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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  February 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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welcome back. want to move on to the democratic race now and share with you our new tracking poll. it shows bernie sanders continuing to hold a big lead here in new hampshire. look at those numbers. the vermont senator is the choice of 58% of likely democratic voters. hillary clinton runs a distant second at 35%. now the trend line among the democrats, sanders lost three points over the past three days. clinton gained five. sanders says in every interview and in most speeches, he thinks the race is actually closer. >> this campaign is trying to do -- to ask the american people to think big and not small. >> now, if his ideas are big, it's pretty clear who he regards maybe as small. and she takes offense. >> i have spent my entire adult life trying to knock down barriers. trying to even the odds. >> there's the tension between the candidates of late, and listen to this one, the surrogates are turning it up, too. listen here.
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former secretary of state madeleine albright after saying she doesn't understand why young women are flocking to support senator sanders. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> wow. okay. cnn's mave reston and jonathan mann are still with us. we're also joined by molly ball and jeff zeleny. who would have thunk it? madeleine albright, attack dog. >> did you see the look on secretary's face, secretary clinton's face? no expression there. we were talking about this earlier. it is amazing to see when you talk to young women voter supporters of bernie sanders. they're everywhere. the clinton campaign has acknowledged them directly this week. over the last three or four days or so, she's like, i know you're not with me now, but i'm going to be fighting for you in the end. when you ask young voters why that is, they believe there will be a woman president in their
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lifetime and they believe she is not necessarily the perfect one. it doesn't mean they're not going to vote for her at the end of the day, but right now they like bernie. >> but the hillary clinton approach makes sense, in the sense that you're not with me now, but i'll still fight for you. she's thinking okay, if i beat bernie sanders, i need to bring them back into the fold. it's strategic, it make sense. but special place in hell? >> that was pretty rough. i don't actually think that that plays well with young women, because when you speak to them out on the campaign trail, they over and over again say, i'm not going to vote for her just because she's a woman. i'm going to vote for the candidate who i think has the best ideals. and i think that there's this interesting tension that's developing, particularly women over 45, who remember, you know, what they've been through. what secretary clinton has been through. and then who are talking about these younger women as saying they don't understand, you know, what we're going through. and hillary clinton tried to make that argument in the rally in concord yesterday.
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>> gloria steinem saying the girls are there because the boys are there. >> i was struck by that line. for a feminist icon to say that about young women is stunning. the albright line is not new. she's said that in the past. but obviously it looks a heck of a lot different three days before the primary at a rally. but hillary in the debate said that very line about look, you're not with me now, but i want your vote. i'm going to be there for you even though you aren't for me right now. which tells me that she has her eye on ultimately unifying the party, and she is concerned, but not necessarily panicked about the possibility of losing those voters in a general election. >> when you talk to her supporters, and we can't read secretary clinton's mind, but when you talk to her supporters, they're like, they don't get this. she's like wait a minute, they've been doing this for years. who is bernie sanders? he's a socialist. he's not even a loyal democrat. who is he? much like the republicans react
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to ted cruz. who is he to say we're all not qualified and we don't fit as conservatives. this played out in the debate, where bernie sanders was trying to make the case "i'm a much better progressive, i'm not sure she is a progressive," and hillary clinton got a little feisty. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. [ applause ] i don't think it was progressive to vote to give gun makers and sellers immunity. i don't think it was progressive to vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> she also suggested, essentially saying just say it to my face, senator sanders, instead of what she called this. >> and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote
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because of any donation that i ever received. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> this was a relatively polite race for a long time. not anymore. >> not anymore. i think that the thing about that also is that senator sanders has really run a polite campaign. hillary's people have said he's running the most negative campaign that we've seen in years, which is somewhat ridiculous. >> you would think that bernie is running like the next version of the horton ads. look, he's gone after her on wall street and on her paid speaking fees, but it hasn't been some kind of a brutal savage attack. but it does reflect the fact that he has made progress given what she said the other night there. which to me showed her to be a little bit too angry, i thought. >> and you talk about the
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supporters. i think bernie's supporters are much more personal against hillary clinton than he is. every time it's come to a personal attack on her trustworthiness, he sort of veered away from it. but we've talked to the supporters and these young women that you're talk about at these bernie sanders rallies, and it's this really interesting phenomenon where there's a very strong i think feminist consciousness in young liberal women on college campuses. i went to bernie sanders' rally on a college campus here yesterday, and these women say i'm a feminist, i'm concerned about rape culture, i share all these liberal feminist views, and i think bernie is the better feminist in the race. i had one young woman say to me, you know, i think hillary is only there because of her husband and i want a strong, independent woman. so there's a really sort of scorching i think attitude toward hillary. >> not just that, they also feel that all of the progress that has been made over these decades has left them in a position where they don't have to choose the woman just because she's the
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woman. and that she should have the freedom to make that choice. >> i think she was effective in calling him out for all of this. he's been saying wall street, wall street, so she must have done something. he hasn't given an example of a vote that she necessarily changed. so this is the question, is he going to go there? is he going to go for the jugular or is he not? his aides and his supporters have been much more aggressive. he could have brought up her vote on the bankruptcy bill. he could have done some other things. but is he going to remind voters of these things? i don't think he is. how negative she goes on him and what the margin is here, in the sense that bernie sanders has gotten tougher as he has seen wait a minute, i'm viable. and on the flight here to new hampshire from iowa, it seems like a month ago, he seemed very enthused to be on his big 757
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campaign. he said look, i'm in it for the long haul. that is an interesting point to think about. even if everything works out right, the earliest this could be over, if they keep going, is may. and 19 states, only 19 states remain where you can still get someone else on the ballot. >> i do think, though, that hillary clinton over the last couple of days has been making a very, very strong case on her progressive record. on the stump. that's going over well with her crowds. and we do know that a lot of people change their mind in the last weekend. i do think that those poll numbers for sanders are a little bit inflated, and she really does have an opportunity to at least close the gap here. >> the bernie campaign wants it more than bernie himself when it comes to going after hillary clinton. look at what happened in that debate, when she was asked about the transcripts. will you release them? what was stunning to me was the silence from bernie. why wouldn't he jump in and try to hold her accountable on that?
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it shows he preferred to give his stump speech and make his case about what he's passionate about than try and attack her. >> we're going to continue this conversation. up next, hillary clinton's new answers to two questions that will linger long after new hampshire votes. her e-mails and her trustworthiness. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice
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bernie sanders rarely talks about hillary clinton's e-mails unless he's asked about them, and he never says you can't trust her. but republicans raised those issues all the time. as molly noted earlier. and the republicans will continue to raise them. just yesterday, secretary clinton was asked about them at a town hall here in new hampshire. >> secretary powell, secretary rice's closest aides used private e-mail. everybody knew that. but the idea was to somehow turn what i did into something that was out of, you know, that nobody else has ever done. nobody else has ever used private e-mail. that's just not true.
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>> secretary clinton also blaming republicans as well as pharmaceutical and insurance interests for stoking doubts about her honesty and integrity. >> look, it's not a stupid strategy. you sew doubts about somebody, you make claims about somebody, you undermine somebody, and even when it is not true, it leaves exactly the impression that you just described. >> it is interesting. in the final days, she's having to deal with this here in new hampshire. i just want to make one point of clarity. secretary rice and secretary powell did have private e-mail accounts. they did not have a private server in their home. which is one of the big issues with secretary clinton. even if it's classified after the fact. they used government computers and just had a personal e-mail address. >> i was at this event with her. a very, very tough event for her. often you have to wonder whether these questions -- there's a possibility that they're planted. in this case, the woman who was asking the question about the e-mails and saying she wasn't
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really accepting hillary's answers went on for quite some time to the woint where there was a tussle about whether to take her microphone away. and we went after her in the crowd to see if the answer had satisfied her. and the woman had completely disappeared. so it was just a really interesting moment. i felt what was so fascinating was that hillary clinton just very calmly and not defensive handled the question, but you did feel in the room there were a whole series of questions that got at this trust issue for her. it really is lingering among democrats as much as everyone likes to say that the e-mail issue doesn't matter to democrats. it really does to some of them who have doubts. >> the clinton campaign invited some sanders supporters to that very event. they put up an ad on reddit and urged them to come out. they believe that these direct -- not confrontations, but exchanges actually help her. this e-mail situation -- she has gone from being con cite about
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this several months ago, saying it was an error in judgment, to now there's nothing to see. it's still not as much of an issue in the democratic primary. >> even some of hillary's supporters, what i hear is i don't think this is an issue, but i have so many female friends who don't trust her and i'm worried about that in a general election. >> i want to get this in quickly. that will linger for her as we move on to other states. one of the things the clinton campaign thinks it will use against bernie sanders is she makes her case on foreign affairs. this is an interesting moment. chuck todd of nbc news asked senator sanders specifically about afghanistan, whether like president obama he would reluctantly have to leave more troops there if he is elected in november. listen. >> and how long will those troops be in afghanistan under
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president sanders? >> well, i think our great task is to make certain that our young men and women in the military do not get sucked into a never ending perpetual warfare. >> can you address the question on afghanistan? >> he gave him two chances on afghanistan and senator sanders either didn't hear it, didn't understand it, or maybe just didn't want to go there. >> it's one of the underplayed story lines. on foreign policy, narth sanders is so vague. he's got basically one answer. nobody complains more about the media than bernie sanders. but the fact is if he was held further to account when it comes to his interest on foreign policy, the coverage would be a lot rougher. but the fact is, it's a real surprise in the campaign. but if you dig down, there's not a lot of depth there on foreign policy across the board.
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let's close by asking our great reporters to share a nugget or two from their notebooks. jonathan martin? >> as the campaign moves south this week to south carolina, which is a military-heavy state with active duty and veterans, don't be surprised if you hear a new line of attack against donald trump. and that is raising the question of his draft status during the vietnam war. mr. trump got both student and medical deferments on an issue that for most of this campaign has not been talked about very
5:53 am
much because there's been tons of other stuff to talk about when it comes to trump. but don't be surprised if one of the campaigns or super pacs raises that issue in the next couple of days. >> maggie? >> hillary clinton is under fire about the transcripts for her paid speeches that she did when she left the state department before she became a candidate. this was an issue that was very foreseeable by her campaign, so much so that some aides did foresee it. there was a big push by some people working with her early on to do a big, thorough personal vulnerability study. this is not something she has ever really wanted. and they are now just like the e-mails finding themselves flying blind, handling a pretty foreseeable issue. so we'll see how that plays out. >> that's going to be with us for a long time, i suspect. jeff? >> i want to talk about a southern fire wall for hillary clinton is over. because bernie sanders's unusual and strong fundraising strength. this has taken brooklyn by surprise, how much he's been able to raise online without doing really much himself.
5:54 am
so the idea that south carolina was going to be her fire wall is over. and the -- several republicans may be sort of looking for gas in the tank. bernie sanders is going to have more gas in the tank than her. and a huge surprise for clinton. so how they are fundraising going forward is a challenge for her, because every time she steps into a wall street type fundraiser, he's going to hit her on that. so they are actively looking for ways to fundraise without her there. but they can't do it. it's one of the big surprises and worries and shots for the clinton campaign. they need her out there fundraising. so this is going to go on for a very long time. the march calendar is very friendly to bernie sanders. >> even "saturday night live" making fun of the $27 average donation. molly? >> talking about bernie sanders and his strategy, i had an interesting conversation with his strategist about the three constituencies a they see as key to his strategy going forward. and this was borne out in the entrance polls in iowa. young voters, obviously the 18 to 29-year-old voting range, a
5:55 am
staggering 84% of that. we knew the kids liked bernie, but not that much necessarily. he also increased the turnout of young voters. it was unusually high. same thing with independents. they were an unusually large share, 20% of iowa caucus-goers. and voters making under $50,000 a year, bernie won those voters. and that helps to cut against the sort of wine track, beer track narrative that was emerging between bernie and hillary. if he can carry that forward into new hampshire, it's obviously a state with a lot of independent voters. if he can goose that youth turnout, he expects to also carry it forward in the primary and even in the general election, he thinks that these constituencies are the main strength. >> i'll close with a look at one of my favorite new hampshire primary tradition. that's late campaigning by surrogates who are here in new hampshire to help one of the candidates, but who also might say taking a little peek perhaps into the future. republican governor charlie baker of massachusetts was here yesterday campaigning for chris christie, and new jersey senator cory booker was part of hillary clinton's campaign's closing team here. both insist they're here for one
5:56 am
reason and one reason only, to help their friend. but both are also ambitious men and possible players in campaigns here down the road, or maybe in vice presidential chatter. watching the next generation light up as they scan the big final week in new hampshire crowds is always fun. that's it for "inside politics." thanks for sharing your sunday morning. just ahead, a special "state of the union" with jake tapper. five presidential candidates, commercial-free.
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this sunday, there's only one place to be, right here, commercial-free for the whole hour, and live in new hampshire with five of the top candidates, all vying for victory in the first in the nation primary. >> number one in new hampshire. will you please keep me


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