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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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born in another country. even the chief resident is a migrant, born in argentina, 80 years ago. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. . hello, everybody. thank you for so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. i'm joining you with live special coverage from new hampshire. the candidates are canvassing the granite state from small-town diners to packed auditoriums. the number of rallies today show how just vigorously these candidates are pushing for posts. we'll hear from the candidates as they present their final arguments to the people of new hampshire. there are events for john
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kasich, marco rubio, donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton is actually going to be coming to us from flint, michigan, today to address the water crisis there. the candidates are very busy today and so is our team of reporters. take a look. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash is following the trump campaign in plymouth. athena jones is at the jeb bush event and jeff zeleny is following the bernie sanders campaign in portsmouth. dana, let's begin with you at the donald trump rally. you just spoke to trump. what is he saying about last night's debate and how he feels he did? >> reporter: good afternoon, fredricka. that's right. just before donald trump went on stage, we were backstage and had a chance to talk to him and it was really striking how candid he was about the fact that the stakes were very, very high for the debate.
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he brought that up kind of unprompted. it's very clear that he realizes that he's so high in the polls that he has the furthest to fall of all of the candidates in the field. let's listen to part of what he said on that issue. >> i'm very, very happy the debate is over with but i enjoyed the experience. >> reporter: you keep saying this. >> there was a lot of pressure on the debate, i'll be honest, for everybody. not just for me. and there's more pressure when i see you and all of your people and everybody else saying, oh, this is a vital debate for trump. i wish i didn't hear it. when i hear jeremy saying, this debate is vital for trump, it makes it even more pressure. and i've always liked pressure, to be honest with you. i sort of like pressure. and it came out very well. >> reporter: one last question. you did very well in iowa. i'm not taking that away from you. you built a brandon understanding that perception is everything. and the perception, because of the polls, is that you would win
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iowa. so if you don't win in new hampshire, what is that going to do to your political brand? is it going to be damaged? >> so, if i had two seconds, i think i'm doing okay. i'd much rather win. i could say to you, if i came in second or third, i'd be thrilled. i know all about expectations. we lower expectations. if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? so now if i come in second you can say, well -- no, i would much prefer to win in new hampshire. >> reporter: and what would it mean down the road about getting a nomination? >> i think we'll do fine. look, we're going to do very well in south carolina. we have tremendous numbers there. i think the s.e.c. is going to be great. nevada is a place that i have major holdings. i have thousands of employees there. i think we're going to do well all the way down the line and we hope to do really well on tuesday. >> reporter: and fredricka, you
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heard him say he'll be personally disappointed if he doesn't come in first place. i was pretty surprised that he said that. not that he thinks that. of course he thinks that because he's been so far ahead here and because he does have a brand of being a winner and it didn't turn out so well in iowa. but the fact that he kind of put his expectations, his personal expectations and feelings about this on the table, i thought that was pretty fascinating. >> yeah, i think all of us are surprised to hear that after his second runner up placement in iowa. he wasn't so happy about it and then he tried to give it more spos tif spin. now maybe we've heard from the real donald trump. dana bash, thank you. marco rubio, well, he's back on the campaign trail after having a rough night and we say rough at that republican debate. you're being looking at live pictures right now from hudson, new hampshire, where the florida senator is going to hold a town
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hall. his performance at last night's showdown is getting very harsh reviews today. take a look at the boston herald right there. rubio choke. ouch. this all started with rival chris christie. he came prepared with an arsenal of attack lines against rubio and unleashed them after the senator repeated the same rhetoric several times throughout the night about obama. >> and let's dispell with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows what is he doing. >> there's the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers -- >> here's the bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, he
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knows what he's doing. >> there it is, the 25-second speech. >> here's the response. i think anybody who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> that was something else. let's talk more about the impact from last night's debate and what potentially could happen come tuesday at the primary in new hampshire and going forward. i'm joined by senior political analyst ron brownstein and editor mark preston and cnn political commentator and senior contributor for the daily caller matt lewis. >> good to see you in the flesh. >> yes. it's been a long time. oh, my gosh, i think we were all at the edge of our seat at the same time biting our nails. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. so how does marco rubio's camp
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explain what happened? does this underscore a lack of preparedness? he has to know that everyone would be going after him. >> the big story out of iowa is the opportunity to consolidate that mainstream conservative, and instead last night was not only a bad night for him but a good night for jeb bush and chris christie and john kasich. both of those things turn in the same direction, which is fragmenting the voters. there's no way to explain what happened other than a debate glitch and rattled under pressure. >> it came at a bad moment in time because all of the attention was focused on him. we hadn't been focusing on the winner or donald trump. we focused on marco rubio. i do think that heading into the primary on tuesday that this is very bad for him. however, he still has money and
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can still recover. look, he's usually good on his feet. he was terrible on his feet. >> the time is really the key question. what the right center of the party needs is to consolidate before we go to deep into the process. >> when is that going to happen? >> instead, last night makes it a way to divide the vote which is in favor of those candidates. that would give an advantage to trump and cruz and add to the nervousness of the party leaders about where this is going. >> you mentioned the governors, this being their night. this was a moment between governor jeb -- former governor jeb bush and donald trump on the whole issue of em nant domain. >> he took the property of an
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elderly woman and put her on the streets that. is downright wrong. and here's the problem with it. the problem was to tear down -- >> he wanted to take the property. >> i didn't take the property. the woman ultimately didn't want to do that. >> that's not true. to turn this into a lime mow seen parking lot is not for public use. >> just a second tough guy. it doesn't work very well with me. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> quiet. >> a lot of times -- >> oh, my goodness. and then, of course, you've got to hear the sound there after the shoosh moment. matt, where are you? donald trump tried to turn this into his favor by saying i am my
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own guy. is that effective? >> no. i've heard some people suggest that eminant domain attacking donald trump on eminent domain and seizing property and trump actually lost his position in first place. i think jeb bush had a very strong moment last night. look, if that jeb bush, if we had seen that jeb bush from day one, he might be in a very different position. he stood up to donald trump and when he talked about taking property from an elderly lady, that resonates. >> right. that kind of graphic really hits home with a lot of people, whether it be true or not or sort of okay, it really did resonate.
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you can feel it. >> i remember eminent domain. george allen, the front-runner for the nomination, he was gone in the senate campaign. he sat on the stage at 8:30 in the morning and spoke to about 400 people. his whole speech was about eminent domain. people were on their feet. to matt's point, it might not be something that resonates with the general public but it resonates with the conservatives now. >> how much did this resonate, when at least the governors were kind of together? there was a little bit of a brotherhood, if you will. take a look. >> well, he deserves credit. he's done a very good job as governor of ohio. he's done a very good job. >> look, i'm not here -- i like chris. i trust kasich and christie. by the way, i like kasich's record, too.
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he's a good governor. >> ron, i feel like that moment between kasich and chris christie, that maybe if we're both in it, maybe we could team up? too much to read in there? >> they all have a common interest now, which is preventing rubio from getting separation from them in new hampshire because that could have been a death blow to all of their campaigns. they have all moved into new hampshire and even after all of that campaigning, they finished significantly behind marco rubio based on momentum out of iowa. it would say that the voters they were courting had a choice. particularly bush and christie we've seen on the campaign trail, this sense of coming together to try to slow down rubio and kasich is a threat to rubio as well. again, the voters most likely to consolidate behind rubio, case i can is appealing to them and he may be the ultimate -- kasich is the most likely to finish aheard of rubio in new hampshire. >> matt, it would seem that kasich's performance was very impressive, as was, you know, chris christie.
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when i spoke with him yesterday, he said, you know what, this is choosing time, his words, not mine, choosing time and it's a matter of distinguishing yourself and it seems as though he did indeed do that by continuing to be exactly who new jersey voters have always known chris christie to be and john kasich held his own as well. >> well, look, i think the case wa christie is almost a murder-suicide. he took down rubio. i don't know that he helped him sthe self that much. he will come in second place to establish the lanes and everything went wrong last night. rubio did very badly and then i think kasich and jeb had the best debates they've had. so now it's all muddled. >> and it's been interesting. this is like "survivor"
11:14 am
politics. >> you know what, we've talked about four tickets out of new hampshire. cruz, correct. ron's got it right there. cruz, trump, rubio and a governor. guess what, there's another ticket for a governor to come out. >> i think christie's long-time campaign strategist told me more people are going to be viable after new hampshire and ironically, at least in the short run, that's an advantage for cruz and trump who have a more consolidated base in the party. it's the third big lane that matt was talking about that remains divided. it's the more white collar conservative. as long as that remains divided, the other two have a leg up. >> we didn't even talk about carson and cruz. we'll give them more love next time we talk. gentlemen, thank you so much. ron brownstein, matt lewis, jeff zeleny. tuesday, two days away now, cnn will have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary all day long. the first primary of the season but the second race in the race for the white house.
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all right, then, thursday, don't miss the pbs "newshour" democratic debate airing on cnn at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. we have more straight ahead live from manchester, new hampshire, right after this.
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all right. gorgeous view of portsmouth, new hampshire. i'm fredricka whitfield. the candidates are out, particularly the gop candidates after that heated televised debate last night. jeb bush is just winding down a campaign event in nashua, new hampshire. he's coming off a stronger debate performance than many had
11:19 am
seen from the florida governor. athena jones is at that event. did he seem energized and like a new man meeting with the people? >> reporter: we certainly did see new energy, i think it's fair to say, from governor bush. we also saw this yesterday. a lot of enthusiasm in the crowds. i spoke to supporters who have big smiles on their faces after his performance last night. they feel he did a very good job and they are also pointing out what they see as senator marco rubio stumble when it comes to repeating that line you heard him talk about over and over again in terms of the notion about president obama. we heard bush himself taking it from donald trump. he called him a loser for questioning john mccain's heroism. he doubted whether mccain is
11:20 am
really a war hero because he was captured in vietnam. he talked about the fact that he took it to donald trump on emine eminent don't main and without citing rubio by name, he said the presidency is something that is not scripted. take a listen to what he said. >> we have two gifted freshmen senators who are also front-running candidates and they are gifted. look, i have a monkey brain, to be honest with you. i can't say the same thing like -- i can't say it. my mind works differently. it's not like -- message discipline is not my strength. i admit it. something goes on in there. it's fertile. it's not all scripted. i think that's a strength to be president of the united states. because you cannot script being commander in chief. >> reporter: bush talked about how terms of phrase is not something that is key to running the country. you can't just say certain lines
11:21 am
over and over again. bottom line here, fred, there is a real energy. i talked to a lot of folks in the crowd leaning towards bush, some choosing between bush and kasich. but the campaign feels strong and believes he can finish in the top three or four. fred? >> athena jones in nashua, thank you so much. john kasich has just wrapped up a town hall in the same city. he will be heading down the road to concord for his next town hall scheduled for 3:30 p.m. eastern today. case i can made a limited number of appearances in iowa instead, putting a lot of his resources into making a big showing here in new hampshire. well, this morning on cnn's "state of the union," kasich said he didn't think a poor debate performance by marco rubio would directly benefit him because he doesn't consider himself an establishment candidate. >> i am not in the establishment lane. i have never been the
11:22 am
establishment. i'm not anti-establishment. but i make the establishment very nervous. >> why? >> because i'm a change agent. look, when we were reforming welfare for the poor, which i was in favor of, i said we've got to reform welfare for the rich. i mean, we don't do things like that. we have so much more straight ahead from new hampshire from both sides of the race. for the democrats, the race is getting outside of new hampshire today. hillary clinton is in flint, michigan. her message there, straight ahead. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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all right. welcome back to our special coverage. i'm fredricka whitfield. ted cruz is coming under fire again for reporting about ben carson's side trip off the campaign trail. this time, the forum was last nig night's debate where, once again, cruz spread falsehoods about our reporting. "the washington post" even called out ted cruz with this political cartoon showing a caricature of cruz with a growing nose. the caption reading, "ben, i'm sorry." cnn's tom foreman has a closer
11:27 am
look in our fact check. >> at absolutely no time has cnn reported that ben carson is dropping out of this presidential race. not on air, not online, not anywhere. and yet around the iowa caucuses, the cruz campaign suggested just that and blamed it on cnn. he did it again in the debate. listen. >> they didn't correct that story until 9:15 that night. so from 6:30 until 9:15, that's what cnn was reporting. >> and that is an outright lie. let's explain what really happened. before the caucuses began, our chris moody tweeted, "ben carson will likely speak at his victory party in iowa before caucus results are in so he can catch a flight. he'll be in d.c. for the national prayer breakfast." and then he said, "ben carson's
11:28 am
campaign says he plans to stay in the race after iowa no matter the results are tonight." and then 45 minutes after this, he hit it again by saying, "folks, ben carson is just making a brief stop at home in florida tonight and campaign says he'll be back on the campaign trail by wednesday." even if that's what cruz is talking about, this is well before 9:00, or later than that. yes, our campaign staff talked about these tweets because they are unusual. they noted that it would be strange for any presidential candidate to not go directly to new hampshire. but again, in no way, shape or form did they say ben carson was dropping out. that was an assumption made by cruz's campaign. this is something that our staff has looked at.
11:29 am
so for the candidate to stand on the stage and say it again, it is false. it was false from the get-go and it remains false. you can find out a whole lot more about our reality checks by going to all right. tom foreman, thank you so much. we want to be clear, cnn has reached out to ted cruz and his campaign asking him to join us and address this incident. thus far, cruz campaign has declined our requests to appear and has pulled all of their surrogates from cnn. let's talk more about these misleading statements. ted cruz has been making about our reporting to justify his controversial campaign tactics in iowa. dylan byers is joining us. you had an article on breaking all of this down and what did you find?
11:30 am
>> exactly what tom foreman has said. none of this is true. and it is sort of shocking just how far ted cruz was willing to go in terms of his accusations. he even went into a timeline, from 6:15 to 9:15 before they corrected anything. >> and using names. >> and using names. >> and calling out cnn talent by name, dana bash, jake tapper, wolf blitzer. first of all, cnn never corrected anything because there was nothing to correct. the fact that he made such a point about throwing cnn under the bus, scapegoating cnn for a mistake his own campaign made is really strange. we see conservative candidates go after the -- even liberal candidates like bernie sanders go after the media all the time. that's red meat. we know how little trust there is in the media in this country. you can throw that out there and it usually wins you a lot of applause line at a debate. this is a story in its own right and it's so clear.
11:31 am
you don't have to take cnn's own word for it. everyone will tell you there's no merit to this argument. why the cruz campaign continues to hammer this out is a mystery to me. >> and there are calculated risks that any candidate is willing to take or would want to take. this is not a reflection of a calculated risk. this is almost throwing his entire campaign, his -- the campaign on which it is being founded is trust ted. his slogan is "trust ted". >> right. >> and this undermines it completely. >> there's a whole message here that i'm a genuine, trustworthy candidate. meanwhile, donald trump has been trying to brand him as an unlikable guy that you can't trust, will sort of make political calculations and maneuver and is not a trustworthy character. everything that his campaign is
11:32 am
doing right now is sort of playing into that narrative. remember how donald trump tried to brand jeb bush as a low-energy candidate. this is the equivalent of jeb bush getting up on the debate stage and falling asleep. i don't understand why you're hammering out this issue. >> this is nearly suicidal, in your view? >> look, for most voters, there are bigger issues. i would say for nearly every voter there are probably bigger issues than a candidate's tiffs with the media. they are concerned about foreign policy and what the candidate is going to do. >> but trust is huge? >> trust is huge. >> for the candidate of the united states? >> the perception is huge and if you have any doubts about his campaign, the whole thing about what he did to ben carson in iowa is a sticking point and why you would continue to play that out, you know, on the trail, it's just a mystery to me. the only smart thing for the campaign to do now is to put it behind them. >> and ben carson seemed like a
11:33 am
gentleman about it but even from a viewer's standpoint, he didn't really seem to buy in on the apology. >> no. >> people know what they've heard. interesting. interesting. dylan byers, thank you. >> good to see you, thank you. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is out and about here in new hampshire and in portsmouth. we'll be right back from man kmes sister. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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welcome back. bernie sanders is drawing crowds in new hampshire. he's talking about family values. >> when republicans talk about family values, they want to defund planned parenthooded. i want to expand funding for
11:37 am
planned parenthooded. and when republicans talk about family values, what they are saying is that our gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married. i disagree. [cheers and applause ] jane and i have been married for 27 years. we have four kids, seven beautiful grandchildren and we believe in family values but they are very different family values than the republicans. i talk about family values. i talk about ending the international disgrace of the united states being the only major country on earth that does not guaranteed paid family and
11:38 am
medical leave. [cheers and applause ] there is legislation, very good legislation guaranteeing three months paid family and medical leave. if elected president, we are going to pass that legislation. [cheers and applause ] >> all right. bernie sanders there talking about his advocacy for health care for everyone. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joining us from portsmouth. we learned that bernie sanders gained more ground in iowa after a review of the caucus results? >> reporter: as he presses on here in new hampshire his team
11:39 am
is still talking about his team in iowa. the iowa democratic party after they would not review the results for caucus's on monday has made a review of 14 precincts. neither of them turned out to be -- just like they were on that night but in five precincts, there were different results. we're not talking about a lot of delegates here but it is a sliver. the clinton campaign was actually losing .122 state delegate equivalent. so they are at 49.84%. the sanders campaign gained .1053 so they are at 49.59%. bernie sanders did a touch better than we thought on monday night. the outcome is still the same, as far as we know, but this is a sign that the iowa democratic party is willing to look into other precincts, is willing to look into other things. the sanders campaign has not made a big deal about this. we heard him say at the debate
11:40 am
that they have moved on. it validates what the sanders campaign was thinking about. he's holding on to his commanding lead with only two days left until that primary. >> bottom line, it was tight in iowa but even tighter than anyone thought. jeff zeleny, thank you so much from portsmouth. hillary clinton is in flint, michigan, right now witnessing the city's water crisis firsthand. we'll take you there and analyze the impact that crisis holds on the presidential election. all of that, next, from manchester. think of it as a seven seat theater... for an action packed thriller. [ radio chatter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] andrew.
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of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at sfoo. welcome back. hillary clinton is in flint, michigan, witnessing the city's water crisis firsthand. she spoke to the people of flint about why their crisis needs presidential attention. >> this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint is immoral. the children of flint are just as precious as the children of any other part of america. they are just as deserving of good health care, of good education and of bright futures.
11:45 am
>> nia-malika henderson is live from flint. did her message resonate or people feel encouraged that a presidential candidate would take the time out to be there? >> reporter: yes. hillary clinton walked into a standing ovation. she walked off of the pulpit there to a standing ovation. people were so moved that there were shots of hallelujah as well. the pastor was almost speechless at the really rousing call to arms that hillary clinton offered to the saints and citizens here of flint, michigan, dealing with this water crisis that has been going on for almost two years. she pledged to fight and to keep the spotlight on this issue and to rouse support nationally as they continue to deal with this
11:46 am
crisis in flint. >> all right. nia-malika henderson, thank you so much, in flint, michigan, with presidential candidate hillary clinton. let's talk about clinton's visit to flint and the role that the water crisis plays in the presidential race. with me now is jennifer granholm, the former governor of the city of flint and the senior director for a hillary clinton super pac. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> what's the significance of hillary clinton stopping two days before the new hampshire primary to go to flint, michigan, to talk about this? how do you see this translating for voters in new hampshire and nationally? >> well, it's really a national issue. this may be happening in flint but it's really sort of -- flint has been the poster child for the deindustrialization of america. it was a city that was once almost 200,000 and is now under 100,000. it's the second poorest city of
11:47 am
its size in america. it's a majority african-american city and it's a city that's been forgotten. you combine all of that with this poisoning of this community through pipes that now will have to be replaced and what's that going to cost? so what the message is, that we cannot forget these communities and cities that had been so ravaged by globalilization and a ridiculous decision to cut costs at all costs, essentially, by switching the water over to a cheaper source which ended up poisoning the city. >> flint has been a place, a people of flint that have been neglected for a long time. it's not just the lead and the water but people have felt invisible for a very long time. so why should they trust a presidential candidate or
11:48 am
presumably the federal government to come in? >> it's a katrina kind of moment where people's eyes are open. they have been invisible and now people are seeing what these families are experiencing and i think everybody, whether they live in flint or grosse point, a nice suburb of michigan, they can imagine not being able to turn on a tap and get clean water. what's the role of government if it's not the most basic thing, which is to provide clean water, clean air and safe food? i mean, it's the hierarchy of human needs, the most basic thing. what people see is that there is a role for government to fix these kinds of problems but also to invest for the long term. this is an infrastructure crisis but it's also a human crisis too. >> it continues to be a big issue of trust. >> when you say that, what do you mean?
11:49 am
>> the people there who feel that they have been neglected, overlooked and now they have to trust government, whether it's on the local level or federal government. >> i think honestly it's going to be a question of who do you trust in terms of who believes there ought to be a role for government in investing in these basic things. the governor of michigan, who is my successor, he knows how to run governments. a lot of republicans see that as their mantra. it's not just about cost cutting. it's about basic human needs. these kids have been poisoned. there's a role for government and there will be an important contrast in flint where it can happen. >> before i let you go, hillary clinton had an event and madeleine albright was there.
11:50 am
madeleine albright said there's a special place in hell for women who don't support women. >> no, she said -- >> what did she say? >> i love madeleine albright and i understand women of my generation who have worked all of their life to be able to pull the lever for the most qualified woman that we feel like this moment is here and why don't the next generation feel it in the way that we feel it? we have to understand that they see it differently. but for our generation, we see it as something that's so important that we've given a gift to these younger women to be able to vote for a woman president and in working so hard for it, we feel, a lot of us, like we don't understand why that gift is being turned away. so i think that's what is going on a little bit under the surface but we have to understand that for this next generation of women, they want to vote on policy and, you know, they hope and believe that a woman will be president one day.
11:51 am
>> jennifer granholm, thank you. we'll be right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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all right. we'll get back to our new hampshire primary in one moment. but first, let's talk about the super bowl. super bowl sunday. here's what you will for the hear during the game tonight. some teams have been using
11:55 am
virtual reality to train for their games. coy wire is live for us from santa clara, california, with the details. coy, look at that backdrop. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: i want to introduce everyone to a former stanford kicker and his company is changing the game of football with virtual reality allowing players to train their brains like they never have before. check this technology out in "bleacher report" by intel. >> it was all academic at first. let's see if we can get an "a" on the project and then in 2014 he's basically firing me and saying, you've got a great
11:56 am
concept here, go do it. >> i was kind of blown away by the technology initially. >> real football, seeing it through your own eyes. >> i put it on and it took me two plays and i thought, this is so cool. >> the quarterback has a lot of things to remember and look at in a fraction of a second on the field. decision-making is absolutely paramount. >> if i wanted to hitch through my reads whereas if you're just watching on film, there's no reality to it. >> as a former safety, he got me to open up my hips. >> you want the defendant to open his hips and not drive on the ball. >> these things separate you during the game because it's just inches. >> it's so personal with the teams. they trust us. for the most part, we are like
11:57 am
this on a daily basis. we're very intimate with these guys. we see what they do on the practice field and hear their calls and know their plays. if we mess up one time, we're done as a business. >> reporter: seven nfl teams are using this and it's expanding in the ncaa and nba. they like that technology and as a former nfl player, i would have loved this. it's a beautiful day in santa clara for the big game, fred. i wish you were here and i wish you a happy super bowl sunday. >> me, too. thank you. i wish i were there, too, because that looks like too much fun for me. thank you so much, coy wire. i'll be watching. i'll enjoy it that way. all right. here in new hampshire, the candidates are out on their final push. cnn is with them across the state. plus, who did last night's republican debate help? who did it hurt? we'll be right back.
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hello, everybody. welcome back. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitaker in manchester, new hampshire. the presidents are canvassing the


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