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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  February 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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god blest the state of new hampshire. >> there's some focus now. >> this is the bernie sanders free tuition plate. i want you go into my pocket. now give that to him. >> this really is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> we think we're in second place. >> i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first. >> the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal unconstitutional legal action taken by president obama. >> i'm fighting for people who can't wait. i won't make promises i can't
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make. >> this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we've ever had in washington, d.c. >> we've got to rebuild confidence by restoring democracy in d.c. because it's completely broken. -- captions by vitac -- saturday morning, 6:00 a.m. you're up bright and early, and we're right here with you. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. new hampshire, we're just days away. let's go out to john. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it certainly feels like new hampshire. by that i mean 16 degrees. the politicala action is white hot, which is good because i can't feel my toes.
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donald trump is out in front f. marco rubio at second at 17% and ted cruz and kasich at 13%. look at that and do the math. bernie sanders essentially with a 2-1 edge over hillary clinton this morning. more news overnight. former candidate bobby jindal, he endorsed marco rubio. rubio chalking up more endorsements lately on the trail. meanwhile jeb bush planned to back the republican nominee no matter who he or she is, he says, even if it's donald trump. a lot to talk about this saturday morning with just a few days to go before the new
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hampshi hampshire. let's talk about it. >> reporter: thousands of democrats, and despite lagging bernie sanders by double digits hillary clinton said she's not giving up on new hampshire. >> over the past few days some people have looked at the polls that show senator sanders with a big lead here and suggested -- [ cheers and applause. >> -- yeah. that's a fact. and suggested that i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next states. well, new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. >> so bernie sanders on the other hand seemingly looking ahead to south carolina where he needs to increase his support among african-american voters. he talked to democrats last
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night about police shootings, and that comes on the heels of a big endorsement from former naacp president ben jealous. of course, going into south carolina he needs to increase black voters. he lags by wide margins, john. here's what bernie sanders had to say to the democrats about police shootings. >> when we talk about criminal justice reform, we say that we are tired of seeing unarmed people shot down by police. what we are saying is that a police officer who breaks the law like any other public official must be held accountable, must make police departments all across this country look like the diversity of the communities they serve.
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>> reporter: so despite that largely civil tone at the din r dinner, thrust with a bit of a donald trumpesque back and forth with bernie sanders saying, quote, i urge secretary clinton to saying loudly and clearly that we will never cut social security. hillary clinton firing back, bernie sanders, i won't cut social security. i'll support it and expand it. enough of false innuendos. it's going to suck so much way from the campaign trail. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be hitting it hard against tuesday's primaries, john. >> chris frates. thanks so much. we hear hillary clinton saying she's not giving up on new
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hampshire. that might not be the right formulation. how is she trying to position herself? >> we've seen she and her husband go down there and do some spade work. we just know hillary clinton is heading out to flint, michigan h in a very symbolic gesture. if you're trying to win a new hampshire primary, you're not going to michigan days before that. the messaging from clinton and the message her campaign is telling me is that her goal is to move beyond new hampshire. they believe in the african-american voters. >> addressing the flint water crisis is important but there are other things that are important. including women senators trying to appeal to different voting blocks. she is taking a national
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approach in new hampshire. >> she is. in many ways it's smart. she's down by 30 points. you can't abandon the points. they're focusing on new hampshire. for her to go to any of these states in the south and to campaign, she would be out of the limelight. she needs to be here at least to get the cameras on her, but she needs to leave -- >> one more quick question on the democrats, bernie sanders is appearing but it's to go appear on the "saturday night live" tonight. to me larry david only helps him. >> he'll go there tonight. how many people will see him. whoever thought bernie sanders had humor, was a musician, and now is a serious presidential campaign. >> let's shift to the republicans now because they have a big moment, a pivotal moment, maybe an elect-changing moment tonight on the debate stage. >> they do. look. there's a lot on the line for several candidates.
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chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich. >> when you say there's a lot on the line, except for rubio. >> right. we focus on jeb bush because his mother is campaigning on his behalf and his brother put in an ad. jeb bush needs go after donald trump. at least that's what his folks tell me. if he's not going to do that, he's not going to go much further. >> i look at the polls. donald trump persistently at 28%. maybe a slight hair down from iowa but it seems firm here. it's a different place for him. >> it surprises me that we focus so much on marco rubio. very good for marco rubio. ted cruz, big surprise. wins iowa. but donald trump came in second. he spent no money. spent one or two nights in iowa. donald trump if he came in second is still donald trump. he still has the money and the
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support. 38% of the electoral rate has supported him. he's going to keep going. >> mark presser, we're going to keep going mostly because i need your body heat. live from new hampshire, check out this lineup. donald trump, john kasich, chris christie, hillary clinton, bernie sanders all joining jake. oh, my goodness. that sounds like the entire election on "state of the union" with jake. 9:00 a.m., a special show commercial-free right here on cnn. of course, be sure to tune in to cnn on tuesday. not like iowa where they vote for half an hour. they vote all day here. there's going to be a lot going on yochl u have to tune in. back to the race itself, you might remember donald trump skipped the debate in iowa. he's not skipping tonight.
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he'll be on stage tonight but could his return to tonight's showdown make a giant difference in the race? who does it help? who does it hurt? >> right now the american dream is dead, but we're going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> the state of new hampshire rose up, and we came together and pulled this country black. >> if we get this election wrong, if we stay on the road we're on right now, our children, the young people here today, my children, your children, will be the first americans in our history that inherit a diminished country. can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah.
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by the way, if you get a call on tuesday night saying i dropped out, it isn't true. keep voting. >> that was marco rubio a little degree over ted cruz calling it dirty tricks. ben carson thinks it was. some told caucusgoers had dropped out of the race and vote for ted cruz instead. carson, he's still very much in this race, but doesn't seem to be much of a factor here in new hampshire, down 1% in the most recent cnn were wmur poll. let's talk about the current state of the rate. we're joined by maria cardona. also cnn political commentator, jeffrey lord. as you know, the primary takes place in new hampshire. donald trump was not in new hampshire yesterday. he was in south carolina. he couldn't get to new hampshire
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because of the weather here. that's a problem just a few days before the primary, no? >> well, i don't think god is taking sides here, but the weather is the weather in new hampshire. i'm sure donald trump wants to be there and he will be. you have to fight until the last dog dies as it were. you never give up, forget the polls, and just keep going. >> jeffrey quoting bill clinton this morning. mark that as a first. maria, i want to talk about bernie sanders. what you do think the risks are for him leading up to tuesday? he's got a 30-point lead. he's at a nearly 2-1 advantage here. what do you think? >> i think you're right. he's carrying the huge, huge,
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huge expectation. that's not something you want on your back going into what i the is a much closer primary going into new hampshire. i think the burden is on him and on his campaign. but look. what is so interesting about new hampshire is that new hampshire voters don't look at the polls. and, in fact, they might look at the polls and say, we're not going to do what they say they're going to do. they're notoriously independent. i agree with jeffrey on this. i think the candidates need go into this fighting hard. they each should go in with the mentality that they're absolutely the under dog here. certainly hillary clinton is going in with that mentality because she is the underdog. there was a poll that had her within nine points, so i think that tells you that we really can't look at the polls and say they're right or they're wrong. the candidates just need to continue to focus on their message, to focus on what they're going to be offering the
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voters of new hampshire and the country and fight as hard as they can until the last voter goes into the polls. >> you know, just to reinforce that point, ted cruz took questionsen from fr. the audience and the first two questions weren't necessarily from his voters. they were, as a matter of fact, hostile. people go to these events not necessarily to support them but harass them. i want to talk about marco rubio for a minute. we had rick santorum endorse him and bobby jindal endorsed him overnight. it seems, it seems that he is leaning up more and more support as the day goes on -- as the day goes on. what kind of effect do you think that will have? >> actually, new hampshire, i think that could be a liability for exactly the reasons maria was discussing.
3:18 am
these are very independent people. i'm a new englander myself. i remember henry cabot lodge won on a write-in and he was an ambassador of south vietnam and never did a thing. they're very independent. endorsements like that send a message of, hey, we're the establishment folks, do what i say, and i don't think that really helps. >> last question, maria cardona to you, donald trump tonight, do you think you'll see an aggressive donald trump on the debate state or keep the tone he's had the last day and a half, the new "last day and a half" donald trump who sat back a little bit? >> i think that question is better suited for jeffrey, but i'll take a stab at it. i think you'll see more of the donald trump you've seen in the last couple of days. i think he is now sort of understanding that it's up to the voters, and you don't want to do anything to offend them.
3:19 am
i think that, you know, look, he is still in front, and he still, i think, has the lead here, which again goes to the burden of expectations. but new hampshire has always shown that they are supporting trump more than any other voter or more than any other candidate. but, again, the polls show that the voters in new hampshire up to a third of them have not made up their mind on the republican side and up to 36% of them have said that they don't want donald trump. but, again, this is all a game of expectations and more than any other primary, more than any other state, you can't really depend on what the polls have shown, what the pundits are saying because this is all up to the new hampshire voters, so i think you'll see donald trump being donald trump. there's never going to be anything you're going tao take away from him. i think it's going to be a great
3:20 am
debate, and i for one am really looking forward to it. >> maria and jeffrey, thanks so much for getting up for this. >> stay warm. what does he want do here? what is his path forward? victor and christi, back to you guys in atlanta. >> thank you so much. tonight's debate could be good for jeb bush specifically. coming up exclusively, hearing from the former florida governor, how he plans to get back on track here. could his name be the problem. >> 1994, 1998, 2002, i ran three times. this is the exact same sign i used. you're not running away from your last name. >> i didn't run away in '94, '92, or '02.
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oh, it broke. >> you're hearing about that 600-on the crane that collapsed in manhattan. >> i saw the crane coming down. when it crashed, it sounded like
3:25 am
bombs going off. >> it looked like a tank. >> two guys ran to the right, one ran to the left. i believe the guy that ran to the left is the one that was killed. >> it fell yesterday morning as it was being lowered by workers, but it was happening in high winds. it was cleared mostly to be safe but a man in a parked car was killed. gas and water pipes are being shut. both the nypd and the buildings department are investigating, by the way. let's talk about ethan couch. the so-called affluenza teen has been moved to an adult detention center and that's where the sheriff says he belongs. >> he's getting ready to be 19 years old. he's an adult. he doesn't need to be held in a juvenile detention center. i feel comfortable with him in a more secure environment obviously. >> the sheriff clarifies this is only a housing change at the
3:26 am
moment. a hearing scheduled for later this month could decide whether couch's case is moved to adult court. he was given probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. he fled to mexico last year with his mother after a video showed him drinking at a party. that is a probation violation. authorities say elderly somali national rigged his laptop with tnt, military grade tnt two. other people were injured before the pilot could land safely. they say he knew exactly where to sit to maximize damage, and if the plane had reached cruising altitude the bomb would have set off a second catastrophic explosion in the fuel tank. a massive quake in taiwan
3:27 am
has killed 17 people now. it was a 6.4 earthquake. hit in the middle of the night. among the dead, a 10-day-old baby. john tells us it's 16 degrees in manchester, new hampshire, but we eunderstand, f course, the countdown to the primary is heating up. we're going to go live to john when we come back to see how all these candidates are doing, everything they can. you soo rally, the town halls to prepare for the big day but also the gop debate tonight. plus an exclusive interview with jeb bush. why he's going after marco rubio now in his latest campaign ad, in case you haven't seen it.
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it's the last saturday before the first primary 2016 in three days in new hampshire. candidates from both sides racing across the state trying to earn every last vote. they have retail stops, they have town halls, they have rallies. the republicans, they have their final debate before the vote tonight. that is, unless you are carly fiorina. carly fiorina will not be part of tonight's debate.
3:32 am
they tell us she will not make it happen despite calls. a lot of public officials want her there. she did not make the cut. jeb bush will hold a town hall this morning in bedford, new hampshire. he is not doing -- well, jeb bush is running in the middle of the pack here. he's at 9%. bush, though, campaigning very hard. talking a lot about marco rubio on the trail, talking about ted cruz on the trail and talking about donald trump on the trail. he sat down for an interview. take a listen. >> reporter: you have a new ad coming out going on marco rubio on his accomplishments. it's very tough because? >> well, he doesn't have a record of accomplish mblts. he's a gifted politician, can
3:33 am
give a great speech, has got a lot of charisma, but when you're running for the president of the united states, i think having a proorn record would be helpful, and i do. and it's a nice contrast not only to marco rubio but to others as well. >> are you saying marco rubio has no accomplishments? zero? zilch? >> he passeded one bill. as speaker of the house, he managed about four people. that's different than a state gft where you ran 130,000 people that you reduced by 30%. taking on the civil service system and teachesionion teachers union and the tribal bar. >> you say he's a gifted politician. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> he can give a great speech,
3:34 am
charismatic. i admire that. we need a leader. a leader has to run to a fire and put it out. >> going into new hampshire there's a lot of pressure on you houchlt well do you have to do here. >> i don't feel pressure. fefrt of all i feel blessed. >> you don't feel any pressure? >> not at all. i'm in it for the long haul. there's narrative built up to build excitement about the race. >> your supporter senator lindsey graham said if jeb doesn't do well in new hampshire, he's, quote, toast. >> he said if i get beat bad by marco rubio, i'm toast. there's a big difference. there's one thing in common. they're never over at the first primary. not at a single delegate has been selected to go to the national convention yet. imagine what the clinton hit
3:35 am
machine is going to do. you'd bet very a record. i've given up 34 years of my tax returns, my entire adult life basically out there for people to see, i've given up all my e-mails. i'm totally comfortable in my own skin and if the clinton hit machine comes after me, aisle fight back because i have a proven record and she doesn't. >> what about the bernie sanders machine? >> it's pretty interesting. he's already proposed $19 trillion in ten years and taxes as far as the eye can see. free things, free college, free this and that. >> the e-mail controversy for hillary clinton keeps going on. marco rubio has said it disqualifies her from being commander in chief. do you think it disqualifies her? >> it might. it might. it depends on what the fbi does
3:36 am
with its investigation, what it submits to the department of justice. it certainly calls into question her integrity and trustworthiness. she's lied. she lied to the fam ily members of lost loved ones in benghazi. she said a videographer was to blame and she would do everything to prosecute them. instead she sent e-mails to her daughter that this was a jihadist attack. she lied. >> this week president obama went to visit a mosque, reach tout muslim americans. marco rubio denounced it. donald trump criticized it. you supported it. >> he gave a great speech. he probably should have done it earlier, but he did it. here's where he's gotten it wrong. we have a caliphate the size of indiana with up to 40,000
3:37 am
battle-tested jihadists that have hijacked a peaceful religion and want to destroy western civilization. if he was interested in making sure that the muslim faith is protected, then we need to destroy isis, and that's where he's failed us. >> when trump criticizes him for going to the mosque and rubio criticizes him and other language that has been going on in the republican -- from some of the republican candidates that there is a dangerous fear amongering. >> our diversity is our strength. it's not our weakness. when we have this weakness with all 34 flavors of life -- we're the baskin robbins of the world. when we have politicians that break us up into spare parts, it's dangerous. i'm not playing that game. >> jeb bush may not be playing that game but he's playing another game.
3:38 am
coming up how his camp is teaming up with chris christie to go after marco rubio. stay with us. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business
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just three days to go until the primaries here in the state of new hampshire. a lot of candidates out there trying to pick up last-minute support. jeb bush has an event this morning. lately on the trail he hasn't been alone. he's had a big name with him. mom. barbara bush out campaigning with her son jeb. you can see her there working the stump. her walker has got a jeb bush bumper sticker on it. let's hear more now from jamie
3:42 am
again dell. >> chris christie has been going full chris christie on marco rubio. there's comments about you going forward. >> no. not true. he's got the same approach i'm taken because he's got a proorn record as well. i think governors understand you have to make tough decisions. >> one of the things he said on policy about marco rubio is that he pointed out marco rubio's position on abortion which is no exceptions and he said he thinks it's too extreme. you believe in exceptions. >> i do. i believe that the life of the mother and rape and incest should be the exceptions, and i think that's the consensus view, you know. look, i'm pro-life. i acted at a pro-life governor, expanded adoptions, funded
3:43 am
crisis pregnancy centers. i do believe that respecting life is a value that goes way beyond politics, but politically, it's a tough sell. >> talk to me a little bit about your family. you brought out your secret weapon. your mother is campaigning for you. a lot of bush family are campaigning for you. your brother has a new ad out supporting you. the signs are like, no last name. jeb! >> i've run three times. this is the exact same nine i used. >> you're not running away from your last name. >> i wasn't running away in the past. not at all. people love jeb bush. i love that my mom is campaigning in new hampshire and i'm proud of my brother's service and the fact he would actively campaign for me. >> you said from the beginning you had to earn it yourself. >> yeah. >> on the other hand, your
3:44 am
parents, your brother are very popular with republican voters. >> yes. >> did you maybe wait too long to bring them out? >> no. i always felt there were high expectations on me. no one has higher expectations on me than me, so i feel really good about where we are and i'm proud of my family's involvement. and if it makes a difference, it will be a positive. it won't be a negative for sure. >> did you ever imagine donald trump would be out here leading? >> it's a sign of the times with deep inaffection, tying themselves to a reality tv star. he's not going to solve their problems. he's not going to lift people up. the country's not going get better by insulting other countries or talking trash or
3:45 am
shouting obscenities in a big mike row phone or tweeting as a president of the united states. you've got to roll up your sleeves and do consensus, do things that makes the democracy work. there's nothing in donald trump's background that would make him do that. >> can you give one word to describe him? >> he's self-centered. >> you called him a jerk last time. >> yeah. i called him a jerk because he insulted people. i spent a lot of my life dpeemding the rights of the disabled, empowering them with choices they never had, opening up job possibilities for them. and i found it more than offensive that he would make fun of people with disabilities or call john mccain a loser because he got caught as a p.o.w. to prey on people's angst the way he does and dispercentages people along the way assures that he'll never be president but divides an america when we
3:46 am
need to move in the opposite direction. >> ted cruz, a word to describe him. >> well, he's smart and a great debater, but nothing in his background would suggest that he has the skills of bringing people together, to forge consensus, to solve problems. >> marco rubio? >> gifted, charismatic. nothing in his life suggests he could make it. when i say that, by the way, jamie, that doesn't mean that they can't, but barack obama couldn't, and there was nothing in his background to suggest it. and my point is simply this. we can't afford to take that risk. if we're fighting for the renewal of our country, i think you want someone who has a proven record, detailed plans and a steady hand. >> you got emotional last night when your mom was at the town hall. your dad can't be here because of his parkinson's. >> whenever i think about my dad, i get emotional. >> because? >> because he's frail. and for a guy you have -- who i
3:47 am
always thought was like superman, to see him in the condition physically that he's in is hard. >> what's your strategy for the next couple of days? >> we're going to campaign hard, all in. have a good debate tomorrow night and finish strong. >> jeb bush there with cnn special correspondent jamie gandall. joined now by mark pr resson. he no doubt loves his family. proud of his family. nevertheless when he decided to run, his bumper sticker says jeb! no bush. his mother at some point said she didn't think he should run. >> i remember being in texas that day. it was the opening of the george w. bush presidential library. we were all waiting to see what happens. all of a sudden she goes on television and says she doesn't want him to run.
3:48 am
catches everybody off guard. jeb bush, if we go back to george w. bush's run for presidency, it wasn't supports to be george. it was supposed to be jeb. george w. leapfrogs him. jeb bush has to wait until now and he's running a lack luster campaign. >> he did a rally and h.w. said this boy, this son of ours will never let you down. at the time it was seen as it was really hurting w. because it sort of diminished him. so ily was a sense among the sons in that there was a risk of doing too much with the parents, but now he's got nothing to lose. >> he's going to lose it now. he needs as much firepower as he can. jamie asked him why did it take yo sow long to bring your brother out. he said, no. but talking to the people on the inside, it was too late. >> remember, republican voters in many states including north
3:49 am
carolina, george w. bush is very popular. >> very popular. when it comes to terrorism, let's go back to 9/11. who got very high marks for protecting america. that's what jeb bush should have worked on with george w. bush. he should have come out with him showing that but he didn't. >> there's an ad. a super pac. any chance of seeing george w. push running with him? >> he's raised sun money, money. >> if he comes out, there will be a hail mary pass. >> i guess if he does well enough to go to new hampshire, it might be possible. next hour gloria borger sits down with john kasich. really running his own campaign in his own universe. tied in third place at the cnn/wcr poll.
3:50 am
maybe making a move here. we're blowing out cold air rings out here, victor and christi. >> we feel for you back here in the studio. >> i can tell. i can tell. appreciate. >> it thank you, john, so much. appreciate it. listen, we're going to get back to our political coverage in a few minutes. but, first, johnny football is under investigation. why the dallas p.d. is now getting involved in a domestic violence probe. it's the weekend of the big game and fans are having a parties. only one team addressing the teal and black. but could this be peyton manning's final game? we'll talk about that.
3:51 am
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all right. just one day way now from the kickoff of super bowl 50. >> yeah. denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers. andy scholes is covering the big game in san francisco. but, listen, the's other sports news we have to get to first. andy, i understand you have new developments for us in let's say troubled life of nfl quarterback johnny manziel? >> that right, guys. good morning. more troubles for johnny manziel. his agent droned him yesterday. and his father says he fears he won't make it to his 24th birthday in december if he
3:55 am
doesn't get help. the dallas police department is investigating an incident between johnny and his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley. it's said he hit her multiple times. they've reportedly gotten a restraining order. in an interview with tmz, manziel denies ever hitting crowley. here in san francisco, roger goodell gave his discussion. despite the rise in concussions in the nfl this past season, he thinks the league has never been safer. >> i played football in high school for four years. i'd never give up that. if i had a son, he'd play. his risk there's risk to life. there's risk to sitting on the
3:56 am
couch. this week i had a chance to make pizza with papa john, joe montana and j.j. watt. pretty good. and throw in the dow too. peyton manning and archie were also out to help make pizzas. i asked the million dollar question. when is his son going to retire. >> after the season he'll talk about it. he's handled this like he should. it will be tough. peyton will figure this thing out, whether he should or shouldn't. he'll make a good decision. >> and we're going to have much more on the super bowl coming up later today. be sure to watch kickoff by the bay. a cnn report. hosted by chris cuomo and hall of fame quarterback dan moreno. guys? >> looking forward to it. all right. andy scholes, nice job on the pizza. thank you. >> thanks, andy.
3:57 am
at the top of the hour, we're going go back to new hampshire. the primary is just three days away. >> a lot of focus on ted cruz. how is the polling working to regain its footing? "new day" starts after this break. s with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, you wanna see something intense? with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful.
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4:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- god bless the a great state of new hampshire. >> there's some talent running for president for sure. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. >> this is the bernie sanders free tuition plate. i want you to go into my pocket.
4:01 am
now, give that to him. >> this really is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> we think we're in second place. >> i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first. >> the first thing i intend to do is resinscind every single illegal unconstitutional action taken by president obama. >> i'm fighting for people who can't wait. i won't make promises i can't keep. >> this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we have ever had in washington, d.c. >> we've got to rebuild dins by confidence by rebuilding democracy in d.c. because it's completely broken. saturday morning. it's 7:00 a.m. so much to talk about. we're so grateful for your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. so good to be with you this
4:02 am
morning. also joining us, john berman. he's in new hampshire where we're three days away from the primaries. >> three days. it's 16 degrees here this morning this saturday, this final saturday before the first primary in the country. just hours also until seven republican candidates get on a debate stage for their final debate before the new hampshire voting. high, high stakes. donald trump, he's going to this debate. he'll be right in the middle of the stage because he's number one in the polls here in new hampshire. the candidates are all over the state today campaigning. this is where things stand this morning. we have a new cnn/wmur poll. as i said, donald trump is out in front at 28%. marco rubio at 17%. ted cruz and john kasich tied for 13%. jeb bush at 9%. on the democratic side, a
4:03 am
different story, way different. bps, a bernie sanders, a 2-1 edge over hillary clinton. a lot to talk about this morning. joining me senior reporter manu raji. manu, you've been out with the republicans. what do you see? >> this is a race that sort of donald trump is holding steady at the top but the race is really for second, third, and fourth place. i mean when you look at the field, it's sort of broken up into two tiers. you have trump, cruz, and rubio at the top. they're almost certainly going to be in a decent position going into south carolina. the second is going what's going to happen to the other candidates, john kasich, jeb bush, and chris christie. chris christie for sure.
4:04 am
if you're chris christie, you're getting very nervous. if he ends up at 4%, i can't see how he could continue on to south carolina. but jeb bush needs to be close to marco rubio in order to continue his race into south carolina. now, john, i was out with jeb bush yesterday. he made it very clear he's going to continue on to south carolina. he made no bones about it. he really need doswell. he really pleaded with voters and said this is a state who needs to reset the race. he's clearly pushing very hard. one of the things the guys are looking at and kind of looking at hopefully is the fact that about 31% of the voters have yet to make up their minds, all of which really raises the stakes for tonight's debate. >> manu raju, thanks so much. i want to bring in senior political editor, mark preston. you really see it out here.
4:05 am
you know, we were at a ted cruz event last night. i was saying the first two questions were from people who clearly aren't ted cruz supporters. they're still looking at the candidates. what does that give to the guys trying to claw their way up, john kasich, jeb bush, chris christie. >> hillary clinton is vying for the same amount of voters. i don't mean the republican voters but the unclear voters. you have the moderate republicans and those. clinton is not going to win here so maybe her backing off is not -- >> it's interesting that you're saying that. hillary clinton who may be backing up may be. you talk about bernie sanders. you say why is chris christie talking about bernie sanders? >> you know, talking, in fact, to a chris christie person just about the attacks he had on
4:06 am
marco rubio, calling him the boy in the bubble, right, which to bring it to full circle toll bernie sandersing it's very hard to break through the clutter and the noise. we've been talking about bernie sanders and hillary clinton very much. we've talked about donald trump and marco rubio. we haven't been talking about john kasich and chris christie. anything they can do to get into the conversation is very important. >> chris christie is at 13%. he's been running, you know, really in his own universe here. >> he has been running in his own universe. we looked at him and thought, wow, he could run. he stalked his campaign in new hampshire as has john kasich. >> he was hurt with all the polls. all the polls had him out in front by four, five, six, seven
4:07 am
points. not shocking he's up by a lot more. there's the assumption he's the clear front-runner going in. will he get credit for the victory if it's a slim win, if he wins by 3% 4r, 4%, 5%? >> all expectations for donald trump. he's up. the problem for donald trump, though, is that the focus is on donald trump. he's asked for it. the light is shining brightly on him. so when he comes in second in iowa, which is a good showing for donald trump in iowa, he's not an evangelical person, but yet he comes in second. if he doesn't win by five, six, seven points, they're going to say that. >> i do wonder. donald trump has been the target of the -- of many of the debates, even the one he wasn't at he was talked about quite a bit. tonight they have so many other issues to deal with. i wonder if donald trump skates
4:08 am
a little friel. >> the bush folks think their candidate has to go right at trump. they have to show he's a hard charger and willing to point. at the same point he has to go up against marco rubio, not as hard. if you look at john kay sis. it's all on the line for john kasich. he's got to be able to be forceful but not on the attack. >> again, chris christie who's been up here for the last five days just exploding on marco rubio, you would think he has to do that tonight when there are more eyeballs. >> up to a point. i talked to a christy adviser late last night. they want him to come out. he was a conciliatory. we're all republicans, we shouldn't attack each other, we should attack hillary clinton. houvgs attacking marco rubio, calling him the boy in the bubble. tonight they need to go after him. tonight he can't go the full
4:09 am
chr chr christ christie. >> you're saying there's a limit. >> otherwise it looks like you're going out of kroll. >> thanks, mark. ted cruz campaigning in new hampshire. donald trump, marco rubio, they're all here as well. what is the state of the ted cruz campaign? plus, winter warfare, republican john kasich. again, he says he's running in the kasich lane and throwing snowballs here. he's throwing hard in that kasich lane. a direct hit right there. we're going to talk about where he stands, what he needs do. he goes one on one with gloria borger. >> you know, if you're in an establishment -- >> is that a vice president at nod from somebody? >> no, no. that's some kind of crazy. i wouldn't even think about that. i'm running for president. >> well, you are governor of ohio.
4:10 am
i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone.
4:11 am
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welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. interesting turns in the democratic battle here in the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders way out in front in the latest cnn wish wmur poll. a 30-point lead over hillary clinton who won the new hampshire primary back in 2008. hillary clinton insists she's not giving up here. she's working hard, though, she's doing some new interesting things which means she may be looking beyond new hampshire as well. chris frates here in new hampshire following the democrats. chris. >> hey, good morning, john. things are heating up in the race in very chilly vermont. just last night secretary
4:14 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders spoke to thousands at a dinner here and secretary clinton said despite lagging bernie sanders by double digits in most polls, she's not giving up on new hampshire. >> over the past few days, some people look at the polls with bernie sanders in the lead here and suggested -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- yeah. that's a fact. and suggested i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next states. well, new hampshire's never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. >> so secretary sanders on the other -- excuse me, senator sanders on the other hand looking forward to south carolina where he needs to increase his support among the african-american community.
4:15 am
and so he talked to democrats last night about police shootings and that's on the heels of a big endorsement that his campaign received from former ncaap president ben. secretary clinton has a big lead in south carolina particularly among black voters hoochl wheers's what bernie sanders had to say about shootings. >> when we talk about reform, we say we're tired of unarmed people being shot down by police. what we're saying is that a police officer who breaks the law like any other public official must be held comfortable, must make police departments all across this country look like the diversity on the communities they serve.
4:16 am
>> so while that dinner was largely civil, there was a little bit of a donald trumpesque twitter back and forth between secretary clinton and senator sanders yesterday. sanders saying i urge secretary clinton to join me in saying we'll never cut social security. hillary clinton firing back, bernie sanders, i won't cut social security. aisle defend it and expand it. so civil despite things. >> you say things on twitter you won't say out loud in the political discourse. chris frates, thanks so much. let's shift back to the republican race. again t polls have donald trump out in front here in the clear. ted cruz, john kasich, they're tied for third right now behind marco rubio. ted cruz out campaigning last
4:17 am
night at a town hall with the senator last night. a very different political land scape for him in new hampshire. the iowa caucus winner, different scene here. evangelical voters do not play as big of a role. nevertheless, ted cruz looking for a big finish here. i want to bring in manny. you're in florida right now. you have two candidates in florida, jeb bush and marco rubio. you could be supporting. why support ted cruz? >> well, i wanted to support the one candidate that's gone to washington and has done everything he said he's going to do. that's ted cruz. you know, i want to talk about marco rubio. marco rubio, who i know well, we're both from miami, both immigrants. we're both from miu.
4:18 am
he teaches politics, i teach business. i'm also supporter of marco rubio. i want to say this about marco rubio. he went to washington in 2010 and then in 2013 he turned his back on floridians. the bottom line about marco rubio is he's a career politician who's never had a real job. h went to washington surrounded by washington insiders and decided to turn his back on floridians like myself and support it. marco rubio was never my choice coming into 2016. i looked around the field and i looked at ted cruz as someone who's taken on the entire washington establishment and that's the guy i decided to go with. >> it's not like ted cruz had some long glorious career. i met him in 2000. he was solicitor general in texas for a long time. he did work in a private practice. you say marco rubio is a career
4:19 am
politician. is ted cruz really that different? >> ted cruz has prior experience. rehn, when he graduated law school, he wanted to do a clerk ship. it's different than what marco rubio did. he graduated from high school, became a commission mer of miami, went on to be a rep at the florida house and the only reason he stopped doing that is he turned out. there was a lot of passion behind ted cruz. i think floridians like myself think we made a mistake in 2010 with marco rubio and we're not going to make the same mistake in 2016. there's a reason marco rubio is behind ted cruz and dew point. i think conservativing fe conse betrayed bihm him. the conservative base is not going to turn out for marco rubio. i think this time around
4:20 am
conservatives have a good option. we have an option of someone who's gone to washington and has done everything he said he's going to do. that's who i'm going to support. i'm all in for ted cruz. >> you talked about conservative betrayal. there is a candidate right now running for president who considers himself conservative who thinks he has been betrayed by ted cruz and supporters. i'm talking about ben carson and i'm talking about what happened in iowa. a lot of people very upset about what happened in the campaign there. ted cruz making phone calls just before the voting took place saying ben carson had dropped out. he had not. you are a republican party official. part of your job is to make sure there's a level playing field here. why did that not cross the line in iowa? >> there was one staffer who apparently sent an e-mail who said -- reported on a new story that cnn broke. and here are the facts.
4:21 am
cnn reporting that news story that he wasn't going to go to new hampshire, he wasn't going to go to south carolina after the caucuses. he was going to go back to florida and that he was going to make an announcement and here's what happened. he didn't go back to new hampshire or to south carolina until yesterday and he made an announcement that he was going to go to the national prayer breakfast. >> manny, you know -- manny -- manny, hang on, hang on. we never reported he was suspends the campaign. it's not a supported thing here. we said one thing, you told the voters another. >> i never received any news about spreading the rumor about ben carson. there hasn't been one iowa vote their we know of that's come on and said they switched their vote from ben carson to ted cruz because of some speculation that he's dropping out. we passed on breaking news story
4:22 am
that's important in a social flied race and i think the message being pushed now, the narrative, is partly being pushed by donald trump because he wanted to do everything that -- he's going to do what donald trump does, which is speak about everything but the issues. that's donald trump's history in this race. we know that we're not going to be distracted by these issues that are not important. the voters want to know about substance and about what you're going to do as commander in chief. the fact is that from what we know, no one switched their vote from ben carson to ted cruz in the story. all we did was focus on the factual news story that cnn had broke 15 minutes before the caucuses. >> manny roman, i tell you one thing. i wish i were outin miami. i'm freezing here in new hampshire. appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me on. one programming note. be sure to watch "state of the
4:23 am
union" this sunday with jake tapper. everyone is on. donald trump, john kasich, chris christie, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. 9:00 a.m. sunday only on cnn. victor and christi, back to you guys in atlanta. >> john, thank you so much. there's a lot going on including a rush to find survivors including earthquake in taiwan. the death toll is rising. we've got new details right now about attempts to pull people out of a building. people compare it to a modern-day bonnie and clyde. listen to the bullets there as a dramatic crime spree is brought to a very dramatic end. see see me.
4:24 am
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join me, let's go win the nomination.
4:27 am
27 minutes after the hour, and right now rescue operations are under way in taiwan's oldest city of tainan. devastating earthquake has injured more than 75. an apartment building crumbled after a powerful 6.4 earthquake hit saturday while people were sleeping. they're looking for any survivors. more than 200 so far have been rescued. investigators are now saying the murder of a teen was
4:28 am
premeditated and it was conspired in a fast food restaurant. she was found three days after she disappeared. investigators say virginia tech students plotted to stab the seventh grader and planned on how they were going to get rid of her body. eisenhauer will appear in court next month. he tried to hide their inappropriate relationship. two officers were serving warrant last night. the officer was shot as he walked up to the suspect. the second officer was able to shoot back. now, the suspect is in the hospital. there's no word yet on his condition. and the zika virus is prompting the cdc to issue new safe-sex guidelines. it results in babies being born
4:29 am
with abnormally small heads. officials say men who have been exposed to the virus and have a pregnant partner should use protection or not have sex at all until the baby is born. officials also say pregnant women who have been exposed to zika should get tested for the virus. all right. three days and counting to the new hampshire primary. we're taking you back to miami with details on john kasich next. yeah. the republican presidential hopeful expecting to be strong in this state. find out why he'd be the worst vice president anybody could imagine. pe 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. one pill a day helps lower your a1c.
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ truly, one of the a great traditions in new hampshire primary politics, the snowball fight and whitewash. i have rarely seen a candidate involved in a whitewash. many snowballs thrown, but that's the first candidate i've ever seen whitewash someone. assume that was an aide. yesterday he told reporters the establishment is scared of him. and that's when this snowball fight happened. could this be a preview of how john kay sish will take the
4:34 am
despate stage tonight. will he be throwing verbial rhetorical snowballs. we will see. thinks his campaign right now, the future depending on the outcome in new hampshire. he says flat out if he gets smoked here, he will go home. our gloria borger sat down with governor kasich and asked about the entire campaign experience. >> what has been amazing in these town halls that i have noticed, my friends pointed it out, i think they've turned some of them into a safe harbor for people or safe haven. i mean people come, they talk about the trouble their kids are having. i mean people will come and they'll cry, they'll give me a big hug or i give them a big hug. they need someone to care about them, somewhere to go where it's
4:35 am
safe. it's so weird for me to find it at a political event. >> let me ask you, now here in new hampshire, trump has start godding on-on-the retail circuit a little bit, doing a few town halls. >> isn't that interesting. >> yeah. what you do think about that? >> that's the way you do it here. they don't care about celebrity or money. they don't care. these people want to know who you are. >> what's your advice for him because he hasn't really done it. didn't do it in iowa. >> i think you can't play catchup here. >> who's your biggest competitor right now if you look at this field? >> i think my biggest competitor is being able to get my message out and correct, you know, the millions of negative about me. that's what i think the biggest challenge is for me. i mean people have spent $4 million, $5 million, $6 million on the air, in mailboxes, you know, talking about thing. >> jeb and christie, you mean? >> they all have.
4:36 am
fiorina has called me the fascist media candidate. i wish people would say tell me about this, or answer this question. >> you're tired for third in our latest poll behind rubio and trump, and you have said if you get smoked in new hampshire, it's over. >> yeah. >> what does "getting smoked" mean? >> finishing in sixth or seventh. that's not going to happen. i don't even think we're third. i think we're running second. >> would you ever accept a vice-presidential nod from somebody? >> no, no. that's some kind of crazy. i wouldn't even think about that. i'm running for president. >> you're governor of ohio, people might be thinking about it. >> that doesn't matter. i don't even think that way. >> you don't. >> i would be the worst vice president than anybody could ever imagine. i'd be worse than biden. i'm my own man.
4:37 am
i don't take order from people. i do what i do. i'm my own man. i'm basically an unrelenting person of change. >> you'd have no interest. >> no. i have no interest. >> what do you say about bernie sanders' charge that if you have a super pac, you're bought and sold. >> it's congress. i knew bernie way back. >> what's he about? >> floebting around in pluto. this is ridiculous. i don't dislike bernie. i just don't take him serious. >> what about hillary clinton taking money from goldman sachs. >> just because they're paid to give speeches means they're on the take. i don't think that's hillary's biggest problem. here's the thing if somebody
4:38 am
said would you do it again if you had to do it, the answer is yes. bients a great experience. we're not done yet. maybe something's going to happen and i em go doing hate it, but right now i've enjoyed it. driving me crazy, no, nothing's driving me crazy. we're like a traveling band of minstr minstrels. they talk about no drama obama. we have no drama. >> no drama? let me ask you. if you could finish this question. i ran for president -- >> to change the world. >> i may have lost but -- >> -- i kept my head high, cree kept my intech grit, and created a positive legacy for my children and grandchildren. >> gloria borger and john kasich. look that bus. it says "results now." say john kasich gets the results he wants now in new hampshire. say he pulls off a strong second
4:39 am
place finish, beating everyone else, gets exactly what he wants? does that mean he has an easy path forward? >> no, not. it's ohio that's his home state, michigan, illinois, missouri. these are states that they think he can do very well in. >> in the middle of march. >> yes. >> talk about patience. even if he gets everything he wants, he's got to sit out another tough month on the campaign trail with south carolina. it doesn't seem like that will be a great state for him. some of those a great states in the south, not a great for him. does he have the money, the support, the mandate to wait until the middle of march? >> i think the big moment of the campaign is going to happen on wednesday morning when there's a coming to jesus moment when they say three of these moderate candidates have to drop and one has to stay in it. for john kasich, maybe the money has to go his way. who knows. >> that was a great interview with john kasich as well. thank you, gloria, for that.
4:40 am
victor, christi, back to you guys. >> thanks so much. we have some other big stories to talk to you about. in fact, take a look at this. [ gunfire ] >> what you're looking at, what you're hearing. a dramatic cream spree that spanned three states before the police caught up with a couple nicknamed the modern-day bonnie and clyde. >> it's a big weekend with parties and festivals and, of course, super bowl 50, the game itself. we're live in san francisco with the details on the heightened security already under way.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
that's not a movie. that's a shoot-out there. a crime spree that lasted six days and stretched across three states. a missouri couple compared to bonnie and clyde stopped by police as they were chased. they did not go quietly. he was killed. brittany harper is in the hospital recovering. how does blake fitzgerald's death change the case? >> good morning, victor. good morning, christi. it's from the obvious to not so obvious.
4:45 am
there's one death, the decedent can't be prosecuted. therefore, she's left to be prosecuted. the not so on sus is whether the authorities in fact under a theory of felony murder decide to charge her with the very murder that may have come at the hands of police, but you have to look at who caused the chain of events to make it happen. so i think that certainly would be significant. not that she'll see the light of day anyway because as you remember, viktor, clearly this is a multi-level, multi-state prosecution and even something the federal government could get involved in. and that gets into the issue of consecutive time, wherein once she's prosecuted, the authorities can have a shot at her and alabama authorities and so on and certainly the federal government has jurisdiction. she's in a world of hurt. the question is will she, in fact, be accountable for his murder. >> we know it ended with a shoot-out after a standoff in a
4:46 am
pensacola neighborhood. the sheriff there said that they were going into a home and that's when the shots were fired but did not skplisicily confirm that either fitzgerald or harper shout back. what does that investigation look like if they determine that the shots fired by officers were indeed justified? >> i think it's certainly critical to know that, but i think in a case like this, victor, the ties certainly would go to law enforcement. you're looking at people who have a history, you know, certainly the male who's dead has a significant criminal history of engaging in activities of violence against people. but to the extent that you have two people that are on the loose, on the run, engaging in home invasions and kidnapping and doing other things that represent a threat to the public, you could clearly then see what the state of mind of law enforcement is. they don't have to -- that is, law enforcement -- wait until they get inside the home and thereby represent a danger to anybody who may be occupying the
4:47 am
home to act. so twhanlt to prevent any danger, certainly to themselves as law enforcement officials but more importantly because law enforcement serves to protect anyone in that home or community. so, you know, the investigation clearly wants to know whether any shots were fired by the other side. even if it's not, that's not going to be the outcome. clearly in this instant it looks like they were. >> all right. joey jackson, cnn legal analyst. jo joey, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. so it's the golden super bowl? >> i get it. >> panthers or broncos. who are you hoping for? >> i'm going with cam. i'm going with cam. all right, san francisco, of course, hoping last night with the ""bleacher report"s" bleacher ball. full of celebrities. other details next.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
. 51 minutes after the hour now. let's take you to syria where thousands of desperate civilians are leaving the city of aleppo. the u.n. says that 40,000 have k been displaced. syrian regime forces backed by russian air support are trying to take the city. syrian forces have already cut
4:52 am
off the only opposition supply route to the city and turkey is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in the making. twitter has suspended more than 125,000 accounts because they appeared to have links to terrorism. the move comes about a month after a meeting with white house officials in silicon valley where the white house asked private companies to help combat terrorism. twitter said the accounts were suspended because they threatened or promoted terrorist acts and mostly they were related, they say, to isis. i'm sure you heard of an airline losing bags. maybe losing some of your bags, but one middle eastern airline has lost its passengers. the pakistan international airlines is facing protests and worker strikes over plans to privatize the airline that has shut down the booking system and now they're having trouble locating passengers. 2500 of them are stranded all over europe and north america. many more are still unaccounted for. other carriers are now trying to
4:53 am
help track them down and get them home. in part of southern japan on alert tad oday as the volcano erupts. more eruptions can be coming. the environmental group greenpeace says there's another threat, too. two nuclear reactor within 30 miles of the volcano. power company that owns them contends they are not in danger. coming up at the top of the hour, carly freiorina excluded from tonight's debate despite the attempt to bring her to the stage. why is carly fiorina struggling in the polls in the granite state? also, super bowl 50, the party, the players, the predictions. cnn has it all live from san francisco.
4:54 am
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countdown now. just one day away. some people are counting down hours instead of days now until the kickoff of super bowl 50. >> denver broncos, carolina panthers, and lots of really bad food. andy scholz is covering the big game in san francisco. andy, it's so good to see you. i know we have to start with other news this morning coming out about nfl quarterback johnny manziel. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. things aren't looking good for johnny manziel. his agent cut ties with him yesterday and his father tells "the dallas morning news" that if johnny doesn't get help soon he fears he won't make it to his
4:58 am
24th birthday in december. dallas police are investigating an incident between manziel and his ex-girlfriend that happened last saturday. johnny's ex-girlfriend said that johnny allegedly hit her multiple times. she gave her account to police yesterday and has reportedly got a restraining order against manziel. in an interview with tmz manziel has denied ever hitting crowley. here in san francisco, at 39 years old peyton manning will become the oldest quarterback ever to play in the super bowl tomorrow. the speculation, of course, is that this is peyton's final game. that's the impression i got when i spoke with peyton's father archie. peyton would not confirm that. he did talk about how grateful he was to have one more chance at a super bowl. >> if you have any appreciation for the history of the game, certainly you've watched super bowls and played in super bowl, had a sibling that's played in super bowls, it does make it
4:59 am
even more special. so i'm grateful for the opportunity to be here and as i feel like our whole team is. >> super bowl week is almost just as much about the parties as it is the big game. last night was the first annual bleacher ball. i was working the red carpet and i was trying to find out who everyone is rooting for on sunday. >> peyton manning, cam newton. who's the boss? >> peyton. i mean, cam's amazing, don't get me wrong, but it would be really, really special to see peyton just walk off into the sunset with a win. >> i really came into it just saying there's no way that carolina can lose this game, and the more i watch denver's defense, the more i think this is going to be a lot closer than people think. >> all right. we're going to have much more on the big game coming up later today. be sure to tune in on "kickoff
5:00 am
by the bay." a cnn believer special report at 2:30 p.m. chris cuomo and hall of fame quarterback dan marino will be hosting that. do you notice how similar they look to one another? >> yeah, we were talking about that. >> we picked that up. nkts they're twins. >> no. andy scholz, thank you so much. the next hour of your "new the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> there's some talent running for president, for sure. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. >> this is the bernie sanders free tuition plan. i want you to go into my pocket. now give that to him. >> this really is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> we think we're in second place. >> i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first. >> the first thing i intend to
5:01 am
do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional action taken by president obama. >> i'm fighting for people who can't wait. i won't make promises i can't keep. >> this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we have ever had in washington, d.c. >> we've got to rebuild confidence by restoring democracy in washington, d.c., because it's completely broken. it is 8:01 on saturday morning, and we are so grateful to be sharing it with you. chris at this paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. john berman is leading our coverage from manchester, new hampshire. just three days away from the primary. things are heating up. although i understand it's freezing there right now, john. >> reporter: i think we may have achieved 20 degrees, which is a breakthrough here in manchester this morning, guys. >> all right. >> reporter: we're excited about that. what a big weekend here.
5:02 am
the candidates scrambling for last-minute votes before the first in the nation primary for hillary clinton. that's a big job. she's trailing far, far behind bernie sanders on the latest cnn/wmur poll. she says she is not ready to give up here. >> some people have looked at the polls that show senator sanders with a big lead here and suggested -- yeah. -- i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next state. well, new hampshire's never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you! >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump out in front. he's at 28% in our new poll. marco rubio, 17%. you see ted cruz and john kasich tied at 13%, jeb bush at 9. senator rubio the target of a lot of candidates including jeb bush, the former florida
5:03 am
governor called his friend, senator rubio, a gifted politician. more by our special correspondent. >> means he can give a great speech. he can connect well with people. he's charismatic, and i admire that. i'm not saying that as a negative, but he's not a leader. a leader has to make a tough decision. a leader can't cut and run. a leader runs to the fire to put it out. >> reporter: that's jeb bush on marco rubio. another former governor came out and endorsed marco rubio. bobby jindal, he put his backing behind rubio and his bid for the white house. the second former candidate to back senator rubio, rick santorum, did also. a lot to talk about this morning. joining me now is cnn senior political reporter, manu ragu. just three days away. >> reporter: three days away. jeb bush, really, it's not a do or die moment for him, john, but
5:04 am
it is incredibly critical for a good performance. on tuesday i spoke to lindsey graham which is one of jeb bush's leading surrogates. he said, look, jeb bush needs to do very well here. he needs to do better than the other governors in the race, specifically chris christie and john kasich, and be close enough to marco rubio. he cannot get trounced by marco rubio. he walked back comments he made, lindsey graham did, earlier this week when he said that jeb bush would be toast if he were not close to marco rubio. a key moment, a key fight for the middle of the pack, second, third, fourth place is what we're going to be looking at given that trump seems to be holding pretty steady at the top and marco rubio seems to have surged after that win in the -- the third place finish in the iowa caucuses. clearly these folks, these guys in the middle of the pack are gunning for those undecided voters. about 30% of whom still said they have not made their mind up
5:05 am
in a candidate. john, i was struck yesterday at some of these events that there are a lot of rand paul supporters sort of looking for a home. at a jeb bush event they said there were rand paul supporters who could maybe support jeb bush. potentially there is some room to grow particularly for those governors including john kasich, too, who is also vying for the third, fourth place finish. we'll see howell these guys do and whether or not they can see some momentum coming out of new hampshire. >> manu, i was at a ted cruz event last night and the whole focus at the beginning of the event was rand paul, talking about how ted cruz wanted rand paul's support and supporters behind him and he had someone who would endorse rand paul out there speaking about him. that's absolutely right. that's a big part for some of these candidates. manu raju, thank you very much. i want to bring in ron brown. he's cnn's senior political analyst standing out here in the cold with me. i want to start with donald trump. holding relatively steady. maybe down a very slight amount
5:06 am
from where he was before iowa. >> right. >> reporter: why is new hampshire a different, maybe better state for donald trump? >> two words, fewer evangelicals. ted cruz won iowa the same way rick santorum and mike huckabee did in '12 and '08. he won evangelical voters but he lost those that were not evangelical. he can expand beyond the base as we go forward. new hampshire is a state that is much more secular, it is divided between the blue collar and the white collar. the fact is donald trump even in iowa won those blue collar voters who are not evangelicals. he is leading among them again today in new hampshire. he can consolidate that base. that's a big, strong foundation to go forward. >> reporter: he has that link more or less on his own, more on his own than the others are. >> yes. >> reporter: if we put up a poll on the race in general, donald trump at 28%, marco rubio, 17%. that bunching of ted cruz, john kasich, jeb bush right there. >> right. >> reporter: that group, 17, 13, 13, 9. >> yeah, right.
5:07 am
>> reporter: who are they fighting for? what are they going after? >> that is probably the most important thing that is going to happen in new hampshire. what they are all going for is pretty much -- obviously everybody appeals across the board. their core strength are the voters that are not evangelical but white collar. kind of the opposite side of donald trump. >> particularly rubio, cruz, kasich, bush, christie. >> can marco rubio begin to separate from the others and consolidate that link? that is the group. the white collar secular leaders. they picked the nominee. they have not had a horse in this race. i think the question is whether new hampshire provides that consolidating push. >> reporter: the debates will be interesting to see because rubio has to pull away kasich people, jeb bush people, if he wants a comfortable margin. >> yes. >> reporter: they'll do the same thing, fighting in the same pool. >> if rubio can establish that, you see the establishment push. >> reporter: you get a sense
5:08 am
that the establishment wants him to. >> right. if he can establish that, you have a fascinating three-way race in south carolina that could be lasting which republicans have never had. cruz among evangelicals, trump at the blue collar non-evangelical and rubio on the white collar. >> equally interesting if rubio, kasich, bush can make a standing. >> right. >> reporter: i want to shift to the democrats. hillary clinton announced she's going to flint, michigan. important issues. important minority community, african-american voters. been affected disproportionately there. bernie sanders picking up the support of naacp of ben gelis. hillary clinton running an ad in spanish. i know new hampshire, you do, one thing there aren't a lot of minority voters. this isn't about new hampshire, is it? >> the republican race is coming
5:09 am
into form. you can see t. bernie sanders started depending on young people and socially liberal upper class whites but in iowa and here he expanded beyond that. he's competitive among blue collar whites as well which allows him to compete for blue collar workers in the midwest. can he cut into the minority community? there will be 1/3 to 40% of all democratic voters. there's an enormous generational divide. can he cut into that african-american and hispanic populations? we'll begin to get answers in south carolina and nevada. i think that's why you see hillary clinton in flint and on spanish language radio. >> those are not new hampshire moves? >> those are not new hampshire moves. it is what comes next. the diversity of the democratic party weighs in in a big way. democrats in nevada and then south carolina. those first two weeks of march you have a lot of southern states and a lot of midwestern states and that is where bernie
5:10 am
sanders is going to be make or break for him. can he break in and also don't forget as we talked about, he is winning here and he did well in iowa partly because he did so well among independents. he lost self-identified independents in iowa. >> have you seen that he's making in roads? >> there's the one role poll at quinnipiac. i think new hampshire will show us at a democratic dinner, the passion and a congresswoman got shouted down at a democratic dinner saying she was voting for hillary clinton. >> i have one more question before they pull the plug on us. decibel level at the republican debate tonight. do you think it goes to 11 or stays at 10? >> stays at 10 but i think donald trump, he has to come out
5:11 am
swinging. >> reporter: swinging? we've seen a nicer, kinder, gentler donald trump. >> this is important. if marco rubio could have that gary hart moment, i think trump would have trouble recovering from that. if trump win, rubio finishes second and consolidates the white collar vote, you could have a sustained three-way race, cruz, trump, rubio. >> a lot of overtime wages for political analysts. >> that's exactly right. thanks so much. >> all right. when we come back the latest polls we've been talking about it. bernie sanders, very far ahead of hillary clinton here in the state of new hampshire. what does this mean for her? what does this mean for him? hillary clinton says he's not letting the polls get her down. >> thank you. new hampshire's never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you. . and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy.
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5:15 am
you are looking at manchester, new hampshire. 8:00 a.m. here in the granite state. just three days before the first in the nation primary here. this is a state that takes its voting so, so seriously. so many undecided voters. so many voters that will stay that way until the moment they walk into that voting booth. at an event last night, i was listening to voters going to see ted cruz. they weren't cruz supporters. they were there because they needed to be convinced to be ted cruz supporters. bernie sanders has a big lead
5:16 am
ahead of hillary clinton by a margin of 2 to 1, 30 points. with 64% of voters saying they are locked into their candidate, well, there may not be too many voters up for grabs. let's discuss. we are joined by raymond buckley. he is the chair of the democratic party in the state of new hampshire. raymond, thanks so much for being with us. great to see you here. you have seen a lot of races over the years here. compare this, this two-person race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, have you seen anything like this before? >> it's to me reminiscent of the al gore, bill bradley race which had large amounts of independents who wanted to vote but were unbe decided on the democratic side, republican side. 43% can vote in either primary when they wake up. people wake up that morning, decide to go red shirt -- >> a lot of voters went and voted for john mccain. the democratic primary became a democratic battle.
5:17 am
how do you win independent voters? who are the independent undeclared voters here? >> this is what i've been told over the years. roughly 1/3 are republicans that don't want to say they're republicans. 1/3 say they're democrats that don't want to say they're democrats. the middle third are truly undecided, truly just people that do their responsibility of voting but it's not somebody that watches political news 24/7. >> reporter: that's a mistake. you should be watching political news 24/7. >> they don't like the negative stuff. that's what's interesting about the bashing that's going on with the attack ads the republicans are running. i think that's a mistake for the republicans. >> reporter: now the wrap on new hampshire, particularly in the democratic side, it's not representative of the rest of the country. it's a whiter state, right? well, the snow, i think it means something different. defend new hampshire and the
5:18 am
democratic states. >> that's why we do the early states where you have significantly more, majority of the folks in the democratic primary in south carolina are actually african-american and in -- they're latino in nevada. by going iowa, knnew hampshire, south carolina, nevada, the point is i don't think the ethnicity, the race. it's small enough and culturally we're so used to this. i was interviewing candidates for president when i was 11 years old. >> reporter: you want answers. the difference between iowa and new hampshire it's so stark. iowa they go and listen. here in new hampshire you go and talk to them, you tell them what you want from them. you force them to come over to your side of the camp. it's really, really interesting. now i know your job is to be neutral in this race. you're a party official. you don't want to come down one side or the other. i want to know your thoughts on tactics. hillary clinton is leaving new hampshire tomorrow. she's going to flint, michigan.
5:19 am
perfectly worthy stop to do. in general, in the abstract, in the days before new hampshire, what does it signify to you if you leave the state? >> i think every campaign and every candidate has to make their own choices exactly what you do. each cycle is a little different as well. when you look back 30 years ago, there wasn't sort of media coverage. >> right. >> that went into the home of every single new hampshire voter. now with cable tv, the internet, whether you're actually physically here or not you're sending an answer. >> reporter: one more question. i'm not going to ask you who you agree with the most because i don't think you agree with any of them. i want to know how think is running the most interesting, best campaign on the republican side? >> well, i guess i would probably go with kasich. that i think that he's got a lot of folks that have done very well, meaning activists that have supported winning
5:20 am
candidat candidates. >> reporter: talking just organization. you're not voting for kasich, he has a great organization here. >> that's true. >> reporter: just ahead for us, we'll speak to the chair of new hampshire's republican party. we'll ask her about the democratic race and see what kind of answer we get. one programming note, "state of the union" you have to watch it this sun with jay tapper. what a lineup he has. he has donald trump, he's got john kasich, chris christie, hillary clinton, bernie sanders. that is sunday, which is tomorrow on my calendar, 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. victor, christie, back to you guys. >> thank you so much. we're just learning that north korea is announcing a new launch window. >> in taiwan rescue workers are rushing right now to pull people out of the rubble after a deadly earthquake. ink of it as a sevent theater... for an action packed thriller.
5:21 am
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>> oh, it broke! . holy [ bleep ]. >> i think that might be your reaction, too, as you watch this nearly 600 foot construction crane fall. >> yeah. this happened yesterday morning in the middle of manhattan. workers were lowering the crane, but the high wind smashed it down. a man in a parked car was killed. three others were injured by falling debris. chicago police say six people found dead? their homes thursday. a child between 10 and 12 years old, one woman was shot, the others died by blunt or sharp
5:25 am
force. the home had no signs of forced entry. investigators now say the murder of a virginia teen was premeditated and the plot was conspired in a fast food restaurant. the body of 13-year-old nicole lovel was found in north carolina last saturday three days, rather, after she disappeared. investigators say virginia tech students david eisenhower and natalie keifer plotted to stab that seventh grader and planned how to get rid of the body and hide it. the details came to light thursday as they denied the bail and eisenhower will appear in court. he's accused of killing her to hide their inappropriate relationship. north korea is moving up its window to launch a test rocket. the reclusive country is going to launch the rocket. they say it's a front for a ballistic missile. they say the north will pay a
5:26 am
grave price for this. >> the rescue operations are happening now in tie juan's oldest city of tainan. a devastating earthquake has killed 11 people. more than 475 others have been injured. now rescue workers are at the site of this 17 story apartment building which collapsed. it crumbled after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit saturday. people were sleeping. more than 200 people have been rescued. we're just three days away now from the new hampshire primary, and when we come back, john berman talks to the head of the new hampshire republican party about tonight's gop debate and how the candidates are preparing for the big day. also, carly fiorina, as you know, excluded from tonight's debate. she blames the media for caving in to the, quote, establishment candidates. (man) hmm. what do you think?
5:27 am
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5:30 am
>> reporter: look at the pristine beauty here in the state of new hampshire. the snow on the trees. the crisp, clean air. it belies what's going on underneath the bare knuckle campaigning going on right now on both sides of the aisle. donald trump sits atop the latest cnn polling, cnn/wmur poll. marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, jeb bush, all so close to each other. seven candidates, including donald trump, they will square off tonight in a republican
5:31 am
debate. what will happen there? i want to bring in jennifer horn. she is the chair of the new hampshire republican party not allowed to endorse, not allowed to weigh in on any candidate. let me ask you about what you expect tonight. you're allowed to weigh in on that. >> sure. >> reporter: any fireworks? >> i would expect there's going to be some intense exchanges tonight. >> reporter: your way of saying it's going to be bonkers. >> well, it is a primary. we're just a couple of days from election day and the candidates on the stage know that here in new hampshire probably about 1/3 of our voters are probably still undecided and they will be watching this debate. this is their opportunity to not only make the arg gum for themselves but why not someone else. >> reporter: how does negative campaigning play in new hampshire? >> well, it's nobody's favorite things. it never is. folks say, i hate it, i've had t it's too much. the bottom line is we know that cycle after cycle it works. as chairman of the party, i
5:32 am
don't like it. i don't like to, you know, see our candidates get too deep into going after each other. this primary from my perspective is about making sure that one of the most dishonest politicians in the history of american politics doesn't become president in the fall so i'd like them to focus on hillary as much as possible, but, you know, again, as i said, it's a primary and making those distinctions is a part of it. >> reporter: you're the republican party chair. the interesting dynamic -- >> nobody is in charge of the republicans. >> reporter: historically. one of the interesting dynamics of the independent voters not just what candidate they're going to support but what race they're going to weigh in on. >> that's right. >> reporter: the idea that somebody could choose bernie sanders or ted cruz, the vast camp chasm there, how do you play to that voter? >> they can choose either ballot. i actually kind of embrace the idea that independents vote in
5:33 am
our primary because it forces the candidates to think about the entire spectrum of voters that they have to win over in a general election. i believe here in new hampshire the basic values are the same for everybody. they're concerned about the national security, economic security. is their family safe? will their children be educated? these are the issues that all-americans care about. doesn't matter if they're republican or independent. >> we got back from iowa where the ground game organization matters so much. it's different here. i've been talking to strategists the last few days who have a difference on how much ground game can make just because of the undisclosed voters. you can identify a voter, you can't ground game them. >> that's right. >> reporter: how much does organization matter here? >> it's very important here. in new hampshire it's all about knocking on doors. it's having that -- what happens outdoors is just about as important as what happens in the town hall. it's the face-to-face conversation. a big snowstorm came through a big part of the state. folks were going out to town
5:34 am
halls regardless. they didn't let the weather get in their way. one of our candidates, chris christie, had volunteers shoveling sidewalks of undecided voters so they could get to the door. >> reporter: that would make the difference for me. someone shovels my sidewalk. very traditional new hampshire campaigning. >> one candidate was not here, donald trump, stuck in new york. does presence matter? >> it absolutely matters. getting here, you know, really the moment after iowa's over, this is their chance to close the deal and, again, it goes back to all of the undecided voters. they're the ones who are going to make the decision on this next tuesday. so being in the state and getting as close to them as you can as many times as you can. all those undecided voters probably have their list of two or three of their favorite candidates and they're going to go out of their way to make sure they get to a town hall, a diner, someplace where they can see these guys face to face to ask the questions. >> reporter: i asked david buckley to weigh in on the republican race. i want you to weigh in on the democratic race.
5:35 am
>> not who you're supporting. >> reporter: not who you agree with. >> i'm supporting bernie sanders in the democratic race. >> reporter: in terms of organization what do you see on the ground in terms of nuts and bolts politics? >> sure. well, you know what, it's very similar in new hampshire. you know, no matter which party you're with, you've got to run the same game. you've got to be able to talk to folks. i think what's been disa pointing on the democratic side is that for hillary clinton, her events have been so scripted and, you know, invitation only. we saw at the beginning you had to have an invitation to ask a question even to be part of it. i think that's -- >> reporter: that's not the way it is now. now she's doing events where people are asking questions. >> a couple. a couple. i think what's really interesting on that side honestly and what i think explains that huge gap in the polls between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is that when they stand on the stage next to each other, bernie sanders is a very sincere person. i completely reject the idea of a socialist president of the united states but he believs today what he believed when he first ran for mayor and i think
5:36 am
that really highlights the dishonesty and the -- you know, that kind of comes across with hillary clinton. >> reporter: the next door neighbor stuff makes a difference. >> makes a bit of a difference. i honestly don't think that makes the whole thing. you don't have to be from new england to win in new hampshire. >> reporter: it helps. there have been a lot of folks from massachusetts who have won here between paul tsongas, john kerry, mitt romney. >> a lot of people. >> reporter: it does make a little bit of a difference. there's snow on the ground now. it might snow on tuesday. >> right. >> reporter: it's in the forecast. what does that do? >> well, snow doesn't usually stop us here in new hampshire. it would have to be a pretty significant storm to have a great impact on the outcome. i'm not sure what the forecast is for next tuesday yet. a couple of inches of snow won't get in the way. >> reporter: great to have you here with us. good luck going forward. >> thank you. >> reporter: enjoy the debate. >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: i translated intense discussion to bonkers.
5:37 am
christi christ christi, victor back to you. the cdc issues new guidelines for the zika virus. what you need to know. plus, a virginia student star athlete uses a social media app to lure a 13-year-old girl to her death. use we use charmin ultra soft. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! ♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out.
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". new this morning, the cdc is issuing new guidance about the zika virus. they're telling men who may have been exposed to the virus and have a pregnant partner to use protection or abstain from sex until the baby is born.
5:41 am
they say the link between zika virus and the micro enself if aly is becoming stronger. cnn's chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta has details. >> so this is the blood sucker everyone's after. the female mosquito. she's the main carrier of several dangerous viruses that have spread around the world, including yellow fever, dengae, chicken gunja and zika. it's spreading in the caribbean, mexico and brazil. it's the site of this summer's olympic games. unlike other mosquito borne i willnesses, zika has become a particular concern to pregnant women because brazil is now the epicenter of a zika epidemic linked to babies born with microcephaly. the baby's head and brain don't develop. brazilian health officials say nearly 4200 babies have been born with this condition since october.
5:42 am
that's compared to 146 in all of 2014. 51 of those babies have died. women living in brazil, el salvador, columbia, jamaica are now being told not to get pregnant at this time. in the united states the cdc is also sounding the alarm. >> pregnant women should consider deferring travel to areas where zika virus is currently circulating. >> also, if you've traveled to these destinations while pregnant, get tested, because 80% of those infected have no symptoms. babies should also be screened after birth. >> it's important for them to go in because we really don't know right now whether having symptoms or not having symptoms with zika virus infection has any impact on the possibility that there will be a birth defect in the child. >> one baby was born with microcephaly in hawaii. his mom had traveled to brazil during her pregnancy.
5:43 am
other states are reporting confirmed cases of zika, but officials stress they did not get the virus here. they all traveled to countries where zika is circulating but if or when zika is locally transmitted, for those who are not expecting, the virus is usually mild and not dangerous for future births. >> they will resolve the infection and have immunity. should they plan to get pregnant in a few years, whatever, there really is absolutely no cause for concern. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. we have new details for you this morning in the virginia tech case. officials are now saying the 13-year-old's death was, indeed, pre-meditated. and how an online app connected nicole to her killers. changing gears, super bowl weekend, it is finally here. broncos and panthers fans, obviously in a frenzy. some call it one of the best defense match-ups ever.
5:44 am
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27 minutes past the hour. two virginia tech students sit down at lunch not to have lunch but to plan killing a girl. here's nick valencia. >> we have no idea who they're talking to. >> reporter: it's a cautionary story for anyone essentially with a teenager. her life was cut short allegedly by a killer she met online. on tuesday, one final good-bye.
5:48 am
>> this is awful. this is tragic. it all could have been prevented. >> reporter: she was a teenager much like any other. someone with a heavy internet footprint on apps like instagram, facebook, the anonymous messaging website kick. her parents say they wish they had asked more questions. >> i just have this internal thing saying i want to be the best. >> reporter: david eisenhower is the virginia tech freshman accused of her murder. accomplished athlete and dedicated student majoring in engineering. here he is in an interview with local affiliate wmar who last year tapped him as its athlete of the week. >> i make my personal goals achievable, or just out of reach of achievable, that way i'm always constantly striving to better myself. >> reporter: it was three days after level went missing that the 18-year-old eisenhower was taken into custody for her disappearance. he denies being involved in the murder but prosecutors say he admits he saw her the night she
5:49 am
went missing. police would discover the little girl's decomposing remains tossed on the side of an interstate just on the other side of the virginia border in north carolina. police say it was this college classmate of eisenhower that helped him stash the body. at her court appearance earlier this week natalie keepers was denied bail. the commonwealth of virginia portraying her as an accomplice to the murder, an active participant in the planning. even helping eisenhower buy a shovel before lofl is murdered. keepers, the state says, was excited to be part of something secretive. the motive for the killing, law enforcement enforcement say eisenhower and lovel had an inappropriate relationship, one that she was planning to expose. >> cnn legal analyst joey jackson has an awful lot to say about this. joey, let's talk about that for a moment, that admission, so to speak, that she wanted to be, natalie keepers, part of something secret or special.
5:50 am
how will that play into her defense? >> christi, good morning to you. obviously it's damming. what you do is you have admissions. in any type of criminal proceeding the question before a jury, particularly when prosecutors are presenting a case, is why? why on earth would you engage in this behavior and this activity? to an extent that a prosecutor knows that and can convey that to the body of people who are deciding guilt or innocence, it has a significant effect, which obviously is an effect that needs to be overcome by the defense in some way using any measure of things, whether it's her mental state, you know, whether it's issues relating to whether she was coerced or anything else, you know, by the person who was engaged in abuse, you know, of this poor 13-year-old girl, but certainly it's not helpful at all in terms of the defense. >> well, the interesting thing is here, he has not confessed. we need to point that out. she's the one that's talking. are prosecutors going to try to cut, do you believe, a deal with
5:51 am
her? >> i think certainly that that's always the case. whenever you have multiple defendants you're always going to use one against another, and now there's something called a confession where obviously you indicate everything chapter and verse what you did and there are other things called admissions which are not so much confessions but tidbits of information that a prosecutor gleens concerning what your involvement may have been, so, yes, when you have someone who may be culpable for any crime, and there's another person who may be more culpable than you, that is, responsible for some activity, prosecutors often pit one against the other so they can get to the heart of the matter and ultimately pursue and find justice in a case. >> what about the company kik? we know a spokesman says they've been working with the fbi. is there any liability, anything that they're going to have to take on? >> you know, i don't see that from a criminal perspective nor a civil perspective. remember, if we're talking about
5:52 am
any criminality of kik or any other app, in any crime you need active and mental state of kik. it provided a software and social value, social utility. they did that. moving on to civil liability, the question becomes did they have a duty to keep the user safe and anyone else? i think the answer to that question is yes. they'll argue that they fulfilled it by having a mechanism that you can block users, you can report users, there's a parent guide so parents can be aware and up to date with regard to how their children are using it. the next issue will be did they breach that duty. they'll say, christi, to the extent that they had these various things, like blocking applications, parenting apps, we didn't breach. finally to the issue of causation they will argue certainly that they were not the cause of this tragedy and also what needs to be pointed out, whenever you get to the issue of social, you know, applications, they're all over the place.
5:53 am
and you can't even begin to imagine what's called the ruinous liability that would befall all of these applications if they were to be blamed for everything that was inappropriate, unwarranted, unlawful. i don't think there will be any civil liability. i do think it does promote the issue of awareness and allowing, you know, parents to become more involved, allowing these applications or forcing them to become as safe as possible knowing that there's so many people out there in the cyber world who mean no good and an awful lot of harm to people who just want to use applications for good purposes. so, to the extent that it heightens awareness and it makes these companies more responsible, i think that's -- you know, that's certainly a good thing moving forward. it doesn't do anything here, of course, with regard to this 13-year-old's death. >> all right. joey jackson, your insight is always so helpful. thank you. >> thank you, christi. >> victor? when we come back we'll head back out to the west coast
5:54 am
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we're just one day away now from the kickoff of super bowl 50. >> andy scholz is covering the big game in san francisco but before we get to that, andy, what are these new developments regarding the development of nfl quarterback johnny manziel.
5:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, guys. things are not going well for johnny football. an agent cut ties with him yesterday and his father said if he doesn't get help soon he fears his son won't make it to his 24th birthday in december. dallas police are investigating an incident from last saturday where manziel allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley multiple times. she gave her report yesterday and got a restraining order against manziel. in an interview manziel denied ever hitting crowley. let's talk about the big game. at 39 years old peyton manning will become the oldest quarterback to ever play in a super bowl. speculation is this is peyton's final game. that's the impression i got when i talked to his father archie. peyton would not confirm that but he did talk about how grateful he is to get one more chance at the super bowl. >> if you have any appreciation for the history of the game, certainly you've watched super bowls and played in super bowls, had a sibling that's played in super bowls, it does make it
5:59 am
maybe even more special. so i'm grateful for the opportunity to be here and as i feel like our whole team is. >> reporter: super bowl week is almost just as much about the parties as it is the big game. last night was the first annual bleacher ball. i was working the red carpet trying to find out who everyone was cheering for on sunday. >> peyton manning/cam newton, who's the boss? >> yeah. peyton. i mean, cam's amazing, don't get me wrong, but it would be really, really special to see peyton just walk off into the sunset with a win. >> i really came into it just saying there's no way carolina can lose this game, and the more i watch denver's defense, the more i think this is going to be a lot closer than people think. >> reporter: much more on the game later today right here on cnn. be sure to tune in to "kickoff by the bay" cnn bleacher report
6:00 am
special at 2:30 eastern hosted by chris cuomo and hall of fame quarterback dan marino. can't wait, guys. >> andy, thank you so much. that's it for this hour. see you back here at 10:00 eastern to open up the "cnn newsroom." smerconish starts for you now. i'm michael smerconish, big questions as we head to tuesday's first crucial primary in new hampshire. just how dirty why the tricks that ted cruz's campaign played in iowa against ben carson. plus, if donald trump doesn't win the nomination, will it be because the billionaire is too cheap to spend the money necessary? with bernie sanders nearly tying her in national polls,


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