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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> have fun there, buddy. in three days, new hampshire voters casting their ballots on the first primary of the 2016 presidential race. today the candidates are making their last stops, rallying supporters, counting down. let's toss it out to fredricka whitfield. >> good morning. in three days new hampshire voters cast their ballots in the first primary 2016 presidential race. today candidates are making their last stops rallying their supporters, counting down until tuesday's critical vote. good morning again, i am fredricka whitfield with cnn's special coverage live from manchester, new hampshire. this hour we've got a lot for you. the candidates are fanned out across new hampshire in a last-minute push to get voters
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to the polls. there are several live events going on. chris christie is about to speak to voters in the town of bedford. jeb bush is also having a rally there. he has been campaigning with his mother, former first lady barbara bush this week. and bernie sanders fresh off the endorsement of the former head of the naacp is holding a rally in the city of ridge. this is all in the context of striking new poll numbers. in new hampshire, sanders tops hillary clinton by 30 points, 61% to 31%. this is from the cnn and wmur. this polling right here. for the republicans, donald trump continues to dominate at 28%. marco rubio snagged second in the granite state with 17%. ted cruz and john kasich are tied for third. jeb bush actually climbing more than we've seen in other states
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at 9%. seven of those republican candidates will be debating tonight right here in new hampshire. carly fiorina will not be on that stage despite her petition to be included. cnn/political reporter manu joining me from bedford in manchester. manu, how do you think the candidates will be positioning themselves tonight? >> i think if you're marco rubio, you want to wear body armor coming in tonight. he is going to come under attack. particularly among those so-called moderate, right-leaning candidates who view rubio as a big threat. donald trump is clearly in the lead. that's a soft lead at the moment. a lot of these candidates have room to grow. i say that because about 30% of voters here in new hampshire have yet to make up their mind. that means tonight's debate is going to be critical.
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on top of that cnn/wmur poll show 36% of new hampshire voters ruled out supporting donald trump. that is far more than any other candidate in the field. that means each candidate has room to grow. that means they'll probably go after the person who is the biggest threat to them right now who is marco rubio. expect a lot of attacks towards him. see how he deals with that. probably will be the first debate when he is center stage and the spotlight will be on him. >> okay. manu, we talked about carly fiorina saying this was the process where everyone is included, i'm being excluded. is anyone in your surroundings right now talking about that? responding to that? >> a lot of the candidates are saying that we would love to have carly fiorina on the stage. sure we would love to have her on the stage.
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there are rules and she may not have passed that threshold. that may include whether she has the support to advance after new hampshire is an open question. chris christie, too. really struggling in the polls. he needs a big showing on tuesday in the recent polls with him about 4% which is a huge warning signal for someone like him. tuesday is going to be a narrowing of the field. we are going to see top tier and second tier and i'm not sure that bottom tier will be able to advance. >> thank you so much. one person following the candidates long before the primary weekend, political director and anchor for new hampshire paul steinhouser. this is a familiar setting. people used to see us a lot together on the weekend. >> this is like 2008 and 2012 all over again. >> this is your paradise. >> it is. >> you live and breathe politics
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all the time. new hampshire is very unique. >> how does a candidate need to candidate differently here? >> politics is a contact sport. we live it and breathe it. we get to see the candidates almost a year. the other day at the town hall, both candidates complimented the new hampshire people in the audience on their smart questions. hillary clinton, first question was about the local issue. >> the heroin issue is huge. it's hard to be here and not be
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brushed by that topic in some way. i talked to several voters as you have been doing since you lived here. everybody here as a story about how they've been personally touched by heroin. that the candidates come here, they spend time here is one thing. they have to be so attuned to the needs of people here in a very big way. it's not just talking it, but they are actually challenged with some solutions. what do you have in mind for us here? >> new hampshire voters are lucky. we get to hear the candidates over and over again. we don't take this lightly though. this is a role new hampshire had for many generations. we get to talk to them over and over again. that's why so many voters make up their mind so late in the game. they talk to them a number of times before they make their minds up. some haven't made up their minds with three days to go. >> voter turnout here is traditional high with more than
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a million people here, 30% usually do participate. while you have people who may be affiliated with a party, may say they are a democrat or republican and many are independent here, they may change their mind, i've been told this by many voters, the day of putting their ballot in the box. >> it could happen. definitely could happen. the undeclared voters are 40% of the electorate. they can vote in either primary. which way will they go. will they vote in the democratic primary or go with the action on the republican side. >> on the democratic side, delegates, there are eight super delegates. they could change their mind at the last minute as we get closer to the general election. a unique dynamic here? >> yelp. >> what is another distinguishing factor about new hampshire that sets it apart from other states? it's not just the first primary state, but for here, people here, it's like the super bowl. it's much bigger than that. >> it really is. we had the candidates for a
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while. the national media we finally got the snow. >> that doesn't stop people. >> no. that doesn't stop people. there was a lot of criticism yesterday of donald trump. he canceled his event up here. all the other candidates kept going. >> is it true the answer in part was about snow? how does that go with people? >> donald trump has a lot of very faithful followers. even if there is deterioration because he didn't come up here because of the snow, right now looks like donald trump will probably win the primary. it's a battle for second place. manu was talking about that. >> is it a huge gamble? donald trump went into iowa as the heavy favorite. we see what happened. he can't necessarily take it for granted here because the polling shows him out front. >> he hasn't. this past week did he step up the number of events. his campaign structure here in new hampshire is much bigger, deeper than it was in iowa. he spent more time here than he has in iowa. he's not taking anything for granted. you're right. >> paul steinhauser, thanks so
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much. tomorrow morning we have a special commercial-free edition of cnn state of the union. jake tapper will be live here in new hampshire and will talk to donald trump, john kasich, chris christie and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. coming up, bernie sanders' press secretary joining me live to talk about his strategy in these final few days in new hampshire. the polling shows him way out front. plus i'm talking to you about the down that has 100% voter turnout. it's been that way for 46 years. we'll be right back with the journey to this special place.
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toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges® welcome back. a beautiful view over the new
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hampshire town of brettton woods, new hampshire. that's mt. washington, the highest peak in the northeast in the united states. new hampshire primary has a record turnout for this primary. a few inches of snow. just drive three hours to manchester to just shy of the canadian border. well, these are indeed super bowl-like conditions for the handful of very excited, but diehard registered voters. in the snowy shadows of the once majestic balsams resort, dixville notch polling station. >> voters come in here and then what happens? >> the voters come in, we'll
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have a table here where the town officials will check off each voter off the checklist. as they get checked off the checklist they are given their ballot, democrat, republican, whichever they choose. behind them there's individual voting booths. each voter will go into one of these voting booths. they will mark their ballot. i'll keep a close watch on the time. precisely midnight the first voter who had been selected by lottery, the first voter with it drop their ballot and that's the start. >> this is family tradition for tom. >> it's like a lot of things. what you grow up with you take it for granted. >> he grew up watching his father, who for nearly 50 years cast the first ballot. a tradition that got its start thanks in part to new england's
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winter weather. driving 45 minutes to the nearest polling station was risky. so he brought voting to dixville notch in 1960. >> it was suggested to him that if you incorporate it for the purposes of voting, you could do it right here. >> his dad died in 2001 at the age of 102. now his son manages the night. >> we really hope for setting an example of the american civics process. the high voter turnout. >> traditionally, 100% of eligible voters have voted in primaries and general elections here, whether it's 38 people or whether it's nine people who are eligible voters, all of them. >> yes. we have for 46 years had 100% voter participation. >> this election cycle, tom is one of nine voters in dixville notch priding themselves on the rich history here, biincludes the distinction of the first
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vote and the usual parade of presidential candidates from the bushes to the doles, john mccain, bill clinton, dick gephardt and ronald reagan, to name a few. >> the candidate that would come and stroll with us around this park go in that door over there. that's the benefit to the dixville voters to be able to look somebody in the eye and get a sense as whether that's a good person. everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. after four years, you're ready for another 15 minutes. it's a privilege and it's very exciting. >> it's sort of a privilege and pleasure. >> this new resident is thrilled about watching his vote tallied in this way, and as a developer, spearheading a massive resort renovation. why is this so exciting? >> i know when i vote, somebody is going to know and the people around me are going to know.
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>> this has become a magnet for presidential candidates. they take this location even if it's just nine votes or 38 votes, very seriously. >> our results are going to be plastered across the united states and all across the world at one minute after midnight. >> the onlyisappointment so far here? more candidates didn't show up. >> john kasich is the only one that's actually been on the property so far. >> does he get the upper hand because he has had the facetime here? >> yeah. i think he made a lot of points with our small group being here and being so down to earth. >> andy pearson voted here four times. >> if you look back, many of those primary and general elections, you could say as dixville went as did new hampshire so did the nation. so whether that's coincidence? who knows. dixville has had a fairly good
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track record in picking some winners. >> when the balsams resort fell on hard times closing in 2011, the intense campaign trail attention melted away. in politics, everybody loves a good comeback story. and the people of dixville notch and the balsams resort are counting on it here. after renovations here of the balsams, is it your feeling that presidential candidates will come back in droves? >> i hope they will. i think that's a possibility. >> and it's a possibility when renovations are complete here in two years. there may be more eligible voters in dixville notch eager to be among the first in the nation to cast ballots. so the nine voters start assembling as early as 8:00 monday night. a lot of folks from all over the town come out so they won't be
8:20 am
the only ones there. similar to a football tailgate, inside that cabin, they will eat, have hot cocoa, no alcohol, and fellowship before going behind the curtain and casting their ballots. cool stuff. we've got so much more straight ahead from here in new hampshire. bernie sanders expected to speak in about an hour. can he keep that momentum going? i'll talk to his press secretary about the final days and key moments and what comes next. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. text mom. i'll be right back. be good.
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what about this political process? have you made up your mind so far? >> i have. i have a tradition i never vote for candidates to accept pac
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money. i consider those bribes. we are here to get money out of elections. with all these candidates and congress, the best congress money can buy, they are going to listen to who is giving them their campaign contributions and can't bite the hand who feeds them. >> that was peter white in new hampshire. welcome back. we are still in manchester. we are just inside now. he says for him it boiled down to either donald trump or bernie sanders. he is picking sanders. let's take a look outside again, live pictures. an event the vermont senator is hosting in the new hampshire city of rindge. his campaign is laser focused on very different polling numbers. this is an nbc news/wall street
8:26 am
news/marist poll. this is 17% compared to hillary clinton 74%. the campaign has been working hard to improve sanders' support among nonwhite voters. friday he picked up a potentially powerful endorsement. that of former naacp president on a conference call. let's go back out to that bernie sanders event and listen in to what he's saying. we'll talk more about this endorseme endorsement. >> we chose not to have a super pac. we went to iowa, 40 or 50 points
8:27 am
down in the polls and we are now getting a virtual tie. here in new hampshire where our opponent won. let's not forget, she won the democratic primary back in 2008. ran her campaign successfully. here in new hampshire, if we can pull out a decent vote tuesday, i am confident we are going to win. i feel the reason we did well in iowa and doing well in new hampshire and doing better all across this country is we are doing something extremely radical. we are telling the american people the truth. >> firing up the crowd there in
8:28 am
rindge, new hampshire. not far from where we are. talking about how he is trying to win more support. he is not taking just new hampshire for granted, even though polling shows him more than 30 points ahead of his rival hillary clinton. he just recently clinched the endorsement of the naacp chair ben jealous. saying, bernie sanders has the courage to confront the institutionalized racism and bias that stains our nation. bernie sanders leads with the sort of freedom-minded conviction that strikes fear in the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex and the worst of wall street." that from ben jealous. simone sanders is national press secretary for the bernie sanders campaign. jealous made references to dr. martin luther king jr and his endorsement. tell us more about the senator's
8:29 am
record as it pertains to civil rights being in the fight of equality, and how he was able to get this endorsement. >> i think, one, we are very happy to have the endorsement of ben jealous. he was here with us yesterday for a brief time. he is in south carolina today stumping for us. he is starting off in barnwell county. it's important and a testament to senator sanders' message. they just recently closed the last hospital, largely african-american county. when we fail to expand medicaid in these states, when we don't, when there are 29 million americans still uninsured, poor people, many black and brown in this country, that's something we have to address. senator sanders is on the right side of that issue and is calling for universal health care. ben jealous noted that is one of the things that drew him to senator sanders. he has a very long history in advocating for the civil rights.
8:30 am
standing up to the billionaire class, addressing economic inequality. again, his stance on universal health care, education as a right. these are all things that speak directly to hard working americans in this country but african-americans, as well. >> given his history in civil rights, why does he remain the underdog when compared to hillary clinton as it pertains to appealing to african-american voters? >> senator sanders name recognition was relatively low when he burst on to the scene. secretary clinton, her last name is very well known. she has high name recognition. her husband is very well known, very well liked. we know we have work to do with name recognition. when folks get to know who senator sanders is, they like him and want to join the political revolution. >> he spent a lot of time at historically black colleges and universities in recent months.
8:31 am
we've been talking about last summer when he started making more appearances on hbcu campuses. what do you say in the african-american community who will say it's more than that. it's more than appearing at an hbcu or at a church, but it's what kind of commitment can you demonstrate you have made to this community so as to convince more african-american voters or more brown voters over all, hispanics, et cetera, that he is there for them? that he knows their polite, their story, their needs? >> senator sanders, yes. he's been to hbcus, black searches. when we were in charleston a couple of weeks ago, we went to mother emanuel, the church where nine people were just shot during a bible study. which know it's more than that. the senator's message speaks to african-americans and latinos in this country.
8:32 am
when we talk about raising the minimum wage, 54% of african-americans would stand to get a wage raise under senator sander's plan. we are doing the work of taking our message directly to voters of color in this country and really demonstrating how it connects to them. i like to say when the barber shops, beauty shops and bible studies. senator sanders didn't just started a voe kating for these issues. his entire career, his life is predicated on the work of dr. king. dr. king did not just work to eradicate racism in this country. he worked to address economic inequality. he said the second fight before dr. king was assassinated, he was marching with the sanitation workers, the union workers in memphis. he was marching, talking about economic freedom. talking about the need that yes, racial inequality, we have to get there. we have to get to economic inequality. this isn't new to him.
8:33 am
we know we still have work to do. we are very dedicated to taking our message to these communities of color across the country. >> as it comes down to maintaining and fighting for any undecided voters in new hampshire, bernie sanders, even though 30 points ahead, he is still campaigning in this state. at the same time, we are seeing kind of a more aggressive fighting bernie sanders up against hillary clinton this past week on the stages they have both shared. we heard from voters who say they may be for him because he is a standout, he doesn't have a super pac. others are saying we may be for him because he seems like the gentleman. when the gloves are off and he and hillary clinton are going at it, is there any concern that might exhibit a different bernie sanders? >> no. i don't think senator sanders has not been doing anything differently. >> he said he didn't want to go negative. >> he hasn't gone negative.
8:34 am
he's never run a negative campaign. that is being a contender. campaigns are talking about your position. letting the voters know where you stand. when senator sanders talks about he doesn't take super pac money, he doesn't take money from wall street, that's him talking about his record. >> hillary clinton said he was distorting her reputation of using money from big banks, that was buying her vote. >> secretary clinton has certain thoughts about what she thinks senator sanders is saying. that is not going negative. he's been clear. what senator sanders is saying, you cannot effectively take on the establishment, take on wall street in this country if if you are taking money from their interest. that's what voters in new hampshire are responding to. you just heard voters say, i'm supporting senator sanders because he doesn't take money from a super pac.
8:35 am
we heard other people say senator sanders' commitment to fighting for the little guy is why they are supporting him. he is more than willing to have a conversation about the issues. that's what campaigns are about and that is what we are doing. that's what people should be able to do. folks in this country, this election, unlike the republican election is about the issues. it's about where people stand. how are you going to put more money in their pockets, put food on their tables and keep communities safe. >> what is your history how you became a sanders surgays, spokesperson, got onboard? >> i worked on trade before i joined the campaign. he has taken on these disastrous trade deals advocating for hard-working american people we found our way to one another. he asked me do i want to join the political revolution and i said yes. i'm happy to be here. the thing senator sanders was talking about, those are the conversations i was having with friends. yes, his stance on criminal
8:36 am
justice, racial justice, economic inequality, his stance on universal health care, education as a right, those are all things i was like, hey, i can get behind that. >> nobody has a spokesperson who shares the last name. >> there you go. >> good to see you. >> glad to be here. next we'll talk about the republican candidates donald trump of bashing jeb bush on twitter today. and trump brought barbara bush into the melee. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight.
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i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ welcome back to our special weekend coverage in manchester, new hampshire, just days away from the primary. right now, the candidates are really trying to nail down some support. chris christie is speaking in bedford, new hampshire, right now. >> because they are afraid for their reputations from attacks
8:41 am
from gutless front-running politicians who believe that it's more important to score a headline in the morning than to stand with our law enforcement officers in the evening. i'll tell you this, here's another example of leadership. when baltimore had controversy, when baltimore had violence, and their mayor was awol, nowhere to be found as the streets were burning, there was one man who left the state capitol, got in his car and stood with his police officers to let him know mayhem would not reign, but peace and stability would reign. he didn't just talk about it. he went and stood on the street corners where they were burning buildings and riots, and told the people of baltimore, the people of maryland, i am here. i will lead. it will be all right because i know the right path, follow me. that's what governors do.
8:42 am
senators can't do that. they have no ability to do it. they have no understanding to do it because they are not accountable for anything. when america watched the tragedy going on in baltimore, they saw the triumph that real leadership can bring. maryland should count their lucky stars every day they've got a leader like larry hogan who put baltimore back together. so here's what i'm trying to tell you. >> chris christie right there in bedford, new hampshire, about 25 minutes away from manchester. and jeb bush speaking in the same city in bedford at a town hall. let's listen in to jeb bush. >> i will run to the challenge. i will make sure i never blame my predecessor.
8:43 am
i won't read polls. you don't have to worry about a focus group. this is not about politics. this is about leadership. if you want someone who has a steady hand, who will accept personal responsibility and forge consensus so we can get back on the track of creating high sustained economic growth, where more people have a chance at earned success, i hope you'll vote for me tuesday because you all have the chance to shape this election. the final thing i want to tell you is i believe life is precious. that it is divinely inspired, it is a gift from god. this is formed by my faith and my life experience. at 62 years of life, i've just seen it. i see it play out. i truly believe that if a country can make sure that people reach their full potential, everybody, that nothing will stop the united states because in my heart, i
8:44 am
know the american people are what are exceptional extraordinary. it's not our government. government needs to be limited. it needs to be much more efficient, but it needs to be limited. >> jeb bush there in bedford echoing the same sentiment he actually told jamie in a sitdown interview. so the candidates making their final push now to win the first primary of 2016 right here in new hampshire. let's talk more about the strategies. you are with me and bundled up. good to see you all. brian, you first. let's talk about the strategy of these candidates. you've got chris christie there. you've got jeb bush pushing hard, really to help define to the new hampshire voters who they are. >> yeah.
8:45 am
the goal here for these guys is obviously personal connections with these voters. they all want to know, they want to look the candidates in the eye and figure out who they are and what they stand for. you saw chris christie talking about how governors are better than senators, a theme he has been harping on throughout this campaign. the senators, senator rubio and cruz have been doing well. the nonpolitician all together, the elephant in the room, the donald has been doing well so far. it's crunch time now. these voters like to make up their mind at the last second. these people are fiercely independent. they will not let anyone tell them who to vote for. about 1/3 are going to make up their mind the next couple of days. >> right. and speaking of which, donald trump tweeting out this today. he loves those tweetings. wow, he says, wow, jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. maria, we are talking about
8:46 am
she's america's mom, right? i mean, he went there. >> he sure did. look, i think it's a double-edged sword. there is no question she is, can be a secret weapon. everybody loved barbara bush. she is like america's grandmother. out of the bush family, she is probably the most beloved. her and laura bush are the two women that have been focused on what is great about the bush family and what they have to offer this country. on the flip side, and i've seen a lot of people talking about this, it kind of also smells of desperation. why now? before he was kind of trying to run away from the bush family. on jeb bush's part. sorry. >> really? >> yes. i heard this from quite a lot of people. before he was trying to run away from the bush name. his mantra doesn't even have bush in it. it's just "jeb."
8:47 am
it reminds people early on when jeb was thinking about running that it was barbara bush herself who said, we don't need another bush running for president. it is a double-edged sword. i think at this point, to brian's point, everyone has got to leave everything on the table. why not do this? right? she is beloved. new hampshire voters are fiercely independent. to them, what other people say doesn't matter. they are going to make up their minds on their own, listening to the last messages these candidates are going to be giving to them. >> i wonder, brian, it almost seems even in behind side maybe jeb bush or the campaign was thinking, what if we had never used barbara bush, might that have been a mistake? he did explain that he's always said jeb in his campaigning, whether it was in florida, et cetera, claims he is not running away from the bush name. but you think bringing out barbara bush, would it have been
8:48 am
a mistake not to use the name, the family name and the most notable and likable of barbara bush? >> it's pulling out all the stops now. but earlier in this campaign, there was the issue of do we need another bush? do we need another clinton? people were saying if we have a bush versus clinton race, it's going to be the lowest turnout ever because so many people would be disillusioned by it, especially the mood of the country looking for outsiders to ensure the system isn't rigged. for a new direction on foreign policy. having the same old names was strategically, he was sort of keeping them at bay. now that we are on the final weekend before new hampshire, and these guys need to get every single voter to the poll, they'll put him in wheelbarrows, though them over their shoulders, whatever they have to do to get them out to the polls. everybody loves mom. bring her out here. let's do it.
8:49 am
>> the gang's all here. all right. thanks so much. >> thank you, fred. coming up in the next hour, you'll hear cnn's interview with jeb and barbara bush. >> plus i'm talking to ben carson's communication strategist about his campaign. about his campaign. we will be right back. season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. this cit added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps.
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8:54 am
peyton manning be playing his last game tomorrow? >> reporter: good morning, fred. lot of people saying this could be his last game. i had the honor playing against peyton in my nfl years. it is a privilege for all of us to watch one of the nfl's all time greatest perform before our eyes. this is his fourth super bowl, he won one of them, won league mvp five times. ending with one more championship. couldn't write a more perfect ending to manning's story unless you're a panthers star defender working on his own. >> this is a story line created by the media. we don't get caught up in that. of course, everybody wants to see him go out and perform at a high level, you know, ride off into the sunset, but that's not what we're trying to do. we're going out to compete and trying to win this football game. >> reporter: thomas is right, it
8:55 am
is the media that often dictate the story lines. what about the thomas davis story, this guy has overcome so much to reach the super bowl, three acl knee ligament injuries, less than two weeks ago at the nfc championship game broke his right forearm, had a plate, a dozen screws placed in the arm, but fred, he is going to start in the super bowl tomorrow. he will be wearing a brace, he hopes to lead the panthers to their first super bowl title ever. i know thomas, talked to him a couple days ago. what an awesome man, last year's walter peyton man of the year award winner as well. >> my gosh. a story like that, that does change the game. i am sure it will change the opinion or sway the opinion of many folks who thought they were leaning one way. right? for peyton manning and his team. i don't know. now it is going to be like this on super bowl sunday. coy wire, thanks so much. good to see you. >> reporter: you're welcome.
8:56 am
much more special coverage of the new hampshire primary in the newsroom. back live in manchester after this. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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hello again, i am fredricka whitfield with cnn's live coverage from picturesque,


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