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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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that we didn't even know just coming up to us saying, thank you, thank you for -- for what you did. >> reporter: ryan young, cnn, chicago. >> what an incredible story. we bring you those every friday. >> fantastic. "newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. this just in to cnn -- the u.s. unemployment rate dropping to the lowest level in eight years. now at 4.9%. i know that sound great, but it's not all rosy. christine romans is here to tell us why. >> it is a milestone for the unemployment rate, no question. the lowest since february 2008. the dark, dark days of the financial crisis, in the months to come after that. let me show you numbers. 151,000 net new jobs added. slowing job growth from the great pace of late last year, but 151,000 net new jobs, jobless rate belew 4.9%
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approaching full employment when you see numbers in the 4% range. another good sign in the report, wage growth. 2.5%. people had more hours, bosses giving them more hours and more pay in january. look at the trajectory of the unemployment rate. down, down, down, 4.9%. how far it's come since the worst days of the financial crisis. look at job growth over the past year. you see from the chart how things slowed from a very brisk end of last year. slowing job creation. economists saying that's okay. reaching a point where you're getting full capacity in the labor market if you get waging continuing to rise you'll start to get people coming out of the sidelines and actually more people coming into the labor market. where the job gains were, carol. retail, 58,000 jobs. fast food, up, too. might be one of the reasons wages grew. so many states raised minimum wage in january. health care, carol. seen it everything month for
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years, health care growing strongly. >> christine romans, thanks. on to politics. enough is enough. fireworks erupting on the debate stage in new hampshire last night. hillary clinton taking on presidential rival bernie sanders, accusing him of waging an artful severe campaign. the night was filled with fiery one liners from clinton as she tried to defend her ties to wall street and speaking fees. for sanders, all about owning what it means to be a progressive. >> and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> all right. let's talk about why in the 1990s wall street got deregulated. did it have anything to do with the fact that wall street providing, spending billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions? >> but if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. >> she has the entire establishment or almost the entire establishment behind her.
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that's a fact. >> i am the strongest candidate to take it to the republicans and win in november. >> we can create an enormous amount of enthusiasm from working people, from young people on our worst days. >> i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican candidate for president. >> that's true. >> all right. all of this happening just five days before the new hampshire primary. let's bring in cnn's john berman with more. good morning. >> reporter: this was completely different. this was a different universe of debates and confrontations than we'd seen before. first of all, the only two on stage pap two-person debate very different than a three-person debate. marty o'malley dropped out of the race. hillary clinton can't wait to take on bernie sanders directly. three days after barely winning iowa, five days before facing
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daunting odds in new hampshire, hillary clinton clearly decided she could not wait another day to fight back. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. >> reporter: the battle, who was the real progressive, and who was beholden to the establishment? >> i hahave -- i am a progressi who gets thing done. root is progress. >> secretary clinton represents the establishment. i repd oresent ordinary america >> reporter: clinton, careful not to offend the young, passionate support behind bernie sanders, now seems to think it is worth the risk. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment, and i've got to tell you, it's really quite amusing to me. >> what being part of the establishment is, is in the last
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quarter having the super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> ooh, ow. >> in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> let's talk about -- >> reporter: sanders was only too happy to talk about the divisionses not just wall street donations but senator clinton's vote to authorize the iraq war. >> experience is not the only point. judgment is, and once again, back in 2002 when we both looked at the same evidence about the wisdom of the war in iraq, one of us voted the right way, and one of us didn't. >> a vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat isis. we have to look at the threats that we face right now.
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and we have to be prepared to take them on and defeat them. >> reporter: clinton also tried to use new information to diffuse the controversy over her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. the fact that now e-mail sent to both colin powell and top aides to condoleezza rice when they held the job have been deemed classified. >> you have these people in the government who are doing the same thing to secretary powell and secretary rice' aides they've been doing to me, which is that, i never sent or received any classified material. they are retroactively classifying it. i agree completely with secretary powell, who said today, this is an absurdity. >> reporter: once again sanders refused to pounce on the e-mail questions, though he noted the opportunity is out there. >> i will not politicize it. there's not a day that goes by when i am not asked to attack her on that issue, and i have refrained from doing that, and i will continue to refrain from doing that.
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>> reporter: so it seems clinton's new tone, not necessarily directed just at new hampshire voters. the new cnn poll has her trailing by 30 points there, but per happens beyond that, the states that vote march 1st and another sign clinton is looking behind new hampshire, on sunday she travels to flint, michigan. unusual to take a diversion from new hampshire just days before, but obviously, wanting to send the message the issues in flint are important and it's not all about new hampshire for her. >> john berman. many thanks to you. so clinton takes fight directly to bernie sanders and themes him to do the same. while her tougher tone may offer a short-term boost, will it alienate the young people and liberals she'll need at the democratic nominee? talk about that. cnn editor for cnn politics and a political anchor for new york 1 news. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so let's start with this, mark.
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clinton, we hear harks postponed a campaign fund-raising event in boston that was put on by the big bangs. tell us about that. >> well, something we've known about a few days as well. listen, the optics of her going and raising money at a time when she's trying to shake the criticism bernie sanders has been throwing at her about taking $675,000 in speaking fees from the big banks and donations what have you, are not good for hillary clinton at this moment in time. that fund-raiser will happen. no doubt about it. because the clinton campaign is looking a the long game. as she said last night during that debate, carol, she said she doesn't think it's such a bad thing to take money for interest groups and noted that barack obama himself had taken money from wall street. so hillary clinton trying to push, or at least trying to defend herself from this fight from the left, this bernie sanders populist idea he's saying that she's too tight and too close to wall street. >> so, errol, she postponed a
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fund-raiser but during a debate we heard her artful severe comment, booed by the audience. did that have anything to do with her decision to postpone this fund-raiser? >> almost certainly did, and really part of a much larger fight. that booing, that back and forth, that's not just clinton versus sanders in a personal sense. that's hillary clinton arguing what the progressive wing of the democratic party, the progressive base if you want to call it that. it's a valid debate. to say, look, just because i have raised money, want me to win, right? i have to go out and raise money. this money comes from lots of different sources. now, if we want to be pure and not raise any money, fine, we'll guess trounced by republicans is where clinton is coming from, i think. but if we're going to fight on equal pay, things like trying to have obama care sustained for another generation, you've got to have the tools and the tools
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include money. she's trying to sort of make an argument to people who don't want any money from any tainted source finding its way into politics. she's saying, hey, that's just not reality. >> all right. so on the subject of the iraq war, mark, sanders again attacked clinton for her vote for the iraq war. she answered this way, she said, a vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat isis. is that skirting issue, mark, or effective? >> probably her most effective argument to date. litigated when she ran against barack obama in 2007-2008 and it was largely, you know, due to the fact she'd lost because of the iraq vote. of course, the hope in change and the history-making of barack obama, but she was dogged by iraq back in 2008. who would have thought we would be talking about it today and, of course, we are right now, but i think when she said that, it was more forward-looking. she's trying to move beyond it. let's not talk about the past. i've apologized for that, but
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how are we going to defeat isis right now? when she came up with that line last night, probably her most effective defense. >> errol, also along the lines of who's the magma test to get things done? progressiveness means progress. and int tu baited sanders did not accomplish much as a lawmaker. is she right? >> yeah, apparently the charge coming from the clinton camp, i can't say that i have verified this myself, that he's passed three bills and two of those were naming post offices. you know? i mean, if that's true, or anything resembling that is true, that's not much to show for a quarter of a century in congress. now, if that's the argument that she's going to make, i think it has a certain amount of reality to it. if bernie sanders is saying that, because i was right, i should be the president of the united states, i think we all have -- you know, certainly his rival has the right to raise the issue. is that really all there is to
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it? to just be right on this issue or that issue? that's not the same as running the government of the most powerful country in the world. >> all right. i have to leave it there errol lewis, mark preston, many thank you to both of you. >> thanks, carol. >> you're welcome. will this presidential race come down to two words? young voters? the candidates are vying for their support. who is resonating and who isn't and what issues are most important to them? i talked to students, student body presidents. their answers may surprisy from across the country. that's coming up later. log on to and startling images, right, of a crane collapse in lower manhattan. the new york fire department currently on the scene at 40 worth street. at least two injuries reported. of course, i'll keep you posted how this situation develops.
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for the presidential candidates, the week in iowa, it began in iowa and most center ending in new hampshire. a live picture from dover, new jersey governor chris christie is about to host a town hall. this is the republican blitz of the state. candidates are racing to cover as much ground add possible ahead of the nation's first primary on tuesday, but the tone and the momentum may be shifting a bit. cnn sunlen is in manchester with more. >> reporter: good morning. really starting to see donald trump recalibrate a bit on the ground here in new hampshire. really trying to campaign in a much more traditional way holding smaller, more intimate campaign events, try his hand
6:18 am
basically at retail politicking, which new hampshire voters expect to see here from the candidates, but also another shift. donald trump really shifting his tone. really toning down his rhetoric and backing off attacks on ted cruz. going into the nation's first primary next tuesday, the gop candidates are taking new hampshire by storm. >> february 9th. you've got to get out and vote. no matter where you are, no matter how you feel, i don't give a damn -- >> reporter: ramping up his campaign, a lesson learned in iowa. he did an attack of marco rubio and ted cruz, rather than that, firing unthe crowd with one message. he's in it to win it. >> we're going to win on health care, win with the military and knock the [ muted ] out of isis. going to knock the [ muted ] out of it. >> reporter: and maintaining a lead among granite state voters. rubio surging to second place.
6:19 am
ted cruz downplaying his third-place status. >> if momentum were measured by the media, marco rubio would already be the republican nominee. iowa demonstrated the media doesn't get to pick the republican candidate. >> reporter: usurping attacks on donald trump. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa, and then he didn't win. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: just a day after accusing the texas senator of stealing those iowa caucus votes, trump now telling cnn's anderson cooper he's over it. >> but i'm so much, because i've been now here for two days, i'm so much into this, into new hampshire, that i just, i don't care about that anymore. >> you think ted kruse cruz was spreading false -- >> i don't care. who cares.
6:20 am
>> reporter: endorsing jeb bush, blasting both candidates, calling trump's views on foreign policy gibberish and republicans opportunists. >> reporter: ted cruz, the difference between poisoned or shot, you're still bit. >> reporter: and as cruz and trump continue to duke it out, the establishment lane of the party continues to battle it out really escalating attacks on each other and marco rubio remains target number one. carol? >> all right. sunlen reporting live for is this morning. the ted cruz campaign blitzing new hampshire under the banner "trusted" as in trust-ted. well, his campaign is facing new questions about its tactics and honesty. cnn has gotten ahold of a cruz campaign to iowa voters claiming ben carson suspended his presidential campaign and they should vote for cruz in last week's caucuses. listen. >> -- ben carson --
6:21 am
[ inaudible ] . >> the campaign's claims simply not true. carson is indeed still in the race. this is the second time the cruz camp was blasted for dirty tactics. the campaign also blasted for the mailer you're looking at. an official-looking voter violation flyer that seemed to threaten people if they didn't vote. this is the editorial page of "the des moines register." cruz's campaign of deceit should worry voters. a republican political consultant and a seen jr. strategist for rick santorum's 2012 campaign and joined by the executive director of the independent women's forum. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> is this hurting ted cruz,
6:22 am
sabrina? >> we'll have to wait and see. here's the thing, never an era of political civility, the difference, we have cable news, where 90% of voters are getting their news information from, according to pew research, and we have technology and so all of this makes a bigger splash than perhaps in days' past. what's interesting, though, is that this is a campaign that is no doubt sort of salacious. right? we are watching a reality tv show. more than 50% of people who watched the debates say they are fun to watch. people are getting caught up in all of this scandal and what's right and what's wrong and what's dirty tricks. perhaps more than we want them to. >> yeah, but, john, cruz supporters love him because he's against the establishment. for people fed up with the system, don't those tactics look like politics as usual? >> that's the problem. i've done politics, media campaigns, for over 20-some
6:23 am
years. six presidentials. this isn't just hardball politics. this is unethical politics. it's a character issue. the problem is, ted cruz is starting to see more and more like the johnny manziel of presidential campaigns where every morning we're waking up to find something new that's a character issue, and i think that's why you're seeing that he did not get a very big bump coming out of iowa. i think this is causing a lot of concerns about republicans, because they know what democrat wos do with this in the fall election. >> yeah, and -- >> go ahead. >> i would add that, it's interesting, because, if you asked democrats, they're more concerned that there actually hasn't been enough substance in the campaign. that the candidates aren't talking about the issues that matter most. a lot of the republicans say who cares? there are more democrats registered than republicans. republicans, if they want to win in november have to be able to appeal to some of those leaning democrats. the softer democrats. so that's where some of this is definitely going to make an
6:24 am
impact. get back to talking about issues voters want to hear about and make sure they don't just got caught up in dirty tricks and salacious headlines. >> john, until the field is narrowed much more than it is, rubben republicans can't talk about substantive issues? >> let's not limit to do a republican thing. just last night hillary clinton accused her opponent bernie sanders of running a smear campaign. not an issues campaign. she's very good at that. a lot of substance in this campaign. when you have this many candidates, what everybody grav tats gravitates -- they check the box in a lot of the conservative value things but do they live them? that's a very important issue question. >> i have to leave it there. i'm so sorry. sabrina schaffer and john
6:25 am
braybender, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton still dogging her campaign. now we are finding out she wasn't the first secretary of state to use a private account. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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i want to take you now back to low are manhattan where a crane collapse -- well, we found out it's now killed at least one person. two others are injured, and they have serious injuries. this took place at 40 worth street. i think that's in tribeca. 138 firefighters now on the scene. a number of cars have also been smashed and damaged. we'll keep you posted. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. hillary clinton's private e-mail at the state department was not the first to handle classified
6:30 am
material, and an internal investigation by the state department fou two e-mails on the private account of former secretary of state colin powell. it found they were retroactively reclassified secret or confidential. powell took exception to the disclosure saying, "i have evooed the messages and i do not see what makes them classified." bring in cnn justice reporter evan perez. good morning. >> good morning, carol. you can almost hear the cheers coming from the clinton campaign headquarters when this news came out. that's because what they've been saying all along is that secretary clinton is not the only high-level official who has had classified information in her unclassified e-mail system, in her private e-mails. it also came out in this report from the state department's inspector general that condoleezza rice, while secretary of state, her aides received ten e-mails that now are considered classified. rice issued a statement through her office at stanford university pointing out she
6:31 am
never used any privs e-mail herself. actually didn't use e-mail at all, and that the information she's looked at in these ten e-mails did not include any intelligence information. we should also point out that what clinton did is far different from what her predecessors did. she had set up a private e-mail server to handle all of her e-mail, all of her government e-mails, carol, and it also -- it bears repeating that she is the only one who has a campaign who has an fbi investigate hanging over it. >> seeing pictures of condoleezza rice. tell us why she is now a part of this?
6:32 am
we have months to go in this campaign and they know that republicans are going to keep bringing up leaks and so on in this case to try to remind the public about this e-mail controversy, carol. >> okay. so it's safe to say colin powell, condoleezza rice and hillary clinton all received e-mail. >> right. >> that was later determined to be classified by the fbi? >> well, not by the fbi. in this case certainly by the state department and inspector general. the fbi investigation is still yog gon ongoing. it is under way, going to be slow and that's what democrats are afraid of. >> all right. evan perez reporting live for us. thank you. the final sprint to the new hampshire primary now underway, and while donald trump and bernie sanders top the polls for their are theive parties, one pollster says we are expecting
6:33 am
too much when most people don't even know how they will vote. that said, a new poll found a combined 37% of likely democratic voters say they are not locked into a candidate yet. in the primaries on tuesday. in the end it could come down to who shows up, and according to bernie sanders, he can deliver their votes. >> democrats win when there is a large voter turnout. when people are excited, when working people, middle-class people, and young people are prepared to eng gauge age in th republican process. republicans win when people are demoralized and you have a small voter turnout, which, by the way, is why they love voter suppression. i believe if you want to retain the white house, if you want to see democrats do well across the board, i think our campaign is the one that creates the large voter turnout and helps us win. >> all right. so is he right? let's discuss. i'm joined by the executive
6:34 am
editor of the new hampshire union leader trent spinor. it's spinor? >> it's spinner. >> thanks so much. i wanted to make it clear. trent, thank you for being with me. so is bernie sanders right? >> i think he is. i think that there is -- i think that the polls in new hampshire are so -- because the sample size is so small, it's so difficult to nail down where, how people are going to vote in new hampshire. check this out. in the last few weeks, there have been more than 82 polls in the field here in new hampshire. at a certain point, much as we love politics in the granite state, people get tired of answering their phone and telling the truth. very difficult to tell where people will end up on tuesday. >> you know, the other factor in all of this, a great many political ads running on television in new hampshire. blockberg looked into it and found 100 million dollars spent by the candidates, and their super pacs, on political ads.
6:35 am
in 20712, the figure was $2 million. >> that's right. so much advertising happening right now. granite stators really pay attention to it. we watch tv. we get mailers at home. i'm getting between six and eight mailers every single day at home. and people really take the time to figure out who they're going to vote for and they want to find the facts. >> you live in new hampshire. been around it a long time. you work for the paper. who's going to win new hampshire on the democratic side, do you think? because bernie sanders is ahead by 30 points in some polls. >> that's right. he's ahead by a lot in some polls, and you know what? i'm not entirely sure that that lead is accurate. i think there are a lot of people who said they want to vote for hillary clinton and they wanted to do that for a while and are not picking up their phones when these pollsters call. that said, i do think that bernie has tapped into something here in new hampshire. the clinton campaign is trying to make some hay out of the fact he's a favorite son, because he's from vermont. i'll tell you, in new hampshire,
6:36 am
we call vermont upside-down new hampshire. i don't think there's a lot of -- i don't give that a lot of credence. he's tapped into something. in new hampshire we have the second highest student loan debt in the country. students from new hampshire pay the highest amount, the biggest tuition for a state school anywhere and here comes bernie sanders who says, we want to make public college free, and he trauk talks about getting big money out of politics. this is a state to win an election house seat. he's hit a nerve here in new hampshire. >> on the republican side, donald trump is way ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. what do you see there? >> yeah. i think that's going to be an incredible battle. i think there will probably be about four tickets out of new hampshire. and you'll probably see trump getting one of those, cruz getting another and then i'm really going to be watching to see who gets the other two tickets. is it kasich? is it bush?
6:37 am
is it christie? rubio? so the race is really up for grabs. even with the trump polls, i think what you saw in iowa with all of those polls being wrong, i think you're going to see that happen here in new hampshire. the thing is he is in the lead by a lot. so i just don't know -- here's the thing about trump in new hampshire. it's that until yesterday he really didn't have a ground game. he didn't do retail politics. so the question is, can you take all of those polls and can you transform that into people showing up to vote for you on election day? >> we'll see. trent spinor, thanks for being with me. still to come in the "newsroom," brazil health officials revealing brand new information how the zika virus is passed along.
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all right. i want to take you back to lower manhattan to tribeca where that crane, where a crane, a construction crane hars collapsed. this stretch as city block. this is like a nightmare. we know one person has died. two more seriously injured. a number of cars damped in this. they're now diverting some subway traffic because of this incident. as you can see, the crane collapse also damped buildings. we understand there are more than 100 new york city firefighters on the scene right now trying to assess the damage, contain the damage and find a way to get that crane off of the street. of course, we'll keep you posted. as i said, the new york mayor, de blasio, now on his way to the scene. in other news this morning, health officials in brazil made a stunning announcement on the zika virus saying it's been found for the first time in
6:43 am
saliva in urine strongly suggesting the disease can be passed through bodily fluids. cnn's shasta darlington is in rio dash sha narrow with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. yeah, we're very clear on that i nounsment. they don't know whether or not it were be transmitted through liquids, but here on copacabana beach, people are getting ready for carnival. more than a million tourists turned out, believe it or not, despite this zika virus crisis. we've been to block parties, to the samba, running through trial runs for the big parades this weekend and people simply aren't talking about zika. that doesn't mean that officials aren't preparing. in fact, they've been fumigating, radio campaigns, the president was on tv urging people to get rid of the standing water in their homes, which is the breeding ground for the mosquito we know transmits the zika virus. that's the real concern here in
6:44 am
brazil. getting rid of that standing water. making sure the mosquito can't turn carnival into a feed-fest for the zika virus. >> reporting live from brazil this morning. all right. we have miguel marquez on the phone at the scene of that crane collapse in the tribeca neighborhood. what can you tell us? miguel, are you there? >> reporter: no. this is sylvia. >> all right. we're having trouble with the connection with miguel. as you can see, that crane collapse has damaged buildings along worth street and, of course, seriously injured two people and killed at least one person. much more after a break. i've been called a control freak...
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the clock is ticking and the battle for young voters is
6:49 am
heating up, and before you say young people don't vote, consider this -- according to tufts university, young people made up 15% of total caucusgoers in iowa. that, of course, helped deliver bernie sanders a near win. so what matters most to young adults this election cycle? i sat down with college student presidents across the country to >> if you could come up with one word to describe the state of the country, what would it be? >> glridlock. >> i think it is unsure. >> what's the biggest issue students face today? >> the biggest issue students face today deals with college tuition and student loans. >> student debt is a hugely devastating issue for a lot of students. the average american college student graduates with $25,000 in debt. >> what jobs are there at the
6:50 am
end of the day? i think there's a lot of worry that we will invest all this time, energy, and money into a college education but have no more opportunity than we would have out of high school. >> will that issue drive them to the polls? >> yes. 100%, yes. it keeps us from being able to continue college. >> should college be tuition free? >> that's a very hard question. i think that what is very important is that we make higher education be as affordable as possible. i don't think it should be free. >> i think that students should have some money put into it, because when you put something into anything, you're more willing and more likely to work harder for it. >> i think we need free education. does that mean a four year liberal arts college for everybody? probably not. every student coming out of high school should be able to improve
6:51 am
their skills past the age of 18. >> when you watch a donald trump rally and his supporters are passionate about him, what goes through your mind? >> i'm scared, honestly. >> i don't see him having an inclusive mind set. >> i thought we would be better than having the republican front runner call for a ban of people entering of one religion. for deporting people as a national priority. >> why do you think donald trump is resonating as he is? >> they're looking for somebody that is going to resonate with their fears and completely demolish them, but that's not the answer. it's the few that are causing the problem, not the many. >> it's a cultive personality in that he is selling himself. in a lot of ways that frightening that so many people are willing to almost blindly
6:52 am
follow a strong man. >> i want to be a jag officer for the marine corps, but i know if donald trump were elected as president, there's no way id i would go into the army? >> why not? >> i think we might end up overseas on the ground attacking different countries that maybe we don't need to be attacking. >> i actually think that donald trump and bernie sanders are almost two different strains of the same idea in that bernie sanders is calling for a revolution in a way that's changing the way we do government and taking it out of the hands of big donors. >> donald trump is more appealing to his own personality, saying i'm a big powerful businessman. i've gotten things done before. >> do you think he'd be a good president? >> he would be a pretty neutral president. so little of what he wants to do is constitutional. he would be so ineffecive, that it might be neutral. >> i have faith in the government to make my life better.
6:53 am
>> it depends domestically, i don't completely trust. that's for personal reasons. i went running the other day because it's cold out. it's the middle of winter, so i have on a ski mask that allows me to breathe better and i passed a police car, and the first thing that runs through my mind is do i need to take this off? >> no, i would say i don't. i think that's how a lot of young people feel. i think that right now we're seeing government being dominated by big donors and superpacks. a lot of superpacs aren't especially interested in young people. >> all right. just a taste of what young people are thinking this election season. my thanks to the student body president of uva and maryland eastern shore and georgetown university. still to come in the news room. before the big game, roger
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
the nfl commissioner will hold his annual state of the game address this afternoon. the topic of his speech will be concussions. cnn's sports anchor and nine season nfl veteran joins us from the supercity, san francisco with a preview. >>. >> reporter: good morning. last week the league revealed how many players suffered concussi concussion. it's up. 92 were from helmet to helmet. a lot of people ask if i'd let
6:59 am
my kids play the game. i think yes. i think it's safer now than it's been. it's continue to continue to get better. earlier today on good morning america, robin roberts asked commissioner goodell if he'd have second thoughts about his family playing the game. >> if you had a son, would you want him to play football? >> i would not only want him to floobl. i would certainly earn courage him to do it and let him do it. i think there are tremendous values in playing the game of football. there are risks involved with anything. what we need to do is make sure we show people how to get the most out of playing sports and do it safely. >> reporter: hoping to have a good, safe game super bowl sunday. we'll have much more on the big game coming up this weekend. be sure to watch kick off by the bay, a cnn beacher report special tomorrow afternoon hosted by chris cuomo and dan marino and other special guests.
7:00 am
>> reporting live from san francisco, thanks. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. i do want to start with breaking news. i want to take you back to lower manhattan where a crane collapse has killed at least two people. the mayor on his way to the scene where that crane stretches across what appears to be a city block. we have more. >> reporter: the mayor has arrived here on scene. he got here about 20 minutes ago. we expect a wreefing from him shortly. the downtown, this area is completely blocked off this was a driving crane, a large crane that was driven into the block and parked there for a week say people who live in the neighborhood. they also say that they noticed in the last couple of days that
7:01 am
one of the cables on top of the crane appeared to have snapped and they avoided this street because they were concerned. the crane was working on an existing building and adding some sort of top to the building. it wasn't a new building under construction. this wasn't the sort of crane you see attached to the side of the building. i have seen photos of the crane and the damage that it caused. it literally went lengthwise all the way down the block, a full city block, landing on some cars along the way. it is not clear where the person was killed, where they were in relation to the crane or those that were injured. clearly a massive failure with this crane. people who were in the neighborhood said they could not only hear it. they could feel it. it sounded like an earthquake and felt like an earthquake, they said. a very jarring morning for downtown manhattan. now dozens and dozens of police
7:02 am
and fire officials here trying to deal with this and figure out if there are any other structural issues. the good news is it wasn't attached to anything. it's not like you have a building that may be structurally compromised. this is a crane that it sounds like was on its own. >> we understand the new york law school has been closed and evacuated. is that true, miguel? >> the new york law school is closed because of the emergency vehicles. it's difficult for anybody to access the surrounding buildings. so they've closed off probably about eight blocks around this building, around this collapse so temergency vehicles can get in. people are able to access buildings if they're not immediately affected. that area is now blocked off and they are trying to figure out how they're going to move this
7:03 am
crane to make sure there's nobody else injured in this accident. >> i hope not. thanks so much. onto bliks now. politics. less than a week until the new hampshire primary. right now bernie sanders is on the campaign trail. he's getting ready to speak at a politics and eggs event. this just one day after a heated debate hosted by msnbc. hillary clinton unleashing a series of one liners as she defended her ties to wall street and speaking fees. for sanders, it was about owning what it means to be a progressive. >> i'm not making promises i can't keep. >> experience is not the only point. judgment is, and once again, back in 2002 when we both looked at the same evidence about the wisdom of the war in iraq, one of us voted the right way and one of us didn't.
7:04 am
>> we did differ. a vote in 2002 is not a plan to defeat isis. we have to look at the threats that we face right now. and we have to be prepared to take them on and defeat them. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans and by the way, who are not all that enamored with the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president is part of the establishment. >> it's having the superpac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. so i think it's time to end the
7:05 am
very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> on our worst days, i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican candidate. >> i am the strongest candidate to take it to the republicans and in november. >> let's talk about this. let's bring in cnn senior washington correspondent and politics executive director. welcome to both of you. bernie sanders appeared surprised that hillary clinton went on the attack. was he? >> i'm not sure he was surprised. this has been escalating privately for weeks. it's a sign the clinton campaign is taking sanders seriously and that he's gotten under her skin. they've been having conversations internally about how seriously they should treat him for several weeks and
7:06 am
months, but last night when you heard the two words, artful smear, it's clear that the clinton campaign has reached a realization that she has to take him on zredirectly. otherwise voters won't pay attention to this contrast they've been trying to subtly draw. there's no subtlety last night at all. it was clear that secretary clinton wanted to directly engage him on some of the issues. and it started with the definition of what is a true progressive. let's listen to this. >> i am a progressive who gets things done, and the root of the word is progress, but i've heard senator sanders' kmerccomments it's caused me to wonder. who's left in the progressive wing of the democratic party. i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times or give gun seller and makers immunity or to vote against ted kennedy's
7:07 am
immigration reform. >> the reality is there have been trillions of dollars of wealth going from the middle class in the last 30 years to the top one tenth of one percent. the reality is that we have a corrupt campaign finance system which separates the american people's needs and desires from what congress is doing. so to my mind, what we have got to do is wage a political revolution where millions of people have given up on the political process, stand up and fight back, demand a government that represents us and not just a hand full of campaign contributions contributors. >> reporter: there you have it. the argument from both sides. if you're a bernie sanders' supporter, i think his argument resonated. what clinton is trying to do is remind democrats out there shoo
7:08 am
tha she's the fighter for the democratic party. it was clear that she was trying to remind people that she has been a democrat her whole life and he is an independent, and what he calls himself a democratic socialist. four days before the new hampshire primary, he has a commanding lead. it's a deep challenge for her campaign to try to regain some of that ground here. but this campaign will go on well beyond new hampshire as will this fight we heard last night. >> so, mark, will we see bernie sanders getting more caustic, battling back harder? >> well, certainly he's going to have that. >> reporter: what we saw last night, not only were the words that she directed at him right at the top of that debate she said if you have something to say, say it to me now. and she was looking directly at him. if you were to look at the body language of clinton, she was not staring into the audience. she staired at him.
7:09 am
this is a long game. let's look at this in terms of baseball. this is just the second inning. we've had iowa. we're in new hampshire. as jeff said, it looks like new hampshire is a loss for hillary clint clinton. she was looking at the long game. what she has in her back pocket are delegate votes. they're called superdelegate votes. this is a game of math. when she pulls them out, it will be a huge amount of support for her as she heads to the south. sanders needs to use his enthusiasm to generate for support for his campaign. >> thanks so both of you. clinton went on the attack and sanders bit back. the thing is, there's really not a clear winner. perhaps the actress put it best on twitter who tweeted this. now if they could just split the gig, bernie would cover domes c
7:10 am
domestic, hillary foreign policy. maria, in your mind, who won? i know you're a hillary supporter. step back. who won? >> you know what? i actually think the democratic party won and american voters won last night. as fierce and as passionate as it got, and i do agree that hillary did win overall. i think she was better than ever in explaining all the issues that bernie sanders had been going at her on, but overall, i think they were both terrific. one of my favorite moments was when the moderators started talking about her e-mail issues, and turned to him to say if he was going to make this an issue, and he said he was not going to politicize it. and then they turned to her to see if she wanted to take 30 seconds to pile on on some of
7:11 am
the sha nthings bernie east cam had been involved. she said no. that demonstrated they're having a passionate debate about what are the issues and the solutions that this country needs from these kinds of leaders. >> but that moment came at the end. the rest of the debate was contentious. >> reporter: certainly the first part of the debate was very contentious. in fact, i thought i turned on the wrong channel and was watching the republican debate for a minute. but they did get past that early on. i think that settled into more of what we've seen in the earlier debates between them. i think both of them were able to reemphasize the points that they've been making through their campaign. if you want to look for a winner or loser this debate, i think it's probably a bit of a draw. maybe clinton did wrt than sanders overall because she's been very effective. she has a lot of ground to make up. certainly more than sanders. >> especially on the wall street
7:12 am
issue. in fact, she had a big fundraiser for friday. she postponed it because a big bank was part of the fundraiser. sanders' attacks on her seem to be working. >> well, i think that she was very good at explaining and at going back at him to say what are you insinsaying? >> she was booed at one point. she was booed when she said sanders was smearing her. >> i think the point is that she needs to explain to the american people that her record on wall street is stronger than anybody's. that whatever money she might be accepting in terms of donations from wall street, in no way, shape, or form, informs her votes, informs her reforms, informs her platforms which many economists and many economic
7:13 am
analysts have said are much stronger than bernie sanders. and so while i think that people continue to think that this is an issue for her, this is an opportunity for her to continue to explain that she is actually the one that not only is proposing much tougher standards for wall street, but she is also better poised to make sure that those platforms translate into real action for the american people. >> all right. on the subject of guns, andy, you know, bernie sanders did vote against the brady bill, but there's a reason that bernie sanders is somewhat supportive of guns, because they employ a lot of people in his part of the world, the gun industry. >> not only do they employ a lot of people in new hampshire. you have manufacturers here. but you think back where bernie sanders is from, vermont has one of the highest gun ownership in the country. sanders in those votes was often
7:14 am
voting in the interest of his constituents. it is an issue here in a suburban state, and i think clinton is really effectively trying to get the votes of college educated women, particularly in the suburban areas of the state near the massachusetts border who have different views on guns than somebody in rural vermont. >> i have to leave it there. thank you to both of you. still to come, donald trump diplomat? why he's backing off on a feud with ted cruz. count lead craig wilson books at avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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the nation's first primary gets underway in hp hn. for the candidates it's now a sprint to recruit undecided voters. this is the republican blitz of the state, and the momentum, well, it may be shifting a bit. this new poll shows donald trump still in the lead in new hampshire. but marco rubio is riding a surge and is now in second
7:19 am
place. ted cruz slides to third. and now has john kasich and jeb bush nipping at his heels. yes, i said jeb bush. >> reporter: what is remarkable about that poll is it was done after the iowa caucuses, and it showed absolutely no bump for ted cruz coming out of his win there. and as he's been on the ground campaigning throughout here in new hampshire, ted cruz really going after donald trump hard. attack after attack basically character rising him as just a candidate that's knocked off his game. here's ted cruz yesterday in new hampshire. >> donald trump is very ralttle right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa, and then he didn't win, and his reaction is he got angry. he said how stupid could the
7:20 am
people of iowa be. i assume the next question will be how stupid can the people of new hampshire be. you know, my view of it is this is a job interview. and i don't think people are interested in temper tantrums. i don't think people are interested in insults and attacks. >> reporter: now, donald trump in the last day has really lowered his tone out on the campaign trail, really backed off attacking ted cruz. this is after spending the whole day on wednesday going after ted cruz, claiming that he stole the iowa caucus win. donald trump sat down with ar s anderson cooper. he said i'm over it. here's what he had to say. >> you've basically accused him of fraud, of stealing the election in iowa. you talked about wanting a new election there. have you spoken to republican party officials about that? >> i'm into new hampshire now. it's one of those things. it was a lot of strange things. i like ben carson very much, and
7:21 am
he got pretty roughed up, frankly. although it affected me maybe more than ben, but i'm so much the -- i'm so much into this, in new hampshire that i just, i don't care about that. >> but you think ted cruz was intentionally -- >> i don't care. >> reporter: donald trump was anticipated to have a midday town hall here in new hampshire. he just announced that is cancelled due to the winter weather that new hampshire is getting right now. he'll fly onto south carolina for a rally there later tonight. this means he's losing essential time here on the ground in new hampshire. >> all right. reporting live. thank you. the republican field may be shrinking, but one of the recent dropouts is showing no love at all for donald trump or ted cruz. listen to what lindsey graham had to say about the two in a conversation with wolf blitzer.
7:22 am
? >> i don't know if anybody is worse than trump. you ask jimmy carter, who would you vote for? nobody cares what jimmy carter thinks in the primary. if you're a republican and your choice is cruz or trump, it's a choice between poison or a shot. you're still ted. >> let's say cruz or trump, you would go with bloomberg? >> no. i'm going to support the republican nominee. >> even if they're not qualified? >> you heard him there. he's going to buy a ticket on the titanic. wow. let's talk about this with my guest, a former senior adviser to the romney campaign, and a representative for the urban renewal. >> john, what do you think about what he said, lindsey graham? >> well, i'll tell you, there's no love loss between outsiders and insiders.
7:23 am
but lindsey graham like other republicans are going to rally behind whoever the nominee is. look, these primaries are sharp and contentious, particularly as you get closer to the voting. you saw how tensions were high, elbows grew sharper in last night's democratic debate. i expect you're going to see the same thing at tomorrow night's republican debate. for someone like trump, he doesn't dominate these debates. his best strategy is just to focus on what got him this far. which is restrictions on immigration and fair trade. i think some of the sharper exchanges tomorrow night are going to be between all of the candidates fighting for second place and the person who is probably going to draw the most fire is marco rubio because as the polls are showing us, he's the candidate on the move who is emerging as the main challenger to trump in new hampshire. >> i'm sorry i called you john.
7:24 am
i stayed up watching the debate. i apologize for that. star, do you think marco rubio's surge is for real? could he win new hampshire? >> oh, the surge is absolutely for real. what we see happening including lindsey graham's comments is the dividing of the republican party. people are now choosing their side. are they going to go with the wing of cruz and trump where they're saying we can't go on like this anymore? similar@1850s when abraham lincoln said that, or is it business as usual. we're had a critical cross point in the country. that's the polarization you're seeing in the republican party itself. vying for -- it's not about tactics anymore. it's about world view. when you ask the question about rubio, yes, many are saying from the establishment wing is bush
7:25 am
is not going to be able to pull this out, we'd better put our energy behind one candidate, otherwise we're going to end up with a trump or a cruz who is specific and focussed and will make sure he leads the country back into the direction of freedom and personal responsibility. >> erik, whoever loses in new hampshire, and i mean come in fourth place or below, should they drop out of the race? >> well, that's a very personal decision, and each candidate is going to have to address that themselves. i do think there's going to be extraordinary pressure on any candidate who doesn't finish in the top three. so for a jeb bush, for a chris christie, or a john kasich, this could be their last stand. and i think what's critical for them is this independent vote. it's 44 % of the electorate in
7:26 am
new hampshire n. and unlike iowa, they can vote in party primaries. so that's going to be a challenge for a pure conservative like ted cruz, but it could potentially give a lift to a candidate like john kasich or jeb bush. >> so -- >> that's why i don't believe it will end there. >> go ahead, star. finish your thought. >> that's why i don't believe it will end there in new hampshire. there are many more independents in that state. that's not the rest of the country. the country is clearly divided. that independent vote is very small compared to the right and the left. so those that are thinking to get out there, perhaps, will be pressure on a kasich or christie, but because they're pulling away from the establishment personality, if you will, and if they start seeing that cruz is going to maintain his energy and or trump, then the party will put pressure on that establishment type to get behind one candidate. but i don't think it's going to
7:27 am
end in new hampshire n. new hampshire is only one sampling. we have superdelegates to be concerned about. therefore, bush is not going to get out. he has many of those on his side. >> all right. i have to leave it there. star parker and erik bernstrum. thank you. >> at any moment the new york mayor is expected to speak about a crane collapse. one person was killed. others are in the hospital. we'll take you there live. f the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me.
7:32 am
back to our breaking news. bill de blazio is about to speech about a tragic crane collapse. one person has died. two others have been seriously hurt. as you can see, there's a lot of property daniemage. it em compasses a city block. more than 100 new york city firefighters are on the scene. tell us more, miguel. >> reporter: neighbors in this area describe the scene has feel like an earthquake and sounding like a huge explosion when this crane came down. this was not attached to building under construction but one rolled in a week ago. it was on the big tractor-like wheels. it fell lengthwise. fortunately. it went right down the center of the street. in one of the pictures i've seen
7:33 am
from one in the neighborhood, it clearly crushes the top of the car that appears to have been driving down the street. the crane showed up about a week and a half ago. a few days ago some people said they saw one of the cables on top of the crane snapped. they felt it was danger at that time. many, many dozens of police and fire vehicles now blocking out about six to eight blocks in downtown manhattan. trying to figure out if there are any more injured or killed in this accident and how they're going to move this machinery. >> it has to be a challenge. in this way, it's kind of good that it fell lengthwise down the street, but how do you begin to pick that up? >> reporter: well, they're going to need a lot more heavy machinery to pick it up.
7:34 am
this was also a day when we had a very heavy, wet snow in the city. all of the trees, all of the e l electrical wires blanketed in the snow. it may have weighted down the crane if it was damaged previously and having a stability issue, the snow that was accumulating on it could have put it over the top. it has caused a major disruption in this area with the subway lines being rerouted and not stopping in this area. it's a very, very congested area of new york city. the streets are very narrow. amazing for that reason, that it felt lejngthwise down the black. this was a building that was already constructed. it appears they brought in the crane about a week ago to put something up on top of that building that was completed. there is another building, an iconic building nearby being
7:35 am
built that has a large crane, about a 60 story building. it was not that building affected. it was the one around the corner that was already constructed and looked like they were adding something to the top. lots of construction down in this area, and a lot of concern now by the residents in this area. much of this area blocked off to emergency workers can figure out how to move this thing. >> thank you, miguel. still to come, barbara bush has advice for her son, jeb. stop being so nice. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. jeb bush is fighting for his political life in new hampshire. a new cnnwmur poll has bush trailing with 10 %. and now his campaign is bringing out the big guns. that would be his family. first up, his mom. barbara bush, stumping for bush in new hampshire. and giving him a motherly piece of advice. >> he's almost too polite.
7:40 am
i don't advise him, but if i gave him advise, i would say why other people do.upt like the - >> really? >> yes, i would say that. >> i'm better at interrupting. >> you mean interrupt during the debate? >> yes. he's so polite. we brought him up this way, and he does not brag like some people we know. >> who are you talking about? >> i can't remember. >> barbara bush went onto say that's a joke. that is not dementia. bush also has his brother on board. the former president touting his brother's strength on foreign policy. >> i know jeb. i know his good heart and strong backbone. he'll unite our country. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. >> i'm joined by a republican strategist and a cnn political
7:41 am
commentator. welcome to both of you. >> thanks, carol. >> thank you. >> okay. the tara, remember back in the day a few months ago that jeb bush was trying to distance himself from his brother. he didn't know what to say, and now he's embracing him. why? >> because he's desperate. plain and simple. jeb bush, his campaign that be fledgling for months. you can remember back in october they had this emergency strategy meeting with his top donors and his family. the last time he pulled his family out, to alie the fears of the donors that he wasn't going to drop out and they were going to retool the campaign. mind you, for months before that they've been doing everything they can to back away from the bush legacy. the whole aspect of dynasty, the dynasty aspect of his candidacy
7:42 am
was something they were trying to get away from because his brother left office in the low 20s for approval. people didn't want to be reminded of the bush years. he knew that. look at his logo, it's jeb. now he's desperate. he has to bring out his mommy to come out who is more whitty than he is to save the day. i don't think that shows confidence. that doesn't look like strength for him. >> tara, but barbara bush is charming. she's strong. >> i love her. >> everybody loves her. >> i love her. she's amazing. >> why isn't that a good idea? >> i disagree with her. i think jeb bush should have embraced his last name from the beginning. while she's correct, initially george bush's approval ratings were low, but among the general public, his approval is above 50% right now, and among republicans, it's higher.
7:43 am
you can't help herself. when you wraatch the ad with barbara bush, you can't help but smile. it's not jeb's year. it's an outsider year. >> so tara -- >> i'm sorry. no go ahead. >> go ahead. battle it out. >> not necessarily. i don't think that at a time when it is an outsider year that bringing bad -- dredging up the old bush years, even though he may be popular among republicans, but barely. most republicans -- when i was in washington d.c. and we were talking about jeb bush, people would go not another bush. that was the feeling inside the belt beltway. everyone was like, god, no, please. i'm sorry. when it comes to the point where the jeb bush campaign has spent so much money to crack barely double digits in new hampshire, they put all their eggs in new hampshire basket.
7:44 am
>> let me get this point out. except, except hillary clinton is doing pretty good. she's the establishment candidate. on the other side, donald trump and ted cruz are doing good for now, but rubio is surging. we'll see what happens in new hampshire. maybe when people say they're tired of clinton and bush, they didn't really mean it. >> i think you're right. there's no way for him to get away from his last name. everyone knows in place of the end is bush. he can't get away from his last name. he should have embraced it. he made himself an insider and establishment figure when he positioned himself against donald trump. donald trump baited him and jeb bush took the bait and attacked donald trump, and that made him the donald trump an thtithesis opposite. that was the mistake, not the fact that he had a last name that he tried to stray from. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thank you both. still to come in the news
7:45 am
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the state department now says hillary clinton was not the first secretary of state to have classified material on her private e-mail. an internal investigation found colin powell and some top aids to kosecretary rice. colin powell said i have reviewed the messages and i don't see what makes them classified. >> reporter: good morning. this is certainly something that the clinton campaign says proves what they've been saying all along the right.
7:50 am
essentially, if anybody in washington, any top official in washington, if you look at their private e-mail, you're going to find sensitive and classified information. there were two e-mails that have now been flagged as being classified for colin powell. they were more than a dozen years ago. in rice, ten e-mails sent to her aids. she has issued a statement from her office at stanford and she points out that she never used e-mail at all while she was secretary of state, and that these ten e-mails, she says, did not contain any intelligence information. it's important to point out that in the case of hillary clinton as opposed to the other two, she set up her own private server to handle all her government work while she was secretary of state. and there's still an fbi investigation that is now hanging over her campaign. >> all right. evan perez reporting live for us this morning. thank you.
7:51 am
some other top stories this morning. a six-day three-state crime spree over as one suspect is killed and another in custody after a big gunfight. the suspects, a couple from missouri had been nicknamed is modern day bonnie and clyde. they were wanting for kidnapping and armed robbery. a new jersey man charged with reckless endangerment after crashing his drone into the empire state building. he lost control of his drone and then went inside the empire state building to ask security to give him back his drone. just after the crash, he tweeted, filming with drone, now it's stuck on the empire state building with security. hash tag, background check kmch. he was arrested and charged with misdemeanors.
7:52 am
it's all part of a strategy by the white house to pay for a new wave of clean transportation investments. they say it creates a level playing field and would apply only to oil imported to the united states. the proposal is unlikely to pass the republican controlled congress. still to come, crazy side bets you can make during the super bowl, including some so outra s outrageous you probably never thought of them. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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the broncos and the panthers face off in super bowl 50 on sunday. one player is a little bit nervous. it has nothing to do with the millions of people watching him on television. we are joined from san francisco with a special family reunion. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the wide receiver is playing in his second super bowl, but this is the first time his mom is going to be able to watch him play in person. that's because she was recently serving a 20 -year prison sentence for drug trafficking. his mom was released in november after president obama commuted her sentence. she was on hand to watch the broncos win the afc title. da mare yus says having her there will be extra special. >> i never thought i'd get the chance to play a super bowl game
7:58 am
in front of my mom because of her situation. now that she's out and able to make the game, i'm excited. hopefully we can go auout and g the win. >> reporter: a chunk of betting money comes from crazy prop bets. since the game is in the bay area, you can make a prop bet there will be an earthquake during the game. it pays 56 to 1. the earthquake has to be at least a 2.0 magnitude and be within a certain disanswer ttane stadium. there's also a bet about the power going out. and if you're watching sports all weekend, you can bet on who will have more points, lebron or the shortest field goal made
7:59 am
during the game. if you can think of it, you can bet on it in the super bowl. >> i can't believe people -- that earthquake one is awful. that's not funny. >> reporter: yeah. good odds, though, right? >> i guess so. >> reporter: we'll have more on the super bowl coming up tomorrow. we have the kick off from the bay, a super bowl special. >> they look like twins. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon, 2:30 eastern. >> that graphic with chris cuomo and dan marino, they look like twins. it's amazing. >> cuomo likes to say he looks like dan marino. >> they look like brothers. >> reporter: separated at birth. >> andy, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now.
8:00 am
hellhello, everyone. >> it is friday and days before the big primary in new hampshire, so it's time to change everything, at least that's what it looks like for donald trump and hillary clinton. now donald trump is offering a softer tone says he's over the back and forth with cruz. no more about the stolen iowa caucus or the election fraud accusation, and hillary clinton, she's sharpening her attacks against sander. >> a brand new poll shows sanders closing the gap nationally and clinton within 2 points. 11% undecided. jeff zelny joins us live from new hampshire. >> reporter: good morning. you can see senator bernie sas


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