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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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after the game. here's what he had to say -- >> i don't know the answer to that. it's been an emotional week. i think i'll make a good decision, and i think i'll be at peace with it, whichever way it goes. >> peyton manning having won one super bowl title with the colts and now one with the broncos becomes the first quarterback in nfl history to win the big game with two different teams. if the season is the final chapter of peyton manning's unfathomable football stori, it now has a fairytale ending, one of the greatest figures in american sports history. what a privilege it has been to watch peyton manning's storied nfl career. cnn sports. "legal view" takes it from here. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it is finally here, the last chance for people who ought to be president to line up, vote in
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america's first presidential primary. from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night, literally every hour of new hampshire primary eve is filled with candidate rallies and town hall meet and greets, you name it. if you stand still pretty much anywhere in the granite state today, one or more candidates may just brush by you. you may run across certain candidates' husbands for whom new hampshire voters know him. they helped to put him in the white house back in 1992. so why the last-minute frenzy? here's why. the latest cnn/mur poll shows less than half of new hampshire's likely gop voters have made up their minds. a quarter are leaning one way or another. three in ten ad this late date are wide open. perhaps because the democratic field is down to two, fewer voters on that side seem to be up for grabs. six in ten have made up their
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minds. only 16% said they could still if either way. as you listen to a sampling of presidential pitches from just the last couple of hours, don't forget the very first new hampshire ballots are actually set to be cast at midnight. a mere 12 hours from right now. >> i think a president, potential vice president, cabinet people, future presidents, we're blessed to have a very talented field. it's made for a messy and competitive process in the short term new york stock exchange the long term, i think it will serve our country very well. >> we'll get it done. i have no doubt we'll get it done. i've got to get through new hampshire. so, you know, this message of fixing the country and unifying and lifting everybody, i want to take this to the whole country so if i don't get to do it, it's your fault. so let's leave it right there. >> we have to get rid of the bushes of the world. you know, the guys like that will never straighten out this country, never straighten out the country.
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they're weak, they're ineffective, and you know, it's not going to happen. we have a couple of pretty good people running. i won't name them because i don't want to tell them, you know, now. >> fact is that you need to have some experience in doing this. it's nothing like the united states senate. the united states senate, they tell you when to show up, where to sit, what to do. they give you a list of questions beforehand, and you vote yes or no. that's not the way it is going governor or being president. the crises come when you least expect it. >> when the reagan coalition comes together, when the liberty movement is standing with tea partiers and standing with small business owners and standing with republican women and evangelicals, standing with conservatives, that's a movement to the people that scares the living daylight out of washington, d.c. >> jeb bush is about to speak live at a luncheon in new hampshire in the one to of
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nashua, in fact. we'll listen in and dip into that as soon as his mike goes live. in the meantime, i want to bring in my cnn colleagues who are standing by at their live mikes. we have a report from solemn. a fantastic picture of you. it is such a new hampshire shot. you're covered in snow. i know you brushed off a minute before air. yeah. and jeremy diamond gets a way better assignment. he's at the indoor rally in londonderry. we'll see how much snow accumulates on you as i ask jeremy the first question. jeremy, listen, i think governor bush said it himself. it is a battle for the second-place finish. give me a bit of taste of today and how it feels out there on the trail with that jump ball, say, up in the air. >> yeah. absolutely. this morning we saw donald trump making his case to finish in first here. and as far as jump ball for
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second, that's what jeb bush said a few weeks in an interview, himself suggesting that he and candidates like mash oh rubio and chris christie and john kasich are competing for second. and also this week, you had the rubio campaign saying in effect that they are fighting for second place. they're not really going for first place. that's because donald trump for weeks now, for months even has had a real lock on the first place positioning in polls. donald trump downplaying it a bit but told dana bash yesterday he wouldn't be happy if he didn't come in first. the other candidates, though, certainly will be happy with a second-place finish. >> let's check out manu and see how he's doing. it's still snowing. you and his an interview on this program almost at the exact time friday in which i gave you huge props for a piece you wrote talking about marco rubio sticking to the script on the campaign trail. lots of pros and cons for doing that. other candidates have done very well doing that. it really came back to bite him in the you know what on saturday
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night. walk me through what's going on after chris christie ravaged him for repeating campaign lines over and over. >> reporter: well, marco rubio has been unapologetic about using those lines. he's been actually staying -- using the same comments on the campaign trail saying this is why i ran, because of my concern that barack obama is changing america. he does not believe this to be a negative. they sent out a fund-raising solicitation today to supporters saying that the media is bashing them, painting themselves as a victim from the press, and they raise good $6 -- raised about $600,000 after that debate on saturday night trying to say it wasn't so bad. i spent a lot of time talking to voters the past day. and the view is sort of mixed. there are a lot of voters who are undecided, uncertain, they thought that rubio was rattled over this. they're not sure if that will be the decisive factor come tuesday. as we know, this state is famous for its late deciding voters.
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and we'll see if that really stopped marco rubio's momentum heading into tuesday. if he falls behind jeb bush or john kasich or chris christie, less likely chris christie, but possibly jeb bush and john kasich here in new hampshire, that could be a real problem for him heading into south carolina. >> well, if they look at the "boston herald" headlines in that state, it's got "choke" with marco rubio's picture full on the front page from yesterday. and maybe i say, even your eyebrows have snow on them. i think that's the story only in that if it's voting day, voting day starts at midnight tonight. weather makes a difference in new hampshire. i know there's a lot of snow headed your way. i think maybe we'll have you as the snow monitor as well as the politics monitor. manu, thank you. jeremy, you got the good straw today, my friend, lucky man. what a difference in new hampshire. thanks, guys. coming up in the next hour, donald trump will join wolf
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blitzer to weigh in on this feud that he's got with jeb bush. did you see this saturday night? ooh. it was -- there was a whole shush going on, there were boos, a whole "you're not nice to old ladies." boy, oh boy, what is that going do to the chances in new hampshire for either of them? that interview, do not miss it live here, 1:00 p.m. i could watch it over and over again. not one, not two, but three clintons are out stomping this hour in manchester, new hampshire. rowdy rally looks like it's underway there. my fellow cnn anchor, john berman, got that straw, and is picking up the coverage from there. hi, john. >> reporter: thank you very much. you know, this will be a really interesting event, as you said. all the clintons on stage. and for the first time in this campaign, bill clinton is naming names. he went right after bernie sanders in an event on sunday. and the question at the event you were looking at let it -- will he do it again today. that is what we're waiting to
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see. what will he say, what will hillary clinton say about this sharpened line of attack? on the other side, the bernie sanders side, this is what the new hampshire front-runner is saying today -- >> if this campaign is about anything, it is about revitalizing american democracy, making sure that every american knows how powerful he or she is to determine the future of this country. that's what this campaign is about. >> all right. that's bernie sanders right there. let's get back to this clinton event. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is hopefully there. jeff, are you, in fact, there? >> reporter: i am indeed here, and thankfully i'm inside, and thankfully this rally is inside because it is snowing outside, like we saw from our colleague's report a second ago. you see all the people behind me here. a few hundred people or so have gathered to see the clintons.
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and a lot of these people are volunteers, campaign activists who will be trying to get out the vote later today and tomorrow, of course, in new hampshire. >> and what about the statement was bill clinton? raised eyebrows. up until this weekend, he won't even mention bernie sanders by name. now all of a sudden he's talking about sanders, the sanders campaign misrepresenting endorsements, talking about bernie sanders, you know, his health care plan, attacking it directly. he's even saying that bernie sanders supporters are out and out sexist. >> reporter: no doubt. this is something that bill clinton is watching carefully. he's reading a lot, he's studying a lot about this campaign. that's why we saw him yesterday out talking about regional newspapers calling them out by name, the ones that have endo e endorsed his wife and saying that bernie sanders has been appropriating some of their language. he -- you know, he's also been reading other things it bernie sanders' record. seems that bernie sanders is indeed in president clinton's head. now, i do not expect him to talk
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about bernie sanders at this rally today. he is simply introducing hillary clinton here, chelsea clinton is also going to be on stage. there's no question he has injected this into the atmosphere, if you will, here. and by design, if it was intended to be that message or not, that's exactly what he's done. he knows what he's doing. he's urging voters to give bernie sanders' record a closer look if you will, scrutinize him a little bit more. really calling on all the democrats in new hampshire who have been so supportive of the clintons in all the years to now be there for hillary clinton. >> jeff zeleny at the clinton rally here in manchester, new hampshire. thank you very much, jeff. >> reporter: thanks. coming up for us, we'll have representatives of both campaigns joining me live to discuss the situation. the back and forth over bill clinton. plus, what about jeb bush? what about john kasich? both campaigns tell me they have new life here in new hampshire. that the marco rubio debate performance has opened up a path for them to finish strong here,
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live pictures of jeb bush campaigning at a luncheon now in nashua, new hampshire, fresh off a strong showing at the saturday debate. let's listen in. >> the largest mobile home, manufactured home community in the world. like 5,000 units. and the storm, one of the -- frances or gene hit it hard. one of the houses was destroyed. i show up at the community center. a woman wearing a salvation army t-shirt hugs me. i'm a hugger, i like hugs. she kept hugging me and hugging me. she didn't want to let go. i mean, she literally just wanted a long embrace by someone who was a leader. and it worked. we recovered faster than anybody could imagine. and she actually was a volunteer for the salvation army even though she had her house completely wiped out. she lost everything. and her response was to be able to help other people that were in even worse conditions than
9:17 am
she was. i was inspired by this. i hope you want a leader with a servant's heart, that has the skills of organization. no one ever heard me complain about fema. >> one thing he was complaining about, though, was donald trump without question. listen, jeb bush had one heck of an exchange with donald trump on the stage. if you were watching that debate on saturday, a lot of people said he showed a lot of strength against that guy. even got shushed at one point. but then the boos came in from the audience for trump. he's getting ready to make a campaign stop not only in nas a nashua, new hampshire, but he might be gaining momentum, critical as we head less than 12 hours until the first actual votes begin in new hampshire. latest toll, keep in mind, folks, keep in mind, there's been no polling that shows up since the debate. take these with grain of salt. but the latest poll shows him
9:18 am
with 10% support in the battle for second. battle for second. that jump ball that he keeps talking. only a few points behind rubio and cruz. here is what he said about his chances -- actually, we heard him talking. not going to throw to another part there. for his part, governor kasich is also making his last-minute pitch to voters. he said that new hampshire is a make-or-break state for him. he didn't spend as much time in iowa and instead is dumping a lot of his resources into making a strong showing in the granite state. let's go live now to dana bash, following the bush campaign, chris with governor kasich. dana, let me start with you. really strong stuff going back and forth between trump and governor bush today. the tweets have been downright nasty between them. i want to read for you the first one that went out. and it had to do with -- kind of standard trump actually. he said this about jeb bush. "jeb bush has zero communication
9:19 am
skills, so he spent a fortune of special interest money on a super bowl ad. he is a weak candidate." then the return, "you aren't just a loser, are you a liar and a whiner. john mccain is a hero. over and out." has jeb bush found what he thinks is going to work in new hampshire and beyond, dana? >> reporter: he hopes so. i actually just sat down moment ago with jeb bush. i'm around the corner from him speaking live. we didn't want to interrupt him. right before he began to speak, i talked to him because -- i asked him about that. also just about the broader idea that he came in to this campaign saying that he really only wanted to run if he could do so joyfully. does that square with tweeting that someone is say whiner, loser, and liar, the tweet that
9:20 am
you just read to the viewers. his answer was, look, i'm the guy standing up to donald trump, you know, he said, i'm going to be joyful, but i'm also a warrior. he genuinely feels -- and i think we've seen this the past month or two now, and it's only escalated, that he feels he is the guy who can and wants to stand up not just against trump who he calls a bully, but for conservative principles. so you have that part of it, but also have what he was trying to do and his final pitch. his closing argument to voters, remember, guys, i am the one who has done things, gotten things done in florida. i've led. it's kind of the two-tiered pitch because he's trying to bring down the guy at the top of the polls, donald trump, but also make sure that he doesn't allow people like marco rubio or ted cruz who are senators and haven't been governors and haven't, from his perspective,
9:21 am
been the ceo of a state, make sure they don't rise. >> you know, every time someone's gone after trump in this way, it's not worked out well for them. he's called other folks in the witness protection program for not saying something, anything about donald trump. chris, let me turn it to but the candidate you're covering today, john kasich. he did well in the debate. he spent a lot of money and time and has been doing well in new hampshire. what does new hampshire mean? what is make or break? what does it mean to say it's a make-or-break state for john kasich? how well does he have to do before he needs to decide whether to stay or go home? >> i'll tell you, when you talk to the kasich people, they make the point that they need to be a big story coming out of new hampshire, much the way that marco rubio was a big story coming out of iowa. they're also telling everybody that they believe they're in second place right now. that's pretty huge for the kasich guys. they're raising expectations by saying they think they can
9:22 am
finish second. and that's going to propel forward in this race. and they're doing it largely on a positive message. if you talk to john kasich and ask him not to even attack a jeb bush or marco rubio but contrast himself with his opponents, he kind of bristles. he doesn't believe that's what voters want to hear. in fact, we talked to him a little bit earlier on cnn about his positive campaign. here's what he had to say. >> anybody that wants to stand on that stage, under those lights, with all those people yelling and screaming, working day and night, being away from their family, you know, having the anxiety of having to raise money and, you know, 50,000 polls come out and all that. anybody that goes through that, why would you want to call them a name? there are some people you might want to call a name to, but they're the people that are competing against you. >> reporter: there you have it. running a positive campaign here. when you talk to him, he'll say
9:23 am
the reason that he's taking punches from chris christie or jeb bush is because he's in the lead. in fact, jeb bush today released a video contrasting his record with governor kasich saying that bush believes he's stronger on guns, on the military, governing. the kasich people not responding, saying that jeb is taking the low road to the highest office in the land. don't expect to hear much contrasting from john kasich on the trail. he's keeping it very, very positive. >> he's fourth in the cnn poll of polls behind trump, rubio, and cruz. would be fascinating to find out what the next poll has to say after what happened saturday. dana, chris, thank you. appreciate it from both of you. coming up in the next hour on cnn, we'll have that sit down interview with jeb bush. will be on wolf's show also in the next hour, donald trump is going to join us live here on cnn. back after this. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet.
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we have live pictures from manchester, new hampshire. inside the hall any moment, chelsea clinton, bill clinton, and hillary clinton, they will be addressing supporters right there at a rally just one day before the first in the nation primary in the state of new hampshire. this is hillary clinton's final picture. she's got some more events today, as well, trying to finish strong here in a state where she has been trailing consistent levl lever mont senator bernie sanders. joining us, senior adviser for
9:29 am
the clinton team. bill clinton will be here, he office a different stage in the last 24 hours and for the first time speaking directly about bernie sanders, talking about his health care plan directly, talking about what he considers to be disingenuous messages from his campaign and sanders' supporters. >> i have heard talk of health care. there have been reports for some time that question the math and how the numbers and how much it's going to cost. >> the other thing was a shift -- this was a tonal difference. >> look, i think there's been frustration -- i have certainly been the target of some of the bernie things on line. it is sexist. some of the things you can't repeat. it has really i think frustrated a lot of women who feel like -- frankly, a lot of supporters who feel like i should be able to speak out. >> it's not the campaign. it is in from the campaign itself. >> true. >> tad divine was here, he said
9:30 am
it's off bounds. bernie sanders said it shouldn't be happening. it's not like it's paid staffers doing it. >> the point is, i think he was speaking to something that is true, which is the level of sexism that we have seen in some of the comments and just the attacks are disconcerting. we should be able to have a conversation, and you know, yes, to question a health care plan and say, look, the numbers don't add up. so what is your plan? remember, he had been espousing a whole different plan. then we get to a debate and all of a sudden, that night, an hour before it starts, right, it's okay, here's my new plan, and people didn't even have a chance to check the math on that first -- i think it's a fair question to push hard. >> one more quick math question, then we've got to go. trailing in the polls in new hampshire, for most of the time against bernie sanders. what's a good night for you? >> a gate -- you know, i'm not going to make any predictions other than i think -- i hope we have a good night in that i hope our voters turn out. i hope we have great turnout in
9:31 am
numbers. i think hillary's been working really hard. as you pointed out, the family is all here. they're here to campaign all day. we'll be out -- they'll be out tomorrow. hopefully we'll have a good night here in new hampshire, and look, two things -- one, we know that the neighboring state senators, elected official always does well in new hampshire. look, this race goes on to nevada, south carolina, and t more, and we'll keep fighting. great to be with you. so senator bernie sanders wrapped up a campaign event in nashua, new hampshire. he is going into the vote tomorrow as we said with a lead in the polls. he's also now facing the wrath of bill clinton really for the first time who's taking on bernie sanders directly. joining me from cleveland, ohio, is nina turner, a former ohio state senator and a bernie sanders supporter. senator, thank you very much for being with us. we've wee spoke in iowa, it's nice to talk to you from new hampshire, as well. what about the bernie bros?
9:32 am
the folks on twitter who say things that a lot of people find offense sniff i've been hearing this -- offensive? i've been hearing this for week. tad devine condemned it, bernie sanders has condemned it, but it is happening. what do you say? >> he has condemned it. the senator has. he said he doesn't need those kinds of supporters. he does not want those kind of supporters. listen, both sides have trolls. it's unfortunate. neither candidate control the trolls, they can just say when somebody goes too far -- any type of racism, sexism, agism, all of those things are wrong. i know that both senator sanders and the secretary would agree with that. i heard my good friend karen finney being attacked, i, too, have been attacked, and others have been attacked who are supporting senator sanders. this is not a newsflash that people can be anonymous on line and say pretty terrible, wrong, spiteful things. no one on either campaign, i don't believe, would support any of that kind of extremism.
9:33 am
it is wrong. >> newsflash, people can be jerks on twitter, i can agree with that statement. one thing we are hearing from the clinton campaign but also from the press now, you know, these accounts of bernie sanders, he's been a member of the senate for a long time. being very active in senate fund-raising. the dscc, the democratic senate campaign committee going to big-money events where there are lobbyists, where there are representatives of goldman sachs giving money. you know, he goes to these fundraisers and it's disingenuous for him on the campaign trail to be attacking people soliciting donations from the big banks. >> it's not. never let the truth get in the way of a good story. senator sanders has been supportive of the democratic party. if you check the record, he was at the events for the democratic party. i find it slightly disingenuous that, one, folks would claim that he's not a strong democrat, and on the other hand criticize him for helping the democratic party. the bottom line is this --
9:34 am
senator sanders himself in this presidential campaign, people power funded. the average donation is $27. whether it comes to time to answering for a proposal for policy, for standing, he stands up and will have to answer to the people of there great country, and no other powerful interests. as you know, he's really fighting against the system. he says it is rigged, and it is. we have a system especially under citizens united where more money is speech. that's not good for anybody, no matter what side of the political spectrum they are on. everyday people's voices should be heard. that's what the senator is doing. he is mirroring that through the donation that's he has received in this campaign. >> nina turner, appreciate you joining us. hope to see you in south carolina, nevada. beyond that even, too. ashleigh, back to you. >> thank you very much. and remember, watch the new hampshire primary coverage all
9:35 am
day tomorrow night, all day tomorrow right here on cnn, and of course the results will be coming in in the evening. coming up, donald trump is going to take to twitter, of course, day after day. and lately, it's been to go after jeb bush. trump joins wolf blitzer at the top of the hour. what will it take for him to get his first win in this race? or will he? after brushing, listerine® total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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taking a long time to get here. finally, we are fewer than 12 hours away from the first votes cast and counted in the nation's first presidential primary. yes, we already had caucuses. this is the first primary. and it counts, it matters,
9:40 am
folks. our latest poll of polls in new hampshire shows donald trump holding on to a commanding lead over everybody else. look at everybody else. rubio, cruz, kasich, bush -- yes, locked in a five-point range. more remarkable, the majority of new hampshire voter still have not settled on any of these candidates. this cnn/wmur poll shows only 45% of gop voters have made up their mind. just 45%. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders, maybe 14 points ahead of hillary clinton in our poll of polls. and six in ten democratic voters say they know whom they plan to vote for. that's six in ten. as it turns out, it takes more than just a little snow keep new hampshirites away from the polls which is good. a little snow is all they are expecting at this point with temperatures just below freezing. no matter whether you saw manu at the top of the show or not covered in snow, it's not going to be as bad as a lot of people
9:41 am
had thought. may i remind you about those polls -- they don't include saturday, john. they don't include saturday. and i just got such a feeling from saturday's debate. who knows if the poll numbers are completely different and in the works right now? >> it is completely different. 30% of people don't decide until they walk into the booth anyway. don't pay attention to the polls. thank you very much. we'll speak with our political panel. anna navarro, cnn political analyst and supporter of jeb bush, friend of marco rubio. scotty nell hughes, chief political correspondent for usa radio networks and trump supporter and bacari sellers, a cnn commentator, hillary clinton supporteder, and former south carolina state representative. thank you for being with us. i'm going to take you out of your comfort zone. anna navarro, jeb bush supporter, rubio friend -- >> that in itself is out of my comfort zone. >> i want to talk donald trump. a lot gets lost when we talk about the race for second place. the race for first place seems to be between donald trump and donald trump. he could emerge from new
9:42 am
hampshire with a win. donald trump could win the state of new hampshire. i want you to talk about the significance of that and the consequences going forward in this republican race. >> i think the significant of him winning new hampshire is less non-that he did not win iowa. whether he wins or not, we still don't know. i've been amazed by how wrong the polls have been. how wrong the polls were in iowa. even the "dmr," "the des moines register" poll, the gold standard of polls. let's see if his crowds and rallies turn into voters on tuesday. >> but if he wins -- >> if he wins, it's going give people a lot of angst. there's less angst than -- we were facing the thought of donald trump winning iowa and new hampshire and being unstoppable. now, i think he's going to have to work harder. losing iowa had a effect and put a dment his momentum. >> scotty, i want you to talk
9:43 am
about the other guys. leading into saturday, there was talk, well, marco rubio may be surging after new hampshire, it may be down to three, donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. now we could be leaving new hampshire not with a smaller field but a pretty big field going south carolina. what do you see emerging in the governor's pack plus rubio and cruz? >> you heard buzz kasich doing well. whether it be at a presidential -- even a vice president spot down the road. kasich has been the steady in his place. chris christie is a lot like donald trump, has the same fire, same passion. but the problem that all three governors have is they have a track record. and their track records are anything but conservative. you can skpiptd question senators, but -- time and time again, it comes up. >> the problem is that three are three governors and they have each other to worry about. so far they haven't gone after each other. do they need to? >> they'll have. to they're coming from three at the time very moderate
9:44 am
republican states or microsoft republican governing in the -- moderate republican governing in the states. it will be how do you differentiate yourselves when the states have the same pattern? >> south carolina, they're coming. they're all going to south carolina after this. say it is the bigger field, say it is, you know, five candidates at least with a chance now, what does that look like? there are 11 days which is like a million and a half years in political life. >> that's probably 111 dirty tricks that will be played in south carolina. new hampshire's a clean state. the people of new hampshire? don't appreciate the tricks. i think that's why you see ted cruz losing ground in new hampshire. in south carolina, we can go back to the atwater days and -- >> it works. >> it works. we'll see the uptick of games and gimmicks being played. you will have jeb bush, kasich, cruz, rubio, and trump coming. it's going to be fun. >> but trump for all his talk, you know, trump has sharp elbows
9:45 am
and says things that upset people. that's different from political dirty tricks. >> south carolina's not a boardroom. south carolina's not a business deal. south carolina is rough and tumble. it's not grass -- tit's grassroots. you have to expect flyers on your car when you get out of church on sunday saying something bad about you. >> that's happening. one of the interesting things to watch is, i agree that the field is not going to whittle down the way we expected. but if kasich and christie go on to south carolina, go on and do well enough in south carolina, one of the challenges they face is they haven't put any seeds on the ground in south carolina. whereas jeb bush and marco rubio and ted cruz both -- all three have very active teams on the ground. >> i want to shift gears and talk about why it's a more open race, why people consider it a more open race now. that's the debate saturday.
9:46 am
marco rubio went into the debate, and critics or -- friends who can be critics like anna navarro, say it was not -- >> listen, truth be told, you know, jeb bush had a bad debate. and i've said so, too. >> he d. now you said -- you said it before. >> i find hard to lie on national tv. >> you thought that rubio had a weak debate, others did, too. that may open the door to other people. how long do you see this being an issue for marco rubio, and how much damage if it did do damage did it do? >> the key is about republicans. you don't want to shake their confidence. until now, marco rubio had had fabulous debate nights. he had been strong. when chris christie called him out on it, it shook the confidence of all of his supporters. i'm thinking maybe this was the normal political line. if there's anything this campaign season has taught us, people don't like politicians. even more than they don't like the media. and rubio showed he was definitely a politician saturday night. >> bacari, are you democrat, not republican. you don't vote in many republican primaries in south carolina. >> i try not to make it a habit.
9:47 am
>> you understand how the republican electorate works. there are a lot of evangelical voters in south carolina, but it's so broad in ways they don't vote as a block. it's spread out. >> you have the widest swath of republican voters in south carolina. you have the transplant was ohio that now live on the coast. you have the traditional evangelical voters around the upstate. and you have the fiscal conservatives, moderates around the middle part of the state. this is where you get to figure out -- ted cruz is -- as anna said, he's done yeoman's work to build a network there. kasich has actually built a network there which is surprising. he actually has a network there. jeb bush has the lindsay graham supporters -- >> big pro military. >> a huge pro-military community. i never thought i would defend jeb bush on national tv. but to say he's not a conservative -- >> please do not defend jeb bush. we're on a roll. stop yourself. >> he is a conservative. >> great to have you with us.
9:48 am
thank you very much. after new hampshire on to south carolina, see you all there. ashleigh, back to you. >> i can't believe whether we hear scottie saying that voters have shown they don't like the media and they don't like politicians and the ratings have never been higher for everything that media -- media and politician related. >> they don't mean you and me. they like us. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. in other news for you, they spend years, months, countless hours preparing for the olympics. now because of the zika virus, some american athletes are being told they've got the option to skip the games this year altogether. will they? we'll take you live to rio next.
9:49 am
9:50 am
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9:52 am
u.s. olympic athletes have been given the green light by the united states olympic committee to skip the olympic games in brazil this year over the threat that's being posed by the zika virus. according to a report from reuters, the message from the usoc, olympic committee, to the athletes was clear -- if you are not comfortable going to brazil,
9:53 am
stay home. the directive comes in the wake of brazil being hit hard by the zika virus outbreak which can cause birth defects and even death in newborns. how this impacts the united states' participation in the olympics at this point is unclear. cnn's nick paton walsh is in rio de janeiro live. what's the latest? >> reporter: where you join subcommittee a fascinating stage -- where you join me is a fascinating stage in the update to the zika virus story. key part of olympic park visible. that's where so many games will be occurring. as has been the case in many cities where preparations have to be made for the olympics, a lot of life is being cleared out of the way to make space. you see there how stunning and beautiful it used to be. a quiet liake here. these are the people who wanted to stay. they've been offered money to leave, they refused saying this
9:54 am
has been their home for decades. they don't want to go anywhere. now, there is a new hazard because some of the construction work, demolishing of homes, has flat land with stagnant pools of water in which mosquitoes have found homes. they have been offered to -- offers to move. and rubble was dumped in a previous pool of stagnant water. this is the kind of example of the sort of problems that they're going to be facing ahead of the olympics. any pool of stagnant water can be home to the mosquitoes who carry around the zika virus. this is little will be occurrin. an extraordinarily difficult task ahead of authorities here to explain to people why they should leave. they hold out. they don't want to go anywhere. this is their home, they say. one of the women here has given birth seven days ago to a little girl, sophia, and she described, frankly, the relief of seeing that her child was well,
9:55 am
healthy. that the fact that she felt a fever when she was pregnant, but she was healthy. this is where brazil hopes everyone will get a shot at the olympic dream. there are people living next to stagnant water who say they are deeply worried. >> that is so distressful. nick paton walsh, thank you. we should remind you that what's happening here is that the olympic committee is telling the sports federations, the head of u.s. fencing said he was on a conference call. they were saying, tell your athletes, this is their choice. imagine if you're an athlete, you will contract the disease. it's not going to necessarily affect you. if are you pregnant or if you take the disease home and you spread it to others who are pregnant, it's extraordinarily serious, could cause birth defects and death and can cause the spread of this very, very
9:56 am
terrifying virus, zeke amp we'll continue to watch -- zika. we'll continue to watch. coming up, dana bash sit down with jeb bush to discuss the new hampshire primary. donald trump is going to weigh in on his war of words with jeb. and his chances in new hampshire. he'll be on live with wolf blitzer after this break. i am. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body
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