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tv   Kickoff by the Bay A CNN- Bleacher Report Special  CNNW  February 6, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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coming up at the top of the hour, but first, a cnn "bleacher report" special in san francisco, super bowl 50, "kickoff by the bay" starts right now with chris cuomo and dan marino. hello. we are in the middle of the action in super bowl city downtown san francisco. i'm chris cuomo here with my pal and hall of fame partner dan marino. what a pleasure. >> chris, good to be here. amazing, we're right downtown, a lot of action going on. looking forward to a great game and it's going to be a lot of fun. ♪ >> reporter: super bowl 50, a golden anniversary. a celebration as big as it gets. ♪ >> reporter: the carolina
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panthers, bold and brass. >> we're at our best and another team at their best we're still, we'll still win. >> reporter: the denver broncos, peyton manning and his fourth super bowl maybe his last rodeo. >> working on the last. i got the cowboy hat and the boots. >> reporter: and here in the bay, quarterback legends reunite. >> to a great weekend. >> and a great friendship. >> a great friendship. you got it. >> thanks, joe. >> announcer: "kickoff by the bay," a cnn "bleacher report" special, is brought to you by -- >> reporter: all right. there are a couple of things we've got to get out of the way for this partnership to work. first one is -- when my mother wants me to feel good about myself, she says, you look good. you look like dan marino. i'm like the poor man the marino. do you see any resemblance?
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>> none whatsoever. if your mother told you that, and you made you feel good, that's all right. >> no? there's something else, a problem looking like you growing up. queens, new york. >> okay. >> new york jets' fan. can we just clear something up. >> go ahead. glad to. >>got a little clip here. 1995. one of the cheapest plays in the had istry of the nfl. >> that's a smart play. not a cheap play. >> they say that, you know -- that was -- beneath the dignity of the game. do you feel that all, marino? you feel bad about that? >> d not feel bad whatsoever about it. one thing i'll say, it's not against the dignity of the game. being smart. a big spike, jets didn't realize it. we end up winning the game. all i can say is this, chris and all you jets fans after all of these years you've got to get over it. it's over. 1994, come on, man. >> no. the spike, it will never go
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away. >> it worked, brother. >> it worked. impossible not to like you even though you beat my jets like that. that takes us to super bowl 50. the big matchup again is about the quarterbacks. two great men playing here. peyton manning. manning, cam newton. the big difference, age. one arguably at the end of his career, 40 years old, peyton manning is going to be and then cam newton who's only 26. let's broaden this discussion out. joining me and dan the man marino we have senior nfl columnist from the "bleacher report" mike freeman. great to have you. >> good to be with you. >> talking about the men in the middle. peyton manning, cam newton, both a focus of the media. take a quick listen. we have a noticeably comfortable peyton manning. >> i don't know if it's -- having kids or getting old, but, yeah. i -- i catch myself being a little more emotional at times. if i ran a touchdown, i promise if i run a touchdown on sunday i will celebrate. i can assure you of that. >> a little bit of a farfetched
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notion for him. the guy we're used to seeing celebrate a lot is cam newton. this week, this is different for him. the media seemed to take it out of him a little bit. take a listen. >> i don't even want to touch on the topic of black quarterback, because i think this game is bigger than black, white or even green. i'm sorry if i'm -- i'm bland, but, i've been asked that question thousands of times. how can i reward questions that i've been asked soany times? golly. it's nothing pretty much has changed. since i seen you guys 24 hours keg. ago. >> a new experience for the 26-year-old. mike, you put out a tweet that said, cam newton is one of the most likable athletes i've ever covered. you have a lot of experience. big statement. why? >> 25 years i've covered the league. he is one of the most easygoing, nicest guys i've ever covered. he's also one of the most
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historic. hear me out on this. we see in the nfl every now and then, you can count on one or two hands the number of quarterbacks who change the game, who elevate the position. we're sitting next to one of them here. one of the best pure passers in the history of the nfl. >> thank you. >> cam is one of those guys. never seen a guy 6'5", 250, runs a 4.540. runs like a running back. he's changing the game as we watch. >> stung with the word "brash." a little code word sometimes. >> oh, yeah. >> the celebration. demonstrative, not him, even one one of his players do it. what does that reflect inside him? >> well, he is a really, first of all, smart guy. >> yes. >> and i don't think people understand that. he can do anything at the line of scrimmage any other quarterback does in the nfl, but he's also comfortable in his own skin. he doesn't care if you criticize him or rip him. he doesn't care when he goes like that you hate him. he doesn't care. i sort of like that about him. >> fair comparison?
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>> he's having fun, though. >> that's the thing. >> that whole team is having fun. if they want to celebrate, when he goes up and gives those footballs to the kids in the stands, that's the, the best thing you could do. i love that. >> so it doesn't bother you. something else he's exhibited this week, a little marino-esque. >> marino-esque? >> not about his release, anything on the field. his knowledge of the guys on his team and what that bond is about. you used to talk about the marx brothers, why your team was good, you knew things about the guys on the team. >> yeah. >> that went well beyond where they were supposed to be on the field. he has that, too, when he talks about his guys. >> and he gives the guys credit. it's important. he knows it's a team. cam newton's getting all the attention this week. peyton manning is getting all the attention but they know the reason they're there is because there's other guys on that field that are really helping them to get to this position. >> mike freeman, thank you very much. appreciate the perspective. >> thank you. >> so what it better than having one amazing quarterback on a show like this? two. you sat down with your great
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buddy former adversary, fellow pennsylvanian be joe montana. >> joe and i sat down, he's a friend. here in san francisco this week and we talked a little bit about football and a lot about our wines. what else? >> love it. it's a lot of fun, though,sn't it? >> yeah, it's fun. >> do you go to the blending? >> yes. once. for the 2012 and then i've been just going to the releases. so that's the fun part. so you go to the releases and get to drink the wine and see how happy everybody is. >> yeah. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
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welcome back to super bowl city. chris cuomo, dan the man marino and joining us, nine-year nfl vet, coy wire. the topic for coy, technology is changing the game. >> changed a lot. i think back about the film, going into video. behind the quarterback, from the sides, up top. only had one angle when i was playing. >> from reality to virtual reality. >> dan, you know this. the most important space, the six inches between a player's ears. their minds ux and virtual reality training guys is allowing guys to train their brains in ways they never have been able to. >> my masters project coaching at stanford.
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come up with a way to train athletes using virtual reality. >> reporter: captures video, stitched together provides seven nfl teams including the arizona cardinals and in an immersive training experience. >> blown away by the technology. >> realtime. seeing it through your own eyes. >> put it on, two plays. so cool. >> this about a quarterback, a lot of things to remember and look at in a fraction of a second on the field. decision make sg essential. >> if i wanted to, go through the drop, hitch through my reads. watching on football, there is no reality to it. >> at a former safety, you got me to open up my hips. >> the key pup running that corner route, open his hips not able to drive on the ball. >> these fine details are the things that separate you in the game, because it's just inches that help you have success out there. >> what we do is so personal with the teams. they trust us. for the most part, we are, we're
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like this on a daily basis. very intimate with these guys. we see what they do on the practice field. we hear their calls, know the plays. nobody else sees it. it we mess up one time we're done as a business. >> you guys, carson palmer, larry fitzgerald, love this technology. wish they had it when i played. the coolest thing, team president michael bidwell says this is for the fans as well. be able to be on the sidelines, on the field maybe even the coin toss before the game. >> the game is changing so quickly. peyton manning's tenure, 18 years. started one way, the league doing business the way it was. now virtual reality and he's looking at reality? >> could be the possibility he retires, could be his last game. when i sat down with joe montana and myself, we talked about peyton what he might be thinking about. >> i guess if he wanted to go
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play somewhere else he would. >> take as chance on him. with how much money he's -- what will his number be, even at the low side, still got to be pretty high. >> a lot more than you and i made together, at the same time. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> whatever it is. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade.
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i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
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i'm in the heart of super bowl city. so many fun things to do here in downtown san francisco. apartment the intel experience you can fly a drone and get a 3d
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image of yourself etched into an acrylic cube. represent your nfl team in a bike race at life cycle. catch a concert? grammy winner alecia key is the headliner tonight and my favorite thing to do here in super bowl city, the zip line across the replica golden gate bridge. rn chris and dan, wish me well. >> hold on! let me brag about my partner here. all-time record when you retired a couple guys passed you since, yeah, peyton, brett. >> we were getting ready for the show, two titans, retchnlegendse room. what was it for you? >> two friends getting together, talking about the game, super
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bowl san francisco and drinking some wine and having some fun. i think you'll like it. >> all right, joe. it's super bowl 50. we're here in san francisco. and both guys from pittsburgh, grew up there, and we both have our own wine. and maybe we should have a little taste? >> want to try -- absolutely. >> of course. >> absolutely. we can't let it sit there, but, yeah, we started, '97? something like that. somewhere in that neighborhood. we just started going in, blending. as the years went on we started taking our kids in to help blend. when they got old enough. >> right. right, right. >> so our oldest daughters got to blend. the boys haven't -- they don't get to blend. they drink too much. >> they all do. >> how about you? >> so passing time, damon huard, you know him? played with us at the dolphins a little while. >> yep. >> he was there. talked about maybe doing something. he's from eastern washington.
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you know washington -- make some really nice grapes out there. a couple years ago we decided to, you know, go into this little venture and it's a cab from eastern washington. and -- >> yeah. >> try -- >> supposed to have been sending you some of this, actually, the last couple of months. >> that's okay. i know how that goes, man. is the bathroom close? >> yeah. >> no. i'm kidding. >> and the great thing about it, he's out there, he grew up with some of the people in the wine business. he got great relationships and i thought it would be fun. >> that's great. >> so the last time there was a super bowl here in, in the bay area. >> uh-huh. >> in stanford, was the super bowl we both played in. a pretty good day for you. not so good for me. >> i'm not going to lie, man. that was a pretty dang good defensive team. >> that makes me feel a little bit better. >> joe, here's a mick chpicture and-of-you and i and this was your last game and peyton manning might be retiring.
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were you thinking about retiring then? >> this game bugs me, yeah. >> bugs you? >> yeah. the most. what bothers me the most was that my -- and i didn't know this until like a year or two ago. and a guy comes up, has me sign this picture. he goes, my last pass, and interception. i go what? no it wasn't. my last pass was picked off. i go, oh, dude. i got to go back for at least one more game. i don't care if i throw an incomplete. >> can't be an interception, man! >> oh, it just bugs me so bad. >> look, you did okay. >> yeah. we had fun. >> and now we look at peyton manning, and this, you know, playing in the super bowl, could be his last game. >> watching last week's game, almost every ball i saw him through to the sideline was a little behind. i would imagine he may not be -- we all say we're 100% healthy, when you go to play, as you know. >> sure, sure. >> maybe it is a health --
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>> no excuses. >> yeah. you don't. if that's the case, i think, yeah. it's probably his last game. and love to see him win on the way out the door. >> that would be nice for him. it would be nice. >> yeah. >> so you want to make a toast? >> yeah. >> so here's to super bowl 50 here in san francisco. >> yeah. >> your down, right here. and to a great weekend. >> and a great friendship. >> you got it. great friendship. thanks, joe. >> wow! who's wine was better? >> mine. >> of course it was. >> no. they're both excellent wine. yeah. i have to say many -- joe's the best. i appreciate him taking the time and doing that. he's a good friend. >> such great perspective. you knew him during the game. your lives after the game, doing the same thing with wine. who would have guessed that. not the first time you shared a drink on television. i grew up with the pepsi commercials like it was yesterday. let's show the commercial. you guy remember this? >> montana -- >> hey, marino.
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>> great game, man. >> ah, thanks. that draw play in the second quarter, great choice. >> you make a choice because it feels right. >> can i buy you one? >> it's the least you can do. >> diet pepsi. 100% neutra sweet. >> there you go. don't drop it. >> 100% taste. >> see ya, dan. >> joe -- next year, i'm buying. >> diet pepsi. the one calorie choice of a new generation. [ laughter ] >> come on. it's like it was yesterday. i even wanted those val croelcrn i saw the sneakers. >> yeah, the helmet. i didn't bit next year, but it was a good commercial. >> great. how about we take a quick break and take it to the streets. you can show me some of the tips. you still throw this thing? >> yeah, i can take care of you. better get ready.
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♪ friday night's bleacher bowl, one of the hottest parties in downtown san francisco. >> so excited to be here for super bowl weekend! >> "bleacher report" is awesome. happy to be here for that. >> the party for our fraternity. >> san francisco is a great city. this is fantastic. >> having drinks. fun with my friends. >> peyton manning/cam newton. who's the boss? >> peyton. >> maybe if cam hits a -- i'll
11:58 am
be happy. >> a lot closer than people think. all right. we're back here. let's talk about what happens -- what has to happen for peyton manning to be successful in the game? dan? >> first of all, he does everything at the line of scrimmage and it's important for him to put his team in the best possible play at the line of scrimmage. what he'll do, he'll go out, set the defense, and he'll go through his cadence and you hear him say omaha, omaha. sometimes it means something. sometimes it doesn't. he'll go through that, read the defense, either call a run or a pass, whatever he feels is the best play possible to be successful at that time. and that's his mind-set and he's one of the best in the world or in the game that's ever did that. >> you're saying, coy, all about what happens at the time of the snap? >> peyton's receivers can really help him out. defenders for the panthers, number one in the league intakeaways because they get your hands on you at the line of
11:59 am
scrimmage. you let me get my hands on you, game over. you can beat with the feet and hand, oh! the key to victory. you got t. i am shocked! >> the last time that will happen. >> all right. so we get the idea that it is going to be a matter of timing, because peyton's not going to beat them with their feet back there. with all the variables and all going on, coy wire, who takes the guy? >> underdogs, not a chip on their shoulder, a bolder. bronco gets it done. >> i think carolina's a very balanced offensive football team. cam on a roll, it's time for the carolina panthers. >> really? marino's word is good enough for me. >> really, i love peyton manning. >> look, you can only go -- running for president? hold one or take it. coy wire, dan marino. thank you very much. had a great time. >> i had a great time. thanks for having us. >> we're going to leave.
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take a look at us in super bowl city in san francisco. enjoy super bowl 50. let me see if i can catch a second one. oh! >> hey! hi, everyone. 3:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. thank you so much for joining us. the next crucial moment for americans, you will cast real votes that matter, it's just three days away, making this weekend officially the home stretch to the new hampshire primary. it is a state that may be smaller than others by population. only so many venues, so many handshake moments, but an electorate incredibly engaged and gets out en masse to vote. all the leading candidates are out today including ben carson, a man who hasn't stepped foot in that state until


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