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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hello, everybody. welcome back. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitaker in manchester, new hampshire. the presidents are canvassing the presidential state the
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candidates are pushing for votes vigorously. we'll hear from the candidates as they present their closing arguments to the people of new hampshire. take a look at the events for john kasich, bernie sanders, chris christie, hillary clinton -- okay. don't take a look at the live pictures. take my word for it. they are out there. bill clinton is holding a rally on hillary clinton's behalf. he's here in the granit state. senator marco rubio is right here in this state just hours now after the grueling debate. he's at a town hall and it's a much friendlier environment than what the junior candidate. there was a raucous showdown last night.
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>> florida governor jeb bush. >> reporter: a pile on among the candidates. it took all of ten minutes for the new reality of the gop race to show through. >> this is going to be -- >> reporter: marco rubio is the target. a target for chris christie that he has the experience that marco rubio does not. >> you would actually criticize somebody for showing up to work, plowing the streets when you've never been responsible for that in your entire life. and the fact is, i went back and got it done. >> you didn't go back. >> wait a second. is that one of the skills you get as a u.s. senator is esp, also? >> reporter: and a target for jeb bush. >> let's be clear, marco rubio is a gifted, gifted politician. and he may have the skills to be a president of the united states, but we've tried it the old way with barack obama, with
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soaring eloquence. we didn't get a leader. we got somebody who wants to divide the country up. >> reporter: rubio attempting to turn back the criticisms of inexperience and comparisons to president obama like this. >> let's disspell with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he's trying to change the country. >> reporter: using that line several times and christie using it against him. >> it's just not true. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is. the 25-second memorized speech. there it is, everybody. >> reporter: trump's first time on the stage on defense over eminent domain used in his business career. >> donald trump took the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is downright wrong and here's the problem with that.
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the problem was it was to tear down -- >> he wants to be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman ultimately didn't want to do that. >> that is not true. that's simply not true. to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not for public use. >> reporter: frustrating the billionaire candidate. >> let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- [ booing ]. >> that's all of his donors and special interests. that's what it is. >> reporter: for bush, christie and kasich, the debate marking a crucial point for the last stand of their campaign, each pinning their hopes on a strong finish tuesday night. >> by the way, after being here, every one of my town hall meetings in new hampshire were a lot more fun than what i saw
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here today were so much more positive. >> iowa winner ted cruz with this message to ben carson for perceived dirty tactics in this state. >> when this transpired, i apologized to him then and i apologize to him now. ben, i'm sorry. >> all right. i guess i should give you a warning, fireworks. i'm joined by cnn's senior political analyst ron brownstein. cnn executive director mark preston and ana navarro. you just came from a jeb bush event. is he fired up over this? does he feel a little momentum? and at the same time, you also spoke with chris christie last night. i want to hear from you on those two things. >> jeb bush is pumped up. you know, i've been to several of his town halls. i haven't been to any in a while.
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i went to one today and to one yesterday. this guy is a late bloomer and, boy, he's blooming. he has honed in on his candidate skills. he was fired up and clearly felt good about the punch that he landed on donald trump yesterday on eminent domain. he took a swipe at rubio on this issue of him repeating and repeating and repeating the same memorized lines over and over again. it is an energetic time and i think what you've said at the beginning is true. all of them are having to leave it all in the field right now. they have got to leave it there. they've got to campaign their hearts out. it still matters in new hampshire. there's still a lot of things at stake and voters who have not made up their mind. >> that's what is unique about this state. >> when and how do you make up your mind? >> they go behind the curtain and then, boom, something just happens. ron, we've been having the discussions about too little, too late. this is the second contest.
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why would this be potentially too little, too late for jeb bush the way his performance unfolded last night for anyone? >> in fact, what is happening is this republican race is consolidation and coalescing. you go back to the modern primary and when it began. very few examples when more than two candidates won more than two states and a lot of people coming out of iowa, particular in the republican establishment, thought we were on track for a three-person race. marco rubio having a real way to cement the mainstream conservative or white collar part of the party. that agenda looks a little off the table after last night. >> satisfy that an issue of money? >> but also voters. they tend to discount candidates who don't look like they have a chance to win and right now -- >> if you ask the candidates, they will tell you it's an issue of us and they will say to you, you know, marco rubio did a great job underplaying
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expectations in iowa and overplaying his third-place finish. >> they seem to understand having all of these choices and being able to make up their mind. >> what's interesting about new hampshire, we come here and spend seven days -- >> seven days every four years. >> true. but i grew up down the road and know a little about the area. what these people like and enjoy and, quite frankly, they have gotten good at meeting these candidates and getting to know the candidates. the first time i meet a candidate. the fifth time i -- they vote for them. a lot of these folks who after dinner would go to the rallies
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and meet the presidential candidates. iowa here and in south carolina. >> you know, it's also vice versa. it's really amazing. if you've never been in new hampshire, you may not know it. the voters show up at these town halls and bear their soles to the candidates. they talk about their very real and personal problems. i saw a woman tell jeb bush yesterday about her cousin who had died in the emergency room from an overdose. i just saw a woman with severe back problems talk about that. it is -- you know, it's really -- it's not media narrative questions. it's real people with real problems asking real questions and wanting real answers. >> that might be contagious for some candidates because we saw that from hillary clinton in new hampshire in 2008. >> right. absolutely. and bill clinton, as i said, in 1992, hugging a woman at a town hall. it's the most compelling weekend in american politics. not only are there hundreds of
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people turning out for these events, they are coming just to be part of this. >> i love that. >> and the fact that, at least on the republican side, they have not nominated anyone who did not win either iowa or new hampshire. that may be obsolete this year. this race is not consolidating quickly. several could be viable in the mainstream conservative lane to compete with cruz and trump. this may break those rules. the fact is, winning one of these first two contests has been decisive. >> and i think the lesson for all of us is that we've got to hold our horses because this is a very unpredictable year and race. we've got to stop trying to get ahead of what is happening. the changes we have seen in the last 72 hours are dramatic. >> right. >> fred, i was up here two weeks ago with ted cruz. he was at a gun rally and then held the town hall. walking out of that i said if ted cruz comes out of iowa as a
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winner, quite frankly, he could win the new hampshire primary. it sounds crazy given his political beliefs. >> even after what happened at this debate? >> this was two weeks ago now. these are political consultants working for the other candidates. potentially win or come in a strong second. we're not talking about that anymore. >> right. >> one thing to keep in mind, real quick, in iowa and new hampshire, they have time to introduce themselves month after month after month. they are moving very quickly after this. then it's everywhere at super tuesday, march 8th, march this. they will not have the time to do that and it will be the national story and momentum that has enormous impact. >> i think what we're seeing here is that this republican nomination is probably going to go on longer than we all thought. i think it's not going to widdle down to the small number until a while longer. if we thought three, four people were getting out of new hampshire, i'm afraid to break it to you, but i think it might be more. and i'm also seeing the rise of
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the governors. it's the revenge of the establishment, folks. hold your horses. >> new hampshire folks feel it's such an important place and race because they know with the face time that they are given in this state, the rest of the countries are watching. they know they have the national platform. thank you so much, everybody. good to see you. ana navarro, mark preston. up next, dana bash talks to donald trump and asks him what he thinks about his chances on tuesday. e. not at t-mobile® for a limited time, check out our half off smartphone event. get one of our most popular smartphones, and get the second one at half price. need more? buy another, and get the fourth phone at half price, too. smartphones like the samsung galaxy s6, note 5 and many more.
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the candidates are fresh off a fiery debate last night. i want to bring in chief political correspondent dana bash. you spoke to trump there in plymouth. is he proud of his performance last night and the outcome? >> reporter: he is proud of it. he actually just spoke to this room which was filled with people, a lot of people. we spoke backstage before his rally here. and it really was striking, fred, in how upfront he was about how high the stakes were for him in last night's debate. listen to part of our conversation. >> i'm very, very happy the debate is over with. but i enjoyed the experience. >> you keep saying that. it's almost like you -- >> no, there was a lot of pressure on the debate, i'll be honest. for everybody. not just for me. there's more pressure when i see
12:17 pm
you and all of your people and everybody else saying, oh, this is a vital debate for trump. i wish i didn't hear it. when i hear jeremy saying, this debate is vital for trump, it makes it even more pressure. and i've always liked pressure, to be honest with you. i sort of like pressure. and it came out very well. >> one last question. you did very well in iowa. not taking that away from you. but you know, because you built a brandon understanding that perception is everything, and the perception, because of the polls, is that you would win iowa. if you don't win in new hampshire, what is that going to do to your political brand? >> i think if i have two seconds, i'm doing okay. i'd much rather win. i could say if i came in second or third i'd be thrilled. i know all about expectations. we lower expectations. if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? so now if i come in second you
12:18 pm
can go around and say, boom. i would much prefer to win in new hampshire. >> and what would it mean down the road, about getting the nomination? >> i think we'll do fine. look, we're going to do very well in south carolina. we have tremendous numbers there. i think the s.e.c. is going to be great. nevada is a place i have major holdings. i have thousands of employees there. i think we're going to do well all the way down the line and i hope that -- we hope to do really well on tuesday. >> so you heard there, fred, if i came in second i would not be happy in new hampshire. i think obviously that is something that people would expect him to think but not necessarily say. so it was, again, kind of a candid conversation that i had with him. he also talked a bit about the ground game, the fact that he had said previously in the past couple of days that he didn't have the greatest ground game or it wasn't as good as he had hoped it -- it should have been in iowa and i asked how they are
12:19 pm
going to change the whole system and the setup and how they are going to change their approach here in new hampshire and he talked a lot about the fact that they are working on it but actually said that, from his perspective, the product is more important than the marketing and, of course, he means himself. he's the product. and it is true that a lot of people are here. he said there were some 2,000 people in this space where i am. the question is how many are going to be able to go vote. i've also talked to people from maine, massachusetts, and canada who want to see donald trump because he's a celebrity and they wanted to kind of witness the whole phenomenon with their whole two eyes. >> interesting. lots of admissions with donald trump with you, dana. i wonder, does he reveal what he really thinks about whether the supporters who show up and other
12:20 pm
places, whether they are supporting him because they want to see the entertainment or if they really are serious about supporting him all the way to the ballot box? >> reporter: well, frankly, it's a combination. he knows that. he knows that he's a good entertainer and tries to keep that up. what has been fascinating in watching him since he landed here in new hampshire after iowa, after not winning in iowa is the way he has changed his tone, fred. it is remarkable because he's back to basics. he's talking about the fact that he's not bought and sold by lobbyists and donors. the things that really are the core of his appeal and not so much the hurling insults and talking about polls. that is virtually gone from his speech. and so that part of the entertainment is not happening anymore. and it really does seem as though he gets the reason why he
12:21 pm
appeals to so many people across the board and he really needs to cement that as we head into the primary. >> except he was back in fighting form on that debate stage last night. i think everyone agrees on that one. dana bash, thank you so much in plymouth. appreciate it. all right. remember to tune in to cnn on tuesday. we will have the most complete coverage of the nation's first primary on tuesday on cnn and we'll be right back from manchester. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in snowy new hampshire. ted cruz is coming under fire again for misrepresenting the facts and timing of cnn's reporting of dr. ben carson's campaigning. this was last night's forum for the debate where, once again, cruz spread falsehoods about our reporting. "the washington post" called out ted cruz showing ted cruz with a growing nose and the caption reading "ben, i'm sorry." >> at absolutely no time has cnn reported that ben carson is dropping out in this race.
12:26 pm
yet, around the iowa caucuses, the cruz campaign suggested just that and blamed it on kb. he did it again in the debate. listen. >> from 6:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., that's what cnn was reporting. >> reporter: and that's an outright lie. before the caucuses began, our chris moody tweeted, ben carson will likely speak at his victory party in iowa before results are in so he can catch a flight. then he added, carson won't go to new hampshire but will instead head to florida for some r & r. he'll be in d.c. for the national prayer breakfast and then he said, "ben carson's campaign tells me he plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter what the results are tonight. all of that, three tweets in less than two minutes, more than 15 minutes before the caucuses opened in iowa.
12:27 pm
and then, 45 minutes after this, he hit it again by saying, folks, ben carson is just making a brief stop at home in florida tonight and campaign says he'll be back on the campaign trail by wednesday, even if that's what cruz is talking about, this is well before 9:00 or later than that. yes, our campaign staff talked about these tweets because they are unusual. they noted that it would be strange for any presidential candidate to not go directly to new hampshire. but again, in no way, shape or form did they say ben carson was dropping out. that was an assumption made by cruz's campaign. this is something that our executives have gone over with the campaign looking at the timeline. they've been called out for the dishonest handling of it by "the washington post," politico and many other media outlets. so for the candidate to stand on the stage and say it again, it is false. it was false from the get-go and it remains false. you can find out a lot more
12:28 pm
about our reality checks by going to tom foreman, thank you. we want to be clear, cnn has reached out to ted cruz and his campaign asking him to join us and address this incident. thus far, the cruz campaign has declined our requests to appear and has pulled all of their surrogates from cnn. an emergency meeting today at the united nations security council. representatives meet to discuss how to handle a rocket launch in north korea. dad, you can just drop me off right here.
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the united nations strongly condemning the rocket launch in north korea. the u.n. vowing to take significant measures in response. richard roth is live. north korea said the launch was for scientific and peaceful purposes but what does the u.n. think? >> reporter: the u.n. security council held urgent consultations and strongly condemned the missile launch. the council has formally not acted and both of these actions have got diplomats here riled up. the big difference, of course, china, u.s. logger has what kind of level of sanctions can be agreed to to put any pressure on north korea. u.s. ambassador samantha power after the meeting said there needs to be urgent resolutions on the table against north korea. >> we're looking forward to
12:33 pm
expeditiously consult with our colleagues in the coming days and we'll be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the dprk's repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security. >> reporter: china's ambassador would only say that there should be a resolution and china is worried about any kind of destabilization which could cause a huge flood of refugees. >> richard roth at the u.n., thank you. appreciate it. governor john kasich is ready to make an appearance at a town hall in concord, new hampshire, about 20 minutes or so up the street from here in manchester. the governor has said this is a make or break state for his campaign and he has put most of
12:34 pm
his resources into trying to put up a strong showing here in new hampshire. our chris frates is at the event. chris, kasich was really been embraced by the town hall kind of forums reaching out to voters. people find it to be very memorable. what has been his message? >> fred, i tell you, town halls are john kasich's specialty. we're here at concord high school in concord, new hampshire. fun fact, it's actually the ala mater of david sooter. john kasich is coming off a pretty good debate last night. and they teed up chris christie to take a shot at john kasich and governor christie went after
12:35 pm
rubio instead. let's take a listen to how john kasich talked about his debate performance last night. >> the debates are not the greatest thing for me. i would so much like to change the format to go to a town hall format where we can really have an in-depth conversation. last night i felt very good because what i sense there was the debate was controlled, i got more time and, you know, it's always a struggle with the time issue. >> reporter: so there you have john kasich talking about how he struggles to get time in those debates. he's much more comfortable in those town halls and treated the debate like a town hall, not going after the other candidates on this stage and really kind of honing his policy points here. he stayed positive throughout the last days of this campaign and believes that will set him
12:36 pm
apart from the rest of the candidates in the field and makes the point that because he's being attacked, that shows that he has a momentum here going into tuesday's primary. he certainly boasts a little bit about his get out to vote operation. 500 volunteers have come to new hampshire from across the country to support john kasich and feel like they are knocking on thousands of doors. they've made hundreds of thousands of phone calls and they can get people to come out for him. in fact, he had a little bit of a celebrity endorsement. he's friends with former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. he likes to tell people in his town halls that when he told the terminator how he was getting hit with these attacks, arnold told him, john loved it. he gets a laugh out of these town halls, fred. we'll see what he has to do. i hope he'll get started here
12:37 pm
soon. >> and telling the voters, vote for john. all right. chris frates, thank you so much. next, a big endorsement for bernie sanders. does it mean trouble for hillary clinton? we'll talk live with a former leader of the naacp about why he is supporting sanders, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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he's my dream candidate. i've been waiting for bernie sanders to run for 30 years. >> bernie sanders represents for so many of us the voice to make america work again, to make it work for all of us. not just the big money people that can pour untold billions of dollars into buying elections. >> those three ladies are bernie sanders supporters here in manchester. new results coming out today showing hillary clinton still wins the iowa caucuses after a week-long review but the margin clinton won by is very slim. the results of the review show clinton topped sanders 49.84% to 49.59%. her win narrowing by just a quarter of a percent. the iowa democratic party said it found counting errors in 5 of the 14 precincts that it double-checked. an influential voices lending his support to bernie
12:42 pm
sanders. the former president of the naacp is endorsing the vermont senator. the endorsement is a potential boost to sanders who has so far struggled to gain traction among african-american voters. ben is with us now from columbia, south carolina. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> so how easy or hard was it for you to make this decision? >> it was a very easy decision. i signed up for this campaign the same reason i signed up for the jesse jackson in 1998 as a 15-year-old kid. this candidate, when you look at dr. king's matrix that he gives us for choosing which leaders to follow, it comes down to two sort of tests, if you will. one is the test of a genuine leader. dr. king says a genuine leader is a -- excuse me.
12:43 pm
he says a leader is a molder. he's not a follower of consensus. it's clear, as you look at the issue of private prisons, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in the same place as they have always been. she starts out and takes money from their lobby. now she does not support private prisons and she will not take money from their lobby because, frankly, she saw the consensus shift in the party and she followed it. bernie sanders is one of the people to help mold it. the other test that dr. king gives us when it comes to leadership is what he called the giant triplets. racism, militaryism agreed. and those were the three things that we needed to be clear, to be on the guard against and oppose and move our nation past. on those three issues, bernie sanders is clearly the best. he's been the most consistent.
12:44 pm
he's fought them his entire life. you know, he was against the war in vietnam, voted against the war in iraq. you know, he was out there and locked up in chicago fighting to, you know, fighting segregation in housing and it's that sort of consistency and courage that makes me excited. >> and i wonder if you have to have work hard to convey that to people in south carolina on bernie sanders' behalf. i spoke to simone sanders and she said there's not as many african-american support compared to clinton. sanders still has to work hard at introducing himself, sharing his civil rights record with people. how hard do you have to school people there, so to speak, on what you believe to be his background worth endorsing?
12:45 pm
>> you know, look, folks here are primed and ready. they have very open minds. i've been with folks the last couple of days, frankly, who have endorsed hillary and are now considering switching to bernie. i was with young people who convinced their parents, a young bl black woman convinced her mom to vote for bernie. you will only see bernie gain support from here on out. this is a campaign we're going to work hard every day and the only question, really, is do we have the time to introduce the candidate and, you know, we're going to work with the hope that we do. >> and what are the answers for that? the south carolina primary is right around the corner. >> we'll find out. things can change very, very quickly. what we saw in the first state was that she got upset. in the second state, she'll be defeated. at the very least, we'll come
12:46 pm
out of here with a tie. i think, frankly, you'll see at least an upset here. bernie sanders will do better than hillary thought he would do, quite frankly, at the start of this. >> all right. and you now join the ranks of other prominent african-americans, keith ellison and cornel west. ben jealous, thank you so much. throwing your support behind bernie sanders. appreciate it. >> thank you. bernie sanders will debate hillary clinton on thursday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern and you can see it live right here on cnn. and we'll be right back from manchester. rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text.
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it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". . welcome back to manchester. the new hampshire debate is expecting record turnout for the primary. the forecast is a little snow starting tomorrow morning. just about three hours-drive or so of here, new york, of manchester, just shy of the canadian border, these are indeed super bowl like conditions for the hand full of super excited by die hard registered voters. in the snowy shadows of the once majestic resort across the now
12:51 pm
frozen lake gloryette, a cabin where some of the first votes are cast for the primary in general election at midnight. >> voters come in here? >> yep. >> then what happens in. >> voters come in. we will have a table here where the count officials will check off each voter off the check list. as they get checked off the check list, they are given their ballot. democrat, republican, whichever they choose. then behind you there's individual voting booths and each voter will go into one of these voting booths, they will mark the ballot. i will keep a close watch on the time and at precisely mid night the first voter who had been selected by lottery, the first voter will, ding, drop their ballot and that's the start. >> this is family tradition for
12:52 pm
tom. >> it's like a lot of things. what you grow up with you kind of take it for granted. >> he grew up watching his father, neal, who for nearly 50 years cast the first ballot. a tradition that got its start thifrpgs in part it new jersey's winter weather, driving 45 minutes to the nearest polling station was risky, so they brought poling to dixville notch in 1960. >> it was brought to his attention that if you incorporate it for the purpose of voting, can you do it here. >> tom's father died at the age of 102. now his son runs it. >> we have an example of the american civics process, voting, high voter turnout. >> so traditionally 100% of eligible voters have voted in primaries, and general elections here? whether 38 people or whether it's 9 people who are eligible voters, all of them. >> yes.
12:53 pm
we have, for 46 years, have had a hundred percent voter participation. >> this election cycle, tom is one of nine priding themselves. which has the distinction of the first vote and usual parade of the presidential candidates from the bushes to the doles. john mccain. bill clinton. dick gephardt. and ronald reagan to name a few. >> coming to stroll with us around this park going in that door over there, that's really the benefit to the dixville voters, to be able to look somebody in the eye and get a sense of whether that's a good person. everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. after four years you're ready for another 15 minutes. a privilege, and very exciting. >> it's sort after privilege and pleasure. >> new resident, les otton, is
12:54 pm
also thrilled. about watching his vote tallied in this way and as a developer spear-heading a massive resort renovation. >> why is this so exciting? >> i know that when i vote, somebody's going to know and people around me will know. >> this has become a magnet, hasn't it, for presidential candidates. they take this location, even if's just nine votes or 38 votes, very seriously. >> look, our results are going to be placid across the united states and across the world. at one minute after midnight. >> the only disappointment so far here, that more candidates didn't show up. >> john kasich is the only one that has actually been on the property so far. >> does he get the upper hand because he has had the face time here? >> yeah, i think he made a lot of points with our small group up here. just by being here and being so down it earth. >> andy pearson has voted here four times. >> i think if you were to look back, many of the primary and
12:55 pm
general elections, you could say as dixville went, as did new hampshire, so did the nation. so whether that's coincidence, you know, who knows, but dixville has had a fairly good track record in picking some winners. >> when the resort fell on hard times, closing in 2011, the intense campaign trail attention also melted away. in politics, everybody loves a good come back story. and the people of dixville notch and the balsom's resort are counting on it here. >> after re renovations here, of the balsom's, is it your feeling that presidential candidates will come back in droves? >> i hope they will. i think that's a possibility. >> and it's a possibility when renovations are complete here in two years, there may be more eligible voters in dixville notch. eager to be among the first in
12:56 pm
the nation to cast ballots. >> so the nine voters in dixville notch start assembling as early as 8:00 p.m. monday night. similar it a football tailgate, but inside that brown cabin, they will eat, have a little hot cocoa, no alcohol, and fellowship behind going behind the curtain and casting their votes. very cool tradition. literally cool. it's cold up there. all right, next hour of the cnn noo newsroom begins right after this.
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welcome back to manchester. the excitement is palpable here in new hampshire. with just two days to go until the nation's first presidential primary, hello again, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield and we are live here. the locals say manchester, so i'm going with that. events are held this hour for john kasich and hillary clinton. clinton's husband, former president bill clinton, is actually holding the ra


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