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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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that mind is still sharp. if you're looking for a nice place to stay to watch super bowl 50, you can rent out roman harper's house for $5,000 and all the money is going to charity. air bnb is matching it. >> that's awesome. coy wire, thank you so much. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate boulduan. >> i'm john berman. we're only a few hours into it. here is just a sampling of chris christie lighting in to marco rubio. >> rubio hasn't accomplished one thing in his entire career. he's not senate for five years and dount have any
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accomplishments inme accomplishments. . he gives the same 60 second canned answers. let's see if he can take the heat. >> that's some of the nicer stuff he had to say. >> any goodness. more on the republicans in just a moment. first with five days to go until the primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing voters for the first time since clinton's win in iowa, and nothing was off limits, it seems. clinton defended her wall street speaking fees and her vote for the iraq war. sanders defended his role as the head of the senate veteran's affairs committee, and both traded jabs on who is the true progressive. >> secretary clinton said some people call me, i'm paraphrasing, some people call me a moderate, and i proudly say that i am a moderate. that's what she said. all i said, you can't say you're a moderate one day and be a
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progressive the other day. >> i was amused he set himself up to be the gate keeper of who is a progressive. under the definition on twitter and by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive. >> jeff zelny is live for us. we're getting word this morning that bernie sanders is picking up an interesting endorsement this morning. >> reporter: he is. the sanders campaign is going to collect the endorsement, we're told, from the former leader of the naacp. this is something that the sanders campaign has been looking for, a bit of help, if you will, as they head out of new hampshire into south carolina and southern states where there are more african american voters. this is significant. it shows that the -- there's enough support here to go around that all black leaders, all civil rights leaders are not going to support the clinton campaign.
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endorsements always are not necessarily worth more than the original announcement date, but this is significant to show that sanders will actually be able to collect at least some black support going into south carolina. in the debate last night, we saw the exchange back and forth, and i'm struck being here in new hampshire where independent voters are perhaps the most important. there's all this debate over what is a progressive. they used to be called liberals, but now the word progressive is more in favor. and if you think back to the trajectory of hillary clinton's public life, she was a proud liberal in the early days, but when her husband was running here in the new hampshire, the new way, the third way, the moderate way sort of came to pass. now she's suddenly trying to prove she's a progressive and liberal. sanders is having a field day.
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if you look at her record over her life, there's no question she would fit that label, but this is one of the things that is being discussed here, and it will be discussed in the final days of this campaign. another thing the clinton campaign may have to do some cleanup work on is how she defended her speaking fees she received from goldman sachs. >> i made speeches to lots of groups. i answered questions. >> did you have to be paid $675? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> but that's usually once not running for an office again. you must have known. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. >> reporter: so that exchange, she wasn't committed to running, perhaps she hadn't announced, of course, that these speaking fees were in 2013. the problem for this is that it falls right into the trap that
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senator sanders has been laying for her. she's too close to wall street. that is something the clinton campaign is likely to clean up in the coming days. they're pressing senator sanders to say how have the contributions compromised her in that's where this race is heading as we have five more days until the new hampshire primary. >> exactly. who is counting? thank you so much. let's talk more about this with former advisor and bob beckham. we're about positive vibrations here. we want to start with what you thought the best moments were for each candidate. van, there were a lot of good questions from the voters. there was a good discussion over the course of two hours. the highlights for you in terms of best moments? >> i thought bernie sanders talking about his own spiritual life, i thought that was extraordinary. ordinarily you think about him as a very secular guy. you don't think about you can't
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imagine bernie sanders doing alleluia in church, but it turns out he has his own spiritual path and spoke about it beautifully. and clinton did a beautiful job as well. it's so interesting. something about that format, maybe a little bit anderson cooper magic dust, but something about that format brought out a more human side for both of them. >> i think we have that sound. let's play that sound on faith. >> my spirituality is that we are all in this together. and that when children go hungry and veterans sleep on the street, it impacts me. >> regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful. be grateful for being a human being, being part of the universe. >> a different side you don't see of them. that's for sure. be been, your best moment of the night did not have to do with
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faith. your best moment you saw of the night was when bernie sanders hit hillary clinton on taking money from wall street and wall street contributions and the superpac and all of that. why? why was that so good? >> first of all, let me say it would only take a socialist to make clinton clinton a moderate or conservative. her liberal record is good. i call myself a liberal, proud of it. i think what he has done here is he has put her on the defensive, and, yes, she's take an lot of money, but she has a long track record of not being very good to wall street. and for her, when she said bernie sanders is now the gate keeper of what a progressive is. president obama couldn't be a progressive, paul wellstone who is an icon with the liberal community, wouldn't be one. that was a big moment for her. in terms of spirituality, they
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turned it into campaign and politics. we serve a greater power than that that doesn't much care about politics. i give them credit for doing it. i do think it humanized them some, and they both need to be humanized. >> i see it somewhat differently. first of all, they did not seem to be pandering. it was really -- it seemed like an honest explanation on both their parts. you can tell they're going to play their religion card. it didn't seem that way. i think that hillary clinton would be less defensive. it is very much the case that during the 1990s, hillary clinton wasn't a part of the rainbow coalition. she wasn't hanging out with others. they came in this third way door. they came in saying we're not all that liberal stuff. we're this new kind of more hod r moderate. you have to eat the whole hamburger. if you want to claim stuff when you were 20, you have to claim things you did when you were 40. she was not a flaming liberal in the 90s.
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>> bob, i'm curious on the subject. everyone talks about the risks and vulnerabilities for hillary clinton. we've heard a lot about that, particularly going into new hampshire. i want to know the risk for bernie sanders, where the poison is in the hamburger in bernie sanders. what are the risks for him over the next five days? you mentioned the gate keeper for progressives, the idea that maybe upsetting the obama constituency is where he could run into trouble. >> i'm still trying to process van's poison in the hamburger, but i think i get the point. the problem for sanders, they tried out somebody who is a former head of naacp has an example of why this is important for him for the minority vote. it's not going to be that much of a difference. the fact is that hillary clinton and bill clinton have had a long and strong standing with the black community and so i think for bernie to try to break into that at this stage of the game
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is going to be very difficult and very difficult, therefore, for him to win in southern states that are heavily dominated in the democratic primary by the african american, hispanic voters. >> you're going to be shocked. first of all, to say that he tried them out, there's a generational split here. if you are an african american under the age of 40 and frankly, ben jealous is probably one of the most esteemed african american leaders in the country. for him to come out is a big deal. it doesn't mean it's going to change the turn out in any state, but he's one of the most respected. he turned naacp around. he put the naacp put an extra one million people in the voter booths in 20 12 over 2008 under his leadership. this is a major deal. >> would you call it a major deal if he backed hillary clinton? >> well, that is exactly my point. there is this assumption from the establishment and for people who think they know the black
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community very well that all the black community is going to march lock step behind the clintons. you're going to find for younger african americans, there is not a big well of affection for the clintons. what they know about the clintons is bill clinton doubled the prison population under his watch. if the clintons want to claim the 90, they can claim the economy but they also have to claim the prison population. that's what's motivating a lot of people in the black community to look at bernie sanders. >> van, you and i both know the biggest issue in the black community is crowding. and i think they give clinton a lot of credit. the other thing is, and young black voters are going to turn out at a much lower percentage than middle age or older black voters. >> that's true, but you were trying to make it seem like he was just trotting out some nobody. >> no, i didn't say nobody. >> he tried out this guy.
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he's one of the most important black leaders in america. for him to take his position sends a signal that they have more work to do, the clintons, this younger african americans that they may know. >> be interesting to see how it plays out in new hampshire and south carolina. thanks so much, guys. >> moments from now, donald trump launches the start of an unusually busy day for him. iowa very much on his mind. he says ted cruz committed a crime stealing the caucuses there. >> plus, as four other gop candidates are racing to win the establishment lane in this primary, chris christie is unleashing on marco rubio. will his attacks stick with just days to go to new hampshire? and rick santorum dropped out. when asked to name one of rubio's accomplishment, he could not that played out on tv. that's coming up.
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trump will appear assuming his plane is working. there was some engine trouble. but that peaales in comparison the steam from his ears. >> he's not backing down on his attacks that cruz stole the iowa caucuses and that what happened there was a misdemeanor at minimum. cruz is calling this, yet, another trumper tantrum. yes, i said that. let's bring in dana bash for more on this. what are you expecting to here from donald trump? he has a busy day today. >> reporter: he does. first, what we're expecting, if it's anything like what we gave last night in arkansas when he left here to go down there and came right back, it was a doozy, even by donald trump standards, really going after ted cruz on a host of issues.
8:18 am
ev even blaming him for obama care because at one point early on, ted cruz supported chief justice john roberts for the stream court, and trump noted roberts voted twice to uphold obama care. i'm sure that was perplexing to the cruz campaign because they're putting out there, and they're boasting about the fact that he tried to stand up to repeal obama care. we remember the filibusters. it's a different day for donald trump today. this is more of a typical rally. i don't remember him doing this since he announced. he's doing actual real retail stops. stops you see regular politicians doing that he hasn't done. he's going to meet with business leaders and going to a shift change at a police station. again, those of us who cover campaigns and have for a long time, that is standard operating procedure, but it hasn't been for trump so far. >> that looks like a crowded room. i don't remember it that
8:19 am
boisterous in the past. how does this compare? you went to a rubio event in that same hall, i think. >> that's right. we were in this very hall just two days ago. it was marco rubio's first big event after his surprise finish in iowa, and at that point, you know, we sort of thought, wow, this is a packed house, and it was. they were closing the doors because there were too many people. it was a fire marshal situation, but this is different. the bottom line is, trump is a celebrity, and he draws crowds. the line was out the door snaking around to come in here. it's pretty big because there are two levels. this is a history place. i know you've been here. the kind of place that those of us on the campaign trail come back and say i remember this place. abraham lincoln spoke here. it's one of those new england history biddings, and the feel here is that there is a lot of excitement for somebody who is
8:20 am
definitely not your typical politician who comes through these parts. >> we'll be coming an eye on that. joining us now, barry bennett and katie packer and josh holmes. everybody, it's great to see you. barry, i want to start with you. something unusual we're seeing with donald trump today, he has a big day, five events. folks are saying his ground game hasn't changed, however, he's now doing retail politics. why now? why change? >> well, i think it's the nature of new hampshire. you know, the old joke is voters have to meet you three times before they decide to vote for you. there was a big poll out yesterday. he's going to win new hampshire and is doing well there. it's good seeing him doing the retail stops.
8:21 am
>>, we were listening to the attacks from donald trump on ted cruz. it's interesting that he's not letting up on ted cruz. he can make a case that he'd be well advised to focus on different targets but he's going after obama care saying cruz is responsible for obama care because cruz supported someone. interesting? >> it is interesting. cruz is getting a little taste of his own medicine. he's a senator who showed up three years after the obama care fight was over, and telling everybody they were sellouts. now trump is putting it on him as though he's put it on everybody else. it's an interesting attack. i think both the candidates understand that there is not going to be a ted cruz versus donald trump finale here, and one of them is going to survive. they're unloading on each other, and it will be interesting to see what comes. it seems like there's no limit. >> we haven't reached it yet. that's for sure. katie, you know new hampshire
8:22 am
very well. romney did well in new hampshire. what is the high mark for conservative like cruz? how well do you think he can do to claim victory? >> i think if ted cruz can finish in the first or second, that that would be a win for him. you know, he's not just a conservative. he's somebody that's been a front runner for some time now, and won in iowa and should be able to catapult, use that to catapult himself into a good position. i think it's ironic that donald trump is attacking cruz on baoba care, when in recent weeks he said he supports policies. it's ironic that's something they're fighting over. i agree with josh, there is really only one sort of person that's going to take that lane and so trump and cruz have to take each other down. there's a lot of movement happening in new hampshire in the wake of iowa, so it will be an interesting few days there.
8:23 am
>> should they be fighting with each other? do you think these two guys should be fighting with each other or start looking at rubio? >> well, to some extent, it's kind of like the frog and the scorpi scorpion. it's in both of their nature. they're cranky fellows, and they can't help themselves. donald trump has proven to have a soft underbelly. that was exposed in iowa. ted cruz would like to be seen as something that he's not. they're trying to expose weaknesses. i don't think if it's smart for either of them. marco, who i think is the strongest candidate, is in a good position to take advantage of the bickers. >> the question of is it smart is a good one. we're seeing the cruz response to donald trump is to laugh it off, and now he's coined this phrase that we'll live on -- i
8:24 am
can't say it. you know what i'm trying to say. that if donald trump doesn't get his way, he just throws a fit and calls everybody a liar. would you? do you? are you advising him to tone that down? >> you know, no, of course not. ted cruz is fortunate the primary is in new hampshire and not the united states senate. if it was in the senate, he'd lose 99 to 1. in new hampshire, at least he's about 12% in the polls. i think the story about what cruz did in iowa to ben carson and that mailer, all that kind of stuff, is really going to come back to bite him. it speaks to his integrity. you could be a principled conservative, apparently, and not have any integrity. that's the reason he has few friends in washington. he's finding fewer and fewer on the trail. >> not in iowa. he road his few friends all the way to victory in the iowa caucuses. guys j stand by. we have a lot more to talk
8:25 am
about. >> including fireworks. the super scary kind that can erupt in your face like is happening to marco rubio. you'll hear from chris christie is happening and what happened when a big name rubio supporter was asked to name the senator's accomplishments. >> a super scary kind of fireworks. >> the booming ones that come at you. >> and sanders needs to make enroads with the minority voters. we'll have the client team to respond to his new endorsement. we said goodbye the day.
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governor is kicking up his attacks against rubio. if that's even possible, he's hoping to slam the brakes on any marco mentum has the race to a primary in new hampshire. >> he's given the same speech he's been giving for six years. his handlers surround him and coddle him. they call on members of the press individually selected to ask him their selected questions. and then he does a drive-by 45 minute town hall meeting where he gives the same answers. >> joining us again, barry bennett and katie packer and josh holmes. >> chris christie doesn't mince words. i want to make a broad sweeping generalization which is that the establishment has decided that marco rubio is their guy. the media, the establishment
8:31 am
conservati conservative media, and a lot of strategists not unlike you have decided rubio is their best shot. everyone is pushing him. it has to be frustrate for others is there anything they can do to get in rubio's way? >> sure. they're going to keep trying. i think what a lot of voters are seeing is this angry, mean old white guy schtick hasn't worked for our party, and maybe they're looking for something different, and i don't understand this idea that these candidates going out and being so hostile is something that is going to draw people to their cause. there used to be a time when surrogates would hands that job for you. i guess in the age of druonald trump, people are trying to compete to be the biggest jerk they can be. >> he handles his attacks on his
8:32 am
own. we're seeing that play out with ted krooucruz's flavor of the m target. why has he not done that with rubio? he's the one guy that could be a threat that we haven't seen him take on. >> i don't think that a lot of us feel that marco rubio is near the threat that the establishment thinks he is. he hasn't really accomplishments much in washington, but he doesn't stoop at things when he was in florida. i think all those things will come back to haunt him. >> josh, you want to weigh in? he's getting endorsements right now. more and more people lining up, tim scott, to endorse marco rubio. rick santorum can't name one thing in the senate he did. >> the thing we're not talking act is there's no candidate in
8:33 am
the field that's undergone more dollars spent against him on advertising than rubio. and jeb bush's unloaded their coffers on his head and they're still standing. i don't think there's anything that hasn't been exhausted against him. now there's three candidates in bush and kasich and christie who see them -- marco rubio in their lane for victory. tactically, i'm not sure if it makes a lot of sense. if you think about how many voters that are up for grabs when you have cruz and trump in the top two in the polls and those three are trying to split three ways by going after rubio. i understand what he's trying to accomplish. >> but as you point out, when you have kasich, christie and bush, all the dollars behind them, especially bush, now focussed on marco rubio, regardless if you think that he's been vetted the most or
8:34 am
not, some of the stuff, especially what christie is saying that he accomplished nothing in florida or the senate, do you think that's going to stick. >> i don't think that label sticks for any of them. where is donald trump's accomplishments or cruz's accomplishments? i think ultimately this is about the future and the accomplishments that they could potentially bring to the presidency of the united states. which is what marco has been speaking to while the rest of them have been wrestling in the mud. you know, i don't think it's something that's going to stick in new hampshire. i think the voters are -- chris christie has been there for seven months in fact he's talked to everybody. only now is he getting down in the mud with it. we'll see if it works out. i think it's a thin demographic he's going after. >> you spent a lot of time working for the romney campaign. a lot of whispers that romney may be endorsing, maybe he would endorse marco rubio. want to give us odds?
8:35 am
>> i'm not going to speak to that. governor romney has several friends that were very helpful to him that are still in the race, and i think that he's going to look very closely at whether or not his support could make a difference for somebody that he would like to actually see win and could win, but i think that it's sort of laughable that the discussion is that somehow marco rubio is this establishment guy with establishment support. this is a guy that the establishment tried to keep out in -- last spring when a lot of the establishment money lined up behind jeb. it's a guy that took on the establishment several years ago to go after charlie kris. i think the big threat is that marco rubio is somebody that is able to unite a lot of the establishment folks and folks that are sort of forward-leaning, you know, very conservative voters and that he's able to bridge that gap and that's threatening to some of
8:36 am
these candidates. >> do you know if romney is going to endorse him and don't want to tell us? >> blink twice. >> i'm not going to speak to that issue. i'll liet you talk to governor romney. >> i'd be happy to. >> we'll bring the governor on tomorrow and ask him. thank you to all of you. >> thank you. >> she knows. she knows. >> she knows. you can't force her. she's not going -- programming note for all of you out there while we fight. donald trump will join anderson cooper on ac 360 tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> all right. bernie sanders has earned an endorsement. a source close to the campaign a former leader of naacp be endorse sanders. we are joined by a top clinton supporter, next. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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>> you know who won the town hall last night? america and the people of new hampshire. they were great questions. a great discussion on important issues. the candidates had a lot of vesting things to say. both candidates did run into some trouble. . >> yes. >> they had some answers that they'll have to explain over the next few days. hillary clinton, why goldman sachs paid here $675,000 for three speeches. >> that's just one of the things. >> let's bring in a former new hampshire state representative to discuss. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. on the question john was talking about. she ran into trouble. for hillary clinton, one of the things she faced some trouble on
8:42 am
and will need to answer for is this question about her speaking fees she received. do you think it was a mistake that she received $600,000 plus from goldman sachs in speaking fees? >> you know, i really don't. i don't think it's the big issue that some are trying to make it into. if you look at hillary clinton's record, she's never been bought by anybody. she's got a record of standing up to the financial institutions. as a matter of fact, all you need to do is come to new hampshire and see the ads that are on tv from all the superpacs being funded by hedge funds and other financial interests that are anti-hillary clinton to know that they're certainly not supporting her and that her track record speaks for itself. >> her answer was, on the $675,000, was that's what they offered. what kind of a message do you think that sends to new hampshire voters? >> well, look, i think new hampshire voters really do look at the records of the people who
8:43 am
are running. hillary clinton has been in politics and public life for a long time. so she's got a record that people can look at. it is a record of standing up for working people, for standing up against the big interests. so i think that the real debate here is who's going to really wage the fight and hillary clinton has been proven time and time again that she stands up for the little guy and the middle class. that's what this is going to be about. >> when you talk about who is going to wage the fight, that goes to a big theme that has been hitting both of them which is this issue of being progressive. progressive enough or who is the mostprogressivist. do you think that bernie sanders is more liberal or progressive than hillary clinton? >> i think they're both progressives. as i mentioned before, hillary clinton has a record of fighting for health care for all. she's fought for women's rights.
8:44 am
she's fought for gave rights. she's fought for union rights. she has a progressive record. now, if the argument is because she's been effective in reaching across the aisle and working for republicans, it's a litmus test for not being progressive, then we're in big trouble. the voters of new hampshire and across the country are fed up with washington friday lock. hillary clinton has proven she's a realistic progressive. she can fight for the things she believes in, but we have to be realistic here. the democrats don't control the u.s. congress. so we need to elect a president who can work with both sides. and if we really want to pick the records apart, let's look at one of the biggest issues that america is facing. that's gun violence. when it comes to a record of being progressive, bernie sanders voted against the brady bill and against liability for gun manufacturers. that's hardly a progressive record. i think this is kind of a foolish discussion.
8:45 am
they're both pretty progressive when it comes to the big issues. >> i want to get your reaction to the ben jealous endorsement of bernie sanders. quickly, your reaction? >> look, i think that it's an interesting endorsement. hillary clinton has got a lot of endorsements as well. there's no doubt about it that hillary clinton has a record of standing up for african americans for lalatinos. look at her record in the u.s. senate and you know she's been a fighter for everybody. that's the kind of president she'll be. the endorsements mean little to people in new hampshire. they're looking at the records and what you're going to do, and they're really looking at how realistic the candidates are. >> jim, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> great. good to be with you. >> coming up for us, what does team sanders say this morning? what are they going to respond to? we're going to talk to a senior advisory coming up next. unity.
8:46 am
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according to bernie sanders, he is a progressive 100% of all days, and hillary clinton, only
8:50 am
some of them. >> that was one of the major rifts between the two candidates last night at cnn's big town hall. sanders faced tough questions about his time as the head of the senate veterans' affairs committee. here's what he said about it last night. >> you were on the veterans' affairs committee for eight years. you headed it for two years. there were 18 inspectors general reports talking about problems plaguing the v.a. why were there so many problems, and why did it take you so long to act? >> fair question. and i think the answer is that we have worked on many, many issues. and your point is fair that we should have acted sooner. we should have known what was going on in phoenix. those long, waiting lines. and the lies that some administrators were telling us. >> we should have acted sooner. that's one of the things that he said. let's bring in tad divine, from the sanders' campaign. tad, thank you so much for joining us. you heard sanders.
8:51 am
he's defended himself before, of course. he defended himself last night about his criticism as head of the v.a. committee. still, well-respected veterans groups have said this. one has said this in an interview with cnn when it comes to interference. where were you, why didn't you conduct more oversight and why didn't you get to the bottom of this. that's paul rieckhoff. why is paul rieckhoff wrong? >> well, i think he's wrong because bernie sanders acted. first of all, last night, senator sanders was honest about the oversight. and then he acted when it became apparent that there were problems there. as a matter of fact, the legislation that he led into the law, along with senator john mccain and the republicans in the house, is the most significant piece of legislation to come out of the last session of congress. >> right, tad. but when you mention republicans in the house, that's interesting. because cnn, they did a lot to uncover this scandal. drew griffin was one of them. and in followup, drew griffin
8:52 am
windows out during the time that all of this was happening, the house veterans' affairs committee, run by republicans, it held 42 separate hearings related to oversight of the v.a. bernie sanders' committee held seven hearings. >> right. listen, you know, we know the house of representatives under republican control will investigate every action of a democratic administration. they have made that clear. all they want to do is investigate the actions of the democratic administration and not accomplish anything on behalf of the american people. >> you don't think bernie sanders should have investigating this? >> well, as bernie sanders said last night, we should have acted sooner. i think he was honest. that's one of the fundamental differences in the campaign. he stood up and said i should have acted sooner. he's honest about what's in terms of his responsibility. and what he did along with john mccain and others, is pass the most significant piece of veterans legislation that has been passed, certainly in the last session of congress and probably in the last couple of decades. that's why the american legion and other major veterans groups
8:53 am
have given bernie sanders the highest honor they can give anyone, because of his leadership on this issue. >> tad, senator sanders likes to point out that he is the most progressive candidate. you know, points it out a lot, frankly, in this campaign. is he the most liberal? >> well, you know, it's funny. somebody asked me that question earlier. i've never heard bernie describe himself as a liberal. >> would you? >> we of course, have heard -- i would describe him as someone who is very progressive in terms of his political philosophy. he gave a speech at georgetown and describes his political philosophy as being a democratic socialist. he's been very open and honest about what he views. >> why not just say i'm the most liberal? >> listen, because -- you know, he just doesn't feel that word applies to him. listen, he's not running away from a progressive philosophy. he laid it out. in that speech in georgetown, if you look at it, what bernie sanders wants to do is finish the unfinished agenda of franklin roosevelt, okay? what president roosevelt laid out in the final speech before he died, before congress.
8:54 am
that we need to make health care a right for all in america. that we need to have an economy that works for people so they cannot only earn a decent living, but they can actually have some time to spend with their families, as well. we need to make sure this country educates our children. and that's why bernie sanders believes we should make universal college education in america available today for all of our kids. he's a progressive in the tradition of franklin roosevelt. >> is it fair then to call him big government, for instance? >> well, listen, i think what bernie sanders wants to do in government is to find out where we're wasting money. he believes that the united states of america should not have to spend as much money on its military budget as the next nine nations combined. okay? bernie sanders is someone who i think on the budget committee, where he's the ranking member of the senate budget committee, wants to make sure that the republicans, who are happy to spend money on the credit card of the future, are reined in when it comes to spending and also make sure this government has enough resources so that we
8:55 am
can educate our people, provide health for everyone, and make sure that we have a future investeded in our infrastructure. that's the programs he's interested in. and he'll do it fiscally responsible way. >> tad, is president obama a progressive in bernie sanders and your definition of progressive? >> i think he certainly is. listen, there isn't a litmus test for this. the reason we've had this debate about whether or not hillary clinton is a progressive or not is because one day she says she is, and the other days she says, well, some people say that i'm a centrist and a moderate. >> those who say that say she is a realistic progressive. >> i would like to know. i know in ohio on september 15th, she stood in front of a bunch of people and said, some people call me a centrist or a moderate. i plead guilty. and now she is telling us she is a progressive. she should just pick one or the other. that's all we're saying. >> all right. tad divine, the war over labels. great to have you with us. see you in new hampshire.
8:56 am
>> thanks, tad. >> thank you. chris christie, as we said, not letting up on marco rubio. calling him a coddled candidate, accusing him of giving canned answers. we're going to get an update from team rubio, just ahead. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet.
8:57 am
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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." one wants revolution, and the other one vows results. all the rest is pretty much in the details. and you know what they say about details, those pesky details. five days away from the nation's first presidential primary, and bernie sanders and hillary clinton gave the democratic voters of new hampshire and the nation, because it was televised nationally, all those details. and those policy distinctions. and they did a lot of them, too.


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