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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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but it is time for the housing industry to advance. in our minds this is about transparency. all right. "early start" continues right now. >> it is the day before. just 24 hours from now, the voting begins in new hampshire. the first in the nation primary. the candidates all out in the stump in the field today. making their final pitch. the denver broncos taking home the super bowl 50 title. the game's big moments and emotional interviews. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans in new york. >> good morning, christine romans. i am john berman in new hampshire. it is monday, february 8th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. we are one day away from the primary here in the granite
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state. this morning, a surprising new line of attack from someone not running. bill clinton speaking more directly about bernie sanders and the sanders supporters than he ever has. this is a real shift from the former president from until now has only spoken about hillary clinton's record and experience. >> if you are not for us, the boston globe, concord monitor, portsmouth newspaper, they are all part of the establishment. the national paper endorsed her, too. bernie took what is good about him and put it in the endorsements, except they did not endorse. today, they used a veteran's name to endorse. he didn't endorse. if you pointed out, it shows you how tied you are to the establishment. when you are making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. you are just for me or against me. >> again, something very
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different from the former president than we have seen on the trail in the campaign. hillary clinton has been trailing consistently in new hampshire. the latest monmouth university poll has bernie sanders up by ten points. our correspondent jeff zeleny in new hampshire with the latest. >> reporter: john and christine, one full day left of campaigning before the primary on tuesday. bernie sanders not letting up on hillary clinton's record. in a rally on sunday, he drew the biggest applause when he went after her record on iraq. specifically the vote in 2002. >> lately i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> reporter: now hillary clinton is back in new hampshire after
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taking a detour to flint, michigan. she addressed something with jake tapper about the double standard that exists with men and women and some critics who said she is shouting. >> we are still living with a double standard. and i know it. every woman i know knows it. whether you are in the media or the professions or business or politics. you know, sometimes i talk soft. sometimes i get passionate and i get excited. i don't know any man who doesn't do the same thing. i find it interesting that all of a sudden this is a big discussion about me once again. >> reporter: both sides agree sanders has a commanding lead here, the question is how much. the next question is what will the independent voters do? the key to the primary election. john and christine. >> the fickle new hampshire voters do hold the key. on the republican side,
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fascinating dynamic. donald trump out in front. look at the grouping behind him. kasich, rubio, bush, cruz. all within two points of each other. really interesting to see there. donald trump also out on the stump with a new tone and new temperament and new tactics. retail politicking. actually shaking hands. with dana bash, not so much getting into the game of playing the expectations. >> so if i had two seconds, i think i'm doing okay. i would much rather win. i could say if i came in second or third, i'd be thrilled. that way we lower expectation. i know all about expectation. we lower expectation. if i came if second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? if i come in second, you can go around and say boom. i would much prefer to win in new hampshire. >> that was donald trump. where are we on both sides of the race? one day before the voting here in new hampshire?
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we are joined by goldie taylor, the editor at large of the daily beast. the new line of attack for bill clinton. he has been careful and restrained on this stump in this race up until now. it was a very big change to see him go after bernie sanders directly. he was talking about the fact that the sanders campaign is misrepresenting endorsements. he talked about supporters for bernie sanders, who bill clinton says is saying sexist things in social media. >> people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention sexist to repeat. >> reporter: so goldie, the question is why has bill clinton
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been silent on bernie sanders up until now and why the shift? >> two words. new hampshire. if you look at the polling coming around new hampshire and headed into nevada and south carolina, bernie sanders has proven himself to be a formidable candidate. so absolutely put him out there. you see the new poll supporters with his wife and we will see how this comes together. >> we saw bernie sanders on "snl." you look at the iowa caucus voters. young people love bernie sanders. 70 points over hillary clinton. what's the issue with these young voters and hillar clinton? do young women voters, do they take her for granted? >> i don't think they
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necessarily take her for granted. what i believe is this new generation are really about what the world could be. they are into possibilities and reshaping the world in a way that they would want to raise the quality of life and how they want to live rather than the pragmatic approach that comes along with governing. you will find them more attracted to the bernie sanders candidacy. maybe the entire platform is not totally viable. >> it is really interesting, goldie. i want to show up the picture of the latest republican poll. one day before the actual voting here, donald trump out in front. you see him at 30%. look at the grouping. kasich, rubio, bush, cruz. all vying for second place. it could be getting closer in more tumultuous after the debate
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saturday night. and you have the performance in the debate that is getting a lot of criticism. let's remind people of what happened on saturday night with what chris christie is calling the rubio robotic performance. >> he knows exactly what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is. the memorand25 second speech. >> anyone who believes barack obama doesn't know what he's doing doesn't understand what we are doing here. this is the president trying to change the country. >> actually booed the fourth time. goldie, marco rubio trying to bounce back from the debate. >> in the words of jake tapper,
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this is going to leave a mark. i think it will last a good long time headed into the primary, marco rubio was running a clear second. that left him open to attack this past weekend. you know, chris christie is a former prosecutor. what did he do that night? he prosecuted marco rubio to the nines until he just fell apart. all he had to do is fall back on his talking points. he had no definite policy. he had no depth in messaging. as you noticed, it just didn't play well for very long. >> let's show the poll one more time. jeb bush campaign is feeling good this morning. feel good about the momentum and traction that the bush campaign. >> i buy it. i feel good about it showing up in the polls. there is a time when bush did
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not show up in the polls except single digits. that had to be a real disappointment. to be in the thick of it in new hampshire has to leave the bush campaign feeling good about something. that will all fall apart as we get to south carolina. >> goldie taylor, for us from the daily beast. great to have you here with us. i did see jeb bush on saturday. he did have new energy. he stayed with the crowd for a long time answered questions and seemed to be enjoying it. again, that is different from the jeb bush we saw maybe earlier this fall when he was taking a lot of hits. >> taking a lot of hits this fall, but supporters and campaign were saying just be patient. we are not in it for the early states. we will see if maybe they were right. john berman in new hampshire,
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thank you. go warm up. we are talking about the super bowl. if this was peyton manning's last rodeo, the ending was sweet. the denver broncos are super bowl champions. they won 24-10 in super bowl 50. the real star of the game was the denver defense. coy wire joins us now live from santa clara, california. good morning, coy. >> good morning, christine. i didn't sleep much last night. i played nine years in the nfl and i never been to a super bowl. so this was incredible. so much hype. it lived up to it. the big story line going into the game was the quarterbacks. peyton manning already a legend at 39 years old and cam newton. 26 and a legend in the making. the offense wins games. defense wins championships. denver's von miller proves that. clobbers cam newton. ball is out. mr. jackson snags it in the end zone for the touchdown. the panthers cut the lead in the
2:12 am
second quarter when jonathan stewart goes airborne. c.j. anderson powers into the end zone from two yards out for the touchdown. the denver broncos win super bowl 50 by a score of 24-10. the manning brothers now have won four of the last ten super bowls. here's peyton. >> i know how hard it is to get here. it is a special feeling. it takes a lot of hard work and you have to have good fortune. we were grateful to be here and to be victorious. it is very special. to be the great football team. i do not take it for granted. i know how difficult it is and i'm very grateful. >> before the season, peyton took a $4 million pay cut to help the team with the salary
2:13 am
cap. good karma. he earned it all back. incredible player on and off the field. funny, too. ♪ peyton won the super bowl >> he is really proud of it. coy, i'm glad you got to go to your first super bowl. north korea launching a rocket in space triggering a global condemnation. we are breaking all of this down right after the break. you know what women love? strippers. how do you think i got a girl like this?
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there is global condemnation following the rocket launch on sunday from north korea. the south korean president calls it a challenge to world peace an announcing her government will begin talks with the u.s. on installing an anti-missile defense system. our senior correspondent ivan watson is live for us in seoul, south korea. ivan. >> reporter: good morning,
2:18 am
christine. look at the footage which just aired on north korean state tv. this is footage of what appears to have been a fireworks display moments ago in the north korean capital pyongyang. the announcers say this was in celebration of the rocket launch on sunday. a rocket launch condemns and denounced across the world by the united nations security council as a step forward in north korea's program to make a nuclear weapons delivery system. north korea says it was to put an earth observation satellite in space. it has left u.s. allies in the region, militaries scrambling to track the debris trail of the rocket launch on sunday with south korea, taiwan and japan are tracking the rocket debris which is believed to have landed
2:19 am
in the ocean in the sea. north korea is defiance of the security council and the close partner china which announced regret of the rocket launch a month after north korea claim to have detonated a hydrogen bomb. now talk about anti-missile defense systems here in south korea. on monday morning, warning shots were fired at a north korean patrol boat believed to have crossed the border into south korea waters. christine. >> thank you for that, ivan watson. keep us posted with the developments from north korea. a big snowstorm heading toward the northeast. schools shutdown. hundreds of flights canceled. what you need to know next. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you,
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more than 2 million people in the northeast face winter storm warnings today. i want to bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri for the latest. >> good morning, john and christine. we are watching the storm system to add significant disruption with the primary on tuesday. we are watching a disturbance that is doing a good job of shunting the storm along the way. that will minimize snow accumulation for a lot of areas. the hardest hit areas in cape cod as you see and the storm advisories and winter storm advisories in place from
2:25 am
northern new england as far as northern new jersey. at least the best indications we have do put the heavy snowfall here in cape cod with 8 to 12 inches. boston, 5 to 8 inches. new york city potentially getting in 1 to 3. some models say 3 to 5 inches through tuesday night. the temperatures are cold enough. wait until you see what happens as we go later mid week to the latter portion of the week. saturday into valentine's day. for boston, temperatures should be around 40 degrees. the best we will do is 15 come valentine's day. two degrees on saturday night into sunday morning. incredible cold in the northeast. guys. >> thanks, pedram javaheri. the countdown to the new hampshire primary. voters will head to the polls. the last-minute strategies from the presidential candidates. that's next.
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just one day away from the first in the nation primary here in new hampshire. the candidates on the stump making their last minute pitches. we heard a surprising tone from a different voice last night. all the latest coming up. before that, there was a football game. the denver broncos taking home the super bowl 50 championship title. the emotional post-game interviews. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans in new york. >> i'm john berman live in manchester, new hampshire. we are 30 minutes past the hour. we are just one day away here in manchester and across this state from the first in the nation primary. this morning, we are hearing a new line of attack from someone not running. bill clinton is turning heads. speaking more directly about bernie sanders and his
2:31 am
supporters than he ever has. this is a real shift from the former president. who until now has spoken about hillary clinton and her record and experience. listen to this. >> if you are to the for us, the boston globe, the concord monitor, the portsmouth newspaper. they are all part of the establishment. the national newspaper endorse her, too. bernie took what they said good about him and put it in under all these endorsements. except they didn't endorse. today they used a veteran's name to endorse, except he did not endorse. it shows you how tied you are to the establishment. when you are making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> this is very different from what we have seen from bill clinton. he barely mentioned bernie sanders name. now he is going directly after
2:32 am
him. hillary clinton has been trailing in new hampshire. the latest monmouth university poll has bernie sanders up by ten points here. we have cnn's jeff zeleny here in new hampshire with the latest. >> reporter: john and christine, one full day of campaigning left before tuesday. bernie sanders not letting up on hillary clinton's record. on the rally on sunday, he drew the biggest applause when he talked about the war in iraq and her vote in 2002. >> lately, i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> reporter: now hillary clinton is back in new hampshire after a detour to flint, michigan. she will campaign today, but she addressed something with jake
2:33 am
tapper with the double standard with men and women. >> we are still living with a double standard. i know it. every woman i know knows it. whether you are in the media as a woman or in the professions or business or politics. you know, sometimes i talk soft and sometimes i get passionate and get excited. i don't know any man that doesn't do the same thing. i think it is interesting that all of a sudden it is a discussion about me. >> reporter: both sides again agree sanders has a big lead here, but the question is how much and the next question is what will the voters do? the new hampshire voters will hold the key to the primary election. john and christine. >> jeff zeleny in new hampshire. what will the independents do? everyone wants to know the answer to that. including on the republican side. a new fascinating dynamic
2:34 am
emerging in the republican race. donald trump is out in front. you see it right there. look at the bunching for second place. john kasich, marco rubio and jeb bush and ted cruz. what a race it is. now trump, the frontrunner, he seems to be taking a different tone right now. the kinder, gently donald trump on the stump. you saw him there shaking hands. retail politicking. speaking to dana bash, he was talking about the expectations game. >> so if i had two seconds, i think i'm doing okay. i would much rather win. i could say if i came in second or third, i'd be thrilled. that way we lower expectations. we lower expectations. if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. okay? so now if i come in second, you can go around and say boom. i would much rather prefer to win in new hampshire.
2:35 am
>> he cannot think about coming in second place. joining us now to talk about the race, goldie taylor, editor at large for "the daily beast." >> good morning. >> bill clinton is on the attack. he is naming names and talking about bernie sanders directly. talking about campaign tactics. that the sanders campaign is misrepresenting endorsements. he is going further. he is talking about bernie sanders health care plan directly and talking about bernie sanders supportesupporte saying the supporters are out and out sexist. listen. >> people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they support her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane, not to mention sexist to repeat.
2:36 am
>> this campaign was supposed to be different, goldie, than 2008. when hillary clinton was running against obama. this time he is speaking about hillary clinton's record. now the shift two days before the primary. he said it last night. we're one day before right now. what are the risks here for the president and hillary clinton? >> i think there are very big risks. if i'm going to have a surrogate, i could not pick one better than bill clinton. if you are calling young women trolls and you are saying they are online punishing that vitriol, you get yourself in trouble. what we see online with the venom in the campaign is what we see. i have not used my block button more than i have in this period. he has to be careful about that.
2:37 am
remember south carolina when he called obama's campaign the biggest fairy tale he has ever seen. he has to shy away from that. >> you see the young democrats that like bernie sanders. he is appealing to the younger vote. what does the clinton camp have to do to get the millennial voters on board? the numbers in iowa were shocking. the lead he has, bernie sanders has, over hillary clinton with the young people. >> you know, i'm really lucky to be the mom of two millennial young women and could careless if hillary clinton could be the first female president. they have seen a different world as we have seen. what they have seen is a diverse world. they take it for granted that a woman can be president if she wants. she don't look at -- maybe they do, but they don't count for it
2:38 am
in real-time. they assume that someone like hillary clinton can be president and she has an opportunity to do that. they are probably right about that. she is the frontrunner in the democratic nomination. she is the frontrunner in the general election without counting a single vote. what these young men and women are looking at bernie sanders talking about free health care. something a young 26-year-old -- >> free education. >> get rid of the college loans. talking about wall street to help me pay for college. i don't know many that will push back on that. hillary clinton has to start talking about the issues that they confront rather than being the historic bid. >> so goldie, i have to tell you the republican side of the race, a lot of the campaigns think it is a different race this morning. i heard from the advisers from jeb bush. i was at a kasich event hearing
2:39 am
from his strategists. they think marco rubio with his debate performance on saturday night opened the door for the rest of them. the battle for second place. they say it feels achievable because of this. all because of marco rubio and what some critics have said was a robotic performancperformance. >> let's dispel once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. >> there it is. the 25 second speech. >> i think anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he is doing on purpose, doesn't understand what he is doing. >> when you play to your narrative and play to what negative stereotypes about you, there is no bigger risk in
2:40 am
politics. marco rubio walked into it. can he recover by tomorrow? >> i don't think he can. i think this represents a reset for the middle and back of the pack. at least for everyone whose name is not donald trump. i think that john kasich has never seen these numbers before in the primary. i think chris christie really having a shot of coming in a solid second in an early state. i think there is a reset going on and whether or not he recovers for the next couple days. by the time we get to south carolina or nevada, it will be really tough for him. the fact of the matter is the stumbling was some large. >> goldie, the bush camp is saying they are feeling good after the debate on saturday night. jeb bush going after donald trump with some of his own verbiage. listen. >> by the way, let me echo what lindsey said. it is a sign of weakness when
2:41 am
you call john mccain or leo thorsness or anybody else that was a p.o.w. who served the country in a way that should be admired american heroes. calling them losers. donald trump, you're the loser. >> you think bush has momentum here heading into new hampshire? >> he has a bit of momentum he can harness into new hampshire. whether or not he can sustain that remains to be seen. he has a super pac supporting him. it is not like he cannot afford gas money to get to the next state. jeb bush is fighting in a race where everyone counted him out and people said he was too liberal to win. a conservative republican primary. he is in the race for the long haul. i don't know if it will serve him, you know, going over the course of time, but like i said, he can afford to stay in. >> double digits. now he has them. john. >> absolutely. >> goldie taylor, thanks for
2:42 am
being with us. christine, i have to tell you from talking to the campaigns, they think again the marco rubio performance, one of the governors could emerge. they only had three or four candidates going into south carolina. now they say that may not be the case. with four candidates tied for second place, there is no reason not to have five go on to south carolina. this race could be very interesting for quite some time. >> new hampshire is interesting. the undecideds. they will make up their mind when they are good and ready. john berman, thank you. warm up a bit. we're going to talk about the denver broncos beating the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. who are the real stars? cnn's coy wire has the answers for us. he joins us live from santa clara right after the break. brat . this woman...
2:43 am
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all right. if this was peyton manning's last rodeo, it was sweet. the broncos beat the panthers, 24-10, in super bowl 50. the star of the game, the denver defense. unstoppable. coy wire joins us from santa cla clara, california. he got to watch the big game. >> i'm happy this morning. hi, christine. i had the privilege of playing against peyton manning in my nfl playing days. what a privilege to watch one of the greatest to play before our eyes for possibly the last time. he became the oldest quarterback to start in super bowl history. he is no spring chicken. he mentioned this may be his last rodeo. he was asked about what was next
2:48 am
after the game. here is what he had to say. >> i don't know the answer to that. it has been an emotional week and emotional night. the night's just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family. i think i'll take time after that and i think i'll make a good decision. i think i'll be at peace with it. which ever way it goes. >> now if this was his last game, what a way to go out. super bowl champion for a second time. his team came through for him big time. especially that defense. oh, my goodness. straight up dominant. especially super bowl mvp von miller. cam newton under duress. he was sent home deflated and defeated. the denver broncos and peyton manning hoist the lombardi trophy. if this is the last chapter, it is a fairy tale ending for one of the greatest figures in sports history. christine. >> what a great game.
2:49 am
thank you, coy. get some sleep. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota and chris cuomo join me now, too. >> a rare two-fer. chris is eating breakfast as we speak. how is it? >> good. it is new hampshire oats. >> i'm all over that. we're live at the water works cafe. one day left for the presidential candidates to win over voters before the primary. as for the democrats, bill clinton comes out swinging against bernie sanders. he is defending hillary. will this help or hurt? we are talking to supporters. >> it is so familiar what we are seeing with team clinton. it smacks so much of 2008. bill came in hard and heavy in new hampshire and in states forward from there. a bit of controversial results. he started doing the heavy hitting as he is now. it was almost a backlash then.
2:50 am
just like with the big game. it is not what they say, it is how you play and the big governors are in here now. the word was not everybody is making it out of new hampshire. only one of the three governors will got a ticket. is that true? we have a panel. we have candidates on kasich and bush. we will ask all of the right questions and talk to all the right people. >> thank you. the refugee crisis reaching new heights in turkey. the country now saying it unable to take in more people while thousands wait at the border.
2:51 am
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♪ a refugee crisis of historic proportions is overwhelming turkey. there are currently 35,000 syrians at the turkey border. the border has now been closed for a fourth day. the turks declaring they reached
2:55 am
the end of the capacity to absorb more migrants. we have cnn's arwa damon there from the turkey/syria border. arwa, the crisis growing more dire by the hour. >> reporter: it really is. there are tens of thousands more people believed to be on the move fleeing the bombardment to allow the assad regime to take controls in the aleppo area. now turkey is saying that it will continue to have what it calls an open border policy when it comes to those fleeing syrian violence, but that doesn't seem to be the case. there is a bit of truck traffic. that is about the only thing crossing the border in the last few hours. we also have seen more trucks carrying tents as turkey says it is providing for those who are fleeing the violence, but
2:56 am
providing for them on the other side of the border crossing inside syria, bringing tents and food supplies. it is allowing those who need medical assistance through. speaking to those stuck on the other side, these are people who fled violence multiple times. they had to make the impossible decision to finally leave their home and everything they know behind. they say they don't want tents or food and water. they want to be let inside and be allowed to feel safe. it will get worse. as the rush of bombardment continues and the syrian regime is strangling the city of aleppo, the u.n. says up to 300,000 civilians are at risk. >> 300,000. arwa damon, thank you. 57 minutes past the hour. let's get a early start on your money. markets in china closed for the lunar new year. european markets sinking.
2:57 am
this has turned more negative as oil has turned lower. all continuing where friday left off. dow fell 211 points. real damage over in the nasdaq falling 3.3%. the lowest level since october of 2014. corporate leadership is a man's world. 22,000 publicly traded companies from 91 countries. more than 95% did not have a female ceo. half had no female top executive. 60% had no female board members. those companies may be paying a price. this study out this morning found companies made more money when at least 30% of its executives were women. quicken loans wants to get you a mortgage in eight minutes. the super bowl ad touting that got super bowl backlash. quicken loans pushing the rocket mortgage. the online mortgage process. the theory, we buy cars and music online. you should buy a mortgage online
2:58 am
too. critics say it provides the same lending process as what led to the crash in 2008. and the consumer financial protection bureau tweeting on this is aing you should ask questions. and in one day, voters head to the polls. "new day" is there right now. >> i know i've got an i know i've got an uphill climb. the most foreign policy issue was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> i'm ready for the job. senator rubio is not. >> i'm going to keep saying it over and over again. barack obama is trying to change america. >> when i'm president of the united states, i will run to the fire to put it out.
2:59 am
i won't blame my predecessor. >> is i could have won if cruz didn't take hold of the carson votes. >> global condemnation of north korea following a rocket launch. >> we will ensure that the security council imposes serious consequences. >> for the second time in his historic career, peyton manning is is a super bowl champion. >> it's truly been a team effort and it was a team win. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> wow. is that beautiful or what. look at that purple sky over us in new hampshire. good morning. welcome to "new day". sit monday, february 8th, 6:00 in the east. mick is in new york. alisyn and i are in manchester, new hampshire at the waterworks
3:00 am
cafe. both races heating up in the final stretch. donald trump with a big lead. 31%. now, barring a shocker, the real race is for second. senator rubio came on out of eye i on fire, then went down in flames, say critics at the debate saturday. new hampshire shaping up with the governors. kasich, christie, bush. bush tripling his numbers in the most recent play. who gets to stay in the race. >> this morning you will hear from donald trump. and we will have live interviews with jeb bush and john kasich when they stop by thework cafe. bill clinton on the offensive, accusing bernie sanders and his supporters of sexist attacks. saying he lives in a


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