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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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welcome back to manchester. the excitement is palpable here in new hampshire. with just two days to go until the nation's first presidential primary, hello again, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield and we are live here. the locals say manchester, so i'm going with that. events are held this hour for john kasich and hillary clinton. clinton's husband, former president bill clinton, is actually holding the ra rally on
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her we half while she addresses the flint, michigan and water crisis there. moments ago, chris christie said he has no regrets. >> plan was to go and talk about the thing i've been talking about all week. that there's a big difference between me and marco rubio, between my experience and his p who is willing to take on hillary clinton, who is ready to run the country. i'm ready for the job, senator rubio is not. that's the point i was trying to make last night, and i think it went okay. >> in your experience in taking him on, do you think it's having gone over 180 town halls, the experience of the public forum, and -- new jersey, and federal prosecutor -- >> yes. listen, everything you bring to the table from your life is what matters. i was trying it make that point all week. what you've done in your life
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matters. and that you know, just for the newest or shiniest thing, we did that seven years ago and it doesn't work. last night you saw when the lights got on and they got really bright, it makes a difference. and i've been tested. you know. there's folks in this crowd here who have been covering me for years and they pushed me hard all the time. and the national folks are here, who pushed me. and you learn. a lot from that. and either you're ready or you're not. last night we showed a lot about ourselves, most importantly, and i think senator rubio showed something about himself too. >> you lose on tuesday, you going home? >> depends on how you define lose, man. you know. i've got to tell you this, going into last night, there was marsh among the chattering class and political operatives and i think that anointment is now over. i think it changes the entire
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race and means there are more tickets out of this state than before last night. i don't think anyone is willing to settle after what went on last night. we cannot take the chance on having someone that cannot beat hillary clinton. i am ready to roll right at the south carolina. my reservations are made. we have staff and we're ready to go south carolina. i want the result here on tuesday to be as good as it can possibly be. and we are going to work hard it make sure it is as good as it can be. i think last night we took a large step towards it. >> all right, new jersey governor chris christie very confident looking forward to tuesday at the same time reflecting on last night saying he is not at all apologetic. he was just being himself. now someone else who likes to just be himself, donald trump, he was back on the stage last night after skipping the previous gop debate in iowa. trump sparring with his rivals, including jeb bush.
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here's the moment where bush hit him hard on the issue of eminent domain and well donald trump pushed back. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try it take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not -- that is down right wrong. here is's the problem with that. the problem was it was to -- to tear down -- it tear down the house -- >> i didn't take the property. the result was -- >> you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman ultimately didn't want to do that. >> that is not true. to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not of public use. >> mr. trump, take 30 seconds. he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have -- and it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. >> a lot of times -- >> oh, boy, that was that moment
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no one can forget. i ant want to bring in dane dana boesch, did he say anything about that shush moment? >> not really. he was quite pleased with his last night. he clearly felt like he had the issue where he could really nail donald trump last night. but aside from that, there wasn't as much heat with donald trump and others on the stage who might be bigger threats to him at this point. and threats to his candidacy. that has been kind of a marked change from what he's been doing. not just on the debate stage, but more importantly what he's been doing on the stump. because this state, new hampshire, is so critical it
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him, he is going back to basics. i talked to him about how he would have to fair in new hampshire. >> i'm very, very happy the debate is over with. but i enjoyed the experience. >> you keep saying that. it is almost like you feel -- >> by the way, there is a lot of pressure. a lot of pressure on the debate. i'll be honest. for everybody, not just me. and there's more pressure when i see you and all of you people and everybody else and say this is a vital debate for trump. i wish i didn't hear it. when i hear jeremy saying this debate is vital for trump. so it makes it more pressure. and i've always liked pressure to be honest with you. and it came out very well. >> one last question. you did very well in iowa. not taking that away from you. but as you know, because you built a brand on understanding that perception is everything, and the perception because of the polls is that you would win iowa. so if you don't win in new hampshire, what is that going to do to your political brand?
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is it going to be damaged? >> so if i had two seconds, i think i'm doing okay. i would much rather win. i could say to you if i came in second or thrillird i would be thrilled. i know all about expectations. if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? so now if i come in second, you can go around and say, poof. no, i would much prefer to win in new hampshire. >> and what would it mean down the road? about getting the nomination? >> oh, i think we'll do fine. we will do very well in south carolina. we have tremendous numbers there. i think the sec will be great. and nevada is a place i have major holdings. thousands of employees there. i think we will do well all the way done the line. we hope to do really well on tuesday. >> so you see there, fred, he was being quite candid that he understands the expectations game in politicians.
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and for that moment web didn't play them. he said, i want it come in first. not a need, i should clarify, i want to come in first. but he is stating the obvious. he does have a double-digit lead in most polls in new hampshire. if he doesn't come in first the perception will be that he is quite damaged, which is why i think it would be hard for him to admit anything else. >> not appearing to be overly confident since he was burned at the polls, and with the outcome eventually set in iowa, so this time, you know, you kind of go in saying, i'm not so confident but then you really are inside. >> all right. >> dana bash, thanks so much, appreciate it. joining mark preston and public and strategist and kaylin kennedy. good to see all of you. all right, ladies first, you're in the middle here, is this the understated donald trump also competing with the brash donald
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trump? >> yeah, you know, we have seen him soften his tone. we recall the anderson cooper review, where he opened up about alcoholism in his family. he is softer around the edges. but what served him well is chris christie fighting his battles taking down rubio who is his number one threat on tuesday. >> was he feeling inside like yay, do you this so i don't have to? >> i think we were all a little stunned by it and i think donald trump was no exception. he sat back and rode high and people thought he had a great debate performance and rubio came out with a black eye. >> if you're into watching body language, which i love to do, it was interesting in the cut-aways when you look at the dynamic of that half circle and it was like a tennis match like i'm just going to watch this go back and forth. >> it is nice to be a spectator and not in the firing line. there is a lot to consider about the campaign. but have you marco rubio that was so scripted, he said the
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same thing, said the same thing over and over time. i don't know if donald trump has ever been handed a script, and if he has, did he ever read off of it. he just says what is on his mind. last night rubio was hit hard. probably resulting in another ticket out of new hampshire that will not be four, probably five. that's the narrative today. donald trump, even if he comes in second place, he wants to win. of course he wants to win. but even in second place he has plenty of money. co-continue to go on. by the way -- >> maybe in his case it is not money but a little ego too. >> i think he is his worst enemy. if he decides it is all done inside mentally then it is. and he's out. but i think that's on him though. >> okay. brian, lots of thoughts. let's go to this -- yeah, another taste of last night. chris christie and a moment. >> let's dispel once and all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is
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doing. >> i want the people at home to think about this. that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisors -- >> the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing -- >> there it is. there it is. memorized 25-second speech. there is is t is, everybody. >> here's the response. i think anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with here. this is a president, this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> oh, boy. hard to come back from this. and the boston herald ran with it. choke. it takes you back to the drinking of the water moment. >> yeah. i mean, we're chattering a lot about this.
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but when you look at the google search trends, 538 did an article about this. actual viewers spike -- the interest spiked when he talked about his pro life position. that was two, three times as many hits as when this exchange was going on. so maybe we care more about it than viewers. and the other thing this is pot meet kettle. chris christie's whole campaign is i'm a governor, i was a prosecutor. i'm a governor, i was a prosecutor. i'm a governor, i was a prosecutor. he is a broken record. so i think voters may take that into account as well. and the resume, christie with the future rubio. so if there is is a recovery, one bad moment doesn't cripple a campaign. >> in a state like nuch, northeastern state, plays well with this audience and marco rubio i loved what he said in his pro life position. but that doesn't carry the day here in a state like new hampshire. >> that may not. but his conviction about it, his empathy, and the way he
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addresses it, is something that even pro choice voters can identify and appreciate his passion. that, i think, is why that spike happened. and so i think going forward and again rubio has an operation if several states already down the line. >> yeah. >> so this one moment i think is something that will, that will recover from especially because he has more debates. >> and that's what candidates are counting on, right? they want voters to look deeper into what they are promising. they want them to study everything about them. >> right. >> and not necessarily the fallacies. >> what we see what cnn has done in iowa and new hampshire, we have been able to look into the soul of the democratic candidates. it has been difficult with the candidates because the republican field is too big. i will say this about the pro life position of marco rubio. that could become problematic. i understand in a primary, republican primary, it plays well. but that could become
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problematic. there are people on the stage that will hit at him because he has no exception to abortion in that and that is problematic. only one part of the republican party that believes in absolutism on that. there is a whole other stretch on that. i think marco rubio can't waiver on it. he is already there but it could be a problem. >> all right. thanks so much. another quick one? >> the national security talking points and his experience on the intelligence committee. another trend where he stands out from the crowd and where he can fight back. >> all right. brian, mark, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> we will have special coverage of the new hampshire primary all day tuesday. you don't want to miss any of it. all riveting from start to finish. final speeches, big vote and all of the results captured here on cnn. >> i'm undecided but leaning very heavily now. >> toward? >> towards donald trump. >> why?
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welcome back to our live coverage of beautiful look thereof manchester in new hampshire. the candidates are chris-crossing the state. john kasich is now holding a town hall right now in concorde just up the street if here. let's listen in for a moment. >> and the debt per person is what is it now, 58,6 00. it is out of control. and because of that, we have too much regulation. taxes going up and spending going through the roof. wonder why we're not doing great. and i can tell you both from being in washington and being a governor of the seventh largest state, if you have common sense regulations, if you cut taxes
1:19 pm
for individuals in business and if you manage your budget and you don't go in the hole you will have a robust economy with job growth. and that is what we need in america and that's what i will get us in the first hyundais. so i guess maybe i should go to questions here. i'm thinking if there is anything else i left it. we can solve these things. i remember when a man walked on the moon. i remember when the the wall came down. i remember reagan pushing the sun up. and you know, the sun is still not too its zenith, frankly. i remember when we pushed saddam, having muslim arabs come and work with the west push
1:20 pm
saddam, push saddam out of kuwait. and i was there when did balance the budget. and in ohio, with surpluses and pensions that are secure and harmony and the creation of 400,000 new private sector jobs. we're rockin and rolling and we want to do it in america. so we're going to go to questions. but i always know to ignore the firsthand that goes up. we're going right here, sir. yours was the third. okay? >> oh, thank you. couple quick thank yous and then a question on social security. thank you for mentioning social security in the past. thanks for talking about it last night. and the question is, i guess a note of thank is you thanks for taking my question because i was
1:21 pm
third. >> if the third isn't good, we're just going to move on to the next question. >> the question is, in the first hyundaundred hundred days of yo presidency, what's your plan for social security. >> well we know that those who are wealthy will get less benefit. but not no benefit. so those who depend on it will get what they want and we've got to convince the young people in this country that they've got a better chance of seeing a social security check than a ufo. and what we have to do is we have to get people people like charlie, we have to get people like deck sweat, former democratic congressman. i said, dick, i win, you're going down there. you have to get my agenda through because i know where you live. so we have a fundamentally republican -- we have to have a plan from the president, which we'll have. then we have to go and get the republican leadership and talk to the democrats and bring democrats on. because if you don't have some democrats on, you'll never get social security fixed because
1:22 pm
you don't jam things through. people say, you know, look i fight like crazy but jamming doesn't work. you have to be a able to recruit people on the basis of the strength of your idea and the idea of social security is, what, are you kidding me? america has to have a strong social security system. we can't turn our backs on our seniors, it's ridiculous. so we will line them up and look i have to spend a lot of time with the congress. a lot of time with the republican leadership, democratic leadership and then let me tell you what you do, you gather, you gather the birthdays of the moms and dads of members of congress, then you call them on their birthdays an then you get mom to call their son or daughter and say, if you mess with that president, you're messing with me, kid. okay? and you laugh, you laugh at that, but that's how it works.
1:23 pm
>> all right, john kasich there showing stamina after a night on the debate stage answering the question of, really the process of trying to protect and secure social security. he is in concorde just up the street in new hampshire. coming up, she is a female and she will tell you they is a fighter. why is hillary clinton having a tougher time picking up young female followers. how she is using powerful women to help with support. we'll hash it all out next. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
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kentucky senator rand paul drop owed ut of the republican presidential race on wednesday. bringing an end to a bid that began with the hopes of expanding the libertarian base that his father ron paul built and leaving many libertarians right here in new hampshire scratching their heads wondering
1:28 pm
which candidate they should support now. cnn politics senior digital correspondent chris moody went to a speak easy to talk with libertarians in this state. >> last summer cnn politics spent a week in the new hampshire woods with a group of libertarians part after movement to convince like-minded people to move here. after 15 years of work, they finally reached their goal. >> they are getting 20,000 people to move to the state of new hampshire and we now have 20,000 people who have said they will -- >> we were at a speak easy in manchester to celebrate. >> we wanted to find out what they think about rand paul dropping out of the race and how new hampshire libertarians feel about other candidates trying to get the vote. >> i made a lot of phone calls for rand paul and about 30 of us endorsed them and it is sad news he dropped out a week before the primary. >> i think it would have been great to see how he did in new hampshire. >> he wasn't that popular. he didn't inspire the same passion because he was trying to
1:29 pm
walk this road of compromising and certain areas. >> i came up to support rand paul. >> i was disappointed. but now we're candidate shopping. i went to see a ted cruz rally today. >> there are some people i see that are animated by ted cruz and some people that have even fallen into the donald trump camp. i say fallen. >> a lot of friends of mine, they are enamored of ted cruz. this is something inauthentic. >> sanders, hillary, i don't want any of it. >> there is no legitimate candidate i think that represent anything of what this country was founded on. >> i'll probably just be quiet and just not endorse any other campaign. >> all right, chris moody with me now. who is courting these boomers? >> after rand paul dropped out, ted cruz came out of the gate working hard here in new
1:30 pm
hampshire. here's his pitch, not that he is a pure libertarian like rand paul, he won't claim to be. but what he will say, basically what you can get out of his words is that he is someone that can unite the base. you night the coalitions. be there for the liberty movement and also be there for the evangelical voters as well. kind of like a reagansing. libertarians probably wouldn't come out to vote as much as if rand paul was here in 2016. and as we saw in the video, some might come around but others are cre skeptical as someone like cruz. >> thank you. fun piece. great view of the libertarian view here in new hampshire. appreciate it. coming up, she is a female leader. she will tell you she is a fighter. why is hillary clinton having a tough time picking up more young female followers. how she is using a lot of female women to help support her.
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welcome back to manchester, new hampshire. a woman is apologizing about her comment on women who support bernie sanders. on friday night's realtime with bill mar, gler gloria steinem suggested young women were backing bernie just to meet young men. >> where are the boys? the boys are with bernie. >> but on facebook she issued an about face. she wrote under a case of talk show interrupts, interruptus, i should say, i misspoke on the bill mar show recently and apologized for what is misinterpreted as applying young women aren't serious in their politics. what i had just said on the same show is the opposite. young women are active. mad as hell about what is
1:35 pm
happening to them. graduating in debt but earning $1 million less in their lifetime to pay it back whether they gravitate to bernie or hillary, young women are activists and feminists in greater numbers than ever before. hillary clinton has been struggling with women voters and her campaign is trying to change that. when former secretary of state madeleine albright introduced clinton yesterday she said it is the doughty of young women to support her. >> and a lot of younger women don't think you have to -- it's been done. it's not done. and you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> joining me now is the democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter, and democratic supporter and strategist maria cardona. good to see both of you ladies.
1:36 pm
>> hey, fred, how are you? >> maria, good. let me begin with you. do you believe that madeleine albright's words were taken out of context? do you think there is an understanding of what was said and what was meant by it? >> i think it was the wrong context for her to use them in. anyone who knows madeleine albright knows this is a line she coined a long time ago. and a lot of women do agree with it. i agree with it in most context. and i've used it before in a lot of different context. this isn't the best context to use that line. and i think hillary would agree, you don't shame anyone into voting four ar you and you earnt vote. i thisty is incumbent upon the campaign and hillary clinton herself and this is what she will continue to do is to talk about that stellar record. it's a lifetime of working on
1:37 pm
behalf of the women's issues, on behalf of family issues. whether paid family leave. whether it's a woman's right to choose. whether it's her going to the defense fund right out of college an working on behalf of women and girls all around the world when she was secretary of state. those were all things that i think are important not just to young women but to families all around the country. that's what she needs to be underscoring and that's what i hope her supporters continue to underscore. >> shaking her head vigorously at the top and what part do you agree with it? that you kind of are trying to assess as to what happened that moment yesterday and what hillary clinton represent. >> i think that -- i think that the feminist establishment, this institutional feminism doubts the intelligence of the millennial feminist.
1:38 pm
i worked under hillary clinton when i was 15 and 16 years old. and i know my friends are purely aware of her record. difference is they are faced by the recession. they can connect the dots to the most educated generation in history and they understand that wall street are the ones fighting equal pay. fighting against equal pay. they are setting up this institutional economic -- the problems in the economy, that hurt women millennial women the. >> what was your, you know, interpretation when you first learned of what gloria steinem said about young women trying to meet young men and then turned around on facebook as she spelled out, applauding the fact that there are so many more young women involved today than ever before.
1:39 pm
>> i admire gloria steinem and i admire her for apologizing but i think she is out of touch. those who have been successful in paving the path for us, we vr very grateful for that but there is not inclusivity. their definition of feminism is different than the me lineal definition of feminism. a lot more are muted and difficult to address but we are facing problems and addressing it. >> do you feel like there is just a -- at the root of most of this is a generation disconnect. generational experiences that are just simply different from the millennial women versus women over 35. >> right. versus a woman who is 32, i'm on the edge, almost there, i would say that my mother faced very different issued than i did. she was a wonderful role model. and she got me involved in politics, not hillary clinton's campaign. but i hope they are listening
1:40 pm
and metrics and as to raising a a certain amount of money, you are disqualified a whole group of women who there is organizations that wanted to address a woman running for office and not having those funds. but the problem is that those women being recruited are asked to do something viable. >> i will continue to underscore and this is what hillary clinton needs to underscore. there is no one who fought harder against economic inequality regardless of who she takes money from and her plat forms and proposals, saying they are tougher than bernie sanders and i would urge younger women who find out what her proposals do and that she is the one that can get things done here. >> thanks so much, ladies. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back.
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before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. the most modern in our history was the war on iraq. i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> his voice may sound weary but these candidates have stamina. they are chris-crossing the state of new hampshire. the iowa democratic caucus results by the way, have just been recounted and the new
1:45 pm
results show presidential candidate hillary clinton wins by an even marioer margin. clinton winning -- [ inaudible ] hillary losing one senior washington correspondent. jeff zel any joining us with these numbers. what does it mean? >> bernie sanders is right that he thought he had more support on monday. but the state department said they wouldn't review it a couple days ago. they changed their and reviewed 14 of 16 precincts. in five precincts they found more clinton supporters. so the democratic officials said if we are finding this in 14 precincts, we may see more otherwise but they don't want to open this pandora's box here. she still won but it is very, very close. they essentially split the delegates. that's why things in new
1:46 pm
hampshire are so, so competitive. >> you've been getting the pulse of the voters. >> we just came from a bernie sanders rally. so interesting to talk to voters. some undecided. but listen to a snapshot that we talked to. it gives a sense of where this race is. >> thanks. >> we are gooding with hillary because i think she can win and i think she has the same values and i've been a supporter of her for many years. >> i don't think she is believable. i just don't have good vibes about her. >> time for a political revolution and time to pay attention to the middle class because we are diminishing. >> grateful that these two people are running for office but i am terrified that future of our country, if anyone on the republican side, and it is not party politics. it is the values they represent. >> a grandmother and granddaughter, both bernie sanders supporters. one voted for hillary clinton eight years ago but said she just doesn't trust her now.
1:47 pm
but a few minutes later someone said look, hillary clinton may have trust issues but she is the only one who can beat republicans. that's just a snapshot of what is going on on the campaign trail. >> that's the unique thing about new hampshire. you can be sitting at a restaurant and hear the table next to you talking about president bl candidates. and they talk about it as real researched voters. >> they have almost a day and a half yet. >> the clock is ticking. >> right. >> all right, jeff zeleny, thanks. good to to see you. last night bernie sanders was live in new york. >> hold on, hold on, wait a second! [ cheers and applause ] i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment.
1:48 pm
enough is enough! we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me! >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge? >> huuuuge. >> huge with a y? who are you? >> i am bernie sanders witski. but we're going to change it when we get to america so it doesn't sound quite so jewish. >> yeah. that will trick 'em.
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beautiful look at little top, new hampshire. i'm fredricka whitfield. all right, so when candidates register for the primary they first have to sign up in person at secretary of state's office in concorde, just a little bit up the street from here. and after filing, they are just steps away from a place where most candidates go. >> good-bye, everybody. >> in the final push across the granite state, candidates are energizing big crowds and getting personal. new hampshire voters are tough,
1:53 pm
traditionally setting the bar high, expecting face time and demanding candidates understand what they mean. >> i don't think they want to hear a different message. they want sincerity and consistency and expect candidates running for the highest office in the land it understand concerns locally as well. >> do you think the candidates are put to a test in a different way here? >> absolutely. really significantly. because as president of of the state chair association, i get to go to state party events where often time presidential candidates come and it is like madonna is showing up or lady gaga or some rock star. they are so amazed that this person is in the same room with them, it is like, yeah, whatever. so what is your position on health care? >> i would love to have your vote. >> state leaders agree on something else, voters here don't tow the party line. >> this is a red state though. >> purple state, fredricka.
1:54 pm
purple state. >> so anything goes, is that your feeling? >> we have 43% independents, plus those unregistered can register that morning and vote. >> whether they are a registered democrat, republican or independent, they consider themselves to be independent. >> any candidate wanting to be chosen must first register at the state capital. >> so any presidential candidate has to begin here at the state house before their name ends up on a ballot for primary? >> yes. and only $1,000 to get on the ballot. >> what makes new hampshire unique in the presidential race? >> i think we're unique because we are small state geographically. we have a great diversity of ideas and thoughts within our population. >> after filing here, candidates are steps away from another concorde tradition. the barley house.
1:55 pm
>> so brian, there is your spot, the barley house. it has become a fixture on the campaign trail. >> yes we have. we have officially had most candidates come in. >> ryan shea says there is still plenty of time before the general election. >> you've got pictures of everyone who's been through here especially within the past 15 years. >> yes. >> michele bachmann, barack obama, hillary clinton. >> there is newt gingrich. funny story, newt gingrich was in here. and a reporter asked him, are you seriously running for president? he said of course i am, i'm at the barley house. that confirmed it for us. that was kind of cool. >> many here agree, it is pretty cool rolling out the welcome mat for all of the candidates and anyone else excited about the first primary state and race for the wlous. >> when people say, oh, why new hampshire? it is like, there's no walls. come on in. you get to do everything. we don't check ids when you go
1:56 pm
into a town hall meeting. you can be a democrat, republican, from california, from florida. >> every candidate, maximizing every minute in the final hours to win new hampshire. >> it will continue to be an exciting ride. thanks for being here with us in manchester. coverage continues right after this. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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hi, everyone. top of the hour. 5:00 eastern. i'm poplpy harlow in new york. thanks for joining us. the final debate before tuesday when voters cast their ballots for the man or woman they want to be the next president of the united states. on the democratic side, by no means a done deal, but the senator from neighboring vermont holds a healthy if slightly slipping edge over hillary clinton. right after the iowa caucus, support for bernie sanders was twice that of clinton in new hampshire. and on the republican side, the top three gop candidates are still holding their ground but last night's republican debate may have rattled that order. donald trump cruising with a large lead over both senators marco rubio and ted cruz. but he was ahead before the i


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