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tv   New Day  CNN  February 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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candidates joined a each . >> we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that's the clinton organization. >> reporter: only five days away from the new hampshire primary, senator bernie sanders taking off the gloves jabbing secretary clinton over which candidate can claim to be progressive. >> you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. some of my best friends are moderates. i love moderates. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> reporter: clinton pushed back at his assertion when she took the stage. >> i said i'm a progressive who likes to get things done and i was somewhat amused because under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive, joe
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biden would not be a progressive. >> reporter: forcing to defend her relationship with wall street. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> reporter: the former senator from new york stumbling a bit when anderson cooper asked her about her paid speeches by goldman sachs. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> but they are not running for an office again. >> to be honest, i wasn't -- i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know whether you would run for president? >> i didn't. >> reporter: clinton tackling another tough subject when asked about her vote for the war in iraq. >> what could give me confidence that you wouldn't make a mistake
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of that magnitude again? >> oh, i think that's a very fair question. you know, i did make a mistake and i admitted that i made a mistake. >> reporter: that mistake, one that senator sanders has repeatedly gone after. >> the key foreign policy vote of modern american history was the war in iraq. the progressive community was pretty united in saying, don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> reporter: but clinton standing firm. >> all i can do is to just get up every day and work to do what i believe our country needs, finds ways to help people, whether it's on mental health or addiction or autism or student loans, whatever it might be. and i trust the american people. i trust the people of new hampshire to see my lifetime of work and service and to sort out all of the static and to know
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that i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: and there was a preview of a sanders vulnerability that we haven't heard much of and that was during his time as chairman of the veterans committee in the senate. as a part of his time on that committee, 18 inspector general, the government watchdog, reports on problems at the v.a. were missed and it's something that he struggled in explaining, chris and allsyn. >> let's bring in maeve reston and john berman. focused much more on each other, the outcome. >> i think one of the things that's apparent in this race is it is much harder to be hillary clinton than bernie sanders. and you see that in extended
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forums like this. bernie sanders' whole career has been liberal orthodoxy. hillary clinton is on the defensive much, much more. it's hard to get bernie sanders on the defensive on anything, which was why, you know, brianna keilar was talking about the veterans issue. you don't see it often where he has to defend something he's done, particularly in a democratic primary. >> maeve, one of the things that they were battling was who is the bigger progressive because apparently moderate is a bad word. even though hillary clinton said back in september that she was a moderate, meaning that she could proudly work across the aisle with other people, now she's having to disavow that. who is winning that battle? >> reporter: well, we'll see but for the moment it seems like bernie is winning that battle. all of these people were
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galvanizing around his campaign and they like the fact that they know who he has been all the way through the decades that he's been in office. hillary clinton, i think, had some really tough moments last night, particularly when he came after her on the wall street issues and the speeches. there's just not a good, easy way for her to defend her record as a progressive with those kinds of ties. and that's been a problem for her throughout her entire career. but particularly the choices that she made, you know, after she was secretary of state before she ran for president. i think that really put her on the defensive as she tries to fashion herself as a progressive. >> let's put some meat on those bones. here's what some of sanders said last night about clinton and her super pac. >> secretary clinton said, some people call me -- i'm a
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paraphrasing. some people call me a moderate and i'm proudly that i am a moderate. i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. as i mentioned, the key was the war in iraq. the progressive community was pret pretty united in saying don't go to war, don't vote for president bush. president clinton -- secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> do you think that's a fair assessment, that there was all of this momentum on the left not to go to war? >> look, barack obama won the democratic nomination in 2008 and you can attribute a lot of it to the fact that he was against the war. >> after. i'm saying in that moment when she voted "yes". >> that's a dividing line. that is a dividing line and it
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has been since that moment. howard dean in 2004 tried to get the nomination based on that. it was the dividing line at the time. there are enough democrats who voted against it that you will see it as a dividing line for some time to come. hillary clinton has to defend it and she tried to do it as best she could. john kerry, the secretary of state now voted for it. >> brianna, i want to talk about another one of lines of attacks against hillary clinton and that's that she took money from wall street. she got paid $675,000 from goldman sachs for giving a speech. so donald trump is only okay for taking money. he's saying that dirty money, i guess. >> reporter: well, i think part of the big issue -- and i zeroed in on something that maeve said.
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this is no surprise that she's operating in this issphere. even in january, a few months before she started in her candidacy, she was accepting money from canadian banks to give speeches and even people who supported hillary clinton, it was so apparent that this was going to be a problem for her, that she would have to answer for this. and it really does come down to making a choice. like so many of her vulnerabilities, this is self-inflicted. >> so maeve, if it comes down to whether or not being wealth stheewealthy, it's how you get your wealth, that is being zeroed in here, what kind of legs do you think it has? >> reporter: i think it does have legs, particularly in a
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state like new hampshire where democrats are looking for a progressive like bernie sanders. i mean, you have to think about the fact that donald trump talks about his wealth as being aspirational. people want a piece of that. that's why they like him and support him. with hillary, she's trying to rail against big banks and then has to explain the money she's collected for speeches. that seems like a really sticky position to be in and feels like bernie has the upper hand right now. >> she said last night, well, other people have done it. he said did have you to take so much and she said that's what they offered. >> she doesn't seem to have a good answer. and maybe there isn't a good answer. she has to live with it right now. she does do very well in these settings and i do think that was a very polished -- >> how do you get around that issue, though? the banks are in the dog house right now, especially on the left side of the aisle.
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how can you have any connection to them in a way that benefits you and still say that you're going to be a watch dog? >> what she's trying to do is be hard on them retore clee. she can't unfriend robert rubin and the people who were part of the democratic establishment but also worked for the investment banks in the '90s. >> she could pivot away to how much money they have given to charity. she could do what donald trump says, i use my wealth for the good. >> bernie sanders' appeal is all i am is the cause. that's all i am. could she do that across the aisle with the republicans? very, very effectively. >> they are battling over who is more progressive. i am more progressive. i am more progressive. when republicans are using the word like it's a four-letter word. she's being pushed into this
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realm and has to fight it out and it's hard because every day hurts. >> brianna, maeve, john, thank you for that chat. great to have you. we'll talk to you guys again momentarily. michaela? >> meanwhile, trump is demanding a do-over in iowa claiming that cruz stole the election. the texas senator says it's just another trumper-tantrum. bromance and trumper-tantrum. >> reporter: absolutely. it's all about -- at least the trumper-tantrum, are character assassinations and it's coming from both of them. bt late last night the fight between the two of them more iffed into something that the two care about and that's health care. >> this guy, ted cruz, you talk
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about liars. >> reporter: they went at each other late into the night. >> i'd call it a trumper-tantrum. >> reporter: ted cruz unloading on trump. >> he's been advocating for full on socialized medicine. >> reporter: and on personality. >> ted cruz has an interesting habit, that whenever anyone points to his record of simply stomping his foot and shouting liar. >> reporter: trump shot back and said exactly that. >> i hate when someone lies. >> reporter: blaming cruz for obamacare. the senator who became famous for the government shutdown and his quest to repeal it. trump argued that cruz's support for chief john roberts who voted twice for obamacare makes cruz culpable. >> his vote got it over the top.
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ted cruz gave us obamacare. >> reporter: while trump and cruz bloody each other up, another republican battle is heating up in new hampshire. >> if you vote for me and i am our nominee, i will unite the conservative movement and republican party. >> reporter: in a boost to his effort to prove that, marco rubio scored an endorsement from rick santorum as he exited the presidential race. >> we decided to support marco rubio. >> reporter: but other republican candidates who need a new hampshire win to survive are going after rubio. >> marco rubio was for amnesty. and for legalization. that was his position. and then when conservatives told them they didn't like it and decided he wanted to run for president, he turned tail and ran. >> reporter: so from him and from jeb bush and others, we are seeing a stepped-up effort, michaela, to try to stop marco rubio and what his campaign
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calls markomentum. at this point, really anything could happen. >> it's going to be fascinating. dana, thank you so much. a quick programming note for you. donald trump will be anderson cooper's guest tonight on "ac 360" and next week we're taking the show on the road again. chris and ally will be live. if you're there in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello, bring them coffee and treats. >> you have a lot of fans there. >> they were like, we love michaela. >> you could be my surrogate. >> i am. meanwhile, president obama will speak at the national prayer breakfast in washington, d.c., and joined by members of congress and evangelical christians. this follows president obama's first visit to a u.s. mosque during his presidency, speaking to muslim americans in baltimore.
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he urges muslims around the world to help fight the radical ideologies like isis. bill cosby's defense team says they will appeal a judge's ruling to move forward with his sexual assault case. cosby is charged with drugging and violating andrea constrand back in 2004. they made a deal with cosby back at that time not to prosecute cosby but the deal is not binding. a bond hearing this morning for two -- one of two virginia tech students charged in connection with the murder of the 13-year-old nicole level. natalie keepers is expected to make her third court appearance. she's charged with being an accessory to murder and helping dispose of a body. 18-year-old david eisenhower is accused of killing level. her funeral is later on today. did ted cruz steal the iowa
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cruz locked in a battle. >> so they said, it was unbelievable. it was unbelievable. came in third. now, the guy that came in second but actually i think i came in first because if you take a look, okay, that voter fraud. you know, these politicians are brutal. they are brutal. they are a bunch of dishonest cookies, i want to tell you. >> here to discuss dishonest cookies are cnn political commentator and trump supporter jeffrey lord and cnn political commentator and senior contributor for "the daily caller" matt lewis. >> good morning. >> do you think ted cruz stole his win in the iowa caucuses?
3:21 am
>> i'll tell you, that mailer is really amazing. when you look at that, that is really stunning to think that the cruz campaign would have engaged in something like that. >> basically, it was designed to get their attention and to get people out to the caucuses. what do you think is so outrageous about that? >> well, i mean, it sounds -- when you see it, it looks like a government document that basically says you're in trouble if you don't do this and go out and, by the way, you have to vote for ted cruz. the second thing is this dirty trick here with dr. carson. i mean, forget donald trump. dr. carson is furious. i mean, i guess his wife, as i understand the story, witnessed one of these people saying that, we well, dr. carson was going to drop out of the race and that wasn't true. >> jeffrey, hold on.
3:22 am
the national co-chair put out a tweet because when he learned of news that carson was going to return to florida forest and relaxation, he took that to mean that carson was dropping out. the tweet he put out was skipping new hampshire and south carolina won't go to all caucusgoers. he put out a tweet later. it looks like carson is out, iowans need to know before they vote, most will go to cruz, i hope. go ahead, jeffrey. >> one other thing, rush limbaugh called this to our attention yesterday. there was a publication -- an online publication called polito, something or other, i forget the last part of it. they found a tweet from a rubio supporter that says that the rubio campaign is pushing hard the notion that dr. carson was getting out.
3:23 am
so apparently marco rubio was involved in this as well for this campaign. >> let me bring in matt here. matt, you saw those two tweets. they were erroneous from congressman king. what do you think? does this mean that the results are invalid? >> it's laughable. this is part of the five stages of donald trump's grieving process over losing iowa. and we were all stunned initially when donald trump comes out and has this very humble and gracious concession speech in iowa. a few hours later, now he's accusing ted cruz of stealing the race. >> matt, if the caucusgoers were hearing this, if the seed was planted that something was happening with his campaign and was going to be moving on, why doesn't that affect the results, matt? >> number one, i don't think it would have been enough to change the results. it might have -- on the margins it might have moved some votes.
3:24 am
i'm skeptical of even that. but look, i do think that ted cruz and his team are guilty of being very aggressive and pushing the bounds of good taste because that's just how they are. they are going to be running an aggressive campaign and sort of pushing the limits. if you put this in context in the grand scheme of dirty campaign tricks and there are horrible things about john mccain and south carolina, this is really child's play in the grand scheme of things. >> jeffrey, what is donald trump calling for, exactly? he wants the caucus to happen all over again? >> yeah. apparently. in truth, i don't think that's going to happen. but what does happen is this casts some doubt on senator cruz and, you know, when you do something like this, eventually it rebounds on the doer. and i like senator cruz myself. i think he's terrific.
3:25 am
i think this was a mistake and it's the kind of thing that can hurt him down the road because we have a ways to go here and not just donald trump and dr. carson are upset and the other candidates are pounding away at him as well. >> see, i actually think this is helping ted cruz because ted cruz should be irrelevant right now going into new hampshire. iowa is ted cruz's state. the fact that he's in this one-on-one fight with donald trump i think elevates him. >> he won. why are you saying he would be irrelevant? >> i think the narrative that if you're against ted cruz, what you want to say is he was tailor-made for iowa and now we're going to turn to donald trump and john kasich and marco rubio. but because of this fight, ted cruz is able to get that momentum from iowa and get more juice from him than he might have otherwise.
3:26 am
>> ted cruz is upping the ante and is saying inflammatory things. listen to what he said yesterday in amearst, new hampshire. >> we need someone to keep this temperament safe. i don't know anyone that would be comfortable with someone behaving this way having his finger on the button. he would have nuked denmark. >> jeffly, these two are really going at it verbally. is that what we are to expect for the rest of the week? >> this is what happens in presidential primaries. i have to say, i keep thinking of the british family motto, keep calm and carry on for the rest of us. this is what presidential candidates do and by the way i don't think it's denmark. i think it was sweden.
3:27 am
>> thank you, gentlemen. let's go over to michaela. u.s. terrorists hitting the oil fields is cutting off the main source of revenue. there is one refinery in northern syria that was just liberated. the horrifying discovery we made there. next. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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american-led coalition air strikes are hitting where it hurts, in the pocketbook. the terrorist group once made $40 million a month with oil. clarissa ward got a firsthand look at the recently liberated oil field and some of what you found was truly disturbing. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. that's right. not that long ago, oil really was isis' mainstream of revenue. they were making nearly $500 million a year on it. but after a protracted u.s. air
3:32 am
strikes as well as plummeting oil prices, they were trying to feel the pinch. take a look. bubbling beneath the desolate landscape is the black gold that's funded the isis war machine. this is a fighter with the syrian democratic forces battling isis in this part of the country. he showed us around an oil field in rural hasaka seized from the militants. isis earned a lot of money from these fields, he tells us. people from all over came here to buy their fuel. you can still hear the hiss of gas but the pump is no longer operational. the u.s.-led coalition has been hammering isis' production of oil. air strikes have hit lines of tankers waiting for gas.
3:33 am
shiro says the militants learn to adapt. in each field they put just one person as a cashier to sell the fuel and only one tanker could come at a time, he says. they use this tactic because the planes are looking for big groups, not individuals. but kurdish fighters eventually forced isis in retreat. all that remains now of their presence is some graffiti. the allies are desperate to get the oil pumping again but have two major be pros. firstly, the front lines are still just a few miles away from here and, secondly, they don't have the money or the expertise that they would need to start repairing the damage that has been done. >> reporter: the trickle of oil will not become a flow for months or even longer as isis fighters fled they destroyed what they could. electric cables were cut, booby traps were laid. only one facility was left untouched.
3:34 am
just behind the refinery, a row of tanks turned into an underground prison. each cell held up to 15 are people, he tells us. among them, women and children. written on the walls of one, a harrowing message. i'm not afraid of dying but i feel the tears of my loved ones. shiro and his men are now starting to clear the wreckage left behind by isis but they can't erase the terror inflicted here. and i just wanted to read more of that graffiti scrawled inside of that cell. even if my eyes can't see you, my heart will never forget you, really giving you a sense of the terror that the people who were held there went through and our tour guide told us that those cells were reserved for those who isis deemed to be the worst offenders. chris? >> clarissa, there is no subsubstitute for being there and seeing the reality on the ground. thank you for making the efforts to take our viewers there this
3:35 am
morning. appreciate it. stay safe, my friend. we're going to take a little break. the big question last night, now the state of play in the democratic side of the election. who is more progressive. clinton and sanders tangle over that issue with the cnn town hall. clinton on the defensive. sanders steps up attacks. new hampshire's uphill battle for hillary. what will it take to be considered a success? answers ahead. k of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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these town halls, they make a difference. that is the consensus and reaction after watching last night. this time, a very fresh look at clinton and sanders going directly at each other and in response to actual new hampshire voters at last night's town hall, just five days ahead of the nation's first primary. remember, iowa, a very different process. so last night, clinton finding herself on the defensive much of the night, justifying her record. let's discuss this state of play. cnn politics executive editor mr. mark preston. mark, let's start with your general observations of the plus/minus for each last night. >> reporter: well, look, chris, it was just last week when you did the first town hall in iowa. they both came out of it very strong. not very often you have both campaigns looking at you saying, thank you for the opportunity for us to address these issues. you know, the big takeaway at the very end, it was very
3:40 am
interesting, hearing from some of our media colleagues says these formats are better than debates. i don't necessarily think so because you need that exchange. but at this moment in time when we know so much about their positions, it's really about how they answer these tough questions and for us to dip in and find out a little bit about them more personally. because all we see them is through policy positions and this fighting to try to win the nomination. >> sanders had the big stick on two issues last night primarily against clinton. the first was the vote on the war. you did not hear hillary clinton mentioning, hey, the information was bad. we got bad intel, even out of the mouth of the secretary of state colin powell. why not -- why isn't that seen as a perceived and how big does this play? >> because i think at some point, chris, when you're dealing with a democratic primary right now, when she's trying to get liberals to come rally to her and aschew bernie
3:41 am
sanders, he was hitting that home last night. he said it on more than one occasion on this whole theme about being a progressive and what he was trying to convey over to his supporters and for those on the fence, that progressive would have never voted for the iraq war and he tried to hammer that home last night in derry. >> money for the banks. everyone takes money assuming you're desirable for speaking engagements, but the big sin is the banks. how did that play? >> reporter: again, it was an interesting exchange between anderson cooper and her when he asked her, why did you take $675,000 in speeches and she basically was caught off guard. i think if there was a moment, that was a bad moment for hillary clinton and we can all agree on this, when she said, well, that's what they offered.
3:42 am
it got a little laughter from the audience but a subdued laughter. your point, that is what bernie sanders has been hitting home. his idea is, how does somebody who is regulating or supposed to regulate wall street as the president of the united states, how can they do that if, at the same time, they are taking such large amounts of money on speaking fees. >> can you give us an example of subdued laughter? is that a contradiction to a large outburst? is it more just like a -- kind of thing? >> i want to pass it off to allsyn. she's doing a very good job at how do you that. >> very good. let me ask you this. the big plus for clinton last night in terms of what she was using on standards was, i'm ready day one. i've been involved in all of these decisions. everybody is saying they'd make a great commander in chief. how do they know when they've
3:43 am
never been 100 miles from the white house? >> she's got the experience. no question about it. and whatever she's talking about these major issues to deal with, whether it's foreign policy issues and it is iraq dealing with iraq or these other issues, she's been at the negotiating table. when you're a u.s. senator, you're not necessarily at the negotiating table. you might be voting on nominations and what have you. hillary clinton will keep saying over and over again, i've been to all of these countries. i have sat across from world leaders. i've tried to get them to come to my side. it's not an easy job but a job that i've done. >> very interesting state of play, we remember, against barack obama and then senator, the 3:00 a.m. phone call that hillary clinton ran then. now bernie sanders is saying, when that call came, you ended up making the wrong judgment and that was the iraq war. >> appreciate it, mr. preston.
3:44 am
>>. all right. the big question on monday, will peyton manning be super on sunday? the broncos quarterback raising a huge issue just ahead of super bowl 50. we have details ahead in "the bleacher report." ars, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. pure is big, bold and just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick
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super bowl 50 just three days away as i can tell you even without a teleprompter. peyton manning is trying to become the oldest quarterback to ever win football's biggest prize. andy scholes is joining us from downtown san francisco. hi, andy. >> reporter: now, we all know peyton has had his share of struggles this season. he missed six games due to injury and when he did play, this was the worst season of his
3:49 am
career. the neck surgeries, the injuries have taken a toll on peyton but he discussed his health heading into sunday. >> certainly, when you have injuries, when you have surgeries, you know, the doctor sometimes will mention to you whether you ask him or not how you're probably headed for a hip replacement, you know, at a certain time in your life. and i said, doc, i didn't ask you if i'm going to need a hip replacement. i don't need to know that at age 37 but thank you for sharing. i look forward to that. >> all right. curry was doing it all last night. he made 11 three-pointers and finished with 51 points. only played 35 minutes. the warriors easily won that one. 134-121. today, curry and the warriors will be at the white house with president obama. he's going to honor them for winning last year's nba championship. president obama is a big bulls
3:50 am
fan. he's going to tell them to slow down. >> the game has got to respect game and steph curry has reminded us it's an unbelievable sport, it's just amazing what he has done. so i'm coming out there, my brother. i'll be in san francisco later today. what can you tell me? where do i want to go? where do i not want to go? what's my best angle? what have you got? >> reporter: i can tell you the traffic is very bad here all day in downtown san francisco. but we need to hit up some of the great restaurants that are around here because i haven't got tone eat anywhere i've been so business zy. >> i've got a big appetite and a corporate card, my brother. i'm on my way. >> reporter: great. >> i'm going out there for the show tomorrow night. we're doing a super bowl special as well. >> exciting.
3:51 am
it will be good. >> uh-huh. new hampshire voters putting hillary clinton and bernie sanders to the test. we're going to speak with two people who asked democratic rivals difficult questions and discuss.
3:52 am
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the beauty of the town hall is that it isn't just candidates playing off one another but responding to real voters and their concerns. last night, clinton and sanders were put to the test during our town hall in new hampshire. so we're going to speak to two of those voters in a moment. first, here's what they asked the candidates. >> i'm running a marathon this year again with my husband. >> wow. >> so my kids are going to be
3:56 am
out there spectating. my question to you, what are your plans of keeping us safe from terrorism. >> how do you cultivate the ego, the ego we all must know that a person must have to be a leader of the free world. and also the humility to recognize that we know that you can't be expected to be wise of all of the things that the president has to be responsible for. >> big questions. so, joining us now, rabbi jonathan spiro sabbath from new hampshire and denise bernard, injured in the boston bombing terror attack. it's great to have you both here. rabbi, i want to start with you and i want to play hillary clinton's response to your profound question. >> i've had to be in public dealing with some very public issues and personal issues, political, public issues.
3:57 am
and i read a treatment of the prodigal son jesuit who i think is a magnificent writer, spiritual and theological concerns. and i read that parable and there was a line in it that just became a lifeline for me. and it basically is, "practice the discipline of gratitude." >> the discipline of gratitude. rabbi, was clinton's answer suggestive of -- did you like the answer? >> well, i thought that she spoke for -- it was one of the longest answers i think that she gave to a question the whole evening. and i really felt that it was a kind of question that isn't being asked a whole lot and that she really wanted to have a chance to speak about some of those things about her soul and who she is and i thought that it
3:58 am
was just very thoughtful and wonderful that a candidate would take that time to think it out. it seemed that she was contemporaneous and not just giving a canned answer. >> it was such a great answer, rabbi. the same is true of yours, denise. you asked a question that's very close to your heart and personal. you're running in the boston marathon again and you wanted to know how our leader s can assur you that your children on the sidelines will be safe. here's bernie's answer to that. >> for a start, in my view, we have got to crush isis. first off. and as somebody who voted against the war in iraq, what i believe is going to be learned lessons of that war. we have to destroy isis but we have to be not just tough, we
3:59 am
have to be smart. >> denise, what did you think of that answer? >> i thought it was a very good answer. i mean, that's got to be a tough thing to do. he sounds like he has a plan and he's beefing up what we already have going out there. >> i mean, of course it wasn't specific to your question. i mean, in terms of how to keep your kids safe on the sidelines during the boston marathon but was it okay that he gave a more overarching answer? >> absolutely. and that's what i had expected as well. so -- i mean, to zero in just on that one occasion, i know they have been working hard on that because of last year. i was there and there was heightened security and i think bernie is going to heighten it even more. >> we were there and there's no question that boston locked it down, living boston strong and also that enthusiasm of the people up there responding to terrorism by getting out there and living their lives.
4:00 am
rabbi, what was the big moment for you last night and what did it make you think in terms of who you want as your nominee? >> well, i think the big moment, as i said, was the thoughtfulness and what i hope is an example for both of those candidates as they go forward and for the candidates in the republican primary, too. i think the moment was the signal really from them and also from the audience that these are the kinds of things that we hope they will open up about. and in an honest way. i got a chance to speak to secretary clinton for a few minutes afterwards and i encouraged her to make sure that she and the others talk on these themes when they are asked and i hope that not only voters but the reporters, too, will ask these kinds of questions. >> that's so great. rabbi, denise, thank you so much. it was great to hear your genuine questions and their off-the-cuff answers. great to talk to both of you.
4:01 am
>> the town hall changed the state of play in the election last night on the democratic side. there's a lot of other headlines around the world. let's get to it. >> i know where i stand. i know who stands with me. i know what i've done. >> you can't say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. >> i find it amusing that bernie sanders has made himself the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> i wake up every day and laugh at donald trump because he's losing. >> you don't see me boo-booing. >> marco rubio is the master of the town hall. >> why do you deliver the same speech wherever you go? >> because it's my message. >> upon hearing this morning, one of two virginia tech students are charged in connection with the murder of the 13-year-old. >> why she was killed remains a mystery. this is "new day" with chris e
4:02 am
cuomo, allysn camerota and michaela pereira. >> on the other side of the ball, the war of words reaching new lows. donald trump demanding the iowa caucus results be tossed, accusing cruz of voter fraud and the gop field as well. let's discuss. we have big coverage on this. cnn's political correspondent brianna keilar with the highlights of the town hall. take us through it, my friend. >> reporter: this was, chris, a battle for progressive credentials. the first time these two candidates appeared jointly since hillary clinton eked out a win in iowa. >> of course. we are taking on the most powerful political organization
4:03 am
in the country and that's, you know, the clinton organization. >> reporter: only five days away from the new hampshire primary, senator bernie sanders taking off the gloves during last night's democratic town hall. jabbing secretary clinton over which candidate can claim to be progressive. >> you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. some of my best friends are moderates. i love moderates. but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> reporter: clinton pushed back when she took the stage. >> i have said i'm a progressive that likes to get things done and i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has made himself the gatekeeper of who is a progressive. because with the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive, joe biden would not be a progressive. >> bernie sanders forcing her to defend her relationship with wall street. >> i do not know any progressive
4:04 am
who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> reporter: the former senator from new york stumbling a bit when anderson cooper asked her about her paid speeches from investment giant goldman sachs. >> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. so -- you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> but that's one who is are not running for office again. >> well, to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know if you were going to run? >> i didn't. >> reporter: clinton tackling another tough subject when an audience member asked her about her war in iraq. >> what have you learned since that vote that could give me confidence that you wouldn't make a mistake of that magnitude again? >> well, i think that's a very fair question. you know, i did make a mistake and i admitted that i made a mistake.
4:05 am
>> reporter: that mistake, one that senator sanders has repeatedly gone after. >> the key foreign policy vote of modern american history was the war in iraq. the progressive community was pretty united in saying, don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> reporter: but clinton standing firm. >> all i can do is to just get up every day and work to do what i believe our country needs, find ways to help people, whether it's on mental health or adecks or autism or student loans, whatever it might be. and i trust the american people. i trust the people of new hampshire to see my lifetime of work and service and to sort out all of the static and to know that i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: and on a personal note, these candidates were
4:06 am
asked about spirituality. this is an area where they are very different. sanders talked about that he's basically said that he's not very practicing when it comes to organized religion but he says that he's spiritual and his interpretation of that is that it's everyone in this together and he pivoted back to his economic message. hillary clinton talked a lot about how she's practiced gratitude and also how she has leaned on her faith in really tough political as well as personal times. guys? >> brianna, thank you. let's bring in maeve reston and john berman. you often learn about the religious tendencies of candidates on the gop side. many democrats will complain that they've co-opted faith. last night it was discussed. let's play what senator sanders says about how he views what matters in his faith. >> as a human being, the pain
4:07 am
that one person feels, if we have children who are hungry in america, elderly people who can't afford their prescription drugs. you know what, that impacts you. that impacts me. and i worry very much about a society where some people spiritually say, it doesn't matter to me. i've got it. i don't care about other people. so my spirituality is that we are all in this together. and that when children go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the streets, it impacts me. that's my very strong spiritual feeling. >> j.p., the distinction between sanders speaking to sexuality -- spirituality as opposed to -- >> i've got a lot to repent. when she's talking about spirituality and practicing gratitude, a different tone than what you hear on the gop side. >> look, the one thing you can't be in politics, still to this day, apparently, is
4:08 am
nonreligious. there's nothing that america hates more is atheists. lower than anything else. bernie sanders, as far as i know, is not a religious guy but it's interesting to hear him talk about spirituality. spirituality and religion are different things. hillary clinton, it was interesting to hear her talk about her faith. i'm always astounded by these candidates how much they know about religion. they really, really are on both sides of the aisle. hillary clinton as much as the other republican candidates who run on their faith. >> and the reason john is astounded to hear this is because they don't wear it on their sleeves. this is not something that hillary clinton talks about on the campaign trail every day. not something we've heard from bernie sanders before. that's why these town halls are so fascinating because voters want to hear that side of them. hillary clinton spoke about the parable of the prodigal son.
4:09 am
what was your take on that, maeve? >> voters want to hear it because it helps them make up their mind about a person's character, the words that they live by. i'm just reminded when i was with bill clinton in iowa, he spoke for a long time about hillary clinton's faith on the trail in the closing days of that campaign, talking about how she lives by a line from martin luther king jr.'s favorite spiritual about working every day for people that need help and so i think that it sort of rounds out the edges of these candidates and really helps people give them a feel for who these people are or who they aspire to be. and in that way, that often is what a voter's decision comes down to when they go into the booth to make that decision. >> all right. one more step down this road, br brianna. one of the reasons that my mind
4:10 am
went to sexuality when we were talking about faith -- >> yes, why is that? >> -- you hear it on the right, the context for social positions. the left, it seems, needs to have a different dynamic for faith and policy that come into play. do you think that might be one of the reasons we were hearing about general notions of spirituality and gratitude as opposed to what is limited on the gop to their defined faith? >> reporter: i think that's a great observation. you sort of see them using it as a guiding principle. right? and i think it's interesting because you see how when it comes to faith, it serves an explanation or talking about it serves a different purpose for each candidate. for hillary clinton, who clearly has a problem for people believing that she's honest and trustworthy, it allows her to say, look, i think about this every day. i have a moral compass. i'm thinking about religion in terms of a guiding principle and
4:11 am
so she's able to use it there. bernie sanders, you know, it is sort of interesting. you mentioned a lot of candidates they sort of want to be clear that they are religious. he's made it clear that he isn't really religious but he's spiritual and this is a very safe place for him, especially since he attracts so many young people and we've seen it in the polls that young people are shifting away from organized religion. they identify as spiritual but they don't necessarily endorse a particular religion. and so this is something where they would really connect with him on. >> when hillary clinton was talking about her faith, she opened up and talked about the struggles that she has had over the years. she used that word, personal struggles, which i think is a coded word in these elections for the problems that i had when bill clinton was in the white house and his inif fidelities. voters seem to like that when she opens up. faith is a way, a wedge into there. >> chris, the other thing that
4:12 am
they were battling over was the term progressive and they are both trying to claim who is progressive. isn't this the paradox of the primary where it forces politicians to have to run to the edges of their party when they might not really truly be along the edge of their party? so did you think he was convincing when hillary clinton was saying, i've always been a progressive? >> reporter: well, i think the case that she's making and now the attacks from bernie sanders, she's the progressive who actually is pragmatic enough to get things done. we hear this rhetoric from her over and over again that he's throwing out all of these ideas but she actually has a path and record that she can show of her policies that she hopes to accomplish either in congress or elsewhere. that will be the decision that voters are making as they look at this. i do think the most hilarious line last night was bernie sanders talking about how many friends he has that are
4:13 am
moderates. so it's going to be interesting to think about how they calibrate this message, you know, as you head towards a general election when they really will have to broaden out their appeal. but right now, it's all about just speaking to those liberals and progressives who are going to dominate these contests on tuesday. >> maeve, john, brianna, thank you so much. always great to get your insight. michaela? >> hi. donald trump demanding a do-over, something i'm thinking chris might as well. donald trump demanding a do-over in iowa. he claims ted cruz lied to voters in order to steal the election. he says donald trump is just throwing a tantrum. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash is live from manchester on the gop race for us. hi, dana. >> reporter: hi, michaela. remember right after the iowa caucuses donald trump gave a
4:14 am
speech where he was gracious and lowkey. that was so three days ago. now he's acting much more true to form. the person not acting true to form is ted cruz who is punching right back. >> this guy, ted cruz, ted cruz goes out, you talk about liars. >> reporter: they went at each other late into the night. >> you could call it a trumper tantrum. >> reporter: ted cruz unloading on donald trump. >> for his entire life he's been advocating for full-on socialized medicine. >> reporter: on policy and on personality. >> donald has an interesting habit of when anyone actually points to his record of simply stomping his foot and yelling "liar". >> reporter: trump shot back saying exactly that. >> what i hate is when somebody lies. >> reporter: blaming cruz for obamacare. the senator who became famous for a government shutdown in his quest to repeal it.
4:15 am
>> justice roberts approved obamacare twice. >> reporter: trump argued that cruz's early support for chief justice john roberts, who ruled twice in favor of obamacare, makes cruz culpable. >> his vote got it over the top. ted cruz did that. ted cruz gave us obamacare. >> reporter: while trump and cruz bloody each other up, another republican battle is raging among candidates, appealing to more mainstream gop voters in new hampshire. >> if you vote for me and i'm you're nominee, i'll unite the conservative movement in the republican party. >> reporter: in a boost for his effort to prove that, marco rubio scored an endorsement from rick santorum as he exited the presidential race. >> we decided to support marco rubio. >> reporter: but other republican candidates who need a new hampshire win to survive are going after rubio. >> marco rubio was for amnesty. and for legalization. that was his position. and then when conservatives told him they didn't like it and he
4:16 am
decided he wanted to run for president, he turned tail and ran. >> reporter: now, voters here in new hampshire are incredibly sophisticated, michaela. we've encountered a number of them saying that they are thinking about their vote not just in who they like the most but who they think could actually win. that is one dynamic. another is who they think could be a trump or a cruz because they think that they would be bad for the party and then ultimately their people are telling us, they think who would be the best person to beat hillary clinton in november. these are the stages that a lot of voters are actually thinking through when they make their decision. >> yeah. before it was a stage of, hmm, this is interesting, let's see who all of the players are. the field is widdling. dana, thank you so much. a quick programming note, donald trump will join anderson cooper on "ac 360." tune in for that. this morning, president obama will address the annual national prayer breakfast in
4:17 am
washington, d.c., and this comes on the first trip to a u.s. mosque. he condemned anti-muslim rhetoric while addressing the islamic society of baltimore. he urged muslims to fight the extremist behavior of groups like isis. 20-year-old john booker, an american citizen, also known as mohammed abdulla hasan face as 30-year prison sentence. booker did not realize the bomb he made was a dud or that two men working with him were actually fbi informants. prosecutors also say booker told investigators he wanted to commit an insider attack like the one carried out at ft. hood in 2009. federal officials sending 14 specialized officers to flint, michigan, for follow-up visits for children who tested positive for high levels of lead. this comes after a house hearing into the water con tomorrow nation crisis there in flint. during the hearing, the
4:18 am
professor, who first detected those lead levels, accused state and federal environmental officials of failing to properly treat the city's drinking water. congressman elijah cummings questioned why governor rick snyder was not called to testify. donald trump and ted cruz are going at it but on a very different level. trump is making a very specific accusation. now, what cruz did, despite the word "trusted" mind him when he campaigns was inherently dirty and should change the outcome in iowa. will trump change the results? inside, ahead. the microsoft cloud allows us to
4:19 am
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4:22 am
. the fight on the republican side has moved from the hypothetical to the practical. trump is now saying that ted cruz, forget about whether or not he was born in the right place to be president, that he actually cheated in the iowa caucuses. accusing cruz of stealing votes, demanding a new election, even
4:23 am
suggesting he was the real winner. take a look for yourself. here's the last tweet of the night for trump, one of two prongs in his argument that this mailer by the cruz campaign was way over the line and suggested some type of criminal penalty for people if they didn't vote and vote for cruz. all right. what do we have with us to defend this? the president and ceo of new england and donald trump supporter ernie bach jr. make the case, do you believe that donald trump has high ground here, saying that cruz was not just misleading or campaigning in somewhat of an established sneaky way but this was over the line and the iowa caucuses should be invalidated? >> mr. trump is stirring the pot which he's really, really good
4:24 am
at. so are they going to recounted iowa? no. he's making it interesting. he's kicking up his heels and going after the competition. >> kicking up his heels, making it interesting. are those good basis for which you should put your faith in someone who is president? >> well, the thing about mr. trump is, you have a list of pros and you have a list of cons. is the list of cons big? yes, it is. but the pros far outweigh the cons. every candidate has cons. but if you a/b them, his pros far outweigh the cons. he's business-minded and i don't think we've had a president that has been this business-minded.
4:25 am
we've had pro-business presidents and anti-business presidents. but i think mr. trump will take the economy and make it better. and his negotiation skills, people don't like his straightforward communication. i personally love his straightforward communication. you always know where he stands. he is transparent. with mr. obama, with all due respect, with mr. obama, we've been watching him on tv for seven, eight years. do you feel like you know the guy? no, not at all. there's a veil there. with mr. trump, completely secret. >> tell me why you have confidence that you would want donald trump deciding whether or not to bomb in another country or making any of the very heady decisions that they have to make. >> very heady decisions. we had a first-time senator making those decisions.
4:26 am
and who is more qualified? it's 2:00 in the morning and there's a few girls at the bar. so you have to pick who you're with and i think mr. trump is the best quality fied. >> your analogy for what makes you the right guy when you get the 2:00 call in the morning is what to do in the bar when you have two women there and -- >> no. you're misunderstanding. if you're single, you understand this. it's the end of the night, you want to go home with somebody. the bar's about to close. you have to pick somebody. you have to pick somebody. you have to stand behind somebody. if you line up all of the candidates with their positives and negatives, i think mr. trump is the man.
4:27 am
>> so you're saying he's the least worst decision that you would make if you were in the final moments of having to make one? that's what you're saying? >> well, i'm not saying that but i want you tounds -- i want people to understand that you have to pick somebody. you have to. people are saying, i don't like anybody. you can't do that. you have to vote. tough pick somebody. >> well, it's certainly important to be involved in the process. it was very heartening that we saw so many more people than the last cycle coming out in iowa. what's your judgment about trump that has changed at all when actual voters came out and measured? >> first of all, i don't think he lost tremendously. it wasn't that big of a difference in the voting. and without a ground game, he's going to kill it in new hampshire. i mean, he is going to win new
4:28 am
hampshire, hands down, he will win. i was driving the other day and with my son to school and i dropped my son off at school and i was really low on gas and i was going through the town to try to be caught directing traffic. i was the first one at the stop and he looked at me and he said, pull over. pull over. and i had just rolled out of bed like i did right now and i had no license with me, nothing. i said, oh, what's going to happen? he said, pull over in that parking lot. i pulled over in the parking lot, i rolled down the window and the cop said, i love what you're doing with donald trump. that's the type of guy we need. and mr. trump is the man to -- and that's the passion around here that we have for mr. trump. >> so that's it, you're in the bag for trump now because you got let go by the cop and now you like trump. ernie, thank you for making it
4:29 am
on "new day" this morning. you're not going to hear that anywhere else right now. i promise you that. >> this is such a fascinating day on "new day." senator sanders and clinton trying to show off their softer side. how did it go over? we'll look at that next. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary. we want to help you realize the rich taste that pure can bring. because pure tastes better. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, the rich taste that pure can bring. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to win over new hampshire voters before next week's primary during last night's cnn town hall they both showed more of a personal side. let's bring in cnn political commentator and democratic strategist hilary rosen. great to have you both here. these town halls, guys, are so great because people do ask unexpected questions and you do see a more unvarnished candidate. so let's start with how they were both trying to define themselves as progressives. watch both of the candidates attempt to do that. >> secretary clinton said some
4:34 am
people call me -- i'm paraphrasing. some people call me a moderate and i proudly say that i am a moderate. that's what she said. so all i say is, you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on another day. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive because under the definition flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. >> hilary, let me start with you. hillary clinton said she was proud to be a moderate and that she could work on both sides of the aisle. now that's working against her. does bernie sanders win this point? >> nobody wins this point, really, because it's a test irrelevant to voters. voters care about where you are on the issues. here's the reason why this format was so great last night. because both of these candidates just got to be themselves and people that -- you know, i do a
4:35 am
lot of media training for people who go on tv. the truth is, nobody likes o hear it but 50 to 60% is all about how you look. not whether you're classically handsome or pretty but whether you are approachable, whether you seem authentic, whether you're a natural, those sorts of things. another 25% is your tone. are you saying things in a way that people can hear them? are they accepting what -- how you are talking to them? and about 25% are the actual words, which is crazy, but that's why this format means, who do we get to know? when hillary clinton answers a question like that and with a smile and you can attack me but barack obama and joe biden, we are all the same and you can attack us all, she says it with a smile, it makes the whole debate irrelevant. >> but jonathan, hillary clinton is playing in an election that seems more about finding a remedy to the status quo. is that dicey territory for
4:36 am
hillary clinton if not now against bernie sanders if she becomes the eventual nominee against a nominee against her the whole time? >> well, i think the victory last night, chris, and over the last few months is that to be a progressive is to be a real democrat and the progressive message which bernie sanders is promoting, the political revolution that he's talking about, is what voters want. breaking up the big banks, expanding social security, waging rages, defeating these bad trait grede greeagreements. i'm a progressive and i was textings and e-mailing back and forth with lots of my friends. when millions of people were marching in the streets against the iraq war, hillary clinton was supporting that war which killed hundreds of thousands of people, cost taxpayers in new hampshire and across the country
4:37 am
about $3 trillion and led to the rise of isis. when millions of us were marching in the streets for marriage equality, hillary clinton was defending the defense of marriage act and saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. and i can go on and on. hillary clinton is not a progressive, as i know it and as millions of people who have marched in the progressive movement know it. >> hilary, do those things disqualify her? >> of course not. two things. first, on the iraq war, as a senator you're getting the information that you get from the administration. so there was misleading information given to a lot of people. now, some members of congress would vote against any war. hillary clinton is not that person. she has a belief in a strong military. that does not make you somebody who is not a progressive. on marriage, nobody was a bigger marriage advocate and gay activist than i am and i'm totally comfortable with hillary clinton's -- >> was she early enough for -- >> bernie sanders, you know,
4:38 am
vermont was an early state for civil unions rather than marriage. it was a very trying time. just because you said things doesn't mean you did anything. bernie sanders has never, ever, i don't care what jonathan says, been an advocate -- an activist for marriage. but here's the thing -- >> that's nonsense. >> jonathan -- >> that's nonsense. >> all right. >> they don't -- we don't need to out -- >> we had that debate. >> no, we don't. >> yes. we want to know -- hilary, we want to know when we're electing someone what they are actually going to stand for and actually i think if we want talk another moment, hillary did not stumble. she gave a genuine answer. she was perplexed why it would be an issue that she would accept legalized bribery, $225,000 per speech. every single american knows that
4:39 am
that's legalized bribery. >> hold on, jonathan -- >> stop shouting. >> what she said was -- >> it's loud out here. i'm sorry. i'm near traffic. >> she said she cannot be bought. she said name one thing that any of these people did that showed that i took money from them that it mattered. >> well, perception is the reality. perception is the reality that she has to deal with. >> and she is dealing with it. i think both candidates did a great job last night. i thought they both were honest and conveyed their strengths and people saw weaknesses. this is going to be an exciting couple of weeks. but i -- my point is, i think this debate over who the real progressive is is sort of irrelevant to who is going to be a better president. >> no, it's not irrelevant. i'm sorry. >> guys -- >> quickly, jonathan. >> it's not irrelevant. it's about what people stand for and what voters can expect from their president. >> john and hilary, thank you for the debate.
4:40 am
we'll see what happens over the next few days. next week, we're taking the show on the road again for the new hampshire primary. "new day" will be live on monday and tuesday. if you're in the area, be sure to stop by for great coffee. the murder of a teenage girl in virginia has not only broken our collective hearts but it's stirred up concerns about social media and teens. how can parents protect their children online? we'll ask a social media expert who is joining us next. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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a bond hearing this morning for one of two virginia tech students charged in connection
4:44 am
with the murder of a 13-year-old girl nicole lovell. natalie keepers is being charged with accessory to murder and helping dispose of the body. david eisenhower is accused of abducting and killing the teen. the fbi linked the slain teen to the social media app kik. joining me is carrie goldman, author of "bullied." there's so many new details coming forward. carrie, i'm so glad you could walk us through this. give us a bit of a primer for parents watching what kik is. there are so many apps popping up and parents think they have a handle on instagram and facebook but there are all these that parents don't maybe know about. >> there are so many. there's no doubt about that. and kik is -- it's a messaging app. it's actually called kik messenger. >> okay. >> it allows people to in a free
4:45 am
and easy and instant format connect with other kik users. so you can start up a conversation with someone else on kik and if they open the conversation or accept it, it moves from being sort of a blurred out conversation into an in-focus conversation and you can share pictures, videos, you can do it as a one-on-one or you can do it in a group messaging. so for ikids, it's a lot of fun because it's a way to have conversation with a lot of other kids. >> harmless enough when it's kids talking about assignments a they are going to do or what they are going to do that weekend. as i mentioned, there are all of these other apps and technology websites and social media sites that people are using. we've got a list of them. things like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, vine,
4:46 am
tumblr, wanela. redtube is essentially teen porn, from what i understand, yik yak and kik and whisper. explain why these are so problematic. >> okay. as you have social media, there are different steps of how much accountability someone has. so with facebook and instagram, there's more accountability. they are tracked to a phone number, a user e-mail and there's a way to know who is on the other end. the more steps you take away from that accountability, the more problematic it becomes. >> yeah. >> so kik, for example, is an app that all that users have to do is create and invent a username and that's how they are known. they are not tied to a phone number or anything else. whereas, for example, with the
4:47 am
app what's app, that's tied to a phone number which makes it more accountable. so what you see with kids -- >> that's why it's been difficult for authorities because they were able to pinpoint the time stamp and the location of these phones that were used but they can't actually get the screen capture of what those conversations were. now, there's an element of bullying in here because we know this young girl, who already had been through so much. she went through a liver transplant. >> so much. >> she survived that. she had all of these medical issues. this was not a troubled child but she had been bullied and they can fall prey to predators online. why is that? >> absolutely. because she's more vulnerable, someone who has been bullied is already questioning their validity, wanting to be liked, seeking out that type of positive reinforcement. so going back to why an app like kik would be more dangerous, anyone can use it and because it's an anonymous forum. one group of people that does
4:48 am
use this are predators. >> yeah. >> it is just a fact that they can seek out interactions with people who are vulnerable. one thing that parents should know is that if your child is on kik, they should have a very complex username because if the us user name is pretty girl or hot young thing -- >> it grabs attention. >> absolutely. >> i want to give parents a quick thing here. this is important for parents. how parents can protect your teens online. implement a family technology use contract. make an agreement among your family. don't let your kids sleep with their phones in their room and monitor lightly if you are concerned. >> exactly. >> all right. thank you so much for this, carrie goldman. thanks for joining us to give us insight on all of this. >> thank you. >> allsyn. marco rubio snagging a critical endorsement following
4:49 am
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iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> join me. vote for marco rubio. let's see the next century unfold before our eyes because of marco rubio america's future is very bright. >> snagging a big endorsement from south carolina senator tim
4:53 am
scott. this is key for rubio before both the new hampshire and the south carolina primary. joining us to discuss the decision is republican senator tim scott. thanks so much for being here on "new day." >> good to be with you. good morning. >> everybody wants your endorsement. and when i read the reports of the courting that went on, it sounds like, you know, you were on the bachelor or something. >> well my candidates were not that pretty to tell you the truth. only carly fiorina. the rest of them? whew. >> so why did you decide on marco rubio. >> the number one reason is he's a rock solid conservative. undeniable. frankly fantastic ratings on conservative score cards. but at the same time he inspires a new generation of voters. here a guy that's a wonderful life story. but he also understands how to create a political agenda based on the reality that so many people are suffering through. folks who are stuck, and mired in poverty can look to the
4:54 am
leadership of marco rubio to help solve some of the challenges that we haven't been able to solve in 50 years. and as a kid who grew up in poverty i can tell you that marco rubio has real ideas to help attain college education, finish vocational school or end up at harvard. the reality of it is the american dream is still alive. it is still healthy. we need a president who helps us get there. and that guy is marco rubio. >> senator, just so that people know this was not an impetuous decision on your part. >> no. >> you had a laborious process. you hosted 12 town halls with the candidates and i understand you took explicit notes, pros and cons. >> i did. >> about each one of them. can you let us in on your process, how long and what you wrote down? >> several months to be honest. i hosted 12 candidates throughout south carolina because i felt like it was very important for my voters to hear
4:55 am
real comment, not sound bites but thorough answers to specific questions and they did a good job. the key for me was i had very very good highly talented people talking about the issues for the future. i was looking for one person head and shoulders above the rest. and the only way to do that right is to take notes. and if i can not come to a clear decision i was not going to endorse at all. it was very easy at the end to endorse marco rubio because he was very strong. i've got a brother who serves in the air force. i thought who do i want to be commander in chief. who can handle foreign affairs and restore economic hope to those mired in poverty. the person who has an a plus on each of those was marco rubio. so as difficult as the process in the end the one person i believe that will not only beat hillary clinton but will beat her using conservative principles is without question
4:56 am
marco rubio. >> senator, i want to ask about what went on in iowa. as i'm sure you are aware donald trump is now saying that there was voter fraud committed. he is questioning the legitimacy of ted cruz's win. do you think that ted cruz won iowa fair and square? >> it appears to me that the voters of the caucus said without question that ted cruz was a winner. i have no reasons to doubt that. the good news from my perspective is my candidate marco rubio surged to a very, very strong finish. and i think he's going to finish at least second in new hampshire. and then the race comes to my home state of south carolina. >> let's look at the south carolina poll. trump at the moment is leading by a long shot. 36%, ahead of ted cruz at 20% and your candidate marco rubio at 14%. what do you think the south carolina voters are looking for most? >> well i think they are looking for a commander in chief first and foremost, someone who can restore hope in our economy and finally a can candidate who can
4:57 am
win. ultimately we don't want to sacrifice conservative principles in order to win the presidency. we want to make sure our conservative principles is why we win the presidency. marco rubio will be that peroneperson person. i'm looking forward to the next 16 days. i my hope is marco does well in the debate saturday and the next. and i believe his performance will help others understand why myself and so many others are supporting him. >> rick santorum is also supporting marco rubio. but one of your fellow senators lindsey graham is not. he's going for jeb bush. have you had conversations with them? >> i have. i've spoke on the lindsey recently. and we have a lot of good candidates running for president. i simply have decided to be for someone without running against
4:58 am
others. >> when you added up the pros and cons, what were some of the notes that you had on there about donald trump? >> every candidate has to ask that. donald trump is a great salesman and frankly has done very well in business. he's a billionaire and that's pretty good for business owners. the reality is would i conclude who's best fitted or suited to lead today? on day one who will get us to the new american century? and without any question, commander in chief is a primary responsibility of our president. i said marco rubio. when i thought about how do we fix this economy, most people living in the middle income, they are not seeing these wage increases, this economic recovery that we keep hearing about. they are not experiencing that. who can emphasize and create solutions by redoing our tax system, by understanding the challenges of this regulatory
4:59 am
environment that is taking over our country. marco rubio. and then finally who inspires a new generation of voters using conservative principles? conservative marco rubio. >> there you go. senator scott we appreciate your sharing your thought process here on "new day." great to see you. >> thank you alisyn. >> following a lot of news this morning. morning. let's get to it. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 am
we have to understand attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo alisyn camerota and michael ra pereira. >> what is that is you are going to need it.a pereira. >> what is that is you are going to need it. >> good morning. five days to new hampshire and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going blow for blow every second before the primary. the pair sparring over what it means to be a progressive at last night's cnn presidential town hall. sanders putting clinton to be defensive over her record and ties to wall street. >> on the republican side escalating war of words between donald trump and ted cruz and trump accusing cruise of voter fraud. brianna keel has the highlights
5:01 am
from the meeting. >> reporter: >> of course we're an underdog. we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that is, you know, the clinton organization. >> only five days away from the new hampshire primary, senator bernie sanders taking off the gloves during last night's democratic town hall jabbing secretary clinton over which candidate can claim to be progressive. you can't go and say you are a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day. some of my best friends are moderatesem i love moderates but you can't be a moderate and a progressive they are different. >> dlnt pushed back. >> i said i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. and i was somewhat mused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keeper on who's a progressive because under the definition that was
5:02 am
flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. joe biden would not be. >> sanders forting clinton to defend her relationship with wall street. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that is just not progressive. >> the former senator from new york stumbling a bit when ands cooper asked about paid speeches from goldman sachs. >> did you have to be paid $675 thousand? >> well i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, so every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> once you are in office -- >> well i didn't -- to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't think you would run for president or not again? >> i didn't. >> reporter: audience member asked about her vote for the war
5:03 am
in iraq. >> what have you learned that could give me confidence that you wouldn't make a mistake of that magnitude again. >> oh i think that is a very fair question. you know, i did make a mistake and i admitted that i made a mistake. >> that mistake, one that senator sanders has repeatedly gone after. >> the key vote was the war in iraq. the progressive community was pretty united in saying don't listen to bush. don't go war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> but clinton standing firm. >> all i can do is to just get up every day and work to do what i believe our country needs, find ways to help people, whether it is on mental health or addiction or autism or student loans -- whatever it might be. and i trust the american people. i trust the people of new hampshire to see my lifetime of
5:04 am
work and service and to sort out all of the static and to know that i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: on a personal note the candidates also spoke about their spirituality. bernie sanders talked about how he sees spirituality being that everyone is connected, that they are in this together and that they should care if, for instance, their neighbor isn't doing well. hillary clinton talked about how she has long been a methodist. she said she practices gratitude and she says she's leaned on her fit in tough political and also personal times. >> brianna, thank you very much. let's discuss a little deeper. bernie sanders has enjoyed a healthy lead in new hampshire for a long time. what will this mean for the state of the race? what will happen in the final push? let's discuss ttd press secretary for bernie sanders
5:05 am
campaign, simone sanders. good to have you on the show this morning. >> nice to be here chris, thank you. >> help me negotiate the understanding of this word progressive. senator sanders is new to the democratic party for the purposes of the running for president. what is he saying by saying he's the most progressive? what does that mean? he's the most left? >> well chris, senator sanders i do want to know that he's caucused with the democrats since he first took office way back when he was in the house. he's been put into leadership by democratic leadership, he's the ranking member on the budget committee and so to say he's new to the party i don't think is correct. when senator sanders says he's a progressive though what he's saying is he has long fought for values and upholds things such as climate change, and advocating for hard working american people, standing up to wall street, things of that nature. so when he's talking about being
5:06 am
a progressive, i think it is great that now progressivism is where the democratic party is. now it is not too long ago it wasn't necessarily cool to be a progressive. so i think it is great that this is where the democratic party is and this is definitely where senator sanders has always been. >> i'm bringing up the fairness point he's saying i'm the real article but he was running as the democratic and always identified as an independent all these years. i it adds knot the nature of the dialogue. you voted for iraq hillary clinton and that is all that matters when it comes to foreign policy. is it fair to limit it to that one vote and to ignore the reality that the basis of that vote was bad information from the bush administration that many relied on including now secretary of state kerry and other democrats? >> well chris i think it is important to note that yes, experience is important.
5:07 am
but judgment is also extremely important. and sometimes judgment is all you have. and so the fact that secretary clinton did vote to go to war in 2002 is an important note that is not -- senator sanders is not saying that is all that matters but judgment is a very good indicator of what one would do when they are a president. so yes, judgment definitely matters and that is a point that the american people deserve to know about and that deserves to be discussed. >> what are you seeing on the ground in new hampshire? he's always had a big lead there. there are different reasons for that. the vermont senator is helpful. the make up of new hampshire is helpful in certain ways to sanders' message. what are you seeing in terms of momentum towards the primary? >> well i think the momentum is definitely on our side chris, the enthusiasm is on our side. but we also have a good ground game. we're not taking anything in new hampshire for granted. we are on the ground meeting people where they are. we're holding town halls.
5:08 am
holding rallies because it is very important to the senator that he speak with the folks of new hampshire, that he gets who know who they are. they get to know who he is so when it comes to election day they can make the best decision, which we think is vvoting for senator sanders. we'll be holding a series of rallies and town halls and looking forward to meeting as many people as we can and having a dialogue and folks getting questions to ask the senator any questions they haven't gotten to ask him on any of his other many trips to new hampshire. >> are you starting to get more questions about senator sanders' involvement with the va? as you will remember some of our earlier interactions with "new day" on senator sanders was about him with&the va cautioning to go slowly that some of the information may not be right and of course it all turned out to be more than right. are you hearing more about that
5:09 am
and are we going to hear more from the enator'sjustifying his position on the va? >> well, you know, we definitely talk about veterans on the campaign trail. and senator sanders has stood with veterans. he's fought for veterans, again, as he was chairman of the veterans affairs committee. so i definitely think in the coming days we are going to talk a lot more about our vets. i hope we talk more about healthcare and providing universal healthcare because there are still 29 million americans unensured and he's definitely ready to have that dialogue. >> can you predict at this point the spread between sanders and clinton? what is your bet simone? >> i don't want to jinx it now. we are -- again -- i don't want to jinx it. we are out here working for every single vote in new hampshire. we are not taking anything for granted. the polls say the spread is large but come election day it
5:10 am
might be a little smaller. secretary clinton has won in new hampshire. >> true. >> she's not a stranger to the people in the state. so we cannot forget that point. so we think if we go out there, momentum is on our side. enthusiasm on our side and we do have a good ground game. we think we will do extremely well. we do think it is going to be a fight but we're ready. >> do you see a shift in south carolina, nevada and moving into the south of minority voters being more responsive to senator sanders? it's been interesting he hasn't made great inroads to clinton at this point there. >> i have seen a shift, chris and i think we're going continue to see more of a shift as voters get to continue to know who senator sanders is. in south carolina and other places in the south i like to say we're in the barbershop t beauty shots and the bible study. because we are meeting people where they are. we've had a number of state reps in south carolina come out for the senator recently and that is
5:11 am
a testament to the fact that when people get to hear what senator sanders' message is, when they see where he stands on a $15 minimum wage, when they see his platform on addressing criminal justice reform and racial injustices in this country, when they see his plan for universal healthcare. this is the plan folks want to get behind and they want to join the political revolution. we have invested in south carolina. we've invested in nevada. we have state directors in each of the march 1 states and we're not waiting until -- we weren't waiting until after iowa. we're not going to wait until after new hampshire to make inroads in those communities. we are looking forward to again dialoguing in new hampshire throughout the weekend up until election day and then we're looking forward to getting on the road and getting to nevada and getting to south carolina and a couple of other places that we plan to visit. but we believe that our message is one that speaks to hard-working americans that are black, white, latino, native american, asian american or otherwise.
5:12 am
>> and the same officer we make to the clinton campaign we make to you. we hope to see the senator on monday or tuesday or both when "new day" is up there in new hampshire. no better way to deal with the voters than to deal with them directly on this show. thank you very much to the aptly named symone sanders for being with us this morning. >> after graciously accepting second in iowa donald trump is demanding a do over. he claims ted cruz stole the election. the texas senator for his part dismissing the claim accusing his rival of throwing a trumper tantrum five days before the republican primary t republican race getting nastier. let's see what happens now dana bash live in manchester on the gop race for us. >> hi michaela. that moment of trump humility was just that. a moment. now we're seeing the donald trump we come to expect on the campaign trail going after ted cruz. but what we are seeing is something we haven't for a long time. a stepped up ted cruz going at
5:13 am
donald trump. >> this guy ted cruz, ted cruz goes out. you talk about liars? >> they went at each other late into 2 night. >> a trumper tantrum. >> ted cruz unloading on donald trump. >> for his entire life for 60 years he's been advocating for full on socialized medicine. >> on policy and on personality. >> donald has an interesting habit of when anyone actually points to his record of simply stomping his foot and yelling "liar". >> trump shot back saying exactly that. >> what i hate is when somebody lies. >> blaming cruz for obamacare. the senator who became famous for a government shut down in his quest to repeal it. >> justice roberts approved obamacare twice -- >> trump argued cruz's earl support for chief justice roberts who ruled twice in favor of obamacare makes cruz
5:14 am
culpable. >> his vote got it over the top. ted cruz did that. ted cruz gave us obamacare. >> while trump and cruz bloody each other up another battle is appealing to more mainstream voters in new hampshire. >> if you vote for me aisle the unite the conservative movement and the republican party. >> a boost to his effort to prove that he scored an endorsement from rick santorum as he committed the -- exited the race. >> we decided to support rubio. >> but other candidates who need the republican vote to survive are going after him. >> that was his the position. and then when conservatives told him they didn't like it and he decided to run for president he turned tail and ran. >> we're hearing a lot of that michaela.
5:15 am
candidates trying to bring marco rubio down to earth. he did only finish third in iowa but a strong third and more importantly when it comes to politics he defied and exceeded expectations. so that is the dynamic. i think probably the most interesting one going on on the ground here in new hampshire. you have chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich and marco rubio fighting for the very same voters, the mainstream voters who are looking forward to november saying those are the kind of republican candidates they think are best to win michaela. >> fascinating. thank you so much for that. a quick programming note. donald trump will be ands cooper's guest tonight on ac 360. >> less than than our obama will address the national prayer breakfast following his first visit to a u.s. mosque. michelle kosinski is live at the white house with the latest. good morning. >> yeah this is expected to be something of a continuation of the president's speech yesterday. he's expected to talk about our
5:16 am
shared humanity, how faith can combat fear. and he's expected to get personal and touch on his own faith journey. you might remember last year at this prayer breakfast he raised some eyebrows when as isis was spreading he talked about how other faiths have also committed in his words terrible deeds in the anymore of god including christians. he mentioned the crusade. this year expect it to be more political. yesterday he really took that chance to slam the antimuslim political rhetoric that's been out there. even touched upon the fact that he has been called a muslim. listen. >> please be seated. by the way, thomas jefferson's opponents tried to stir things up by suggesting he was a muslim. so i was not the first -- [ applause ] no, it's true. it's true. [ laughter ] look it up. i'm in good company.
5:17 am
>> just in september a cnn poll showed about a third of americans and even more republicans still believe that president obama is a muslim. but today in about an hour expect to hear him talk about his faith in a little more depth. chris. >> good insight there michelle thank you very much. a u.n. panel is expected to rule tomorrow that wikileaks founder julian assange is being unlawfully detained. according to sources he's been holed up in london at the ek dorido ecuadoren embassy. assange will still be arrested if he decides to leave that embassy. e. >> -- back in court today making his case for a new trial. on the first of a three day hearing alibi witness said she was with him at the time his
5:18 am
ex-girlfriend was murder. lee's family says they believe justice was done when saed was convicted. >> okay. let's lighten it up a little. late night hosts are really starting to nail their bernie sanders and donald trump impersonations. let's watch. >> hillary clinton narrowly won in iowa with the final results showing she beat bernie sanders by less than 1%. and you thought bernie was mad at the 1% before? [ applause ] it's always the 1%. >> on the republican side ted cruz came in first. donald trump came in second, and jeb bush is still lost in a corn maize [ laughter ] >> donald trump tweeted ted cruz illegally stole the election. trump said yeah, everyone knows
5:19 am
you are supposed to illegally buy the election. that's how it's done. [ applause ] loser. >> do you think they practice in the mirror? they must, right? >> they must. >> who's the best? >> well jimmy fallon. >> he nailed bernie for sure. but i also like new hampshire where are -- that was funny. >> they're all great. and saturday night live, you know who's on saturday night live this saturday. >> he's back. >> the role he was born for can we say? >> the man who owns the bernie sanders invitation? >> that's great. >> so excited. >> the battle between ted cruz and donald trump getting uglier by the hour. how will their war of words play out heading into the new hampshire primary? the cruz campaign responds the
5:20 am
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5:23 am
the kblufs are off between trump and cruz. trump accusing trump of stealing the iowa caucuses. the california state chairman for the cruz campaign, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> donald trump is saying ted cruz exited voter fraud. let me read to you a couple of
5:24 am
his recent tweets on that topic. donald trump says the state of iowa should disqualify ted cruz from the most recent election on the basis that he cheated. a total fraud. he then wrote based on the fraud committed either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. ron, what is your response to these calls? >> well i was just on an airplane yesterday flying to d.c. and watching the twitter feed and watching donald trump's moment on twitter. we didn't know what he was going to do. but donald trump has not been talked about for about 24 hours following the results and like a child who's kicking his sister to get attention of mom and dad donald trump is going to continue to say weirder and weirder things in attempt to get the media attention back to him and that is what's been doing. the members of the cruz crew, the thousands of volunteers for
5:25 am
ted cruz in iowa delivered a stunning victory, a come from behind victory. the entire media reality distortion machine was coming down on ted cruz those final days and no one should be able to take that victory away from senator cruz and the thousands of voters who cost their ballots and gave the victory not to donald trump but to senator cruz. >> but aren't you worried that some iowa voters may have gotten some misinformation from your campaign? >> well there is no indication of that whatsoever, at all. and as a matter of fact going into the caucuses this back and forth concerning what ben carson said or he was going to do or not going to do or go to florida or change his clothes of whatever he was doing skam about so late and there is no indication that even a single iowa caucus goer received that news and if it did occur it is
5:26 am
on the carson people to say no that was a bad report and correct it. that is the back and forth of what happens this a political campaign. >> if you did get some information. if some information did come out that people were confused about the status of ben carson as they went into caucus and therefore changed their minds, then what would your campaign do? >> ultimately the results have been certified the election was fair and square and there are now a total of 55 other states and territories that will hold votes and this campaign is not over. at the end of the day i think that in that fog of war where that situational awareness is moving back and forth in the final minutes before votes are counted it is incumbent upon all the campaigns to share all of the information they had. the carson campaign said some things it probably ultimately shouldn't have said and then another vote in new hampshire in a couple of days.
5:27 am
>> the co-chair, congressman steve king did put out erroneous information. are you suggesting nobody in any of the caucuses was reading twitter feeds that night? they. >> i took a look at what was tweeted out and he said it looked like ben carson was out. meaning to him and his judgment and the judgment of a lot of other people who had seen it -- >> ron -- >> -- and there were a number of other press reports that had drown the same type of conclusion. >> saying it is a little weird is different than saying what he did say. it is the equivalent of suspending. too bad this information won't get to all caucus goers. and then next week, it looks like carson is out. iowans need to know before they
5:28 am
vote. most will go to cruz i hope. so. >> i think when you are at a national news outlet watching this remotely and that twitter carries a disproportionate view of reality and what was really happening around the caucus and it is not appropriate to take away the tremendous amount of work that had been done by all the campaigns and then to say well the result was just reduced to a single tweet or two is not fair and not honest reporting either. but let me also say that ben carson outperformed the polls as well. we saw that ted cruz outperformed the polls. we saw that ben carson outperformed the polls. the only top tier candidate who didn't outperform was donald trump and that is because he didn't run a good campaign in iowa. donald trump did not run a good campaign and he's looking for
5:29 am
people to blame other than himself because he is not someone who takes responsibility. he guaranteed he would win. and we saw what happens when donald trump doesn't get his way and he can't produce and then he throws a fit. >> thank you so much for sharing your perspective on "new day." nice to talk you do. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are working hard to prove more w.h.o.'s more proceeding i progressive. tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch.
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here we go the five things for your "new day." hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring over their progressive credentials. sanders putting clinton on the offensive over her war record and ties to wall street. donald trump demanding a do over in iowa claiming ted cruz lied to steal the election. cruz dismissing the claim as just another trumper tantrum. >> the president is getting ready to speak this morning in washington d.c. following his first visit as
5:34 am
president to a u.s. mosque wednesday where he condemned antimuslim bigotry. >> a bond hearing will be held for virginia tech student natalie keepers. charged as an accessory to murder. the 13 yearly-year-old's funeral will be today. >> honda recalling air bags. and more on the five things by going to "new day" for the latest. where is it, the money? the counting of the coins. cnn money now christine romans in the money center. >> stock markets in europe and asia mixed, oil falling al the brief run above 32 a barrel. two major u.s. airlines addressing the spread of zika. staff at delta and united my now
5:35 am
opt out of flights to latin america and the caribbean. and airlines may also refund tickets to customers. >> a hardware failure brought down some irs systems including those that allow you to file electronically. irs does not expect it to delay refunds at this point but you will have trouble filing today chris if you were doing your taxes. >> good to know romans. good to know. thank you very much. we're going to take a break. who's the most progressive who's a cheater who can consolidate all conservatives? these are the big questions and last night we awe one of them taken on like we haven't before. sanders and clinton going at it at the town hall. the state of the race has changed. we'll tell you how when we come back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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the race my friends has changed. cruz went from winner to cheater, at least in the eyes of donald trump.
5:40 am
the democrats getting into it at the compelling democratic presidential town hall here on cnn. just five days to make their case to new hampshire voters before next week's primary and boy did they get after it last night. let's show you do moments and discuss. cnn politics executive editor mark preston. we have anchor of cnn's early start and at this hour john berman. and cnn national political reporter, the one, the only maeve reston. last night a signature moment it seemed to me gentlemen and lady was bernie sanders going after clinton about being a moderate or a progressive, neither, not enough. here. >> secretary clinton said some people call me -- i'm paraphrasing. some people call me a moderate. and i proudly say that i am a moderate. that is what she said. so all i said is you can't go and say you are a moderate on
5:41 am
one day and be a progressive on the other day. >> nitpicking? what is the play here for bernie sanders? what is the potential impact on hillary clinton. >> in the short-term bernie sanders is trying to rally as much liberal support he can to his candidacy and maintain this really strong lead he has in new hampshire. at the same time he's trying to send a message to democrats in states further down the road, whether they be south carolina, any of those southern states in nevada that he is somebody who will fight for their values. now hillary clinton is being pushed to the left a little bit. if she were to win the nomination she would have to be careful so as not to alienate those independent voters, chris that might not agree with these liberal views. but clearly what is happening right here in new hampshire. it started in iowa and it's getting dirtier here is this political knife fighting is going on we saw it last night at the town hall. >> let's talk about how she's
5:42 am
trying to thread the needle. there is a big chunk of independents in new hampshire. why is centrist, where a moderate a bad word. >> she needs to be careful on her left flank. she's nervous going forward that if she gets the nomination yes she has to play to the middle but she can't offend the energy of the party. go to the events, there is more energy for bernie sanders than for hillary clinton. and if she gets the nomination she wants that energy on her side so she can't offend people. neither can. it is not particularly nasty because they both have very high favorabilities and they are nervous act getting things done and the independent voter in new hampshire -- to answer your question directorly. >> about time. >> they're fickle. you have to be very careful
5:43 am
playing to them. how if you are clinton going to pull a donald trump voter? you have to be careful upsetting your base. >> let's pivot to you maeve. is this an example where head versus heart may eventually play out in favor of clinton. she's saying look you have to figure how to get it done. the david axelrod's point. people look for a remedy to what's going on right now, not the replica. so the remedy would be someone who can get things done in washington. could this work for her? >> yeah it is a really good point, chris? >> yesterday when i was with hillary clinton in dover she made that argument. -- heart or head i want you to use both and she was speaking directly to young voters who are attracted to bernie sanders
5:44 am
idealism his values saying i'm the pragmatic candidate with the record of getening things done. think about my long legislative record and the fact that many of his ideas, she would argue, just cannot be achieved, in her view. so she's really driving that argument in the final days. her surrogates are as well. and i think a lot of young voters out there particularly though do really feel like their heart is with bernie sanders. and hillary clinton has a lot of work to do in the next couple of days to generate the kind of excitement that would bring her up when he's got something like a 20 point lead here. >> mark, let's talk about the other side of the aisle and the republicans. is the suggestion donald trump is planting that the results are illegitimate getting any traction? >> it's getting traction because
5:45 am
whatever donald trump says the media grabs on to it. i think it is a bad political play by donald trump. a few weeks ago i was here in new hampshire. i talked to a lot of people running the campaigns for his rivals and they said if trump comes out of iowa number two but he comes out gracefully that will be a big plus for him. if he comes out and looks like a sore loser that is going to work against him. when he found out that he had come in second place he was very graceful. but he couldn't hold himself back. and 24 hours later alisyn to your point he comes out and seems like he is a sore sport about it. he's got to be very careful to be doing that. probably what he should be doing right now is focusing on saying how he's going to make america great again because that's worked for him. >> his conclusion may be wrong but his rationale is strong. which is what the cruz campaign did qualifies as dirty tactics.
5:46 am
they have to own it or they are going to keep hearing it. >> thank you for discussing all that. next week we're going on the road for the new hampshire primary. "new day" will be live monday and tuesday from the waterworks cafe in manchester. if you are in the area be sure to stop by for a breakfast burrito on us. by they mean chris. yeah. >> that stings. >> in just minutes president obama will speak at the national prayer breakfast. one day after making his first visit to a u.s. mosque. how will this shape his legacy? ♪
5:47 am
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5:50 am
president obama set to address the national prayer breakfast in bsht d.c. in a few minutes. these are some live pictures. his speech a day after he made history speaking for the very first time at the u.s. mosque telling members of the islamic site at baltimore that they belong in america. >> if you are ever wondering whether you filth in here let me
5:51 am
say as clear as i can. you fit in here. you are right where you belong. you are part of america too. >> joining to discuss is cnn political commentators. great to vu have you onset. let's talk about the timing of this visit. let's start with the mosque yesterday. some online felt it was too little too late and years ago maybe he should have visited and seen these things. >> given the political tone we've seen and heard over the past few months the demonizing of muslim, the criticism of people of different faith, i thought this was a great speech. i thought his message was overall one of unity, one of respect for the constitution but also the respect of every man and woman in this country to worship freely. >> but you are okay with the timing? >> if he had gone earlier he's going in there and politicizing.
5:52 am
whenever he does anything people are going to criticize. but ear here is what i know. a woman creates a crisis text line for teenagers. she says that the muselim student's children, young people are calling in by the droves now because they feel like they don't belong in america anymore. these are american kids. they have been here but they don't feel like they belong. so he needed to do this now. >> okay. that's true. it's been true for a while. to make it not so gentle a suggestion. where has the president been for everyone is years visiting a mosque? why wouldn't he go right away? >> van says well they would say politicizing. who cares what they say. if it's about leadership if it matters so much, why hasn't it mattered earlier. >> this is a prosecute who i believe doesn't politicize his faith. he doesn't try to drive wages or
5:53 am
divisions based on one's belief. i think it was a perfect moment for the president. he said i want to help in my last year to change the tenor. the conversation. he said that was his one regret. and the fact that he's doing it now in this political environment i thought it was perfect timing. >> there is a hashtag though. too late obama is the hashtag. and on twitter there were people criticizing the timing. this is from someone who describes herself as the journalist writer japanese american secret muslim. telling thank you to muslim americans isn't just enough. we are still targets of state violence. next tweet. this is someone who's the founder of the muslim american women's policy forum. she says the speech was paternalistic to muslims. it belittled our pain. the collective punishment we face. to your point there is punishment out there -- >> i have two responses. one is no good deed goes
5:54 am
unpunished in american life. my other response is you know what, let's keep this conversation going. there may be deeper and deeper levels of pain and maybe other things the president can do. no and not just is it president. let's get forget we act like muslims are from mars. shop owners, your dentist. the muslim, 6 million muslims in our country and i guarantee you most of them when they go to bed at night they worry about whether their children fit in or belong. doubt t it's taken the whole country tong to respond to this demon skags. >> let's foift what will come next. a good look at the candidates last night. we could suggest the best kind of look. they're talking to actual voters. and point out contrast. what is the suggestion? is bernie sanders right that he's saying hillary clinton is not the kind of progressive that
5:55 am
the left demands? or by pushing that point is he making the case for why he can't move to the general election? >> so as you know, chris, have spent my life working to elect democrats up and down the ballot. and some of them have been conservative. a lot of moderates and a hell of a lot of liberal. i will not sit here today and tell people they have no place at the table because they are too moderate or they are not progressive enough. we've allowed people of all backgrounds to come in our partyem i'm proud of this party that's opened its doors. and the notion we're going to start pushing people away because they don't fit a litmus test is not how we're going to conduct ourselves as democrats and i said it and i approve my message. >> hall huia and amen. but i see it slightly differently in the following respect.
5:56 am
it is in fact the case that hillary clinton and bill clinton came onto the national scene not as liberals. the whole point was we are not dukakis. we are not jesse jackson. we are part tooft dlc. so that is part of the historical record. bernie sanders was progressive when -- for her to say i'm a progressive the whole time. >> why -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- same values that bernie sanders articulated last night. our values are rooted in helping people. that's who we are. >> great to have you here. thanks for the saturday night fever reference. newsroom with carol costello starts after the break. we'll see you tomorrow.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," clinton versus sanders. who's more progressive. >> senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keeper on who's a progressive. >> you can't go and say you are a moderate on one day and with a progressive the other day. >> i know where i stand. >> the democrats duking it out on wall street iraq vet ernts care at cnn's town hall. who won over voters? also. >> talk about liars? >> trump on a


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