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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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10:00 on a saturday. so grateful to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> victor blackwell. we are now three days away from the primary. good morning. >> it is getting awfully close, guys. a lot going on this morning. right now, any moment republican presidential candidate carly fiorina set to hold a town hall a few miles from here in new hampshire. they are getting the stage set. you see that sign there. "let carly debate." carly fiorina will not be part of the final republican debate tonight before the new hampshire primary. i guarantee you, she will talk about that when she takes the stage today. she is what the nopy at all. we'll bring you that event when
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it happens live. >> they are ought all over the state today. where things stand in the polls right now. there is a brand-new cnn/wmur poll. donald trump out on top 28%. marco rubo 1%. everyone else pretty far back. on the democratic side, a much different story. there it is bernie sanders way out in front. nearly 2-1 margin over hillary clinton right now. a 30-point lead just three days to go before the actual voting. lots to talk about this morning. let's start with the republicans joining me now. we are about to hear from carly fiorina. she is not happy jeb bush later. >> that's right. interesting thing about the polls is even though donald trump is up 28-17 to marco rubio, holding a double digit
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lead which he's had for some time, this race is fluid. that margin can change come tuesday. why? there are a couple of reasons. one is that 30% of voters according to that most recent cnn/wmur poll, most are undecided. that raises the stakes and warning signs to donald trump. that poll says 36% of likely republican voters have ruled out supporting donald trump. that is far more than any other candidate in the race. the next closest is ted cruz about 14%, the rest are among the single digits. the one with the most room to grow is john kasich. only 2% new hampshire voters ruled him out. he is pushing hard for a second or third place finish. i'm here with jeb bush who will be addressing voters here. he addressed a lot in helps ground operation here and invested a lot in this state. they need to have a big showing
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here. and what that means, lindsey graham, south carolina senator, told me yesterday jeb bush needs to do better than the other governors in the race and be very close to marco rubio. that's what they say as the path to getting back in this. jeb struggled in this race and needs momentum going into south carolina. >> jeb bush has an event where you, manu. >> let me read you what donald trump wrote. jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. donald trump talking about the fact jeb bush brought in barbara bush to campaign. she doesn't mince words. manu, thanks to you. carly fiorina getting ready to speak at any moment not too far from here. the issue there, carly will not
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be part of the debate tonight. let's talk about the state of play. executive editor for cnn politics. that debate tonight, this really is a pivot point in this campaign. just three days to go with so many new hampshire voters who decide late. >> across the board, donald trump needs to have a solid performance. he needs to be careful and not get so personal and go after jeb bush as he did. >> saying wow, he brought in mommy. >> not nice. he will have a solid performance. marco rubio, there is an expectations game on him. he's done well in polls. it's kasich, christi and jeb bush. there is only one ticket, one lane for them to come out of new hampshire. >> do they go after each other or go after donald trump or marco rubio? three will enter, one will
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leave. they don't seem to hit each other hard. >> jeb bush has to go after rubio but do it in a way that contrasts his executive experience with marco rubio as the unfinished, unpolished politician. chris christie needs to go after marco rubio. if he doesn't do it tonight, it's going to be a moment where he had an opportunity like he did back in the last campaign to go after mitt romney and he didn't do it. >> there is no reason to leave anything on the table right now. carly fiorinfiorina, she will n part of the debate tonight. that is a blow to her campaign. >> it's effectively over. if you look at her in our polls, if you are not on the debate stage, there is no way you are going to get on the debate stage. we did see chris christie who did not appear at a debate and he appeared in a cnn debate and
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moved up. >> let's talk about democrats. hillary clinton as bernie sanders with interesting schedules this weekend. hillary clinton going to michigan, going to visit flint. that is interesting to leave new hampshire days before the campaign. what message does that send? >> sending to the african-american community. she is 30 points down. she is looking down to south carolina, georgia, tennessee, arkansas, alabama. she is playing down to that constituency. flint, michigan, very smart for her. >> bernie sanders going to "saturday night live" playing for people who like comedy. >> very smart, sure. >> "saturday night live" is very kind to bernie sanders. they do not make fun of bernie sanders as much as they celebrate bernie sanders. good move for him. let's talk about the democrats for a moment a little bit more. bernie sanders. he is way out in front in the latest cnn/wmur poll.
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2-1 margin over hillary clinton. hillary clinton said she is not giving up here. she will campaign hard until the end, even though she has taken a brief detour to flint, michigan. chris following the story for us in new hampshire. a bernie sanders event getting ready to get under way. >> i'm here and folks are starting to trickle in. we saw last night both sanders and secretary clinton talked to about 6,000 democrats in manchester, new hampshire. hillary clinton making the case even though she is down by double digits in the polls, that she is not giving up on new hampshire. >> over the past few days, some people have looked at the polls that show senator sanders with a big lead here and suggested -- ye
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yeah -- that's a fact. and suggested i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next states. well, new hampshire's never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you. >> bernie sanders is looking forward to the next contest which is in south carolina. no surprise there he talked about the police action. that comes on the heels of a big endorsement from the naacp president. bernie sanders needs to compete among the vote. let's take a listen to what what
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bernie sanders said did policing. >> we say we are tired of seeing unarmed people shot down by police. what we are saying is that a police officer who breaks the law like any other public official must be held accountable. must make police departments all across this country look like the diversity of the communities they serve. >> bernie sanders there and hillary clinton civil last night, but we saw yesterday a little bit of a twitter spat. it was a little bit of donald trump in the democratic race. bernie sanders saying, i urge senator clinton to join me to say loudly and clearly that we will never cut social security. hillary clinton firing back saying, bernie sanders, i won't cut social security.
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as always, i'll defend it and expand it. enough of the false innuendos. a little back and forth. things getting heated here. this is a last big campaign day of the weekend here in new hampshire. the super bowl tomorrow going to suck up the media oxygen in the room. as you can see, big rallies for sanders. clinton going to be on the trail. tomorrow not as much activity. >> really compressed schedule which makes it very exciting. chris, thank you so much. we are watching carly fiorina. she has an event a few miles from here. we expect her coming out swinging at the fact she will not be at the republican debate tonight. we'll try to bring you carly fiorina when she takes the stage. plus ted cruz here in new hampshire. he's running third in the polls right now. fresh off his iowa caucuses win. what can he do here in new hampshire to try to make a
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difference going forward? we will speak to one of his key supporters in this state. plus winter warfare. senator john kasich in a snowball fight. this ends with a white wash. something i've never seen from a republican candidate or a democrat or an independent. never seen that before. my goodness. dramatic on the campaign trail. also bernie sanders. he's getting out of the snow here in new hampshire and going to new york. he will be live in new york, you might say. i'll make an appearance on "saturday night live." larry david is hosting "snl." do you do a larry david imitation? >> anderson, i know you've been a journalist for a long time. >> are you doing larry david right now? >> i am larry david. and you didn't get it.
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you are looking at live pictures in new hampshire. this is an event for carly fiorina. she has a lot to say right now. she will not be at the republican debate tonight. seven candidates will. she will not. she is very, very angry. she think she earned the right to be on that stage. other candidates think she is right. ted cruz said she should be there. mitt romney said she should be there. i expect when carly fiorina
7:16 am
speaks she will come out swinging about the fact she will not be there we will watch this. when carly fiorina takes that microphone, we will go there live. all the candidates campaigning hard today. we were at a town meeting last night for senator ted cruz from texas. you see all the candidates bunched up around manchester trying to get the last-minute votes for the debate tonight. ted cruz running about third place right now in the wmur/cnn poll tied with john kasich. marco rubio second, trump out in front. joined by one of ted cruz' strongest supporter. former senator bob smith. thanks for being with us, senator. >> good morning, john. thanks for this live shot outside since i left my jacket in the car today for the first time. >> this is nothing. >> this is a spring day. >> exactly. we were at the event last night
7:17 am
for senator cruz. one thing striking was his play for supporters of rand paul. rand paul dropped out of this race. for ted cruz, getting those votes is crucial. >> they are very important. the senators worked hard. talked to several leaders in the state of rand paul supporters. rand paul, probably one of the greatest ever, we respect those voters and we would like to have them. our point is if you voted for ron paul, ronald reagan, gordon humphrey, you should be together here. this is very important. it's more than one person. it's more important than one person. it's a cause. this is why we are appealing to people to unite. if we unite, we can opinion here. >> you've won 11 races here? >> primaries in general. at least 11. >> you run and won 11 races.
7:18 am
you lost a race or two in your day. ted cruz is the type of candidate national analysts say can win iowa, can't win new hampshire here. the evangelical here doesn't make up that big a percent of the vote. what is the ceiling here? >> mr. is probably a misconception. ted cruz appeals to more than evangelicals. he has strong support as a fiscal conservative, as a social conservative and foreign policy and defense. >> we didn't see that in iowa. we saw him win among evangelicals, votes he was targeting. in other groups he did not do as well. how does he expand his base here? >> he expands his base the way he's been doing it here. door-to-door. i've been on the bus with him the last five or six days. we are meeting thousands of people, 200, 400 people at a pop. >> stand by for a second. carly fiorina is talking about her debates. >> because of the people of new
7:19 am
hampshire because you take your first in the nation primary responsibilities very seriously. but ever since i started running for president in may of last year, i have been telling you the game is rigged. the media establishment, the political establishment, the special interests tangled up in this vast bureaucracy that has become our government in washington, d.c., all of these things aren't working for us any more. they are working for themselves. and if you ever doubted the game was rigged, look at what is going on on that debate stage tonight. sorry, i thought votes counted in elections. sorry. i thought delegates counted in elections. sorry, i thought the people in new hampshire had a responsibility to vote and pick presidents, but apparently, the media establishment, the political establishment have decided they know better than you. i will not falter.
7:20 am
i will never stop fighting and neither can you. i will never stop fighting because what we are fighting for is incredible kri important. we are fighting for our politics now. we are fighting for our government to take it back. we are fighting for our future and our country and that is why i'm running for president. that is why you have to stand with me and fight with me and vote for me. i will never stop fighting and neither can you. you know, we used to think about this as a nation of limitless possibility. we used to be certain our children and our grandchildren's futures were going to be brighter than ever, but we don't know that any more. it's certainly been a nation of possibility for me and my husband frank.
7:21 am
frank started out drive a tow truck for a family-owned auto body shop system started out typing and filing and answering the phones. >> you are listening at carly fiorina in gofftown, new hampshire. you sigh that sign "let carly debate." they will not let carly fiorina debate. not tonight. she will not be part of the debate for the new hampshire primary which is tuesday. she says she is right there in the money, in the polls, in the delegate poll but not on the stage. i'm joined by senator bob smith who supports ted cruz. ted cruz says he would like to see carly fiorina on that stage tonight. >> i'm speaking for senator cruz when i say this. she absolutely should be on the debate, in the debate. she is a good candidate.
7:22 am
has been basically insulted by donald trump. she's run a strong issue-oriented campaign. she beat some of the people in iowa. i'm not involved in the debate criteria and all that. all i know is in the interest of fairness she should be in it. >> do you think the new hampshire voters will react to this and say we agree with carly fiorina and maybe it could boost support for her? >> you never know. maybe you do well because you're not in it. who knows. >> you support ted cruz. we were talking about your reasons for supporting him. as an expert on new hampshire voters and new hampshire voting, leave ted cruz out of it and talk about the grouping of the governors. john kasich, chris christie, jeb bush. that battle there, and maybe marco rubio. who do you see moving in a positive direction into tuesday? >> it's hard to say because you have to base it unfoechltd i like to base it on the ground
7:23 am
game what we hear out there. cruz clearly has a strong ground game. rubio and the three governors you mentioned, i think they are all competing for that establishment vote. when i say establishment, when you look at what's being said, marco rubio ran as a tea party guy. he came in and joined the gang of eight and fought hard to pass amnesty. he led the fight. people have to decide. cruz is running as an outsider who is sick of what's going on in washington and sick of all this inside stuff, the washington cartel and the deals and the deal making and making promises and not keeping them. ted cruz is about stopping that. if that's what you want, vote for cruz to stop it. that's why, why do you think everybody is attacking him? he's the only one standing up for those of us on the ground out here in cold new hampshire
7:24 am
and iowa and -- >> you were telling me you weren't cold. >> no, it's not. he represents everything we all want to do, the outsider. change america. it's a cause. so i think once the voters see that -- i don't know where they are all going to bunch up, but i feel confident on the response we are getting, we are in the middle of it. >> senator bob smith, thanks for being with us. >> happy to do it. one programming note, state of the union tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. look at the range of guests he has, the contenders. donald trump, john kasich, chris christie, hillary clinton, bernie sanders. all with jake tapper. this is a special show. it is commercial-free 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. let's go back to atlanta now. victor, christi. >> thank you, john. we'll have more on new hampshire later in the show. we are also watching today
7:25 am
rescue workers who are frantically digging through the rubble in taiwan after a massive earthquake leveled a building. >>. >> and that developing story out of oregon where a police officer was shot and killed. it happened earlier this morning. we are getting new details about the circumstances surrounding the shootings. stay with us for those. this is how banks saw me.
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28 minutes after the hour. rescue operations are under way in taiwan's holdest city of tainan. a devastating earthquake killed 11 people and injured 475 others. rescue workers are at the site of the collapse that crumbled after the earthquake hit today. people were sleeping at the time. more than 200 people have been rescued. investigators this morning saying the murder of a virginia teen was premeditated and the plot was conceived in a fast food restaurant. the body of 13-year-old nicole lovell was found in north carolina last saturday three days after she disappeared. virginia tech students plotted to stab the seventh grader and planned to dispose of and hide her body. the details came to light. eisenhower is going to appear in court later next month. he is accused of killing lovell
7:30 am
to hide their inappropriate relationship. in seaside oregon two, officers were serving a warrant last night. one officer was shot as he walked up to the suspect. the second officer was able to shoot back. the suspect is in the hospital. there is no word on his condition. >> the zika virus is prompting cdc to issue new safe sex guidelines. it causes neurological disorders in newborns. offings say man who have been exposed to the virus and have a pregnant partner should use protection or not have sex at all until the baby is born. officials also say pregnant women who have been exposed to zika should get tested for the virus. back live to new hampshire as we count down the days to tuesday's primary. the thing is the gop candidates are gearing up for a debate before that. how much will what they say tonight drive what happens tuesday?
7:31 am
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want to show you live pictures from bedford, new hampshire, where chris christie is about to begin an event. he will be joined by the massachusetts governor charlie
7:35 am
baker, the maryland governor k, chris christie from new jersey trying to show there is support out there for his candidacy. he needs a big convincing showing in this state. one of the three governors battling to make a name for himself. very. very important for him. we'll take this event when it begins in just a few moments. just a few moments ago we heard from carly fiorina. very disappointed because she was not invited to attend the big republican debate tonight. >> if you doubted the game was rig, look at what is going on in that debate stage tonight. sorry, i thought votes counted in elections. sorry, i thought delegates counted. i thought the people in new hampshire had the responsibility to vote and pick presidents. apparently the media establishment, the political establishment decided they know better than you.
7:36 am
i will not falter. i will never stop fighting and neither can you. carly fiorina saying she will not give up despite the fact she will not be on the stage tonight. seven candidates will. what do they have to do? what do they have to avoid? want to bring in our political commentators. let's take these candidates as quickly as they can. what do they have to do and avoid tonight? >> donald trump needs to make a comeback. i think he had a gracious moment after the iowa defeat. if he can find that graciousness again, it would be good for him. he is going to duke it out with
7:37 am
ted cruz. he can't help himself. we've been seeing them go at it very hard for the last week. what do you think he has to avoid? >> he has to figure out a new strategy. he was so overwhelmingly confident what he was doing was working, not having a ground game or structure in iowa. ever since then he seems rattled, unsure, does he switch strategies? i think tonight he's got to show a side of himself that is more mature than he's been. the big thing is the infrastructure. he didn't have that infrastructure in iowa and decided he didn't need it. you can't do that overnight. >> you can't do that on a debate stage. marco rubio, what does he need to do? >> rubio is the "it" candidate of the media you have a huge chunk of the conservative media establishment cheering for this guy. >> literally cheering for him. >> literally cheering. it's been six, seven months of people trying to get the rubio thing started.
7:38 am
his campaign landed on the strategy three, two, one, third in iowa, second in new hampshire. most people are going to watch to see if he can slip into second place here. if he doesn't, he's in trouble. >> what does he need to avoid tonight? he will have people coming after him. chris christie calls him the boy in the bubble. >> you have to have a little levity at some point. marco is trying to thread the needle and be all things to all people. he's trying to be the establishment guy and base guy and offer himself as the uniter. i think he needs to slow down. he needs to show the genuine marco and needs to go off script. you keep hearing over and over again from people in new hampshire that he comes across
7:39 am
as too smooth, too practiced, too packaged, too slick s, too scripted. show them the real marco. come up with some new story. slow down a little slow down for the folks can digest everything he is saying. he usually has a lot of meat on his answers, but it's fast delivered. >> john kasich, chris christie, jeb bush, who do you think will come out harder tonight? >> i think crusty will come out harder tonight. this is the last hurrah. he is not polling well. if you look at kasich, jeb and christi, objectively, it's fair to say christie's record in new jersey is not as good as theirs. every time he talks about his record, he gets whacked by someone talking about the downgrades on bridge scandal. kasich and jeb have more to brag about as governors.
7:40 am
he has turned it more into an at attutu -- attitudinal campaign. >> we are in a fight for number two and three out of new hampshire. you are going to see them take on rubio and cruz because they can't help themselves. jeb needs to take on trump. he's been doing it in ads and on the stump. he's got to do it with donald trump standing there. chris christie is going to be chris cristy. he's not going to become snuggling the bear at the last debate in new jersey. he is the new jersey brawler. it's his authentic personality. that is what we are going to see on stage. by the way, he is so entertaining to watch. >> great to have you with us. looking forward to this debate, as well. back to you. >> thank you, john.
7:41 am
larry david is hosting "snl" tonight. we are expecting to see him as bernie sanders. here's the kicker. none other than bernie sanders is expected to join him. >> hillary clinton is heading to flint, michigan, this week. city and state leaders are blaming each other for the water crisis, as the city's former emergency manager is served with a subpoena. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. ...are taking charge of their acrotype 2 diabetes...... ...with non-insulin victoza®.
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senator sanders, some of regulateors think your position is enough. what is your position on the banks? >> not a fan on the banks. they trample on the middle class and they control washington. and why do they chain all those pens on the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from a bank? makes no sense! >> that is larry david who is the host of "saturday night live." i guarantee you will reprise his bernie sanders character. how do you know that because the real bernie sanders is leaving new hampshire to go to "saturday night live." >> we saw donald trump do it earlier this season, right? we saw hillary clinton make a cameo. now it is bernie sanders' turn. the show won't confirm it.
7:46 am
snl won't admit it, but bernie sanders' campaign confirmed he will be in new york. they had no choice to reveal it because it would be odd for him not to be on the campaign trail this weekend. he's been on the show tries. larry david playing bernie sanders. here is one of those two times from earlier in the fall. >> we're doomed. we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets. and we've got to do something and we've got to do it now! i'm the only candidate up here who's not a billionaire. i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor. you know in between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. >> now the sanders' campaign whole-heartedly embraced this impersonation. showing up tonight may be the
7:47 am
latest way to do that. it may help among younger voters. it helps older viewers. sanders tends to have an advantage among younger voters. perhaps by going on "snl," he'll have exposure to a wide audience including somewhere you are in new hampshire. >> he gets incredibly favorite treatment by "saturday night live." brian stelter, thank you so much. i'm in new hampshire. let's go back to atlanta. >> thank you so much. we are going to talk about flint, michigan, now. where they are learning unfortunately this new normal. these burning rashes and people losing hair and the daily lead testing. >> presidential candidate hillary clinton is taking a break from her new hampshire campaigning and going there to flint. to highlight the water crisis. more "sit" per roll.
7:48 am
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hillary clinton is headed to flint, michigan, tomorrow, as the city recovers from the lead contaminated drinking water crisis. sara is live with the latest of that ongoing crisis. >> despite lead level testing that shows lead levels have come down in flint drinking water in a congressional hearing we learned the water is still not safe to drink. at that peerg hearing it was so apparent to me the people who live in flint have so much stress and anxiety about the water flowing through their taps. it isn't just the lead in the water that has people upset and on edge. >> it looks like you skid on a tarmac for five miles and would feel that way, too. >> rashes like these on melissa
7:51 am
and her three boys. >> when you try to put lotion on the rashes it would burn like a chemical burn. we were thinking this isn't right. >> it feels like you are dipping your arm in melted iron because it burns super horribly. >> reporter: this week michigan officials announced they'll investigate accounts of rashes residents say they've been getting two years now since the water flowing to their homes was switched from the great lakes to the corrosive flint river. experts say the water wasn't treated as required. a local doctor says people could tell right away. >> right when the water switches in april 20 14shgs the residents were complaining. it looked gross, it was brown. it tasted gross and smelled gross. there were vague medical complaints of hair loss and rashes, and high levels of e. coli and bacteria in the water, then they put chlorine in the water. >> in october 2013 when high levels of lead were found in the
7:52 am
water and flint children, the water supply was switched back to lake huron. some stepped down as a handful of allegations and class action suits were launched. as residents protested, officials knew of the complaints of rashes months before they knew of the high levels of lead and they still did not act. there are calls for governor rick snyder to resign. he says he's sorry and will fix it. >> that makes you feel terrible. i wish you would have done something different. in hindsight, there are all these allegations i will have to live with. >> that is not american. >> the water still isn't safe to drink. at a heated congressional hearing this week, it was clear people are still worried. >> i have rashes, they start off
7:53 am
red and they leave little white spots. and this is coming from the water. i'm scared. i'm scared. we don't know what's going to happen to us, you know, down the line. >> reporter: would have the last two years been like? >> stressful. >> sick, sick, sick, sick. >> sick and stress. >> today flint's congressman is holding a congressional delegation in flint. they are holding neighborhood meetings to talk to the residents and tomorrow as you mentioned, victor, hillary clinton is taking a break from campaigning in new hampshire to visit flint and discuss the issues there. >> sara, thank you so much. we have a live report from super bowl 50 in a moment. of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein
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we are one day away from the kick-off of super bowl 50. >> coy wire is out in san francisco, probably in all his glory right now. coy, how's it going? >> good morning, christi and victor. i'm like a little kid at christmas out here. so great to be back in san francisco. i'm in the heart of super bowl city. the bay area, the heart of silicon valley. all week long we've been talking about the intersection of sports and technology. you can't talk about that intersection without talking about social media in this day and age. today we are introducing you to a maker who found a new way to capitalize on athletes' social media presence. check this in bleacher report by intel. >> hello, everyone.
7:58 am
just want to give a shout out to sqor and all the fans. sqor keeps you connected with current and former athletes. >> athletes want to embrace their fans and want to interact with them. they are trying to improve on the field and doing the same thing when it comes to digital media. >> meet brian wilhite, founder of sqor. he started to gain interest from athletes who wanted to do the same. >> now sqor is teaching athletes how to capitalize on their digital presence and improve engagement with fans. >> i'm always on the run. it bridges the gap between fans, friends, followers and myself. >> giving them insights in
7:59 am
developing tools they would never be able to do on their own. we make them better when it comes to interacting with their fans and knowing about them. >> i'm happy to be a part of it. i'm glad you're part of it, as well. get your friends to join. we'll see what happens super bowl. they are arranging live chats to talk about the game. they have a huge party planned friday night to bring together this new technology to the bay area audience and the athletes. we are going to have so much more on super bowl 50 today, kick-off by the bay, a cnn bleacher report special at 2:30 eastern. hosted by chris cuomo and dan marino. it's good stuff, guys. >> coy, we look forward to it. >> thank you so much. >> have fun there, buddy.
8:00 am
in three days, new hampshire voters casting their ballots on the first primary of the 2016 presidential race. today the candidates are making their last stops, rallying supporters, counting down. let's toss it out to fredricka whitfield. >> good morning. in three days new hampshire voters cast their ballots in the first primary 2016 presidential race. today candidates are making their last stops rallying their supporters, counting down until tuesday's critical vote. good morning again, i am fredricka whitfield with cnn's special coverage live from manchester, new hampshire. this hour we've got a lot for you. the candidates are fanned out across new hampshire in a last-minute push to get voters


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