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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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bleacher report special is going to air tomorrow afternoon 2:30 eastern. chris cuomo and dan merino going to get us ready for the game on sunday. guys. >> what about bets on omaha? are we still betting -- >> omaha, omaha. >> there are -- if you can think of a bet, guys, it's there. you can bet on it. >> we're betting you on, anndy. thank you. >> thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> legal view with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." at any moment the president, mr. obama is, going to deliver remarks following the release of the january jobs report. it shows that unemployment fell to 4.9%. if you are wondering, that is the lowest rate in eight years, but there were fewer new jobs
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than they expected. they expected somewhat lowers to 300,000 new jobs. we're going to bring you his speech and some of the details just as soon as he takes to that live mike. there you go. 151,000 new jobs in the january jobs reporting. they're getting the flags ready, and the mike is ready to go as well. we'll take you there in just a moment. in the meantime, though, a lot of action. a little more than a weekend away from the nation's first presidential primaries. we're going to begin with a jaw-dropping reminder of just how fast a race can change and how pivotal every single contest can be. a brand new poll of voters nationwide, a poll done after the iowa caucuses, i will remind you, shows a democratic race that is for the first time deadlocked effectively. 44% for hillary clinton. 42% for bernie sanders. that is not quite as close as iowa where sanders finished .2
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point behind clinton. these numbers are well within the poll's margin of error. the republican race, according to the poll is a three-man contest with donald trump nine points ahead of iowa caucus winner ted cruz, who is essentially tied with marco rubio. no one else is even above the 6% mark. most of the candidates, not surprisingly, are laser focused right now on new hampshire where voters are casting their ballots on tuesday, so here's the sprint map today. donald trump plans a rally tonight in south carolina citing bad weather as the reason he canceled the lone event that he had planned for new hampshire today. new jersey governor chris christie has made new hampshire a second home effectively. at a town hall this morning in dover he said the stakes in november aren't just high for him but for the entire gop. >> any party can lose two
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presidential elections in a row. we've done it before. democrats have done it before. the place we don't want to be in is losing three in a row. we lose three in a row, you start to wonder about your relevance to the national party. when you lose three in a row, you allow the other party to solidify their point of view in government. when you lose three in a row. especially this time. they can change the face of the supreme court for the next 20 years. >> and fresh off of last night's one-on-one democratic debate, bernie sanders returned to a theme that he says most candidates don't even want to touch. >> i understand the mrekz and politicians don't talk about poverty. they don't talk about poverty for a couple of reasons. if you are republican, what you want to do is cut the programs that the poorest people in this country desperately need. you want to cut nutrition programs when children are going hungry. that's why you don't talk about poverty.
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the other conventional wisdom with regard to poverty, poor people don't vote. where do i have to worry about poor people? i have to worry about rich people that will make campaign contributions. i think that concept stinks. >> his challenger, hillary clinton, is due to speak in manchester just moments from now. that's why jeff bellamy is standing by live. real quickly, those recent poll numbers that came out, national numbers, they're just astounding. bernie sanders is leading her by a 2-1 margin. >> well, ashleigh, i talked to the campaign's chief strategist, joe this morning. he dismissed that poll. he said that the track record of that poll is not very good nationally. they do not think that's right. what they're more focused on, ashleigh, is what's happening here in new hampshire. i mean, our own polls show that bernie sanders is up some 30 points. that, again, probably not the right number. new hampshire incredibly difficult to poll. why? because independents can vote in both sides. 40% of the state's electorate independents. they can pick up a republican
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ballot or a democratic ballot. some of the bernie sanders supporters can vote for a republican next tuesday. it's very typical here in new hampshire. never mind the polls. let's talk about what the candidates are saying. last night we saw such an aggressive match between the two over who is a better progressive, over who is a member of the establishment. that's what they are trying to do over the next closing four days here. i'm at a hillary clinton event. it's an organizing event. she'll be here in just a few minutes trying to rally up her volunteers to go out and income on doors because the bottom line is regardless of what poll you look at, bernie sanders is well ahead here, and that's a problem for her, ashleigh. >> yeah. i should clarify. that was the cnn-wnur poll in that state that has her 2-1 nationally. it's all within the margin of error. let me move on to flint, michigan. that's not a place i was going to expect to hear anything about this early in the race, but she is going to head to flint, michigan, that's dealing with that water crisis. is it a national headline she's
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looking for? is there something about michigan that's very democratic that she needs to deal with? >> look, ashleigh, i think she's been talking about flint, michigan, all along. what she's trying to do with this is, a, solve a problem. she's trying to present herself as someone who is interested in issues. it also gives her a hands to remind people of the narrative that she's been fighting for children her whole life. we saw her on stage at that debate last night saying that she worked for the children's defense fund. that's why she's going to flint, michigan, to go fight for those children. ashleigh, i would not be at all surprised if we see a television commercial from her in flint. perhaps not in time for the new hampshire primary, but coming up because that's where this is going. this is going to be a national race. from new hampshire it goes on to south carolina and nevada. by going to flint, she's just trying to show, a, she's stwut presidential, and, b, she's been fighting for children her whole life. that is the reason that she's taking a bit of a new hampshire detour. the majority of the next four days, ashleigh, will be a lot of new hampshire time for hillary clinton and the rest of the clinton family.
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>> all right. live for us in manchester. thank you for that. i want to talk about the state of affairs with both races. cnn senior political reporter and democratic strategist and cnn political commentator bobbing beckle is with us as well. let me start with you and the marco rubio race. you've been following this. you've written extensively. he is climbing quietly, and it's not quite among his competitors. he is doing very, very well, and he is doing it in an unusual way these days. we would call this unusual. sticking to the script. >> absolutely. that's really been marco rubio's mantra. ever since running in iowa, what he really does is he is running a very cautious, very disciplined, very repetitive campaign in which he is hitting on the key themes that he believes will resonate with voters wherever he goes. he sticks very, very closely to
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that stump speech. even using the same one-liners, same jokes everywhere. folks still laugh at it, and a lot of voters haven't heard it. the material seems new to a lot of voters. i talked to some voters. they said, well, it was new to me. clearly he believes his message is working. the way that they look at this race, the campaign does, is they and other of his supporters say they want a candidate that will not make mistakes, and they say marco rube wroe is trying to say he won't. he said i will not embarrass you if i am the republican nominee. it's really almost an antithesis of donald trump. is he the complete opposite. he will really say and do whatever is on his mind at that moment. that's really one of the choices voters have here in new hampshire as they head to the polls on tuesday. >> all right. bob beckle, i want you to weigh in on something if you would for me here. the fact that marco rubio is doing really well, that's a sneaky thing for maybe voters and maybe they haven't noticed it as much, but i'll tell you
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who is noticing it. jeb bush and chris christie. there are reports that there's actual tag teaming between these two campaigns going on right now. let me read you something from the "new york times" from today. the shared concern has even prompted the opening of a fact channel. members of the bush and christie campaign have communicated about their mutual desire to halt mr. rubio's rise in the polls. they've exchanged news articles and praised potential areas of vulnerability for mr. rubio. there's no formal coordination, the operatives stress, but rather, a he recognition of a shared agenda. dwoe have similar goals, an advisor to mr. christie said. bob, you have been in this game for a long time. have you ever seen campaigns getting together like this? >> well, not in new hampshire. i've been in new hampshire for seven presidential races, and i can tell you one thing about polls there. the longest four days of a presidential campaign year are the four days before new
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hampshire votes. it is a state that people change their minds over the weekend. that's why there's so much tracking going on, and i'll tell you, the irony of it is is that sanders has the bigger problem because of our poll. 41 points up. he isn't getting anywhere near that. my guess is if hillary clinton does what i think she can do, she can get under ten points, and what does sanders do at that point? he should have won bigger. that's what some people will say. the real question about the christie and bush effort is there's only going to be three tipping points out of new hampshire. it's going to be trump, and it's going to be cruz, and it's rubio is the other one, and they want to try to be in that mix, and they're not going to get there. they're too far behind. right now they want to beat up on rubio because that's the one ticket out to get to south carolina and las vegas -- i mean, to nevada. >> ben ferguson, it was only a few months ago we expected to be talking at length about jeb bush and about his success in iowa
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and his success in new hampshire and south carolina and beyond, and that has not happened. yesterday -- i'm sure it's for coincidence we're seeing the big guns. when i say big guns, i mean barbara bush, and i mean george w. bush. >> family. >> he brought the family out big-time. i tell you, i was glued to the television set. when barbara bush is on tv, i stopped and i watched. others are saying this is desperation. what do you make of it? >> well, this is what i think jeb should have done early on. remember when his big campaign came out? it was just jeb! you are sitting there going everyone knows you're a bush. just embrace it. just embrace the bush. embrace your mom. embrace your brother. if he would have done that earlier on, it would have helped him because there's a lot of people that kind of thought who are you trying to be? you're not faking us out. we're not buying this that you are somehow your independent own man. your last name is your biggest asset, it's your biggest liability. you might as well just be who you are. i think it's a smart move to do this.
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unfortunately, though, i think it is too late. i think if he would have brought her out earlier and brought his brother out earlier i actually think it would have helped him in this campaign. >> all right. bob beckle, real quick, i want to talk about trump's pivot. i'm getting whiplash from listening to his reactions to the latest news cycle in iowa. monday night he was conciliatory. by tuesday morning he was tweeting up a storm accusing ted cruz of fraud and demanding a do-over. then with anderson cooper last night "i'm over it." let me run the soundbyte of what he said to anderson about what he feels is going on. have a listen. >> look, i'm into new hampshire now. it's just one of those things. it was a lot of strange things. i like ben carson very much. he got pretty roughed up, frankly, although it affected me maybe more than ben. i'm so much -- i've been now here for two days. i'm so much into this, into new hampshire, that i just care about that. >> i guess the question i have,
9:13 am
beckle, is what trump are we going to see tomorrow night? this big debate tomorrow night. we're getting close to the contest. this has been back and forth, and i'm not sure about temperament. i'm going to ask about temperament anymore. i'm sick of that question. what's going to happen tomorrow night? >> i will tell you what's not going to happen is humility. trump is going to get back to what got him here. trump's poll numbers in iowa were off by a good six or seven points, which in my view had a lot to do with the fact that he dominated the press for so long. i will be willing to wager that trump does not do nearly as well as his poll numbers in new hampshire indicate, and i think there is a possibility, just a possibility, that rubio could upset him. >> all right. bob beckle, thanks for that. real quick, ben. real quick. sfroo yeah. >> i think there's one thing i can promise you. he will show up for this debate because he knows how much trouble that got him in by not showing up and showing that arrogance. a little humility afterwards. he fwot back to who he is. he will show up, and he will
9:14 am
probably be going after everybody just like he did from the very beginning, and his supporters will like him because is he getting back to what he was, which is being crazy donald trump. >> ben ferguson, love to have you. bob beckle, great work out on the trail as well, and great piece on as well about the rubio campaign style. coming up next, the more fact-challenged the debates get, which is why last night's democratic showdown had our fact finders and reality checkers working overtime in search of the truth. you want it? we got it. coming up in just a moment. then just a few minutes from now we're expecting to hear from president obama about the economy and the new jobs numbers that just came out in the last couple of hours. that's coming up towards the bottom of the hour. we are standing by live. you'll get it just as soon as he is out in front of the mike. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too.
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ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. >> any moment president obama expected to deliver remarks following the jobs report, and it's a good one. it does show that there were fewer new jobs than expected, but the inc. employment fell
9:19 am
4.9%. clearly he will want to make a big statement. you'll be live with him just as soon as he hits the microphone. meantime, new hampshire just days away, and better than where i sanders holding a wide lead over hillary clinton in the latest poll there. like more than 2-1. >> what you have been carrying out in recent weeks. let's talk about the issues. >> talk about the issues. we want to do our own fact checking. cnn senior political analyst david gergin. i did not expect to hear that. i haven't heard that get that ugly up until now. it starts to get a little tense.
9:20 am
certainly will change a little later on. let's talk about the issues. one of the issues that bernie sanders is he doesn't bring up the e-mail issue. she's getting hammered in the press about it. it continues to be an issue on the campaign trail. this is what he said about that particular issue live last night. have a look. >> now, we had a development in the e-mail matter today. when it came out that secretary powell and close aides to former secretary rice use private e-mail accounts, and now you have these people in the government who are doing the same thing to secretary powell and secretary rice's aides they've been doing to me is i never sent or received any classified material. they are retroactively classifying it. i spoke with secretary powell. he said this is an absurdity.
9:21 am
>> secretary powell said it's an absurdity. our verdict from our fact checking has said it's complicated. she says i never sent or received any classified materials. help me get through this from two perspectives. why it's complicated and also why it becomes very complicated for her as a campaign issue. >> i think the more complicated it gets the less impact it has. i think she was smart to raise the issue of colin powell and condi rice receiving them. if you get into the complications, the number of emails that we're talking about with secretary powell that were sent to him by others that have been classified is like a handful. it's like ten or 12. in her case we're talking about 1,300 or so. 22 of them have top secret material. there's nothing like that suggested in the powell stuff. in rice's case, the e-mails actually went to her staff.
9:22 am
she never saw them, apparently, and there were a small number in that situation too. having said all that, ashleigh, and the fact that sanders is giving her a pass on this, i don't think is going to have a deep impact on new hampshire or on the other states? >> you don't, huh? >> she's going to come back in the fall. >> let's talk about a little about health care. one of the -- one of the reasons i think bernie sand serz resonating with a lot of people is he wants universal health care for all. she has said we have obama care. let's not scratch everything from start back from zero. i want to play this soundbyte from last night's debate. >> i am on the health and labor committee. that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle health care in america while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all is just not accurate.
9:23 am
. >> i don't understand then. when he does accuse her of being inaccurate, he does want to universal health care and he would have to start from scratch, wouldn't he? >> i think he is right on this. by the way, ashleigh, the time that obama care being passed, there were a lot of people who supported obama care thinking that it would ultimately be a stepping stone to universal health care. the single payer system that sanders supports. it's not out of -- it's not so outlandish for him to say i would like to move to that. in fact, that transition can be made. where i do think he is vulnerable and she's been -- hillary clinton has been making this point -- he is much more vulnerable as to how much it's going to cost. they're through the roof. he has put unrealistic assumptions throughout about how much all this would cost, but anyone that's been looking at it
9:24 am
with a less partisan eye is saying, wait a minute, this is expensive. how are we going to pay for all this stuff? on that issue i think he is very vulnerable. >> all right. one of my favorite parts of what i saw last night was the conciliatory tone between them. they're pretty good about that. they do get at each other, but there was this one moment where there were asked about effectively what they think of each other. i think the question was headed towards would that be your vp candidate, that person standing next to you? let me play that and about those two together, and we'll talk on the other side. >> if i'm so fortunate to be the nominee, first person i will call to talk to about where we go and how we get it done will be senator sanders. >> i happen to respect the secretary very much. i hope it's mutual, and on our worst days i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican candidate.
9:25 am
>> i'll tap into your wealth of knowledge about politics. is it true what bernie sanders just said? >> yeah, listen, he is going to support her in the end if she's the nominee. he will support her. >> that's not what i said. the tenor and level between the candidates. bernie sanders said -- >> well, listen -- >> we may be really tough on each other. he says we may be really tough on each other, but at our worst, we are infinitely better -- i'm paraphrasing -- than what we see on the republican side. is that true? >> i think he absolutely believes that, and i think you'll find the same thing on the republican side. whoever gets nominated out of this crowd is going to get -- like a chris christie, if he doesn't get there, he will say even if it's marco rubio, he will be 100 times better than it is alternative hillary clinton. they're united on that. let me just say hillary clinton -- >> i don't know. >> the problem here -- >> i expect to hear words like
9:26 am
liar and fraud. bubble boy. king of england. >> the fur is going to fly. >> yeah. >> look. in their case politics ain't -- it's been long said. they're going to throw things at each other. when this is over they'll smoke a peace pipe and show everybody, and that's the history of politics that two rivals like this usually come back together in a public way. what is more dangerous for her is f she's the nominee is if this keeps going with all the fur flying, sanders' people, his followers, will have a harder time coming over to her. they can make peace at the public level, but they're going to be a lot of folks who may be scarred out of this, and they may not, in fact, come out to the polls. especially among the young. she needs that. that obama part of the coalition was young and women and minorities. obama built a powerhouse for getting elected, and she needs the young, and they're going to
9:27 am
sanders in massive numbers right now. will they come back to her? i'm not so sure. if this gets very angry, then it becomes a lot more difficult. can i just say one of the words, though, ashleigh, about issues. >> yes, please do. >> the issue they need to be keeping their eye on right now is the economy and it's 151,000 jobs report. yes, the percentage of unemployed went down slightly, but that's a low jobs number, and there's real fear now in this economy that it could slow down. we just saw a growth number .7%. the democrats need a higher growth number coming in to this campaign. it's really important for thei campaign. it's that issue they really ought to be pushing. how are we going to get growth back into this economy? >> i'm glad you brought that up because we're watching the live microphone at the white house where the president will address that. it will be interesting to see how he finesses that message because unemployment may be 4.9%, and that's a wonderful headline if you want to say it's the lowest in eight years, but a lot of the people are touting the other one. the real unemployment, those that just stopped looking, is much, much higher. >> absolutely. >> that's about 100,000 less
9:28 am
than what we were expecting. can you look at it both ways. >> it's a lot lower than expected, and it's not an acceptable number over time. >> all right. david, always good to have you. thank you. >> thanks, ashleigh. coming up next, over 100 firefighters and other first responders had action in new york today after a massive and deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan. an update from the scene, but imagine, so much goes on over head in new york city. this is the last thing you want to see come crashing down over the course of several blocks. an update on that. then, again, minutes away from now the president expected to talk about that jobs report and the economy. will he venture into what this means for the candidates? nuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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9:32 am
158,000 jobs last month. after reaching 10% in 2009 the unemployment rate has now fallen to 4.9%. even as more americans join the job market last month. this is the first time that the unemployment rate has dipped below 5% in almost eight years. all told, over the past six years our business has added 14 million new jobs. 71 straight months of private sector swrob growth extends the longest streak on record. over the past two years 2014 and 2015 our business has added more jobs than any time since the 1990s. most importantly, this progress is finally starting to translate into bigger paychecks. over the past six months wages have grown at their fastest rate since the crisis, and the policies that i'll push this year are designed to give
9:33 am
workers even more leverage to earn raises and promotions. so unemployment, deficits, gas prices are all down. jobs, wages, and the rate of the insured are up. i should mention, by the way, that since i signed obama care into law nearly 18 million americans have gained coverage and our businesses have created jobs every month since. as i said, the united states of america right now has the strongest most durable economy in the world. i know that's still inconvenient for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair tour plays in new hampshire. i guess you cannot please everybody. that does not mean that we don't have more work to do. there is softness in the global
9:34 am
economy. china is going through a transition. that's all creating headwind for overseas. it makes it more difficult. we have to pay attention to this, and we have to take some smart steps this year to continue progress. what i sent to congress tuesday is going to make sure that we can continue the progress. talking down the american economy, by the way, does not make that progress. my budget will offer more opportunities for americans to get education to obtain a job. offer new ideas for benefits and protections that provide folks with a basic sense of security, will create more good paying
9:35 am
jobs, not by subsidyizing the past, but by investing in the future, and that's why we're going to be placing a big emphasis on clean energy. private sector solar jobs, for example, are growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy, and they pay better than average. that's one reason why my budget is going to double our investment and clean energy research and development by the end of the decade. that's going to help businesses create more jobs faster. it's going to lower the cost of clean energy faster. it's going to help renewable power compete with dirty fuels across america in a more effective way. the progress we make going 10% down to under 5%, that's a testament to american workers, american businesses, and the
9:36 am
american people being resilient and sticking to it, and my hope is that rather than hinder their progress, we're going to continue to help them make progress. with that, have a great weekend. enjoy the super bowl. i'm not telling you my pick because the bears aren't in it. but i'm hoping for a great game. with that, josh, is he back there? josh, take it away. >> you seem to imply you don't get enough credit -- >> i'm going to take a couple of questions. what the heck. it's friday. i'm in a good mood. >> so you were implying yesterday in a joking way that you don't get enough credit. >> this is what i was talking about with the warriors. okay. >> were you, again aring referring to just now republicans and their message, which you could say could be expected during an election or
9:37 am
were you also referring to the fact that the polls, 57% of americans in polls say they don't think things are going well in this country. why do you think that is? >> well, at the time i was making a joke with a basketball team, but there's no doubt that while we have made significant progress -- and i talked about this during the state of the union -- there's still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy. if you have looked at some of the surveys, people feel better about their circumstances, their finances, but they're not sure about the future, and part of it is there's still a pretty big carry-over from the devastation that took place in 2007, 2008. if your home value drops in half or you lose a job that you thought you were secure or your pension suddenly looks
9:38 am
vulnerable, you are going to remember that. a lot of people still feel that. they're right to recognize that there's some longer-term economic trends that we still have to tackle that the economy is more dynamic and it churns faster and the pressure on companies to maximize short-term returns oftentimes at the expense of long-term investment, the lack of loyalty sometimes to workers who built those companies and threaten to be laid off. the fact that wages and incomes up until the last six months haven't gone up as fast as corporate profits have or benefits at the very top. all those things people feel and they experience. even though they know things are better, they're worried where are we going? i think -- so i think that the argument i'm making here and will continue to make during the
9:39 am
course of this year is we should be proud of the progress we've made. we have recovered from the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. the worst in my lifetime and the lifetime of most of the people in this room, and we've done it faster, stronger, better, more durably than just about any other advanced economy. had we adopted some of the policies that were advocated by republicans over the last four, five, six years, we know that we probably would have done worse, and we know that because a lot of european countries adopted those policies, and they haven't yet gotten to the same place they were before the crisis. evidence, facts are on our side, and this jobs report gives you one more indication that the facts are on our side. i think that it is important for us then to understand how do we take the next step and make people feel more secure and feel more confident about the future,
9:40 am
and that's why investments in indication and job training are going after the high costs of higher education, making sure that issues like paid leave and family leave are put in place, raising the minimum wage so that if you're working full-time, you're not in poverty. making sure that we're investing in transportation, infrastructure and clean energy. going after the jobs in the future, investing in technology. all those things are a recipe for continued growth and increased security and as far as i can tell, those who are running down the economy and adding to the anxiety don't seem to have any plausible coherent recipe other than cut taxes for the very folks who have been doing the best in this economy and somehow magically that's going to make other folks feel good. or alternatively they argue that the reason you're feeling
9:41 am
insecure is because immigrants or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck, and that is just not true. the facts don't bare that out. that's not where the weaknesses in the economy are. that's not what's depressing wages for middle class families or making them more vulnerable to disruptions in this economy. i want to keep on making that argument during the course of this year. we should feel good about the progress we've made, understanding that we have still got more work to do. it's sort of like, you know, i'm 54 now, so i have to work out harder to stay in shape, and, you know, if i'm feeling good in the gym, i want to ackwled that what i'm doing is working. otherwise, i'll go out and have a big double bacon cheeseburger or something because i'll think, well, this isn't working.
9:42 am
if it's working, then we should be staying on that same path. that doesn't mean that i'm where i necessarily want to be. it doesn't mean that i stop, you know, doing some hard work to get where we need to go. all right? i was only going to make two. i'm just going to take two. all right. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. how can you improve work force participation levels because as much as people talk about the recovery, sow few americans now relatively speaking in the job force, especiallying compared to 2008 and if you wouldn't mind, sir, can you at least comment on the $10 per barrel fee that we've heard so much about? >> on the first question, part of what was good in this jobs report is the fact that the participation rate, in fact, didn't drop. that wasn't the reason why unemployment dropped. more people are entering into
9:43 am
the work force. they feel more confident, and they're finding work. who is true is that we're still at a point where the labor participation rate is lower than it has been historically. some of that's explained by demographics. the population is getting older, and so you would expect that there is some decline, but it's not fully explained by americans getting older. some of this is still the hangover from what happened in 2007, 2008, and this is part of the reason why we have to keep our foot to the accelerator in terms of doing the things that need to be done to keep the economy growing and keep it strong. we should not let up. people will feel more confident that if they go out and look for
9:44 am
work, that they can find it. there are particular cases where some folks have just been out of the labor market for a long time, and may not be equipped for the jobs of today, and that's where we've got to target some special efforts. i get a lot of letters from middle age workers who got laid off. aren't confident about their current skills, and so have not yet re-entered the work force. they need to get retrained, and so that's a special group of folks in their late 40s, early 50s, still far away from retirement, but feel like they can't adapt. obviously there are young people, high school drop-outs, folks in both rural communities and inner cities that just have -- came of age right in the middle of this terrible recession, and haven't gotten
9:45 am
attached to the labor market yet, and so we've got to make special efforts to figure out do we get them into job training programs or community college and allows them to get some skills. there's a wide set of strategy that is we can take on that. it's going require overall, though, a strong labor market for them to feel like it's worth it to make these -- to make these efforts. we want to keep making sure that the labor market is as strong as possible. with respect to oil and energy i'll probably make a larger speech about that and the directions that we need to go on this. the basic proposition is that right now gas is 180, and gas prices are expected to be low
9:46 am
for a while for the foreseeable future. that overall can be a good thing for the economy. >> we allowed them for the first time to export oil. up until that point domestic producers couldn't export, so if we say to them now, all right, oil companies, we know that you're having to retool. we know the prices are low right now. you're allowed to export, but
9:47 am
what we're also saying is that we're going to provide -- we're going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil imported, exported, so that some of that revenue could be used for transportation. some of that revenue can be used for the investments and basic research and technology that's going to be needed for the energy sources of the future. then ten years from now, 15 years from now, 20 years from now we're going to be in a much stronger position when oil starts getting tight again, prices start going up again. we will have further weened our economy off of dirty fuels. we will not have just made environmental progress, but we'll also have a much stronger economy, a stronger infrastructure. we will be creating the jobs of the future, and i think we'll look back and say that was a smart investment. that was a wise decision for us to make.
9:48 am
the point is it's right to do it now when gas prices are really low. they will be low for quite some time to come so it's not going to be a disrupting factor in terms of the economy. all right? okay, guys. of course. i only said two questions, but i hope you guys have a wonderful super bowl party. all right? thank you, guys. >> with that, the president cedes to josh ernest, the white house press secretary. that's not something we're used to getting. just an ad hoc news conference like that. this may be good news that unemployment is down to 4.9%, and that's the lowest rate in eight years. but, you know what, 57% of americans say the economy is not going well in their estimation. the new jobs this month 151,000. the projection, however, was at cnn money, 197,000.
9:49 am
50,000 short of the projection. also, about 100,000 below last month's job creation. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm ashleigh banfield here at cnn. joining me now senior washington correspondent jeff bellamy and senior business correspondent allison kasik. i want to draw everyone's attention to the dow. as i've been watching the big board, the day has been intriguing. when those numbers were announced, we could see a very sharp downward curve that the dow had a really rough couple of hours. here we are approaching 1:00, and the president was speaking. at 11:30 things started to uptick. we're still 137 down, but walk me toughhe markets and how they react to this kind of news. >> wall street has this very skewed mentality, and in this case this good -- this was a good jobs report. wall street sees it as good news is bad news. let me explain why. up until we got this jobs report, which, by the way, is strong, it looked like the
9:50 am
slowing global growth, the worry that other countries that are having issues is very -- that could spill over here. the thinking was that that would compel the fed to postpone another interest rate hike next mornings but what wall street is seeing now is that the stronger labor market is suggesting that the fed may be thinking differently now that march can't be ruled out, that interest rates could go up again. you look at what's been having in the financial market. they're unstable. january is actually coming off its worst month since 2009. look at gdp. that's economic growth in this country. it's basically muddling through. let me show you how much. the economy grew only .7% between october through december. that is the slowest pace since the first quarter of last year when the economy only grew at .6%. now, mind you, we had bad
9:51 am
weather in 2016. weather was blamed on that, but the question is why did the economy at the end of last year only grow at .7% when, hmm, the weather was warm? all is not perfect. you look at overall growth last year, it was only 2.4%. that matched 2014. what does that say? that says growth in the united states was stagnant from 2014 to 2015 if you base it on that one data figure. ashleigh. >> well, max doesn't lie, allison, and that's why you are in this moment with us, and i'm going to go to jeff because you can take math, jeff, and you can add politics to it, and everything changes. >> no question, ashleigh. one central figure of this presidential campaign is president obama. he is not running for office again, of course, but his record and the record of this economy are a central player in this campaign. the president coming out today to report these jobs numbers is very significant to me.
9:52 am
after covering the white house, covering this president for eight years, he seldom has done this had. by doing this, he is trying to rebut some of the republican argument. the economy is not doing well. he is trying to -- you heard him say himself he is not talking down the economy, not running down the economy. he believes that's what republicans have done. the challenge here is this for democrats. democrats will inherit this economy. no question about it. the jobs numbers are so much better than they were seven, eight years ago. unemployment is half what it was, but there is still the feeling out there that the economy has not fully revived. that is the challenge for these candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side. by embracing these economic growths, still understanding the challenges that voters and people are feeling out there. i think the president coming to the white house and reporting these numbers is a sign that he is trying to add his voice to this and remind americans he may be listening to this presidential campaign that things are not as bad as you may
9:53 am
be hearing. mroo we're also in manhattan watch going that happened here this morning that frightened a lot of people. as deadly crane collapse. it happened on the lower part of manhattan. well over 100 firefighters and first responders racing into action. i'm going to give you the pictures from above. you will not believe what it looks like to see a crane that is blocks long after it crashes down to the streets below.
9:54 am
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>> i want to welcome back our viewers in the united states and all around the world. there is this breaking news right now coming to us from lower manhattan. a massive and towering construction crane came crashing to the street below this morning brushing the building on their way down -- on its way down and also smashing parked cars that were parked all the way down an entire city block. the pictures are just astounding and the results are as well. at least one person was killed who was sitting in one of those parked cars. there are several other people who were badly hurt in this accident. cnn's miguel cardimarquez is stg by live. the mayor has already been to this location. tell me what happened. >> this was a crawler crane. it wasn't a crane attached to a building but a crane that was rolled in or driven in about a week ago. this is the scene here on west broadway. that's just halfway down the crane.
9:59 am
it goes back to the left another block and then all the way down to the right another block. several cars crushed. that one person, as you mentioned, who was injured was in one of those cars. that was marked along the way where this crane came down. the winds were very high when this crane was being lowered this morning. it put an extension on it. it's an existing building. generators were on top of that building. it had already done some work. it was being lowered this morning because the winds were so high. it's also snowing very heavily. there is an investigation as to how the crane as it was being lowered came down and crushed several cars. damaging four buildings as well, but fortunately it could have been a lot worse. there are concerns about a gas leak because of how hard this crane came down, but they've been checking throughout the day, and they say so far no signs of a gas leak. ashleigh. >> thank god that the workers
10:00 am
had already begun clearing some of the traffic below. this could have been so much worse. miguel marquez for us live in lower manhattan. thank you for that. thank you, everyone, for watching. i'm going to turn the mike over to my colleague wolf blitzer who starts right now. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 10:00 a.m. in san francisco, 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 2:00 a.m. saturday hong kong. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, presidential politics here in the united states. with just four days away from the first primary of this, the 2016 race for the white house, and the candidates they're in a sprint right now to the finish line in new hampshire. on the republican side today jeb bush, john kasich, ted cruz, chris christie, marco rubio, carly fiorina, they're all scheduling campaign events today. democrats, hillary clinton and bernie


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