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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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had already begun clearing some of the traffic below. this could have been so much worse. miguel marquez for us live in lower manhattan. thank you for that. thank you, everyone, for watching. i'm going to turn the mike over to my colleague wolf blitzer who starts right now. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 10:00 a.m. in san francisco, 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 2:00 a.m. saturday hong kong. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, presidential politics here in the united states. with just four days away from the first primary of this, the 2016 race for the white house, and the candidates they're in a sprint right now to the finish line in new hampshire. on the republican side today jeb bush, john kasich, ted cruz, chris christie, marco rubio, carly fiorina, they're all scheduling campaign events today. democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're also on the campaign trail in new
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hampshire today. we're also monitoring the events taking place specifically this hour. bernie sanders' rally set to begin any minute now in exeter, new hampshire, and hillary clinton is wrapping up a canvas launch in manchester. looking at live pictures there. we're watching all of this unfold. meanwhile, a new poll out today shows bernie sanders holding to a wide lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. in the cnn-wmur poll of likely democratic primary voters, sanders is at 61% new hampshire compared to 30% for hillary clinton. the two candidates stood side-by-side, went toe to toe could to debate last night. at one point hillary clinton unloaded on bernie sanders for suggesting that she's beholden to wealthy wall street donors. >> if you've got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received.
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and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents in the best of my ability, and i'm very proud of that. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks, and let's talk about -- let's talk about the issues. >> let's go to krr nn's senior washington correspondent jeff zelmy. he is joining us from manchester in new hampshire. very strong words, jeff. this looks like the most fired up she's been in this one-on-one campaign with bernie sanders so far. >> no doubt about it. you can see her, and she's joined by some of her former senate colleagues behind me. they're trying to get out the vote. last night was one of the most intense clashes we've seen between senator sanders and hillary clinton. those words "artful smear" were a sign that this is really escalated here. the reason is this, wolf. the clinton campaign has been sort of initially amused by the
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sanders campaign, then worried. now not taking anything for granted here. she wanted to call him out specifically on these assertions he has been making that, you know, she's been compromised in some way, so directly face-to-face, she looked directly at him and said point to a place where i was compromised because of my wall street donations. of course, he didn't say anything there, the reason she's doing this, she's trying to get the attention and focus these voters here in new hampshire and down the line here that she has experienced and she's been a fighter in these issues, and she is not going to let him own the progressive mablgts mantle here. that was one of the most interesting exchanges of the night, wolf. >> it certainly was. she didn't pull any punches. bernie sanders didn't back down either. >> right. >> how well did he do on his own holding up to hillary clinton? >> wolf, if you are a bernie sanders supporter going into the debate, you came out one too. he was clear on what his view of this is. he was clear on his call for a new kind of politics. he didn't deny the fact that he
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has not been a democrat all his life. he talked about that there needs to be change to the political system in this country. i think a lot of people would agree with him on that. i think he struggled a bit on foreign policy. that's one of her strengths in this, no question. those wall street attacks are worrisome to the clinton campaign because they know this populous strain going on in this democratic party and elsewhere is something that makes people somewhat suspicious of her. i think he had a strong night. i think overall she did not back down from any of this and challenged him directly in a way we've not yet seen, wolf. >> had he certainly did. she also was asked about the e-mail controversy, whether it would hurt her campaign if she wins the democratic presidential nomination. she pointed a new report from the state department investigators saying that former secretary of state colin powell and top staffers from former secretary of state condoleezza rice also received classified information through personal e-mail accounts. listen to what she said.
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>> i never sent or received any classified material. they are retroactively classifying it. i agree completely with secretary powell who said this is an absurdity, and i think the american people will know it's an absurdity. i have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever. >> jeff, this new state department investigation, this report, gives her new ammunition in defending herself, right? >> it does. it gives her cover in some way. she's been saying all look that she's not alone in using private e-mail and that any e-mail she sent at the time was not lass classified, but it does not resolve all the questions. she is the only one having a department of justice investigation going on here. by saying that voters have nothing to worry about in this primary campaign and as the general election goes forward, she's really putting a lot on
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the line here. we have to wait until the investigations go forward. this september a question that democrats have. it's a question that independent voters and perhaps some middle of the road voters down the line still have about her, but from last night from now i think she is clearing this up. wolf. >> one final question. totally unrelated. certainly of high interest. larry david, the great comedian, the actor, he is going to be hosting saturday night live tomorrow night. he does an mazing impression of bernie sanders. there's been a lot of speculation that just like hillary clinton who occasionally shows up on "snl." would bernie sanders being ready to join larry david on snl tomorrow night? what are you hearing about that? >> he certainly is ready, wolf, and, in fact, he is going. i am told by one senior campaign advisor that he is, in fact, going to new york city. he has been invited by "snl" and there's no official announcements about this because "saturday night live" always keeps its programming sort of
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close to the vest, but bernie sanders is heading there, and he believes he will be on "snl" and i think there's every reason he will be because larry david, who has been playing him for so long is hosting. that's going to be quite the show going into the new hampshire primary next tuesday. quite a debut, i guess, on that stage that bernie sanders has not yet had. >> we'll have trouble seeing the real bernie sanders because larry david does such an amazing job. it's going to be, i'm sure, a fabulous, fabulous "snl" and we'll all want to watch that. thank you for that, jeff, in new hampshire. the national race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is tightening up to a brand new national poll just out today. it shows, look at this, hillary clinton at 44%. bernie sanders at 42%. national polls conducted before the iowa caucus is including this one. showed hillary clinton with an enormous lead over bernie sanders nationwide, but according to the new poll, this
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university poll, it has dramatically narrowed within the margin of error. 44%, 42%. 11% undecided. debbie awayserman-schultz is joining us as well from new hampshire. congresswoman, what do you make of this new national poll? sfroo well, i'll leave that to the pundits, wolf, to analyze what the national polls mean. we're focused at the democratic party to make sure that we can get ready for whoever our nominee is at the end of the nominating contest and make sure it's very clear that stark contrast between either one of our candidates and the entire field of republican right wingers? sflo we need to make sure that we can continue to help people reach those cornerstones of the middle class. i was very proud of their effort
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last night and look forward to the general election. >> that the campaign could go on for a while if you believe these polls. what would a prolonged fight for the democratic nomination mean for the democratic party? >> a prolonged fight means that we are going to have more time for both of our campaigns to organize and mobilize our supporters. i mean, you could see just this week in iowa we had the second largest turnout in iowa caucus history and of our candidates we have had three candidates. really two with very robust campaigns that turned out almost as many caucus goers as 11 candidates on the republican side did. our candidates are focused. they're motivated. their supporters are enthusiastic. we are going to come together once we have a nominee just like we did in 2008 where arguably that primary, wolf, as you know, was kweebt more contentious than this one has been, and even that it's likely to be, and we'll come back together and be
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unified behind the democratic nominee. you saw both senator sanders and hillary clinton warmly exchange agreements that either one of them would be a far better president than any one of the extremists on the other side of the aisle. >> more than 170,000 democrats showed up for the democratic caucuses in iowa. that's a very veshgs impressive number. not as big as in 2008, but still very impressive. the debate last night did show a little more intensity in the fight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. you saw she got angry a few times at bernie sanders. spoke about a smear. is that good or bad, do you think, long-term for the party? >> well, first of all, let's not overcharacterize anger and intensity. i mean, they essential pointedly discussed their differences of opinion on how they would achieve the same goal. building on the success that we've had since president obama became president and brought us from the worst economic crisis since the great depression where we were losing 800,000 jobs a
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month and now we've had 71 straight months of job growth in the private sector, and both of them would take a different approach to continuing to building on that progress, but, you know, at the end of the day these are two candidates that agree that we need to make sure that we focus not on the wealthiest, most fortunate americans, like the republicans would take us back to, but on making sure that people have a fair shot to succeed, and the contrast, as i said, when we have an enemy, it will be stark. it's already stark. the food fight that goes on the other side of the aisle, they basically spend their days trying to out-insult one another. it's in stark contrast to the substantive and robust discussions about policy that our two candidates have had. it's a tremendous source of pride, and it kind of makes a mockery of the entire republican primary. >> do you fear that the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg could join this eventually general election contest as a third party independent candidate and potentially take votes away from the democratic nominee?
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>> so given why michael bloomberg is exploring the possibility of running for president, i really think when he takes a good hard look, he will conclude that the issues that are important to him, making sure that we can really keep people who should not have guns from having them and keep people safe from harm making sure that we can have the kind of education that our young people need and deserve, making sure that consumers have the kind of protection that they need. that has a natural home among our democratic candidates, and so i think michael bloomberg's agenda is well cared for in advance among our democratic candidates and his candidacy i think they'll find won't be necessary. >> debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the democratic national committee, congressman from south florida. thank you for joinin us. >> always a pleasure, wolf. thank you so much. coming up, jeb bush brings out the famous family to try to help his chances in new hampshire and south carolina. will it work? bernie sanders, he is holding a rally in new hampshire this
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>> republican candidates are making their final pitch before the chris christie touted his years of experience in a town hall in dover wresh also slammed rivals marco rubio and donald trump. meanwhile, trump canceled a town hall event he had citing bad weather. he does have a rally in south carolina later tonight. this is a new cnn-wmur poll showing trump still in the lead in new hampshire while ted cruz slides to third place. rubio surging right now. he is in second place in this new poll. the florida senator is getting slammed, though, by new hampshire's biggest newspaper. the publisher of the new hampshire union leader is mocking rubio as the flavor of the week. let's bring in our cnn politics executive editor mark preston. also joining us paul steinhauser, a former cnn political editor. he is now the anchor reporter for nh1 in new hampshire. let's start with you, paul. let's talk about rubio. he is surging in these polls.
10:18 am
you had a chance to speak with him. you spoke with cruz. could this be new hampshire right now -- rubio's big chance to shine? >> it could be his big chance to shine. he is shining right now, wolf. i'll say one thing, though. higher expectations here. that's a strong third place finish in iowa. not much expectations. he beat them here. he has a lot on the line, and he has a lot more competition because the governors, well, they're battling pretty well here. wolf, you were just mentioning, though, it's like a circular firing squad right now between these candidates. so much on the line. less of them. a lot more ugly comments. take a listen to what rubio and what cruz told me yesterday. >> i like ted, but is he willing to do or say anything in order to get votes. >> well, you know, it is not surprising that my political opponents are attacking me. there is an irony for someone like marco to talk about saying and doing anything to get elected because when he campaigned to get elected in florida, he promised the men and women of florida he would lead the fight against amnesty.
10:19 am
i made the exact same promise in texas. the difference was when we went to washington, i kept my promise. >> throw governor bush and governor citesie into the mix. they also had some critical comments. wolf, so much on the line right now. that's why you are hearing all this really tough rhetoric. >> mark, rubio is being criticized for being too scripted. christie has been calling him the boy in the bubble. all that criticism coming in. has that criticism been working? is it hurting rubio based on what your sense on the ground there? >> if you can imagine that ted cruz and chris christie would be allies in this, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? it's certainly helpful to ted cruz to have chris christie trying to knock marco rubio and probably effectively in some ways. we won't really see that and see how effective it is for the next couple of days. look, what's happening right now is you have this fight for life going on right now. ted cruz, marco rubio, not
10:20 am
fighting for their lives, but fighting for positioning. what are you seeing happen with the governors, with kasich, with bush, with christie, they are fighting for their lives because they have to do very well here. if they don't do well here out of that three, then there's no ticket out of here for them. basically what we're going to see over the next -- unfold over the next couple of days is it's going to get nastier than what we've seen over the last few days. they are fighting for their political lives. >> it's a good point. paul, jeb bush now embracing the bush name. his mom, barbara bush, stumping for him today. his brother george w. bush, the former president, he is out with a brand new ad. check out also the picture that jeb bush just tweeted out. it was a response to donald trump saying he was forced to cancel his event in new hampshire today because of the bad weather. bush says, look at this, "trump, my 90-year-old mother made it out to the campaign trail." listen to this new jeb bush ad targeting rubio.
10:21 am
>> what do you list as marco rubio's top accomplishment that made you decide to endorse him? >> i guess it's hard to say their accomplishments. >> pretty tough words, and it goes on, obviously, a lot more. how will that play over there, paul? >> listen, first of all, i'll start with his mother. i asked him about his mother just before she arrived. he got a spark until his eye. she's still well liked here, especially among the older crowd, but jeb bush has been attacking donald trump for quite some time. it may help with some voters. it's definitely not going to help with trump voters. this is the trump country. pretty solidly going back to the summertime. he has been a clear frontrunner here. things may change a little bit, but i think it's a battle for second place here in new hampshire. a battle for second, third, and maybe a fourth place to take it down to south carolina, wolf. >> mark, the january jobs numbers are now out just released. we just heard president obama praising the new numbers. showing unemployment now at an eight-year low. only 4.9%. it was over 9%.
10:22 am
listen to the president. >> they argue that the reason you're feeling insecure is because immigrants or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck, and that is just not true. the facts don't bare that out. that's not where the weaknesses in the economy are. that's not what's depressing wages for middle class families or making them more vulnerable and disruptions about your economy, and i want to keep on making that argument during the course of this year. >> could this help the eventually democratic nominee in a general election? >> i think it's very important what the president said at the very end. he needs to keep making that argument until the end of the we're. whoever wins that nomination, whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders, is going to need prim president obama covering the flank. president obama doing things not being so public about it and sucking away the oxygen, but
10:23 am
covering the flank. i have to tell you just walking the streets of manchester here or any of these streets outside of washington d.c., those swrobz numbers might be ticking down, but people aren't feeling it, wolf. they still feel the crush of the economy and the fact that their paycheck is not going as far. it is going to be hard for the democratic nominee to follow eight years of an obama presidency, but that's why the president needs to play a very key role heading into november. >> only four days away from the new hampshire primary. mark preston, paul steinhauser, thanks very much. you're both going to be very, very busy. coming up, governor john kasich has put all his bets right here in new hampshire for his presidential campaign. will it pay off for him on tuesday? his strategy in a key state. we'll discuss that and more when we come back. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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want to go to manchester, new hampshire. hillary clinton is speaking. let's listen in briefly. >> kids who need relief from student debt can't wait. the young waitress that i met working two jobs at minimum wage can't wait to have a better future for herself and her family. i'm fighting for people that can't wait. i won't make promises i can't keep. what i will tell you is what i know we can do working together to build on the progress that we have made under president obama, build on the progress of previous democratic presidents. the affordable care act, what a great accomplishment for our country and for those who have worked so hard to provide quality affordable health care.
10:29 am
i will not let the republicans repeal it, and i will not low us into another contentious debate to start all over again. we're going to make it work. we're going to get you universal coverage. we're going get the costs down, and i need you to be able to do all of that. thank you from the bottom of my heart. as i said last night in the debate, i sometimes run into people who say i'm trying to make up my mind between and you senator sanders. i said tell me what are you thinking about. sometimes they have a specific question, but sometimes they said, well, you know, it's kind of between my heart and my head. i said, well, i can solve that for you. what motivates me every day is what's in my heart. i have been so privileged to have learned, to experience, to work on behalf of families like maggie's with her wonderful son who i have had the privilege of meeting. to work to remedy the deep
10:30 am
throng inflicted on the people of flint. that's what gets you up in the morning. there are a lot of hard days. there's a lot of disappointment. what seems obvious to you, for heaven sakes, raise the minimum wage. equal pay for women. what is possibly an argument against that? yet you got to get up every day and keep going after it, and it's the people i meet. it's their hopes. it's their aspirations that i keep in mind, but then you got -- >> we're going to continue to watch hillary clinton deliver this speech. we're also standing by. bernie sanders, he is speaking in new hampshire. i want to bring you some of his remarks as well. that's coming up. just four days to go before the state holds the nation's first presidential primary. a fact not lost on republican presidential candidates john kasich, who is holding his 100th
10:31 am
town hall in new hampshire tonight. governor kasich is running fourth in new hampshire according to our latest cnn-wmur poll, but he is only three points up from last week. here's the question. can the ohio governor, who is very popular in ohio, pull out a last minute surge and do really well in new hampshire? cnn chris is covering the campaign for us. he is in manchester right now. this is make or break. he himself acknowledges unless he does really well in new hampshire, he smoked out for all practical purposes. what's the latest, chris? >> well, i'll tell you, the strategy for the kasich people, wolf, is pretty simple. it's to stay positive. the governor has almost aggressively stayed above the fray this last week. not getting into the food fight that we've seen in that establishment between chris christie, marco rube wroe, and former florida governor jeb bush. he almost bristles when you ask him even to contrast himself against those guys. he makes the point that he is being attacked here, that those opponents are spending millions
10:32 am
against him because he has the momentum here and that he is on top of that establishment. he likes to tell people, you know, in his town halls, he is a friend of arnold schwarzenegger. arnold schwarzenegger going to do a tele-town hall in new hampshire later today. he likes to tell voters that when he told schwarzeneggerr about the attacks, he does his best around impression, and he said that around told him, john, love the beating. he is a happy warrior, and that's in part because his team feels very good about their ground game here in new hampshire. john weaver, a top advisor to the governor who also advised john mccain, who twice won this state, says he believes that kasich's ground game is better than even john mccain's. they feel pretty good. they have over 500 volunteers from out of the state knocking on doors even in this weather today making hundreds of thousands of phone calls over the last month. they feel like they're going to continue these town halls.
10:33 am
they're going to do their 100th town hall today that they're going to bring out patriots linebacker mike, a le-i'm time super bowl champ. lots of hats. he might see more town hall people there. he is going to keep doing what he is doing. he will do town halls, and they hope he can bring people out and find their voters and get them out here on election day, wolf. >> chris doing an excellent arnold schwarzenegger impersonation. excellent work. thank you. important note to our viewers. you can catch governor kasich later on tonight in the situation room. he will be interviewed by gloria borger. he will also meet with erin burnett on "out front." this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this.
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". we'll continue to bring the latest from the campaign trail here in the united states throughout the hour, but first, there's a major story we're following.
10:38 am
we want to tell you about something out of china. the chinese government now going beyond its own borders to crack down on its critics. as ivan watson reports, after a series of arrests and strays disappearances, dissidents that thought they escaped beijing's reach are still living in fear. >> reporter: a bess des pratt appeal from her wife to her husband imprisoned halfway around the world. >> i want to tell my husband i hope we will see each other soon. i hope our family will reunite soon. >> gushu's husband is a stormer loofr in china who became a pro-democracy activist. authorities threw him in prison several times for participating in protests. last year dong fled with his wife and child to thailand where they thought they would be safe. he was suddenly arrested last october, and weeks later despite objections from the united nations, he and another chinese exile were extradited back to
10:39 am
china where they appeared in this confession broadcast on chinese state tv. gushu was left in shock. >> translator: the chinese government pressured him for so long that he ran away. why did they still need to chase us? >> reporter: for decades critics have -- seeking refuge here in thailand. now chinese dissidents in bangkok tell me they live in constant fear of being snatched and dragged back home by chinese security services. >> reporter: this is another chinese pro-democracy activist who ran away to thailand. she hasn't been back to her bangkok apartment in days. too frightened, she says, after at least four chinese dissidents disappeared from thailand in less than four months. >> these are your documents. >> yeah. >> she and a fellow chinese dissident have applied for asylum as political refugees
10:40 am
with the u.n. in an effort to escape the long arm of the chinese law. >> the decision to run away from your country, that's a very difficult and very big decision to make. >> translator: i thought i would get protection in bangkok, that i wouldn't have to live in fear of arrest all the time. >> reporter: most frightening for chinese exiles, the case of this man. a well known swedish publisher of books critical of the chinese leadership. he mysteriously disappeared from his condominium in thailand in october and was next shown on state tv in china in january in police custody. police in thailand say they have no record that he ever officially left the country and they're investigating his possible kidnapping. >> the chinese government is trying to extend its reach to
10:41 am
intimidate and silence critics outside of china. >> reporter: china expert mike argues the cross-border crackdown is part of a broader campaign by chinese leader xijing ping. >> the message is you cross us, our reach is so great that we'll get you wherever and it has, therefore, a deterrent affect on people who might think of doing the same thing. >> the chinese government insists it is simply upholding the rule of law, adding that anyone who breaks the law will be punished. a punishment gushu says her husband does not deserve. >> my husband told me he needs to see democracy in china. he will fight until the end. >> ivan watson is joining us from hong kong. pretty shocking stuff. i understand at least four hong kong book sellers tied to the
10:42 am
swedish publisher mentioned in your piece also have disappeared in recent months. >> the short answer is yes. what's incredible about this is it took chinese police nearly four months after these men disappeared until finally chinese police sent a letter to their counterparts here at hong kong confirming that these missing men were, in fact, in chinese custody, that they're under investigation on unspecified criminal charges in connection with this guy from thailand who disappeared and then reemerged in this very creepy televised confession on chinese state tv with these dubious story that somehow he smuggled himself back in to china to turn himself in for a traffic accident some 13 years ago. what is also very disturbing about the story involving the world's second largest economy, wolf, is that china appears to
10:43 am
be embarking on a very vin district courtive policy pursuing pro-democracy activists who flee the country, who flee repression and then when they're getting asylum with the assistance of the united nations high commissioner for refugees, they're still being dragged back to face chinese law in their country for simply demanding freedoms in democracy. >> pretty shocking stuff. ivan watson, good reporting. thank you very, very much. just ahead, we'll get back to the race for the white house. these are live pictures. bernie sanders speaking right now in new hampshire. he pledged not to run a negative campaign. what about hillary clinton's accusation that he engaged in a "artful smear" against her? we'll talk to supporters of both campaigns. we'll talk with bernie sanders. stay with us. ♪
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>> earlier we heard from hillary clinton. bernie sand serz at a rally in new hampshire. let's listen in. >> once arrested for possessing marijuana.
10:48 am
well, thank you very much. somebody else interested in the job. that's what happens if you are a young person caught with marijuana in new hampshire or vermont, but if you are an executive on wall street who was involved in activities illegal activities that cause the worst economic downturn since the great depression, which resulted in millions of americans losing their jobs, their homes, and their life savings, guess what happens to you. not much. you do not get any police record. no prosecution of your activity. how does it happen? the company settled for a $5 billion fine. not chump change. $5 billion, but nobody gets punished. i think when we talk about
10:49 am
america we believe our country was based largely on fairness. that people should get a fair shake in life. it didn't matter whether you were rich or powerful or whether you were poor. the criminal justice system should treat all people equal. one of the things that together we are going to do is bring justice back to the criminal justice system. [ applause ] >> we're going >> all right, we're going to continue to monitor bernie sanders. by the way, he's going to be heading to new york this weekend. he'll be on "saturday night live." larry david is hosting "saturday night live." that should be fabulous. larry david, of course, does an amazing bernie sanders. let's get some perspective. jonathan tini cy, author of "the essential bernie sanders. and his vision for america." also joining us, michael nutter,
10:50 am
the former mailer of philadelphia, hillary clinton supporter, also a cnn contributor. guys, thanks very much. jonathan, what was the strongest moment for senator sanders in that debate last night with hillary clinton? >> well, i think in general, he repeated what he said before. a number of times in raleighs, debates and forums. which is this is really a campaign about a political revolution trying to change a rigged economy which has hurt so many working people. and his belief is when he gets into the white house, i do believe he will be the nominee, that the first task is to get rid of the lobbyists and corruption that makes it impossible for any of us to get done what we want to do for the people whether you're on hillary clinton's side or bernie sanders's side. i think it was a very strong moment. i think that was something that really resonated with the public. >> all right, mayor nutter, what was hillary clinton's strong et moment? >> well, wolf, she had a number of strong moments last night, but i think one of the many was
10:51 am
a very serious moment where she basically called out senator sanders on this artful language that he's been using to try to impugn her integrity. when she called him on it and said can you name a bill, a policy, anything, that she has changed her view on or not done something about, he was silent. and so we need to stay focused on the real issues that people in new hampshire, people in pennsylvania, people in the middle of the country care about, their jobs, their families and safety in america and around the world. those are the things that americans really care about. >> she accused him of engaging in an artful smear and you heard mayor nutter say that was a strong moment for her. >>. >> well, respectfully, i think
10:52 am
bernie sanders has over the course of the campaign has been stating fact. it is a fact hillary clinton received over $600,000 from goldman sach's in particular. which is a pretty good fee. i don't think most americans in new hampshire or across the country make $50,000 for the entire year, think that's anything but legalized bribery. i think these are just facts. the reason i think bernie didn't respect directly, that's the kind of person he is. he doesn't like to engage in that kind of back and forth. but i'll just turn to elizabeth warren who has stated publicly that in 2001 she believes that because of the influence of the financial industry, the credit card industry and contributions, hillary clinton flip-flopped and ended up opposing a -- supporting the bankruptcy bill, which hurt many, many working americans. millions of americans. it was essentially -- >> go ahead, mayor nutter. >> sure. >> yes, i think in the real world, in the court of public
10:53 am
opinion, all of that is hearsay. we're now going to, you know, talk about what another senator said and what that senator believes. i obviously respect a great deal of senator warren. americans care about jobs. they care about the environment. they care about infrastructure. they care about making sure the families are safe and that we're trying to bring this country together. senator sanders seems to believe that the best way to remodel a house is to set it on fire and burn it to the ground. and then somehow magically start over. >> all right, go ahead. >> secretary clinton is an executive that knows -- >> i want jonathan to respond to that. >> sure. yeah. >> so that's the hillary clinton slogan, no, we can't. if hillary clinton had been in politics, say, when john f. kennedy said "let's go to the moon," she'd have said, no, we can't, we can't do that. if she'd been around when they
10:54 am
were giving civil rights speech, she would have said, no, we can't. bernie sanders is talking -- >> what is he talking about? >> -- i think that's why race, as you know, wolf, in the quinnipiac poll, is now tied nationally, because bernie has developed so much support over the course of really a short campaign, seven months. people are flocking to this message. >> i want both of you to come back and we'll continue this conversation on monday. if your schedules allow. we're only just getting started. good to hear important differences between these two democratic presidential candidates. jonathan and michael nutter. guys, thanks very much. i want to quickly wrap up this hour with the super bowl. very different story, the denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers. super bowl 50 this sunday, peyton manning playing in what could be his last game as a pro. let's go to the super bowl city
10:55 am
in san francisco. quickly set the scene for us. >> yes, wolf, you know, they're billing this game as the legend peyton manning taking on the rising star, cam newt. at 39 years old, peyton manning is the oldest quarterback to ever play in a super bowl. of course the speculation is this will be peyton's last game. when speaking with his dad archie, i definitely got the feeling this is it for peyton. cam newton, on the other hand, he's going to be playing in his first super bowl and after this season, he's likely to be the most valuable player. win a heisman trophy, college national championship, nfl mvp award and the super bowl. the game is special for one broncos player. wide receiver demaryius thomas. this is going to be the first time that his mother is going to be able to watch him play the big game in person. she had been serving a 20-year prison sentence for drug trafficking but president obama
10:56 am
commuted her sentence and she got out and, wolf, she is going to be here in santa clara for the big game on sunday. >> it's like a dream come true, you know, i never thought i'd get the chance to play in a super bowl game in front of my mom because, you know, the situation she was in, and now that she's out and able to make the game, you know, i'm excited about that, and hopefully we can go out and get the win. >> very exciting. they're 5 1/2 point favorites. >> we'll be watching together with you. thanks very, very much. big game on sunday. meantime, the news continue next right after a quick break. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast
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