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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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now, got my snow boots ready. we'll be live at the first in the nation primary there. let's go to washington. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. just four days away and the gloves are on? well, they are at least for donald trump. "the lead" live from new hampshire starts right now. all the candidates pulling out their two-minute offense this super bowl weekend. jeb bush even calling on his mom to march him into the end zone as a kinder, gentler donald trump looks to turn his perceived lead into a win, unlike what happened in iowa. dead locked, a brand new poll showing bernie sanders in a virtual tie with hillary clinton nationally after the angriest night of the democratic campaign yet. plus, robo calls from skinheads. the white nationalist group urging americans to vote for one particular presidential
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candidate. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper live from beautiful hanover, new hampshire, home of dartmouth college. in addition to alumni such as kir stin jill brand, rock feller and daniel webster, even with senator blutarski in the presidential race it would be hard to imagine it any more bizarre or unpredictable. a mad dash for votes here in the granite state today. take a look at this map. eight different presidential contenders spread across 13 different cities in new hampshire today. if you're willing to brave the snow, put enough gas in your tank and head up interstate 93, you're bound to run into at least two people vying to be the president of the united states.
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but you see that dotted line leading to donald trump? well, it's dotted because trump had to cancel. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash tells us why. >> it turns out being a billionaire with your own plane can be politically perilous. >> i'm number one in new hampshire. will you please keep me there? >> reporter: after last night's rally, trump went home to new york. he said his plane couldn't get back to new hampshire this morning because of the snow, tweeting big storm in new hampshire. moved my event to monday. will be there next four days. and posting this on facebook. >> the great slogan of new hampshire, live free or die, means so much to so many people. all over the world they use that expression. >> reporter: but granite state voters expect to see candidates in person. being absent for a day this close to the primary is not ideal, especially since trump has been stepping it up with more traditional retail campaign events. jeb bush trolled trump about it
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on twitter, saying my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. as for bush, he suddenly seems to be embracing the bush brand, bringing his mother, the popular former first lady. >> is decent, honest, he's everything we need in a president. >> reporter: even releasing an ad with a more controversial family member, his brother. >> i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. >> reporter: but jeb bush's former protege, marco rubio, could be standing in his way. he's sharpening his criticism to try to slow rubio's rise with this new ad. >> jeb bush ran florida. marco rubio finished the sentence. >> i would just say there's a guy who's been able to, number one -- >> the bottom line is he didn't get accomplishments done and neither did president obama. >> rubio is taking a lot of incoming. the publisher of the union leader said young rubio must
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make new hampshire a bunch of rubes. he hasn't spent much time here but is trying to sell himself with tv ads as someone who can go to washington to clean up the washington mess. meanwhile, ben carson won't let up on ted cruz for what carson aides call dirty tricks, sending this e-mail erroneously suggesting carson may drop out. cruz has apologized but carson isn't satisfied, telling buzzfeed not to take corrective action is tacitly saying it's okay or like hillary clinton said after benghazi, what difference does it make. carson said it doesn't rise to the level of benghazi but i'm saying it's the same kind of attitude. and carson is really trying to capitalize on all of that and is trying to raise money off of it. he even on his website, which is pretty popular among his supporters put up a voice mail that apparently came from cruz headquarters to captain precincts in iowa saying that he was suspending campaigning, clever language there.
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jake, he was expected to be back on the campaign trail today right where you are in new hampshire where the latest poll shows him at just 2%. jake. >> dana bash, thanks so much. we'll hear more from barbara bush later this hour. joining me now is katrina pierson, the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. thanks for joining us. two days ago donald trump accused senator cruz of stealing the iowa caucus, even threatening to sue. now he told anderson cooper he doesn't care about that anymore. does he not care about it anymore or is he worried that talking about the issue could make him look like a sore loser and hurt him with voters? >> i think everyone agrees there was some shenanigans going on in iowa. of course he cares about it, he's just not going focus on it. i think bringing attention to it like mr. trump and ben carson have done have raised eyebrows at how the cruz campaign is conducting itself. you can't call yourself the most honest person with all the integrity and do things like
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this. i think now that everyone knows what happened, it's time to move on. >> mr. trump was forced to cancel a campaign event here in new hampshire today because of the snow. he, of course, flew home last night in his private jet so he could sleep in his own bed and he risked missing a full day of campaigning right before the primary. he could have just stayed in new hampshire overnight. i stayed at the hanover inn last night, it was lovely. can you explain to the voters why he so seldom spends a night on the road? isn't staying in a state one of the great ways to meet actual voters? >> well, he actually had a campaign event. it wasn't the fact that he wanted to go home. i'll also say that it has been rescheduled to monday so it's not being skipped. mr. trump has been in the state for quite some time. he's been there this week and will be there tomorrow and staying through tuesday. so it's not that mr. trump is skipping. it's just when there's 10 inches of snow on the ground and you can't get in, i think it's best for everyone's safety to just reschedule it, don't you think so? >> after coming in second in iowa, it seems mr. trump
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realized his campaign strategy maybe needed to be rejiggered and maybe wasn't working. he's focusing more on a ground game, retail politics, not attacking his rivals as much. did mr. trump misjudge this campaign? >> i'm not sure that it was miss judged. i think iowa specifically, no one thought mr. trump could do well until we started to see mr. trump rose back in the polls closing in on the date. considering what did happen in iowa with all of the tricks and antics that took place, the fact that mr. trump did so well, you know, we're very proud of our candidate. mr. trump did not spend the time or the money investment that some of the other candidates did. for example, he was outspent 20-1 in some cases. >> donald trump announced today that he will participate in the next debate from that network he has sparred with so much, fox news channel. the debate will be co-moderated by someone he says is biased against him, megyn kelly. why is he participating in it? is it just because it's widely
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perceived that skipping that last debate probably hurt him in iowa? >> well, you know, it may be perceived that way but i've got to tell you on the ground that's not how we heard it. there were a lot of supporters who felt like when fox released that statement, it wasn't just insulting mr. trump, it was insulting the 40% of the voters who supported him. moving forward, mr. trump has every attention on attending the debates and we'll have to see how the networks react accordingly. >> does mr. trump think that fox news and megyn kelly can host a debate that will be fair and impartial? >> it's not likely at this point considering how it also has been uncovered that fox has been -- the executives at fox, one of them's daughter works on the rubio campaign as well as an executive that pushes lobbying efforts that opposes mr. trump's policy. so mr. trump is going to move forward. as long as the network projects itself to be fair, we'll go right along forward. >> does donald trump have to win new hampshire? >> yeah. i mean donald trump definitely
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wants to win new hampshire. does he have to win new hampshire? probably not. but we're really excited about new hampshire. new hampshire is the live free or die state. i predict we're going to win new hampshire. he's ahead by double digits. and the folks there know donald trump. that state is definitely cut out for somebody like him. >> katrina pierson, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks, jake. on the other side of the aisle, it might be hard to tell them apart. bernie sanders face to face with himself, larry david on "saturday night live." that story next. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! we've already given more than 306 million fico credit scores for free to our cardmembers. apply today at we said goodbye the day.
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i look forward to working with him as a partner in the senate. >> a partner in the senate, so much for a clinton-sanders ticket. welcome back to "the lead." we are live from cozy, wintry new hampshire. we're here from dartmouth college. there are all sorts of political supporters here, but as you can see by the signs behind me a lot of students are feeling the proverbial bern. the clinton supporters say
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they're going to get some signs just any minute now. last night clinton and sanders made it uncomfortable at moments with searing criticisms of each other's records. joe, sanders is looking for any edge he can get. that includes apparently going back to new york to be on possible stand-by for a possible cameo on "saturday night live." >> reporter: that is right, jake. a snowy day here and bernie sanders essentially was in a position of talking to the crowd about momentum. he believes the size of the crowd that turned out for him here indicates he's doing pretty well. meanwhile, hillary clinton was looking at sanders almost wistfully and wishing for the day he'll go back to his day job in the senate. the calendar might show four
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days until the new hampshire primary but hillary clinton is looking beyond the fight for the nomination. >> i will call senator sanders, the first call i will make. if i'm so fortunate as to get this nomination. we have a lot of work to do. i look forward to working with him as a partner in the senate. >> reporter: bernie sanders today decrying the role of money in politics. >> people are obsessed with raising money. it is getting worse because of citizens united. so i think we need to move toward public funding of elections. >> reporter: the fight between the two democrats growing more intense. hillary clinton airing an ad in new hampshire jabbing sanders for his idealistic proposals. >> the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. >> reporter: and in their final debate before voters head to the polls tuesday, clinton and sanders engaging in a series of fiesty exchanges. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying
1:16 pm
out in recent weeks and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. >> reporter: continuing to trade barbs over which of them is a true progressive. >> if we're going to get into label, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac who's not raising huge sums of money from wall street. >> reporter: clinton calling out sanders for repeatedly saying her campaign takes money from big banks and special interests. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> reporter: and clinton assuring voters there will be no more surprises in the e-mail controversy that continues to hang over her campaign. >> before those e-mails, it was
1:17 pm
benghazi. and the republicans were stirring up so much controversy about that. and i think the american people will know it's an absurdity. i have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever. >> reporter: and going into the final weekend before the new hampshire primary, we are hearing that bernie sanders will make an appearance on "saturday night live" alongside of larry david, who's been doing a pretty good job of impersonating him this campaign season, jake. >> a pretty good job. joe johns, thank you so much. now, i have, even though there are so many students here that are clearly feeling the bern, oh, my god, a ted cruz support are back there as well. i counted seven young women, seven young women, three over there, four behind me who are supporting hillary clinton. but despite their best efforts, there are signs the clinton campaign is struggling to get
1:18 pm
more young voters to her side. but reinforcements are coming to new hampshire to try to change that. a busload of female senators who are ready for hillary and caravanning around the state to prove it. joining me now, amy klobuchar of minnesota and debbie stabinow of michigan. this caravan of democratic women senators going through new hampshire to advocate for hillary clinton, do you guys have a name for yourself? the sisterhood of the traveling pant suits? something like that? >> i just knew you were going to say that, jake. i would like to note for the record that while some male presidential candidates may not have made it through the snow, hillary clinton is here strong along with 20% of the women senators. so we are going through new hampshire, working hard for her, getting people out canvassing and a little snow never scares the senators from minnesota and michigan. >> that's right.
1:19 pm
>> so senator stabinow, why hillary clinton and why not your senate colleague, bernie sanders? >> first of all, let me say we're calling this women on the road to the presidency because the real revolution that's going on this year that we should all be excited about is a revolution to not only elect the most qualified and competent person in the race, but the first woman to be president of the united states. and frankly, jake, we work with both of our democratic candidates and they're terrific in their own way, but the truth of the matter is it's not enough just to be an advocate. we all have a passion for the fact that everybody needs a fair shot to make it. that the system is rigged against folks working hard trying to make it every day. that there's only one person in this race who actually can get things done to make a difference. and we've worked with her. we've worked with both of them. and the truth of the matter is this is somebody, whether it's
1:20 pm
national security in keeping us safe, whether it's income security at home to keep our families safe, hillary clinton has a track record of getting things done. >> senator klobuchar, i'm here on the campus of dartmouth college. there are so many young people, including young women, who are voting for sanders. what do you tell young women like your college-age daughter, for example, all these young women, not your daughter, but others who are feeling the bern? >> my daughter is strongly in hillary's camp, so there are young women supporting hillary. hillary said it best today at a rally where she said, you know, for those young people supporting bernie, you may not be quite on her side yet, but she is on your side and she's going to be there for you. and i think that that is key, is that the issues she's talking about, the college tuition reductions, making sure kids can afford college, making sure there's a strong economy going forward and her ability to get
1:21 pm
things done means that she has these young people's issues on her side. i'm not worried about it. i think the way she's been appealing to people all over the country is important. and i was in iowa, jake, and she won those iowa caucuses, first woman in the history of america to win the iowa caucuses. >> and i have to say my daughter, who is a little bit older than college and has two small children is a strong hillary supporter because she knows that hillary as a mom and now as a grandma understands that chill is not a frill, paid family leave is not a frill, that caring about our children and creating opportunities for their health and safety for the future is not a frill. i also have to say that when it comes to what i'm fighting for right now in flint, michigan, for the children in flint, hillary clinton is the only person that has reached out to me with her team every single team to ask what she can do to help. so i'm very grateful for that. >> all right, senators debbie stabenow and amy klobuchar, thank you so much.
1:22 pm
stay warm and have fun out there. >> we will. thanks, jake. >> thanks a lot. coming up, white supremacists proudly supporting donald trump and using robo calls to target new hampshire. what is the trump campaign saying about the group? that's next. plus, barbara bush side by side with her son giving donald trump a taste of her own medicine. jeb bush and his mom speak to us, coming up next. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ joining her daughter's yoga about
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welcome back to "the lead" live from dartmouth college in
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beautiful hanover, new hampshire. a lot of excitement here for the new hampshire primary. okay, okay, we love it. but politics lead now, as if all the tv ads and candidate attacks were not enough, here in the first of the nation primary state in new hampshire, now a group of white nationalist organizations are flooding voter phone lines and their messages are being called racist, possibly because they are. the robo calls started pouring in last night. cnn's drew griffin lets you listen in. [ phone ringing ] >> they are robo calls, taped messages that flooded iowa and this week began hitting the phones of new hampshire voters. the message in three voices. we are white supremacists. donald trump is our man. >> the american national super pac makes this call to support trump. >> we don't need muslims, we need smart, well educated white people. >> i am a farmer and white
1:28 pm
nationalist. support donald trump. this call is not authorized by donald trump. >> reporter: the american national super pac is a confederation of white supremacist groups across the u.s. jared taylor, online editor of amran, the outlet of one of the white nationalist groups called american renaissance, is one of the voices on the calls. >> most white people would prefer to live in majority white neighborhoods and send their children to majority white schools. and deep in their bones they are deeply disturbed by an immigration policy that is making the united states majority nonwhite. and so when donald trump talks about sending out all the illegals, building a wall and a moratorium on islamic immigration, that's very appealing to ordinary white people. >> reporter: taylor, who says he is a white advocate, not a supremacist, thinks whites should live with whites, blacks should live with blacks, and just about everyone else, especially muslims, should get out. >> why should we want more muslims? muslims have been a terrible
1:29 pm
problem for europe. and here they want to pray five times a stay, stop the assembly line. they want foot baths before they go to prayer. they want women-only swimming pool hours, and some of them want to kill us. why should anyone want more muslims in the united states? >> many of the things that you are saying, people would interpret as vile and racist. >> they can call me all the names they like. but what i'm saying is natural, normal and healthy. >> reporter: do you think that donald trump wants your support? >> i don't know whether he wants it or not. i think he wants support from everyone. whether or not he would agree with me is an entirely other matter. remember, it is i supporting donald trump, not donald trump who is supporting me. >> reporter: contacted by cnn, the trump campaign did not speak specifically about taylor, his group or the group's white nationalist ideas, simply stating mr. trump has disavowed all super pacs offering their
1:30 pm
support and continues to do so. to be clear, the american national super pac says it has nothing to do with the official trump campaign and has had no communication with donald trump. its white nationalist members just like trump and are willing to support him, whether the candidate welcomes them or not. >> just to button this up -- >> yes. >> all those views that you hold. >> right. >> donald trump is your man? >> well, he is the best man so far. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn, washington. our thanks to drew for that report. as you can imagine, the robo calls are not going over well here in new hampshire. an attorney with the group says he has received scores and scores of angry phone calls from voters in this state. coming up, she's 90 years old but that is not stopping barbara bush, the enforcer, wife of a former president, mother of another, hitting the campaign trail for her other son and taking on donald trump while she's on it. barbara and jeb will talk with us, next. if i want to go up...
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper at dartmouth college, where you can see the students are feeling the bern and feeling the hillary and all the whatever, all the stuff with all the candidates, cruz, whoever. we're continuing now with our politics lead. the first in the nation primary is just four days away. it could be make-or-break for jeb bush's presidential bid. in an effort to resuscitate his struggling campaign, the former florida governor is now bringing out some famous historical figures, ones who support him whole-heartedly, a former president and former first lady. they happen to have the same last name as him. his brother, former president george w. bush, featured in a new tv ad promoting jeb's foreign policy krcredentials an now his mom out on the trail stumping for her son. jamie just sat down with jeb and
1:36 pm
barbara bush and asked the former first lady about donald trump's impact on the race. >> have you ever seen a race like this? >> no, but as jeb says, every race is different. but it is slightly shocking to me. >> because? >> because he doesn't give many answers to how he would solve problems. he sort of makes faces and said insulting things. he's said terrible things about women. terrible things about military. i don't understand why people are for him for that reason. i'm a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women. >> mrs. bush, what do you think of donald trump? you are known for being blunt and plain spoken. >> i don't think about him at all. i think about jeb and the
1:37 pm
qualified candidate. >> you dodged me on donald trump. do you want to -- >> no. >> do you want to go full new jersey on donald trump? >> no. no, i do not. i don't even think about him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong. >> our thanks to jamie. you can catch her full interview this evening on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern. joining me now to talk about jeb bush's campaign from manchester is a long-time bush family friend, former republican senator and governor from new hampshire, judd gregg, a jeb bush supporter. he also teaches here at dartmouth college on occasion. senator gregg, thanks for being here. >> jake, thanks for having me on. nice to see you up at dartmouth, it looks very pretty. >> it is very pretty. very cold also. was it a mistake for governor bush to wait this long to bring in the big guns, to bring in his
1:38 pm
family to campaign for him? >> i don't really know. i think -- i've been attending a lot of jeb's events and he does an extraordinary job on his own talking about why he would be a very strong president. he really meets the three criteria i think most new hampshire people are looking for. he's very substantive on national defense and how to straighten out our economy and he knows how to govern. he's willing to go to the middle, mix it up and reach agreements. >> so governor bush is out with a new ad here in new hampshire hammering the lack of accomplishments of one of his chief rivals and former protege, marco rubio, who's gaining ground here in the granite state according to local polls. take a listen. >> what do you list as marco rubio's top accomplishment that made you decide to endorse him? >> i guess it's hard to say there's accomplishments. >> i'll say it one more time. list one accomplishment that marco rubio has achieved in one year in the united states
1:39 pm
senate. >> jeb bush governed florida. marco rube owe, finish the sentence. >> i know this is just politics but in the past he has called rubio disciplined, principled, he should be vice presidential timber. this might sound to some voters to be sour grapes since rubio is rising in the polls. >> well, i'm not big on negative campaigns. honestly the events i've been to with jeb he talks about his own record and how he intends to lead this country in a positive and inclusive way, so i'm not going to get involved in that. i do think that politics obviously involves contrast and that's what you're involved in when you're running a race, so i don't hold anything against folks who run those ads but i'm just not involved in them. >> senator lindsey graham who also endorsed jeb bush said if jeb loses badly to rubio here in new hampshire, jeb, quote, is toast. do you agree? >> no. i think -- first off, i don't
1:40 pm
expect him to lose badly to anybody here in new hampshire. i think he's coming up fast on the outside. i actually think and the way i see this primary is that donald trump has a ceiling of 25%, 30%, which means 75% to 70% of the vote is going to go to somebody else. i do think it's going to go to one or two or three people. i think one of though is going to be jeb. i think you're going to see some vote coalesce very quickly, as it always does in new hampshire. new hampshire decides late and moves en masse. i think they'll move towards jeb because he's really a qualified guy who would be a great president. there's some other people who are talented in this race and they may also be in that mix. but my view is this is going to be a different result than what the polls say. new hampshire historically, the one thing you can predict about it, it's going to be unpredictable and i think this will happen again. >> lindsey graham also told our own wolf blitzer yesterday, quote, if you're a republican and your choice is donald trump and ted cruz in a general election, it's the difference
1:41 pm
between poisoned or shot. you're still dead, unquote. >> i heard that. >> how bad do you think it would be for your party if either cruz or trump would be the nominee? is it really that bad? >> if cruz were, it would be horrible. i mean i don't think he's an ethical individual and i think it would be very bad for the country to have him head up a national party. trump, i can't really say. we don't really know what trump stands for other than a lot of good theater. i haven't seen anything substantive coming out of him beyond his theater and, therefore, i really wouldn't say we know yet. and i don't think he's going to be the nominee anyway, so i'm not too concerned about it. >> former senator and new hampshire governor, judd gregg, thanks so much. i'm going to tell these kids to sign up for your class, sir. >> i'd love it. thank you. tell them to do that. so much still unknown about the rapidly spreading zika virus. now new concerns as researchers are looking to see if the virus might be linked to other
1:42 pm
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1:47 pm
jihad in both iraq and syria. in national news, u.s. health officials are out with new guidelines to prevent the zika outbreak from spreading any further. the virus may be linked to a condition that could cause brain defects in newborns. as the centers for disease control and prevention looks to stop the virus from spreading, it's out with a warning to pregnant women and couples at risk. dr. sanjay gupta joins me now live from cdc headquarters in atlanta where he just spoke with the agency's director. the cdc is making pregnant women its priority here? >> no question about it. for the vast majority of people who get this infection, they'll have little or no symptoms. it's really women who are pregnant and specifically this link between the zika virus and birth defects. they do have some new guidance. first of all, men who have gone to one of these countries where zika is spreading, if they come back, if their wife or their girlfriend is pregnant, they are being told you've got to have
1:48 pm
protected sex or no sex for the duration of the pregnancy. this is pretty specific guidance. they're also saying for the women themselves, if your pregnant, you go to one of these countries, if you have any signs of illness, you've got to get tested while you're still sick. if you don't have signs of illness, you've got to get tested as early on as possible during your pregnancy and then another test just a few months later, so they're really getting specific on the sort of testing now that they're advising for women who are pregnant. despite that, though, i talked to dr. frieden, the head of the cdc, about the tests, the valt a -- availability and the accuracy. >> unfortunately we don't have any perfect test about zika. we don't know how long this particular antibody remains in the body. usually it would be up to three months. so if she was potentially exposed six months ago and got tested now, that test might not show it. >> so you get an idea, jake, of just how complicated this is. this is a fast-moving situation and is happening realtime. there wasn't a test for this
1:49 pm
even a few months ago. i just talked to one of the doctors who actually developed this test. they did it in response to so many demands to be tested. but this is just happening. hopefully the test will get better but right now there's still a lack of precise confidence in whether or not they're going to be positives or negatives and what they're going to mean. >> all right, a frightening story. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much for that update. also in national news today, a major issue here at dartmouth college and on campuses all over the country. student loan debt. it's a huge issue on the campaign trail with student loan debt exceeding more than $1 trillion among 40 million americans. the candidates have lots of proposals as they seek the youth vote. bernie sanders just discussed this issue a few hours ago. but how to solve the problem without adding to the national debt we all owe, which now exceeds $19 trillion. that's our focus on this week's
1:50 pm
look at america's debt and the economy. >> i had debt. i bet a lot of you had debt. >> i just paid off my school loans, five, six years ago. >> student loans are a bipartisan burden, affecting 40 million potential voters. >> it's one of the biggest questions i get from young people, because i go all over, and it's student debt. >> the average school loan debt is close to $30,000. as the need for higher education grows, more students will end up taking on tuition costs each semester. so what are these former students turned top candidates hoping to do about it? >> i believe that in the year 2016, public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. >> senator bernie sanders is hoping to pay for that $75 billion a year idea by imposing a kind of robin hood tax on wall street. >> i also will not tell colleges, universities and states that the federal government is going to pay for
1:51 pm
college because then the costs will go up. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton wants to use federal grants to offset tuition costs, while asking students to contribute with part-time jobs. >> we can offer debt-free tuition and help with living costs. >> how will she compensate for the difference? by taxing the wealthy americans more. >> i will not pay for donald trump's kids to go to college free on your tax dollars. absolutely not. >> billionaire candidate donald trump has not announced a formal plan, but he says he'll help students pay off debt by boosting the economy. >> they're good students, they get out, they can't get a job. so the best thing i can do is i'm going to make sure when you get out, you're going to get jobs. >> america's education system needs a disruption. >> senator marco rubio says he's making his proposal a priority. >> we should let students repay their loans based on what they actually earn. >> his income based repayment plan is something he has in common with clinton.
1:52 pm
but paying off a crushing six-figure student loan is an experience he shares with senator ted cruz. >> i had to take $100,000 in school loans to pay my way through school, work two jobs. >> but thus far the iowa caucus winner has not laid out an official plan to save today's students from that same fate. >> you can learn more about how the candidates' college plans stack up by going to the new hampshire primary is not the only game people are talking about. there's this other one some people may tune in to watch on sunday, it's called the super bowl. coy wire is live inside super bowl city in san francisco. coy, it looks a little nicer where you are than where i am right now. >> reporter: jake, it is a beautiful day here in the bay, just two days away from the big game. not long ago, raoger goodell, commissioner of the nfl, was forced to answer a lot of questions about concussions. we'll talk about what he had to
1:53 pm
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welcome back. we are back with the sports lead and that are other big event, the one happening sunday well before we get to the primary on tuesday here in new hampshire. just moments ago nfl commissioner roger goodell held his annual state of the game news conference. he could not ignore the hard hits players take that can sometimes be felt the rest of their lives, sometimes resulting in career-ending concussions, dementia and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. cnn sports anchor coy wire joins me from san francisco. coy, what did goodell have to say? >> reporter: hi, jake. first of all, i've taken those hits. i have a titanium plate and four
1:58 pm
screws and i fell them every day. last week the league revealed that 271 players suffered concussions this season. a new four-year high. that's up from 206 just a year ago. earlier this afternoon at that press conference goodell addressed several questions regarding concussions and gave his thoughts on them. >> i played the game of football for nine years through high school. i wouldn't give up a single day of that. if i had a son, i'd love to have him play the game of football. i'd love to have him play the game of football because of the values you get. there's risk in life. there's risk to sitting on the couch. what we want to do is get people active. the discipline, the teamwork, the perseverance, those are values and those are skills that will lead you through life. >> reporter: now, i know goodell can be a polarizing figure. as a former player, though, i agree with him. a lot of people ask me if i had kids would i let them play the
1:59 pm
game and i say yeah, i would. it's been safer than ever. there have been 39 rule changes, penalties, heavy fines for helmet-to-helmet contact, and more, all to protect the players. >> all right, coy, i'm about to do a super bowl wager with one of these kids behind me. you played nine years in the nfl. who do you have in the game, broncos or panthers? >> reporter: i'm a former defensive guy. the number one ranked defense in the nfl this year, the denver broncos. they're the underdog too, they're going to have a huge chip on their shoulder, jake. i'm going with them. number one defense is 9-2 all-time in super bowl history. >> all right. coy wire, thanks so much. nfl hall of famer dan marino will join cnn's chris cuomo for a bleacher report special inside the action at super bowl city. don't miss "kickoff by the bay" tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 eastern. follow me on facebook and twitter or tweet the show and don't forget to tune in sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern and
2:00 pm
noon for state of the union. my guests will be here in new hampshire presidential candidates bernie sanders, john kasich and chris christie. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper signing off from beautiful dartmouth college and turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf. happening now, scramble for third. our new poll shows donald trump and marco rubio running a clear 1, 2 in new hampshire but the battle is now on for the middle of the pack. ted cruz and john kasich, they are now tied for third. we'll hear from kasick this hour. trump trapped. his rivals are campaigning in new hampshire and even jeb bush's mother is out on the trail. but after flying home in his private jet, the front-runner was grounded in new york. not mincing words, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they throw the gloves off in a stormy debate and trailing badly in new hampshire, hillary clinton complains that she's being smeared by her