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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hello again, i am fredricka whitfield with cnn's live coverage from picturesque,
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snowy, beautiful gorgeous manchest manchester, new hampshire. in three days they cast ballots in the primary for the presidential race. today they're rallying supporters, counting down until tuesday's critical vote. this hour, candidates are fan out across new hampshire in a last ditch attempt to get viewers to the polls. several live events are going on. chris christie is speaking to voters in the town of bedford. in the same town, but maybe blocks away, jeb bush having a rally there as well. he has been campaigning with his mom and former first lady barbara bush. we have an incredible interview on that coming up with jamie gang gel. and bernie sanders, the favorite in new hampshire, fresh off an endorsement from former head of the naacp. he is holding a rally in the city of ringe.
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this is in the context of striking poll numbers. in new hampshire, sanders tops hillary clinton by 30 whopping points. 61-31. this is from cnn and wmur polling. and donald trump dominates at 28%, but marco rubio snags second in the granite state with 17%. ted cruz and john kasich are also tied for third. and jeb bush climbing more than we've seen in other states at 9% now. so we have our team of reporters out in new hampshire, fanned across the state today. cnn's athena jones is following hillary clinton and chris frates is with bernie sanders. athena, let's begin with you. how is clinton handling the drastic polling difference of 30
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points between she and sanders? >> reporter: hi, fred. well, it is a big gap. we're talking about nearly 2 to 1 spread with sanders in the lead, but you know, clinton is not giving up in new hampshire. we have seen this before, maybe not as big a gap. back in 2008, hillary clinton was counted out by a lot of folks in the granite state after the stunning loss to then senator barack obama and john edwards, but she came out here, pulled out a win. she's hoping to close the gap. hearing her use some of the same language she used in 2008 saying to new hampshire voters you lifted me up, gave me back my voice. those are echos of her victory speech in january of 2008. a big challenge for her here and across the country is this big gap between sanders when it comes to appealing to the youth vote. that's why she's here in a few hours having a town hall with
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college students. she directly appealed to young voters in her speech in manchester last night. listen to what she had to say then. >> i want to take a minute right now to speak to all the young people who are here, whether they are supporting me or whether they're supporting senator sanders. now of course, i still hope to persuade those supporting senator sanders to give me another look, but i want you to know that i am truly glad that you are involved in this process and in the democratic party. you are bringing energy, ideas and urgency to our shared causes. >> reporter: so there a direct appeal to young voters. i should mention her comments were well received by her part of the crowd last night, but
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sanders spoke before her earlier in the night, and a lot of his supporters already left. it is unclear how many of his supporters she was able to reach with that speech last night. but we expect to hear some of the same arguments today. she wants to praise young voters for their energy and their enthusiasm and also make the case that while it is good to have big ideas on paper, you've got to be able to translate them into action and attempt to address the division and idealism of bernie sanders, something that's attracting young voters. she's trying to make the case you have to be able to do the pragmatic work of government, not as exciting a message but the message she's trying to deliver to win over some of the young voters, close that gap. fred? >> athena jones, thanks so much. let's go now to cnn chris frates at the bernie sanders rally in ringe, new hampshire. chris, clinton won new hampshire in 2008, despite new poll
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numbers, is sanders showing any worries whatsoever she might be able to pull it off again? >> reporter: that's what he is warning his supporters today. we are at franklin pierce college. lots of young people out here for this sanders event. what bernie, despite having a 2 to 1 lead in the polls, that was the message that bernie sanders sent to his supporters, that they need to get out and vote, need to turn this energy at the rallies into votes. let's take a listen to what he said a few minutes ago, fred. >> we are here in new hampshire where our opponent upon. let's not forget it. she won the democratic primary back in 2008. her husband campaigned successfully in a number of campaigns here. here in new hampshire. if we can bring out a decent vote on tuesday, i am confident we're going to win.
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>> reporter: bernie sanders reminding everybody how deep hillary clinton's roots go in this state. she won the state in 2008. her husband bill clinton was popular in new hampshire. bernie sanders is reminding people you can't win if you don't vote. also at the rally he is starting to look ahead on the stump to south carolina. you're hearing him start to talk about things that are important to the african-american community. that's not a mistake here, fred. bernie sanders does not do as well with african americans as hillary clinton does and that's important in the next state, south carolina. hillary clinton has always done very well in south carolina. bernie sanders here talking about african americans who are incarcerated at a higher rate for marijuana, talking about higher youth unemployment among african americans. told us about bernie sanders talking about police shootings and how they need to get that under control. that's a very important message as he goes into south carolina.
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you can hear behind me, bernie sanders is wrapping up here. lots of excitement for his message. we will see if he can get those people out to vote on tuesday, fred. >> so chris, very ruckus crowd. any mention of a cameo on "snl" tonight? did he go there? >> reporter: i'm sorry, i am having trouble hearing you. could you repeat that for me? >> okay. i know it is noisy there, we will find out whether he is in any way making a quick trip to new york to be on "snl." >> reporter: that is the expectation. he will be going to "snl" later today. no more campaign events today. this is one big rally. we expect he put out a tease, he will be live from new york tonight. we expect that we will see bernie sanders and larry david do a little bit of their impressions on nbc.
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and feeling good, sort of.n and real, and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. i am fredricka whitfield. the candidates are fanning across the stage, counting down the minutes and hours to the tuesday primary here. a lot at stake. traditionally some may believe it is a red state, i talked to a lot of states that feel it is purple, people are independent in their thinking. may be affiliated with a republican or democratic party,
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but anything goes come tuesday on primary day or general election. among candidates that are fanning out across the state, new jersey governor chris christie who joins us now in bedford, new hampshire after leading a rally there. good to see you, mr. governor. how does it feel right now. >> thanks for having me. >> just a few hours or days away from the primary, how are you feeling today? >> feel great. you know, the reaction here in new hampshire has been great. we're looking forward to the debate tonight. feel like i have done well in the debates so far, we will do well tonight, run through the tape tuesday, get ready to go to south carolina wednesday morning. >> did you come into new hampshire thinking that you might at least be a regional favorite being from new jersey, being, you know, in proximity of new england in that voters here would appeal to you or are you finding you have to work a bit harder to appeal to voters here?
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>> well, listen, you know, what we decided right from the beginning is that new hampshire was the kind of place who wanted to hear our message which is strong national security, a big fight against terrorism that we need to have, and new hampshire voters are very smart voters who spend a lot of time being prepared, listening to candidates. we think we're going to do extraordinarily well tuesday as a result. >> what's the focus of your message for folks in new hampshire who say, you know, they're politically astute, interested in everything from climate change to health care, but at the same time they want to know that a candidate really does understand their plight of their life-style here, understand the issues, and among the number one issues that people are facing here is a terrible heroin problem. how do you convince them that you feel their pain, that you understand, that you have solutions? >> well listen, what they know about that issue is i have been talking about it longer than
9:16 am
anyone and doing something about it as governor. in new jersey three years ago passed a law i urged that says that anyone who is a first time nonviolent, nondealing convict does not go to jail. they go to inpatient drug treatment. this is a disease, fredricka. we need to treat the disease. i have been talking about this better part of three years. last year what they will have seen in new jersey is because of our efforts, drug overdose deaths went down for the first time in four years. we need to treat this as a disease. as president that's what i will encourage the entire country to do. they know this is not something i figured out when i got to new hampshire six months ago, it is something we have been doing in new jersey for the last three years. >> among one of the first debates you talked about how voters don't want to hear the in fighting among the candidates and you wanted to be issue oriented, but then in the past week and a half you seem like you really had the gloves off,
9:17 am
you were a lot more critical of your fellow contenders from donald trump to jeb bush and especially marco rubio. is this the tactic or is this the strategy you think is the winning strategy now? >> fredricka, it is choosing time. you know, we had a lot of time to introduce ourselves to the voters, make sure they knew who we were and what we stood for, now it is about choosing. when it is about choosing, you have to make distinction and differences between you and your opponents. so for me, it is about governing in a blue state with a democratic legislature, making tough decisions, making decisions every day successfully, and that's a big difference between someone that's been a governor and a united states senator. the best governors the party had in the last century, teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan were governors. this is no accident, no mistake. we will make that distinction again tonight on the stage. >> all right. tonight on the stage how are you preparing yourself? how do you suppose the dynamic
9:18 am
will be different, particularly as pertains to donald trump not being part of the equation during the last gop debate leading up to the iowa caucuses. tonight he's in. what's your expectation? >> listen, it is the same number of people. donald trump on, rand paul off, seven people. we will get time to make our case. there's no change in strategy from our perspective, not a change in strategy concerns to having donald there. most other debates he has been there, so we are prepared, we are ready. i will do what i always do, get ready on the issues, listen to questions, answer them directly, present my case to the american people. >> fellow contender carly fiorina was at a town hall this morning in new hampshire and she seemed red hot that she is not part of the show tonight. what's your feeling on whether she should be included? >> listen, my feeling is the rules are the rules. i got excluded from a fox business news debate. i didn't think it was fair, i didn't go around complaining and
9:19 am
moaning about it. i did what i needed to do to get back on the main stage, that was to do better and do well in that debate. you know, for carly the rules are the rules. she certainly has benefitted from the rules at times, so i just think that the job of us is to play by the rules set for us and do the best we possibly can. >> governor, thank so much. good luck tonight and good luck tuesday. >> thanks, fredricka. appreciate it. >> all right. fantastic. next a one on one exclusive interview with jeb bush. can he survive new hampshire? >> every election is different, but awful them have one thing in common, they're not over after the first primary.
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all right. jeb bush may be down in the polls but the republican hopeful says he is not out now. live pictures in bedford, new hampshire, about 25 miles away or so from where i am in manchester talking to his
9:24 am
supporters there. earlier the former florida governor sat down with cnn special correspondent jamie gangel and bush says he feels no pressure ahead of tuesday's primaries here. he defends his attack ads against rival and once good friend marco rubio. >> you have a new ad coming outgoing after marco rubio on his accomplishments. it is very tough because? >> he doesn't have a record of accomplishment, he is a gifted politician, can give a great speech, got a lot of charisma, but when you're running for president of the united states, i think having a proven record would be helpful and i do and it is a nice contrast to not just marco rubio but other candidates as well. >> are you saying rubio has no accomplishments, zero? >> he sponsored one bill that became law, now in the sixth
9:25 am
year. as speaker of the house, he managed a staff of about 40 people. that's different than running a state government where you have 130,000 people that i reduced by 11%. taking on powerful interests like career civil service system and teachers union and trial bar. >> why do you think he's getting traction and you're not? >> we are getting traction in new hampshire, we are. >> you say he's a gifted politician. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> means he can give a great speech, he can connect well with people. he is charismatic. i admire that, not saying it as a negative, but a leader has to make a tough decision, can't cut and run, a leader runs to the fire to put it out. >> going into new hampshire there's a lot of pressure on you. how well do you have to do here? >> i don't feel pressure, first of all, i feel blessed to be a candidate for president of the greatest country on the face of the earth, so i don't feel
9:26 am
pressure. >> you don't feel any pressure? >> no, i am in it for the long haul. there's a narrative to gear up for the race. >> your supporter, senator lindsey graham, said if jeb doesn't do well in new hampshire, he's quote, toast. >> he said if i get beat bad by marco rubio, i am toast. there's a big difference. every election is different. all of them have one thing in common, they're not over after the first primary. they're never over after the first primary. not a single delegate was selected to the national convention yet. imagine what the clinton head machine will do to the party nominee. you better have a record, your life better have been scrutinized. i gave up 30 years of tax returns, my adult life out there for people to see, given up all my e-mails as governor. i am comfortable in my own skin. if the clinton hit machine comes after me, i will fight back, i have a proven record and she doesn't. >> what about the bernie sanders
9:27 am
machine? >> he is a self evolved socialist. he has tax increases as far as the eye can see, free things. i don't think it will sell in general election, seems to resonate in the primary. >> the e-mail controversy for hillary clinton keeps going on. marco rubio has said it disqualifies her from being commander in chief. do you think it disqualifies her? >> it might, it might. depends on what the fbi does with its investigation, when it submits to the department of justice. certainly calls into question her integrity and trustworthiness. she has lied. she lied to family members of lost loved ones in benghazi. said point blank to them a videographer was to blame and she would do everything to prosecute that person when in fact under oath she admitted and sent e-mails to her daughter and
9:28 am
to the prime minister of egypt that this was a jihadist attack. she lied. and i think we need to have a president who can be trusted, whose word is their bond. >> this week president obama went to visit a mosque, reached out to muslim americans. marco rubio denounced it. donald trump criticized it. you supported it. >> he gave a great speech. he probably should have done it earlier but he did it. when he does something right, you have to give him credit for it. here is where he has it wrong. we have a caliphate the size of indiana with up to 40,000 battle tested jihadists that have hijacked a peaceful religion and want to destroy western civilization. if he was interested in making sure muslim faith was protected, he needs to go after isis. >> if marco rubio criticizes him and other language going on in the republican -- from some of
9:29 am
the republican candidates that there is a dangerous fear mongering. >> our diversity is our strength, not our weakness. when we have a common purpose with all of this 34 flavors of life, we are the baskin robbins of the world. when we have a shared purpose, nothing can stop the united states. but when we have politicians that break us up into disparate parts, that's dangerous. i am not going to play that game. >> the conversation with jeb bush continues next. he will talk about getting his family involved in his campaign. live from manchester, new hampshire, right after this. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital
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♪ rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. more on jeb bush's conversation with cnn special correspondent jamie gangel. earlier, his mother 90-year-old former first lady barbara bush spoke out about her feelings on
9:34 am
competitor donald trump. mrs. bush saying she was sick of the attacks. trump is responding in a tweet saying wow, jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. ouch. well, the former governor spoke about that among other things in his interview. >> chris christie has been going as i like to say full new jersey on marco rubio. there was a report that your campaigns have joined forces to attack rubio. >> no, not true. i have seen what chris is saying about marco and he's got a slightly different version of the same approach that i'm taking because he's got a proven record as a governor as well. i think governors understand you have to make tough decisions. >> one of the things he said on policy about marco rubio was he pointed out marco rubio's position on abortion, which is
9:35 am
no exceptions. he says he thinks it is too extreme. you believe in exceptions? >> i believe the life of the mother and rape and incest should be exceptions. i think that's the consensus view. look, i am pro life. i acted as a pro-life governor. expanded adoptions, funded crisis pregnancy centers. i believe respecting life is a value that goes way beyond politics. politically it is a tough sell. >> talk to me a little about your family. you brought out your secret weapon, your mother is campaigning for you. a lot of bush family are campaigning for you, your brother has a new ad out supporting you. the sense was look at the signs around you, no last name, jeb! but no bush. >> 1994, 1998, 2002.
9:36 am
i have run three times. this is the same sign i used. >> you are not running from your last name. >> i wasn't running away in 1994, 1998 or '02. the fact my mom is campaigning, and i am proud of my brother's service and that he would actively campaign for me. >> you said from the beginning you had to earn it yourself. >> yeah. >> on the other hand, your parents, your brother and father are popular with republican voters. >> yes. >> did you maybe wait too long to bring them out? >> i don't think so. the intention was always to do this when people start to focus on the race. i've always felt that there are high expectations on me, no one has higher expectations on me than me, so i feel really good about where we are and i am proud of my family's involvement. if it makes a difference, it will be a positive, it won't be a negative for sure. >> did you ever imagine donald trump would be out here leading.
9:37 am
>> it is a sign of the times we are in, the anger people feel that they're latching onto a reality tv star. my challenge is disconnect them from him because he is not going to solve their problems, he is not going to lift people up. the country is not going to get better by insulting other countries or insulting people or talking trash or shouting profanities in a big microphone or tweeting as president of the united states. you have to roll up your sleeves and build consensus. you've got to do things that make democracy work. there's nothing in donald trump's background that suggests he can do that. >> give me one word to describe him. >> self centered. >> you called him a jerk last time. >> because he insulted, made fun of people with disabilities, i have spent a lot of my time in public life defending rights of the disabled, empowering them with education choices they never would have had, opening up
9:38 am
job possibilities for them, and i found it more than offensive that he would make fun of people with disabilities or call john mccain a loser because he got caught as a pow. to prey on people's angst the way he does and disparages people along the way assures he will never be president, but it creates a more divisive america when we need to move the opposite reaction. so he is a jerk when he does that. >> ted cruz, a word to describe him. >> he is smart and a great debater. but nothing in his background would suggest that he has the skills of bringing people together to forge consensus to solve problems. >> marco rubio? >> gifted, charismatic. nothing in his life would suggest he can make a decision. when i say that, jamie, that doesn't mean that they can't, but barack obama couldn't and there was nothing in his background to suggest it. my point is simply this. we can't afford to take that
9:39 am
risk if we are fighting for renewal of our country, i think you want someone that has a proven record, detailed records and steady hand. >> you got emotional when your mom was at the town hall. your dad can't be here because of his parkinson's. >> when i think of my dad i getge get emotional. >> because he is frail, a guy you saw like superman, to see him in that condition is hard. >> what's the strategy the next few days? >> campaign hard, all in. have a good debate tomorrow night and finish strong. >> that debate is tonight. coming up in the next hour, we talk with former first lady barbara bush on the campaign trail with her son. what does she have to say about all of this. tonight is make or break for bush and all of the gop candidates as they get ready for
9:40 am
the final debate before tuesday's primary vote in new hampshire. our executive political editor brian morgan stern, republican strategist, good to see you both here. new hampshire. as you say. so tonight, the gop debate, talking about seven. it is the final push. what do the candidates need to say, how do they seal the deal and the dynamic is different. donald trump is now part of it. >> they need to solidify their brand with the voters. some of the things we have been hearing, they're going to try to nail those themes down. christie will talk executive experience. governor bush will talk about his leadership. expect the donald to be the donald because what he has done so far has him at the top of the polls, doesn't have much incentive to change too much. >> weren't we seeing a different donald trump in new hampshire, seemed more subtle, was talking local politics, shaking hands with manchester police.
9:41 am
then you say once at show time on the debate stage we will see the same donald trump? >> he may emphasize different themes, he wants to keep the competitors knocked down. it will be a little whack a mole. expect the governors trying to rise up to go after rubio. he will be trying to differentiate himself to be the anti-donald, anti-cruz, and emphasize it is a three man race. anybody voting for bush, christie, kasich is voting for trump and cruz. he will make a strategic argument on that in an effort to combat donald and cruz. >> speaking of governors, i spoke with chris christie moments ago, and you know, asked him about his tenor. early on in the debate process he made it very clear to voters to, you know, viewers of america saying people don't want to see the in fighting of the contenders, they want to hear about issues, and now as he is here in new hampshire, he has
9:42 am
resorted to using name calling, calling people "boy in the bubble." i asked him about it, this is what he had to say moments ago. >> it is choosing time. we had a lot of time to introduce ourselves to voters and what we stood for. now it is about choosing. now you have to make the differences between you and your opponents. for me it is governing in a blue state with a democratic legislature, making tough decisions every day successfully, and that's a big difference between someone that's been a governor and a united states senator. the best governors our party had in the last century, teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan were both governors. this is no accident, no mistake. we will be making that distinction again tonight on the stage. >> all right. so mark, all about distinction he says, it is choosing time. if you have to go for the jugular, that's what the candidate has to do. >> right. i spoke to one of christie's top folks yesterday and there's an
9:43 am
acknowledgment now while christie did well in the debates when he wasn't attacking and focusing all his fire on hillary clinton, this past week he has taken it to a different level. he has gone directly at marco rubio and has been very personal. the boy in the bubble is a very personal attack. tonight when he's on stage he needs to go after rubio. however, he can't go too far. >> that's because of the momentum that rubio is feeling after iowa? >> right. we said this over and over and over, there are three lanes out of new hampshire, three lanes out of iowa, there are three lanes in the race. donald trump lane, the conservative lane, ted cruz has that locked down, and a third lane, this moderate centrist lane. chris christie who can get bombastic can bring it to the line but can't cross the line. if he makes the argument about being a chief executive -- >> jeb bush, we had a beautiful
9:44 am
sit down with jeb bush and his mom which we will see a little later on, barbara bush, how much is at stake for jeb bush at this point. if you talk about regional politics, given that the bushes live in neighboring maine, is that an advantage for jeb bush in new hampshire? >> to an extent because of the family being such an institution here and has been for decades, but he hasn't been in office here. so it is not like he is a fixture in the media market like bernie sanders is. we have seen over several decades local politicians with whom voters are familiar have a little advantage. bush has a little but not a sitting office holder. the reason the stakes are high for him is because he has set the stakes high. he spent a lot of money here, spent a lot of time here. so just like he did in iowa where he spent $14 million in 27 days or something, he spent even more in new hampshire. if he comes in with a similar
9:45 am
total, his campaign will be bruised. he says what he has to say, i am built for the long hall, that's what every strategist tells a candidate to say. fact is, stakes are very high for him. >> live free or die in the state. is it do or die for jeb bush after new hampshire? >> the problem with jeb bush is that he is probably one of the most qualified to be president and probably one of the worst candidates to run for president. he doesn't have -- donald trump may have it right, didn't have the fire in his belly, low energy. just like donald trump, jeb bush still has money. he still has money. he can stay in the race, the pressure will be, i was told by several involved in the different campaigns, come wednesday morning there are going to be phone calls made, phone calls that say you have to get out of the race. that could be john kasich, could be marco rubio, not marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie, or jeb bush. they have to try to start to consolidate. in order to stop donald trump, you have to consolidate, to stop
9:46 am
ted cruz, you have to consolidate. we will see if they take those calls. >> all right. thanks so much, gentlemen, good to see you. appreciate it. tomorrow morning, there's more. we have a very special commercial free, when have you ever heard that, commercial free cnn state of the union. jake tappert talking to several candidates. donald trump, john kasich, chris christie, hillary clinton, bernie sanders here on cnn. we will be back from new hampshire. staying in rhythm...
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9:51 am
he will be at the debate this evening. but where is he? the dynamics have changed for he and his campaign in recent weeks, but he is very much part of the race for the white house. let's talk more about this with jason osborne, senior communication strategist for ben carson's presidential campaign. we have been hearing it from voters saying where is he. he has been crisscrossing the state of new hampshire. what's different now for ben carson, starting in december he has secret service detail, so you can't publicize too far in advance where he will be. he kind of parachutes in. >> a lot of times what you find, i get up at 5:00 in the morning with him, going until 10:00 at night. because of secret service, we can't broadcast everything we are doing. it entails a lot of logistics with the service wanding people, putting them through things.
9:52 am
we will stop in at this diner in manchester, it was a surprise stop. the secret service blocks the door, starts to wand people to let them in. those are the events we have to work around, trying to do a primary campaign. >> so he is here, preparing for tonight's debate. at the same time meeting with people. how is he convincing people that he is ready for the job and here to address hopefully their needs. as pertains to health care, as a surgeon, a member of the medical community, a big problem here is heroin. we hear from voters left and right that say we want some solutions. how does he feel like he has an advantage to have that dialogue, to project promises or change for people in new hampshire. >> you're right. being a doctor, he has a unique perspective of the industry and how it works and the doctor, patient relationship.
9:53 am
i think one of the big problems he has been speaking about for a number of years now with obamacare is how it has taken the dynamic from the doctor, patient relationship to a bureaucracy. so he has been talking a lot about that, released his health care plan several weeks ago. we have been more aggressive and he has been more aggressive in saying these are the things i am going to do on taxes, on national security, on health care, education, you name it, he has been out there talking about it. it is a matter of getting him in front of as many people as possible and spreading that message. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> big night tonight. he will be hunkering down, preparing notes. >> he's excited. >> anything about the preparation tonight? >> he has a little bump in his step. he was pretty fired up this morning. we are looking forward to it. >> very good. good luck tonight and tuesday. >> thank you very much. and we will be right back. (man) hmm. what do you think?
9:54 am
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welcome back. i am fredricka whitfield live in manchester, new hampshire and that is what the crowd looks like. just wrapped up there with bernie sanders. his big appearance today is going to be in new york city where we expect he is going to be on "saturday night live"
9:59 am
tonight, that's what sources are telling us. comedian larry david is hosting, and he is known for doing a dead on impression of the vermont senator. >> eh. not a fan of the banks. they trample on the middle class, they control washington. and why do they chain all their pens to the desk? who's trying to steal a pen from a bank? makes no sense! >> senior media correspondent brian seltzer is following the story. brian, you know, this could be really good. i don't know if there is a down side to this, is there? >> only down side, of course, he is off the campaign trail a few hours. it is probably worth it for sanders as he looks beyond new hampshire, he wants to appeal to a national audience by appearing on "snl." with larry david impersonating him, "snl" has gone easy on sanders so far. it is always a risk when the candidate himself shows up.
10:00 am
saw hillary clinton do it in the fall, i don't think donald trump hurt himself when he hosted in november. seems like a lot of up side, not a lot of down side. it will be fun to see them side by side, see what jokes they can make from that, right? >> aren't cameos like this kept in secret? why let the cat out of the bag here? >> this one, in this case, sanders campaign has said publicly we are going to be live from new york. they're sort of letting that secret out ahead of time, kind of for two reasons, hard to keep it a secret when he is not in new hampshire couple days before the primary, and two, way to drive viewer tune in and more excited for the broadcast. i have a feeling that "snl" is secretly happy he is leaking it. >> has to be good for "snl" and for bernie sanders. why not bring a few more young voters on board. >> maybe not so young viewers as


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