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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. top of the hour. 5:00 eastern. i'm poplpy harlow in new york. thanks for joining us. the final debate before tuesday when voters cast their ballots for the man or woman they want to be the next president of the united states. on the democratic side, by no means a done deal, but the senator from neighboring vermont holds a healthy if slightly slipping edge over hillary clinton. right after the iowa caucus, support for bernie sanders was twice that of clinton in new hampshire. and on the republican side, the top three gop candidates are still holding their ground but last night's republican debate may have rattled that order. donald trump cruising with a large lead over both senators marco rubio and ted cruz. but he was ahead before the iowa
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caucuses too and failed to win. as for senator marco rubio, he is getting ready to host a super bowl party as headlines bash his debate last night. boston herald calling it the rubio choke. and marco rubio gets robotic, glitching during republican debate. on the "huffington post," short circuit is the headline. all started when rival chris christie unleashed on him last night accusing him of recycling the same 25-second speech over and over again. last night rubio did in fact repeat the same line several times during the debate. >> and let's dispel once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. >> people at home, i want you to realize what is going on.
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the drive-by and then the 25-second memorized speech. >> bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing -- >> there it is. there it is. memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> here's the response. i think anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with here. this is a president, this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> let's talk about it with virginia congresswoman and marco rubio supporter and surrogate barbara comstock. thank you for joining me today. >> good to be here. >> congresswoman, let's dissect this criticism here. he faced this criticism before. chris christie brought it to the fore on the debate stage. his critics say he is sticking to the same talking points. outlining four talking points and they say that shows that he's not ready to be commander-in-chief. he is just sticking to what what his aides tell him.
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what's your response? >> listen, i've known marco rubio for almost eight years now. i have seen him across the country when he was campaigning for mitt romney. he was there to the very end. when he was campaigning for many of us that ran in 2014. when he stood with hundreds of people that came to see him on my campaign when he came out to help us. he was talking unscripting, unprompted for over a half hour. if you watch c-span, which i'm a big c-span watcher, too, can you see today he was out there with all of the voters. he is concerned about what is going on with them. that's why i'm supporting him. >> why do you think we are seeing more of the unscripted rubio when he gives speeches or on the debate stage? >> you are seeing it. if you watch c-span you see it all the time and off the past few years because he's been out there in the trenches working for so many of us in congress. working with his fellow senators. and you know, doing the hard
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work to come up with new policies. he has a detailed tax policy that lowers taxes for families and businesses because he understands that you know, he wants to live the -- wants everyone to live the american dream the way his family did. he understands foreign policy and national security. i think it is the most conversant candidate out there. he has experience in foreign affairs and intel committee. i went to church this morning and a pan take breakfast afterwards and the young people there, as well as old people, people from all different backgroun backgrounds, were coming up to me and talking about marco and his vision for the future. they are inspired by him. >> lets talk about vision and with vision comes rule making. voting on laws. when you look at his record, in the senate, he was the senator in 2015 who missed the most visit. if you compare that to a rand
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paul also running for president, he missed 20 out of 339 votes. senator bernie sanders missed 28. you know this criticism. when it comes to naming accomplishments, that is part of the back and forth with christie and rubio last night. let's watch this new ad that jeb bush has seized on with rick santorum supporting rubio but having a hard time naming those accomplishments. >> last one accomplish amount that marco rubio achieved in the last four years -- >> marco rubio finish, the sentence. >> i would say a guy, that number one -- >> bottom line is, he didn't get accomplishments done, neither did president obama. >> cut taxes by $19 million. 1.3 million jobs. 4.4% growth. eight balanced budgets. that's a conservative record. >> okay. so congresswoman to voters that might find that troubling, what
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do you say to them? >> listen, i've seen them as a member of congress. he led the effort in the senate to stop an obama care insurance bailout that saved taxpayers $2.5 billion. one of the issues i'm concerned about as a grandmother of a young -- two young granddaughters, is human trafficking. he has been very engaged with this on human trafficking legislation. he talked about that last night. as i mentioned, his vision on national security and understanding of that is something that he has had that experience in and i know on the first month that he's in office and president, he can sign that bill that we have already passed through the house and senate with his help to repeal and replace obama care. he will sign bills like the keystone pipeline and be a friend and ally to people like israel where he was out there a leading voice on opposing the president's bad iran deal. and now, israel and our allies know they will have a friend in the white house with marco rubio and someone who has that vision
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of american exceptionalism as well as someone who wants everybody to have the opportunity and live the american dream. and i this i it will be a very confident america and a 21st century where america is once again predominant. that's the vision that he is out there talking about and the people like i saw, not just at church this morning, but when i was at the chinese new year event yesterday, at a food drive, meeting with defense and technology executives in the past week in my swing district, he reaches out to all those people and he knows how to grow our party like nobody else does. and i come from a swing district. and can i tell you we need somebody who understands the growing diversity of our country and is inspire bid that and thinks that we need to embrace all of that, grow our party, and have everybody living that american dream. >> so congresswoman, let me ask you, when it comes to these votes, right, because that is the job of a senator, is to vote and represent your constituents.
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missing 120 out of 330 votes this year, so many more than fellow senators who were running for president, that is a concern to a number of voters. what is your response to them in terms of action? vision is one thing. action is another. >> we've been there for -- he has been there outlining the vision and where he wants to take the american people. you look back at 2008 or 2012, you have these statistics that you can site. and i don't know exactly how many president obama missed -- or how many hillary clinton missed -- >> i do. president obama missed -- you're right. a point to make. president obama missed 64% of votes in the senate in 2008, 137 out of 213 when he was running. i see your point. i'm asking for this senator running to be commander-in-ch f commander-in-chief, should there
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be concern he miss sewed many votes? >> no. i think you know, we can look at long run. this is the person who has 50-state operation to run for president. a person who has a vision on tax reform and 21st century tax code. he understands the technology community. he understands we need to increase defense spending. our allies need to be able to know and trust us and that we will be there for them. and he understands, you know, that the american dream should be alive and well for everybody. and so he is out, you know, crossing this country with a young family and making sure that he can reach everybody in a diverse area like me. he is a run and won in florida. and over the years majority minority community sew embraces the diversity of america and brings everyone together with a strong conservative vision that i think people are finding inspiring. so when you're running and i hear from democrats all the
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time, that he is the republican they most fear. i hear that everyday. you know, he is not concerned about him. is concerned about the american people and that's why i'm supporting him. some guys are out there and they want it talk about them and fight each other. he wants to fight each other and american and that's where this is a long day in presidential campaign. >> one thing is clear, there is long and it'll marathon on both sides. i wish we had more time. i would like you to have come back. >> thank you. >> and too brooke baldwin. >> hey, good to see you. listen, all of the folks i talked to who live in this state say they don't know who they are voting for tuesday. that's why this is so key. that's why watching the debate
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last night was so important. you just heard poppy's conversation with congresswoman comstock there. christie took the gloves off against rubio. we have seen that leading up to last night. and then you have what happened on the debate stage. christie feeling about about last night. he spoke to reporters here in new hampshire. >> plan was so go and talk about the thing i've been talking about all week. that there is a big difference between me and marco rubio. between my experience and his. who is ready to take on hillary clinton. who is ready to run the country. this is about the country and the country needs a president who is ready. seven years after president who wasn't ready for the job. i'm ready for the job. senator rubio is not. that's the pouint i was trying o make last night. what you bring to the table from your life is what matters. that's why i was trying to make that point all week to everybody. what you've done in your life matters. and that just going for the
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newest or shiniest thing, we did that seven years ago and it doesn't work. and last night you all saw that when the lights got on and they got really bright, it makes a difference. and i've been tested. there are folks in this crowd here who have been covering me for years and they have pushed me really hard all the time. and the national folks are here who push me. and you learn. a lot from that. and either you're ready for you're not and last night showed a lot about ourselves most importantly and i think senator rubio showed something about himself too. >> from the new jersey governor to the man who was center stage, donald trump, donald trump says he would not be happy with a second place finish tuesday night here in new hampshire. that is precisely what he told our chief political correspondent dana bash. the billionaire businessman, came in second, as you know, from the iowa caucuses. dana bash is now live in plymouth where you just talked to him back stage. i love the conversation. i love that he said to you, yes, thanks to you, i knew the
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pressure was on for his debate performance last night. he also told you he understands the expectation game. what did he mean by that? >> what he means is that in p l politi politics, the whole idea is that you go into election day or primary day or caucus day saying, oh, no, i don't think i doll that well. then when you do well, everybody says oh, wow, better than we thought. that's exactly what happened to marco rubio in iowa. he only came in third but he came in a strong third. and better than everybody thought which is why, as chris christie said correctly, he has been at the center of attention for the past few days in new hampshire. while that has been going on brooke, you and i talked about this this past week on the air. donald trump has really changed on the stump. he has taken it down several notches and his tone, he is talking much more about what he would do, why people should vote for him rather than other people.
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not so much about reading the polls or hurling insults. ad so i asked him about that and specifically whether or not something that his father told him might have something to do with that. take a listen. >> i have to ask you about a moment that a lot of people are talking about. the debate last night. the opening. they were calling your name. ben carson's name was called. it looked like you were just hanging out to make him feel better. what happened? >> it wasn't ben's fault. you couldn't hear anything. ben stood there and i was saying, ben, i thought i heard your name. but i'm not sure. and you could not hear anything. it was crazy. and there was man back there who didn't know too much about what he was doing and nobody really knew what was happening. i said, hey, i'm just going to go out and what difference did it make, and i walked out and ben didn't. but it was not ben's fault, because you could not hear a thing. >> did you kind of hang out with him? >> i did. >> it wasn't going well for him?
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>> i didn't know what was going on. this is not the way it start a debate. but it was a great evening, actually, the way it turned out. but it was a little bit different. >> you were talking about something that your father used to say to you, which is take the lumps out. >> yeah. >> are you taking the lumps out? >> i think so. >> the way you described it, i don't know if he called you, donald, donnie, be nicer sometimes. >> my father did. he had the expression take the lumps out. i used that when i said i'm not giving iran back that $150 billion that we just handed them. >> are you also using them in terms of your demeanor. >> it's possible. i feel very good. i feel very good about the campaign and the way it is going. we are doing really well in new hampshire. i hear there is a big snowstorm coming that i'm not happy about, but i guess we can't stop that. i think the debate was very important last night. i'm glad it's over. i'm glad we did well. tuesday is a big day. i'm very, very happy the debate
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is over with. but i enjoyed the experience. >> you keep saying that. >> there is a lot of pressure. a lot of pressure on the debate. i'll be honest. for everybody. not just for me. and there's more pressure when i see you and all of your people and everybody else saying oh, this is a vital debate for trump. i wish i didn't hear it. when i hear jeremy saying this debate is vital for trump, it makes it even more pressure. and i've always liked pressure to be honest with you. and it came out very well. >> one last question. you did very well in iowa. i'm not taking that away from you. but you know as you built a brand on understanding that perception is everything, and the perception because of the polls was that you would win iowa, and so if you don't win in new hampshire, what is it that going to do to your political brand? is it going to be damaged? >> if i had two second, i think i'm doing okay. i would much rather win. i could say to you, if i came in second or third i would be
2:17 pm
thrilled. okay? that way we -- i know all about expectations. we lower our expectations. if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? so now if i come in second, you can go around and say, poof. no, i would much prefer to win in new hampshire. >> and what would it mean down the road? about the nomination? >> oh, i think we will do fine. look, we're going to do very well, i think, in south carolina. we have tremendous numbers there. i think the sec will be great. nevada is place i have major holdings. thousands of employees there. i think we're going to do well all wait down the line. and we hope to do really well on tuesday. >> and he now has an insurance policy when it comes to travel, brooke. you remember that he couldn't get back to new hampshire late last week because he took his jet back to new york. slept there. there was a snowstorm. no more. he is staying overnight. he is not leaving new hampshire now until primary day or
2:18 pm
afterwards, brooke. >> listen, all these little things matter. you rolled into town the other day and it was about trump not going to the voters. everything matters. excellent interview with mr. trump there. thanks for sharing. ahead of tuesday night. the big question, who will win over the hearts and mind here in new hampshire? watch our primary coverage all day long tuesday. of course only here on cnn. straight ahead here as we continue, we turn to the democrats and their sprint through new hampshire. why hillary clinton is not in the granite state today. and later, marco rubio playing catchup after last night's republican debate. we will go live to his super bowl party here in manchester. you're watching cnn. we'll be right back. mother, we are settlers. we settle for cable. and the simpler things in life. like our drab clothing.
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i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. enough is enough! we need to unite and work together. if you're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> you stay up to watch this last night? there were a couple of sketches in the show. senator bernie sanders walking on to the set of "saturday night live" delivering funny lines next to his doppelganger who was hosting. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate next thursday in milwaukee. that will be simulcast here on cnn. tune in for that. and then we just discovered today their debate on march 6th
2:23 pm
will be hosted by and carried live here on cnn. here is why that is so significant. that debate in a city with a very real infrastructure emergency right now, flint, michigan. hillary clinton left her primary campaign in new hampshire to fly to flint. she is under on the ground right now. she told folks there today that she can relate to this two-year plus lead poisoning crisis because she dealt with a similar situation when she was senator in new york. watching the campaign and their moves today in flint, michigan, nia, what did you see? >> reporter: hillary clinton took a break from campaigning in new hampshire where she is down nearly 20 point to bernie sanders to come to this community here in flint, michigan where residents have been struggling for a water crisis for the last two years. here is what she had to say to the 800 people who gathered at a church here.
2:24 pm
>> this is, for me, a personal commitment. i will stand with you every step of the way. i will not for one minute forget about you. or for get about your children. i will do everything i can to help you get back up, to get your strength and resilience flowing through this community again. because what happened here should never have happened anywhere. >> she met with pastors and mothers who spoke about the challenges their children have faced and will continue to face in the wake of this water crisis. she now heads back it new hampshire where she will send the last stretch campaigning before tuesday's primary. back to you, brooke. >> all right. thank you very much. again, that debate march 6th. let's go now to athena jones who is with the bush campaign. pretty strong performance on the debate stage in manchester last
2:25 pm
night. athena, former florida governor held a town hall in nashua hoping to build momentum. everything i see today, he is feeling strong and all smiles. >> absolutely. that's right, brooke. a lot of smiles on the faces of bush campaigners. and bush folks i have talked to feel he has the momentum after that strong debate performance last night. i spoke to bush after his town hall here just a little while ago. and he said he is feeling good. having good crowds making good connections. he says his canvassing teams are getting a good response as they knock on doors. not only over the past couple of days but also this morning. people are not so much saying they are neutral. more and more people are ready to commit to his team. he said he has the best ground game of any candidate in this state. this is probably one of the most
2:26 pm
high energy and bush events i've attended. he is feeding on the energy. he touted his take down last night of donald trump on the issue of eminent domain. got a lot of applause from the crowd for that. he talked about trump being a loser for questioning john mccain's hero status because he was captured and prisoner of war during the vietnam war. also without mentioning rubio by name talked about the presidency isn't scripted. you can't just turn a phrase well and expect that to be a good enough to run for president. so a very high energy governor bush. his steady hand on day one and as i said, his team is faeling good. i spoke with a big bush supporter after the event. he said things are moving in the right direction. he said they have 50% chance of finishing top 3, maybe 90% chance of finishing in top 4.
2:27 pm
difficult to prognosticate but they are feeling good. >> he came into the state with his 90-year-old mother who looks amazing. they drew capacity crowds. and who knows what could happen news night. thank you so much with the bush campaign, meantime, i know we are all politics talk here. it feels like the super bowl for us. how about the real game? live pictures from santa clara, california. the panthers and broncos going head to head in just a little while for super bowl 50. coming up, the president of the united states talks about his party plans for the last super bowl he will actually be watching from the white house.
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president obama is a passionate sports fan, no question. just don't ask him or expect him to give a super bowl prediction about the broncos and panthers in his presuper bowl interview tonight. he sat down with gayle king and the first lady sat in. they dished on the game, party plans, wings, pizza, beyonce at halftime and of course those legendary commercials. >> this is your last super bowl
2:32 pm
in the white house. my question is this, do you have any special plans for the day? what's the menu? who's coming? >> i've been cooking all day. >> don't let her tell stories now. >> barbecuing, grill out, i'm tired. but i pulled myself together for this. >> you clean up nicely, mrs. obama. >> thank you. >> we have a regular group of friends we've been having last four or five years, we all go upstairs, in the residence, the the treaty room, my office, we clear everything out. and your basic, wings, pizza, nachos. >> we take let's move off the table. >> you know, with let's move, is there carrot quesadillas? >>. >> no. >> there is the little vegetable tray that nobody touches. >> we will have two types of salads. >> oh, okay. there you go.
2:33 pm
>> what types? i'm just curious. >> what types? >> yes. >> i don't know. i was too busy barbecuing. >> i didn't know if there was a posse of 33 -- >> we are getting on -- so when you're at the super bowl party at the obama house, do you watch the commercials? care about the commercials? >> oh we're like everybody else. folks rate the commercials. yeah. people -- >> we have -- basically we have sort of three ways that we do the super bowl. we have the serious watchers. and that's the treaty room where you got to be -- if you're in that room, you're watching the game. >> watch the game. >> then the outside game with the kids are. they are fooling around. and by the food. >> we keep them away. >> then there's what i call the champagne room. that's where my mother sits. where you really don't know what's going on but you're close to the champagne. >> they hear shouting and oh, something must have happened. >> i was wondering, when do we
2:34 pm
break out the six pack or mix martinis. i was wondering at which point does that happen? >> starting now. once we get done with this. >> who is more likely to yell at tommy thompson the tv during the game? >> depends on who is playing. >> it's been a while since the bears were there. so we don't yell much. we enjoy watching the game and we hope for a good game. >> but if it is a good play, we will you a scream. >> oh, ooh. >> do you care about the halftime show? coldplay, bruno mars. and beyonce. >> i care deeply about the halftime show. deeply. i got dressed for the halftime show. i hope beyonce likes it. >> have you talked to her about any dance moves? those of us who have seen you dance on ellen and jimmy know that you've got move moves. you too. >> i've got some moves. >> i've talked to her about, you need to put this in your next video. obviously she didn't listen. >> so that's how the commander
2:35 pm
and chief and first lady take in the big game tonight. let's go to chris moody. he can't exactly dance like beyonce but hey, he's at his own party, if you will, with marco rubio in new hampshire. hey, chris. >> hey, it's just a normal super ball party with chips and dips. see you after the break. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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welcome back. marco rubio, let's talk about the florida senator who is in the headlines today but maybe not the kind of headlines he would like. when you look at the the papers this morning, some read like, difficult debate. or did marco rubio squander his big moment? rubio last night found himself the center of constant attacks. most notably from new jersey governor chris christie who accused rubio of using canned responses. afterwards, dan fifer, former senior adviser to president obama tweeted this, quote, i am now questioning my view that rubio is a goper demes should fear most. there is ten times more pressure and he could easily melt. now to my colleague, digital
2:40 pm
correspondent, chris moody, live here in new hampshire at a super bowl party. i see over your shoulder, the screen. marco rubio. this is his super bowl party. i want to talk about what that entails. but first rubio on stage time and time again. we knew he would be the bull's eye of so many different attacks after a strong showing in iowa. how do you think he did? >> what was once rubio's real strength discipline on the campaign trail, not saying things that might get him in trouble, turned to his weakness on the debate stage last night and chris christie hit on that. something he has been running videos about all week trying to say he is too calculated and too staged and not able to think on his feet. look, marco rubio is showing very strong in the polls here in new hampshire in the past couple of days, second behind trump. those three governors, kasich, christie and bush, needed to go after him to make a strong showing in order to go forward in the next contest. and chris christie, a lot of people would argue, really
2:41 pm
connected. now that doesn't mean that rube yol be lowering in the polls when they come to vote on tuesday night. but it certainly was not a good night for him at all. >> well, good night or not, listen, politics and campaign, doesn't stop just because there is a little football game happeni happening in just a little bit. but it does mean there is a great excuse for campaign staffers who have been banging on doors to take a pause, take in some quac, machos and wings. what do you see there? >> we are at a normal super bowl party here in manchester, new hampshire. there are pizzas, nachos, chips and marco rubio giving a presidential stump speech right now before the game. look, the election is just a couple of days and they need to keep campaigning and keep drawing crowds and keep getting buzz but they also know people want it watch the game. so they put it all together. a great idea. we're in a sport complex. several hundred people here
2:42 pm
watching the game after the speech. now marco rubio loves football and there's a lot of videos of him, his opponents really want to make him a water boy but he thinks he is quarterback. he gave it a shot last summer. take a look. >> now there is other videos of course. and doing other things. but rubio played football in college. he nailed the kid. but he was, you know, he put his arms up and i'm just kidding. and rubio played ball and he know he the game and he is fighting an opportunity to keep campaigning and watch the big game tonight. >> i love what you're saying. he should have put his arms up. he hit him. there you go. hopefully won't be judged by his -- you know, i'm taking team kid side. thank you very much. chris moody, appreciate it. there you go. marco rubio political speeches
2:43 pm
and super bowl. welcome to new hampshire two days before the big primary. coming up, new hampshire has always been kind to the clintons. and it is key for hillary clinton's run for the white house. we will look back at that relationship over the decades. nowhere to be, n and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be.
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2:47 pm
not tuesday. if you look back, history documents the clinton's bond with the new hampshire primary from bill clinton's famous come back in 1992 to hillary clinton's own rebound there in 2008. but this next chapter, that will be written on tuesday. here's our senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny. >> the clinton's and new hampshire. >> being back in new hampshire is an absolute joy. >> i survived the new hampshire primary when i ran for president the first time. on dunkin' donuts. >> a bond strengthened over a quarter century that is tested there more than ever in next week's new hampshire primary. and a little known arkansas governor the come back kid. a second place finish that revived his bid for the white house. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the come back kid. >> 25 years and four campaigns later, hillary clinton is turning to the state for a come back of her own. she a running far behind bernie
2:48 pm
sanders. a senator from neighboring vermont. on the campaign trail today she made a plea for help. >> this state has been so good to my husband and me and my family. >> hillary clinton has been campaigning along side her husband since the beginning. >> terry shoemaker is a tour guide for out of town democrats with white house ambitions. he helped introduce both clintons to the state. >> they had no idea who he was. that was the beginning for what has become a mutual admiration society between the clintons and new hampshire. >> as she does now, hillary kept her own schedule back then. >> absolutely. she was here a lot in 1991 and 1992. people came up and said, why isn't she running for president. >> all the way back then -- >> all the way back in 1991. >> and at that point that she would -- >> you know frankly, i thought she could but i didn't think she would after being first lady. >> when her own presidential
2:49 pm
campaign needed a lifeline after losing in iowa eight years ago, new hampshire delivered. >> i just don't want to see us fall backwards. >> mary ann still can't believe it created such a stir. >> why did you ask her that of all things to ask her? >> because i identified with her as working woman. and i just want to know how she did it. and i can didn't care about the rhetoric national issues and all that stuff. >> but a day later clinton won new hampshire. >> i listened to you and in the process i found my own voice. >> now, she's hoping to reprize that feeling. a lot here means an even longer campaign ahead. a moment that once again calls for two clintons. >> been so good to me and to hillary. >> new hampshire, come with me this week. make this journey with me. stand up for me. fight for me. >> jeff zeleny, cnn, manchester,
2:50 pm
new hampshire. >> we will see what history says on tuesday night. >> just ahead, what is the next best thing i guess to being at the super bowl tonight? we will tell you, next from the big game in santa clara, california. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,h. it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk
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the denver broncos, carolina panthers, are getting ready to kick off tonight at super bowl 50. so is cnn's i could wicoy wire,e from santa clara, california. you could not get a better day for the big game. >> just minutes away from the big game, poppy. two incredible quarter backs in this match-up. i want to focus on one. i had the honor and privilege of playing against paeyton manning. we could be watching him for the last time. could you imagine what it bo have been like for watching art lovers to watch and for music lovers to conduto watch bach co. and today is a special moment and his teammates know it. listen. >> if anybody don't even know
2:55 pm
peyton, they think he deserve winning and everybody on the team think that so we do what we got to do to get this win just in case he want to go out and retire he can good out with a bang. >> now peyton manning, going for a super bowl title and to think about watching the game today and broncos have a choice of which color jersey to wear as home team. they were 0-4 in wearing orange jerseys and super bowls but today they chose white. maybe they've done that based on superstition. teams with white jerseys have won 10 of the last 11 super bowls and that puts panthers in black jerseys and they are 0-2 in their post season history. so from the great peyton manning to the color of jerseys, so many great stories on the biggest game in all of american sports. >> because it's all about the
2:56 pm
jersey, right, coy? >> just look good, feel good, play good. i'm rooting for white today, poppy. >> quick break, we'll be right back. everyone's lookin' red carpet ready. my man, lemme guess who you're wearing... toenail fungus!? whaaat?!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it! most common side effects include... ...ingrown toenail, application site redness,... ...itching, swelling, burning... ...or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh!! fight it! with jublia! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size.
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because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! tonight's numbers, small but mitty one. the number, nine. nine people is how many folks will be vetting in new hampshire in the primary in dixville notch. the tiny village in the northern part of the state is famous forecasting its ballots at the stroke of midnight. both in the primary and in the general election. it is a proud tradition that dates back half a century to the kennedy nixon match-up in 1960. and before we go tonight, we
3:00 pm
just want to say a very special good-bye it a beloved member of our team. jennifer hendrickson, our editorial producer. look at her there. booking genius who schedules the great guest we have every week. she is a remarkable woman and journalist. great friend to all of us. she is moving from atlanta up here to be with me in new york. she's joining our new day team. our colleagues on that show are incredibly lucky to be getting jen. our thanks to you, jen, for all you've done for us. thank you all for being with us. i'm poppy harlow in new york. see you back here next week.


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