ruling by the pennsylvania judge to allow the sex assault case to go forward. the judge rejected the defense motion to dismiss charges. cosby's lawyer cited a unwritten agreement in 2005 that claim gave cosby immunity. nicole lovell who was abducted and killed last week will be laid to rest this afternoon. one of the two students charged in her death, 19-year-old natalie keepers, will face a judge in hours. a friend of the victim said she told a school resource officer
2:45 am
said the girl was having an inappropriate relationship with an adult man weeks before she disappeared. it is not clear if that man is david eisenhauer. former governor rick scott declaring a health emergency with the zika virus. nine people diagnosed in florida. all of them caught the disease outside the country. the first reported case in texas spread through sex, not a mosquito bite. zika has been linked to rare birth defects in newborns. women should take precaution. new developments in the flint water crisis. officials are trying to determine who is responsible for the lead contamination in the city's tap water. the committee's chairman jason chaffitz is reviewing the issue.
2:46 am
claiming governor rick snyder is not be subpoenaed for political reasons. and president obama speaking at the u.s. mosque. he said we cannot be bystanders to be bigotry noting the past issues against mormons, catholics and jews. >> we are serious about freedom of religion and i'm speaking to my fellow christians who remain the majority in this country, we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on all other faiths. >> some for a long time felt the notion that the president is a muslim. he is not. after the speech, donald trump said mr. obama chose to visit a mosque because he feels comfortable there. and cnn takes you to the oil fields where isis makes
2:47 am
millions. that's next. "playboy's" first non nude issue hits the stores in l.a. today. as alison kosik reports, you will not recognize it. >> we will add more mystery to the pages of "playboy." >> reporter: the reinvention is on news stands now. what is changed? the models are keeping their clothes on. getting the first issue ready for primetime has not been easy. you had to reconceptualize the issues. >> we had to do that for months and tear the magazine down from the core dna. >> reporter: gone from the magazine, "entertainment for men and the stodgy jokes page." it is bigger with thicker paper. the photography leads more to
2:48 am
the magazine. no nudity opens the door to new advertising. "playboy's" critics say they are open to change. >> i didn't know he lost his mind. i think "playboy" felt they had to go into another direction. >> hef has not lost his mind. hef is leading the creative repositioning of "playboy" to make it relevant today for millennial males as he launched in the '50s. we have to transcend beyond nudity. >> cnn money access brought to you by rsm. experience the power of being understood.
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coalition air strikes are taking a toll on isis. they once generated $40 million a month selling oil until the bombs and revenue started dropping. cnn's clarissa ward joins us now from irbil, iraq. clarissa, we know the oil fields and storage facilities were taken over. they many times turned them into prisons. what did you see? >> reporter: that's right, christine. up until recently, this was oil
2:54 am
which was isis' most reliable consistent largest source of revenue. you said $40 million a month. that is nearly $500 million a year that they were making from oilfields. on the back of this u.s.-led air coalition against the oil fields and with oil prices plummeting, isis has taken a hit in terms of the stream of revenue. we visited a field that was liberated by kurdish and arab fighters in syria about two months ago. it was interesting because the fighter who was taking us around told us the militants did learn to adapt to the u.s. air campaign quickly. essentially they would have one man and one cashier at each pump. one tanker to come in at a time to buy gas. notwithstanding their adapting tactics between those u.s. air strikes and kurdish and
2:55 am
syrian-arab forces on the ground, they were able to take back the oilfield. they realize it is going to be a long time before they can get the oil pumping again. so much damage has been done to the fields, primarily by those coalition air strikes, and also by isis before they fled, did everything they could to destroy what was left behind. they cut electric cables and planted booby traps and anything to sabotage future use of the oilfield. one thing they left untouched which was harrowing to see, just behind the refinery, a row of tanks buried underground that isis was using as a sort of underground prison. we were really shocked to see in each of the small underground cells, we were told 10 to 15 prisoners would have been held. on one of them, we saw graffiti scrawled in arabic, obviously by one of the people held there.
2:56 am
it read, i do not fear death, but i fear the tears of my loved ones. i think that really gives our viewers a sense of the horrors that went on there. while efforts are under way to try to rebuild and try to get that oil back pumping again, it will take much longer than that to try to erase the horrors that isis did there. christine. >> remarkable access and reporting. clarissa ward, thank you for that. 56 minutes past the hour. an early start on your money. dow futures are higher after gains in europe and asia. oil prices inching above $32 a barrel. a long list of corporate earnings today. the volatility of the stock market is pushing people into bonds. that rush into the bond market is pushing down mortgage rates. this morning, there is new evidence that buying a home is more attractive than renting. zillow calls it the break even point. the break even point for the average buyer is 1.9 years.
2:57 am
it takes less than two years to buy a home to be a better move than renting. it depends where you live. owners in dallas, a little over a year. in washington, d.c., it takes about 4.5 years to break even. home owners and home values since 2007, realty trac says selling the home in 2015, saw an average increase of 11% from the purchase price. that is gain of $20,000. the average price is $2,600. home values rose in 91% of u.s. markets. 57 minutes past the hour. democrats battling it out for voters in the new hampshire town hall. did they breakout? what did we learn new? "new day" picks it up.
2:58 am
>> you cannot say you are a moderate one day and a progressive on the other diethe. >> we have to crush isis. >> if you raise my taxes, how does that help me in. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> how do you cultivate the ego, the ego we all know you must have? >> oh, that voter fraud. you know, these politicians are brutal. >> another temper tantrum. >> we are suspended the campaign as of this moment and support marco rubio. the black gold that funded the isis war machine. just behind the refinery, a row of tanks turned into an underground prison. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. it is thursday, february 4th,
2:59 am
6:00 in the east. the election has entered a new phase. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring directly over progressive credentials. that was the theme last night's cnn presidential town hall. sanders forcing clinton to be on the defensive over her war record and ties to wall street. which of the democratic rivals fared best with new hampshire voters just five days before the primary? >> on the republican side, the battle between donald trump and ted cruz getting personal. trump accusing cruz of voter fraud and stealing his iowa caucus win. trump asking for a do-over as two republicans drop out. let's start off with cnn's brianna keilar. she is in new hampshire with highlights from the town hall. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning. this is a battle for progressive last night. in the first time, the two candidates joined a each
3:00 am
. >> we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that's the clinton organization. >> reporter: only five days away from the new hampshire primary, senator bernie sanders taking off the gloves jabbing secretary clinton over which candidate can claim to be progressive. >> you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. some of my best friends are moderates. i love moderates. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> reporter: clinton pushed back at his assertion when she took the stage. >> i said i'm a progressive who likes to get things done and i was somewhat amused because under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a


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