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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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fall, i don't think donald trump hurt himself when he hosted in november. seems like a lot of up side, not a lot of down side. it will be fun to see them side by side, see what jokes they can make from that, right? >> aren't cameos like this kept in secret? why let the cat out of the bag here? >> this one, in this case, sanders campaign has said publicly we are going to be live from new york. they're sort of letting that secret out ahead of time, kind of for two reasons, hard to keep it a secret when he is not in new hampshire couple days before the primary, and two, way to drive viewer tune in and more excited for the broadcast. i have a feeling that "snl" is secretly happy he is leaking it. >> has to be good for "snl" and for bernie sanders. why not bring a few more young voters on board. >> maybe not so young viewers as well. "snl" has a core audience of
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youthful 20 and 30 something fans, but bernie sanders may need to appeal to older viewers as well, and "snl" could be a way to do that to steal votes from hillary clinton. >> all right, thank you so much, brian, good to see you. next hour, cnn newsroom begins now. >> the longest week in american politics is halfway over, the week between iowa caucus and new hampshire primary is like dog years. >> i think we need someone who can lead our country back to solving problems instead of pushing people down to make yourself look better. >> you're ready to make a political revolution? >> it is the final push to the new hampshire primary. hello, everyone, fredricka whitfield with cnn special coverage live from manchester,
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new hampshire. in three days, count them, three days, new hampshire voters cast their ballots in the first primary of the 2016 presidential race. today, the candidates are fanned out across new hampshire rallying their supporters, counting down until tuesday's critical vote. this hour, hillary clinton will hold a rally in concorde, new hampshire. live pictures of that event, we'll take a listen when she takes the stage. you can see it is filling up. it is one of three events today planned for her. let's get to cnn's athena jones joining us from hen he canner, new hampshire, where clinton is having a town hall with students later today. new hampshire was kind to hillary clinton in 2008. is she and her camp expecting the same results? >> reporter: that's a big gap to close. we have seen in the latest tracking poll that sanders has a
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30 point lead over clinton, so the clinton campaign has been down playing her chances quite a bit in the last several days, yet she's out in force holding multiple events. don't want to give up on new hampshire. they hope to at least close the gap. she did some door knocking in manchester just before heading to the event in concorde, and as you said, we have seen this before. she was counted out by many people in 2008, came back to win here even after that stunning loss in iowa to then senator barack obama and john edwards. she was able to pull out a victory here. they are saying we may not win here but looking to close the gap. she's also trying to appeal to young voters who are overwhelmingly supporting senator sanders. she has been speaking directly to them, certainly at a speech last night, said directly to people supporting sanders, i
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hope you can persuade you to give me a look. i want you to know i am glad you're involved in the process, bringing energy and ideas and urgency to shared causes of the democratic party. we expect her to make that case again here at new england college when she has a town hall with students later today to say, to praise young people for being involved in the political process, make the argument that while good ideas on paper are important, you have to be able to translate them into action. she can bring the pragmatic politics up to the table to make a change in young people's lives. that's part of the case she will be making here later today. >> thanks so much, athena jones. right now, new hampshire is the focus. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are already looking ahead to south carolina where the electorate is much more diverse. the stakes are high.
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let's talk about this with cnn political commentator strategist maria car donna and bill press, author of "buyers remorse, how obama let progressives down." sanders just received a potentially powerful endorsement from former naacp president, and also received endorsements from other power players like dr. cornell west. do voters pay attention to those endorsements, will that help make a difference for bernie sanders' standing, particularly among african-american voters. is there a way of knowing that? >> i think certainly time will tell, fred. look, i think that's terrific news for senator sanders, good for him. cornell west, ben gelis are well respected in the
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african-american community, and this is exactly what senator sanders needed. i think the question is is it enough and is it enough in terms of timing. i think one of the big things that has been underscored in terms of senator sanders is that he doesn't have a long history of working for and long commitment of working with the african-american community and latino community and other multi cultural communities of color around the country. obviously he represents a state that is 95% white, so i think people understand why that's the case, but so now it turns to whether there's enough time for senator sanders to show he has that commitment, that he is willing to work with these communities when you have secretary clinton who has been working with african-american and latino communities for four decades. so i think that's a big difference that will be drawn the next couple weeks.
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>> i spoke with bernie sanders' spokesperson simone sanders earlier today, she count erred that saying bernie sanders has a history in the civil rights movement, he has been active. the difference between he and a hillary clinton is she has the name, the more well known name, and that may serve her well as pertains to her involvement with the black and hispanic community. so maria, is that response enough in your view? that perhaps people don't know about the work and commitment like they do hillary clinton. >> i think they don't know but i also don't think he has the depth and breadth of commitment that hillary clinton has shown, and what i would counter is there's much more than the name that resonates with african-american and latino communities. hillary clinton in 1972 was down in the texas valley registering latino voters, back way before it was cool to be registering
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latino voters, and she was down in alabama three decades ago working for desegregation of public schools there, so it is much more than the name. it's actually action, it is legislation, it is the commitment that she has shown. she has rolled up her sleeves and shown she has worked with these communities for decades, so i think that's the big difference. >> yeah. can i get a word in? >> go ahead, bill, respond to that. >> i would like to get a word in if i can. maria is absolutely right. bernie sanders does not match the experience and the years of work that both clintons have had in the minority community, no doubt about it, and nobody should pretend otherwise. at the same time, bernie has a record we were not aware of. he talked about his work with core way back when, segregated house whg he was a student, he talked about that at the town hall. he talked about marching with martin luther king junior, people are getting to know that
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bernie sanders. but in addition to what maria said i add two points. he's grown a long way, talking about issues in the debate and town hall, this week talked about police community relations and diversity on police forces, demilitarizing police forces, those are good issues for the minority community particularly and i tell you, a big win in new hampshire will propel him, do a lot of good for him in all the states to come. >> and then bill, what about this kind of quote, unquote ownership over the word progressive, bernie sanders has been using that for a long time, saying he is that. hillary clinton just in the past week saying you know when i look at the word progressive, i talk about progress, that's what i am going to bring. is that going to be what resonates with voters? does it even matter, bill? >> i don't think that's going to be the deciding issue, i just have to say as a side bar as a progressive and lifelong liberal, trying to get the democratic party to move further to the left, i rejoice in the
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fact now that the two leading democrats are arguing which one is farther to the left. look, they're both progressives i would say. bernie has to explain his vote against the brady bill, hillary has to explain her support of the death penalty or opposition to restoring. i think it is hard to say hillary is to the left of bernie, i would say they're both progressives and i am glad they are. >> fred, if i could add here. >> real quick. almost out of time. >> this is great for the democratic party and for the american people. compare it to what's going on tonight which is the circus of the republican party. >> we are hours away from that. we will soon find out. thanks so much to you both. >> thanks, fred. you will hear from hillary clinton later this hour. but if you missed it, watch state of the union tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn.
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jake tapper is talking with clinton and bernie sanders and sits down with donald trump, john kasich, and chris christie. a host of folks. state of the union tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. don't miss it. all right. coming up, live from manchester new hampshire. tomorrow clinton is headed to flint, michigan to address the water crisis there. next, the potential impact of that decision to leave new hampshire two days before the primary. we will be right back.
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. the country's problems have grown in size and severity over the past decade. this is a different election. really the clock has run out on
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solving these problems. >> while he is republican and says he made a decision, he is not revealing who he is going for. it is down to two candidates, seven republicans are taking to the stage tonight for a potentially fiery debate. here in manchester, new hampshire, welcome back. i am fredricka whitfield. democrat hillary clinton is making her last minute push for new hampshire voters right now. clinton is about to hold the first of three events. but she will not be campaigning in the granite state tomorrow. why? she is instead headed to flint, michigan to highlight that city's contaminated water crisis. a congressional delegation is about to hold a news conference on the situation there in michigan. let's talk about clinton's decision to leave new hampshire so close to the primary on tuesday. let's talk about that with cnn political reporter nia
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malika-henderson. she's on the phone with us. you spent time in new hampshire covering clinton. now you're off to another place where you'll be covering clinton, at least from new york. help us understand the psychology here that the camp is really embracing, why it is important for hillary clinton to be in flint, michigan, dealing with this horrible poisoned water crisis while on the campaign trail, highlighting national issues, at the same time letting new hampshire voters know that she's still very much in this race. >> clinton was really the first presidential candidate to draw attention to this way back in january, january 11th, she talked about this. she has been pushing for federal intervention, pushing the governor there to accept some federal intervention, the mayor their car en weaver endorsed
10:18 am
her, she dispatched the campaign for information on what was going on. she pushed forward debates that happened in flint, michigan. she has been weaving this into her speeches, even in the last debate, she talked about it there. this is something she feels like she's in the spotlight now, she can shine a light on the terrible problem in this town, about 100,000 people dealing with essentially water poisoning. also gives a glimpse of what kind of president she would be, that's what her aides are saying. she has been very involved, getting briefings, talking to folks about it. she feels like what she could do as president, compared to what bernie sanders has done, bernie pushed for resignation of governor snyder, and he did that recently, but again, her campaign says she wants to tackle big problems and use this
10:19 am
time to shine a light on this problem. so she will be there. it also i think, fred, tells you what the campaign is thinking. they're 30 points behind in the latest poll in new hampshire. they think the map looks better for them going forward in states like south carolina, in big states like michigan as well, because as you said, they're bigger, more diverse states. >> all right. knee a malnia malika-henderson,r being with us on the phone from new york, even though you were crossing the state with hillary clinton and more importantly when she arrived in concord when she arrives there, we will take you there. coming up, we will focus on the republican race. we will hear from jeb bush and his mother, former first lady barbara bush. >> is he your favorite son? >> today. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin.
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welcome back. i am fredricka whitfield in manchester, new hampshire. it is do or die for some of the republican presidential candidates, right here in new hampshire could either build or break them. one candidate fighting for momentum in this state, in the granite stays, is jeb bush. here's what he had to say about the economy earlier today. >> for those that remember, we had double digit unemployment, double digit inflation. interest rates at 18%. there was a malaise because people's future wasn't right. i am inspired by ronald reagan, he didn't tear down people, disparage people. had he a hopeful, optimistic, conservative message and had proven leadership skills. he was a successful governor for 8 years before he became
10:25 am
president. >> that was jeb pitching himself as a reagan man. the presidential race has been challenging for him because he hasn't been at the front of the pack, which is why lately he is leaning heavily on someone very close and very politically savvy. she is a senior member in what some call the bush family business. she, of course, is former first lady barbara bush. today she and her son jeb spoke at length with cnn special correspondent jamie gangel. >> your secret weapon has come to new hampshire because? >> because she loves me, i'm her favorite son temporarily. she's incredibly popular, the connection between mom and dad and people in the granite state is phenomenal. i mean, anybody that has lived through all of these campaigns can remember having dinner, having a picture, a handwritten
10:26 am
thank you note, going to kenny bunk port. there's a connection that's phenomenal. i learned it coming here doing 90 events on 25 trips. she's incredible popular as you might expect. >> she's your not so secret secret weapon. you're his mother, you're prejudiced obviously, but tell us why you think jeb would be a great president? >> he has the best record. he's wise, he's decent. he knows american values. he knows the values of people in new hampshire. i mean, they care about their country. i love my country. i adore my child. every mother in new hampshire knows why i'm here, period, they know. >> is he your favorite son? >> today. >> always gets a laugh when i say that, i keep saying it until no one stops. the day you're up here and no one laughs any more, i'll stop saying it.
10:27 am
>> you got quite a crowd, you got pretty emotional. >> yeah. >> because? >> because look, my mom doesn't have to be doing this. she's got her stroller, it is a big ask to fly from houston, texas to come up here in the snow, campaigning in front of people, to relive the things she used to do quite naturally. it was a big sacrifice. every time i see my mom i think of my dad. >> was no sacrifice, trust me. a great treat. >> it is no secret this has been a rough race for him. >> for everybody. >> for everybody. why do you think it has been so rough for jeb? >> i don't think it has been rougher for jeb than anyone else. i think honestly, the press doesn't ever mention jeb, they don't.
10:28 am
he's a nonperson and they should mention him because he's the best qualified, he has the best record. he was a great governor. and i think they should mention him. >> i heard you say you think he's too polite. >> i think he's too polite. he ought to interrupt. the others interrupt all the time. he ought to butt in. but that's because he's too nice. >> you know, there's no such thing as being too nice. being nice doesn't mean you're not strong, that you don't have fortitude. i got to be governor of the largest swing state in the country, i made really tough decisions, but you don't have to disparage people, that's not a sign of strength. in reality tv world we're living in, insulting people is strength, but that's ridiculous. we are electing a president. presidents need to have a steady hand and be strong on behalf of people that are struggling. i don't think i am getting a bad shake with the press. you know, i am focused on earning it. the expectations are high on me
10:29 am
because of family and i have higher expectations than anybody on myself. what's weird about this, this is supposed to be a rough and tumble election, this is tame compared to previous elections, at least -- >> really? >> yeah. it is crazy, have people saying crazy stuff. in terms of give and take, there's nothing different about this than previous elections. ask mitt romney what it was like to get hit by the obama team or the rowdy debates of the primary. ask my brother, ask my dad. this is nothing different. >> but none of them had donald trump. >> that's true. >> out there. >> no, that's different. that's different. >> have you ever seen a race like this? >> no, but as jeb says, every race is different, but it is
10:30 am
slightly shocking to me. >> because? >> because he doesn't give many answers to how he would solve problems. he sort of makes faces and says insulting things. i mean, he said terrible things about women, terrible things about military, i don't understand why people are for him for that reason. i'm a woman, i'm not crazy about what he says about women. >> he called jeb low energy, he called him dumb as a rock, between us, what do you really think of donald trump. >> be careful, mom. >> he's not dumb as a rock, nor is he the other thing. >> low, that's not true at all. he has lots of energy. he has been up here how many times? >> i spent -- this is my second home. look, measuring strength by how loud you are or how you push
10:31 am
people down to make yourself look good is a sign of deep insecurity, not a sign of strength. next, you'll hear what barbara bush thinks of donald trump in greater detail. plus donald trump reacts to jeb bush's interview and the comments from barbara bush on that. we will be right back. dear, if we had directv, we could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. mother, we are settlers. we settle for cable. and the simpler things in life. like our drab clothing. that's right, daughter. and homemade haircuts. exactly, boy. besides, if it weren't for wires, how would
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all right. we are back with the second part of the exclusive interview with republican presidential candidate jeb bush and his mother, former first lady barbara bush. they tack strategy, moving forward, and jeb's opponent. >> mrs. bush, what do you think of donald trump. you are known for being blunt and plain spoken. >> i don't think about him at all. i think about jeb and the qualified candidate. >> is it true your husband sometimes throws things. >> no.
10:36 am
>> that's the silliest thing, he can't even throw any more, he has parkinson's. if he threw it, he wouldn't aim it. but he's wonderful, my husband. he's very much for jeb and very proud of him. >> a minute ago you said there's a lot of pressure on you living up to your -- you struggle with being your own man and your family. now your mom is up here campaigning for you, your brother is just cut an ad for you, have you changed strategy? >> no. and i didn't say i am struggling with being a bush, i am 62 years old for crying out loud. i stopped getting therapy about this a long time ago. i did it when i was in my mid-20s. i am a goal driven guy, got out of college in two years, already
10:37 am
had a family. i decided i wanted to be half the man my dad was. my adult life worked out pretty good if i get to half how good he is in terms of being a husband, a father, a person that cares about people. so i don't have any struggles about being a bush. it is not a conflict at all. the fact my brother is supporting me, my mom is here campaigning, the way i think of it, it would be weird if they weren't. what would that say? >> donald trump is still leading in the polls. and wolf blitzer asked senator lindsey graham, your supporter, if he would support the republican nominee, even if trump wins and lindsey graham said yep. i'm buying a ticket on the titanic. [ laughter ] vintage lindsey graham. you repeatedly said donald trump is not going to be the nominee,
10:38 am
but he is still leading in the polls. >> sure. >> if he is the nominee, are you buying a ticket on the titanic? >> i can't spin a line like lindsey. i will support the republican nominee no matter who he or she is, period. i have done it my entire adult life, signed a pledge to do it, i'll do it. i want to win though. i want the republican party's candidate to win. i want a conservative to serve in the white house. i believe i am best qualified. that's why i am fighting for this. >> you have a new ad coming out that contrasts you and marco rubio. >> yeah. >> right now, he is leading in the polls, going into new hampshire. is it hurting the establishment lane if you are attacking him? >> he's attacking me, so does that count or is this only a one way street? is this the child of privilege
10:39 am
that has a free pass when everybody else has to fight for it? this is a bean bag. this is politics. every campaign, every candidate will be contrasted and compared. their records need to be shown. he has no record of accomplishment. he's a gifted politician. he got elected at the age of 26. he is very charismatic and he is a wonderful person, but he doesn't have a record. >> chris christie has been going as we say full new jersey. he has taken the gloves off attacking marco rubio and there was a report that your campaign and his campaign behind the scenes are coordinating. >> no, no. >> absolutely not? >> no, i have gotten the full new jersey christie. john kasich, chris christie and i share a common feature. we had to make tough decisions.
10:40 am
they do it today as governor, i did it for eight years. my record of accomplishment is out there for the world to see. other candidates may have the virtues of being a great speaker, i'm sure they'll brag about that, but my record is a record of accomplishment. >> there's a theory out there that it is personal between you and marco rubio. >> not at all. >> that if you're not going to win, you're going to make sure he doesn't win. >> no, no. i will support the republican nominee, as i always have. i have always worked hard to elect the most conservative person to be president of the united states because i think that philosophy is the one that can lift people out of poverty, create income for the middle class, can keep us safe. there's nothing personal about this at all. >> mrs. bush, going into new hampshire, what would you like people to know about your son? >> i'd like them to know he's wise and decent and he has
10:41 am
valleys we want our children to have, that he wants to serve. i think that's very important. i would like to remind you, george bush came out of iowa with big mo, then there was no mo after that. so remember, the campaign has just started and i want them to know that jeb is the finest man almost i know. he's very much the same values of service that his father has, and his brothers and his sister, and maybe his old lady. >> that's you? >> yeah. >> you're not my old lady. >> you dodged me on donald trump. do you want to? >> no. >> do you want to go full new jersey on donald trump? >> i do not. i don't even think about him. i am sick of him. that's very strong. >> strong words from a strong woman. the bushes giving thoughts on
10:42 am
donald trump. now donald trump can't hold back, he's responding on social media, tweeting this, wow. jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in his mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. let's talk about all of this and some more with cnn political analyst and editor in chief at the daily beast, john avalon, and political commentator, republican consultant, sirius xm host margaret gruber. john, you should be here. we have a chair poised next to your wife. >> i should be next to my wife. >> in person. >> if you come, you have to have the fancy footwear. we are dressed for new hampshire. with uggs and north face. let's talk about what's happening here. too little too late for jeb bush to be bringing in the big guns in terms of his mom, barbara
10:43 am
bush? >> you know, he's clearly pulling out the last tools in his tool kit, but it is unclear, the biggest vulnerability jeb has is his name. nobody doubts his credibility, that he is wise, savvy, capable of sitting in the oval office as barbara bush said, the problem is he is the third bush. in the 2000s, the republican party lost thousands of rej is trants. independents, not republicans. the republicans haven't recovered from the bad run in new hampshire in the bush years. bush never won in new hampshire. jeb bush brought in surrogates from outside to new hampshire. some other governors competing for the same slice of primary electorate have gotten local new hampshire endorsement. john kasich has every paper in the state aside from union leader to endorse him. incredible ground game. he is more poised to break out of the three governors than the
10:44 am
others. >> okay. real quick, while we look at barbara bush joining her son on the campaign trail, let's also go live. you zoo hillary clinton trying to clinch last minute voters in new hampshire. cory booker with her and former secretary of state madeleine albright also accompanying her there. i wonder, john, how much difference might this make for the new hampshire voter who is thinking in terms of locally what are you going to do for me as national leader, what can you do for me, how impactful that she would bring in these heavy hitters. >> well, i think she's trying to make a case. she has been rallying surrogates to her side. senior female senators in the democratic party, now booker and madeleine albright. john sununu said iowa picks porn, new hampshire picks presidents. that's the case hillary clinton is trying to make with
10:45 am
surrogates here. clinton booker has a ring to it, doesn't it? >> okay. let's talk about tonight. you have seven candidates that will be on stage, margaret. they're trying to come out in front. it is going to go beyond the tweets, donald trump tweeting about jeb bush's mother. when i talked to chris christie, new jersey governor earlier today, he said this is choosing time, so it is time to distinguish yourself. how do the candidates distinguish themselves if they haven't done so already? >> you know, as of now, more than 40% of the electorate haven't made up their mind in new hampshire. it is a matter of who has moments in the debate and captures the news. more than a sound bite, who distinguishes themselves to an electorate that's primarily independent. live free or die state. you don't know where that 44% will go. if it looks like bernie sanders
10:46 am
is running with it, maybe independents break on the republican ticket. if they break on the republican ticket, somebody with an independent record like john kasich could be poised to break out. truth be told, for all the time chris christie has been here, he has gotten less traction. and all the time jeb bush, he has less traction. because of the dna of the state, go ahead, john, but rubio or kasich are more poised than anyone else with trump. >> interesting, john? >> it is about time on task. as margaret said, kasich and christie spent a lot of time. he had no executive experience before going in. the fact that top chair hoips have no experience in government is significant. this is a time for choosing whether it is christie, kasich, bush. governors need to break through. libertarian tradition in the state, they're not politically homeless with rand paul dropping out.
10:47 am
a corollary with the number of independents in the state, new hampshire is the least religious in the country. the formula ted cruz used to romp to victory in caucus won't work in new hampshire. needs to be a strong candidate for center right. if one doesn't emerge, the republican party is in deep trouble come fall. >> we have the primary on tuesday in new hampshire. candidates are thinking beyond that. not just south carolina, not just nevada. now talking about viability. how well they do or how poorly a candidate does in new hampshire might determine who drops out. what's your prediction? >> if chris christie doesn't get juice here, there's a hard rationale to stay in the race. ditto jeb bush. a lot of these, carly fiorina. how do they stay if they don't get traction.
10:48 am
>> do you have thought who might be out? >> there can only be one or two that survive this. jeb, christie, kasich, three impressive candidates won in swing states, reelections by large margins. they should if the republican party is at the top of the ticket, one of them needs to break out, the other two will be in real trouble. >> we will leave it there. good to see you both. thanks so much. good to see margaret in person. john laying it on thick, could have been you! if you want to see more of what the presidential candidates have to say, watch cnn state of the union tomorrow. don't want to miss it, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. jake tapper hosting commercial free show with five candidates. you'll hear from hillary clinton, bernie sanders, donald trump, john kasich, chris christie, all here in new hampshire. state of the union airing sunday, 9:00 a.m. we will be back from manchester.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at all right. welcome back to cnn and our special coverage from manchester, new hampshire. i'm fredricka whitfield. good to see you. thanks so much for being with us. beautiful landscape views of new hampshire, no matter which direction you turn. so before we get to tuesday's primary, there is one -- one big game going on, on the sports calendar. what would that be? oh! the super bowl. super bowl 50. whatever happens between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos, we could be saying, farewell to a legend. this could be the last-ever game for quarterback peyton manning. our crew is on the ground in san francisco taking in all of the pregame action.
10:54 am
>> reporter: all right. kwh we have shore yfor you. dan marino with me. talking super bowl 50, the ins and outs of the game and what a special treat. you sitting down with joe montana. >> yes. this week i sat down with joe, had an opportunity to talk a little about football, a lot peyton manning and a lot about out of lives. >> it's a lot of fun, though, isn't it? >> yeah, it's fun. >> did you go to the -- >> yes, for the 2012 and then going to the releases. >> if you get a chance, so much fun, you get test tubes, and you just mix a bunch of different blends, so you -- >> go to the releases, get to drink the wine and see how happy everybody is. >> there you go. okay. thank you. >> you bet. thank you. >> always wanted your autograph. >> yeah! >> amazing perspective you have about how to live your life during the game. how to get out of the game.
10:55 am
and what to do afterwards. peyton manning now really standing on the precipice. right? how much thought did you give to, when is it time to go? and what do you think it is for peyton manning to be doing that with a super bowl appearance on the line? >> i don't think personally i know how peyton is what he's thinking. ese nhe's not thinking about sunday, monday, he's thinking about has to do to win the game, after he wins that game, or if he loses that game, then he'll think about, should i keep playing the game, not keep playing the game. that's how focused. right now it's all about the game. >> all about the game. watch kickoff by the bay, a cnn "bleacher report" special, next hour on cnn. and stay with us. "cnn newsroom" continues right after a quick break.
10:56 am
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hello again and thanks so much for joining me. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield with cnn special live coverage from manchester, new hampshire. in just three days now new hampshire voters cast their ballots in the first primary of the 2016 presidential race.


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