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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 5, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hellhello, everyone. >> it is friday and days before the big primary in new hampshire, so it's time to change everything, at least that's what it looks like for donald trump and hillary clinton. now donald trump is offering a softer tone says he's over the back and forth with cruz. no more about the stolen iowa caucus or the election fraud accusation, and hillary clinton, she's sharpening her attacks against sander. >> a brand new poll shows sanders closing the gap nationally and clinton within 2 points. 11% undecided. jeff zelny joins us live from new hampshire. >> reporter: good morning. you can see senator bernie sanders speaking behind me.
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it's a much more civil affair this morning than it was last night. i can tell you the battle lines are drawn between hillary clinton and bernie sanders here with four days remaining before the new hampshire primary. listen to a few of the exchanges. who was a member of the establishment party, let's listen. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans, and by the way, who are not all that e ma'namored w the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me as exemplifying the establishment. >> reporter: the fight went onto who has better judgment on foreign affairs. this fight is going to continue throughout the day and into the weekend. sanders has a strong lead in new hampshire. the clinton campaign is trying everything here. she won in 2008.
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they're trying to temper expectations, lower them, for good reason. he is some 30 points ahead in the latest new hampshire poll. but watch the independent voters. they could vote in the democratic or the republican primary which makes this difficult to determine. in the final days, the clinton campaign is trying everything to align democrats to vote for her, not that independent from next door, bernie sanders. >> and every move and every fundraiser and every gathering matters. what are you hearing about why hillary clinton is postponing a fundraiser? >> it's not because of the weather. she's cancelling or postponing the one in boston because it's controversial. every time she goes to an out of state fundraiser like she did last week in iowa, senator sanders reminds his supporters she's taking money from superpacs, from hedge fund do r donors and wall street, and he's
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taking his money from average contributors. his average contributor, 27. that's why the fundraiser is postponed and that's why she's not going to boston for that. the money is a serious worry for the clinton campaign. they're going to have to continue to have fundraisers in big ways. he is raising his money organically. it's surprising nearly everyone in his campaign. he's raising more money online than barack obama did. that's a challenge going forward for the clinton campaign. for tonight she's not fund raising in boston. >> speaking like he's on the 16 th green. >> he's always like i can't talk to you right now. >> bernie sanders will miss the putt. nobody wants that. this morning, could a revelation tamp down the accusations against clinton.
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colin powell and members of rice's staff received information now considered classified on their private e-mail accounts. evan perez is live with more on this. oh, evan, what more are you learning? >> reporter: well, you know, i think the clinton campaign certainly wanted to embrace this finding from the state department's inspector general, because what we're talking about are two e-mails that were received on colin powell's private e-mail account while he was secretary of state. and in rice's case, there were ten e-mails that the inspector general says were sent to her aids that are now deemed classified. it's important to note that the clinton campaign says this shows that this is not a very big deal. the whole controversy over her e-mail is not a big deal because everybody does it. certainly everybody in washington, high level officials, if you look at their g mail, you will find sensitive materials in there and that this is not a big deal. obviously, the only thing that
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matters here is the fbi investigation which is still hanging over the campaign, and it's important to note that hillary clinton set up a private server to handle all of her government e-mails. neither of the previous two secretary of states did it. in the case of secretary rice, she didn't use e-mail, according to her aides. >> evan, thank you so much. >> let's talk more about this and the politics today. jonathan martin and chris kafenas and mr. bob beckel. bob, first to you. the e-mails we were just hearing from evan perez. now you have -- it's hatppening on the democratic side, and clinton will point out on the republican side as well. what is the impact here? does this change anything?
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>> well, only if the fbi decides to get aggressive and the justice department has a grand jury. they're not going to do that. this is a front runner for the democratic nomination. they're not going to do that in this campaign. when i was in the white house, we didn't have e-mails. i got in trouble for leaving things on my desk. i got a red note and stuff. but i think it has been -- it's a problem, but it's not a big problem. i don't think it's as big a problem as goldman sacs is. >> is it a problem in the general? what about a general election? could it still turn off independent voters? do you think this neutralizes it for her? >> i don't think a lot of people get up in the morning and say gee, the e-mail problem is killing me. i don't think it matters that much to people. a lot of other things do. >> jonathan, you watched hillary clinton and bernie sanders on that stage. it seemed like a very different debate than we had seen before.
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with hillary clinton really in some ways answering bernie sanders' charges directly and answering them aggressively. i want to play one moment that sums up the entire evening. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> so, jonathan, what do you think she's trying to do here? who is she trying to win over here? i'm not sure it's just new hampshire where she's trailing by 30 points right now. >> no. she's looking past new hampshire, john. you can see the snow behind me. i think her mind is on the trees of south carolina where there's no snow coming down today. she is trying to get past the primary, next tuesday where her folks know she's going to lose. it's a matter of how bad she's
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going to lose in their minds. they're trying to go to south carolina and recover, and obviously, nevada comes before south carolina. the combination of those two states, they hope, can put her on the path to recovery. she's trying to show fight and take it to bernie. she was on the offensive all last night against him, and that's a more aggressive side than we've seen from her. it speaks to just how dramatically different this primary is now versus a month 1month and a half ago. right before christmas they had a debate and she mentioned donald trump i don't know how many times. last night she mentioned trump's name once. it's a world of difference. >> the fight is really on when a lot of folks didn't know who the fight was with before. they only wanted to talk about donald trump. to the point that jonathan is making, clinton is taking the day off from new hampshire and heading to flint, michigan to
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talk about the water crisis there. is that just perfect evidence that she is, i'll say it, and you can yell at me, but she's giving up on new hampshire and moving on? >> you know, i don't think she's giving up. i think that maybe being realistic about what the numbers show. the one thing about new hampshire, if you look at it over the last many cycles, it's a state that breaks late. everyone remembers in 200 8, senator obama runs iowa, everyone assumes he'll win new hampshire and then clinton wins it. i think new hampshire has a history of surprising people. that being said, the numbers are pretty significant. listen, i think the clinton campaign and all of us understand one thing, it's south carolina that is her fire wall. that's the state that if senator sanders was able to keep it really close or win, would change the entire perception of this race, and i think that's what they're focusing on. they're really focusing on we've
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got to make sure we're going to have a big win in south carolina. i think flint is as much about south carolina as it is about michigan and what's going on there. >> let me the tell you something. having done six presidential races up there, either doing them or covering them, the longest four days in presidential politics are today through tuesday in new hampshire. a lot of things change. be bernie sanders has a 30 % lead. he won't have that when this is over. you'll see the movement among particularly independents and undecideds, obviously, but a weak sanders and clinton supporters, bernie is et up far big win, and i don't think he's going to get. >> jonathan, you make minds up for america. what is a good win for bernie sanders in new hampshire right now? it's not going to be 30%. >> yeah. i think the clinton folks would
8:11 am
be happy if they could get the deficit down to somewhere south of, you know, 12, 13 points. i think they would probably declare that a win. i'm not sure if everybody else would go along with that. i think they want to try to get it at least down into the teens if not further south than that. and bob is right. this is new hampshire. things move quickly. it can change. she does have a reservoir of support here. the challenge that she has is that independents can vote in either primary, and overwhelmingly they support bernie sanders. that's going to be a real challenge for her. there's no john mccain running on the republican side to soak up a lot of independent voters. some of them may go for kasich, but this is not like 2000 or '08. >> mccain beat bush by 19 points in 2000. you can get beat bad and move
8:12 am
on. >> to that point, when you look at the moll thpoll that came ou nationally, there's only a two point difference between them when it was much larger before. what's the conversation in the hillary clinton campaign right now about that? >> take any national polls right now -- >> throw it? >> right. they're useless. in fact, polls from new hampshire from yesterday are useless. >> they're all over the map. >> they are. and i think that the tracking polls which we used to do, every day we'd track two times a day to see the movement. new hampshire comes up and surprises. it always has, and i would not be surprised to see it below double digits loss for clinton, and also keep your eyes on kasich looking at this thing for the republican side. >> you spent more time there than anybody else. >> last word, quickly, chris? >> i think it's a reality you're going to see tightening in these polls. but here's the thing.
8:13 am
the ar the average voter is not dissecting polls. they're reading headlines. that's the risk in terms of this race. if senator sanders wins new hampshire, it's the headline risk. and then i think everyone focuses on south carolina. that is the critical state that i think we need to think about. if the dynamics change there, this race is completely different in a few weeks. >> i agree. the flint decision is focussed on south carolina. i'm also wonders about campaigns that track twice a day. thanks very much. >> if the new trump and clinton are an display, then jeb bush is going retro. see how barbara bush and george w. bush are coming out to help and what the former first lady says about donald trump. >> plus, despite pleas from high profile republicans, including mitt romney, ted cruz and others, carly fiorina will not be part of the big weekend debate.
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what does the rnc think about that? republican national committee official sean spicer joins us next. and breaking news out of new york. a crane collapses in the middle of a busy street in lower manhattan. at least one person has died. at least three more injured. we have some new information on this story, next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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all right. big debate controversy this morning in new hampshire. in fact, it would not be a debate this year if there were not controversy. carly fiorina will not be part of the debate saturday night. not be part of the republican debate saturday night. two of her rivals, they say she should be. mitt romney says so too. >> joining us to talk about this is the chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. everyone from mitt romney, and even ted cruz, ben carson, they're all saying let carly on the stage. what's one more? >> well, i think she's a phenomenal candidate, but there's criteria issues, and unfortunately, it's not as easy as just saying that. i think that's part of the
8:19 am
problem. there are candidates that have dropped out that did well in iowa as well. they got delegates and made a decision in part probably because they didn't think they were going to make the stage. and now to sort of change the rules 24 hours out, i think would be unfair to them. the criteria was issued. abc made it available. everyone knew what they had to do to get into the debate. it was inclusive, the top six people in new hampshire, the top folks nationally had an opportunity to make it in. >> i feel like this is the third or fourth time we've gone through something like this. every time we requeask a questi can see the frown on your face. let's talk about iowa. the des moines register said ted cruz's campaign of deceit should worry voters inme. they talk about the deceptive
8:20 am
mailer and voice mails from people saying ben carson may drop out. do you think the cruz campaign went too far? >> that is not for me to decide. >> but isn't it? doesn't the republican national committee have to weigh in on how campaigns are run? >> no. there's things that each of these campaigns have to run their own race. sometimes you go over the line and the voters are the ones who make the decision you've crossed the line or a judge or whatever. it's not our job -- you've heard me say it before, to call balls and strikes. that's up for the voters and the states. that's what's important. i look at what happened on the other side, and you want to talk about egregious. six precincts were decided by a coin toss in a democratic party. they used a coin toss to decide six precincts. if you want to talk about
8:21 am
egregious -- >> you're calling balls and strikes on the democrats but not your own party. you don't want to talk about something that is within the parameters of your office. >> no. what you're asking me is to talk about how a campaign message or used tactics pro or con against another candidate or talked about themselves. that is just deciding how a campaign -- that's campaign strategy. each campaign decides for themselves how to run it. that's vastly different than deciding the outcome. the democrats literally chose who would get delegates by the flip of a coin. i get your question, and you're asking me to decide whether a mailer or action or how somebody conveyed something is fair. sometimes in politics it's not pretty. that's different than deciding the outcome of a presicinctprec election by a coin toss. the des moines register talked
8:22 am
about the idea of how we're deciding the elections is sad. >> let me ask you about this. hillary clinton's e-mails, that has been a very big target, not only of republican candidates but the rnc. they say it disqualifies her for being president. now we know that under a republican administration, the secretary of state, colin powell, his e-mails they also found classified e-mails in his personal e-mail account. so does this neutralize the issue, or more importantly, does this disqualify colin powell from being secretary of state? >> well, he's not secretary of state, and i don't know that he's trying to serve as secretary of state. >> thank you for reminding me of that. >> i don't want to diminish this. i think if he were to run, i think he would have to answer this question. if colin powell chooses to seek the presidency, i think it would
8:23 am
be a fair question to ask. my understanding is he's not. but second of all, there's a few distinctions. number one, it's one thing to have a few us dens which i think they found, and he should have his opportunity to explain that. which is not what's going on with the clintons. they took their thing on a private unclassified server, said they scrubbed it themselves. there was no classified information. that's false hundreds of times. it's not just sensitive information. it's top secret information, and we still don't have access to all the e-mails. it was the clintons to scrubbed them first. we don't know what else they never turned over. >> you don't think this neutralizes the issue for republicans at all? you're still going to continue to bring this up? >> absolutely. it's a fair thing. she's been asked. she took them, put them on a private server, which is
8:24 am
unclassified, never mind the cyber issues we face of others trying to seek information about how our government operates. we think see how things have no allowed certain sensitive up to top secret information be put in the secret sphere. that's dangerous. in seeking to be commander in chief, there are different circumstances that existed in those. the last thing is from my understanding, the only reason we know about this is the fbi spoken colin powell. i don't believe that's occurred with secretary clainton. if she wants to talk about a standard, sit down like colin powell did and then we'll have a conversation about what's fair. >> shaun spicer, thank you. coming up, the paper of record in new hampshire, really ripping into marco rubio saying he basically just got out of day
8:25 am
care. the editor is joining us live, ahead. >> plus stunning pictures out of lower manhattan. a crane has collapsed, killed someone in the middle of the street. we'll have the latest information on this. look at that. we'll be there, live. ♪
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breaking news this morning out of new york city. one person is dead. three people injured. two seriously after a crane -- look at these pictures and videos. after a crane collapsed in lower manhattan. several parked cars were crushed. we know that one person was killed sitting in one of the
8:30 am
cars and was not part of the construction crew. here is the mayor just moments ago talking about it. >> our hearts go out to the families of the individual who has been lost and to all those who have been injured. we're concerned for everyone who lives and works in the area to make sure they'll be safe. the immediate concern relates to the fact that there has been gas leaks as a result of this incident. the crane was being lowered into the secure position and the construction workers were blocking off the area, so the danger to people on the street was lessened. thank god we didn't lose more people. >> we are going to go to miguel who is live. any word why this happened? what caused this? i know the weather has been rough today. >> reporter: the wind is high. it was snowing very heavily today, and all those factors may have something to do it. it was a crawler crane, not one
8:31 am
connected to a building. you can't actually see it. it's down that street and goes all the way down the block where it fell. lots of police and fire on scene here still. this is a crane that was 565 feet long. they had just added an extense to it. it could handle weights up to 330 tons. when we were lowering the crane this morning because the winds were high, about 20 miles per hour, the company that runs the crane says at 25 miles per hour, they have to go into safety mode. they were lowering the crane into the safety mode when it collapsed. one of those photographs that you can see, you can see a car clearly underneath that crane. one of the people who was killed was in a parked car. it's not clear that that was the car where that individual was killed. but just a massive problem out here. the people in the neighborhood said it felt like an earthquake. they could literally feel the ground move.
8:32 am
it sounded extraordinarily loud. four buildings were damaged as the crane came down. they have that block closed off right now and we'll try to figure out how to get that crane up and out. it's going to take several days before they'll be able to do that. >> our thoughts go out of the people affected by that. terrible picture. thanks, miguel. back on the campaign trail, some familiar faces throwing their weight behind jeb bush. his mother, and even his brother. will the family strategy pay off? a little history could be a guide. >> also ahead, new hampshire's paper of record hitting marco rubio and hitting him hard. just days ahead of the crucial primary will there, we'll tell you what the paper said. the executive editor of the paper will be joining us live.
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new this morning, the new hampshire union leader, the newspaper of record there, mocks marco rubio as the flavor of the week and ridiculed the fawning stories of how the republican establishment seeks to coalesce behind him. >> one man who could take a little fawning is jeb bush. fawn away. he's probably thinking, and now the former florida governor needs a big showing and is bringing out big names so support him, namely mom and brother. joining us to talk about this jeffrey lord who was the political director for ronald reagan. he's a donald trump supporter. ron, let me ask you about the bush family robinson. bush bringing out his mother. let's look at a little bit of barbara bush on the trail with her son jeb yesterday.
8:38 am
>> jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal -- he's not a bragger. [ laughter ] >> we don't allow that, but he's decent and honest. he's everything we need in a president. >> talk to me about the risk reward here, ron. this is a guy who won't even put his last name on his bumper sticki stickier, but now his mom is campaigning for him. >> the reward is that he needs to bring out his family and pull out all the stops right now. he's done in the polls. we're not sure where it's going in new hampshire. we're hearing a lot of names above him. to bring in the family that has been in the american consciousness for years if not decades, is probably a smart thing to do. if your mom is saying nice things about, that might be able to help.
8:39 am
these families are trying to connect with voters in a way that maybe jeb bush can't. the risk is that those folks who want something new, you know, are continue to not be convinced about this and are going to move forward looking at other alternatives because they're used to the bush family and the bush dynasty. however, i think it's a smart idea. bring out your family and have them say nice things, especially if they're famous. and who doesn't like barbara bush? everyone in america likes her, the nicest lady ever. why not do something like that? >> so, let's talk about your guy. who is this donald trump that we're seeing today? over and over again i hear from you that you defended him at every turn saying let trump be trump. this is what people like about him, but who is this man who doesn't care about the back and forth with ted cruz? he doesn't even want to say cruz east na east name. he wants to focus on the people
8:40 am
of new hampshire. >> i think it's called the primary on tuesday. >> really? >> this is what candidates do. first of all, i mean, all of this tussling and hassling, this is what these people are supposed to do. i'm not a fan of it, but point of fact, if you're going to be president of the united states, you have to go after the other guy. that's with everyone is doing. the other day i googled their individual names with the word laye liar. just about everybody else has called everybody else a liar. this is what they do. now is the came to focus on new hampshire. donald trump sat down yesterday i think in a coffee shop with anderson cooper and a batch of new hampshire people. it was interesting to watch. i think they got to know the real guy, and i could see over his shoulder as he was talking, i could see people nodding their heads. it was interesting to watch. >> i'm not sure -- >> admitting that donald trump
8:41 am
is a politician now. >> i don't think politicians say there's a constitutional crisis about iowa voting in the morning and then in the afternoon say i don't care about iowa anymore. i quickly want to talk about saturday night and the debate. i'm interested in rubio. the last few days some of the other candidates have been saying a lot of stuff about senator rubio. boy in the bubble. you know, day care. union leaders saying he just got out of day care. i'm curious how you think this plays out on the debate stage saturday night. who swings hardest? >> he's in the middle. he is rising in the polls. i do think that trump and ted cruz are going to go after him. chris christie has been trying to nail him by calling him the boy in the bubble. i mean, he is rising in the polls. the prediction markets have him growing. they had him growing substantially. i can see why, because he is looking like the consensus establishment candidate that
8:42 am
people are beginning to thinking about rallying behind. >> santorum didn't know why he supported him. >> he should have talked about how rubio has helped dismantle obama care and is successful on taking it to hhezbollah. >> my moe toe -- motto is keep calm and carry on. >> calm? we don't do calm in cable news. get off the tv. >> donald trump has believed in that for exactly ten minutes. donald trump says he is moving on from iowa's results. he wants to focus on new hampshire. there's only one problem with that. he says he's stuck in new york. details, next. >> plus, ahead for us still, the
8:43 am
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new this morning, donald trump may be onto new hampshire metaphorically, but literally there is one problem, trump's campaign says he's stuck in new york. >> mj lee is in manchester, new hampshire. it's weather that's the reason, but what now? >> we might have a technical issue. mj, can you hear us? >> i'm having dr i want to talk about you about what happened this morning with donald trump's campaign at the last minute he has had to cancel his campaign event in london because of a snow storm hitting the east coast. as you can see behind me, the snow is coming down hard. we learned this morning that donald trump rather than stay overnight in new hampshire last night, he returned home to new york city, and now the campaign says because of weather issues,
8:48 am
and because of airport closures, he is going to be unable to make this event in new hampshire. now, i want to emphasize that these are really not great optics were donald trump coming just four days before the new hampshire primary race here. this event was the one event he had planned in new hampshire for today. he's essentially missing out on a whole day of campaigning in this state, and, of course, you saw donald trump wanting to ramp up his campaign schedule here after his loss in iowa, planning more town halls, planning more campaign stops in general. the fact that he went back to new york instead of staying here, again, not great optics. but the campaign is emphasizing that trump will be back, and he will be campaigning in the state of new hampshire both saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> all right. mj lee, thanks so much. if you can hear us, if you can't, thanks anyway. let's continue the conversation with the executive editor of the
8:49 am
new hampshire union leader. trent, can you hear us? >> yeah. i think it's interesting this trump isn't here today. he was here yesterday. it was a beautiful day, in the 50s. and we have nice hotels here in manchester. >> do you think him not being here has to do with weather, do you think him not being in new hampshire today, do you think this is going to hurt him? >> i think it's going to be -- yes, i think it's going to hurt him. i know it's snowing a little bit, but we're getting between one and three inches. in new hampshire, that's nothing. and people wanted to come out and see him today. i think he did really need to ramp up his on the ground campaign here in new hampshire. he has not done that before yesterday. yes, i think it's absolutely going to hurt him here. >> just to be clear -- i just want to make clear to the viewers -- he makes fun of other accoun candidates not in other players. the paper isn't a fan of trump.
8:50 am
not that it taints your view, but i want to make sure our viewers know. how much does the ground game matter in new hampshire? i've been talking to strategists on both sides. some say yes. others are saying new hampshire, when you have independents who decide at the last minute, there's no way to be >> that's absolutely right. you know, i'm glad you brought up the union leader endorsement. publisher endorsed chris christie. if you just look at the facts of how important the ground game is here in new hampshire, a lot of people have not started paying attention until the iowa caucuses, so a lot of people are going to spend this week, you know, finding some time in their busy schedules to go out and see, physically see, all the candidates and the fact that donald trump is missing today, i think, that is pretty critical. >> what do you think about hillary clinton? she's going to be leaving new hampshire on sunday to go to flint, michigan. what does that tell you?
8:51 am
>> you know, i think it's interesting to see that some of the candidates aren't here. you know, with hillary clinton i think a lot of people already have seen her a lot. she spent a lot of time here, and she's done a lot of the retail politicking that new hampshire, granite staters really expect. i kind of understand that. i think it's a really difficult call for all these campaigns. a lot of them are looking past new hampshire and trying to figure out what their national strategy will be, and so i think it's difficult for them to figure out just how much time to spend on the ground to make sure they're doing the right thing here in new hampshire versus, you know, their national strategy. >> big debate tomorrow night. how much movement do you expect to see after that debate? >> oh, that debate is going to be huge. i think that the republican candidates are really going to take the gloves off. i think this is their last chance. this is their final pitch to new hampshire voters. i think a lot of people are going to be watching, and they're going to be making up their minds after that debate. i think that where you are going to see -- are you going to see trump and cruz really going at
8:52 am
it, and then i think the big question is how many tickets will there be out of new hampshire? definitely three. the question is whether there will be four. if you have a strong kasich finish, rubio finish, christie, bush. all of those people are going to be fighting for spots. maybe two, maybe three, maybe four. i think if you see one of those people finish in second place beating ted cruz or if donald trump comes in sending place here, i think that's really going to shift the race. >> you mentioned john kasich. he has spent more time there than any other republican candidate. we will see very soon if that pays off, and i'm sure he could probably make that point in the debate coming up. trent, great to see you. thank you so much. coming up for, you we have breaking news. moments from now president obama is getting ready to deliver a statement on the economy. this comes after a positive jobs report was released this morning. what will the president have to say? we're going to bring that to you live.
8:53 am
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>> it's almost here. yes, i'm talking about the new hampshire primary, but also the super bowl. super bowl 50. the denver broncos versus the carolina panthers this sunday. >> peyton manning playing in what could be his last game ever. the likely mvp cam newton hoping to win his first super bowl ring. andy sholes joins us live from san francisco from super bowl city. i hear it all comes down to
8:58 am
turnout. >> it's all -- what was that, john? >> that's okay. tell us about the game. >> okay. you know, this game we were talking about alleged peyton manning versus the rising star cam newton. it's been quite the week for cam newton. he was the big story on sunday when the panthers arrived here rocking those gold and white and black zebra print versace skinny jeans. this is the first time he has had to do the gauntlet that is super bowl week. monday on media day he was all smiles, but by thursday, well, cam had become fed up with answering the same questions 1,000 times. >> i'm sorry if i'm bland, but i've been asked that question thousands of times. >> why are you wearing jeans with shoes? >> from what is your relationship with greg olson meant to you? >> meant a lot. if i see an article talking
8:59 am
about my sandals and socks, that would be new. >> an estimated $4.2 billion is expected to be wagered on the super bowl by americans according to the american gaming association, and that number actually comes from all the silly prop bets you can make on this game. of course, the super bowl in the bay area this year. you can actually bet on whether or not there will be an earthquake during the super bowl. it takes 56-1. there is a stipulation, though. it has to be at least 2.0 in magnitude and happen within 50 miles of levi stadium. some other prop bets you can make. you can actually bet whether or not jim nance and bill sims get into an argument during the broadcast. for some reason that only takes 4-1, which seems like a long number to me, and speaking of prop bets, how often will they mention dabbing. that likely will end up going over. of course, we'll have much more on the super bowl this weekend. kickoff by the day, a cnn and
9:00 am
bleacher report special is going to air tomorrow afternoon 2:30 eastern. chris cuomo and dan merino going to get us ready for the game on sunday. guys. >> what about bets on omaha? are we still betting -- >> omaha, omaha. >> there are -- if you can think of a bet, guys, it's there. you can bet on it. >> we're betting you on, anndy. thank you. >> thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> legal view with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." at any moment the president, mr. obama is, going to deliver remarks following the release of the january jobs report. it shows that unemployment fell to 4.9%. if you are wondering, that is the lowest rate in eight


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