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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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debate hall tonight. i could list them all but each of the republican candidates definitely has some sort of challenge to overcome with the good people here of new hampshire. sarah murray is at this location, the venue location for this debate tonight. so sarah murray, set the scene for me and talk about, you know, we keep saying the stakes are high, of course ahead of tuesday. who has to break out tonight? >> well, i think you have to look at chris christie, you have to look at john kasich, you have to look at jeb bush, the guys who pinned their hopes on new hampshire. they really need to do well here and like you said there are a lot of people who are undecided. so that means they need a strong debate performance to close that deal. and to convince voters that they are not throwing their vote away, that they shouldn't just vote for marco rubio if they like john kasich because marco rubio has momentum out of new hampshire. that's what we're hearing some are thinking like hey, i might like john kasich best, i might
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like jeb bush. maybe it's time for the establishment around rubio. what's that these do not want to see happen. >> do you think as you are walking through these candidates and i know you covered so many of these donald trump rallies, asking you about him, he will be center stage at that debate tonight. we talked a lot about sort of this new donald trump persona. in the wake of iowa, maybe less bombastic, more humbled and reserved. how does he play it tonight on that debate stage? >> well, you're right, he has been a little more reserved this week. he was careful at his recent new hampshire event not to attack ted cruz, not to attack marco rubio. and so i think that do we either stay back and say we have a big enough lead in new hampshire we can take the high road or fight for every inch, go up against ted cruz, up against marco rubio. remember, donald trump has been one of the most vocal critics
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immediately after iowa about some of the tactics that cruz used there. so it will be interesting to see if he brings that to the stage tonight. or if they feel comfortable enough in their lead here that they want to try to take the high road. >> all right. sarah, thank you very much. previewing what will happen in a matter of hours. again, we're live here in manchester, new hampshire, the big primary on tuesday. let me bring in cnn political commentator margaret hoover who will actually be at that debate taking it all in, in person which you know, it's one thing to see it on tv play out. another to see it all in person. let me begin with three things. there's a lot to watch for. if you could name three things. >> i'm going to see if marco rubio is as talented as we think he is, he has more raw political talent than any one in the field. is he enough to actually escape and get through the fire of
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every other candidate on the stage pointing at him. because all of the polls, if you look at the cross tabs show there is a rubio surge and seems to be consolidation around his candidacy. can he get through it? is trump real? if trump doesn't win here, he is winning in the polls, winning everywhere, he loves to win, if he doesn't win here, then his candidacy dissipates. does trump reassert as the outsider that can get something done and the third thing is, does ted cruz consolidate the libertarian support from rand paul. >> he is hoping to. ron paul this week said listen, he is a big libertarian, we'll see if he is able to as you age those voters. i know you're with me in talking about independent voters here, listen you don't know which way they can sway if it's left, to the right, but independent voters come tuesday could decide this. >> they will decide the pray mary. they are a majority in new hampshire. what is interesting you can show up and you can vote either on
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the republican ticket or the democratic ticket. but most independents trend toward one ticket normally. there's only 4% of independents in new hampshire according to the state polls and university of new hampshire professors that say only 4% are truly independent and do the wide swings, sanders to kasich or -- but they are 4%. so i guess if you're bernie sanders or kasich you'll take it. >> right. so, they will decide. what about specifically among the three governors. we keep talking about it's this jump ball between kasich, bush, christie, they all have to have their game faces on tonight. after tuesday, depending on how well they all stack up, how many remain in the race heading toward south carolina? >> it depends how they stack up. if they stack up as the polling suggests, kasich has the best ground operation, no way to argue with that. in new hampshire. christie has been here as much as kasich has. jeb has been here less and has less an organization. if they go in that order, if kasich beats the other two i
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think kasich can justify staying in south carolina. i think jeb will stay in anyway because he has so many resources and he has a great operation. lindsey graham has endorsed him. he has staff on the ground there. i think he can stay in too. for chris christie i think this is make or break it. >> thank you very much. enjoy the debate. we'll be watching of course and poppy harlow, back to you in new york. >> brooke, thank you. a lot ahead. we'll be with you for the next hour, we have former first lady barbara bush speaking to cnn about her son jeb. also, "snl" and bernie sanders meet the real bernie sanders, not larry david one. the democratic presidential candidate makes a stop over tonight for the big show and also, a national conversation, school integration help close the education achievement gap? i'll take you from brooklyn to hartford, connecticut for a heated debate.
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you are looking at live pictures of hillary clinton speaking to a group there in new hampshire. she obviously hopes to try to close that gap in the polls with bernie sanders in the final days before the new hampshire primary. in about two hours she will hold her third of three events there in the granite state. again, live pictures at that student town hall at new england college making her pitch especially to young voters. her chief rival bernie sanders spend the morning at university, he reminded his audience clinton won in 2008. bernie sanders has another appearance, it is in the big apple. he is a guest on "saturday night live." he will come, face-to-face, with the man many people consider his doppelganger. brian has more.
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>> these days for better or worse presidential elections play out on late night tv as much as they do on debate stages. we saw hillary clinton in the fall, also donald trump guest hosting the show. now it's bernie sanders' turn in the "snl" spotlight. the timing is pretty, pretty, pretty perfect with larry david hosting the show tonight. david of course has famously perfectly impersonated sanders on "snl" twice so far. here is a look back. >> not a fan of the banks. they trample on the middle class, they control washington, and why do they chain all their pens to the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from a bank? makes no sense. >> now the sanders campaign has embraced this larry david impression. in fact, earlier this week at the town hall, the real life sanders said to anderson cooper i am larry david. to see the two together and see
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what humor they come up with is a great opportunity for the campaign. although it is always a little risky when a candidate appears on "snl", i would say the show so far has given him a pretty fair ride. certainly pretty easy treatment, not making fun so much as leaning in and embracing his performance on the campaign trail. i think by sanders coming down to new york leaving the new hampshire campaign trail for a day it's showing the campaign is thinking past new hampshire. they expect to win in that state on tuesday, so by taking advantage of the national exposure of "snl", they are looking ahead to other early primary states like south carolina. seeing if they can make jokes and get in the hearts and minds of some of the voters in the weeks to come. poppy, back to you. >> brian, we'll be watching. thank you. just ahead, it is a game football fans the world over look forward to each year. the super bowl tomorrow, super bowl 50, also promises to be a tale of two quarterbacks, the young cam newton and peyton
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manning who could hang up his spikes after the game. a live report next. >> and in march from executive producers kevin spacey and dana burnetty, an original series event. the race for the white house, the revealing look at six of the most ruthless presidential races in u.s. history, that all starts sunday, march 6, at 9:00 p.m. eastern. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. super bowl 50, it is tomorrow. if you haven't heard. the big showdown dwen the broncos and the panthers at levi's stadium in california home to the 49ers, die hard football fans get to watch the game, nonfootball fans you get to watch the commercials like steven tyler there. former nfl player coy wire with me from san francisco, obviously there's a lot of talk and fun around this. the festivities, et cetera. who will win. but a lot of people now, not just talking about cam newton's pants, talking whether peyton
2:17 pm
will hang up his jersey. >> that's absolutely right, poppy. as you can see and hear probably the excitement is building here at super bowl city. people captain wait to watch the top two teams and star players duke it out. one of those stars as you mentioned shining bright all week the legendary peyton manning. i was well below average defensive back in my playing days, mostly a special teams guy but i had one i waone intercept it was a preseason game. i will never forget that moment because manning is an absolute legend. he has a big opportunity in front of him, a chance to win his second super bowl title. and he's not taking it for granted. here is peyton. >> if you have any appreciation for the history of the game and certainly you watched super bowls and played in the super bowls, had a sibling that played
2:18 pm
in super bowls it does make it make even more special. so, i'm grateful for the opportunity to be here and as i feel like our whole team is. >> now, this is peyton's fourth appearance on the game's biggest stage of it he has a chance to win that second super bowl title, poppy. you mentioned the type. there's big dollars. this is the first super bowl to be played in the bay area since 1985, so tickets are going for a lot of money. average of under $5,000 each. that's in line with the highest sporting event ticket ever. a big game coming up about 24 hours from now, poppy. >> coy, i have a great idea. i have not asked 4 producers but i'm going to come there, go to the game, you come here, do the show. sound good? >> you know, i don't think you would like it here too much. it's really not that much fun. and you are much better in the studio than i. >> okay. that's what they keep telling me. coy, thank you very much. you have a blast out there.
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always good to have you on. coming up, republican presidential candidates blitzing across new hampshire in the final hours before tonight's gop debate. one candidate bringing his mother on the campaign trail, you will hear from jeb bush and the former first lady next. >> is he your favorite son? >> today. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
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we're back live in manchester new hampshire. home of the first in the nation primary, of course that is tuesday night. thank you for being with me. talking politic this is hour it's a do or die moment for a
2:23 pm
number of the republican candidate, new hampshire could build or break them. one candidate fighting for momentum here, jeb bush. here is what he had to say about the economy earlier today. >> for those that remember we had double digit unemployment, double digit inflation, interest rates at 18.5%, we had a malaise, people thought their future wasn't as bright as it could be. i'm inspired by ronald reagan's leadership. ronald reagan didn't tear down people, didn't disparage people. he had a hopeful optimistic conservative message of it he had proven leadership skills, he was a successful governor for eight years before he became president. >> a lot of candidates mentioning ronald reagan by the way, not just jeb bush as he took new hampshire some time ago. that was jeb bush pitching himself as a reagan man. the presidential race has been
2:24 pm
challenging one for him because he has not at all been at the front of the pack which is why lately he is leaning heavily on someone very close and very politically savvy, a senior member some have called the bush family business. she is of course former first lady barbara bush, she has been out and about here in new hampshire at age 90, she and her son jeb spoke at length with cnn's special correspondent jam jamie gangel. >> your secret weapon has come to new hampshire because? >> because she loves me. i'm her favorite son. temporarily. she is incredibly popular, the connection between mom and dad and people here in the granite state is phenomenal. anybody that has lived through all of these campaigns can remember having dinner, having a picture, having a handwritten thank you note, going to kennebunkport, there is just a connection that is phenomenal.
2:25 pm
and i learned it by coming here and doing 90 separate events on 25 trips. it's just, she is incredibly popular. >> your not so secret, secret weapon. >> exactly. >> you are his mother, you are prejudiced obviously, but tell us why you think jeb would be a great president. >> he has the best record. he's wise, he's decent. he knows american values, he knows the values of people in new hampshire. i mean, they care about their country. i love my country, i adore my child. every mother in new hampshire knows why i'm here, period. they know. >> is he your favorite son? >> today. >> it always gets a laugh when i say that so i keep saying it until no one stops. the day no one laughs i'll stop saying it. >> you got quite a crowd. you also got emotional.
2:26 pm
because? >> because look, my mom doesn't have to be doing this. she's got her stroller with her jeb sticker on. she's 90 years old. it's a pretty big ask to ask someone to fly from houston, texas to come up here in the snow, campaigning in front of people to relive all of those things she used to do, quite naturally, it was a big sacrifice. i see my mom i think about my dad. >> was no sacrifice, trust me. a great treat. >> it is no secret this has been a rough race for him. >> for everybody. >> for everybody. why do you think it's been so rough for jeb? >> i don't think it's been rougher for jeb than anyone else. i think honestly the press doesn't ever mention jeb. they don't. i mean, he's a non-person. and they should mention him because he's the best qualified, he has the best record, he was a great governor.
2:27 pm
i think they should mention him. >> i heard you say that you think he's too polite. >> i do think he is too polite. he ought to interrupt. the others interrupt all the time. he ought to butt in but that's because he's too nice. >> you know, there is no such thing being too nice. being nice doesn't mean you're not strong, that you don't have fortitude. i got to be governor of the largest swing state in the country, i made really tough decisions but you don't have to disparage people. that's not a sign of strength. and in the reality tv world we're living in, insulting people is measured by strength but that's ridiculous. we're electing a president, presidents need to have a steady hand and they need to be strong on behalf of people that are struggling, so i don't think i'm getting a bad shake here with the press. i don't think -- i'm focused on earning it. and the expectations are high on me because of family, and i have higher expectations than anybody
2:28 pm
else on myself, so i don't feel bad at all. in fact, what's weird about this, this is supposed to be a rough and tumble election. this is pretty tame compared to previous elections. at least i mean -- >> really? >> yeah. it's crazy, you got people saying crazy stuff, but in terms of the give and take, there's nothing different about this than previous elections. ask mitt romney what it was like to get hit by the obama team or the rowdy raucous debates of the primary. ask my brother, ask my dad, this is nothing different. >> but none of them had donald trump. >> that's true. that's different. >> have you ever seen a race like this? >> no. but as jeb says every race is different. but it is slightly shocking to me. >> because? >> because he doesn't give many
2:29 pm
answers to how he would solve problems. he sort of makes faces and says insulting things. he said terrible things about women. terrible things about military. i don't understand why people are for him for that reason. i'm a woman, i'm not crazy about what he says about women. >> he's called jeb low energy, he's called him dumb as a rock. between us, what do you really think of donald trump? >> be careful now. >> he's not dumb as a rock, nor is he what the other thing he called you. that is just not true at all. he has lots of energy. he's been up here how many times? >> i spent -- my second home. look, measuring strength by how loud you are or how you push people down to make yourself look good, is a sign of deep
2:30 pm
insecurity, it's not a sign of strength. >> so again, that was our special correspondent talking to jeb bush and his mother who has gotten max capacity crowds at some of these rallies here. you saw a preview of it there, but when we come back, what else does barbara bush really think of donald trump? >> i don't even think about him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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we're back with the second part of that exclusive interview with republican presidential candidate jeb bush and his mother former first lady barbara bush. they talk strategy, they talk moving forward, and specifically jeb bush's opponents. here you go. mrs. bush, what do you think of donald trump? you are known for being blunt and plain spoken. >> i don't think about him at all. >> really? >> i think about jeb and the qualified candidate. >> is it true your husband sometimes throws things, his shoe -- >> that's the silliest thing of it he can't throw anymore. he's got parkinson's. but he's wonderful, my husband. he's very much for jeb and very proud of him. >> jeb, you have talked about a minute ago you said that there's
2:35 pm
a lot of pressure on you living up to your family. you have struggled with how you balancing your own man. >> yes. >> and your family. now, your mom's up here campaigning for you. your brother is just cut an ad for you. have you changed strategy? >> no. no. i didn't say i'm struggling with being a bush, i'm 62 years old for crying out loud, i stopped getting therapy about this a long time ago. you know how i did it in my mid-20s, i'm a goal driven guy. got out of college in two years, had a family. i wanted to be half the man my dad was. my adult life has worked out pretty good, if i can get to half as good as he is in terms of being a husband, a father, a person that cares about people. so, i don't have any struggles about being a bush. it's not conflict at all. the fact that my brother is
2:36 pm
supporting me and my mom is up here campaigning the way i think about it would be weird if they weren't. what would that say? >> donald trump is still leading in the polls. and wolf blitzer recently asked your supporter senator lindsey graham, if he would support the the republican nominee even if trump wins, and lindsey graham said yup, i'm buying a ticket on the "titanic." vintage lindsey graham. you have repeatedly said donald trump's not going to be the nominee. >> yes. >> but he is still leading in the polls. >> sure. >> if he is the nominee, are you buying a ticket on the "titanic" too? >> i don't -- i can't spin a line like lindsay. i will support the republican nominee no matter who he or she is, period. i've done it my entire adult
2:37 pm
life. i'll do it. i want to win, though. i want the republican party's candidate to win. i want a conservative to serve in the white house. i believe i'm best qualified. that's why i'm fighting for this. >> you have a new ad coming out, that contrasts you and marco rubio. >> yes. >> right now he is leading in the polls. going into new hampshire. is it hurting the establishment lane if you are attacking him? >> he's attacking me. so does that count? or is this just only a one way %-p that has a free pass when everybody else has to fight for it? this isn't bean bag, you know. this is politics. every campaign will be -- every candidate will be contrasted andcompared, their records need to be shown. he has no record of accomplishment. he's a gifted politician, he got
2:38 pm
elected at the age of 26, he is very charismatic and a wonderful person but he doesn't have a record. >> chris christie has been going as we say full new jersey. he has taken the gloves off, attacking marco rubio and there was a report that your campaign and his campaign behind the scenes are coordinating. >> no. no. >> absolutely not. >> no. ifk i've gotten the full new jersey from chris christie during this campaign. it's good not to be his target because he is pretty good at this that stuff. look. john kasich and chris christie and i share one common feature. we had to make tough decisions. they do it today as governor, i did it for eight years. my record of accomplishments out there for the world to see. and other candidates, they may have the virtues of being a great speaker, and i'm sure they will brag about that. but my record is a record of accomplishment. i don't need to have it
2:39 pm
coordinated with anybody. >> there is a theory out there that it's personal between you and marco rubio. >> not at all. >> that if the you're not going to win, you're going to make sure he doesn't win. >> no. no. i will support the republican nominee, as i always have, i've always worked hard to elect the most conservative person to be president of the united states because i think that philosophy is the one that can lift people out of poverty, can create income for the middle class, there's nothing personal about this at all. >> mrs. bush, going into new hampshire, what would you like people to know about your son? >> i'd like them to know he's wise and decent, and he has values that we want our children to have, that he wants to serve. i think that's very important. i'd like to remind you, george bush came out of iowa with big mo, and then there was no mo after that. so, remember, the campaign has
2:40 pm
just started and i want them to know that jeb is the finest man almost i know. he's very much same values of service that his father has. and his brothers and his sister. maybe his old lady. >> that's you. >> me. >> you're not my old lady. >> you dodged me on donald trump. do you want to -- >> nope. >> you want to go full new jersey on donald trump? >> no. i do not. i don't even think about him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong. >> love hearing from barbara bush sitting of course along side her son jeb bush and poppy, you know, it was bush 41 who coined the phrase big mo and really that's what jeb bush needs is we keep talking about this trifecta of governors. tonight at that debate, they need mo, period. after tuesday to see how much
2:41 pm
longer they can hang in this. >> that's true. i had a trump supporter who said i think she would win if she were on the republican ticket. it's not the case. >> huge crowds. >> she is very popular. brook, thank you. coming up next, switching gears, we hear the candidates talk about it all the time. opportunity for all especially disadvantaged youth. giving them equal shot, it starts in elementary school. next in american opportunity how do you close the achievement gap? i'll take you from brooklyn, new york to hartford, connecticut, how you help these kids the most. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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in today's american opportunity it has been 62 years since the supreme court handed down its decision in brown versus board of education. ealmost nating legal segregation in public schools. today despite that ruling, the fight for integration continues. as more affluent familiestion the suburbs in favor of living in the populous city. >> what we need to do is postpone this plan. we need two more years. >> a battle in the borough of brooklyn, overcrowding affects where they go to school. >> they used the term this is another civil war. >> we feel like there's buildings popping up and these
2:46 pm
people want to push our kids out of this spot. this is dividing and fracturing communities. >> this is ps 8, a mostly white elementary and middle school. about a mile away is ps 307. with predominantly minority students many who live in this housing project. test scores show ps 8 is among the higher performing new york city public schools. ps 307 is not. and 85% of its families are eligible for public assistance. ps 8 is overcrowded so new york city's department of education rezoned the surrounding neighborhoods, moving families from their desired ps 8 to ps 307. >> many ps parents don't want to come to 307. this plan omits the obvious racial tensions. we do not reach diversity by playing like everything is all right. >> tell me about your son. >> so, he is a very vivacious
2:47 pm
fun loving strong personality. >> 4-year-old. >> 4-year-old. >> andrew lee is a parent affected by the decision. his son is now zoned for ps 307 when he starts kindergarten in the fall. >> for the most part we think it's short-sighted and doesn't address the long concerns we have for kids to have a decent high quality education. >> if you had a choice between the two which would you choose? right now. >> you know, i think right now given what i know, i would choose ps 8. >> is integration important to you in which ever public school your children go to? >> i think it's absolutely important, to have a diverse student body and for my children to be -- to grow up surrounded by people of not only different races but different economic backgrounds, but i don't think either side sees this really as
2:48 pm
a race issue first and foremost. >> he and many other parents here in brooklyn want to see diversity in their schools but say they want a voice in the decision on how to achieve that. "the new york times" reported in 2012 that new york city's public schools are among the most segregated in the country. but in nearby hartford, connecticut, there is diversity. that's because the state supreme court decision turned the city school system on its head and ordered a change. ruling in 1996, racial and ethnic segregation has a pervasive and eindividualious impact on schools calling it a violation of the connecticut constitution. simply put the city was told to find a solution. and they did, by creating voluntary diversity. >> it's wonderful that children are here. >> and enter enid ray.
2:49 pm
>> you described your job as akin to being a great sales person, like the hair club for men. >> that's right. because i'm not just a proponent of the system, i'm also a user of the system. i'm a mom of five in ch, four are in hartford magnet schools. >> invite them. i love it. >> she is a sales woman of sorts recruiting white students from the suburbs to attend well funded public magnet schools in the city. >> would you walk into our school. >> which are special itzed and separate from the regular public schools. her mandate is to make each school at least 25% white, another part of the program allows city students to attend suburban schools. >> if i'm a parent, why does it matter that my child goes to a school that is racially diverse? >> the reason it matters is because of the situation we're seeing in our country today. right. that we need to build community
2:50 pm
in a way that children have an appreciation of each other. that adults begin to understand each other's differences, and similarities. and if we don't do that in education, where do we expect to do that as a nation? >> she does it by promoting the inner city magnet options at school fairs. you are selling this quote unquote inner city education to white suburban families. >> that's right. >> is it hard? >> yes. it's very hard. because i think that all families tend to go where they are most comfortable. and so our job is really helping white suburban families understand that they can be comfortable here. >> we wanted to know if she gets pushback from some suburban families. >> i think it happens in very overt and very subtle ways. just like a hartford resident family is concerned when they send their child to the suburbs, is my child going to be the only black student or the only latino
2:51 pm
student. the suburban resident family is always concerned, is my child going to be the only white student. what does that mean of it that this process can be difficult. >> multiple study shows integration can help close the achievement gap. during the court ordered desegregation of the 1970s and 80s, test scores improved significantly for minority students. >> test scores, of minority, poor students, increases. and it has no detrimental effect on the test scores of more affluent non-minority students. >> in 2015 state test scores for students in hartford magnet schools roughly double those attending the regular public schools. but the same studies caution, integration is just one of many factors accounting for the improvements. >> is that because of integration? >> you can say definitively that
2:52 pm
it's partly racial integration and prominently economically integration. you are not having 24 poor children in one place. so the kind of burdens that brings to a particular classroom you're not showing in integrated classrooms. >> martha stone was a key attorney in the case leading to hartford's integration. >> you filed this lawsuit in 1989. how would you assess progress today? >> i always tell people the class is half empty and the class is half full. we filed this lawsuit the conditions in the hartford schools were actually deplorable. there was tremendous ethnic and racial isolation, economic isolation. is it the same now, 27 years later no. we made tremendous progress. but only for a certain proportion of the kids.
2:53 pm
>> that's because it's a lottery that determines who gets to go to hartford's best ranking schools and some inner city parents feel their children are missing out on a better education. >> i've been applying since she was about 3. she hasn't gotten in yet. >> you shouldn't have to win the lottery to get a good education. >> what we've seen here by going year after year adding programs and schools, has created the two school systems where we never thought about what's the long term plan. is this going to be an all magnet system. >> is we have blacks, puerto ricans, we have caucasians. >> if you just grew up with like one like one specific group then you wouldn't be able to know how to associate with the other ones. >> they feel lucky with three children in the hartford magnet schools. >> this was a gem of a school and we were fortunate. >> gem of a school. >> diversity play into your decision? >> yes.
2:54 pm
it did. not initially but it kept us supporting the school because we recognized that diversity is a very important part of our global community. i think that having the advantage to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds. skin tones will be been fshl for the children. >> we wanted them to have a global perspective. and we wanted them to be comfortable with all sorts of people and understand the similarities. the truth is we all live on the same planet. we all share the same spaces. it's ridiculous to have a situation where you don't get a chance to interact with a person different from your culture until college. or until work place. that's too late. it's a problem. >> it is. >> because she gets an opportunity to see -- >> greg's children attend hartford magnet schools commuting in. >> your daughter emma came to you when she was 10 years old and sought out this school.
2:55 pm
in the city. did she talk to you about diversity? wanting that? >> she did. she wanted to experience what the real world is like. and the real world is diversity. >> i really loved the liberal arts curriculum. i love the diversity the school offered that i would not be offered. i thought that would give me a more worldly view and help me mature. >> a key difference between what happened in hartford and what's happening right now in brooklyn is that the integration in hartford is voluntary. in brooklyn it's not. rezoning determines who goes to which school. >> to come and make us do this now is an insult. >> you can't make me send my child anywhere i don't want them to go. >> how critical is the voluntary part? >> i think it's really critical. because we're allowing parents to vote with their feet whether they are in the suburbs or in hartford. >> my message is let the children lead. >> back in brooklyn, these two
2:56 pm
schools, parents and students look ahead at what is to come. >> when you are involved the community and the planning when you let them help shape the vision ultimately what the end result of this is going to be in this case, very racially and socio-economically diverse school with a great curriculum i think that is definitely the right way to go about doing things. >> i see you girls later. >> now in response to the criticism from some parents in brooklyn not consulted about the rezoning and the department of education told us this, quote, throughout this process the department of education engaged closely with the families community and school staff, through many meetings and open discussions to ensure dialogue inclusive of partners, while this is a mo men the tus step the work is far from over. we'll keep you posted on this in
2:57 pm
the evident. thanks for being with me. soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be.
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