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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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take a look at us in super bowl city in san francisco. enjoy super bowl 50. let me see if i can catch a second one. oh! >> hey! hi, everyone. 3:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. thank you so much for joining us. the next crucial moment for americans, you will cast real votes that matter, it's just three days away, making this weekend officially the home stretch to the new hampshire primary. it is a state that may be smaller than others by population. only so many venues, so many handshake moments, but an electorate incredibly engaged and gets out en masse to vote. all the leading candidates are out today including ben carson, a man who hasn't stepped foot in that state until today. only seven candidates invited by
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the host network for the debate tonight. no so-called undercard debate tonight. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. well, almost no space between them if you look at the nationwide race, and if you believe the latest polls. but sanders has a huge lead in new hampshire, and both are hitting the state hard this weekend. and look who made waves in the state yesterday. meeting voters, talking up her son's campaign, that is -- the former first lady barbara bush. we'll get to what she said about her son and about the front-runner donald trump in just a moment. both in manchester new hampshire, my counter parts. hello to you. campaigns are in full swing, chris, they show donald trump is the clear leader among republicans there, but if we learned anything from iowa we learned polls certainly don't tell the whole story at all and new hampshire is just such a unique state in so many ways.
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i know trump said he's tweaking his ground game after losing in iowa. what's different now? >> reporter: well, i think for donald trump, losing the caucuses to ted cruz last week was a real eye-opener for him. he questioned whether or not he should have gone to the debate, which he skipped, and certainly we will see him there tonight at the debate here in new hampshire. he is not taking any chances here. he needs to do very well. we're looking at polls, yes, he is on top, but marco rubio is nipping his heels in the latest polls we've seen. >> absolutely. and to you, when you look at jeb bush, one of his biggest supporters through this has been a guy who dropped out of the race, but a well-respected senator lindsey graham and he has been a firm jeb bush guy, if you will. you are just spoke with him. what did he say about the debate tonight? particularly about marco rubio versus jeb bush? >> reporter: well, he said that jeb bush really needs to come out of the new hampshire primaries in a competitive
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position. meaning he needs to do probably better thant other governors that are running and as well needs to be really close to marco rubio. i asked lindsey graham about marco rubio and the vulnerabilities in his view how marco rubio could be vulnerable in a general election, and he did not hold back. he talked about immigration, abortion, and also the fact that he believes marco rubio has not had enough legislative accomplishments. a lot more about what he had to say. >> i'm pro-life. the most tragic thing in the world is for a woman to be raped, a child, a pregnancy caused by rape. i'm very pro-life. i can't go there. i can't tell that woman, you got to carry that child. i'm very pro-life, that's a sensitive issue, but i think in a general election, that will be a hard sell. >> reporter: because marco rubio has no exceptions? >> no exceptions for rape or
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ince incest. i respect the passion but most americans are becoming more pro-life. marco's a great first-time senator but we spent three days trying to figure out his accomplishments. if you ask jeb, tell me about your plishaccomplishmentments, need 30 minutes. >> reporter: really an interesting line of attack. you're starting to hear come more from the jeb bush camp and also chris christie waged earlier says marco rubio opposition to rape, incest, abortions, pregnancies caused by rape and incest, marco rubio is opposed to that, saying this is not something palatable in a general election. chris christie said something similar this week. when we asked marco rubio about that, he said, look, i am firmly pro-life. i appose abortions and choose life over a woman's right to choose. that's his decision. he believes that will work well with him. it's interesting to hear thissest shifted to, becoming a general election argument. after all, here in new hampshire
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voters care about elect act, poppy. >> yeah. no question. also, talking about a guy, senator lindie grahsay graham s jeb needs to do well in new hampshire. if he doesn't, he's toast. that word his, none mine. we'll be watching. >> reporter: he walked that, too, poppy, interesting. he was walking that back. clearly, how jeb supporters feel. >> all right. thank you both. appreciate it's want to turn to my colleague jake tapper in manchester, new hampshire. a busy day. you just spoke to senator sanders, right? >> reporter: right. i just talked to bernie sanders and we'll bring you more of that interview in a little bit. right now bring in margaret hoover to talk about the republican debate this evening. margaret, first of all, the woman not there, carly fiorina not onstage, making a strong case she should be. should she be? >> i'm sympathetic. beat christie in iowa, voters
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made their opinion known. actually did better there and they're on the stage here. a lot of cash on hand. pulling ahead of ben carson, she's a great foil. i prefer to see carly on the stage as well. by the way, seven candidates are on the stage, adding one more isn't going to create the cacophony the earlier debates were. >> reporter: one of those was mine and it was 11 candidates. >> it's not yours. >> 8 candidates sounds nice and kplech kplech pleasant compared to 11. who has the most to lose tonight? >> marco rubio, the marco momentum, the question, will he be able to consolidate this establishment lane? the case they're making is that he has a path of, a viable path to the nomination if he can get through new hampshire well and this momentum is real. i'm curious how he survives the
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pyloil pile-on. not from trump, christie, jeb and kasich -- kasich may not take on marco but coming from all angles. can he survive it? if i'm cruz, looking to the libertarian, looking for a home, and cruz has made a serious sort of hitch to them. can he consolidate them? and then, you know, kasich really has a lot of rise here. all endorsements from local newspapers with the exception of the one -- >> the right -- >> a lot of elected in the assembly and senate there. actually has a better ground game than anyone on the ground here. the pitch he has to make, a path to the nomination beyond new hampshire if he gets a rise out of new hampshire. >> about the establishment lane. do you think that jeb, kasich and christie who have put so much in this state and done poorly in iowa? top three, four?
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>> top three. two or three to move on. it's hard to understand. look, jeb has the resources and money to go on to south carolina and he has an operation in south carolina and the bush family, the bush name plaes very well in south carolina. jeb could, three or four, justify going on to south carolina make a play in nevada. hard for christie and kasich to koch continue on. >> thank you. tonight, all the postdebate coverage here on cnn. erin bernette and the beth team in television, starts at 11:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. more from new hampshire in just a moment. send it back to poppy harlow in new york. poppy? >> jake, thank you so much. back to you in just a moment. next -- new hampshire voters are getting racist phone calls from a group that is supporting donald trump. our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin spoke with one of the men behind these calls. look.
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>> reporter: poppy, it's the kind of support donald trump may not want, but these phone calls began thursday night, and are already getting some backlash. [ phone rings ] they are robocalls, taped messages that flooded iowa and this week began hitting the phones of new hampshire voters. the message -- in three voices -- we are white supremacists, donald trump is our man. >> the american national super pac marks this call to support donald trump. >> we don't need muslims. we need smart, well educated white people. >> i am a farmer and white nationalist. support donald trump. this call is not authorized by donald trump. >> reporter: the american national super pac is is a confederation of white supremacist groups across the u.s. jared taylor, online editor of amran, the outlet of one of the white nationalist groups calmed american renaissance is one of the voices on the calls. >> most white people would prefer to live in majority white neighborhoods, and send their children to majority white
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schools. and deep in their bones they are deeply disturbed by an immigration policy that is making the united states majority non-white, and so when donald trump talks about sending out all of the illegals, building a wall, and a moratorium on islamic immigration, it's very appealing to a lot of white people. >> reporter: taylor says he's a white advocate, not a supremacist thinks whites should live with whites, blacks with blacks and just about everybody else should get out. >> why should we want more muslims? a terrible problem for europe and here they want to pray five times a day, stop the assembly line. they want foot baths before they go to prayer. they want women-only swimming pool hours and some of them want to kill us. why should anyone want more muslims in the united states? >> reporter: many of the things that you are saying, people interpret at vile and racist? >> they can call me all the
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names they like. but what i'm saying is natural, normal and healthy. >> reporter: do you think that donald trump wants your support? >> i don't know whether he wants it or not. i think he wants support from everyone. whether or not he would agree with me is an entirely other matter. remember, it is i who am supporting donald trump. not donald trump who's supporting me. >> reporter: contacted by cnn, the trump campaign did not speak specifically about taylor, his group or the groups white nationalist ideas. simply stating -- mr. trump has disavowed all super pacs offering their support and continues to do so. to be clear, the american national super pac says it has nothing to do with the official trump campaign, and has had no communication with donald trump. its white nationalist members just like trump and are willing to support him whether the candidate welcomes them or not. >> just to button this up. >> reporter: yes. >> all of those views that you
12:12 pm
hold, donald trump's your man? >> well, he is the best man so far. >> reporter: poppy, you must ask yourself what the real motive here is? one of the organizers say that so far the response has been mostly negative with people even calling back saying they would never vote for trump after getting one of these calls. as we said, donald trump doesn't want these calls. doesn't support these calls and hasn't asked for the support, but they continue on. back to you, poppy. >> what a report, drew. thank you for that. coming up next, my guest will be a key surrogate from the trump campaign. i'm going to ask him what does he think of these shocking robocalls? stay with us.
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families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. all right. we just a saw drew griffin's piece about supremacist group making robocalls about donald trump, they want him to be
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president. behind the calls, to be clear, the donald trump said they have no connection to the calls. jeff due wewitt joins me now. >> thank you, poppy, for having me. >> on to a lot more including new hampshire next, but i just want your reaction to these robocalls. we heard drew griffin's piece and we heard the man in charge of them say, i don't care if trump wants these or not. this is what we believe. what do you think it does to the campaign? >> well, the campaign clearly does not endorse that message whatsoever. and i'm sure everybody would like to see those calls stop. that's not representative of our country. we have a very diverse country, and mr. trump is supported, has huge support amongst minorities and quite frankly will do more for minorities in this country than any other president when you look at his stance from a
12:17 pm
job standpoint and everything else. so, no. i think those calls, honestly, are doing more harm than good, and i think we all wish they would stop. >> have you asked for them to stop? >> i don't know what the official -- what's been done on that end on it. you know, it's a new development. but i am pretty sure we are asking for it to stop right now. it's not helpful. you know, mr. trump is somebody that can bring everyone together, and what those calls are, are a divisive message, and it's nothing that our country needs. so this is a time we need to all come together and get behind the right positive message, which is that our country needs to look at ways to get back on top, and to bring back jobs and to bring back the middle class, and honestly, messages like that aren't going to do that. >> all right. let's talk about new hampshire. your candidate, donald trump rescheduled his town hall. supposed to be yesterday, bad weather, he said, the snow.
12:18 pm
jeb bush tweets my 90-year-old mother made it out. there's a photo showing barbara bush shaking a little girl's hand. what mr. trump tweeted back. wow, jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. look, this is a twitter war tactic we've seen from a lot of the candidates including donald trump, but is this a risky move going after a candidate's mother who happens to be the former first lady? >> oh, i don't think he was going after her. she's very popular. she's a great woman. and i don't think anybody would ever have a bad thing to say about barbara bush. quite frankly, i think if we all learned something by that picture, it's that we learned that barbara bush is by far the strongest of, and toughest of all the bushes. >> hmm. >> so i think if she were on the ballot she would be doing better than jeb, but she's a great woman and a great american and i think it's a great picture.
12:19 pm
>> i don't think there's in interest in getting on this ballot and this race, but all right. let's talk about this, because something really stood out to me. we went back and looked back at trump's book "the art of the deal." he cites it a lot. let me read part of it. one of the steps. the final key to the way i promote is bravado. i play to people's fantasies. i call it truthful hyperbole. an innocent form of exaggeration and a very effective way of promotion. looking at that in the context of this campaign, if we see donald trump lose new hampshire, if he goes to south carolina, if he doesn't win south carolina, would you and your team advise trump to change strategies here? to say, look, they may work in business. it's not getting you first place in these primaries? >> keep noop mind that book was referencing real estate deals, he's been one of the most successful real estate investors of all-time.
12:20 pm
written early in this career. envisioning doing bigger and bigger things. he's done that. >> don't you think he does that now as a politician? >> no. if you look -- he has the most specific platform of any candidate. you can go to donald j. trump dotcom, read about his platform. nobody is putting down more specifics what they're doing to bring our country back to the top than he is, and i encourage everyone to tlook at that and i think you'll hear that tonight in the debate. i don't think anybody out there, and if you really live to the sub spans about what's promoted by any candidate, nobody, nobody, will top what donald trump can do for america, and the plans and steps he lays out to get us there. >> we will be watching tonight. big debate ahead of the new hampshire primary appreciate your time with us. thank you. >> thank you very much. next, a one-on-one exclusive interview with jeb bush. can he survive beyond new hampshire?
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all right. jeb bush may be struggling in the polls but the republican hopeful says he is not out. hitting the campaign trail, and he sat down for a one-on-one very candid interview with our special correspondent jamie gang gangel. >> reporter: you have a new ad coming out going after marco rubio on his accomplishments. it's very tough. because -- >> well, he doesn't have a record of accomplishment. he's a gifted politician, can give a great speech. got a lot of charisma, but when you're running for the president of the united states i think having a proven record would be helpful and i do, and it's a nice contrast to not just marco rubio but other candidates as well. >> reporter: are you saying rubio has no accomplishments? zero, zilch? >> he passed a law that did
12:26 pm
become law. sponsored a bill that became law. one bill in now, in the sixth year, and as a speaker of the house he managed a staff of about 40 people. that's different than running a, you know, a state government where you had 130,000 people that i reduced by 11%. taking on powerful interests like the career civil service system, and the teachers union and the trial bar. >> reporter: why do you think he's getting traction and you're not? >> we are getting traction in new hampshire. we are. >> reporter: you say he's a gifted politician. >> yeah. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> it means he can give a great speech. he can connect well with people. he's charismatic and i admire that. i'm not saying that as a negative, but he's not a leader. a leader has to make a big decision. a leader can't cut and run. a leader puts out the fire. >> reporter: how well do you feel here?
12:27 pm
>> i don't feel pressure. first of all i feel blessed to be running for the president of the united states. >> reporter: you don't feel any pressure? >> no. not at all. i'm in it for the long haul. a native is build up to create excitement about the race. the process part of this is always slightly exaggerated. >> reporter: your supporter senator lindsey graham said if jeb doesn't do well in new hampshire he's, "toast." >> he said if i get beat bad by marco rubio i'm toast. there's a big difference. all elections have one thing in common. they're not over after the first primary. they're never over after the first primary. not a single -- imagine what the clinton machine's going to do to the party? you better a record. i've given up 34 of my tax returns, my entire adult life for people to see, given up all my public e-mails, totally comfortable in my own skin and
12:28 pm
if the clinton hit machine comes after me, i'll fight back because i have a proven record and she doesn't. >> reporter: what about the bernie sanders machine? >> a self-avowed socialist. interesting. he's proposed $19 trillion of new spending over ten years and tax increases as far as the eye can see and free things. you know? free college, free this, free that. i don't think it's going to sell in the general election but it seems to resonate in the primary. >> reporter: the e-mail controversy for hillary clinton keeps going on. marco rubio has said it disqualifies her from being commander in chief. do you think it disqualifies her? >> it might. it might, depends on what the fbi does with its investigation. what it submits to the department of justice. it certainly calls into question her trustworthiness. she's lied to the families she
12:29 pm
shed a videographer was to blame and do everything to prosecute that person when in fact she said under oath, admitted, sent e-mails to her daughter this was a jihadist attack. she lied. he need to have a president who can be trusted. who word is their bond. >> reporter: this week president obama went to a mosque, reached out to muslim americans. marco rubio denounced it. donald trump criticized it. you supported it. >> he gave a great speech. he probably should have done it earlier. but he did it. give him credit when he does. in california, up to 40,000 battle tested jihadists that want to destroy western swivizatioswi civilization. we need to destroy isis and that's where he failed us. >> reporter: when trump
12:30 pm
criticizes limb for going to the mosque, rubio criticized him and other language that has been going on in the republican, from some of the republican candidates, that there is a dangerous fearmongering? >> our diversity is our strength. it's not our weakness. and when we have a common purpose with all of this 34 flavors of life, i mean, we're the baskin-robbins of the world. when we have a shared purpose, nothing can stop the united states, but when we have politicians that break us up in our parts, it's dangerous and i'm not going to play that game. next, more of jamie gangel's interview with jeb bush, also, why he's bringing the woman he calls his secret weapon on the campaign trail in new hampshire. stay with us.
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90-year-old former first lady barbara bush is stepping into the ring defending her son jeb bush against attacks by
12:34 pm
rivals donald trump. trump responding saying, wow, jeb bush whose campaign is a total disaster had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice. more now from cnn special correspondent jamie gangel's interview with jeb bush. >> reporter: chris christie has been going, as i like to say, full new jersey on marco rubio. there was a report that your campaigns have joined forces. to attack rubio. >> no. not true. i've seen what chris is saying about marco, and he's got a slightly different version of the same approach that i'm taking, because he's got a proven record as a governor as well. i think governors understand you've got to make tough decisions. >> reporter: one of the things that he said on policy about marco rubio was he pointed out marco rubio's position on abortion. which is -- no exceptions. >> yes. >> reporter: and he said, he thinks it's too extreme. you believe in exceptions?
12:35 pm
>> i do. i believe that the life of the mother and rape and incest should be the exceptions. and i think that's the consensus view, you know, look, i'm pro-life. i acted as a pro-life governor. i expanded adoptions. we funded crisis pregnancy centers. i do believe that respecting life is a value that goes way beyond politics, but politically it's a tough sell. >> reporter: talk to me a little bit about your family. you brought out your secret weapon, your mother. she's campaigning for you. a lot of bush family are campaigning for you. your brother. your brother has a new ad out supporting you. the sense was, look at the signs around you, jeb exclamation point, no bush. >> 1998, 2004, the same same sign i used. >> reporter: you are not running away from your last name? >> i wasn't running away from it
12:36 pm
not at all. people know i'm jeb bush. i love the fact my mom is campaigning here in new hampshire and i'm proud of my brother's service and the fact he would actively campaign for me. >> reporter: you said from the beginning you had to earn it yourself. >> yeah. >> reporter: on the other hand, your parents, your brother, are very popular with republican voters. >> yes. >> reporter: did you maybe wait too long to bring them out? >> no, i don't think so. the intention was always to do this when people start to focus on the race. i've always felt that, that their high expectations on me, and know one hasgher expectations on me than me. if it make as difference it will be a positive, not a negative for sure. >> reporter: did you ever imagine donald trump would be out here leading? >> it's a sign of the time we're in with deep disaffection, with the anger people feel that they're lamping on to a reality tv star. my challenge is disconnect them
12:37 pm
from him, because he's not going to solve their problems. he's not going to lift people up. the country's not going to get better by insulting other countries or insulting people or talking trash or shouting profanities in a big microphone, or tweeting as president of the united states. you've got to roll up your sleeves and build consensus. you've got to do the things that make the democracy work. and there's nothing in donald trump's background that would suggest he could do that. >> reporter: give me one word to describe him? >> self-centered. that's about as polite as i can get. >> reporter: you called him a jerk last time? >> because he insulted, made fun of people with disabilities. i've spent a lotty of time defending the rights of disabled, empowering them with choices they never would have had, opening up job possibilities for them and found it more than offensive that he would make fun of people with disabilities, or call john mccain a loser because he got
12:38 pm
caught, was a p.o.w. to disparage people assures he'll neveren president but it creates a more divisive america, when we need to move in the exact opposite direction. so, yeah, he's a jerk when he does those things. >> reporter: ted cruz a word to describe him. >> well, he's smart, and -- and a great debater, but nothing in this background would suggest that he has the skills of bringing people together to forge consensus, to solve problems. >> reporter: marco rubio? >> gifted charismatic. nothing in his life would suggest that he could make a decision. now, when i say that, by the way, jamie, that doesn't mean that they can't, but barack obama couldn't, and there was nothing in his background to suggest it, and my point is simply this. we can't afford to take that risk, if we're fighting for the renewal of our country, i think you want someone that has a proven record, detailed plans and a steady hand. >> reporter: you got emotional
12:39 pm
last night when your mom was at the town hall. your dad can't be here because of his parkinsons. >> whenever i think about my dad i guess emotional. >> reporter: because -- >> well, he's frail, and for a guy that you just -- you have always thought was like superman, to see him in the condition physically that he's in, it's hard. >> reporter: what's your strategy for the next couple of days? >> we're going to campaign hard. all-in. have a good debate tomorrow night, and finish strong. >> jamie gangel, thank you so much thor that fascinating interview. coming up, speaking to the former first lady barbara bush out on the campaign trail for her son. up next, returning to jake tapper, where tuesday's primary is ticking closer and closer.
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all eyes today on new hampshire. the site of the nation's first presidential primary just three days away. our jake tapper is there. busy man, jake. you interviewed sanders and you have five big names on your show tomorrow morning. >> reporter: that's right. five big names. clinton, sanders, kasich, christie and trump. in fact, our beloved bosses at cnn are so excited about the show, and so willing to let the
12:44 pm
candidates speak we're not even going to have commercials. it's going to be a commercial-free episode tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. please, tune in and watch. let's talk about what's going on here. senator ted cruz is hoping very much his first-place finish in iowa will help him build momentum here in new hampshire ahead of tussle all-important primary. polls right now have him trailing donald trump and marco rubio. i don't know how reliable any of the polling is as of right now in new hampshire. it's so in flux. here with me to talk about this all is a cruz surrogate and supporter steve lonegan, a former mayor in new jersey. steve, so i wanted to ask you a few questions. one of them, what do you expect to happen here for ted cruz tuesday? are you expecting a victory? he hasn't been leading in the polls here. >> i wouldn't be surprised by a victory, because ted has a habit of outperforming all expectations every step of the way and will do it again on tuesday. a victory for ted is coming out of here in a strong third place,
12:45 pm
just like a victory for marco rubio in iowa. amazing how third place can be a victory but it can be in this race. the real issue is the race appears to be between donald trump and marco rubio. if that's the case, whoever loses that race is out of the race after new hampshire. >> okay. i'm not sure they're going to take your advice, but -- >> i think if donald trump loses in new hampshire, time for him to go home. >> one thing i've always wanted to ask you and just heard jeb bush in the interview with jamie gangel, talking how one of the reasons he doesn't want trump to be the nominee, trump made fun of that reporter with the disability. people might not know it, you're legally blind. you have a disability. what do you make of it all? >> is showed and utter lack of judgment. consistent through his whole campaign. no judgment whatsoever and a lack of feelings, what people's feelings are about. last night in south carolina dropped the f-bomb. if you know south carolina, evangelicals, it's like he could
12:46 pm
care less. spontaneous raushg spontaneous -- >> did it bother you personally? >> i've been dealing with it all my life and in politics 20 years. >> new jersey politics, no less. >> i've heard it before and had people make fun of me because of this and you deal with it. it's not like that with other people, especially kids. for the man who's going to be president, to not only say something like that, insulting to everyone, and then again, you just see poor judgment after poor judgment after poor judgment. >> let me ask you about this day. you mention the evangelicals. iowa is a state taylor made for ted cruz. conservatives, a lot of people conservative christians, evangelicals. new hampshire is very, very different. many more moderates, independents, not as strong and sizable a conservative religious community. but you still think he can thrive here. is he counting on some are the libertarian republicans to come his way?
12:47 pm
>> counting on libertarians, those who are conservatives, not necessarily religious. those who believe in the second amendment, pro-life and those who want to elect someone with character, a constitutional, consistent constitutional conservative and shown leadership in the senate. ted fills every one of those bills. >> interesting quote from ted cruz today comparing himself with bernie sanders saying that voters are, "gosh, ted, you sound exactly like bernie, all big money and lobbyists and construction." that's right it is. washington is corrupt. an area where ted cruz and bernie sanders have overlap? >> all of these candidate will say there's corruption in washington and the government's too big. especially in a republican primary. all whining the government's too big but who's willing to do something about it? that's senator ted cruz, and donald trump underlined they hate him in washington, d.c. because he will stand up to the washington cartel. what the campaign's about. a conservative candidate we can send to washington, d.c. for the first time in 208 years. >> -- 28 years.
12:48 pm
>> and you lost to him in the crime marry, primary? >> i like chris, done great things for the government of new jersey but doesn't have the track record i think are critical to this election and the future of the country. goes back not to that he's not the best candidate but that the ted cruz record on supporting the constitution of the united states and his background to doing this consistently is more important than ever before. >> mayor, thank you for your tinchts thanks for having me. >> nice to have you here. crunchtime here, of course. can donald trump and's bernie sanders win big and is this make or break for john kasich and chris christie? what of hillary clinton? live in new hampshire tomorrow with all five candidates for a very special edition of "state of the union" competely commercial-free tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern only here on cnn. coming can up next, hillary clinton is trying to pull off a big comeback in the final days here in new hampshire. we'll take you to her live town hall event. that's right after this quick break.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
with all of you this afternoon. i am -- >> live pictures, hillary clinton in her second of three campaign events in the granite state. first in the nation primary state new hampshire. right now this is a student town hall at new england college in
12:53 pm
hennicer i believe. with three days before the country's first presidential primary clinton hopes to boost her appeal among young people, millennials, who have pretty solidly behind senator bernie sanders from neighboring vermont. athena jones is traveling with the clinton team. it seems like clinton changed her pitch a little trying to bring in young voters. what is she telling these people? >> she's speaking to the young people who as you said are overwhelmingly supporting her opponent. she said earlier at the cnn town hall even if they are supporting sanders now she hopes to be able to persuade some of them. last night and earlier today she praised young people for their energy, enthusiasm, intensity and urgency they are bringing to the race. she is reprising this line which is that i'm a progressive who
12:54 pm
likes to make progress, who likes to get things done. she says part of her pitch to young people is that it's good to have this idealism, good to have great ideas on paper and a vision for the country and to address some of sanders' appeal. it's also important to be able to translate them into action. so, that is the appeal she's been making, certainly last night in a big speech she switched up her stump speech added new lines to praise these young voters, hoping to at least cut into that huge lead that senator sanders has in people of this age. we expect her to make a similar pitch at this college. >> one thing the clinton team well behind in polls, how ever much you believe those, to senator sanders. they are not setting expectations high, they are expecting that sanders will win and looking more at future states, south carolina, nevada, elsewhere. what does she hope to accomplish
12:55 pm
between now and primary day tuesday? >> well, right t clinton campaign has been downplaying her chances here, talking about the fact that senator sanders is from a neighboring state and no person from a neighboring state was incumbent in a primary here. the hope is they can cut into that lead. she wants to look ahead to a national campaign so is trying to win over everyone she can to at least try to cut into that gap a little bit. as you know, jake, she has been the underdog in this state before, back in 2008 she was counted out by a lot of people after the stunning loss to then senator barack obama, in iowa and to john edwards. but she came back to win here. we even heard her saying speaking in some of the same language she used back in 2008, saying to the voters in new hampshire you lifted me up, you gave me back my voice, that's what she said in a speech last night. those are echoes of her victory speech in 2008. she is still hard at work here
12:56 pm
with a packed schedule trying to get as many votes as she can. jake. >> athena jones, thanks so much. live to the site of the republican presidential debate. stay with us. back after this quick break. dear, why don't we switch to directv? now mother, we are settlers. i've settled for cable all my life. but directv has been number one in customer satisfaction over cable for 15 years. we find our satisfaction elsewhere. the boy has his stick and hoop. the girl - her faceless doll. and you have your cabbages. and you...have your foot stomping. i sure do. (vo) don't be a settler. get a $100 visa prepaid card when you switch to directv. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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>> >> top of the hour. i'm pop ep harlow in new york. >> i'm jake tapper unmanchester, new hampshire. >> jake has been very, very busy talking to just about with every single candidate ahead of this tuesday primary. it's the center of the american political universe this weekend, new hampshire is. two reasons. we're three days from the first in the nation presidential primary, also though, this is where seven candidates from the gop will take the stage tonight in a few hours for the next republican debate. the gop front ruper donald trump aproposing new hampshire differently than the state of iowa. new hampshire it appears trump is cramming in more appearances, taking more questions from voters. the state still very much anyone's republican prize to win. nearly a third of likely gop


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